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  1. WWL First News with Tommy Tucker

    Latest Audio Clip

    11-25 9am Tommy, Thanksgiving cooking & Black Friday


    Tommy talks to Chef Brian Landry of Borgne about Thanksgiving cooking. Tommy also talks to Matt Granite, the Deal Guy, about Black Friday shopping.

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  2. The Think Tank with Garland Robinette

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    11 - 25 The Think Tank 1210pm, T-Bob Hebert & Seth Dunlap


    Should Les Miles stay or should he go? And, let’s be honest – at LSU – is education secondary to football? How could LSU afford to pay Les $15 NOT to work; pay a new coach to work...but the university has to fight not to go bankrupt? . An $80 million dollar swimming pool for LSU? No problem, students and their parents voluntarily agreed to pay for it. $15 million dollars for Les Miles not to work, plus millions for another coach to work? No problem let the donors pay for it. Money needed to keep LSU as an institute of quality education….and not go bankrupt? Now that’s a problem. This hours guest: T Bob Hebert - co-host of Double Coverage on WWL 8-midnight Seth Dunlap - WWL sports host & writer…director of Prep Football Roundup

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  3. Scoot

    Latest Audio Clip

    11-27 1pm Bob Mitchell, LSU and Donald Trump


    Bob Mitchell in for Scoot. Should Les Miles go? Are you a Trump fan? Bob takes your calls and talks to listeners.

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  4. SportsTalk with Bobby and Deke

    Latest Audio Clip

    11/27 6pm The Fans and the Pro


    From early, admittedly conflicting reports, Les Miles is a gone pecan. Miles indicated to members of the Gridiron Club on Friday that Saturday’s matchup between LSU and Texas A&M would be his final game as the Tigers' head coach, sources at the meeting told Tiger Rag. Kristian, Hokie and T-BOB break down the facts of whats happening during, what seems to be weird, time of unspecified facts of Les Miles' exit.

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  5. Double Coverage w Kristian and T-Bob

    Latest Audio Clip

    11/25/15 11:10pm Double Coverage with T-Bob & Kristian


    Midnight Madness!! We give our Pick Six Picks and let you know what we're grateful for on Thanksgiving.

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  1. Saints

    Latest Audio Clip

    11-16 6:30pm Bobby & Deke with Sean Payton


    Bobby & Deke talk with Sean Payton about the Saints' loss to Washington and the firing of Rob Ryan.

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  2. LSU Sports Zone

    Latest Audio Clip

    11-23 1:30pm Les Miles speaks to reporters


    LSU Head Coach Les Miles addresses calls for his firing at his weekly luncheon

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  3. The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

    Latest Audio Clip

    11-26 Happy Thanksgiving 1010am, Tom Fitzmorris


    “Happy Thanksgiving with Tom Fitzmorris!” If you need last minute recipes or cooking tips, Tom is ready to help. He’ll join you in YOUR kitchen... live from HIS kitchen...

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  4. The Great Outdoors with Don Dubuc

    Latest Audio Clip

    11-28-2015 7-9am Outdoor Show


    Don Dubuc and Keith Lusher host the Nortshore Fishing Report followed by Gun Talk with Devin and Gavin From Jefferson Gun and the Shooters Club

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  5. The Plant Doctor - Dan Gill

    Latest Audio Clip

    11 - 21 The Garden Show 8am, Dan Gill


    Join Dan Gill, associate professor & consumer horticulturist at the LSU Ag Center, for the “WWL Garden Show as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise

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  6. Home Improvement Show

    Latest Audio Clip

    11 - 7 The Home Imrpovement Show 11am, Paul LaGrange


    Join our host is Paul LaGrange, a construction consultant who specializes in energy efficiency as he helps out with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Do you think it's wise or unwise for LSU to part ways with Les Miles?
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  2. Bobby: This might be Les Miles' last game

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