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  1. The Think Tank with Garland Robinette

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    8-28 The Think Tank 1210pm, live from the City of New Orleans’ media center at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, Don Dubuc


    A close up look at the restaurant industry—a driving force for our recovery... and now it’s thriving force with 600-plus more restaurants than before the storm. Our guests: Tommy Cvitanovich (owner of Drago’s); Ti-Martin (co-proprietor of Commander’s Palace); Chef John Folse (w/Restaurant R’evolution in the Royal Sonesta) and John Besh (James Beard award winning chef & owner of restaurants August, Besh Steak House, La Provence, Luke, Johnny Sanchez & Domenica).

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  2. Scoot

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    8-28 The Scoot Show 210pm, Silent Majority


    The latest from the presidential campaign – Who is the Silent Majority that Trump is talking about? We’ll talk about it on your headquarters for presidential campaign talk. PLUS: As the city and the country recognize the 10th anniversary of Katrina – President Obama said that New Orleans showed America a reflection of the American spirit. In what ways do you think New Orleans and our culture reflect the spirit of America? ALSO: A 3rd grade student brought a gun to school and accidently shot a classmate…the parents of the boy were not charged and the boy says he was looking for a toy when he found the gun. Should the parents be held accountable? Some county officials in some Southern states have resigned rather than follow the law after the recent Supreme Court ruling declaring gay marriage legal in America –But a court clerk in Kentucky says he is willing to die before issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples! County Clerk Casey Davis is refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and says he will not even if it cost him his life.“It’s a war on Christianity” - “There is a travesty taking place with that Supreme Court ruling that was completely unconstitutional, completely unconstitutional.” Hasn’t the Supreme Court upheld the 2nd Amendment? What if someone decided they would not allow someone to buy a gun because they didn’t want that person to own a gun?

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  3. SportsTalk with Bobby and Deke

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    8-27 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints defense


    Bobby & Deke field calls on the Saints defense.

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  4. Double Coverage w Kristian and T-Bob

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    8/27/15 11:10pm Double Coverage with T-Bob & Kristian


    ESPN College football analyst Kirk Herbstreit picked LSU to win the SEC championship. Is he off his rocker or on the money?

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  1. Saints

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    Deke and Bobby Point After show


    Bobby and Deke talk about the game in the Point After show

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  2. LSU Sports Zone

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    07-19 11:10am It's Just Sports with Kristian Garic


    WWL's Kristian Garic discusses the SEC Media Days and LSU football, Saints training camp and the British Open with WWL callers.

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  3. The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

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    8-15 6:10pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris


    Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, restaurants, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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  4. The Great Outdoors with Don Dubuc

    Latest Audio Clip

    08-08-2015 7-9am Don Dubuc


    Don shares his knowledge and those of his guests on the great outdoors, hunting and fishing

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  5. The Plant Doctor - Dan Gill

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    8-22 The Garden Show 8am, Dan Gill


    Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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  6. Home Improvement Show

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    8-22 The Home Improvement Show 11am,.Paul LaGrange


    Join Paul Lagrange as he helps out with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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    Saints defense has another strong day Tuesday

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