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WWL First News with Tommy TuckerA multimedia feed for content related to The Tommy Tucker Showwwltrue11-26 6:15am Tommy, Ferguson grand jury and riotsTommy talks to Michael Calhoun, a reporter with KMOX Radio in St. Louis, and Andrew Leipold, a Prof. of Law at the University of Illinois, about protests in FergusonPubDate2014-11-26T09:51:00-05:00Wed, 26 Nov 2014Created2014-11-26T09:51:47-05:00Wed, 26 Nov 2014Updated2014-11-26T10:09:48-05:00Wed, 26 Nov 2014audio/mpegSTXonwhich.WhenwegetastraightJackBuckusedtocallSt.LouisCardinalsgames.AndwaitJosephbunkersonreggaeJackbutIthinkheskullsandLouiscardinalsgameandtheSaintLouis.MobileasbaseballandfootballcardinalsbeforeSt.LouisCardinalsmovedtoArizonathanhedidn'tbecauseunitedagainonplaneflyingovertherehavebeenalotoftrouble.I'lllightowncitystateanditssinglecountandthat'swhatamurderpolicecruiserthatwassparked.OutfromtheCityHallprotesterswereonIwaswalkingthesidewalkauditoriumthat'sIthoughtthatjustNationalGuardandboattothepolicestationattheburgerandpoliceheadquartersbecause.Imeanthat'sthesideofbasicallyoriginalprotestsforthelastremarkandonthemapgroupMicahchewpeople.andthenit'sseemstomeanthattheDAbroughtbeforeagrandjuryseveraltimesandeventuallydecidednottoprosecutedtothegrandjuryreturnedanotruebillandIjustwonderedandisthatsomethingdifferentasitrelatestoMissourilawthat.Theyonlypreferbroughtbeforethegrandjuryonceanddecidednottodoitagainorcantheyonlybringitonce.Noyoucanyoucanbringinmorethanoncebutnormallyyouwouldn't.Inacaselikemisery.Theprosecutormadethedecisiontobring.Basicallyeverythinghehadatleastaccordingtohisofficeeverythingthattheyhad.Letthegrandjurydecidewhetherthiswasandnow.Thisinthecasetotrialwhethertherewasaprovable.Casethattheprosecutorcouldwin.Thattrial.Nothingwouldpreventtheeveofthemiseryprosecutors.Orthefederalprosecutorfromtakingittooneanothergrandjury.Butgiventhatitsortofshowballcardsaccordingto.Thefirstit'sadoublelikelytheywoulddothesecondtime.CanyoulookatagrandjuryImusisamathematicalequationanimaloneofthevariableswouldbethatthejuryandcompositioneventhoughyougetthethinkpartoftheproblemisifyoutrytousethegrandjuryforpoliticalpurposesthat'swhenyougetintrouble.Iftheprosecutorthinksthatit'sgot.Approvalblockades.Ofcriminalbehavior.Itonbringittothegrandjuryrecommendedindictmentandblewthecaseforwardtruckifitdoesn't.Andtheprosecutorislearningasitgoesinthegrandjuryprocesswhatthewitnessessaywhatthephysicalevidenceshows.Ifyoudon'tletthemdon'tbringit.Leavethepoliticsandthepoliticsbecausethere'senoughofthewhistlepoliticsgoingoninthiswholethingalready.Idon'tI'mactuallywannacompound.Needtherewasclaimedbythedefenseattorneythatthetherewasaninformationdumpthatthegrandjurywasoverloadedbut.Itwouldseemtomeiftheprosecutordidn'tdiscloseeverythingheadthen.Theargumentcouldbemadelittleyoursholdingthingsinthegrandjurysodidhedoanything.Comthewrongwasthereanyinsidiouseffortinvolvedhere.WellIdon'tknowIdon'tknowanyoneoutsideoftheprosecutor'sofficeandyeah.Let'sgotocommonpracticesasitrelatesto.Justturnitovereverybitofevidenceyouhavetoagrandjury.Theactual.That'sunusual.Becausenormallyaprosecutor.Wouldjustpresentandnowevidence.Whatthey'vegot.Togettheprobablecausepoliceofficerbutinsteadtheydecidedtoleaveituptoagrandjurythat'sprocesscorrect.Yesthetwogohandinhandandtheseyousortofrunthesethatyoumayhavetoworrymeatthediscretionwhethertorunthroughgrandjury.Butatsomepointdoesapretrialprocessforscreeningthechargeintheprosecutorthoughtthegrandjurywasthewaytodothisone.ProfessorappIdoappreciateyourtimeagainalbeitaniceThanksgivingthankyouhopefullynews_local sports_football99588192http://media.wwl.com/hosting/media/wwl/1587793/99588192/first-news-6am-99588192.mp311-26 6:15am Tommy, Ferguson grand jury and riotsSt Louis Cardinals#United States#DA's office#Michael Brown's1587793 PZSID_0001587793367f51f2b0f7b5ac14378e671c9df0ad424#874#1835#2052/Audio#/EZNavType/Audiohttp://media.wwl.com/hosting/media/wwl/1587793/99588192/first-news-6am-99588192.mp311-26 6:15am Tommy, Ferguson grand jury and riotsTommy talks to Michael Calhoun, a reporter with KMOX Radio in St. Louis, and Andrew Leipold, a Prof. of Law at the University of Illinois, about protests in Ferguson2014-11-26T09:51:00Z2014-11-26T10:10:38Z99588192Even I know it's it's it's Thanksgiving even when you try to keep little bit lighter pretty jaguar paying people asking you quite simply wondered guard me. White or dark maniacs and as for you would you pay. Like a dark. Might meets dry and maybe for Reno chicken breasts I think the dark meat is more flee I. Well I would like. Start with here I guess is a cautionary tale because they think a lot of people with a cool weather and the days off for Thanksgiving and trying to get its mounds amount to a projects task. I don't want to prod why he'd I don't want to project I had a thing yesterday when it eat Turkey and only around being lazy I spent most of yesterday afternoon most of last night in the emergency room. And what is yeah and a what happened first off you know I don't like to talk about my health on here. Knows that. No you never do give them your app you're going to be rolling your eyes as well yet. From a neighbor asks me as a distance himself from neighbors may become help her. Get a tree on the ground treats. Okay it's tree stump premise though. We go there would dig in and out I tried Brian with a shovel and bridle bit too hard and an inch double broke an handled cane compliant ride at my hand. And thankfully I was able to duck. And then because we're having such a hard time I decided to get the ax and from Katrina and it does beatle heavy acts with with the splitting Pollard on and it's very happy if you've ever tried to do this you know. You're trying to swing enacts into all holes you're trying to get a good stance. Because once puts outs idol the other ones in the hole. And swing and the yanks dangerously close to my Floyd are out and thank that in hit it. And no heaven very very tough trouble a lot of trouble in this thing counselors and you know enemies chainsaw. Holland notes have not supposed to put the putter tip of the chain saw by a zone in and rounder or anything like Dan and sure enough the blade came flying off. And barely missed mine hand. So I'm lion in bed last night and I feel it tingling and that rotting and you don't know when you wanna be safe so I went to the emergency room and I spent. Most of of yesterday afternoon most of last night there and can finally get chat live. Some problems sir. The NB a cautionary tale for all of us yes. If you're doing work outside you might want. In my when he used the bomb missed his in this news and in this is fluent Lindsay is against Robby IAE NN you know what if could be a problem so I went. And I know what it is and maybe they didn't think I was a high priority case they babysit their for a long long time vet they did so they sent me home with a with a tube of lip Baum. And tell me how to apply it and thankfully am feeling better already. That their talk about your health and well no absolutely got them or do you let let it be. A cautionary tale all right. A cautionary tale we added dioxin Thanksgiving Day we're gonna. Tugboat Ferguson who were sending him to do that now I think that's really when you get right down to think you can them two things. If the police officer tells you to do something you have to do it because the year sheets cannot back down. And I think the other thing is I mean anything in this country be viewed. Outside of a racial prism and I don't think you can how many times have you heard people say oh this nice black man stopped to help. Or in this this nice black girl delivered the pizza or I don't know I'm not lax I'd hear about all the time black people feel the same way so I think unfortunately race is always the that prism through which we view every interaction. We'll talk about football. Tomorrow night you watch in the Texas a and M and Alex you're gonna want to 49ers placing emphasis now I'm gonna watch LSU reporting honestly Seahawks not themselves to be pretty boring game maybe a scrimmage. Or practice. Non owners are about over the side holiday shopping would saints here Beers. Valued a gift as it was in the pants suit at a great joke led you witness again remember that cautionary tale yeah I don't tree stumps no lip Baum beckoned slash WW. I tell me talking a couple of minutes we're gonna connect with Michael Calhoun. KM leg. Since saint Louis the legendary KM OX at six when he gets the station. Com on which. When we get a straight Jack Buck used to call St. Louis Cardinals games. And wait Joseph bunkers on reggae Jack but I think he skulls and Louis cardinals game and the Saint Louis. Mobile as baseball and football cardinals before St. Louis Cardinals moved to Arizona than he didn't because united again on plane flying over there have been a lot of trouble. I'll light meter dark meat that is a pretty jaguar opinion Poland were also talking about the events and Ferguson a protest here last night. In new loans and very peaceful police had to get involved when the protesters attempted to block off the interstate and Andy did peacefully turned of people back in. You know. I think if you look at the evidence it's hard to believe that the police officer didn't act appropriately but we'll take your calls on their rhino Michael Calhoun. A report with the legendary KMO next station good morning senator. More comic Michael tell me what it was like in Ferguson last night. And it works it was different it was less violent but it would still violent just in a different way eat their words or fewer buildings there were looted there were set on fire. And we only had one collectors are set on fire that they'll. EL I wonder body and this may be the least of it but how do they get how how would the police put the cruises in harm's way are they they just out there in terms of enforcing cronyism for blockade Saturn. Do you think about the number of officers. You order standing you know lines are protecting the police department orbital road. Officers or swat gear on the other helmet should corruption and everything. Police officers parked the car they've got to you know why the police cars. And you know they were just overwhelmed on Monday in terms. You know which are just being out there and number of people and it yesterday. Well a burger and should people start remember for the not a ball response to any. Even go to their own city state and its single count and that's what a murder police cruiser that was sparked. Out from the City Hall protesters were on I was walking the sidewalk auditorium that's I thought that just about march which into the last remark. And it's like white cable would the four groups saw that they reach City Hall several. Right about that began banging on the windows and throwing objects. Collapsed or strike rate in the City Hall were unsuccessful there were whispers when he standings Asperger's. At the Berkman. That the first and it's it's a Ferguson police car out from the first street all and it smashed the windows threw Molotov cocktail into it and even tried unsuccessfully to go. The car now in terms of protecting City Hall they had a line of either National Guard or police there at the state troopers in member was a protects City Hall. Didn't hall actually Khatami would unprotected. Our they have called the National Guard and boat to the police station at the burger and police headquarters because. I mean that's the side of basically original protests for the last remark and on the map group Micah chew people. Began at the police department they. Had a conflict a police state began their march. They came across City Hall which has been the objective note demonstrations are originals protestor on the third. That the bullet try to put the police car that are on fire Walters responded well equipped what you secured out to. Right about an ever but he returned to the police department. They pepper sprayed them to disperse that crowd that's what most people left but few people want to go breaks a window that. Is the plan here for the protests I guess to go away by attrition where the police hope to contain it right now and an owner really confront unless forced to an end figures day by day it's gonna get better and better. Well probably yesterday. Yet large defense group of people and so it would eat you for police to deport something like you're out stupid sports where on Monday night. Get a group may be five or your channel there or over here that were hopscotching from building building fires that. You know we feel crop for actual pole and so. Gate last. It would be easier to deal with being the number of police there were higher also had triple the number National Guard troops that have been called up by the governor and so. The police simply boot gain faster. Acted faster. And didn't really hesitate to use an arbiter. Ticket to the or the past like pepper spray. Here to and so that combined with the fact that we spoke to today and I'm sure Trojan or play a part in it as well. There are there hoping that that there's the more intense than what order they're hoping it's the last. And you have Thanksgiving weekend and so let me ask you this in terms of evidence. Does did the people protesting and Michael Brown's father. Perhaps an emotional moment and unguarded moment they went from asking for peaceful protest. Mike Michael Brown's father saying burn this blank down burns going down. On the ice is one of the evidence has anything to do with this and I know you couldn't pull everybody but you gut feel dizzy evidence of anything to do with this series it's strictly an emotional response to the fact that there was no true bill. But absolutely most an emotional response first off that's what the entire movement is the states so it is people's people's motion people's. You know what some people in the crotch their personal experience is and interactions with local government on its single count Ann in terms. Michael Brown that that it stepfather who I don't want to lead car so it would you turn on other television or look into outlook for you here Michael Brown cheer. Art that truth is monitored their got divorced and so the person who brought up the car. You know really in a prettier day was it's that there were marked premier. I got too much Michael Keller and appreciate your time really doing albeit a nice Thanksgiving if he can. Thank you could argue that Michael Calhoun reporter with came Alex radio so. While we come back LO when a phone lines at 260187. Until 3866889087. If you read the evidence. From the think the crowd has any right to protest at all and and it its about there. Of past problems with police I think they have the lawfully go through the channels with that and and not destroy somebody else's property and and I think this boils down to manages my opinion I'd like to know what you think. To two things primarily the first thing is when a police officer tells you what to do on the street. You have to comply because to me that's like. And I don't mean this in any negative way I just meanness and behavioral issue. If you tell a child what to do you'd better not back down because then they're not gonna respect you inning and I think the next time they don't have to listen. Even when it comes to training a dog and in no way am I implying that any human being is like a dog. I'm just saying when it comes to discipline even in a workplace would be a better example with an employee in a an employee error or a manager and employee. You better make sure of what it is that you do and in the first place because once you give that order as a manager. You can't back down and as an employee once you're given that order or mama some money stopped by the police you can't. Not all day. So is a bit is it a point of not obeying a police officer giving. The wrong instructions from the evidence I've read he did everything he could see gimmick now we come back right now 211 WL traffic for that would go to Terrell Robinson. I David Blake and now you got to recuse yourself at this point but I heard during a news this. This sound bite from mother Michael brown and played again right here. I know my son of sorts of layouts. He would never do anything like that he would never provoke anyone to do anything to him anywhere in doing things anybody but I don't believe would happen. That's not what the evidence shows it all now you'd you know they they made statements about witnesses contradicting their own video tape. Testimony some witnesses that talked about the incident with Michael Brown that they saw it come plan on it and see it at all. So that they read a couple of questions here one when a police officer tell you to do something do you have to do it and is there any way the officer can or will rescind the order and I don't think he can't he or she can or will. And the other thing is is everything in this country viewed through a prism of race and I decided. But. I had a guy help me with with a flat tire and I jacked. And he was African American and pulled up in a pimp out harness on alert here we go. I was is nice can be in and pulled a gang camp in honest here. Pulled to Jack out of the guard to help me and it and a I noticed myself telling the story. And NC NN is blackout is nice enough to help me what to help him and make these black. And then there was another case way got a lot of help from an African American guy and and again you know I'd find myself Iranians black guy and it's not deploy. Well pull over probably won't let that first up Anita new cars secondly what the hell does it mean. What does race have to do with anything but I don't know if it's a south not and Alfredsson north and then when you come to police officers. Do white police officers is that they have first thing and it's a black guy a black woman in the car and do black police officers look at it is OK we get a white guy in a car a white guy. White woman and in car black man car black woman and a car I'd like to know 26018720. Well that orbit until freedom to see 60187. Is go to Joan in Metairie a junior and have a W good morning. Thank you so much find out. On the on. Got to get the Thanksgiving John I think is what it is but I'm fine how are you. Alex they can't know what the job and you know in their children and wrong that you. Country and her out a lot on not. What. There aren't more protests that. He's. When you start and built in burning vehicles and you know damages to people in and not do. Totally out of control and I'd I'd. Unbelievable people that. Well you know. That great at. We break and I tell me again to count. Mean. You know I would love to hear which hit as they begin a beds Zelnick in the word of Hudson's a gimme a call back if you can please. Sell new policies ironed evident Leo thanks for calling. I don't. Being on one days you know everybody's out there protest in ministry and everything and it really opened across. And that they were really sincere about it they would try to go to join the police department argue with the police department. And try to see what they can do when their own communities to make combat. Why do you know this they said that Ferguson area's predominantly. Black the police force and Ferguson is predominantly white. Now how many people that are black have applied you know for so if you don't know statistically how many of applied to the police force. And were rejected. So I think you might make a point there in terms of well if if you don't like it being predominantly white doubled the you know qualified try to be a police officer and any other thing is hum. I don't only and does it go to a race where the the police department hands to. Racially represented the group people. Better in the community and is that it is it about community relations is about communication if if there had been a stronger. Police. Outreach program or just the opposite from the community a both and may be none of this would happen. Shooting would have happened from. From the evidence I've read and I also think. That is the mother's delusional because they ever sign on videotape strong arm undeclared taken sick gorillas which led. The the clerk of the store owner to call police would started all of this and set only in the motion. That's right that's right. But I mean you know what I'm getting that it if you and if you're not qualified on the police department. You still can be qualified to have a little groups venues cities and and you towns to help make talks that are now. Did you know policed streets when Agassi crime. Well Justin hand me enhance the communication process with the police so. The white police force doesn't think the black people are the enemy and and an African American people don't think the police force is the enemy. You know self thank you for the Colleen example I always gears. Is and I went through this personally if you have a neighbor you don't know and have a dog that is barking. I would say to myself what in the heck is wrong with that neighbor why can't they keep the dog under control my call police. But then after you get to know the neighbor and even know the dog's name and suddenly you look at it as. I wonder what one it would give me dog's name fight those barking at an out there and things are mostly what you think most combat and the view. Dummy target eleven WL talking about for hours in the game and I had a couple of questions watching the coverage. On nieces Monday night as the Clinton back and forth between the saints game and add in and out again that was George. I simply forgot the name. Again in the shooting in Florida Zimmerman right. His attorney was saying that. You know even use a word not guilty when it came to. The officer and gets in question but the old injury process and take you calls many as we can this morning Andrew libel desserts that are. We poll Leopold joins us right now professor of law at the University of Illinois we appreciate your time. Reporter thank you so one thing that confused Reno and a gentleman involved in a stand your ground shooting if you wanna call it daddy he thought somebody was trying to break in his home series shot Eamon. He was arrested and then it's seems to mean that the DA brought before a grand jury several times and eventually decided not to prosecuted to the grand jury returned a no true bill and I just wondered and is that something different as it relates to Missouri law that. They only prefer brought before the grand jury once and decided not to do it again or can they only bring it once. No you can you can bring in more than once but normally you wouldn't. In a case like misery. The prosecutor made the decision to bring. Basically everything he had at least according to his office everything that they had. Let the grand jury decide whether this was and now. This in the case to trial whether there was a provable. Case that the prosecutor could win. That trial. Nothing would prevent the eve of the misery prosecutors. Or the federal prosecutor from taking it to one another grand jury. But given that it sort of show ball cards according to. The first it's a double likely they would do the second time. Can you look at a grand jury Imus is a mathematical equation animal one of the variables would be that the jury and composition even though you get the same composition different group of people because you're on fielding his groups of people are predictable individuals or not. First over there have been a sound legal decision and secondly politically if you were the the prosecutor do you think that that would have somehow ban. The politically wise thing to do if it was legally. As likely. Appropriate because then it would seem like OK we tried again and is the community here's. Twice no troop build and then they might rethink this or am I just whistler and and in the dark here. Well I think part of the problem is if you try to use the grand jury for political purposes that's when you get in trouble. If the prosecutor thinks that it's got. Approval blockades. Of criminal behavior. It on bring it to the grand jury recommended indictment and blew the case forward truck if it doesn't. And the prosecutor is learning as it goes in the grand jury process what the witnesses say what the physical evidence shows. If you don't let them don't bring it. Leave the politics and the politics because there's enough of the whistle politics going on in this whole thing already. I don't I'm actually wanna compound. Need there was claimed by the defense attorney that the there was an information dump that the grand jury was overloaded but. It would seem to me if the prosecutor didn't disclose everything head then. The argument could be made little yours holding things in the grand jury so did he do anything. Com the wrong was there any insidious effort involved here. Well I don't know I don't know anyone outside of the prosecutor's office and yeah. Let's go to common practices as it relates to. Just turn it over every bit of evidence you have to a grand jury. The actual. That's unusual. Because normally a prosecutor. Would just present and now evidence. What they've got. To get the probable cause finding that would send the case forward to trial. But there's nothing. Comment about this case from the very beginning. But as usual with people get out of there comfort zone when they start doing things differently. But they're subject to criticism for doing I'm not sure of the problem was the amount of information that was presented. Reasonable people can criticize the prosecutor's office for not. Giving enough guidance to agree and sure how to manage the amount of information. But I agree with you if you don't present all the information. About how the grand injury comes out he criticized the withholding insult. And finally before relate to go we appreciate you taken in time if I heard a member of Michael Brown's family perhaps the defense attorney opined that. It's the prosecutor's job to represented the victim not. The police officer or not the the Berber trader every once say the person charged with a crime. And is that the case or is it the prosecutors. Job ethically morally legally. To present. Every cited the case of that truth can be found. Well sort of neither. The prosecutor doesn't represent effectively. Which is. What has led to so much. Agitation for victims rights legislation victim right because business fair criticism that victims aren't properly. Considered in the process prosecutors bring the case on behalf of all the people of the state of Missouri the United States. Including the victim of course. But they do they grow injury. Traditionally is not the place where you make determinations of guilt or innocence it's whether or not there's enough information. This sudden this case for trial and whether the prosecution to execute and win the case to trial. And just to be clear the police or the DA's office could have decided to arrest. And charge the police officer but instead they decided to leave it up to a grand jury that's process correct. Yes the two go hand in hand and these you sort of run these that you may have to worry me at the discretion whether to run through grand jury. But at some point does a pretrial process for screening the charge in the prosecutor thought the grand jury was the way to do this one. Professor app I do appreciate your time again albeit a nice Thanksgiving thank you hopefully we'll talk to again professor Andrew Liu pulled a and instructor professor look the University of Illinois Rundle a bit late 655 timely traffic then would the terror Robinson.Tommy talks to Michael Calhoun, a reporter with KMOX Radio in St. Louis, and Andrew Leipold, a Prof. of Law at the University of Illinois, about protests in Ferguson
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