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  1. WWL First News Early Edition with Dave Cohen

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    7-26 5am WWL First News Early Edition w/Monica Pierre


    Monica in for Dave. Monica talks about the first day of the Democratic National Convention, Saints training camp, and What is Wrong with People.

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  2. The Think Tank with Garland Robinette

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    Think Tank 1210pm Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders


    Can Hillary survive the onslaught of Sanders supporters now that they know the DNC worked to sabotage his campaign? This hours guest: Dr. Ed Chervenak - UNO Political Science Professor Dr. Ryan Teten - Associate Professor and Department Head /Political Science Department-University of Louisiana/Lafayette. He specializes in campaignes, elections, the presidency and congress

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  3. Scoot

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    Scoot Show 210pm First Lady Michelle Obama's Speech


    Last night on the first night of the Democratic convention – did you get a sense of a united America? Not everyone watches the conventions – but you all hear about and read about what was said. The Democrats are still somewhat divided within their ranks – but do you get a sense there was a message of uniting America? AND: Even if you don’t like President Obama – Michelle Obama gave a stirring speech last night to the convention and the nation. One part of the speech stood out. The First Lady talked about waking up every morning in a house that was built by slaves and she thinks about how her daughters – young black females – play in the White House yard. She said this in a way that made it seem as if she was recognizing that the past is over and we should look at and focus on the opportunities available today. How are you reacting to that part of the Michelle Obama’s speech?

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  4. SportsTalk with Bobby and Deke

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    7-25 7:20pm Kristian: on fantasy football


    Kristian gets a full preseason fantasy football report from Scott Atkins of Scout.com.

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  5. Double Coverage w Kristian and T-Bob

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    7/25/16 11:10pm Double Coverage with T-Bob & Kristian


    Donald Trump is courting Bernie voters. Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine are courting Bernie supporters. If you’re a Bernie supporter, who would you vote for...and why?

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  1. Saints

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    05-15 11:10 am It's Just Sports with Kristian Garic


    WWL's Kristian Garic talks about the New Orleans Saints rookie minicamp taking place this weekend.

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  2. LSU Sports Zone

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    06-11 6:10pm Road to Omaha with T-Bob Hebert


    WWL’s T-Bob Hebert talks LSU baseball as the Tigers take on Coastal Carolina in the NCAA baseball super regionals. T-Bob talks LSU baseball with Derek Ponamsky, co-host of Culotta and the Prince on ESPN 104.5 in Baton Rouge as well as WWL callers.

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  3. The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

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    07-16 3:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris


    WWL’s Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks food, cooking, recipes, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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  4. The Great Outdoors with Don Dubuc

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    20160723 8-9am The Outdoor Show


    Don presents Talkin' Guns.

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  5. The Plant Doctor - Dan Gill

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    The Garden Show 8am, Dan Gill


    Join Dan Gill, associate professor & consumer horticulturist at the LSU Ag Center, for the “WWL Garden Show as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise

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  6. Home Improvement Show

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    The Home Improvement Show 11am, Paul LaGrange


    Join our host is Paul LaGrange, a construction consultant who specializes in energy efficiency as he helps out with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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  7. Desperate Reality series

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    2016-07-23 Desperate Reality 11P


    The New Orleans Mission Presents: Desperate Reality Are you ready to face the truth? Edit

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