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Dec 23, 2014|

What's trending in news, sports and social media?

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It's jolly is the season than I have the best kids in my life sitting in front of me. The guys you're on top of all that is trending. Up to bill news director Dave Cullen happy Christmas Eve eve. Dubbed a real sports phenom. Top moments of what she said Joseph if you look at the fattest guy in the room no ID not I did not. And the ultimate Christmas. Irish couldn't of this connection. Thanks to complement. Thank you it does not everybody would mean it that way in this building I saw something yesterday that I never I never seen before I want to look at what you said you know there's always these that there's always these people who like goals steal. Packages for people who are coming out of the stores. I want to a clear view yesterday and not only do they have found a police officer to spare shares sheriff's office deputy in a car but they also had this thing that they use for the parade the guy in the sky sky is the best they had that opens it over the parking lot and I have I felt extremely safe. Is it discouraged me from morning to take from somebody that's. As never before prevented you from robbing people Christmas. I'm about to say what do commentator we feel safe and that's wonderful they have all that but and to prevent its cute from giving its Christmas discount here. I or we re did it palette that's what a statement all right we're gonna start are trending and done. I think this is good news Sony change of mind for some. Yeah we're still getting all of the details with Sony Pictures entertainment has announced it'll limited theatrical release of the interview on Christmas today it's not clear how many theaters will participate so far it appears to be. The small independent theaters that are signing on first. And we'll wait to see because as you recall. The whole reason that this spoof of the assassination of North Korea's leader. Was canceled was because the major theaters the four big theaters. All said they weren't gonna show what even if Sony released it for fear that these threats of nine elevenths style attacks. Would. Keep people from coming to the movies and expose them to liability and danger. The president the United States comes out of that I really wish you all the talk to me about this verse. Now. Things in this thinking if I'm running a movie theater and wanna talk to President Obama. But just pick up the phone call the White House they amber and a movie theater to the president about this. That having been said it looks like cooler heads are prevailing and at least Sony is working with as many theaters this will work with them. To show the movie and there's a groundswell of support from some people who are saying we're going as an act of defiance. Who maybe they would have seen this movie otherwise are going to make a statement. And there's also a groundswell of those cynics who think this was all masterminded by Sony and says through June and these guys just to get more publicity for this movie that we really hoping to get it on the air and I think they're the same ones who think 9/11 and actually happen. And what about those people who decide to go what if god forbid. Something happens. What if god forbid a lone wolf decides oh this is an opportunity for me to tie into this much bigger. Idea that North Korea and others keep the United States what if god forbid something did happen. Don't individuals except the responsibility. Of going if if you wanna stand up for freedom of speech and you wanna go. Then then go I wouldn't suggest that you not go but if you do go and god forbid something happens or she response. You know it's the risk we're gonna take the rest of our lives period and a hip and and if it's making a statement that we go week ago. Anyway I'm frankly very glad to hear that you're doing this because I think that the ripple effect for other crazy not people is that okay. I'll just got this tiny share real quickly there is a tornado warning the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning. Fourteenth hole Livingston and Saint Helena parishes on the North Shore. Doppler radar indicating that it appears a tornado may be forming so if you're intangible Livingston saint Alanna pay attention to local information and warnings. And this is part of this tornado watch that all of us are under until 6 PM there is a threat of severe weather throughout the opportunity to the. And let's talk about that because that is trending in a major change in weather army and look at today it was foggy not warm but kind of weird. And now it's gonna blow through. Yet what were waiting on is the front to arrive and head of the front. We've been so warm and so tropical in nature with the north winds coming out of the gulf that is it's cold air comes down from the north where that you meet. We have the potential for some nasty weather hail high winds strong thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes. And we're starting to see the possibility of those tornadoes. Out ahead of the front on the North Shore canticle Livingston cell and land of the good news is once we get through this after 6 PM the severe threat. Drops off by midnight we are out of the threat. And the cooler weather strip moving Christmas Eve starts in the fifties and stays in the fifties all day tomorrow. Christmas morning thirties all sides of the lake Christmas a web with frost. Expected on both sides the lake with winds dying down so early risers Christmas morning with the sun breaking through the clouds finally. Hitting the frost. It might look a little like a winter wonderland I know us know nothing like that but at least some from. But see that's like a gift and done interestingly enough we are lucky enough to have Santa Claus come here. These Santa Claus from two to four. And I know is going to be tired is is working but he's going to be here to answer all the kids questions and and what they want for Christmas is set or 260187. They. And I bet that he will be refreshed by this wonderful Chris. It wasn't bringing the cold weather with him maybe sell it somebody calculated I've read this before going on the air here is some calculated that if Santa was paid based on on the average wage is today he'd make about a 140 grand incredulous that too. And I think that's underpaid and I and I absolutely yeah he's worth a million to all of us. Let this go when you talk about flu outbreak. While yeah yeah yeah when you when you get a guy who lives works with the flu stuff all the time and he says it's. This is the worst I've ever seen it this is on our website at WW dot com. But the medical director for Louisiana office of public health a trick Welch says this is one of the worst influenza outbreaks ever seen. And here's the discouraging thing I got my flu shot but he said that that the strain the H three N two that's out there. Is not what this is what's going on. Not what's covered by the issuers flu shot and I got a couple of people only if that a few people the building have been affected by the floats you know I don't. I I get the flu shot I've been healthy and fortunate but I know people who have all of it I thought we don't take it lightly but I wanna rip human bubble I want to protection. Because I know your fears. And and you listen and if you think a Mecca to be able paranoid midnight advance Christmas Eve when it comes time to share of the peace with everybody there and and people are going to be Hackett went loves. It and run burn them if I could like it find its stylish and little extra ticket fight to stylish Hazmat suit I'd like we're that the church and the ball very aware well below. All overkill but it is. The fact that we're seeing an early flu season in Louisiana is. A little concerning and the fact that normally we don't peak until February but right now we've been leading the nation. In flu cases they still say get in the flu shot will help. Because yes it needs to you should still get it even if it's not the primary strain that it's fighting. And the real advice is common sense don't drink after anybody who even your spouse and your kids. Just don't do it wash your hands every time before you eat and half do you use the restroom and just frequent hand washing is the easiest way in this Smart athletic directors. And I think good looking estimates that the answer it but here's why would you give yourself and here's another a quick question. If if I'm not around kids. In my more susceptible if I'm around people and I'm not usually around to get to get the flu and it was my system is is is built on. Where I where I am where I leave where right going a regular basis but if I went to a different environment would be more susceptible to that would you work in this building. And so with which is filled with children for a little older. Well you're right yeah so that should have some of these people are carrying their children's germs into the state why point it may. Supporting it you know what Morgan employed amber and appointed a commercial stay with us everywhere and we got lots turned everybody's little paranoid if you. And in the holiday mood with Dave Collins and John and assists and scooped ho ho ho ho ho ho and Todd. So many things to talk about sports but let's talk about Sunday's game. Sunday's game with the saints. The saints might not have much to play for a Sunday but the Buccaneers do or don't depending upon how you wanna look at it. Here's the deal the box control their own destinies for the number one pick in the 2015 NFL draft. Meeting basically. They lose to the saints they will get the number one pick in the when he fifteen draft. They're neck and neck with the titans. Bush also only if you will also only have two wins but if the saint yeah term the Bucs lose and the titans lose the titans win in the all important. Strength of schedule tie breakers so that they will hit the number one pick in the NFL draft. And we always it's what's funny is because we always talk about the strength of schedule tiebreaker is with the playoffs. And this time we're talking about it. Forgetting the number one pick in the draft. So the price that is the area that buy and I don't I don't know the Biggest Loser yet they both ought to be the biggest there was now no team will tell you they're gonna play for draft pick a team we'll take your they're gonna. Played a loose hears that they here's a deal. Even if the Buccaneers beat the saints. And the titans lose to the colts. Chances are the Bucs get there we'll get the number two pick in the draft which. Last couple years. There's not much big big between one and two but you still want more choice but to say and apply to the saints. I'm saying to us the saints to lose and if I regret picker not so and bad they all say they're not. Playing too. For a draft pick their plane to win their playing for pride so I would imagine Tampa Bay it will try to win the game while the Internet to Hartley the players will players whose job draw which it you gotta wonder how all the way though is how the coaches will. Called the game there's a big difference time and weather and play personnel that they play who they. Fortunately it would okay what is the strategy years okay we're gonna do everything that we thought was was wrong that we do we if we didn't you know and be like that episode of sites over George Costanza says look. You know what I'm doing to try to meet women isn't working so I'm supposed to be honest I'm gonna try the opposite hi I'm bald I'm fat and I leave my parents I don't have a job Howard just hi how we're used to talk a lot so. I would think it does the opposite and don't tell got to work and they win. Guess the Zell you know I don't a lot of fans are calling for the saints to put the backups tonight. Risk Drew Brees or giving injury on the opposite side of the coin you got Tom Brady. Who they have clinched everything up they are going to be the number one seed in the AFC he's saying he wants to play this week because he still thinks or something's the offense needs to work out so. That is a probe of let's go on to run what it means this weekend and FF lots and lots of content. There are a lot of gains this week this is what the NFL has been wanting to have gains at the end of the season that have meaning to get people to watch because that mean dream their ten games on Sunday that all have playoff implication ten games ten games now. Obviously the saints are not and one of them. But in the AFC the chargers in the chief's game if the chargers win they are in the playoffs. If the chiefs win then they have to see if the ravens and Texans lose and they'll go to the playoffs the Panthers of the falcons we know will be playing for the NFC. South championship the winner goes a gluten stays home. The lions in the Packers now both alerted me to play out with the winner wins the NFC north and we'll get that first round bye between those two teams. The loser will be the wild card MB on the road next week. Bengals and Steelers. The winner wins the AFC north starts the playoffs at home the loser is a wild cards are the playoffs on the road so. And there's a lot to play for a lot of these games out there are a lot of meaning. Full games for one team like the browns in the ravens the ravens can make the playoffs that they win in the chargers lose the bit of the browns can't do anything. Cowboys and Washington obviously the cowboys have won the NFC east they will be in the playoffs. But the Redskins have really nothing to lose and they can just upset things and try to decide where the cowboys and up and playing jaguars Texans Texans make the playoffs if they win. And the chargers in the ravens both lose immunity goes on and off like a said I am. A lot of people have been asking about that. Panthers. Falcons game yet and what if they time. If they tie the Panthers go oh yes because moon the NFL treats a tie as half of all wins so they have to ties so there will be a full we that they would be and that's why saints fans who keep saying wait a minute if they tie the saints will have more wins on the and the way the NFL calculate that the NFL calculates it has. It ties or wins so the Panthers win or tie therein. If the falcons win. They go to them they they're the NF. He ferret several teams that are from their games that are meaningless. For both teams. Saints and the Buccaneers as we said although the Bucs could get the first overall traffic. Eagles and giants both teams are eliminated players in the vikings both teams are eliminated jets and dolphins both teams are eliminated. Colts at the titans the colts are locked into the number four seed in the AFC in the titans are eliminated. The bills and patriots. But said the pictures of clinch home to advance to the playoffs and the bills are eliminated so that game means nothing for both teams and all of this playoff talk is so painful because it brings me back to about 230 left in the game Sunday and a fourth quarter at the saints had the ball. I'm envisioning it is since windows supporting 120 it and there's interception and it's over. Let it go. Or let it go this. There's not that he could not taking we're gonna go to ultimately go up and look Erica the National Weather Service now has extended the tornado warning for ten ho and Washington parishes. Until 2 o'clock again it does appear funnel cloud has been touching down on those parts of the north to any meat a short while ago. Now moving to expand on Washington. Again it tornado warning. Until 2 o'clock pretend to grow in Washington parish is all of southeast Louisiana tornado watch until six PO. So heads up everybody and stay with us we're gonna go to the newsroom see what's else is happening but were still trending I'm Angela on Davida you. Sorry Santa's helpers right here to collins' town Manassas and scooped and done time and time I'm sorry Dave let's talk about. I did not realize this was sent the largest number of Christmas travelers today. Yeah today is getaway day most people wanna be where they're going according to AAA by Christmas Eve. So instead of traveling on Christmas Eve there him the biggest number are living today but it is spread out. Over the entire period but today's just the single biggest day. And it's so the people and get there by Christmas Eve and hundreds of airline tickets were. The highest on this day one of the highest demand is generally the highest prize what do you thing in this weekend and early before the demand is evident but overall. A record number of people are expected to be traveling this holiday season. Reasons gas prices are way down at the five year lows. Most most states now you can find stations selling gas for under two dollars a gallon. The economy by all measures is increasing. And growing. Jobs during there's more jobs wages are finally following the jobs people are getting raises. In many cases for the first time in happen decade. We're seeing. Report out today that shows the economy grew by 5%. Outpacing expectations. So there's just a lot of reasons to suggest people feeling good about their. Pocketbooks and their bank accounts. And when they feel good about that they're more likely to wanna travel especially if it's been years since you've gone. To see friends and family somewhere and now the trial like you know what we're gonna do we're gonna get. Well and that is good news and yet we were out talking and scooted and talk about. Sometimes this is a very difficult time of the year for people not everybody has big family on everybody has lot of friends X and it's it's rough. Well and and I think we should just kind of recognize those people who. Who are having a Mary timed this at this time of year and there's a lot of pressure or all of us to have a Merry Christmas had to be happy this time but here. But it's not marry for everybody in this is not a downer as much as it is if you're going to a tough time you're not alone. And if you're going through this that there are other people like myself who have had those really down years. And you get through. I've I've told the story when I first moved back to New Orleans in Italy who literally had nothing it lost everything in my life. I didn't have an airline ticket in town. To my sister who worked for won the airlines I had an airline ticket to a Las Vegas and Christmas Eve I was on a flight to Las Vegas had a free hotel room there. Didn't gamble walked around it so that was my way of escaping Christmas. I put this on our I Devi of your ovary of FaceBook page and here's an interesting comment from rob why do we need to say anything to what do you say to somebody's not having a good Christmas. I'm to some of us this is a holiday season to some of us this is Tuesday respect them and leave them alone and actually not the point the point is. If you see somebody if you know somebody in your life who is having a difficult time this time of year. In a reach out to them and also if you are one of those having a difficult time. It's not gonna always be this way her aunt and you'll you'll have a you'll have another great Christmas soon and then you'll be able to help somebody get to a difficult time. No I couldn't agree with you more and I have set on occasion to someone just like that you know what the next year's going to be better it doesn't dismiss what you're going through now. But nature's gonna be better and I believe that in my heart. And even though this is a wonderful time for Meehan bill last couple of Christmas is have been really great for me. I still have walk into the river walk mall yesterday and some of those Christmas carols target yard. Did you and they bring back memories yeah if you lost a loved 1 if your morning if you gone through difficult breakup. If you deep situation life is changed. The pressure is your right and volatility and Merry Christmas Merry Christmas. Mean maybe not feel a merry it's also the most wonderful time of the year but not for everybody and what the experts we talked to this week told us. Is there's nothing wrong. With if you know someone who's gone through a difficult time lightly or who is apt to be unhappy this time of year or has been unhappy leading up to the holidays. That it's okay to say hey. If you wanna come on over and spend a few hours with us would love to have you or are dropping gift off at the house and just to make it gesture not to force it on. And I think there that that's a very strong and all of this morning to fix it for somebody. And sometimes the best thing is just to open the door like that and if they don't walk through say you know I'll see you next week. I would counsel let's make it worse was that a vice Schumer you said to give them. I only sit and I do believe that the future is going to be better. This is a rough time this is a bad day this is a bad whatever same advice we have the saints that's exactly what I've been doing since day one and don't and that's where always that's what always comes to mind this time of year you know I'd always get what I want for Christmas but. I have remember as a kid growing up that the one thing that I was associated with Christmas with hope. You know you hope you get that gift is a kid you you hope this happens you hope that had a mean it changes his and it is time goes on. But this is a time of year of hope. On that note we'll take another break but stay with this we have much more trending on and. London recently and are ready general opinion poll we passed up against Sony's going to release the interview. And limited number of theaters on Christmas. If it showed shear would you go see it. Give us out your vote WWL dot com. Let's talk about something really happy like the Dow was above eighteen. For the first time ever the Dow Jones industrial averages are trading above 181000. And it came. On what they call the Santa Claus rally it's not uncommon this time of year Braugher as sales reports come in and has their positive. We saw retailers that blast Saturday alone have a Bellwether day just a huge days and that was encouraging. And there are a lot of reasons that the economy is perceived as being strong now and economists are telling us one after the other this may be the real recovery finally that. It's stain its year and the poor economic times the recession. In the rearview mirror and traders on Wall Street seemed to be echoing that and they pushed it out of the Dow above 181000 has been trading there all. I take it dismal long haul it really hasn't I think there's still some issues though especially with the with people in their salaries that have not gone a long time and we have some issues. But that's the thing that they say is coming next is companies are finally starting to give raises. They've been hiring at a good clip but now they're starting to realize that with the competition in the market. And the fact it has been years since many employees have gotten raises but it's time to do that and hopefully more and more companies will indeed do that now they're gonna be ups and downs of course. But if you look over the course of 2014. That Dallas set a record number of new highs throughout this year. And stocks have been very strong. In general has been bad days but in general and core rate year for investors. And and you know also gave. You know what people think about that the minimum wage should add there are lot of flaws that are gonna go into effect after the first of the year increase in minimum wage. So that's gonna put more money in the hands of thought some people. And also I think it's also important to remember that like when the economy is is doing well and it gross domestic product went up 5% it increased by 5% which is huge. Everybody doesn't benefit and everybody does in her when I mean think about the people who benefited from Katrina. I meet people there were some people who made fortunes following Katrina. So there are always winners and losers and just because it's that the economy's booming it doesn't mean unfortunately that it's going to be booming for everybody but overall as a nation. Our economy is doing released from going in the right direction yeah well getting to. Horrible awful of the unemployed rolls and onto the employment roles that's positive now no they're not making the salaries that they perhaps. Were making before the recession and maybe been on the same jobs they were of course get the image. It's it's always two sided but by and large. When the economy's doing well like this. But equal equal to that to me is is there's a sense of confidence that it was wiped out and so I think that we can just be. Thinking positive thoughts for next year correct. And with all that and with salaries. Stock bug Jim Harbaugh let's talk about yeah. Lipstick is showing him as much will they may as your talking about salaries of the forty niners GM did confirm on radio radio talk shows that Michigan did reach out to them. About Jim Harbaugh on their vacancy well before Brady Hoke was fired from Michigan. So they were thinking about this and and everyone it's at one of the Harbaugh Brothers were in. They're on their plate. Either Jim John. And their reportedly they did say that yes Michigan is offering a million dollars annually over six years. In this contract offer that they're making them Harbaugh now. It's reported that the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh will part ways at the end of the season. He has decided he's going to Michigan yet or if they're gonna trade him could you can treat coaches from to possibly the Oakland Raiders. That's what the talk has been so I never heard this line and Ned in fact the Oakland Raiders made a trade before with the Jon Gruden to Tampa Bay. They traded him to Tampa and got so does the coach has to agree. Com. Yeah I guess I can play in that agree or not we're not cut any coach anywhere 'cause they have a hobby and under contract and get right out of it they trade and they have to equal the salary which interestingly enough yet I was urging governments are only eight million and and we were talking about is you know less miles have been mentioned and people central Michigan's open up their pocketbook bird with less miles makes. Jim Harbaugh right now the 49ers makes about five million years so this would be an increase in pay for him to eight million. A year that is what they're offering according to the latest list the two highest paid coaches in the NFL. Are making eight million dollars a year and that is Sean Payton and Pete Carroll. But the saints in the Seahawks so the issue would be does Harbaugh wanna go back to college. Well some coaches. There's more appealing to them simply because is they can controlled the players in camp in the NFL look at Nick Saban exactly loves college. Pete Carroll was one of those guys who didn't do well in the NFL went back to college. Did really well now he's doing good in the NFL again. For the first time. Because the you have to be able to you know it's it there's a difference from. Coaching these young kids. Who don't have anything who look up to you and listen to everything you know year coach. The coaching millionaires. Basically who answers I totally arsenal yesterday and I'm still Vietnam money and so forth and so. Now granted most athletes are professional they wanna win and and so forth and so on. But when you're not winning and things are going great year in the doghouse with the coach used to that paycheck commitments in the fall back on whereas the guy in college does not. And Jim Harbaugh was quarterback in Michigan so his oldest son that's saying he does have ties to Michigan definitely. Let's take another break when we come back we're gonna talk about. John. Bones. You very quickly tornado warning has been extended to few fifteen from Washington parish here in Washington. A nasty self moved through right. And scooped up a nice gesture. It Jon Bon Jovi. Of course he lives in northern New Jersey that's where he's from he's still lives there. But when you look in northern New Jersey mean New York city's your city tune in and he's like all local boy and in New York City. Well he was at them a benefit concert yesterday. And he wore an NYPD. Football T shirts and told the crowd you're showing a little security. And it in this was to support NYPD. After this. After the thoughts started going around yesterday after the execution to new York city police officers that. The mayor of a New York the President Obama anybody who has shown sympathy for the protesters are too much sympathy for the protesters. Actually contributes to this anti cop mentality. And that's what led to the execution of the two you know PD officers and NYPD officers. So whether that's true or not we don't know but that is inspired a lot of people come forward saying look I'm I'm pro police and Bon Jovi was one of them. Also yesterday at that concert he's saying the letter in memory of Joe Cocker who passed away yesterday it was a big advocate like Joe Cocker. Very very nice. Let's talk about the price of a court of. How how bad is it to be browns quarterback really bad these days Johnny men's L heard his I think is. Hamstring in the game against Cleveland so they had to bring in Brian Hoyer the guy that they sat for him who had gotten them time to most of their wins a season he suddenly gets his his shoulder hurt. So he's out to the browns need a quarterback for the last game. They approach Rex Grossman who is not playing with anyone right now offering 56000. Dollars for the one game 66. Grant he says. You know what I can't I got a lot of family coming in this week for Christmas though thanks but no thanks literally was his answer. I have too many things planned with the family come an end. And it's too much of a hassle to get to the practices and so forth and so on know us really love his family. So they end up picking up but Tyler Thigpen who has been a journeyman quarterback he's played with the budget teams he's not been very well and the last we heard of him he was. Arrested for do you live being passed out drunk innate drive. Threw in a fast food drive through so big good game. Be real good game yet just wanna tell anybody that we did to our Friday poll. We asked a question would you go see the interview with the was shown locally. And up 58% of you said yes he would 42% that. You all are very special in my life you know that. You know that have a very Merry Christmas to everybody have a Merry Christmas but I really mean that you made there trending more fun and more interesting. And it just means a great deal to me that you Lawler here so I think that we get to be here with listen to that. One by building in pelicans play the pacers tonight a pick that's great to WL left them. Wanna remind everybody very important Santa Claus is right around the corner. He's coming here for two hours to talk to all the children about what they want for Christmas 260187. Think again Merry Christmas and think yeah. Get out of here I've been on.