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  3. The Think Tank with Garland RobinetteA multimedia feed for content related to The Think Tank with Garland Robinettewwltrue10-23 12pm Garland, Election IssuesGarland talks to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the CEO of the Bureau of Governmental Research about the upcoming midterm elections and the New Orleans issues that voters will decide.PubDate2014-10-23T14:03:00-04:00Thu, 23 Oct 2014Created2014-10-23T14:03:13-04:00Thu, 23 Oct 2014Updated2014-10-23T14:06:19-04:00Thu, 23 Oct 2014audio/mpegtax.So.WhatitwhatitmeansisthatisCD.Diddebtserviceonthecurrentbondsifitispaiddown.Thetaxwouldcontinueatthesamelevelbutitwouldbereadwhichis.AndotherconstitutionalamendmentnumberthirteenforthesalesLowerNinthWardproperties.Andbasicallyconstitutionprepareddestinationsorkillpublicpropertyitlessensyourmarketvalue.ThisprovidesanexceptionauthorizingNewOrleanspolitics politics_elections98396029http://audio.wwl.com/hosting/media/wwl/981778/98396029/garland-12pm-98396029.mp310-23 12pm Garland, Election IssuesNew Orleans#Mitch Landrieu#Ninth Ward#49ers#Lower Ninth Ward#New Orleans City Council#New Orleans Mayor#OC#Susan Newman981778 PZSID_0000981778ea5919c6ddf652867ba40f3eb4e75841424#874#1836#2052/Audio#/EZNavType/Audiohttp://audio.wwl.com/hosting/media/wwl/981778/98396029/garland-12pm-98396029.mp310-23 12pm Garland, Election IssuesGarland talks to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the CEO of the Bureau of Governmental Research about the upcoming midterm elections and the New Orleans issues that voters will decide.2014-10-23T14:03:00Z2014-10-23T14:27:26Z98396029I don't know moves that says I've probably could've gotten and wrong bill broke longtime talk drug heard every. But in our road program the report mid term elections were good considers from constitutional amendments. And I think. One album issues and basically. Did this wouldn't that to blow them to. The state. The state of Louisiana. Is gonna vote. To see if we eat or give be given permission. To vote. To. Fund our police and firemen. Whether our own money hopefully I've got that broad of the biblical log percent. And ordered for Europe and lives are numbed we've got the mayor of New Orleans Mitchell and drew with the mayor. Our show good golly you got that you're not settle. The total. I remember I didn't look like it sometimes and a remember Lincoln before you should particularly when you first on an anchor election. Home. Regardless of the agenda I did what I do what you were part of explained that them. There are different re very important measures. Amongst others on the ballot come and of for the election one of them is constitutional amendment six. One of them is for the law enforcement district proposition in waters for a city charter change now. Just to get decent contact we came in off as we aren't too many dull and applauded the city was fallen off a cliff. We reorganize everything we caught. Everything that we can think about and as a consequence we balanced the budget would create jobs in this city is really getting it in a good direction last year. We took it a little bit more money than we have for almost thirty years that's a really good. But we have some structural problems everybody says look we need sixteen under police officers. The federal judge says you know you jail is not constitutional. The firefighters say look we've got to find a way to fund our pension system. And what we find is the city doesn't have the flexibility. To even discuss these stakes in this OC issue about constitutional amendment six would just does. Is that makes the city of New Orleans like every other city in the state. Every other city in the state has the opportunity to have a discussion with this City Council. About what kind of revenue used to race and where some of the its support police and fire the city of New Orleans is completely prohibited from doing that. Competition others. That's of Crete I don't know the answer to that question they always wanted to try to tell the more leniently how to run their business. And what would do on all we do one is asking the people of the state the people of the city would give the people of this city the ability. Next year. Just think about how we want to raise the revenues. And make the changes necessary to hire sixteen under police officers and to help with the fire part of pension you know this is not a tax. All of this is an authorization for the people of the city in the City Council to start thinking about. How they gonna hire sixteen under police sources that they want to that's all the amendment does. To think you just said yes to it the morning advocate says yes to it that your government researchers say yes to it. Everybody that's what deficit look this just puts New Orleans in a position of giving it flexibility in its own autonomy. To decide its own future. Yeah and is what every other Munich style Indians ever got to can already do. They can do this without even asking the people of the state for permission to. So it's just a crazy look at the law and what we basically ass in the surge can't do without permissions it was a Q which permissions so. Constitutional amendment six gives everybody in the city an opportunity to kind of I guess put our money where my office said look if you really wanna have. They police offices if you wanna pass sixteen under police officers to make this city safe. If we want on our obligations to the firefighter pension system to make sure that it doesn't. Run into problems of the tried to callable we have to have the flexibility to think about that all we have to take money out of the general fund. And cut north and all those other things seditious gives us the flexibility to have a discussion with the system this is not a tax increase that's that noble want. The second one I don't want folks is to support me in in voting on is the law enforcement district proposition everybody is well aware that this year and I. I haven't fisticuffs. Over who's supposed to pay for the jail and we will continue to have difficulties about that that is one thing that we agree on. And that is giving this year the authority to use the money that is already being collected. Right in the law enforcement taxing districts for the for the day to day operations of the jail right mail he's limited and can only use that to build buildings. Well we have seen a reimbursement money to build buildings. What we don't have is the money to allow him to operate the jail at the level that the federal judge set and so this is not a tax increase either. It's just reauthorization. And that will allow him to take the money that's now being collected from the citizens. In the law enforcement dishing and use it that day to day operations to hire more barge. To take care of the prisoners and what would the city is gonna do use it's been a reimbursement. I'm for the capital projects it makes a lot of sense it's fiscally conservative it's prudent. It takes a lot of pressure off of the city's general fund which would otherwise again have to come from Norton. Police officers and firefighters. And it is not a tax increase that's the second one and then the third piece. Is a confirmation about the people to locked into the chore. The procurement reforms that I signed into law the data came in office so what's always been a big fight this corruption in City Hall contracting processes. They get contracts are based on. On who you know not what you know what when I came at all but I change that. I signed an executive order that basically said we gonna change the way that we do it now we have open meetings. We have a transparent process to procurement system works the way it's supposed to we have DP participation and that's all great except the challenges the next mayor can change that. By getting ready executive bought at what we wanna do because this is what the citizens of the medical wanna put it in the chart. So that the next mayor cannot change that in the next City Council and in the future generations. Basically have to have a Oprah procurement systems that we know who's getting contracts in the city. And of course everybody that's what that this has has without speaking in the advocate to be cures supported this as well. So I'd like the citizens again to vote yes on constitutional amendment sixty give the city flexibility. Law enforcement district proposition yes so that we don't take money out of the general fund in the chair can use the money that is collecting mail it's not a tax increase. And then yes on the charter changes because that really kind of put in place in cement. These Oprah procurement processes that that would didn't a lot of kudos and credit for. Bureau of government circle with contract and so of their board at the position they say yes but they say it becomes of pills incorporated certain key elements of the 2010. Contracting group formed. Citizens have to remain vigilant to ensure that the future administrations. After you keep the group formed in place. Well the best way to yet I agree with them the best way to do that supported charter. You know it's it's it's like the difference between put south of the state law that can be changed with 53 votes. While putting into the constitution which can only be changed which two thirds vote of the legislature and then a vote of the people. If we put him this time they require a vote of the people changing and these reforms which Biggio or has has praised and thanked them for doing that. Will be what will we you know in stone they'll be in the chart in the charters very hard to change so. I think that it's it's speaks well of us. You know what we put these things together some people want this to go further we have a really good system in place now every time we do a contract procurement it's in an open meeting. Everybody is graded everybody knows who wins who loses and why. And it's in it's much better we also make sure that we have all of what DB requirements in the air to make sure the disadvantage. They've business a part of the process that can't be changed either. And you know it's gonna be really good some comments in the public just to try to put it in stone and so all the got a lot of people's civil look between you know at the mayor. You know what they gonna do after you leave well first applaud you got to trust of the public gonna elect good people. Right and you have atrocities going to be vigilant but it's also important to make sure. That when you have major institutional reforms that work that they've put in the charters so that'll it'll govern you know generations to come. Just got through talking to so huge and from oh lead view concerning streets. They've now got a city wide organization. And they say the working pretty good with you guys what are what are your seal along those lines or when you get the funding is the money going to be there are depicts more streets. Well couple things first ball in the last four years we have done more streets in this city. Then folks have done in the previous 1015 years we've been here now everybody knows this is true because. This headache in the complaints it was getting nailed a party get around the city you can't hardly go anywhere without. Look at the major street repairs in eagle on so we've done a lot we also whole or in negotiated with FEMA. To make sure that they give us everything that they allow us to begin to do more streets now most of the streets it was dark. Have been major streets and and everybody knows where they are so the reiterate what what what what those the names of more bought. The injuries streets of the city continue to be really problematic which 16100 miles of streets. It costs seven million dollars a model we do street when you add that up you get into the billions. And one of the things we gonna have to do it the next couple years as a city this is gonna take some time is to figure out where we gonna get the far. Actually paid for the billions of dollars of work that we do on now. Popular very confident that we can get to see reimbursements that we need we think we're gonna get about the fourth quarter million dollars. And we need to do lots of interior street but at the end of the day consistently long term problem for the city. That needs to be dealt with so the stick side streets. Leaders have been meeting with and we continue to work cooperatively with them it wouldn't happen again talked to the public in the next couple years this is a simple question what you want to. How much you wanna pay for what you priorities are your priorities libraries. Which we need funding for your priorities police as a priority streets. And how do you wanna do this so that we don't charge folks too much money but at the same time have enough to do the things that the public requires just dipped. That's the kind of discussion wanhatten next year but again we can't have it if we don't have the flexibility and the tools to have the discussion. So you saw the go to that reflect your bag in and to give us the freedom to at least have a discussion and they have handcuffs on us and we're asking him to take anti assaults of the people can decide. Their own state what to do with their own money. You'd you'd give feeling of the legislature. To bed. Northern and eastern and western Louisiana. The people Libre president of Morgan go along with a song that for it. That they will get off they understand self determination and you know this one constitution the original not the original but in the 1921 constitution. So at this place in the 1973 revisions in the competition solidified it this year has taken it out at that time. Because the city of New Orleans shouldn't have to act any differently than any other municipalities. If the city of tanner are correct there are Baton Rouge wants to do this they don't have to ask the people the rest of the state permission. This is just basic stuff I mean atrocity in the top money we're going to be able to figure out what we wanna do with it have and ask them a legislator from Shreveport. Whether they can give permission to do it and this is what this constitutional amendment does. Yeah you have talked about the middle of the billion dollars floats. We did for the broken drinking water pipes and sewage water Borg recently got an increased yet is is that enough to take terra and. Well obviously yes I feel very good that the drama we did. Rate increase that's gonna. Comment over ten years so it's a little bit a year over ten years and we feel like that's gonna beat. Enough with the team reimbursements to re do this sort and the war systems that's a multi billion dollar piece but again we did it all over a long period of time. A little bit over every year and we think that's going to be very very helpful we also think it would need to get more wonder from FEMA. That's gonna help deal with debt now that doesn't deal with the drainage piece that's another long term peace that the city got a deal. And we did our lipstick Greg. Hello Garland Joseph Barton Internet. Or from poor children. I owe all of these things ball into the broad umbrella of the infrastructure. The city very very old city. And you'd have streets that are that everybody knows about that that will bleeding 40% of all water. Com you know we're building a new airport you just can't do everything all at one time we just don't have enough money to do what you have to do it old tar. And that's why it's and you have to do was very thoughtful planning and you have to deal with good execution. And so what we're trying to do was get ourselves in the position to win next year we can have a talk. A really hard talk with each other. About what our priorities are and how we can find the resources to do with who's gonna pay how much it's going to be and whether everybody is sharing the burden. That's a discussion that's going to be admissible we can't have it and unless we pass these constitutional them. Worked with a coach and the new prison we keep hearing that we need. More money an extra facility. Is for a new way of working that brand new prison in plot communes in tall it's I think it's edited. That's his great idea and what popular up this is one. Area where the share and I and the judge or in disagreement. I don't think that we have to build another facility. This year I think that we didn't. And the reason I don't think that we do it was because FEMA the federal government a taxpayers. Has built an eight under that facility that's less than twenty minutes from here it's got it under beds and it's not being used right now. Regional cooperation is really important and I absolutely think that we can say the taxpayers' money in Saint Bernard imply commence. This entire metropolitan area about working on a we have people looking at that right now. Whether or not the factor judge agreed to thus is a different thing instead projects have a lot of power. Parliament dictated these something actually have to do it or they'll take it take to taxpayers money and make you do it. So we gonna continue to battle that issue this year and I am not resolved all of follow the issue but the one thing we do agree on. And and everybody in this litigation is on the same page as it relates to allowing a law enforcement district. To use the money that it has right mail for capitol. Projects on the day to day operations that's critically important to us being able to put together a package. That makes sense how level would have a size jail we want to have a built. And final question. And slim were. Adding to the please economy collapses. Are and damn. Possibly allude to your braves. Apple person wallop propose that we get the police officers of 5% raise no nobody else in the city is gonna get that it's important because you wanna use that to retain the police officers that I have. I absolutely know that the police officers want more but guess what so does everybody else. Arm it's what we can afford at this time that we think will make sense in retaining a police officers. Second to that is we have our recruiting in in place right now if anybody wants to be in new Orleans police officer we have room for you. We have money in the budget to hire 150 new police officers next year will keep doing that until we get to the level of 16100 which is the level I think is necessary. It ought to throw to protect the city by the cost money to buy it got to pay for and guess who pays the bill. In the city the taxpayers pay the bill so that goes into the category of if you want sixteen under police office can we pay for. How do you wanna pay for which one do you wanna use to do it and we gonna keep pushing hard. Until we do our recruiting is one very very well we have a class and playwright and eleven other class coming in a couple months. And we will keep training police officers until we get to it full compliment on top of that we are now at adding to hold Portuguese police cars and new equipment. You cameras for the cars to cameras for the police offices. New cars as I said before which is that total about 400. Over the past couple years it was we rebuild the police department we have to do it with a capital in the tools that they need to do their job but we also have to do with the man power. And dobbs had about a clarion call you know for anybody who wants to work in the force come on would love to have. Mayor of the New York beyond blue sea I appreciated his tongue good talking you hit it. All doubt thank you so much. In common right I governor Leo well we're just cut through having come answers from with the mirror concerning your number vote. Constitutional amendments proposed amendments on the November 4 mid term election ballot. And consequently. Were all shouldn't talk June court presidency you'll Bure rule government search. Bruce take a look at these issues in the news taken some positions on couple of view them at. Of those Howard is always walk and sure appreciated that well. You got a hair old could affect it. It did you hear many other good sort of relaxed a communications and communications show. Our boards one particular get personally. Home rule charter or in common practice. Sure your. They. Sickly peak current charters as broadly that it branch professional services contract if it were true competitive selection process. Established by the executive order. The new one went. Incorporated into the charter certain features a professional services contract reforms that were established by the Atlanta administration. And these include a requirement that contractor selection being made by committee composed of city employees with expertise. And that means being held. In public. It does not pick up a couple of things that were also part key reforms like a requirement that the mayor accept or reject the which regions. The lead selection committees and the name generated by them but despite. Yes critical reforms like that we think this one is consistent and or on a lot more protection that they have now and we are support. A bird Q also fun reading the right one. You think of trails to incorporate key elements 2000 didn't contract and formed. Citizens have remained vigilant Justin cage future administrations. Don't do. Right what is being said right right. Now that it the year these tickets he element as a centralized procurement process. Geared to requirement that the selection committee used numerical ratings systems that you can't teach field weighted criteria. And then as I've mentioned it was a specific requirement that the mayor excuse contract for the successful. Responded. Or terminate the procurement. And force plane not including that point creates ambiguities setters they're rested another administration going forward would take a different position on that point. All right a noble when a woman that cute about it. I thought have been around long you know who've heard everything. And apparently. This day. In this mid term election is gonna vote and correct me above got that wrong. Is gonna take a boat in order to determine where there they will let all its boat. To maintain Miller drew increased property taxes or certain issues is that where. I don't think that's correct Garland are you talk about the police and fire Millen would. Note and said that this is this is much misunderstood. But basically right now the constitution. Allowed the city of New Orleans Levy property taxes about the five milk seats for police and fire protection except men maximum rated can't. What this proposed amendment does. It's a let down the city of New Orleans in the future to go to voters. To ask for tax increase as it is not a tax increase that's on the ballot. It isn't authorization so that it'll allow New Orleans to ask its citizens if they want to impose taxes. It let them do it and that is important on homestead exam basis. So that every went paint attacks not just a small group property owners that do. Right now. And it puts basically in New Orleans on the same basis for municipal taxes as every other city in apparent every other city in the parish. Hit the authorization to Levy taxes on. Not homestead exempt basis everywhere except orally. So all this does is that New Orleans you can gladly pay taxes on for police and fire up to another total of ten middle. It come on and on that exempt basis if you're voters in the future appropriate. Hello to admit I did misspoke. Missed vehicle on the side of it didn't mean to do that. But it says the majority of voters votes they bought and knew it would have to approve the amendment. That that would mean that as they decide whether or not we can vote on the issue that concerns us for a. Data that is correct and the reason that happens is because any amendment did it did the provision that we're dealing with right now it's in the constitution. And any amendment has stepped statewide vote in what they do it when it affects hello we have particular county. They also require a majority vote in that locality. But you're right Andy the ability for the local government to do something does depend. On a state like response from people may not care. Or did a couple of book older sales troops who are doing well at the moment so we were talking about. What number is property to electoral law enforcement do its. And see kind Aetna property tax for the law enforcement districts we haven't caught the rules and endured a lot richer content that is number. The police and fire it is number. And the first thing we talked about on the contract in the home who chartered. Is that number one. That's not a constitutional amendment I'm not sure where that appears on the ballot. And or Oakland listen let me take a break got a couple more quick questions for you. We're coming right back we're talking about. Com and very quickly in November report. Mid term elections and a couple of constitutional amendments and witness. Our board figured about so we amendments and rubio in the November 4 that. Well we have Canada Albert with a presidency you'll bureau of government asserts it was surged to a number of them and taken positions. And correct me wrong I think we're talking about amendment six. Only shares property touch for the law enforcement history. No bad and it's not that we can talk at bat that was definitely. I'm not sure where that would appear about it not constitutional. Amendment it is a local but cap proposition for taxes. Okay because it's a more committed to. And Susan Newman number six solo voters Orleans fares and Tuesday more property. Or police and park. Right that's how we just talked about. Again we're going to think like model sportsman does. Okay. All right what that that it just not on is not constitutional amendment it is a local tax prep for opposition. And basically right now the law enforcement district levees had two point nine mill property tax it's dedicated to servicing some general obligation bonds that brought rise at bat. 2008. And the military is that it Dijjer at a level that cover principal and interest and it's projected decline ever talks. What how they're doing is they're proposing a new tenure tax. That would basically. Capture. For other purposes the portion of the Milledge did not he would forget her. The tax would never would be at two point nine mil minus the rate at the current tax. So. What it what it means is that is CD. Did debt service on the current bonds if it is paid down. The tax would continue at the same level but it would be read dedicated to. He this year operations prevented that there and the this is that. Something that this city in the air worked on together to try to get some money to help raise. Help me can cost of the consent decree. Without actually going into the city's budget or actually increasing. The taxes that are in place now. It is this someone where you're concerned about. The sheriff's office not providing enough details about the revenues. Debit and not unfortunately this ourselves as did not provide any kind detailed information on the revenues. That's always a concern. And we've also had concerns with the Ada law enforcement districting is is it just that the government and government entity. But it's pretty clear in this case you know from anyone that follows the proceedings in the court additional money is going to be used. Needed to meet the consent decree requirements. And there will be at least for some period and oversight by the court. And could you may not have slowed a bit sore or may not even be in it and intrusive and looking at it. What we hear about the new presume we keep hearing we need additional funds would this true facilities. Plus comes urge comes on to get a brand new prisons say the yard 800 plus beds and the camp though it is there. Anyway UC will we can use that in the out of his in the money here. Well I mean baby equipment. Suppressing talking about it and need for an instant. Special facilities or that people they have metal metal suit and stay in the court has ordered a different solution to that on problem. And that is I'll say beyond my area of expertise. Warrant. In his the only issues you wanna talk about. Well I think there's one other propositions that people should be aware of which is. And other constitutional amendment number thirteen for the sales Lower Ninth Ward properties. And basically constitution prepared destinations or kill public property it lessens your market value. This provides an exception authorizing New Orleans City Council so properties in that area. At a price below what the legislature may set it's obviously motivated by the content to help cure the blight issue. But it's got some serious problems. It for for example. Even though it's lions deals at below market value it did not require redevelopment. So that makes it difficult to accomplish your goals let's legislatures set the price and determine his eligible. And that opens it sort of favoritism. And the companion legislation has created even more problems because it's directing the city to sell properties that it doesn't even now underground mine Nora this city and have to acquire them. And we think it's really bad policy for the legislation to be ordering the city device itself proper. And at a movie that number thirteen music the art. Dreaded it always we're pretty issue Borchardt do and I appreciated that I have great. Common right back up and up DO brigades said it over and don't give them devoid parents and stick it's Tuesday. Weather's. Oh. The managers symbolism or right now. Pair of tickets to give way to do things 49ers game on Sunday in November than ninth. If you run a call in right now called from six or weakens W idea and then the war. 2209. Boards 67 Roy. Eight caller win it's news talk sports power hopes that the gulps of but the in drips and we grouping get about the new book report elections. Louisiana voters jumped up nearly 36000. In the last two months ridge ration. More than half of the new voters opting or not hyper Democrat or Republican designation. Probably jewels and outrage from real which puts things people called it and bella looks like it could be different. Elliott stonecipher will Navarro. Election consultants can be your group were admits that there's number of human dependency is stunningly Heidi it's a bit all bad draw. You have no idea what's gonna happen and the port. Well we will be here to tell you what's gonna happen a couple of objects we've got trending stories in the news sports or troop behavior. You have did accordance code to Bob it baron of course it's all alone and legal show. She'll also as you do do do you go to clubs solution New Orleans music and talk with the O Marcel. And urban may view. And at 3 o'clock chula. What's the latest silver bullet backseat and Cyril metal bodies were those exposed troubled restriction from output cut you name it they'll talk about. Common object and was.Garland talks to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the CEO of the Bureau of Governmental Research about the upcoming midterm elections and the New Orleans issues that voters will decide.
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