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1-13 10am Garland, University Budget Cuts

Jan 13, 2015|

Garland talks to Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy and University of Louisiana President Sandra Woodley about future budget cuts of several Louisiana higher education budget cuts and asks how many more of these cuts are possible before these universities have to close their doors.

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And I've done so many chose on subside dunes law also wetlands. At sea level rise. Our coast getting closer and closer and closer to wife's. That much said I think the golf ball and told Oprah quarter blah but I did it one way hopefully because. Also notable blow and talk to a a couple of highly Paul applied geologists. That say that nobody's talking to them about restoration efforts. And what they've said was that what we're doing is into the war. And they even pointed to all faults. Underneath the wetlands. IE current quarter. So I told them were to show and after that complemented well if there are believed to lead the brilliantly. Module re and OP board scorn on by this time it pretty good idea. And then every and over the week period and then. Expert who is telling. Leaders and terrible move push power and that they've been told the big reason for the wetland loss of eleven news and moves or is it doesn't seem to be true. She called dual led true at twelve noon. Lemon talked. A little follow up on a pot Colorado in particular. Several lot of predictions and bring in Butte revenues. There were a lot of vote predictions that young people weren't secure and to read for madness. Both of which at least soap or have not proven to be troops who got the latest. Not only prolong the pot dealers in the book called Veoh evergreen park that carry. Global flu talk to the law about the whole thing. Our slumping grip over the years we've certainly heard on a regular basis. And perhaps some exaggerating. Problem. What costs in higher education coats in hell but in particular. Our education seemed a little scary. The latest. Says that the upcoming legislative session. Might be forced to cut your reverses the boot wearing two in 300 million dollars. 1030 we're going to be talking to the president. Of the universe through Louisiana would you roving non university about 9000. Students. Right now we're talking John Kennedy or street treasurer of the memo was called when. Talking about state budget John welcome again and appreciated echo thank you. So I am in my exaggerating. The that the rent here is it. 20300. Million. A group waited to board as it is isn't really a possibility. I more than possibility I would say it's a probability. Were talking about the budget now it's a legislature will be debating this for which starred the wild one. Higher education will probably also. Have to sustain some cuts before and because not only is next year's budget. Be in dollar plots out of balance the current year budget is not swept out. So I think it's it's a probability does it have to happen no. I have aunt and how old army army perhaps about things he has. Most of the legislate wars are blaming this on the frankly apple gear used to blind. It's not all the governors ball not. Saying that he doesn't bear some responsibility. I consider Bobbie good forehand. We disagree on some things we agree on others. But under the state constitution. How do not teach stake constitutional law Yale Law School is not the governor is responsible for the budget it's legislature. And the legislature can avoid this if it wants to. They need to step up to apply now for years I've given them. Idea after idea idea I'm not saying all my ideas work but I don't think he ever wanted to call. And what they Alltel he is probably well you know we think it'll work we'd like to do it we elected governor and if we do it. So you know their accountant for that concern that this is the legislature's problem. The legislature needs to step up the plate and fix it I won't help them anyway acting. The tears no reason for us to cut our education and. All right and everything I read says we're talking about possibly 13. Of abuse against a public operating budget. Oh let's come back conceded they're really answers teachers out there university professors. Questions comments Gibbs called to Sid 0170. Double Nokia. Well rude thing and a blob good Central College are higher education during via the next legislative. Session. House speaker says the president's. Chairman said if there implement. They will be devastating. They are owned sustainable. We just can't do them we Joan Kennedy Brothers treasury. Over the years when these things have come abruptly John and you do you vault which come up with the answer would what do you huge potential in terms now. I would talk to sue them if they asked my opinion in any of them do probably. Dad tell them sign things have been development for years. Get control of the Spain and consulting contracts there a couple of ways to do I'm not talking about getting rid of every consultant because some of them to add value but we don't need doll like. I would talk to them about two about Medicaid are. I mean the cost of Medicaid or eating Nestle. When. When this administration began we were spinning top 48 billion dollars dedicated they were spinning eight. We spent an additional 500 mate in the last two years. Part of the problem is is. Abuse of the emerged. People going to eat yours. To be treated for non emergencies like. Actually in the get a pregnancy test cost is at times more to do that. The governor can stop that. Immediately people listed. Oh he's got to do is send a letter every emergency room of the stage during the state will no longer pay. And we're not record today for not emergency visits to emerge. So those sorts of things that we can dig it didn't gain control of getting control of of Medicaid hospital's patients. In 2000. Are consult until we were paying a fortune to did not review aid pushed it of the Medicaid hospital relations for medical necessity. Yeah every breed we look at Medicaid and we will look at the consultants. You see a 1020300. Million dollars of which could be in. Are sure. That there's been pondered in forty million dollars EU talks. Building a new web site. At the department of children in and we services. To make it easier to access the food stamp program. 140 million dollars for state and urged. I'm not against the stamps if your Hungary America we're not totally chief store. But people want food stamps don't eat under forty million dollar web sites. They need help finding a job. They don't stop that project right now. I don't know how much they have left of the 440 may have been some vanity project. That waterboarding Megan should go to the universe each they don't even knew whips. Politicians. That hoped to get relayed to a new rule locked. All the politicians this time rumored term limited a lot of multiply and Gordon to other government jobs soar. Seek other positions. They say that the public we can't fund hospital we can't fund higher education. But we can fund a 140 million dollar web site war. We can pay for very expensive consultants. On which if we look and go we'd have the tour 300 million. We need to keep schools open. Won't vote and they don't talk about it and frankly. A lot of my companies get angry at me when I did talk about. The other thing you have to to take into consideration is on these consultants make campaign contributions. So they comet coming in handy around election time I understand politics and politicians. I understand ball that but what. I'm not go to goal all we have is when. Folks say well we're out of money. There's nothing we can do. I know were Lance education. But we're gonna have to just got to our university we have no ritual that's just not true. Then that's bad some days or hold on second let's go to Iowa. Dog on the North Shore you wrong with the third perjured John can. Ph.D. student you and there involved in the fight which Satan UOPH deeper political points. While have been you or speak out on the border region. During my I surged more go wrong again of the additional problems spoke about. Com is that we constitute a couple constitution as set aside. All this law passed that center spot in protects certain money. All politicians. Are much of the legislative leaders and government can step my. So one. We don't pushed the issue. In the legislature and governor may talk this. It's so. DP you make a very good point there called. A golf app talked about it before they're called statutory. Dedication. We have over 300. Special accounts that the legislature has directed me to set up into which money automatically floats. Now I'm not saying we would get rid of all of them. But certainly one alternative would be to go through and look at the ones we have evidence pretty well. Which ones might still make stance and which ones now. That's and that's another perfect example. But everybody in Baton Rouge state capital seems to be wringing their hands sign well what's the governor bill and it. And our response of that is well. That the governor is as a bat and more months as governor. He's going to run for president I wish him watt. I hope he makes it when he does well he remembers Louisiana believe he will I'm not trying to be. Shortly here any bang I'm out ruling which Bobby but Bobby solve this problem. Lucio legislatures don't perhaps solve this problem and under the state constitution. It's the the order of government is supposed to solve this problem. Shall last year after gas let's go let's go put some moment to Bolivia don't like pianist. Let's look at others but don't just stand around Google what we don't have any choice but to gutter in bursts. John but incumbent and victim talked to president of what's called. University via old ouija I'm not not a news overseas you'll know Grambling Louisiana Tech meet these new north let's Wednesday. Software assumed gender university of Latvia. A Louisiana elected you and overs you Louise Zimmerman oh. If it speaks for years. For these poor state. We have to really coaches. It is or at least shall blow lol or talked about all of that the legislature. That this won't read out the sick when from the word. And there will be more money left over for the ones that should be open. Well number number one. Yes no question we have some universities that are better than others. But we've got an immediate Garland and there's no way Theres no way it's just legislature nor closed universe. In stay at what he'll do his water actually and start all of them together. So that's not even you know with in the of the possible real possibility. It any that if they get close Versteeg which they able. It would be enough money to stave off the cuts and put this into permanent stability in our educations and I would strongly encourage you when you have the system president on an Obama listened with great interest and ask her what her plan needs. Mean we have leadership throughout higher education. They need help was with a plan to inspect and details what they're most tapped right into scared to say at war. You know why does that don't make the government. Well you know I'm sorry yeah you've got a break if you aged make at all. Now our universities are at risk here are leaders say it's that they're being paid well step up to the plate they're okay. I'll. I just don't just talk about probably take your post should what year. I went to all problems try to its support for cutting consultant contracts. I can say the faculty supported me last year we got the bill passed the governor vetoed it. It would pass that deal Bobby each time we wouldn't be mystics but I didn't get any support for menial. That that that though upper Echelon of the universe to east is there all scared that support from the faculty but not for bail. The scooter Charles and whole patrol room would Jon Kuhn. Turn your back is difficult to speak on the matter today and now. You don't straightens placing our decisions. Where birds agree economy. You know reporting for us and right now. But but still you know to be racing business issues just seems probable. What about the election should or shouldn't I know that all those are necessarily a popular option. But are we realistically in the field this regular session you know this year or that we need truly need to just now could sound of the story possible solutions or. Very good question what I would not it'll be opposed to the special session I think I made will need the extra time. But before you have a session you've got to have a plan. And unless the legislature is willing. To roll up its leads. Really that into this thing. Make some hard decisions talk realistically about plans special session will do when he did it bothered element to his comment to a special session. In terms of the governor and they governor tell us what to do. Then it's accomplished up because I can tell you what to govern themselves did cut higher education. Armed group core question Stephen Moret do blues on. Twinkle in week. Interpol remember correctly he says we've got eighty billion. In your industry. In this state right now and we've got eighty billion. In the permit actually took a 160 billion dollars in new business. Coming into this state. What did you look at a cut to higher education to 300 million. And still to be here. No no label this is as artists and will continue to errors in terms of economic and now no question about it. And I mean everybody thanks in one business is okay. Calling look at this taxes taxes are certainly one thing. They have families but look at quality of life and look at the health care delivery system and look at the crime rate. That thing look at the culture or is there symphony of march should exert great university Iran all those things match. And we are cutting off our nose to splatter placed and it doesn't have to happen if they end up cutting our education to the ball only art cut it to the ball. I guess selling BK if you if you Williams but it but he did that. As far as I'm just parties because legislature chose to do not not because they had to do it. And it's not the price of oil this but this that we had a problem before profitable stork dropped. All right we literally pebble only a minute. But George Harrison was called Steve rivers initiative prone to grow awoke from Lucia. Thank Igor. Bob I'll call him to address would not think. Mr. Kennedy just talked about network Arabic call for special and yeah. We do planet we you have people are off work to stop we see it coming. And that's the costs that are going to be made art agent. Last year and a bill. We're going to address where the money. And it's going as the warriors on that Al Albee gaming. That money that was supposed to be dedicated to education. Over 80%. Of them 900 million dollars such generated every year is going to everything education. Horse tracks call the superdome commission golf course. Those are the issues think that the people more concerned about because they expect it every time my game to me what is going all. So built in not keeping it committee. That's the the commitment think that we make as legislators to do what the peoples and aspired to do until. What they've boat war. That gaming money should be going to education. GO a moderate Tom but I'd love to get drew back call and it talked in detail. Of all portrait taken about you and there representatives. And John perhaps it's saying to them we can come enhances thing out I appreciate both W calling it. Governor audio brigades I deal world 53. Of aired their their time that it did everything that I heard things were I'd say. It just at Jews cannot be right. Went of with a look at the news reports that in the next legislative. Says. There they could be movement from virtually required to cut to 300 million dollars. From higher education. And then that two seasons if it doesn't. Maybe federal nor naught but it doesn't make concerns me take one horror bill of shoes. Total operating budget. They've already. Figures Euro roots and their goal which had already had some tremendous caught everybody from you know and now conditioned room audio. So it's it's become that thing how can this be happening and this had happened. We would gut report several legislative. House speaker its independent chairmen saying. Terms 300 million dollar cut higher education this Deb Tuesday they or unsustainable. You just can't dual. We have said the group would only with the trojans you university blue reasonable Jews actually. Nine unit virtues about 9000 students. Sandra thank you so much a percentage calling it Pletcher is is that's correct or are they talking about it. To do with 300 million dollar hit in that they wore a hood over that dude to the tell issue. Well I keep hoping to wake up in Indian band during. But I think the year on the situation is scary for the universe we assistant at and you'd mentioned earlier we have nine universities including. Grambling State technical Lebanese and Louisiana Tech company grow Latvia at Portland southeastern. North western. Maybe I mean these are than ever these. Generate. And debts or most of the students and produce most of the degree. It's. I mean it cuts of this magnitude. Would be dramatically. Damaging not just to higher education system that certainly to me it's. Took the economy in Louisiana. I mean it is. A very serious concerns on this subject. Dude you got well being here there are boring every year. When we talk about major budget cut I talked to John Kennedy's seat treasure. And every year he says you take a look at consulting contracts. Which I wouldn't think would be important as higher education. And you'll find the money we do centers they've represented the just called in their take a look at the gaming money it was boats through education and doesn't. John said that did and got a bill through the legislature. But he couldn't get the leaders of the of the universities. And that and in some payable says it's because your guide to operate with the governor. Because the governor's most hold for person in this day. Why is what. John suggesting. Not. An obvious to him. Well we certainly appreciated. The work that mr. Kennedy did and other to try to find solutions. The problem with that particular solution like higher education not exempt from it and so it really would say very much money for our institution then. As we had to cut a 700 million dollars and keeping out and native of budget. We've had he lives or. Outside consulting expertise breaded and half full time employees our payroll to beat them. Work that we're doing in her system still with very important for that we maintain our ability to DD year and a contract since then. We were higher education was not exempt from the cut then we felt like that in its current form that was sent. Wasn't a solution that would benefit the problem very much for us coming or maybe wait attacking the navigate it differently that could have a different result. You know that was the problem was the weight at that particular bill was drafted. So basically. When I say he's drawn to 300 mil. If you go after the consulting contract. Pinned upon the body says yes he's used incorrect when it comes pirate. Well because he didn't think the entire education then that deal would've Costa is well. And it would it rock it was harmed our ability to leave a continue to do business that we needed to do it. And and we were concerned. Did. US trading at. Really aren't there. Are we were a little low on visual poll every Dave Perugia board of view opinion poll. And Jay and Dave we ask in Louisiana universities. Except more major budget cuts. Well ups on the closing their doors 66%. Say absolutely not. When we come back we'll talk to move Woodley and house. If these cuts or implement or a big portion of them as you heard chants in the of these rumors had is due shut down doubled up. A different example of why did so biblical zone stay alive that Stephen Moret on the way as we head of economic development and Louisiana news talking about. Eighty billion dollars of target removed from month figures correctly of new business new industry in this state right now. Eighty billion more in the permitting states. It's eight to the head industry hot wings into new business were trying new. Attract. When they cut to 300 million dollars out of high of higher education that's already been written. Doesn't make any sense I don't know of those who met. We're sender would we wouldn't president university Yuba. Whose unit trillions non universe to about 9000 students say Andre is there any chance. That a university or mainly university would have closed the doors. Well I think at eight level of cuts they're going to be. That risk. And make her collapse and the Louisiana economy including. Multiple universities all or distant that will be at risk there's no question. That multiple institutions would be at risk of closure and you put it in perspective. Losing. Half that your state budget for institutions and many of which are very thin margin anyway after eight years of cuts. Ending did you know the the efficiencies at our reach deep in the for the most part uncovered. Institutions that are working hard to continue their level of performance and producing graduates. And if we said that the you know your thought earlier about Steven race sixty to eighty billion dollar economic development projects. And we are in jeopardy just skilled workforce for the economy. And we we collectively worked very hard last year to pass the wise. Fund. Get that added forty million dollars for us to be able to ramp up our production acting like it two record like engineers and computer scientists. I mean not only that we not be able to make good on the profit. But the economic expansion. This is going to be dramatically impact our entire economy and the airing negative way. And to answer your question deducted directly their to their there's no way. That to eliminate the risk. Pretty wide collapse of higher education assistant. It more than half dead despite funding is it erased from our budget and actually appeared time it'll be nature a major catastrophe. Give give me some ranchers. Well I think we have news I think there are answer I think we have to work with our brand in the legislature. To bind to. First of all the short term slower. Pollution for next year to make sure that these state economy doesn't fall off cliffs and it will. Trying to maybe cut or not just about hiring and they're out there. And so short term solution at the at and there's no either way. To alleviate the problem to find new revenue sources. I think they're the way to find new Britney or is about increasing tax rates. Judge do you would want. Well I'm not a you know I think we have to let the experts. In the legislature and and they don't have to start from scratch they're good ideas out there that I think could be politically palatable to. Our partners in our print the business and industry and also. What the legislature that well as defined. You know an acceptable pathway to making sure that this disaster to occur for Louisiana we're hopeful. Although we here we are. Very concerned and that will be standing all of our time. Focusing on the solution for. Here oil we have a couple of minutes but I've heard for years. That word two councils they were too poor state to have shall movie universe. If good news for bit but if so who of these universities. Had to shut down. We're not then have schools that are fully funded and would have a better chance of being the hiring of higher education. Well you know precisely for the that they mentioned geographic access this important. And so we can't we are under producing. Educated people currently the end. And we are we heard about the 68 million dollars in economic somewhere need jobs will be available. So you know want to argue we don't happen not capacity. And our institutions to be able to produce that degree that everybody. Increased there every institution in the creek they're great production when it would happen. It's not respecting any institutions. Eliminating institution doesn't say very much money still have a problem. You know access geographically. To all the people we've seen him badly need these. The Woodley I know you're busy we really preacher stomach can guarantee the this is born of mini poll shows will do and hoped we would get your back could always be pictures from a trio brokered. Governor upheld the gate celebrity and moral 53 at. Are already covered objects were gonna go to Colorado. And go to law enforcement and talk about the legalization. Of pot. And it really. Follow up report to the states at legal. Relatives of legalization. In particular color brought growth beat all those the Bluetooth predictions. May mimicked its legal would it make money would taxes. End. When you book and consumes own their of those and its own can be. And woke in the group won them the old drug addicts. And both of them so far proven to be not true we'll take a look if that true because that would use reporting. And its orders in Maine governor Bill Gates ebony and on 153. At.