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1-6-15 7:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Packers-Cowboys and Broncos-Colts

Jan 6, 2015|

Bobby & Deke break down two big playoff matchups: Packers-Cowboys and Broncos-Colts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back. Found our sport saw resident now will go around the National Football League would talk to Mike wicket about the Green Bay Packers in the Dallas Cowboys the first meet. Think about this now the great history of the Green Bay Packers in the Dallas Cowboys Dallas won all of a suitable. At the 1960 said. Mean they won some then and then one more after that. But this is the first meeting. In Lambeau Field since the historic ice bowl in 1960s. Have that is phenomenal do you think about the history they hand. Active Kate again well being in armored sizable. 1960s. Evan I was thinking greater. And oh such. Going off elementary DS Alice such a Green Bay packer fan because was meets with me downs and you claim nominates as young naming them to commit Mitch when he many in the going I don't think Loewen is damaged younger than me on the UV's my commitment to know them out to me is the big NASCAR fans yeah I thought our league when farmer Bob they game Ellis such a packer fan. And the main reason why again. Is who would have my dad always cheer for the NFL team has the most LSU players so who did have there in Jimmy Taylor and so I was like also we were dabbling packer fans. What was his name Roy Winston realigned back for the Vikings so that there was always at LSU connection. He always had how I was brainwashed we've run well and I remember. The Packers play in. The Cowboys and I went down to the wire and they handle media feels back in those days you know. And now big probably the only cold to gain if I can recollect would be. And I don't know how band faulty and did this is nothing to do way better in new Bengals when the charges. Loss. Try Cincinnati and but today. Angle before you phased out wanna say it and I might be wrong but in made a run of the game now but the last couple years. Few years back when he made me Iran it's go front and the great special documentary Lombardi. And they talked about how Lombardi had some type I don't know if it was esteemed system under the theory Lambeau or eat TV it broke. All he didn't want it on the night before our eyes well you saw is some story and Eric could you could see. Right before it lands play. They make unity kicking a field solo article on the bag soldiers and you want to push it all I think what you're talking about there is lord heated bench. Where'd you see it that that and maybe that's I don't know it was something that Lombardi had installed in either this side agreements that was it. Beating caught a mall or didn't work today you know being in those I think at a technology they would be more as a player to have any creature comfort well on the sidelines but it is Lombard it was a well well before Boller will baldness to about it like. After all the Packers games it was only one like tri city area where he had a release he was after the games he was he and his wife basement. Military got devout Catholic Church every day but he was all football all the time except. At the day game when he had his family in France though it you'll look party and him Manny be right back to work. But that was his way yeah as we say now party involved in one of the NAFTA that. If the Lombardi went right back one hour and Nolan boarding mean lives on now he's not a playoff at the one calling the play is offensive coordinator for the lines is as grants you know who feared quarterback coach of the saint you know they were talking about those games about it and again Meredith and and all the great quarterbacks in the Dallas Cowboys at that point. And they say you know the history that Dallas and Green Bay head. They had the transco want to follow deferral outside Lombardi and then there that had the last American cowboy Tom Landry. Ham and in Dallas wants some of those games. What intro to be Andrew trophy right now about it now and done narrative. You look at the personalities. In a big again and it. And 1967. Sizable program was selected that's when the ball. Was much worn game and our household immediate feel Bobby that's when the NFL's took flight. In in the late sixties it rice all the greatest game up like it took flight 888 starting. Not to separate itself but he started like around the turn of a track of harsh race it's taller they have a Hawks that was not by itself mean baseball and boxing. Well ahead of everything else and the youth football came down the strip as an attitude and our nets missed ought to make it neutral on the Jets have said the Colts there are an eighteen point underdog which was the first actual have a few moguls who both three with the first actually political titled super. The is that are television amateur game while big look at it at 67 now sizable what I can remember. Follow what was that. Had the worst headache. And you know as a second grader yes I was so that tells that stress our remember home that the worst headache and I couldn't believe in board star. When he finally across the goal line you know to win the game it. You know that's when next door female teacher goes and he's our neighbor over Christmas he got bit Cowboys Dallas cowboy uniform. When you kid you know and you go play in the yard you never really used those held was Disney golf classic bridges right. Yeah that was even before they had mystical and says do not use him real bad now they got this good beg anybody to use the but decides that I remember. You know Tebow said ever since that Tom Landry. Well you know when by the wayside now they treated him like Jimmie Johnson. You know all in and him coming on board that he kind of changes. Allegiance because Jerry Jones only treated Tom Landry but you've gone that's history in. The that's why I mean I don't believe in conspiracies. But this is really what NFL wanted. They NFL wanted on him Cowboys vs Packers this evening along those lines why am how many young David Allen Bobby alleys and you. Manning over Saddam dead Allah. Cabo fans in grieving fans in what people say I only what does it mean. These days it's it's a history lesson it's it's it's a new. Opportunity to educate about the the early stages the in the infantry the climb of the NF fail. Two young people who who are devout and it did devoted fans now but because of of this generation and when he will Bowen. If not that it bit ignorant of effectiveness don't know about it this week they will learn Wally be legacy that I I'm. 54 and have an isles and thinking Kerry's you know like seven so you cutesy that is history well let's go around the league sawing wood agreement that. It was a shootout last year 3736. Win for the Green Bay Packers expected to be. In the twenties this weekend out at historic Lambeau Field the Dallas Cowboys at Lambeau to take on the Green Bay packed with Mike we can did you as as he. In Milwaukee and Mike I can imagine the local TV stations. All of the folks you can pull up a beer a spot in a ballroom anywhere. Our barber shop water cooler. A lot of memories of those who at that ice bowl those who proud warning Limbaugh now at and I smoke is a great great week of history in Green Bay tackling. You know it's funny guys that 150000. People quickly and beat them in this you know one small world at that point forward he's. You're late man need to be all the memories aren't oh and right over the top of that they in the game I mean it. It's not quite have the ice cold but it shouldn't actually. Now my ego when you look at the match job and obviously. When I'm interested in. Because Tony Romo wave instead is that only your opinion that he's had basically. The lines and advance defense that we faced this year by far. And wanting an ongoing buy it is when I was in his green game the Saints and and looking at that packers' defense. That. That could be an area that I'd be surprised the DeMarco Murray down doesn't have at least 25 carries and if he doesn't hit that Cintron more simply because. The Tigers divas can make plays but I don't think as far as his Iran the united stout and as the lines. Well you look at you know the Packers are eight region this season worst game against the run actually a week by week whatever they did they change the game. They become the odd that drink eat a little awry. Now some of the players David trade like in the first of the year obviously but two typically that you like numbers went from out by adopted deepened. In the second out of the seat and again another pat beaten up they drop from like ten to thirteen. But yeah there's anything in twenty degree weather which DiMarco yeah the other side of legal. And others seed and try to model out. The league leading rusher they can't. Now might look at it state on the Davis aside the Cowboys defense that way and I think they gonna struggle. And know what I mean that I have because I think Aaron Rodgers is the best that a bans. Then also a Packers running back Eddie lacy. That I mean pick your poison I'd think like BO try to run DeMarco Murray adding any lacy will also have success that. Obviously. Even as well as Tony Romo played I still think is it different now Warner runs. Like you know it intimate with the cap uncapped watch like we've never been beat sort of say that happened at that it was and ironically it up it like out there out here. But it would you've got era under the cap that the game ended and his leg. But meanwhile you mentioned lately. Pioli in it was a big 6040. Run discrepancies and errors happen. Out there that maybe like he was shaving the big guy and knowing that you know you guys like played out of the the as it runs so great. She's in the league that is Kerry's early maybe got a fresh like portrait on the tire I would not try it be gently he get 2220 by period especially apparent not Aaron and can't move out of the pocket with that leg can't make plays. We got into his right into your lap like retreat of been some times. Now my game you bring up errands play his calf and and I know you have to build to run and obviously his ability at least in plays the ending it's a big deal but he practices are not because I know him from a mental standpoint obviously. And that does not come in the play but what did you take maybe. When he's out there for pranks are not considering. That would always experience in the game on this week. I think it would seem these guys so long there's a couple of guys Elliott a belt it. That would necessarily be active as Alan Iverson at that out talking about practice but I think Rodgers is the cupboard littler with Brady which Drew Brees would operate Manning and a couple of others but I don't think this era is necessarily. Include adequate big game because he does not practice I was going to be between position tomorrow and Adobe got a beacon practice tomorrow the plan all along is that illegal state practiced. So bill Thursday they'll practice Friday go on Saturday. I think rod is going to be fighting at a medium BP the league he's the best in the business use Islanders than anything about. Now Mike gave considering how well and now Dominic Greene he has been at home than on the flip side you look at the Cowboys. And and how dominant they've been on the road undefeated. Eight note that does that come into play as far as their swagger their confidence. Going into Green Bay considering they were undefeated on the road. I mean it's it's amazing that never happened before any no older Eaton on the road playoff game Anna bella minutes has got all the ability of love. That heavyweight match up and you know like I don't wanna pay too much liquid out on the road. They would do it Seattle biggest win any game in my opinion the entire year was to go on the road win at Seattle when nobody wins. But to come to place or Aaron Rodgers is so perpich and so glee. Whether or not statistics and the numbers are finally gonna come back chipped in normalcy or not find out what. I really feel like this place so much into the packers' favor you know you're letting it that don't seem to get to go to Germany. It's like Lambeau Field like they're going to be between an everyday. Yeah they were on the road but this is a totally different animal in January in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Mike wicket WS SP Milwaukee cover the Packers the Packers and the Cowboys this week in the NFC divisional round Mike enjoyed ought to be fun. Can't wait for it figured out that. I will continue around the league and that's what check in with the Dallas Cowboys and David mole on. It's divisional weak in all big games here Saturday and Sunday on the home of divisional. In in the NFL WW. And that is executive vice president and general manager of the New Orleans Saints Mickey Loomis and when asked about the current status of Saints pass for us and misses. Junior event welcome back to new commit. In the news the last couple of days including today is he would retain Ralph Whalen and he's attorney. And with the agreement in winning camp strongly deny any accusations and allegations against and you commit. Focus meeting domestic violence or battery. Plus Mickey Loomis and and a variety of topics talking about the Saints depth he felt like that the scent and then record didn't have anything to do with where they. When training camp out but at least it was Sean Payton. And obviously what has to be done in north for the team to continue to improve them not and team wants to be a neat they wanna be the number one seed they wanna get to that who. And a big also last them of course and well. The first or second round pick. In the future would you take more players that again an immediate impact. On the Bryan coax an immediate impact. Youkilis can jargon like different levels maybe took. Me teachable while. Come around even brought a Devery Henderson. He's looking at their first year and there is why brother and a as forms of project you know the food and nation the fan base they kind of let it. As damage on that TC have you taken him I don't know fifth 67 realm. More project. And a lot of side because his miserables that they would have a prominent but and you look in the first two rounds. Hamels need those guys to contribute right away. So he said not necessarily so that they still common and his damage on that tees because those miserables. A big corners did think he's gonna turn that corner considering losing receiver. And really just learning the defensive side of the ball the quarterback position. I mean and not as raw as Jimmy Graham going from basketball football but. Assembly being that the cornerback what it takes an NFL level but he said we we look at aside in that if we outta waited. He would know you know been around for the fifth sixth. Or seventh rounds as as they gained you play. But I think. The daddy has to have some kind of contribution. Considering where you took him in the second row. Come next season. And we and as Tennessee. Well he's playing you know leak him the benefit of the doubt and Ortiz in mini camp but. You know how well he's playing in training camp West Virginia in the pre season. Matching it to beat a number two corner knowing a but he sure has to be actively contribute now don't measure teams may be. A nickel and if. Not that third corner for sure be of these in the fourth quarter. 2601870. Eights are at Texas and 87870. Again tomorrow Thursday it's the C knew all of the celebrated too aren't anniversary of the battles on the war on. An amazing historical and fun famine event that Simon's thoughts at seven in Texans the way. With the US marine band playing in concert at 8 o'clock joined Debbie Jameel for the culmination of the grand celebration. Take your radio didn't Jackson square as a power through the air and as the soundtrack on WW go 53 FM and a sister station magic 101. Point nine found out more WW dot com and here especially the broadcast edition of the Monte Williams show at 9 PM Thursday night right here on WW yeah. Back to. And of course the Dallas Cowboys come up big with a victory over the Detroit Lions data mall cope with the Cowboys in the NFC east of the Dallas morning it was David. There's not a team player a coach who wouldn't take the call. It Dallas got Sunday it's about winning and moving on a show that call was big but Dallas won the ball game is too much being made out of this. Well I certainly understand white lines and enter that in. And I don't want to minimize that the flag being picked up after the Cole knee in the and then that official thing no call. Because they're certainly playing at a key part of the game. But I would also say it. At some point to witness game Detroit was going to have to make some plays in the second half. Really after their field goal early in the third quarter guerrilla 27. Detroit really didn't make any please. That bit you would say it he needs to many in the second half of the plate all game on the road in order where. So what is significant yet what that the determining factor. I don't know that record go that far but. Now David look gonna quarterback Tony Romo the Cowboys he goes on the say that the lines were to bears' defense. The Cowboys faced this year by far. Obviously look at DeMarco Murray. 75 yards on nineteen carries against NFL's best run defense it. You got to say well as far as stopping the run that was pretty impressive but what do you think is gonna take as far as his contribution. Now against the Packers. Here in nineteen carries. Against. The lines do you think is like 2530 carries is kind of like a do or die we need a ride you considering a might be like eighteen degrees in. We all know the Cowboys have been dominant all I on the road undefeated and look at the Packers how well they've played at home what is your take. And what you think DeMarco Murray can do against the Packers defense. I think you get it but because of the weather. Because agreement here so look fiction. Well instantly hit it at home and got such high powered all that. I doubt going to have to run the ball like I truly gotten in here over the last regain her three weeks or so. It DeMarco Murray got broken again and had surgery in played six day later. And I think now has been very cautious at short being number carried that have given him since they're. I'm in I think a lot of that was you know. I think you work on more on now on Sunday at Detroit what we do in such a good company and grow up and I think they've been very cautious with him and they know going on the road in the play all. They're gonna have to go back to the DeMarco Murray who is running the ball. 24 to 28 on the game and catching career for pats game. That it. You keep it current position but their defense put their defense and a better position and our deal so. If that doesn't think Glendale to Markham were pretty apparent from the early in the past two broken hand. That's one way to create a little bit I wonder stacking the line. And you're getting him to back off so I think you'll see that return. More to the game plan that week did you seen in these last week. No David will know the Cowboys fan base that confidence that they have. Massoud Tony Romo right now DeMarco Murray Dez Bryant Jason Witten. And all of their weapons and their offensive line their dominant offensive line but what is the mindset. The Cowboys fan base in there just around Dallas. When you consider what their defense and what they gonna have to do against the likes of arguably probably the best quarterback in the NFL Aaron Rodgers. But also our running back Eddie lacy are they common and or what did you take it with a. Well I don't really think there's an idea what kind of a lit personality or or are feeling. In here watched the Cowboys beat because. So little expected that the speaker it's going into the year. It was historically bad. Last year from the franchise perspective than it in one of the worst. In nine NFL history last year it in law about productive players coordinate in the seat and but you know all these in. That you will have a bad quarter or a bad half an experience sit there and go okay. We're about to feed it and rambled this is the print we thought we were going to feel year. And they respond with a really strong second crap like they did that play in the give Detroit. He I think he looks that were here to troll at the eagle 140. Under dashing out for big plays that you're going okay. Net now we've seen it now the only Dallas can win it in the shoot out game instantly WL to Google the rest of the way in the second quarter all. On this team I think so far this year six have the option without the ball. What they're Natalie did and the coordinator on Monday and an outstanding job. What his team. Get dashed early in the game for the big plate. Like Golden Tate Victor one yard reception against Detroit. They do really good job of being disciplined clamping down and adjusting and you know they. It is not an overpowering he went by any. But they've shown the ability. To rise to the occasion and make plate guillotine that fielding key moment to really help again. Now David as they get along those lines as far as the fan base you look at Tony Romo. Uh oh what is it gonna take well no is it gonna take a suitable victory obviously the garage stall by Troy Aikman. If you look now by beating the line's improved what 22 and four in the post season is it gonna take like a great winning green name union NFC championship bar. Does he truly have to win a suitable. To really be appreciated. Well I think that appreciation. His grown for Tony Romo even among on the tractor and now without yet plate that he'd been. All of that being it and I go back to what. Tony Romo. Into what owner Jerry young and which is nothing short of winning Super Bowl. Title is going to win people over completely and a that that'd be present at the under which Tony Romo. You know that is legacy. And how it's viewed by many people will be whether or not. The Cowboys are able to win the Super Bowl on his watch. And if they don't do that you know I can tell you last week where and that if if dal at green but he loses. There will be a lot of people going rolling on I think that he is knocking period team to a Super Bowl so he knows what the stakes are Aoki also knows that. You wicked contract with the failure in the past. That he's not going to be able to escape and you whip the legacy of the quarterback or you managed to stop back and truly a I'll bet the other part of when you're part of a franchise. Like that we're heading Super Bowl quarterbacks. Quarterback becomes after it's going to be compared to you know in doubt he can't didn't have to be compared to do our quarterbacks. So like you're like New Orleans whoever comes in pretty easy compared you know well. Are you group theory can you do what he did it and a Romo understands that and now I think it bothered him earlier that courier. He understands now I think it that you are basic thing. That you really kind of roll with the punches. Gave him more over the Dallas Cowboys for the Dallas morning news David thank you so much for the time enjoy the game this weekend. Things are all right we'll come back still yet to take in on the Indianapolis Colts in the Denver Broncos. Will happen and it AFC divisional matchup is to sports talk and a BW. When asked about the current status of defense to call it a rob Bryant there would be any changes made that was one of the responses that sank to take it vice president and general manager Mickey Loomis gave welcome back to sports talk he's Bobby bare. I'm Deke Bellavia you know you can kitchen favored WW show a lot of us in the pocket as any time just like the DV all. Go to our website WW dot com look for the big packets but on the top right hand corner of off front page. Ought to find your favorite host click the link Mark Shields Hinske it's real simple so convenient. Podcast on WW. Dot com Christie Garrett by the bear in my take all give you the latest from what happened at Saints camp today did you commit errors eyebrow wane and as his attorney to represent him. So a lot gone off plus operated jaguar Pena posted saints' defense wanted to. Rob Ryan stay or go cancer vote online at WW dot com is that Bobbi. O line needs addressing any plans plants chocolate chip thoughts on Saints offensive line. Well of what I going too much detail because I think is have to play itself file I don't see him. Keeping being grows engine area. I think because they're price tag and then keep in one of them. But then I I think they both that good. That they're both going to be starting. In the NFL next year now in ascendancy. In other starting for the Saints amid who's starting for the Saints issued today. Now I think Jim Alito. I think he will be starting. For the Saints I don't know for the Soviets in regard. I think Zach Strief will be the right tackle. I think Tehran Armstead I don't know the extent his neck injury. But I think he will be the left tackle but I think you'd be mall or in the interior. Howling in Islam that a row. But I it is they'll see about what some lines stain his act like they were last year. In the that the process is economy can lead into the sixth as the Cowboys have had an entry first round draft picks starting than them. And a sack Marten. Was an instant hit for them. The inning he went to gardening if I'm correct about that and and the impact the their all of its alignment so a lot of times your fans who got a built to protect drew. And I know one time we had Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks. We did have. The best dual guards. And saying you look there's AJ were fortunate. And contract and age should say. Since Sean Payton took over starting we Jeff Faine. Jeff Faine played such at a high level. That he really got rewarded with the highest the in the being the highest paid center in Tampa Bay Buccaneers leader and they will almost hit the lottery again. Only brought Jonathan good wood on board. And then you know John and go and obviously. It was all fear of him and ending Morry it's be dealing with injuries and and and primarily his age. When you look on his contribution openness when assume Ruble but. You look who we were so stout a guard he had the likes of Brian Billick Wednesday. Who helped us set offensive records will be where we became a new greatest show on turf on the 2011 season. And then a guy like Bryan celebrate do let him go. And he makes the Chicago Bears roster. But he ignited in starting off for them. Where. So you look where we're at right now I don't know. They wanna put lowly till Mora and garter sinner but I'd be surprised the meg cheers Tim lethal. Is not stars. Owning a one of those yet exactly and but I'd be surprise if you know we're not. What we're not gonna keep we're not gonna keep both I think being drugs and Jahri Evans because I gotta get Clement knows me as a because the salary cap implications and the average right here that. If well go on would you CD I got a I got a plan looking. Hit the net you of the teams each year about that with a division in your conference and division in the on the carpet next year's AFC opponent will be the AFC south division Indianapolis. They will be Jackson view it will be used him. Any will be Tennessee we've met so with the NFC east. That being Dallas. Washington. New York and Philadelphia we're also play second place teams and now all conference the second place teams in the NFC north of the Detroit lines. The second take place team for the NFC west. Was the Arizona Cardinals and of course you play each team and our division. Two times apiece Tampa Atlanta and Carolina there only sixteen games but. Yet the analogy and I it broke home Malia wiley was given a homer away yeah why we played Dallas says because again this year because we play in the NFC east and I think that'll be explosive outing of bowled the lines and the Cowboys. Are coming to this the end president tried to own game now on the other three home games Colin Peek if we worked out so well at the Jaguars Titans in the Giants we should win. We should win. Because I think we have to have a aching to beat the Cowboys are aligned. Now you look at on the road and if you look at the NFC south was so sorry. Some is looking at the sixteenth. Our gains who would team's overall like winning records. He's got the Cowboys and the lines at home. And in a way yep the Cardinals. You have the Colts playoff teams and you don't have the Eagles and ended the Texans. So. I think right now just days after the combat the couple phone Robert because will play him in the previews and entering with the goods by the Colts from the Texans are detective Jay and we play him in the trees and yet and yeah we were we enjoyed I'd be interested to see you know they change of training camp and West Virginia if we do practice against someone you know I think we would trade I'll go against Houston or Mike or are they even went to and pricing is the Patriots and I may have done that and a pass to letting you bring their competitive spirit. Maybe back to training camp and Agassi Asante Doumit. Is that just haven't embarking goals tournaments actually competing gets that a team before pre season. And then of course Indianapolis with dom back 31 point four dam held off a victory all the way back in week one he we go. And to those first week of the playoffs for the Broncos it's a cyclical broke as Indianapolis defeated Cincinnati last week. John Bell train of K as I all endeavor took over the Broncos. John this it would give a thought they would be this the way everyone thought damn would be at home hosting a playoff game. Indianapolis how much of a threat do they really pose to the Bronco. Mean when you look at that you Rockford you figure that the Broncos sent that that roster that walks per at that got bigger names but. In other than saint in the world in the century here sent to federal. I was strapped a couple of years ago but he obviously the wild card game two years ago and Portland into the slot a playoff game against the Chiefs. And that walk to the Patriots were a lot about one perception now this year the Colts obviously dominated last week especially on defense in the back to ten points. Got to go Broncos team that. Pat had changed their identity offensively a few weeks ago there was such a pass oriented temple team. They slowed the pace. And CJ Anderson a lot basically the bird's starting running back on the team after opted. One injury and open about Korea port games. Replacing one person and very effective on catcher exactly that made it should mean one reason is because we have promised. Was scored from that counts in that that game against Indianapolis. Into the post hype. Games in the regular season the league yet are only had two big touchdown that upped it with a point and not a week so he wasn't. But to me that's. You early in the season that they've Manning realized that they've got be. Going into the postseason because last year. Eaton reported to them. It's each pitch in game against the England. Pat one that couldn't pass against the soup and certainly could Ron because they were only. Set the course of the regular season. I think that probably eat in the that they went to a dip in velocity and. Expanded their identity predictably because it's certainly wasn't there actually went primarily. A pass oriented team which was. Pete cheap and prepare but it didn't want to get the big game and it's as he talks. Yeah I jell and you look at the post season and you brought him initially about the defense. That you could stop the run and who can run the ball. You would think winning Annapolis that when Andrew Luck they gonna have to pass and it kind of perception around the country and around here. Is that they think the difference would be the Broncos David does a lot better than I colds beef it. But he senses are right there that that the political or eleven but that. The Clinton Portis only. This year than they were a year ago a year ago even when he beat Kansas City in the points. And it then gave up a lot of points when they're rattled the in that victory by New England. In the top in the SE. Game now you look. That he thought that that this year that a lot better in the regular season. And obviously a lot better week Patten said. Most people but it's also and that one year ago one after PGA award. And Aqib Talib in the secondary they were to put pressure on the quarterback. And that that would the markets where they got nicked up shortly pretty decently in May be as what he would like to apply it. And the Broncos for the a couple of minor injury on defense. On the line. It will make it out for the season but for the most part. That team itself be and it's slightly. Better on paper than Indianapolis defense and that's but the way it's played out so far this year. Now jolly you'll get a four months have passed. Since they are Colts a Broncos match demery Gentile with the 24 to zero lead. In in this season opener against the Colts but. Boy the Indianapolis came storming back in and the final score was 31 at Torrey for what Havel had a big momentum swing in bag. Understanding it's Kansas City in week two well and it. They had a big league against the Chiefs and and the Broncos as well to adequately recognized there have been taught that you can whether that. Spending the past and I don't routine and say that. But again the corner and it's spotted out and eat and in the good equipment and that. Who out for the beaten up a lot that week like war pocket it for twenty arguably. There in a picture at. But luck threw two interceptions in the first that. At what looked in the back so the combination. Out of the pocket it but so well defensively and grew. Not making mistakes in the game that. Like seven of the broncos' defense made a big play. That look like the season. Won the Broncos took on the angles and the Patriots understand the road games in the playoff game not even and he. Had a pretty decent game and what Tom Brady. Did to the Broncos on Sunday night was so. I was pretty impressed about Brady and he's done that to a number of teams and sort of the opposite. Wouldn't consider it. That would that he got two other courses that because that is outstanding at night in the middle and put a lot about what could be kept them. Was cabinets and it would limit for much. KS IR in dam broke over the Broncos in the AFC divisional game Indianapolis India but John Beltran not John thank you so much enjoy the game this week he. Things are right will wrap it up on the B did you. You know Bobby has a lot of question marks over the apartment go on the Blanco Gordon all season. It seems to be some I don't know a feel out there a bit. LSU his own mind negate one of the top quarterbacks in college football on to 2014. That being Eva Eva know remains every Gholston Ohio State. Braxton Miller a lot of body which is not ball talk I think it's picking up some steam now. We'll have to wait and see blow shocking about that is 52 touchdowns seventeen interceptions for blacks in. Would be good each ideas both legacy one of them. You look no but I mean I asked right now if you're LSU fame and you do it that way when way there is no doubt about you you you closure I say okay. Out that you want. Well it and they look and also OK who's the quarterback coach Cam Cameron commit murder in the starred for the Titans nine the look of Two Rivers Drew Brees Joseph Flacco whose main. When Eric Olsen on N extravaganza other issues. And that was impressive. While Lee you'd pass the ball in or you know Brad Miller yes yes so that the I don't know. That would be a plus sailor issue if one of those teams transfer there enemies stated today I don't know if it hadn't won I would be as huge and I think those two individual quarterbacks also look at the supporting cast and an ending right quake. In my notes. Ben Grubbs you announced nine point six million against the cap and next season who Jahri Evans eleven million. Wanting me to play that's I mean in two positions at a three. Right and in two and three that Atlanta via I think one of them will be here and nodding and I talked to restructure and all that's but I'd be surprised if both the meter Jonas tomorrow. If the SEC overrated the SEC west. Two and five invoking the SEC east. Five and oh we'll talk about it tomorrow thanks to mob and aren't Jim Angela Nick's it's going to be a big elevate he's that age can't Bobby Hebert had won the whalers dol goodnight people. It.