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    Dave talks about the Saints still suck, Ferguson rioting, and What is Wrong with People

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WWL First News with Tommy TuckerA multimedia feed for content related to The Tommy Tucker Showwwltrue11-26 9:10am Tommy, Black Friday & Thanksgiving blitzTommy talks to Kathy Grannis with the National Retail Federation about Black Friday shopping.PubDate2014-11-26T11:03:00-05:00Wed, 26 Nov 2014Created2014-11-26T11:03:41-05:00Wed, 26 Nov 2014Updated2014-11-26T11:24:43-05:00Wed, 26 Nov 2014audio/mpegSTXhoweventhoughinthepeoplethatdon'tdisagreewithwiththegrandjuryfoundnotruebill.Wherethatwouldthengivejustificationforridebecauseanditwouldsayyou'veseentheofficerdidsomethingheshouldn't.GotchaSimonnowwe'lltalkaboutthatiswellandcontinueourThanksgivingquizcampinggranitejoinsusrightnowdirectorofmediarelations.TheNationalRetailFederationtalkabout.Idon'tknowififtheFridayafterThanksgivingisthebiggestshoppingdayoftheyearanymoreorisYoubetcatsareoutasdirectorofmediarelationsforTheNationalRetailFederation.AgainitheshouldbetellingpeopleandIdidthisweirdinterview.OnThanksgivinghewouldthisguyfromnewallMichaelBrown'smotheritdidyouknowareontwodoorthepoliceofficerwillhaveabitcheated.Himandaandthebeingatschoolorathome.InwhichitisininIthinkitisslipperyslope.Becausehemightbeprotestingagrandjury.Rulingonedayandthenextandthepolicesaytheycan'tcomeonprotestsandandintothenextday.YouwannaprotestsupnPresidentObamaisownerssomeandaRepublicancongressisdoingandandpolicesaynotenough.Hecan'tdoitduringthedaytimeae_food99589701http://media.wwl.com/hosting/media/wwl/1587793/99589701/first-news-9am-99589701.mp311-26 9:10am Tommy, Black Friday & Thanksgiving blitzNational Retail Federation#President Obama#Black Friday#North Shore#Ricky Bobby1587793 PZSID_000158779313e9d833f85cb95dafb4b5b8c9f8b206424#874#1835#2052/Audio#/EZNavType/Audiohttp://media.wwl.com/hosting/media/wwl/1587793/99589701/first-news-9am-99589701.mp311-26 9:10am Tommy, Black Friday & Thanksgiving blitzTommy talks to Kathy Grannis with the National Retail Federation about Black Friday shopping.2014-11-26T11:03:00Z2014-11-26T11:24:52Z99589701You know David I know might find China and I am hereby calling on all of. The companies that I collect the the water afford. The royal dual ten. Nora take aria all of them. And I you know on on dogma here to make a French Fries French fry plea wait. So you can have your lousy I mean you can have your Fries on Thanksgiving due in tonight. And I'm trying to be polite here because I like price target nothing against rice homemade Fries yet degrees out of pride that Turkey anyway I'm telling you try this and I'm in the budget to next year. And your right supporting me David are they what is Blake Lewis mute yup or what is his problem war oh loss motorists mute. Our only get a text here Tommy it's for an ounce Norah hockey night Norah takes. Place. Apparently I'm not the expert and it's not a lesson it's this is there with a paper plates so I guesses not I guess it's not. Royal tool and neither of them today so mutilated these Chinese companies it's hard to find names to mispronounce it really is. Corey white I guess I'll have I announces Torre light and hope somebody puts his napkin. On his lap if he has anything need because he would have a hard time covering his lap with a napkin and that is not a nice thing all innings giving law. Total slam now I think for Thanksgiving we need to be you know loving and forgiving listeners this Tommy Thanksgiving is about giving things click of Fries on the table and keep. The bigger ones happy. About this hot Fries with Turkey gravy and crane and battery Tia loaded. Thanksgiving. Prize snacks thing you're gonna be suggesting that we have chicken DA they're gonna senators are they coming now. Does that tax chicken tenders. I. Yeah as the years and it's slippery slope yeah it's certainly have pullout date every day yet now you got me they get because why not thousands of Brian French Fries and a Turkey agrees not on that 13 twinkies and there. One funnel cakes. All what you're talking about you made an excellent point David and you're Smart guy. They also get a text year. About Ferguson and we can revisit that if you like do you think they would have been rioting. Had an indictment come down against the officer. And I just center and it depends on. What they charge on out because if it was a lesser charge than perhaps and I can also owes the how even though in the people that don't disagree with with the grand jury found no true bill. Where that would then give justification for ride because and it would say you've seen the officer did something he shouldn't. Gotcha Simon now we'll talk about that is well and continue our Thanksgiving quiz camping granite joins us right now director of media relations. The National Retail Federation talk about. I don't know if if the Friday after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year anymore or is it can't. And I agree quite like it could reap you good morning and thank you that they. He did they did that the think about Black Friday I would. Encourage everyone to remember that there really is only one Black Friday and it definitely for Saturday night years that. Some experts are saying we're gonna go back he used profanity back able to work with being busy summer being back. And really the truth is it's just happy place and anybody you know there is only one completely expect that one day to. And this deleted it for seven years in the back to the back. This is being on for 75 years Black Friday. We gave Black Friday at a birthday party this year for the first time where. We're actually cleaning. Worked officially being happy having expertise to Black Friday. They eat at 75 years ago. The founder federated department store now me these successfully lobbied president wrote about two Indians. Keeping. It up for your term of November and then then. A day after Thanksgiving. Has officially been the biggest capping an eighty year. You know and then again it was cleaned in a few years later bye yeah we're working happy that an expert here. You know for those that are film aficionados. And have never seen the movie Holiday Inn and I mention this only because. It confused me for awhile because they have a Turkey jumping back and forth on the calendar and that's the reason for that because they moved. What Thanksgiving to get an extra week extra happening right correct. So it seems to mean can't these this year more than any other years that Black Friday is under attack because on scene and news pieces. And Ian social media blah exits they get the same thing. A month earlier rat at the the same discounted price and go back to normal and they don't really. Discount anything that much on Black Friday and that a lot of ways to get the door beaters and it only got like two items in neat story than they hide MC can't find a well nobody is black frame on a Friday under attacker now. From II and why you know I've been doing it on a tenured and I think I can safely say that it's been under attack. At least intact and doing it really adds. But she knew the terms and that there in 95 million people who where instantly and on line on black eyed last year at the end of the day of the week. Solve 240. Million shoppers that's needed to be the person counted twice. It'd be very exciting traditional shopping weekend from for millions of people and retailers are certainly not out there Q. Trick anyone into anything they're really aren't the deepest discounts of this season on store wide. Merchandise he has helped you make now in late December and he's 70% of women together but you won't see. I am you know nitpicking mixers or characters or you know believe iron copper jacket on bailout at this point. Black Friday it's really App Store wide. It can't. When it comes Canty to. Selection of restocking. Low prices clearing olds merchandise all of that stuff you mentioned waiting until Saturday before. Christmas but if you do that very enhance the same selection as economic picked over by the time you get there. And that's to pay you know retailers and over there. You know there is aimed at it in the air in terms of like an inventory they do offer and and then if you're looking for a Disney president specific all in late December he left and it kind and deep discount. Adobe air of course but at that certain products widgets will be seen well have been by and and you know we elected leader. Now if you get one of those Disney frozen dolls do you blood defrost and on account her and her friend. It's a yeah. Ever have Thanksgiving well apparently I'm here out yet thank you rate Tommy seriously about summoned the well first off before we get to the items that you can really save on between now and or at least on Black Friday and in leading into the Christmas. Season eight is there are two ways each year you know usually are used to be it seemed like those. Those toys there was one album that parents would fight over they would feel as though if they doubted they were the hero and there counseled. It is that phenomenon still around and is there one this year. You know it did that and Adams has changed quite a day you know I do remember my belt I think one of the little growth. Screening at my mom to have that much packed it had rained. And we've all been attending. We we would we be all in scandal. You know more like try the I eighty and now. Believe it. And they're not hard to find reloading and well I eat in Salem Ellen well yeah. But she did meet up eating and Amy it's something you know little plan. But you know on its computers to computers in and near and netbooks has called. I'm here for adults there's unity apparently there's the go pros Reagan and term he knew something media specific digital camera. But at the end of the day I think it froze. Has come out more often and kind of like this season totally and is that to some movies and last year. Nine and I think it can collapsed a year. Terms of a year later that the deal you know ligament beloved product Serbs for children. Right things between on Black Friday do what every college Saturday and and leading on and things you do really save on and among the things besides electronics that you can't really I mean are there items targeted that you should really look for. Absolutely I think you know what I am with back to keep your eye out for immediate strategize email you can. Apparel and they if they get and he that your gearing need to find. Aren't even try and appear that you catch me letters. Will will be expand your luxury gloves and a hat expect street. Guaranteed. For a little while pregnant this season. In this weekend I'm ED security BD about. Some of them go for it well at three dollars. And now there's no question that you will find and an abundance of deals. Dicey question but dvds that is your personal preference has nothing to do with the organization shore. Do you find it if you be if you buy a movie on dvd you're less inclined to watch it than if he does stumble upon it being broadcast on TV. Email and think and it well it did you personally you personally. And streaming has changed my life you know. I do. But the train your dragon you know dvd and laughed at scenery is great for any kind of winter day or rainy day your arms and say. I'm just happy that the search for Eric unavailable. People have that mentality and since seasonably leaning on it on TV to watch it. I am well I mean if he'd be a lot of that that the UI isn't always eat me. Yeah I just think it's a pleasant surprise win. For example we've all seen a line in and I think the justification for buying dvds if you flip and around and you see it in you know you still again watches TB like me. Like did it to Ricky Bobby and and some are Will Ferrell film where you remind me of the dvd but if you if you stumble upon it you have to stop and watch adamant apps you've seen it. And I think it's more of a pleasant surprise when you find it on TV than when. You know it's orchestrated in and you take the dvd out and voted in the I seem to keep in mind Kathy I'm weird so don't. Lakota and their forget all about this interview Williams. Had a lovely Thanksgiving. You bet cats are out as director of media relations for The National Retail Federation. Again it he should be telling people and I did this weird interview. On Thanksgiving he would this guy from new all in I don't know what. He's strong on what the deal and the answer Kathy is her defiantly and saying let's congratulated as matter of fact. The winner of our. Not getting it but it. I'm thankful. Swing and things that you thankful and thankful that I am this job and I'll be especially thankful that they let me come back Monday coming back on May be well. Tommy Tucker double WL we have a mix serious with burgers and we have a mix of Thanksgiving you need even if you wanting to Thanksgiving quiz at Ledee. To get a Tia is it okay they have football on TV during dinner. When you turn and often and put some nice music on. Tomorrow night we be watching the LHU Texas a and M game or the 49ers played the Seahawks. When it comes Turkey fried or baked when it comes to cut ups of the dressings. He got a bank handed the use of food process. When you're carving editor is OK everybody take appease or do you are you like me at Turkey Nazi don't IT. Note Turkey for you. 22 or Duncan or not to two or Duncan in and can you really pick out the different. Tom the different meats and accountable and together for. Cook it yourself or get it catered and pick it up from a restaurant or supermarket so you don't have to fool win. Paper plates are good China. Gumbo does that have any place at the table and I created a firestorm controversy tonight by saying you know what if you got in Greece high. And you fried you Turkey's I think it would make sense. You know he had a big bunch agrees and throw budget but it isn't there slice of coolers and Brian mop. He would have homemade French Fries I don't think it would offend anybody at the table and they would make for some good evening. So you tell me and as if there wasn't enough going on with that. Bomb blew avail. Played Savannah Louisville of course a basketball power and they beat him 87 to 26. And that happens occasionally put this in what Rick Pitino. And he said he did problem when Moreno how to win it was devising ways not to win by too much is what he had to say about the game. No I don't like to see any teams struggle really. I tried everything we we played four white guys that Egyptian he's trying to. Is that offensive to you is that a is that a racist statement or is it merely a reflection that most of the people who play basketball and eight I think they worked very hard to accomplish this. Happen to be African Americans. So we got a lot for you weigh in on a T 60187. He told creates X exceed 89087. And has to be a lot easier for me this half hour before Thanksgiving if you call and and help me out says oh Cameron and do it today and it was out particulate lunch. And going guest host Bob Mitchell at 1 o'clock for what's trending on WWL. Candid funny in depth discussion. Discussions about the day's top trending stories in news sports and on social media today's grew Dave Cohen. Double WLs news director screwed host of the snow chill week nights eight to midnight. And big old T Bob Hebert coast of double coverage on three W three WL 6 and I am that's thirteen fifty on the AM dial. Then and to sound off on the day's hot topics. And if he needs some last minute cooking tips or you wanna share you favorite Thanksgiving recipe. I join chef duke blue Cicero owner of cafe Geovany. Three to four dumb as an open mind that the legendary Angela hill Bob Mitchell and Byrd today from one till four. On WWL. Martinez and moral high on DeVon WL you do one. Thank you object to take at all. I'll I'll problem right at all and I'll always view it showed that are you that I'll and it showed. Well thank you and I've read don't take you on thankful for you and other people listening. You know. Turkey I don't get any easier bait and breakthrough of the book. Cooking but I hey Brooke we are all alike that you want. Anything you cannot. Eric you're mock. Would you have a problem with French Fries on Thanksgiving table. I would look at this now out anybody's ever done this or not but you know I got to tanks about. It's new loans and for crawfish boils people throw everything in upon Allen if anybody cook their Turkey. In crawfish boil like boiling seafood and if you could do that what it would come out like. I think it when he does skin disease deep pretty. Soggy. I would do joked that the award for. I think our our agents all boy. A pot brownie mix eight on the problems that were achieved all the and did it boil and cook in a lot about the it looked like that it will become now that you can fight and keep. It right up at eight Opel. Selling your grand the only year the rest of Thanksgiving quiz here a football on TV during dinner. And tank tomorrow at LA she taxes and them or San Francisco Seattle. 98. When you. I do when you carbon that Turkey. Is okay of people walk over and you know take a little piece here they are alone they'll alert you that Turkey Nazi like means they don't touch it. And finally. Paper plates or good China. It. Gadget thank you have a great Thanksgiving Martina. You bet we'll continue to six 1870 toll free 86 exit 89087. You can talk. It's not about Fergus and I'm laughing because you can talk about Rick pitino's statement reiterated ago again Jordan's inflated. No I don't like to see any teams struggle really. I tried everything we we played four white guys in the Egyptian he's trying to. So that's after Louisville. Beats the heck out of Savannah 87 to 26 is terribly overmatched got a small school against a perennial basketball. Power and Rick Pitino is that. The problem with him saying that. And if he had said. For black guys and maybe it's races but let's face it the the majority of a basketball players are African American and and if you Jews state. What the situation is and make you races right now time for Devin WL first news that go to David. You know identity. Last hour you mention. You mentioned about. Slippery slope if you start frying French Fries would necks I think he said what chicken tenders chicken tenders fried cheese perhaps yeah. Andy. Yeah made appointment having it all comes down to a matter of discipline. Grilling yet so I think you can do Fries and just controlling yourself. Isn't their enough food. Already on the table. With the mash yours and the stopping and they yams and the Turkey and and you gotta throw. French Fries and there to account a clog up those arteries just a little bit more managers where you. I'm from all over the place and I don't I homeless and never heard it from New Orleans is is close their home was I've been at his ranch. Status. I'd week's masters three column mash your senior discipline we and in the discipline to pull this off the force there and try again you've got that right again yes this is. Lost. Classic film scripts. Now we don't hand the actual audio because they'd never film. These lines in the script that never got Ian I'll okay. Some ado is among played a part of the movie and I am to fill in the line and it didn't did it orca. You follow and are not running idea ago we all remember this from godfather to animal Philbin line. Not a Brothers not a fan. I don't know you what you do. Unless you make in their great marinara sauce that you may. Then I'll make an exception. Wanna see at the hotel this I don't watch near my house when you see how mother. I want to again pass along these. And also selecting get the Italian bread because she makes such good marinara sauce. I want to be endless not at all up with the bread and also. I wanna find a look kinda new fusion music. Scene he. Really get Tony. And then finally he says it's yeah. So that's where it goes about the noodles got you all about marinara and I'm glad I could I can enlighten you on and these were the lines that meet her god you're getting now. Rob Bartlett are sharing the old audit firm Florida College they didn't even film because now dialogue. Would it would deciding on the script and and somebody set a dancer known entity that take that out. We're not gonna do that take and scratched that out but what we were able to do is funny original scripts it will will do a wonderful Prado ever got the technique with a with a garlic in the little razor blade that I think Hillary why that's where Hillard got a dual node that's different movies aren't how to do it from Clemens when Clemens it was teach at Mikey to do that says. John and walkers thanks for calling your and other WL. Thanks you play well. Terrible wearing Rick keynote Archie made just a joke statement that cup. World group grow it admitted it. Which is ridiculous. I think about it yet actions do they not. Played basketball idol. We don't know. And who can't I was telling a joke right I mean that's the way. Another brand. Even in. And it's that Michael Brown's mother it did you know are on two door the police officer will have a bit cheated. Him and a and the being at school or at home. In which it is in in will it all ages of people that would. I don't know it let them in in. Tired people business is down and in a barrel or they're very. An under some people may latest courtroom but. It we're grateful to build brewery a character that without that. You know or city police order where we check in this search in all districts and well. I. I egg I think there's Supreme Court said they had to let you know that they were doing him I don't think they had to tell you the exact little Haitian and I may be wrong on. I guess atlas. But what do. Why what would be. It's police felt there people if you if you will grow. You can do better because. You'll probably not gated in much trouble. But it here a year after or protest it. We're gonna take you right now we're at our true Jeter would that potent and injured and get tired you are all dutrow didn't care of people bit. I'd let me let me tell a couple of things his way icy at first off I've never been in that position. Of rioting or looting the only possible rationale I conceive for that. If if you are doing it for what you perceive to be a good reason and there is no good reason for it. Is because then you feel as though you know what the law doesn't works and heck with the law and undertake will we won I think they are also people taken advantage of that. There's a third party and I got nothing to do with any of this and you're destroying their business and and maybe they can't up and moved to another place so they have to still do business in that community in terms of fire hoses I tell you this. Nobody would ever do that because it would and I don't know you know and office less harmful and tear gas on and off its. It's better than rubber bullets I'm not an enforcement butting in just tell you from a media standpoint. That's gonna be juxtaposed with fire hoses from Alabama in in his sixties. And nobody no law enforcement I can imagine would ever. Every use of fire hose against protests now in terms of 98 and when you can protest I understand that in times of emergency the police can institute a curfew. I think in terms of slippery slope and work in about French Fries and at the Thanksgiving table and indeed you fried cheese but I think it is slippery slope. Because he might be protesting a grand jury. Ruling one day and the next and the police say they can't come on protests and and into the next day. You wanna protests upn President Obama is owners some and a Republican congress is doing and and police say not enough. He can't do it during the daytime so that's why. I'm also I'm always very very cautious about it's about the police say in when you can protest in when you can't criminal activity completely substantive. Well the thing about it in and and everything in. Our they would bring you back itself but the pretty. There are justifiably try to make the all pro there completed the bill that. Anybody there know him well not there. Or anywhere couldn't. And they do that more than there were true. Though people lose what post people law. I hear you John Brennan wrote this should not grow I got you Anna and understand we come in from the owning I would say is. I don't think everybody out there at night was. Who was alluding I think everybody out there was violent I I think it was kind of like inner mixed where you don't know who's good who's bad. And I also think that because the verdict was announced at night. Yeah that's probably one of the protest erupted at night in and I don't know why they don't happen during the day and getting some texts and people say and well volleys people would have jobs they would have time to protest but I think there were presume if they worked the night shift because otherwise. If they don't protests there today maybe they are at work. And at night that's when he gets on come on purpose I don't know I'm just trying to propose scenarios here at 944 Tommy Tucker back in a flash. I thank you terror. So mom. And again oh this when I want to read yet Garland solve today's dudes and a think tank. What are you most grateful for for a country that's divided along so many different lines Thanksgiving is time to come together. And talk about lower most thankful for our personal lives and as Americans we have more in common with each other. Then we think plus his Thanksgiving the only true bipartisan. Holiday. Climb inside the think tank with scoop today 10 AM to 1 PM right here. On WWL. Two and Dorian Picayune and Hillary aren't evident view out the morning. I want to comment on the chino I think that is where our needs. Ever heard and I don't see how anybody could possibly be. And I and I think it's. A. We knew first album out and drop slide out and I flat out bust it out. My gosh after the all over call. The only people I think they could be offended by that are white guys they can't play basketball all of which I am one and I'm not. A certain yeah but. Jordan tell me it's hard to dribble a pyramid. So I don't know that's. Something that's offensive now but I think he's right when he didn't Thanksgiving quiz real quick today. A gang tomorrow night LHU a text is an am or Seattle San Francisco. So made each got you stuff by hand use of food process. Good for you cook it yourself for catering to would you would you ever except. It because of his house he one of the cook it themselves. Or is gonna grocery store or restaurant indicator too lazy. Well opt out at home can act and seen how some people have to war was at that catered. This is not a paid endorsement but Lang and signs oyster dressing oozes closer I get fine in my mom's is now with the same. When you covenant Turkey okay for people that can agree it'll be easier their do you want him not to touch it. We've earmarked. And I'm right there with yet and today she paper plates a good China. Two I'm coming over tomorrow right glory. Days old French Fries appropriated table. Even if people leave them. Called. So French fry not French Fries thank you Laurie emigrate. On Thanksgiving night commute 9601870. Hand and LT when we come back out when I'm really thankful for backing a plan agenda VW. I Tommy Tucker Thanksgiving a marlin let me tell you and I'm thankful when thinking and thank programming a beautifully educated daughter that loses. Nice is nice Indian everything I hoped she would be and thankful for haven't had the job that I've wanted since I was eighteen years old. And finally I get it and I love doing and I'm thankful to yell for yelled for listening every morning and thankful foot. The people that work with Sheldon and Jordan every day Diane Newman David Blake. And I'm not trying to get maudlin or sentimental. But I think it's always suited tig knowledge a important acknowledges things that you think Oklahoma I think new friends from unexpected places. Says a North Shore good morning again answer my French Fries. Thank you now I need and it okay and it. It excuse me. Have you ever been what is in the hands one's enemy is 32 things does lute who played with NATO's thank you. It went public with a little bundle. And tied bundle blanched green and Alex is back on late there rightfully in my case. People pat them with a nice four. That way and do not put that problem ketchup on net cable they should be with Turkey gravy and out on all issued air. Susan let me tell you something I love what you said. It's all out presentation so I put him a little bundles and on time with what. Green hit it. In a boat or dislike. Chang when. I hope you'll and yet people. Forced. I know audiences don't would you do would you put ketchup on a table of the ways to control and that. I know of the incident this already but I'm gonna ask it anyway. Paper plates in China. Yeah that's another thing it's isn't that a great Thanksgiving night it hit you bet. Thank you and all he'll have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving take a second account all of the things. That your life would be miserable with see you Monday morning.Tommy talks to Kathy Grannis with the National Retail Federation about Black Friday shopping.
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