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    10-24 9:10am Tommy, T-Bob Hebert


    Tommy talks with T-Bob Hebert, co-host of Double Coverage on 3WL, about playing for LSU and the Tigers game against the Ole Miss Rebels

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  2. The Think Tank with Garland RobinetteA multimedia feed for content related to The Think Tank with Garland Robinettewwltrue10-24 12pm Don Dubuc, Football PreviewDon talks to Mike Detillier, Seth Dunlap, and Mike Scarborough about this weekend in NFL, College and Prep football.PubDate2014-10-24T14:01:00-04:00Fri, 24 Oct 2014Created2014-10-24T14:01:24-04:00Fri, 24 Oct 2014Updated2014-10-24T14:04:21-04:00Fri, 24 Oct 2014audio/mpeg98447537http://audio.wwl.com/hosting/media/wwl/981778/98447537/don-12pm-98447537.mp310-24 12pm Don Dubuc, Football Preview981778 PZSID_0000981778e8ba65ce252722269879c3e6a52a4e94424#874#1836#2052/Audio#/EZNavType/Audiohttp://audio.wwl.com/hosting/media/wwl/981778/98447537/don-12pm-98447537.mp310-24 12pm Don Dubuc, Football PreviewDon talks to Mike Detillier, Seth Dunlap, and Mike Scarborough about this weekend in NFL, College and Prep football.2014-10-24T14:01:00Z2014-10-24T14:04:21Z98447537And good afternoon his dog down to duke with you on the Friday edition of the think tank in yet a number of football Friday boy what a huge weekend mrs. fu football will be gone on with high school games tonight and talked to said the Dunlap. Tomorrow. Some very important high school games tomorrow also as well as that renewed rivalry between the LSU tigers in the Ole miss rebels will talk about that with. Tiger bait dot com's Mike Scarborough low bit later on the album right now would bring in our other Mike Mike is Mike and Mike own version of Mike Hilliard joins us to host of the second guess Joseph and also RW WONFL. And college football analyst Micah. Thanks for joining us on a gorgeous Friday afternoon and edited. Well I can think of several I'd rather be on today that are about view. Let's talk about it this saints Packers give a little preview on that but actually it's all these two games is so close Robin you talk little bit about both of them. First of all it's difference does it make on the team to have three days between games six days between. Man promo. Physical point. And it's like getting that. Ailment. Something that would be taken at 2000. You know it only he would go on June built in no way. You know. On Saturday. That it. Yeah you know in some cases day or two can mean a lot and in a recovery on minor injuries in the and it could be some people play in her I don't is the league looks at them when they do the schedule but I reverend teams. At the saints haven't been in that position and has such a short. Timeframe between gays are not only the physical it's also the mental preparation if you like to take them one at a time you put one down and on the next one is on. Preparation yeah it's a much of that. Is. All went parades where. You kind of looking back. At school. And just put them. Into court. Which to do it coaches were and sometimes it goes on at all. Physical at our. Site at which would have played only signed up to the plate at third in not. And Sunday night. And a bird or night so. And not just a couple hours. Of pocket remember that happening back at that short for. And probable. Ought to know. And I'll get green. Go to Carol. Last year our member later reached in the by. That game more about that little game. Mike did Packers come and get to the dome the way back kind of see this and I guess everybody's empowers breeze against Rogers at two quarterback top quark. Is that really going to be the key to this game more and maybe a got a local deeply you know one of the real strands OC would Packers is that run defense in the strong point of the sites this year. Has been the run game is that what it's gonna come down to. Now he brought his lip oh and make it like I mean. He cornerback did it well. And forced game at one. By Torre. Well model and now. You know relax relax were going to be okay. Well. Now that quarterback spot. He got the consulate. Oh you'll. You know it would seem it. Make a one dimensional. All that week. Stop definitely. And running. You don't want it should sit. Well. It at all. And India. Being able to change. And we've. Struggled. Oh is that in. Cleveland. Situation would collapse. Wear though. Not in schools now. And so no it ain't orbit the award and true. That. Was a bit more but he's only. So there. We. Are now. We talk with Mike detail yea RN FL analysts my active. Evidently Graham is the odds makers of putting a lot of faith in the saints' home record I mean that last time but Jack there with a favorite. But you look at the two teams in directives and live play and you would think it might go the other way. As this well this whole field and I mean that much to this thing. Well. It goes as they are short. All of a regular and day. It was a bill so that but now at twenty and wall stretched on oh why sir. Oh and no. At night. Now what some. Notes out or that guy. Gore on that stadium went out. You know we generated. So. This court last week. At the outset. When it throughout the day not the outset. That small. Why buy. Article it. Go. Off. Its audience that. All. That well. Seattle was the last week but. Exceed our and no coastal. Most in Atlanta Ella it now. And our. Arab. A little bit on that. Well as Condo world. Has got that usually. Parker it's out of war. We don't know you'll score. Well. I'm Mike we're gonna take a break we're gonna come right back in the maybe even take a look ahead because it they almost on top of on the honestly what this is gonna shape up with against the Carolina Panthers. Would talk with Mike detail yet they wanna comment join the conversation on our football Friday its 260187866. 889087. In remember a text message board is open for you at 87870. Please text responsibly will be right back on the Friday edition of the think tank on a VW. And it's a football Friday here on the Friday edition of the think tank on W ago that means Mike detail yeah a's with a some Mike and you struck a nerve with some of the listeners here on your prediction. They they called up and wearing bags over their heads would you listen to what they get him please let Mike know are hoping Ryan also I have beach front property for sale. East of California. Another would says breeze used to be a lead might in another one said that two and a half as the spread. I tell you what my god give you two and a half and the saints for a hundred men are on the case might. April 1. Schobel. Well. Well. So bad that. And on. And when you make sure. From. Because. That reminds you wrong you love your body. But it onto that prediction. A lot of. You know that. Desperate what. I. Call 80. And get back or are there at that age. And that would be three years ago that it is keen eye on but Ellis. Who were in ads and not overall earthquake. And of course. By were red and gold is going bankrupt at that point where. And that is certain certain. Chronicle of why that is at that point. Gain by not covered this. What about the comment about breeze used to believe is robberies and his careers it. Not the problem with this football game. I know people that right. I got here. Because they got. That call and text. About like this group were there doubled its incredible on the coached there at quarterback. When you. The coach McCourt we too much credit and to put all. That yeah. But we're not. To. As well enough not here right now. Out. Clockwork or is there an art. And I certainly believe that hopefully it's got a lot of play grew and no. People you meet the why there ought to apply protect. Not guard well. And so that's an issue that area and principal. But it was quite well. Greens. On the L one match for twelve or. Or down. Vote on the deal. Mike looking and a little bit and I hate to do that but. We won't even talked in his game will be Obama might talk today after it but Carolina. What what can you tell us about the Carolina Sunnis match. Well on the shortly that he could eat birds so. And work in our. Lives in real good there and you've been up and running. Back up their cart so that it. Click on quad running back for the but point out that. The report. Or are. They get up and order road Edmonton Carolina. There Al. Not so called the board and happened yet. But. Oh what. Surprised. The white. He'd been at all. Make it come. To the one who gave them. Credit for that claim portrait. Actual court that you are actually all it could end up in. The where the at all it would be here win. That way and what division. Well Carol at eight day. But in June went and Asian. We've talked about their national soccer because I wouldn't be in and out. And oh in Detroit. In Seattle. Well and now. And that popular and it's like 2010. Got a big job on that probably yeah oh boy seven and nine. Got to tell you Mike from an image standpoint the saints are going to be in the spotlight the only game going on the only game in town national audiences went two straight games in a row. Big opportunity here to dig gathers some some some new fans and some new face them. If the phone. Thing about it is. Meant. Momentum as well as. About her. Momentum pitching the next you lost the vote. You. Are but it and it should. And get out and play some passion for it. Again like Katrina or play a lot car. I'll. Get what we have. Confidence. Going. And not playing. That. Well and well. Not well. Oh. With it. Any. In Portland. He had been. Mike before you go you gave us a prediction on the score first saints in Green Bay what about LSU Ole miss IDC that game in the. All over it the better team I don't target stadium by all the better team. In college football. Not try to compare that wanted to eleven LSU Alabama you ought bill. Go out there in game has given up 74 point. And relish a struggle. The quarterback position. And extra element that related debt and for Iraq football is like that game 27. People. Oh while I gotta tell you one thing it is done the way things that goal and is it is certainly you rekindled that big rivalry if you remember we were kids I mean that was a big game that. Cheerleaders used to go on the other side Hahnemann innate comeback with a retaliation and it was just a big big game kind of got to be on Mel issue was dominating year after year. Not so anymore it's back no as a I had just. You go I want a creek and in the last. And it's thirty. The outback and of course the actual. Goal. A lot out. Are. Hot but. 01. Out there that owe you know that they've yet and I bet that it I figured. In. But it is not a. There will. Mike thanks so you visit is always we appreciate it will listen for you on the second guessed. All right Mike did to Yale RN FL analyst all right coming back after the news. We changed gears we got talked to use a Dunlap one big weekend prep football that's some undefeated going against each other. In also Mike Scarborough Jonas who will talk more about that LSU Ole miss rivalry right here on football Friday on WW. And welcome back into our football Friday here and the think tank with thinking about a high school collegiate and also saints football in a boy going to be a big night tonight in high school football. Got some big big games and we have set Dunlap joining us now is always to talk more about it they set thanks for being with us. Man not a great weather hello what some bosses football weather I guarantee. Absolutely per quote believe our week it's only three weeks left the actual football student isn't. Well some ball. Said this the best entertainment part dollar values unify and high school football in Louisiana. And we got some really good match ups this week what are you guys going to be featuring tonight. Yeah our featured game is a big rivalry on the or short and that's it for many years ago and slide they'll. And met bill and struggling early seed and actually come on very well in the top team. In the PowerPoint it will not publish and night or early that night on should do every week. Slider. A playoff spot last week that would they were of course you see. In that option though the couple here. In the last weeks he's probably the playoffs. And that is that like L so perhaps all. The. That's several seven an old teams putting directors on the line I'm sure you have reporters at each of those games. We do want to remark cried the economically shop this week the game for them other player in the shop that cap in ever now but. In the next couple weeks quickly gently and beat two real tough games forum so they like the this and that the two weeks of the season. And listen so well or a double play out. That are Riverside team also for the smallest schools seven an old gonna get to number one on number four Newman team it's only lost one game. Yes well. We Riverside human game actually. Beat up on human and are featured in the week this week at Riverside team which you're right they are there. They're going to sell equipment on the game on the road and one of the trapped all that those big rival victories that. That sometimes an apple. And duck Buckman is really no pushover. Ever favorites here that they or out after that there aren't other other projected to. I really. Play out what you want in what we expect to pretty up and opened the vision comes out I'm. Now the big game this is going to be Rommel taking on jesuit Rommel trying to get the third consecutive state title it's a big game for us ray it is it's going to be a celebration of the fifteen years of rumble football. All of us former raider football players 12100 strong if you not. Incarcerated. Or you're not incapacitate. You invited to come walk red carpet at the game. Tomorrow afternoon. You know on him and actually tomorrow night when they compete against Seles she little misunderstand it thinking about. I'll rescheduling Ellis you'll miss them in and Ronald has a game any it's on that. Sure a lot of people that you feel like you like. Your that is that the they would be honest here ideology even on that. Oh you missed it because. They're going to be in the probably. Determined York separately champion and perhaps. Perhaps the number one overall seed in those are. Well has been sidetracked right now it would just playing so well. That we actually on my Rangers played above and beyond what many people expected and to be quite so well Robert ought will be pretty good about negativity that it would be. What they have been so not only that they're historic. The rivalries position you talk about. That's just from a standpoint the map yeah. Well and don't rule out brother Martan about Catholic league this seven note twos so it doesn't miss a whole lot to be determined before the end this season. Processed before you go any comments on the Kenny Anderson removed from LH USA and a lot of people are talking about that did this as something to do at that select non selective. It is there's there's a lot to talk about here quick synopsis. I do think that it was time for for Kenny Anderson to move as well as the political position and political position of power like that the only. Cripple your eighties. And build them but because. They'd. And trust anymore for a variety reasons now that you're specifically. Talking about the not elect. It came from Matt and I talked about this a lot Omnia previously. That's unfortunately taking the point that he should now the select not being worked member schools. That brought. This issue to the forefront and voted on it and voted on the redistricting require application during a buddy Kenny Anderson. Or an executive board decision and the bylaws much that you know these Portugal. The members or. So. Just to be ranked in yeah I agree I completely agree that it was time for Anderson and move on because you just lost they. The eighties at a prep schools across the state. But he should not be taking point that's like not slick because it's. He's doing it was the member schools agreement people voted for it choate to place the blame on. And for that. This Israel there. So I am back mitnick it is and it really did a lot of good things during his tenure the archer BA unfortunately it's going to be the conflict. Issue that. Really write its history. All right you guys cover every aspect of high school sports on dogma says Dunlop Allen won del. Brad lemonade Tony. 97. It's at Dunlap and then we come back will be joined by. The tiger big dot com editor and publisher Mike Scarborough gonna talk about more about that LSU Ole miss rivalry game coming up tomorrow would be right back with that. As we wrap up the Friday edition of the think tank on this football Friday on WW. I had him before we wrap up this football Friday edition of the think tank with Mike Scarborough editor publisher of tiger bait dot com on Catholics in text in no one and in a lot of guys they had dishonorably discharged event explain it. Another one says that assume he did not mean a veteran with a dishonorable discharge talking about the special hunting season for honorably. Discharged. Veterans. An island in the check I'll make sure yell listening and paying attention and you past success congratulations to. The heavily if at that cleared up let's bring in Mike Scarborough the editor and publisher of tiger bait does Mike thanks for joining us and why did you agree with me that. We've gotten kind of a rejuvenation of the LSU Ole miss rivalry with LA it was all mrs. seven an old record in. Giving things back to what it used to be aware of the team were pretty equally matched or maybe. In favor of Ole miss in this one. Yeah and I think you know maybe some people think it's more equally matched because of how you look against Kentucky and winning at Florida. I guess that the worry is that there have been good and bills to SEC east wins. First is what the differences between the western division in the SEC east. And you know kind of shocked about line early in the week when it came out that the re currently live with three and a half. You know it did to me that's. Vegas. Is what you received 43. And they'll you know Kentucky and think that they arrived. And supposedly illegal it only minus three tigers stay and so. It you know at an agent is gonna have to deal with the ball with success and the camera and and to me that's a tall order against this defense. And so but I do think it's going to be electric out and that they get the running game and despite. That good grade the defense of goodness. And it will keep ma with some passes. You know I think you'd be close but it. I would think that and it needs some turnovers from baldness in Portland. Yeah I agree with you I think the tiger running game which has been this rant is gonna have to be enough to overcome that inconsistent passing but also I think. That in a lineup produced from some of the national media hellish using young team. They're progressing the learning (%expletive) and improve as the season goals on. And Ole miss with a seven and dole and might be in for some upsets in on a daily go undefeated maybe this will be one of the games they lose. I do think Ole miss certainly deserves to be the David but I wouldn't be surprised Villa she squeaks and now. About it is it's. You know some people think that might actually be a couple went well she's an Alabama. I think they're both going to be tough and you know I think if if you want Al Rasheed to have finished with a 88. I I think would be. People betting it's easy in you're gonna need to split the the next four games so. You know in should most of you've been handled well formed a split the next to old miss or Alabama. And then you know maybe win on built for the last two which. Both programs but that you you you wonder. Our consult following and it's not that they're they're bad luck and you and you just hope it's not against Cuba it is going to be a tough game tomorrow night they're gonna need it need. Like it at some turnovers from on this. But I in the think that'll in this fight and win multiple scores. Mike do you agree with what the national media is saying that LSU is a young team. But you know their inexperienced but they've got talent made in improving weekly and they are going to be a team to be reckoned with by the end of the season they correct or is it. Troll but too little too late for them that developed into a real contender this year. I think there was some truth to it like the mop the committee is looking at them. And now I'm not taking anything away from that huge win over Kentucky last weekend. But you know. Certainly that you've got some young players that are stepping up in defense of accused played practically inside Rask went in on. Played very well the last few games. I think back in the middle linebacker has been a big help. Wouldn't you say about Jamal Adams at safety and in the he's going to be incredible for the next. Two and after years. You know the running game is is is very good but the passing game is still hopeful and I just don't think BG getaway runs on on. Against baldness. You're gonna need to score some points. And that he you cannot you can't come out and be conservative. And then not be conservative when you're on a touchdown or two. That it might die if or if I were a betting man I'd stay away from his game. Best that you can imagine what do you think the school was going to be on this. I I think in this way and something in the realm of 2717. It in that ballpark. Got it thanks to you visit is always Mike we appreciated and one invited by to keep up with LSU sports at tie debate that our product again to. Harry goes it's Mike Scarborough of tiger bait that count my will be right back after this to wrap up our football Friday edition of the think tank and a visa bureau. And that's got to wrap it up for me I'll see you tomorrow morning 5 AM for the outdoor show state to.Don talks to Mike Detillier, Seth Dunlap, and Mike Scarborough about this weekend in NFL, College and Prep football.
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