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  5. Dan GillUndefinedwwltrue10-22 8am The Garden Show with Dan GillDan talks to callers about their plant and lawn, and how to protect them with cold weather looming.PubDate2014-11-22T10:57:00-05:00Sat, 22 Nov 2014Created2014-11-22T10:57:19-05:00Sat, 22 Nov 2014Updated2014-11-22T11:32:13-05:00Sat, 22 Nov 2014audio/mpegSTX99426026http://media.wwl.com/hosting/media/wwl/1612348/99426026/garden-show-8am-99426026.mp310-22 8am The Garden Show with Dan Gill16123489d74b7d980fad03f21c537d8f7acef3d424#874#2052/Audio#/EZNavType/Audiohttp://media.wwl.com/hosting/media/wwl/1612348/99426026/garden-show-8am-99426026.mp310-22 8am The Garden Show with Dan GillDan talks to callers about their plant and lawn, and how to protect them with cold weather looming.2014-11-22T10:57:00Z2014-11-22T11:32:13Z99426026Are there and thanks for joining us in Russia. And if you you or me of course and I'll go. They'll be aware that interest is always the answer number question that should trust. You have problems or issues resting or torture whatever legal cultures such as street. Also a question that your tree or shall shall law. Of the year. After probably the year. If you beat tree planting things as some issues that may be and all that. Should two out that all decision. That I'll. How that. Sure personal landscape consult them. That's available season about football and number picket the information looking for and again is possible for. Two pixel. 187. The 04260187. If you regarding question that's more like help out where I was wrapping up the discussion on altering. Questions or plants like it'll questions on. What's the best during the news and they'll shut dubious option. And always appeal in the of those. The actual corporate social want to use. Freezes over on the it's it's gonna leak hole for the next few days to protect occur over the plant began. It's a lot and take the ball and the trouble that back on again. So this situation is tougher rule or reason and it's a done deal we can technical protection often end and be done with that. But it just in the action the next night manually complete if you and because that blocks out the spotlight if you hampered. You can completely. Covered for a sample day that's what Nicole like babble calorie giving someone a little. Underneath that copper for a day Easter at five page can actually keep the plant copper over with copper and expect to see in April issues or problems we're at that. So completely in place. Infused plastic that he's the clear. Shall since. Particularly at the felt like come and play and enjoy that likes white but can build just that your currency in the parking lot of one global. Can become. Inside all clear. Plastic or she can open up the next day it's a mild and clear. So open as mild and clear and frantic night of the plastic and pick up one of the plastic stick hold at a so that some here need to circulate a during the course of the day and get to go down. Technical little plastic bag down and she'll that a weakened in person or for days. Easily but don't forget. It was a need to be into it he. I'll pay for help restore like plastic in the double double again. Are completely healed up rupiah to the freezing episodes of just a few more interest they're on effectively using commerce. Onto the deal with the cold and cheer up the polls are tight lipped. Regarding question. Call Bible or 2601870. Up right now is calling from Algiers or good morning thanks for calling it. Or experiment to email you read that question but for god so. I have some fairly young plum trees that I just bought an implanted. I'd say about six or seven months ago there's hazard there so they'll do that now I didn't play them very deep but it's still they still take into an odd that you know and it will often died. And Clinton a ten feet apart you know they would pollinate each other. I don't party or should I cover them. There party here all different trees that we broke off party peaches plums apples payers. And nectarine. Areas mosque irons straight charming biblical law. On on these fruit that are not party are exceptional in the rubble from district popular demonstration the cold. Would be forced a group of a critical citrus trees Pete aggregate grapefruit oranges and so port. And nations were about the middle forties will we get in there and then oil and are growing all kinds of tropical fruit. Everything from. Took. Opposed the name had been. Done there and tropical fruit of course it's captured catch it from your year to see what they get frozen so that the entry pitcher plant and the need to temper. It will never get cold enough here in south Louisiana that bothered much palm trees Erickson you're in good shape there it don't need to cover membership put mulch you know retarded because. Instruction that the play in the you know so that would be. O Eric. As far as planned to plant that with the all of the tree level hustle. That was around. Coca-Cola did a country that is because that is the ultimate goal so deep that you appear at all. This'll incomparable part of all thank goodness you Mordechai were killed treat these kind of information. Should never been put on the tree the relationship in history so the top of the Ruble level with the surroundings oil. And that's how you play every tree and throw out there it's not complicated such as the the rule that you would use a layer if you get back to do well. You can mulch around trees and we like them culture and planted trees to control opiates and grassland girl he's certainly all that we are grants program those palm trees you wanna keep your blog or away from the country's Shalala controls all. Column should couple were answered not growing at recommended but again here as what went to a cold or old protection. Okay cool appreciated and thanks for. Your social call appreciate that. Popeye and right that we bill out calling from opt out legal department. Are certain to. We. (%expletive) person. Shoot the temperature that it goes through it all year does that for it sweeter. Temperature drops. Or answer would be because of course interest and until November or December. It. Cool like and actually and so people start thinking will she become very sweet in December which is on the open. A much as something to do with the ball should trust right and in December or November or October. When it got any cold weather or actually ideas that cold weather is critical to the end of citrus fruit that's simply not correct. I'm cold weather and against a collar and ultimately council she's stressing that sanctions wipe them on the tree in October early November crystal and green on the skin and innocent scratching my in the thirties most it will it will begin our country and orange color so cold. Can't affect the color of the search of true but it does not affect the sweet Basil like in the structure. And we work to get around it freezes lecture from sweeter. Because of free speech changed the fruit and people start getting in the cold weather is being improved quality. They're gonna be inclined to be on the tree when it will be shortened it. And it twenties and so it truly. Appreciate you helping surround everybody. For. Citrus from old rule. In the thirties. Because it helps enhance the color. But anything below freezing at easing short history and make it better quality. I've heard from several people say you can't do exactly passes. To pass. Information back to those people bill because again all we want people who went to choose from on the entries are hard freeze. You've got our bill thank you so much shaped call it take a quick break all. Be back with more partnership at all. Retreat you know you're questions are important to me if you got a call into question. Tribal or 260187. Is an amber call back or the art show activists. Good morning everybody. If you got a question about something off your. And cold in the U my outlook and other idea about that do better connection than would typical meal. We're job. As beginning at winter real protection completely wrong. This time of the year despite the cold weather that we absolutely love to be planted the arm your. 267. The ins and culture in the New. Orleans the Bible four to six so. 187. And now being injured guard questioned or you know and here on the Garden Show. Is Tommy bolt from Linux and perished atomic Morton. The morning Dan a couple of questions for art when. In the interim at the target about oh regions across. And things should be pretty good about being right. They all lived all actual free ticket will survive. And it will typically survive temperatures in the teens. But temperatures and in terms theory destructive to result all the polish and maybe increase the acts summit to get the routine and stay in the team. A routine last January. In the what is readership area. So if you play that's within and just this year you didn't you can go through the freezes in January and so you might be curious. They will survive gently speak and temperatures routine but they will sustain the curricula injury to a small copper. What you call a lot of mulch at the base then too. Acceptable or apartment told entrants as it is to cover some sheets of plastic over the partly planned to minimize that damaged the trunks in the upper part of the plant as well. Low twenties. Industry. Will not freeze but will we get below 32 degrees shall poultry you 2%. Like freak injury well temperatures in the twenties all the little bulk of the desperately pulled in from polish but about me amid warnings. He can probably proxies in game which the low twenties the full well that would be damaged and as we need to change the Philippines and frozen back. Almost to the ground but ultimately brought up from their work on treatment Mets appear to match second one now what you can expect. From a variety of temperatures and she does enter. Aren't that where a lot like your idea but Machida under under plastic. Like that. Andrea and then that they double layer. Are actually. Yes there. And that it would on an outbreak that. Or East Coast pollute route never or just got it Al Gore. I'm leaving things the cut off the ground. If you look. Equipment in the implementation to the plan to buy their roots. Not. Sure I'd be broke out from the rich and Bolger troopers. That little pieces approach that may be behind Wal-Mart Riche are sold them on route to one way of dealing with them. But of course a lot of directory pull them over to them now. It can be you can still kill them. I cut them off just a couple of inches above ground global. But you have. Treat the spoke with a purpose if you don't that couples. Beginning world if not the way feature because they're Borman next spring will come in huge confusion siege to the mall a league that pump that is. You might call like oh appeared she. She hill oh. He want all our. And what appears sold under a variety of blaming rush killer brush speak on police and IP killer. A content line and stump killer or the green means that the Chelsea you need to take that aside and simply paint it on. Rushed. On to that rush to cut stopped and they and so. One person blocking them all with whopper source all out assault and the person following them. Treating those storms is great efficient way of dealing with separate trying to give them control. Very patient. With that person without credit. You can kill it is that there's lots of scenes that it was coming up in the future so it takes persistence over time but can do it. Optional right now about the data will be. At least altitude if it. Can kill people in because walk around with the export some type quicker mixed up and it. And just the feelings with the with the truck appear that way of killing off the seedlings. All right all right thank you. Our economy look at that. Are you moving along we've got nearly calling in from New Orleans came here in Portland thanks for calling him. Good morning good. Shall let. A great tree. And apparently can't get cancer. And I don't wanna try to found. It high end. Shape that went right and the scary it cannot seriously you cannot say that there's culture that does. A pilot copilot back to our credit you wouldn't you remove the tree. Come out of George Clooney. And you may choose not to rebuild that area if you can easily the tree and packed with clunker in your yard to grow over the years. And that tree can serve as a source of infection. Other citrus trees you mean your yard. In the frustration may play into your yard and to all your neighbors citrus trees to remain have and their yard. And so we're trying to encourage people to do the responsible thing. And completely remove trees cut them down. Remove them cut them out of Baghdad and put them out with the trash a to remove these sources of infection tell slowed down the spread of the disease but again. There's unfortunately here chapter every partner. As you. Yet. At. How. Like. An area area I was very clear. I you wanna win. I can stated more clearly to EU we would recommend you do with lecturing. And you have to serve and that's what you wanna do. And I are saying. But acting. That the infection is systemic and it is it's not that the leans toward infected or disparate. Range or aperture and the trees and acted. Didn't like an infection. Liked it like being in people weren't actually get your bloodstream inspect two archer. Has who the treaty so that ruling and it for a tape to deal with that we would tell you vision simply no way to deal with the disease than removing the tree. Airport and air. Once the trees infected. It's inside the tree but it is spread through the year. And that the treaty clause does such a need me I'll I'll hazard. Two in the usage history and the years that are not in fact. It was. A car. All right Gary thank you cannot tackle our abide. And just I for a potential on the latest. I mean in the news I'm more and go wrong. Morning and things are jointly oligarchs so she'll freak winter guard questioned you'll be dealt with that phone number one again. Is Bible for 2601870. And into the we have in Metairie calling him. Again get bored and accurately or. Good morning again a friend gave me a plant about two years ago only to leave the name of the that a bug got it it could serve. Believe it actually play Davis kind of like Italy and the but the only about two inches long. It's making yellow quality right now but the peculiar looking at. Shape it looked like these these particularly to a three pedals over the age I don't look the other football at all of them but in any particular. It's desperately. And smells real good. And up close but if you're asking for educational and as for the you know what I. I'm gonna take a wild shot and table lookup. A planet we call mom. A Mexican Kerrigan horse and secretary didn't. He has confused and cooking and so look right. It's a culinary error. I as the flavor of a fringe terror and a little bit stronger. But it's an actual replacement for strange Kerrigan because and that ultimately our solar at all well that's just raw as in I'll eat so. Garter belt what flavor caregiver and seafood or chicken or the addition their cooking. Bulb went down love to grow the Mexican. Called on mayor Jergen Ers can't picture again. It's a relative of miracle factually about a little yellow flowers social miracle like. But it did this problem right to a three pedals go. And then it is what it is yeah yeah descriptions are just take instructions that they are and Google are there. So that's what we're actually going. Do an Internet search for the planet look at photographs. I can't see it as a plant did you have a maybe I lucked out and hit the right thing that compounded that and of course in political party. It is it'll freeze back in the wintertime but is completely party if it does so no big deal would agree completely different. And I just didn't cut. And they did it means a great. Thanks so much you appreciate the call. Our media outlets we got that next caller it is we're calling from New Orleans favorite make good morning you're on the Garden Show make euphoria. And I span iPad. A with potentially. That I need to actually my neighbors are that they are my. And animal clinic where I am actually grow on my then I haven't they. A I like it here where the war on the other side. Prepared. Are you from our view all globally. Where pray that put anything in the oil. Over. It's gonna matter of putting things in the oil. You never put something toxic in the soil are because you're right there are plants latrines in particular that can be 2030 feet away. Three entries of the roots of trees in a way beyond their grandsons. So it's possible role in all as big shade trees some snapper. Put her aside. That are toxic in the oil in the landscapes so that's not an option. The option is going to be big goes bananas out. Actually they need they need to do it themselves to prohibit their robust and healthy Ian. How strong backs are inclined to do so or they can hire a company to come in and dig out those bananas just. Public should be dug out you won your defense. They would pick up the ones that are on their defense and mini which is cheap shot by now for a few months after that I had to get straight shelves out like a mile from a piece to the right from the might have been passed and eateries plea deal with. RP elite partner. It deepened the hatred Fuller fact. Oh when that chopper that every seaport. As a war tabled anchor. Apparently a man. Who wanted to create an escrow from big. Resolved that grow along the surface of the shall also talked about a man to treat down. Carry on happened at an event. There you ago and it artwork but it is certainly doable and I think I am category and you're welcome thanks for the call pre shape. All right moving along we have weighing in calling from Gulfport hey you and good morning. I could Mormon and similar social animal buyers lemon street. And every time that blocked from something he blossomed over. Overnight. That's in retreat at looked at it BP which produces a bill reportedly. Would. And eating all of the block from all of a model Elaine I bet is such an elegant and simple solution to your problem. That I wish it was actually the case but there isn't anything the citrus flowers. So how old as the entryway many years as Google reusable. You know all right. We do citrus trees Serena ears to settle in and published before we expect. Reliable production so your entry still within that establishment straight. Which means that we let the flowers aren't produced from four yet Campbell simply take care of that. Wanna double check your growing conditions make sure that treat Israel is sort it's Albany long tradition during the day on the streets. Or reduced ability to produce fruit as well so uninteresting life full panic at some old analogue hole and it didn't know look you're intimately. And three years old been it will pitcher at this point they're fortunately. And sex or Obama. Or. Mice are feet. Anything else that climate registry and all the hours that the entry aborting its own well it's totally not. The ultra that is simply not decided this year for a full and it is completely mental spectre. Welcome to work on Vietnamese and meet them and you look. Well. I don't understand. And gentlemen it is enjoyable time I would articulate what to do. It may be as comments. May be in the time line had. Take care now have a good you to. Sleep with the show this quick break. Good morning things are joining a partnership. We're talking gardening and kitten to the first call or that section. That's Kendrick calling for watching Kendrick and. It is. I have a question. Great myrtle Margaret murder when it is real. And as this caller pretty it looked like adult was not it is kind of black black. Point oh or delete. Yeah this. She graduates Kendrick so your treat gonna drop every leak completely took over the winter time. And then send out new growth next year. Carter. They just issued autumn it's all. And Craig local police are changing color and dropping now so I just remember to the titular street. If you feel a black on the brink should Kendrick you're gonna get it to the amount of our group critical eight concern that might be some sort mold as a result. But probably not be overly concerned right now if your major issue it's a shuttle terrible now what are dying right now. Well it sure looked like bella and how should anxious going dormant for the clincher. OK if you knew the about. He be that people use it and producing bounces your bit yet. Yeah yeah treasury expects to be erratic for the next few years while the young entry settled and get to establish a no problem whatsoever Kendrick. I don't like it or not the reason I thank you for the call appreciate that. All right we'll alternate color is Jim calling from him and agent recording your comic art show. Ourselves column there were tree. Our tenure though it. Upbeat or call all over. It fruit Beers almost face or. Or Jim watching what you know what happened issue while the root stock just borrow. I'm a lot gardeners are are really aware that our future trees are all laughed at. Altidore root stock and that means at the upper part of the street in order are also Tricia make shots tumors are a couple thoughts oranges and grapefruit. But pull apart the trunk and the roots system is a completely different kind of citrus at all and to provide the lower trunk in the roach called the root stock. An eight fort hill Baptist well you'll see sprout coming up from the base of the tropical retreat. If we allowed to spread out Jim and it grows they get this on forty growth with big yellow. Power Rasheed bitter fruit and that's a trifle orange and over again is intended to be allowed to approach. And you just actually allowed that happened all you can do now is to follow pollution down to the base of the trunk. Ally and solve those off to remove them if you have let things go too long there may still be an effort to go to church street defense Sonoma pickup to take over integral to any potential release all our. Then the sports talk position taken over and you can't replace the tree. Well Lou. But it did say all of them and there really look at the pace of the gym. Just look at this sprouts that are coming out from the base of the trunk from very poster ground global dozer mission church you need to Saul. Already equipped bet our I. Milan Italy and actually equal Robert from home in here real quick hey Robert get your on the cart this year. At site at or so. In the streaky speaker. And he had. If she she answered tree has been diagnosed. With citrus canker disease. And they got no cure for citrus canker and so that the recommended procedure want to tree becomes infected is to remove it. Well what. But yeah. Archie couldn't eat can toggle off and on your favorite search engine and type in. Should trust anchor. Citrus canker and then at the images button. And that'll show you the symptoms of citrus canker. There are brown race spots with yellow halos on the full range of prominently displayed. And also brown spots Soviet yellow halo on the fruit is well. But again look at those photographs and that will help you and then you have any questions about whether such entries actually infected because content on the tree the big decision. Then send them photographed here local extension office collier county agent parent and all I can take a look at those and help confirm or. Doctor Bridget are writing Robert thanks for the call appreciate that our folks we'll be back with for the car shall take out court. Good morning we're talking gardening and the next caller. Is the day you calling from hey Dave good morning. Yeah. I got a couple of cold whether questions sort two lesions Argo kind of let down. Avocado trees ago damaged from the stance which frost. Although there champions can and I can actually. Put those in the expect to treat maybe Mr. Bush can survive. The tree and artist survived. So you're okay. Okay make it through the cold but this at the beginning of the winner today. I mean it's gonna be colder than this so you already gotten damage from the very small hole. A freeze that we had that sort of like Freda came to the area you can only imagine what it's gonna be a treat. Through the through December and then in January and February with temperatures possibly dipping down into the scene so continue to protect it. Com or at night time temperatures retreat and go below 32 degrees a culprit he can enhance speed protection by. Wrapping the tree generously without or incandescent Christmas lights and didn't covering at the lights will reduce some sheet. Are they'll keep that trivialized or even after the cold weather. I wouldn't he was doing and try and here again since the beginning of the wintry day. A year treat radiation but what is like now the time of the weather gets milder in March and got to do that to the cup point. Also leave it alone. But didn't continue to protect it. As best you can try that little hole is extremely challenging because you're wintry simply to get a cult in that area. And that's gonna make it make it hard but that partners challenged dangerous characters you can't look small amounts. Of course what circuit for sure it's gonna be much on intolerant to the wind. Okay interpret secret here and also a suggestion for a couple of things implants COPEL. And well and playing. All of their party like they're called his party's and then. I don't attempt is staying in the mid to upper forties I wouldn't be overly concerned that much but it would hurt statement urged them and just put them under a carport. I have for gonna happily go hard freeze if you down below the mid twenties by all means take the hanging baskets down. I just put them someplace out of out of the weather potentially could take temperatures around twenty degrees street in the change. I think baskets so the ball may trees hanging out there in the year. And that's what to go to visit to take those baskets down the it's gonna get remotely called they call while. Including bird strikes or. Payday appreciate all funny to joke calling from him in jail and that the skill and but what you got here real world where. Yeah I got the sector player and like now look right now. Spot well not optical liked bird on them out you know your anger. Joseph it's likely saw any animal which is to make sure I'd like to me some pictures email me thinking about email address to the Indian guilt click on the first link it. Excellent web page copied my email address from here. And then send me most pitchers see your email program and I'll take a look at them make sure we don't score on option electing to do huge thanks to call they'll she'll get shattered. On the Garden Show.Dan talks to callers about their plant and lawn, and how to protect them with cold weather looming.

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