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  1. WWL First News with Tommy Tucker

    Latest Audio Clip

    9-17 9:10am Tommy, fat-shaming


    Tommy talks to Monica Ann Marsee, an Associate Professor of psychology at UNO, and Caroline Miller, a certified career coach, positive psychology expert, and author of Creating Your Best Life, about fat-shaming and the best way to motivate people

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  2. The Think Tank with Garland Robinette

    Latest Audio Clip

    9-17-14 12pm Garland Scotland


    If Scotland leaves England could that affect America's economy? Dr. Walter 'Dub' Lane, UNO Professor of Economics and Pam Faulk, CBS News Foreign Affairs Analyst.

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  3. Angela Hill

    Latest Audio Clip

    9-17-14 3:10pm Angela: on the quest for sainthood for Father Francis Seelos


    Angela talks with Father Byron Miller about the quest for sainthood for Father Francis Xavier Seelos

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  4. Scoot

    Latest Audio Clip

    9-17 Scoot Show 11pm, Tony Stewart


    The case of a race car driver, who was hit and killed by NASCAR star Tony Stewart, is going before a grand jury. Do you think that’s fair? And has your opinion on what happened changed…did Tony Stewart deliberately hit the other driver or was it just a tragic accident?

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  5. SportsTalk with Bobby and Deke

    Latest Audio Clip

    9-17-14 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: with Drew Brees and talking Saints and LSU football


    Bobby & Deke talk with WWL LSU insider Jeff Palermo about the Tigers' upcoming game against Mississippi State and Bobby goes "QB to QB" with Drew Brees.

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  1. Saints

    Latest Audio Clip

    9-15 Hokie Gajan blames player mistakes for Browns loss


    Hokie Gajan talks to Kristian Garic about the root causes of the Saints loss to the Cleveland Browns.

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  2. LSU Sports Zone

    Latest Audio Clip

    9-13 Tiger Tailgating 3pm, Live from LSU


    Join us for wall-to-wall LSU football! Coverage starts at 1 o’clock with our “Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Tiger Tailgatin’ Show”--Bobby Hebert, Deke Bellavia and T-Bob Hebert live from LSU’s campus in front the ticket office on North Stadium Drive.

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  3. The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

    Latest Audio Clip

    9-13 The Food Show 12pm, Tom Fitzmorris


    Join Tom Fitzmorris as he shares his restaurant,food & spirits expertise!

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  4. The Great Outdoors with Don Dubuc

    Latest Audio Clip

    9-13 8am More Outdoors with Don Dubuc


    Today, Don speaks to Wensel Conroy about St.Tammany's President Cup fishing event, Leonard Maraist of New Orleans Power Sports and Capt. Ron Guidry on the lack of birds this duck season.

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  5. The Plant Doctor - Dan Gill

    Latest Audio Clip

    9-6 Home Improvement Show 11am, Paul Legrange


    Bob Mitchell & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Audio & Video Topics

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  1. Kristian and T-Bob preview LSU-MS State

    Kristian and T-Bob preview LSU-MS State

  2. Kristian and T-Bob preview Saints-VIkings

    Kristian and T-Bob preview Saints-VIkings

  3. Bobby on Saints loss to Browns

    The Cajun Cannon says he's seen enough of a certain player

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  4. Garland: Louisiana is losing the boot

    Take away all the sinking marsh, Louisiana is unrecognizable

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