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Dec 31, 2014|

LSU Tigers defensive coordinator John Chavis is headed to the Texas A&M Aggies to take the same position on Kevin Sumlin's coaching staff. The 58-year-old Chavis has been the defensive coordinator under Les Miles at LSU since 2009. He won the Broyles Award as the nation's top assistant coach in 2011. What are your thoughts on this move? Listen in and find out what Deke & Bobby have to say on it. This hours special guest: Angelique Chengelis (Michigan football beat writer for the Detroit News) Mark Passwaters (Covers Texas A&M for AggieYell.com)

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It's. Over to a sports ball every few years executing yeah. Everybody says you can bail. On this new he's he's coming up this hour the landscape of college football's changed. For the best if you're a maize and blue thing and Jim Harbaugh who left Stanford as one of the most successful programs in college football at the time. But then again maybe about a more to coach Harbaugh left on Stanford as it they went to BCS bowls twice. After he left to go to the San Francisco forty niners and to reaching Gillis will be will she cope with the Michigan football wolverines for the Detroit news. What is it like in this game now how does not only changed. Football in the north east in the Big Ten but now could this can become a power game one of the biggest names in college football or pro football hall pass waters. Who cope with the Texas in an Aggie and yoga can be with us it's Texas a and am one of the worst defense is to go along one of the best offenses they look at ticket some balance there. They hire away LSU if it's quarter to John Chambers what does this do that Texas Stadium and how does this help him recruit. Plus will break down the Sugar Bowl and Allen number two between Ohio State. And Alabama and look at she picks over the week with the or in the 7 o'clock now operated jaguar of people we're asking you. How does the loss of John Taylor a fit the LSU football program it's online at WWL. Dot com thanks so much for people patiently waiting let's go to the fold. We'll go to the teacher on line five he took thank you for calling WW yeah. Thank you did having you early and it didn't happen. To technically. Did not happen became a thing a week in. I. I replaced. Barrett. In game. Well budget being a teacher who would be you replace Tampa achieve. I mean it got our partners. I haven't even thought about that yet but I another trip it's. Team that's been treated to all of it. Muster at the record. In. In chip at the corner and it checked out there ought to get it didn't want a lot rejected the third. And there was phenomenal defense and yet. Well that's why Auburn's freedom one point seven million. If you don't watch it you know one point three big one point oh yeah. And like Oakland. And an adult but you know. Teacher would you think about it too and I'm not hate like obviously a supply demand when you think about it with chief. Care impairment in less miles as close to ten million dollars in Rico. That's a lot of money annual base a lot of money and it's not as a pro football as college athletic as football major college football is like the pros now. Well. My opinion about coaching. Or about people who knew it would say about Betancourt. Jeremy you know. Landry. And back yes to cook. It and could duplicate we can. Two years at the airport it culture. Out in a lot but it's all. We don't quote when he coached. You could be on the court and in that third fourth the you'd report that we just can't turn away and you know that and bad recruiting. So to teach a year old Russell year old Liu played their what about your past. And knowledge are what is your perception. When you viewed LSU's program Tennessee coach knowledgeably to a bowl Bellini. How do you think he left obviously. You know what he did as far as a coordinator that Elton get the gate to be to head coach in Nebraska. Of the global did do you think. That. That I did a beauty Bellini was view miles as a buffoon are you think that that date worked together. And keep a full if you get me. Yet to put out and it's been voted I can't. At argue right now I think you you get the full. Well liked by chip with its ticket to. It would aren't you problem. You know check on all right and it is. It can't can't remember it chairman that the fire at every job. It. Coach you broke a coaching college. It out at the corner but it's predictable both seem to like what game you're correct. And he did not have success obviously is the head coach of the Dolphins would have won one game I think it. My out that in no. Telling. But it coaches. Well I think that the that you you about that nobody gave a good thing. It is spelled a great great situation. We. Jeremy mop the wreckage criteria and let you. Going to be for a solid at the ball first round draft jarred the baccarat. And too much like. Well of a job by the as I know he knows what the hell he's doing you know we threw some NFL names out there and Thabo. Louisiana fans they don't football and I know they know coach has that come in here. All I know was Mike Nolan. He knows what he's doing then you look at the Falcons. They come on this name he might be go to Michigan I think he has leverage he did come back to Louisiana big fan deal not a nobody wants to come back to college. Football but all of us and if you paid him on the level of it without. Davis of coordinator. I would think the Colts fans at the no coach called me just because they were the latest effort and so forth right who knows a lot people think that he might be to head coach Illini and it's got a lot of relief that the players took on the things that they want him to be the rocket that we. He may want to stay at a note note that those very good name that's back in the fold though men of the of the GP on line to JP thank you for calling that you do you. And what things start to get back on it guys that the story about the time. First of you actually. Very. Easily and I hate to see him go money talks. But. Com. Dog on really stole my on the way and goes wrong I would really say he. He would be awesome Alley issue I mean really really. Okay. And one of the things in JP thank you for calling one of the things that they teach in all in it was incorrect. At least you need to recruit. Beat the better recruiting. It's not like Milledge who finished in the top two of the year award to every year the team that this time the kids in the west there by trying to get to the country. Vince is number one every year and just so happened that team that the finishing number one every year. The number one player out of Louisiana who's number two player in the country for years ago who now might be in a more defense that picked in the draft and landing Collins it to that number on offensive linemen and the nation last year. And cam Robertson with the what the second. True freshman that yes the thought Alabama history that Andre Smith and they don't yet we don't don't Jim you don't need to help you can't lose and the number up clinic. And somebody else and Louisiana per capita. Has. Way more NFL pro players in Alabama and entities have at that on out of Alabama goes dead players or Malo but I doubt about. The state of Louisiana. In his state of Alabama Alabama K compete Louisiana per capita. Appropriately player not a lot out I'll go even need to bought himself a little extra time. All it was a mystify the cause of what he had it fall as a recruiting base is concerned. And everybody looked whale it was like 85 season 93 season but we stand had no more recruiting class the country coming. Recruiting is is he's fall grade a in the involved in the wins and losses than we do feel the scoreboard ultimately it's being being part of a big big part of it. Each and every year. Don Davis. He's the new defense going to Texas a and am look at the Texas an inside of things next is John and Robert walk on the U this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back along with the Katie came Bobby ate there I've Deke Bellavia before we get to a special is its it to John and race and on line for John thank you for calling WW. Yes thank you Bobby V couple points. First of all in the coach or if their second the first thing I think shoot below that little beat but we all know. Two point stumble on I think they chambers tactics or some responsibility. For losing big games and it at right at the end game. It at all Alabama tapped it two times and in the last couple years where. Yeah I judges problem onetime. C'mon you're a big game. Dropped down I mean he's got a BL Connell and yes it might make it in an opportunity to recruit balmy chamber never like to recruit. And Abby cheers. Well put it except that in numbers that he put up if you could look at that. It sure reflect a little that a recruited in debt to the gate just question. You forgot chambers was let go Kart industry so. Every coach you move around I think it's good. That you move around assistants are a lot of coaches. Mold their systems around a boring and you board and what that I think that overall will be given a crack and going to open beat coordinator. And Eric coach why can't dispute that decide the. Buddy has toward national championship brings a mean uterus of Miami USC I mean he knows great players they go all wanna say John I like I think. It's like. A Mercedes guiding it seven. Even at some lineman has been drafted in National Football League the coaches climactic Cortez Kennedy was familiar with the Saints Russell now is on and on. You know going back to Miami USC. And big and a wanting to coaching is that to be held accountable assembly because it is. The regular game high you preparing Biggio would sell you got a month to prepare for the bowl game and you brought this on two we were talking last night. Gave Gillick conversion on third down this is ridiculous they were eleven. A seventeen on third down that being an Irish not becoming the first but Dan Levy eleven plays into winning one yards or more. I mean come on in one night. Nor innings all of its is that explores the mortgage shouldn't have been. There. But it does but yesterday the landscape of college football be it with the big. Both the sport with a lot of competition now being every week out it would with a cup football world they count one of the most successful coaches. In the National Football League year viewed in the history of the game. Streak in AFC championship games a feeble appearance in these courts have been short and the it was the way but Jim John all goes back. The university of music into the jam jam him and meticulous joint is now Angelique. It's now only beat the state Michigan but in all personal opinion because of the way you lift. College football in because the way his program maintain at a high level week he. I put him just below neat state and that's not a slightly out there but what was wrong before it got there. What was aura when herb in my left there a couple of years and I look at that now we built them but it was the easiest team to you after new competing. I think you know take the football in the B team and I think he has an option happened it's been. Maybe on net northeast of power it is among the top team in the country if it's. And I was really dug to parlay all of a pardon the he made Stanford tough. I mean it's damn where is like a finesse team all of a sudden Stamford. Is considered a team innate to a to a team that I'll smack in them how I mean out Harbaugh had a lot to do that. You learn from that from back there Michigan in and I think that. Michigan band that they are for the last that you're at that level up. Bed at acting would lacking a little bit after Lloyd Carr retired and I think that we can't barber and Jim Harbaugh back in. And you're right I mean it means norm is for college football and haven't gotten as as examples like. With the 49ers almost went in typical couple years ago. Now back it is not mater and I think we can argue that you wouldn't come back college football that was for another school that we don't know that I am currently. Being cool on it are stringing them. And certainly her father Jack who coached with who would call it would be healed her parents who were there yesterday. And and it does it definitely changed and they could not immediately but it will it will change it that beat each exit the east division. And are now that out eight it is they. Very much a part of that end I think it a couple of your your I think we see Michigan. Really making much bigger name reports out there would be here and it happened in my ears. And they being a competitor early in the big picture that way and then and that hat on national Internet later. Now actually how challenging will it be because they'll college football to me. You QB agree coach when you have to give the players they got entice the players have done Q school. And I reflect back and Tomlin back in the early eighties Els at the Michigan Panthers and we we practice and and armour in our remember how much they love Anthony Carter acie. But he is from Florida South Florida. Came Jim Harbaugh and his Dane age entice player's name in the deep South Florida or or Texas. The skill players to come out to Michigan Ann Arbor and played a big house because now. A lot of universities. Have a big house would could take seeing them. Uses the 100000 plus stadium you LE shoot Tennessee Alabama goes on and on so to me it's even more challenging now. To convince maybe skill players because they're always gonna have the linemen in the midwest to Reid has completed challenged. Can Jim Ned goes speed players of that negative it's to Stanford California has those players California Texas Florida. Reid has to be to challenge that I know he knows what the hell he's doing at the highest level is to be can you get those stud players. And you're actually write an and that going to be in the early and I think well you know he shaping his back now I do think it going to Alabama. In California labor coaches who were with him and urgent in Diego and even at a 49ers I have a a book created an. And it really hold on and on and what's gone on California where I Will Allen and hit. It according interim coach or becomes is that people suspect. He added experience support a little bit and I thought and Chris about the the other day out what kind of impact Jim Harbaugh has gone recruiting he said. You know and Brady Hoke who is an excellent recruiter Michigan remotely in the midwest you act Illinois in Michigan Mary Hart. He said he doubted that that a lot of it is human embryo in auto would probably get in it meant to give part you know that game I. On another at one point you made your guy who has coached successfully in Indiana well. For several years and he going to tell you I know how to get you there right on how to develop you and me you. Back hurting college that you're out NFL career afterward and that went pretty powerful selling point in. And he definitely go after it right away and he's going to be a lot of it commitment. As during the breaking out all the controversy Caribbean and the heat then what in the could be there and one half and there is Ian he. Collected who committed other schools you and means that the people who now need. It definitely going at it it won't be nipping at your birdies you make have that many out here in. But I think he can have a and an instant impact in there that are hurting. No doubt about it yet Jim Harbaugh is now the head football coach his alma mater university means financially Jean-Gilles. Covering the wolverines for the Detroit new Angelique thank you so much for joining us a fill us in on net happy new year to. Happy near me so much. Thank you all right Robert took nick skinny and easy and what that the impact of John Toews mean for the Texas a and M Aggies football program. That's what he does need to be of these times it's 531 it's not the first knew that we will go to Jim hands. And welcome back of it coming up. And that's a half now the north pelicans on the road to San Antonio Spurs 6 PM on the flagship of the pelicans 1053. F in him back to the phone too weak O Robert on I want thank you for calling WW. Yeah I think you are Derek. Lowe pack here thank you. There are Carl about this year. Car wreck MSU. Is that there are things that. There's some big at bat in the country. Army that they are Cheryl or every. Right. And now. Every at bat and got got good work. And buried eight or went in Chatham now and back pay and are we branch out in clean air and went there. Blood I know rob you have an above his fingers held my act. Larry yeah. And now we can stamp our senate that would record we prepare. Your. We have a great or are at eight whip out. Although I can't remember you that care about their. Well that was the last time they looked a championship game. You're right then and I just wanted to have ours. We get better as. He did go Lecrone. That you got the tornadoes you've got. Knocked out I don't think I'll go and bet bet bet. Gone back there despite our back I. I think you know making them. And B are. And today. I'm pretty well moves they've made it every year. In a hole out to all bets are mark. Oh. You know and I think their. Baggage and wanna bet you. Feel. But there have been involved. Well while rob Robert I know you follow and as things now one player now is hindsight and you know. In theory always say well better to get rid of a player a year too soon and in a year too late obviously. If it wasn't. It was deadly too soon in and not too late Kazuo did Darren Sproles holly contributed. For the Eagles and and I think you know all this and how they were ranked in. Oh we submitted put any fear and defense and I think Darren Sproles. What is still held this all on that it. You know just looking at what he brought to the table. Now on defense than what you wanna talk about leadership whatever and just look. You know because we were on them Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper they accomplished great things for the Eagles and the Panthers. But we definitely have to have that veteran leadership and maturity in the locker room. And Dallas Stanley like in this season. Carmen Texas in him and Nixon the Aggie football program for at Yale dot com mark pass waters charges now the Texas a M Aggies. One of the brightest on offense in mind that quarterback coaches Kevin somewhere he's got an offer to resonate. Wouldn't take much defense they get a defense to quoting now from an issue John Tait with that is statistically. Coach one of the best defense is in the AFC Steelers feces including in the before scoring defense in the country. This year Mark Jones is now mark the impact of John Sabres what does that do right now for takes say that today. Obviously game changer for Aggie perspective there's no question about that. You know you look at demand. To replace mark Snyder who was equal like guy what about Eric equal. But then again. On the defensive side and out on talking about T that it occurred well laster four years and was still on the one under on the defense side of the football. Yanish got a winning record in that beaten by the what's count every year but we need. Matt money that's being put into the program that point that's unacceptable and there was a lot you can and so she knew that he would make a big name are. And honestly I don't know they're very any names that are Baker College football in terms of defensive coordinators charge. Added are you look at it and mediating and have team India miracle worker you know texting him and Selma and he kind of I around the country viewed as a U schools all of it's a team. But almost can't afford if you gonna get Sicily when. And I know you're aware of that are you in a track meet tight game like whoever gets the ball last. Probably has a chance to win and now looking at the Aggies fan base. In his comments as you finish last. A fourteen team league in India total demons this season you given a basically four to fifty yards. Regain. You would think that obligated double digit wins even if coach Davis again as it gets to the middle the pack. Wright State in. Q I'd say probably that made it and so will be. From where they are now back problem we can early but when you actually. And we're talking about doing basic things to work. The misery stand that. When there's this touchdowns in the there were in the scored in all on Sheen play. They were any office suite where. And just work on all horrible in it and me diagnosed indeed not respond properly and after the game we asked the players. Did you not see what they were. We practiced at all we just respond well. Well actually you can you I mean basic stuff. Yeah if you practiced. We would any you know. Play Asian or scheme clay and do things what tack hole. And it improperly keep people are trying to. Ever been done two years and talk about its sights here it would uber ago cheapest Perez. Year after year you don't look out Indy players and they're all one that we count. You know that's where it's. Mark passed water as the weather now the in a union side of the impact of hiring or from LSU defense quoted John TJ just now Marco what coach Summitt is they would do. There are some this in Louisiana talent on it him roster in LSU goes well in the state of Texas a and increment in Louisiana gun Ellis on the defense decide. Some of the players and also speeding all made big big impact. What does this do now defensively. Off for the eighth inning and Aggies from a recruiting standpoint somebody you know and it's and he is Bobby not talked about this before you know in the west. LSU no true rough and he had to go back in the day when it was but. Even some Vikings and a little more interesting tidbit to there's robbery between me and imminently shooting stopped he a couple of them all. Oh yeah there's no question I was out this afternoon in front of my Ellis you'll get a cheap at first he took pat and trek coach and I then start. Well. You know there's no question that it's aunts and to fire when he cross divisional rival. And eighteen innings in the start considered to be public enemy number one. Is. Above are Mardy are considered public and in the Melamed gophers are going to be real cheap for. Well there's no question about that again we don't like taxes anymore so. It but you know. Certainly did that fueled the fire aid it's going to be some resentment Packers I think rightfully so it's gonna heat up on the recruiting trail. Day when Mac is one of the top defensive tackles in the country he didn't get in am indeed committed couple weeks ago and had a final. You Belichick went to see you. But today it changed it's that he would come it and he dropped LSU that this was their opening game. I think you'll end up in College Station. When it's all said so it starts in things like that. I've heard rumors that an Alabama commit he's going to be made a band and campaign. You know the impact even see it being picked up on the. And there are some talented man it's very young guys like miles gear that you saw thank you night. Our body swat to safety dot it will and that we see a guy in another state and these young players who have tremendous talent. Beaches need to be. In I think they eat you bring in a name like John changed you at the scouts on the wall don't yet he. He knows how to develop that talent. Big east Texas made it needs to their economy. Then next. Step in Almaty that's out there keep being with the Tigers we all work we Alabama to win the west and by extension you TC. Mark has waters Texas CNN has the man sounds like in John teaching it was a duty for the quoted. For the alien and he's mocked how can people keep up with you on line and all a Twitter. Really see where he EL dot com and my Twitter. At him. Pete key rivals. Mark thank you so much that I'm we appreciate. Excellent mark book and you know Bobby yeah absolutely yeah all within yourself and without question. I mean in of people they've got to be extremely excited because they got statistically when you look at the number one of the best the for the quarter. In the country they they feel like they got demanding leader and help them make that next that there's obvious. Well a big all of a sudden in the say chief has an impact. Post Davis the next two years and he beat Ellis shoot. I mean on night with the mud as you see US woods as they gain. That SEC did they as supposed to be a rivalry because that'll played tags anymore that they haven't beat LSU would it be. Has an impact in all of a sudden pain and went back to back games because of what he did defensively I mean that that's almost paid itself right there. Absolutely he's Bobby grab the bell of the coming up in a few moments you a chance to stay here with me about your 870 and sports talk to 8 PM all the panel on the road at night the pelicans taking on the Spurs in San Antonio 6 PM 1053. For exit for your New Orleans and Bulent elegant tonight at the San Antonio Spurs venture into account that actually coming just a few moments on if you mortal five on the flagship while 70 AM. Bobby and myself well we continued. Talking sports San Antonio 1914. And sand in the eighth pelican 1615. Coming off a big one and one of 62 Phoenix. The last night college bowl activity with TCU old overnight right Ole miss 423. On pro. Route the rebels in the peach bowl and right now six feet to five in the third in the Fiesta Bowl is twenty point Boise State 31 number ten Arizona. 20 the night 7 o'clock in south orange number seven Mississippi State number twelve to detect. In 2013. Owens fourteen point OK you can an interesting news and and on the flip but now black Monday a few days ago awesome vacancies. Now with terrorists and Bobby former saint assistant coach ankle to the Buffalo being able to being reported moments ago. It took a Rome has opted out of his contract as tickled to the Buffalo field and now is a free agent with two other hate coaching vacancies. In the NFL and Bobby oh that's interest in that would that would lead me to believe about this another franchise this cut got a name would contract with his name measles beat. Oh about it now because he termed bunny but by Buffalo could want in a minute you're struggling and they effectively ready if you put it. Brees on Buffalo the win and you sit at 1112 greens greens I mean now they have lead EJ Manuel. To hear it in the middle of the order they'll play and cal or they'll coach Horton will wood would be a guy. In adding the job that he did with the bills that you won. As a veteran backup when you team right you know if you starter would go down. But that's a good deal of credit their defense that it does acts there Rodgers would he thinks about the Buffalo Bills the and I got a good young talent while receive about it drafted as well so. Yet it gets very addressing anything that they had to leave that Deke and and in danger to look at his background also Buffalo's right by Syracuse. That's what Doug world from you know him and I. So we're team makes back in the late eighties and that's his stomping grounds serie accused Buffalo so. They're dead it was me greener pastures. We are somewhere for him all of a sudden. You know to not still be in Buffalo. And out teams currently in the pursuit of my head coach now Buffalo with the Chicago Bears NFL with New York Jets Oakland Raiders. And San Francisco 49ers that coach Maroney who was here with the Saints and had a great career and went on to Syracuse in high by the Buffalo Bills would happen Bobby he had a what was once considered. A unique option. In his contract where the final out of a three day window that allowed him to exercise an option what he wanted to stay in all opt out he signed before you do what Buffalo thirteen. Competitive team at thirteen we somebody in at a course in fourteen really turned things around. Threat to walk and out of from the university Clinton. And got really good offensively despite having inconsistent play quarterback make an earth a first round draft pick a few years ago in Florida State EJ Manuel so that. Now what do you we have guys Deke not that good job vote he'd be a guy I mean is it being inept gaining more and all the blank with the Falcons. Hour and I would think by the you know you'd you'd never know what goes on you know obviously obviously the first thing would be you know eight. It's over events are right unit take off that would be spam though some rides on it right where that guy whose turnaround. The Buffalo VO when you calculate what you say despite what they had a quarterback. I would think that he. Him being make it now if he's now one of the top available coaches out there and he he's very close to the top of the list I mean he's he's got scared monologue well and a coach Peyton. You know thought highly of him and Newton and a and he's a people person and he knows how to deal with the media. Yeah got to create they have good coach but because Syracuse was was good I mean what like they won eleven games over there and you know with the BCS. If it's I think the way he runs of programming like you saying what he'd when he how he was here. That's very attractive and I'm troop I don't know Buffalo's. But wonder what's going on now but everything looks so bright and now you lose your head coach in in decent record big question mark at quarterback. Now the hole and Ellis who live in Buffalo so freaking cold of their. I mean to me now bills fans might get take thought that me and you know Jim Kelly has made his home and all of error. But ultimately. I think the NFL is going to be loyal to Buffalo. But realistically they'd resident team. Being the new York city of Canada being Toronto. Not downing is gonna have him because in a commitment to Buffalo going forward. But realistically they were expanding and it felt they would never have a team and Buffalo. What that situation in that city. But big guy could be an attractive place even though you might wanna necessarily. Retire in Buffalo because that a team. If somehow baking get a quarterback. This in the Buffalo Bills we all know Lana villages favors Kyle Williams and what he's been on that team the bills the one of those teams voting at the right quarterback they'll be me. Keep compete. What would come right I think DK QP would Tom Brady in the pages of the get the right QB. Again not top college news on our front has the LSU tiger be it equipment accounting was now the defense Coleman at Texas a in the him. That's operative jaguar opinion poll how that affects. He LSU program vote online at WW dot com and just throw breaking a few moments ago ESPN reporting Chris mortenson more. That Buffalo Bills coach Doug Morrow had a window of opportunity to opt out of his four year contract with the just completed the second year Buffalo. And he is going to be on the open market or he can pursue other options now a lot more to get to the next hour and a break down why everybody's intense. Yes it's new use the going to be a great time. But it's the college football playoff for an historic ground. But he Alabama crimson taught me such great names in Beckham they Paul Bear Bryant almost great suitable they competed it well now they compete in the Sugar Bowl a unique suitable the first day of college football playoff game that you LeBeau. Alabama and Ohio State will break it down for you could sit for the pelicans. And the Spurs 6 o'clock on 1053 affair.