WWL>Topics>>1-13-15 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on LSU hiring Kevin Steele

1-13-15 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on LSU hiring Kevin Steele

Jan 13, 2015|

Bobby & Deke talk with Mike Scarborough of Tigerbait.com about LSU's hire of Kevin Steele as defensive coordinator.

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Don't. Don't it didn't. Turn. Down. And some I liked immunity David is almost like. I don't know if there's like a team. Went on to do feel a more like a wrestler coming out the bad. Polanco. A box a common in arraigned in some minutes foam that music Dennis Gannon. And and and then you know meets another on bite the dust when he junkyard dog pondering. You know. Is. That part Ono is not like that is sunlight and allowed one Apollo ring hollow creek came tutoring. In for the definitely interest though. I Yankee due to injury away and move on all the youth movement and one. Yes there was thrown all Iraqis this week HBO or showtime with freeze this week while it is to ultimately be all it's a fitness studio the sidewalk here is playing Tennessee take a few K. If there. Is no like are they are about it among got them now but I mean fire the opposite. Zig though 170. LSU has a new defense accord and a thank you mom and awesome to uphold the video pop when Utley. LSU at the new defense according that he is Alabama's. A formal linebackers coach and special assistant head coach Nick Saban. Coach Kevin Steele looking back at some of the things we have more line WWL dot com bogeys as soon as it happened for you. A little over our logo a coach Steele Sony has a great resonate he has coached under of guys like Bobby Bowden. Also won a national championship and was a coach from the Brasco and 94. When they went 68 and eleven and during his accused. In Lincoln he helped the pick out at this go to there first NFC championship game in just his second season 1996 when they failed to Green Bay. And he was in my back a scope he was a head coach at Baylor when he didn't have much success and into defense played it again. At wet at Clemson. But when you look at his body aware of Bobby and I think the biggest note of anything else some people on any certain. Aspect of their field meaning you may be in a medical field. You know a surgeon but I year YouTube very successful and another area. I think he is a successful coach. Not just by me saying about Bob but it's his Reza made it was seen here in Alabama small print out for us. But maybe he's more. The soon to be a cornea and Hinkle. Yeah Deke. And I think is not a coach's he's been around and you talk about hall of fame type coaches. Starting Johnny majors Tom Osborne. But look at it Dom Capers. I know Dom Capers. The time he's they would pick the bowl and what we're doing defensively with the dome patrol. And he's been around. On the edge our top edge and are knowledgeable deepest leagues old dog blitzes. Social base who would you gonna have an L issue. You know what you had Alabama does coach Saban his background is professional defense. Is that now the players have to go to grasp it and being able they get it done at a high level where they don't have to think and react big changes react in understand the concept that. And judges by hand being in the Dom Capers. With the Carolina Panthers. And him. The being around coach Sam mills via I mean so you being in the meeting rooms and all the knowledge. That comes around and then gone would Bobby Bowden. And and you think they gotta know with the popularity award I don't think it is when rivals dot com any member of the year. The Florida State back in 2005. You got to create consider prestige that now. Well that being sick keeping all wood is always great arm are you just trying to. Sugarcoat it now now always green no because if you coach long enough but by you have a down year you might have. Rim this year are or in this game he's had them there and and you can that happen in. When he was the visit coordinator at Clemson. The like you said in Portugal gave up seven. Not seventeenth seventy yeah to West Virginia in and any got fired. And in he went on after that. 2011 season. The witty we did you have today that he goes straight Alabama. Trout look in my knowledge and making it. I don't know where he needed toiled in with Alabama's thirteen OK yeah yeah they would they got hammered in Indy Toyota been eleven season it will bowl game. Say about it they went leave of absence of right downtown and in return to Alabama's 2013. Director of player personnel. In any made a transition but the linebackers coach. And February. 2014. This past year so yeah a lot of stops and he's been around a lot of great players in. But the bottom line linebacker position is it times. I don't know been a weakness. You know where we've had the got a young. Are aware of the linebackers Trammell Louisiana I don't know that was in an even just reflecting back. And because they had NFL level. Mimic Kelvin Sheppard you know Perry Riley here Kevin mentor dale gave it jars David Newhan who have so and I think he's been around and that being Kevin Theo as far as that only. I just logo from Louisiana perspective and if he can entice. Linebackers. Like we in big you know we had a top linebacker c'mon Illinois yeah it is. Maybe get a time line might come out of Texas of Florida and humans have become she's to the phone to go. WW ago. Pay out their season. Ball I thought it ironic that you have perch in the Aubrayo you know playoff system in college couple forward at all right. Right it was almost like justice. Right now he got to write it and I'm a full. Right after and I'll you'd like that should take Ito would in other traditions of paper out of rooting you know back. Forty and it could be here and that would be Syria basically voting on noble borders Jew. Probably drive to commit three or four have a check noble orchard all night. Official a day for showed you know just like Bobby said earlier hit known would use it. Ideas and some different you would have been one to two in four. Did too dark to three fold despite a bowl game we'd be sitting on like. Man would have bet winner would have played a window of one and two and has been well we got in a they'd Jays it's football it's when you peaking mine I'd be to saint team can be simmers you're in September. I'll tell you you talk to Ohio State fans and people potted team they got embarrassed by averaging has taken whole way and it would even the same team. They look good right what does the the last two each day. Are in an all house they cannot do it but our game was hoping it was Oregon team that played in the Rose Bowl. Two weeks ago and not what happened last night any any into or out it's about week to week in you know and at oh how. They would ban won't even look at they NFL level. Look at the NFL the Giants. The last time the Giants won the suitable talent you in early December. You're ready to far Eli Manning Tom Coughlin. In the octagon and rolled it once the Super Bowl. And that was the Ravens as a wild card team came out an award this you get a true champion. Where it's one on the field. And and not someone's opinion and what's intriguing about football vs this day. The NBA are Major League Baseball it's one game I think he gives you hope. That anything can happen. One KGB clicking on all cylinders it is not necessarily. You know a series like LA March Madness when you watch it GW basketball like he's selling all of a sudden. Duke got a set. By seventeen. Actually Cinderella what you know the latest series. Do good in that winning it is now one game and I think the more involvement you can get. And I think he would obviously be more money. To see les to get to eighteen I did think he'd be even more exciting. Anna and helpful college football group is probably as it is now you leaving grow more of the leading goal I think from 48 team. Block that they'll probably do what sport for awhile but I think eight would be. Eventually about which war we've continued adding more than. That you putrid game schedule now with this but a lot for a variety there are age Uga. Yeah we've got to a do you think so that need to be tweaked and two more teams and eight making eighteen just hit a four ML SU had a new defense that coordinator. He is Kevin Steele he takes over John Davis would be with tiger since the 09 season he coached you as a very impressive resonate most recently at Alabama but he called to the legendary coaches. Like Bobby Bowden Tom Osborne and the great Dom Capers is to sports hall. On WW ago. And welcome back and admire a great job. Undefeated would you tell wanna BCS bowl. Won a BCS NN's James Internet came to with Laura. Our have been undefeated when Ohio State and won a national championship last night with the Buckeyes. Maybe Bobby when you look at the course the last several years. There is some debate and conversation who's the best coach in college football right now are the mound at saint I think if they hit those two. I would say those two Bobby in the end and OP regardless anyway only the number three and out questions would mean if Jim Hubble. The cause of the way he left the game. The way he let his program how the program continue to to play. At the Jimenez and we didn't answer for Bali the coach of the inning and FAO. Yeah and that's to me that's a big boost for college football you getting the coach of the year the National Football League he Collins. Well the everyone respects. Anyone like he with our cars have purely a coach several respects with the accomplices say Nick Saban. Are even fees for area via lugged you make it in the NFL level noted as a head coach and that's why you look at Jim Harbaugh. There was Smart enough to know me and a bit ago about here right right up front and it got him when he got out of eight got to understand. Your personality your time coaching. And now you're dealing with the every time individually when you're dealing with kid's arm. You know a young adults now vs man in the NFL and how you're able to get their attention and speak to them and the guys said this of the forty game last week guide the united. I thought argue was gonna win and I'd covered a big gain was agreement is close obviously. Ohio State won hands down bit. I'd said I was almost in a sense. Cheerful highest decently because I'm old school not so much. You know the way to approach the game as far as dominating in the trenches but old school as far as. Right almost a military. Type coaching philosophy you weren't coaches that I've played four and had success it won championships. They get on to behind. Where I came out last week at the argue coaches I don't know these millennial kids or whatever mean. Any rookies and yet it. And it can't be thinking that's like Q Bob and Al's age group. Oh yeah nice guy he does the baby boomers and how I understand this arrived via whenever you board now. Already took the approach while we don't yellen the real deal and the players' wives yet eating here than it was last. Thank you got a Miami do they show in Mike last week noting hatteras and came on the full pads air it was on is he anti. And I deacon at one and TV shows that came out where they take a more common way they would debating. Though approach. That Ohio State's approach was kind of old school in your face yet. We had faith men verses. Argue well worth it if you feel qualified well you know yeah well you gonna have to run around with a yet so I guess follow the old school props news and it was great night. Bulls who pulled although Ohio State dominated. Just like you know you think about it and talks at the first thing pops in my mind just got to tell you who talk last now butts up and popped up about. HBO which frees week Ian wanted to move an issue with. Revenge of the nerds. And that's one of the bad throw gentleman who played not you know could do with a lower tier moves but he played coach and a college. And supposedly that of the players are the demand Landon and the guys would nerds and they just right that jock alpha base is easy easy. We do it. You won't know because like Dan Rucker that would be not what Oregon did you say right era ball calm approach though the exit well we had a great season well it must Warrick and they've been bad I mean look they band you know what. Two out of the last four years they play for and and James you did you win but they played. So yeah it's hard to get there on as a fast break and fitness whatever you wanna call you still gotta win in the trenches you came less. Yeah could be no you're right at a whim and not dole live in you know can hang. Old school new school whatever school and today's football. And played at Oregon. Whose whose might have downward dollar consumed joke McCaw I'd. Is not with the Alia that I. I don't let our habits of live at that you play any year any season yet and any lead on a solid list of a best in here I'm in the last decade profit if he's now one he's right with three well well what Oregon needs though the need about a handful of them out of the woods and. He was handers peak drafted by ray Lewis. Can't regret it but he did they go AEA he was just a big body but it. Tony Siragusa and that asks is there on Guzman would they do another beat by another B physical body not his nasty. Nance stands active. Oh is that the economic it's a UK 101 block you minus. The kicking be unstoppable Russell title comeback what could teach at WW whose time is 630 to have a first news to go to Jim hands though. Given Steelers and new defense called NF OLA shoe given should take 260 point 78 Texas at 87870. Bobby now go around. The National Football League coming up. In the 7 o'clock our own pace accountable for my texts. Wendell here I don't see you got anything over in what did you take when don't they. Miles doesn't elements weren't. A lot of coaches who you don't see. Yellow on the sidelines they'd do you know behind closed doors. In a locker room beautify says one person has another takes. Their needs to be a sixteen play I'll have you must be a conference champion to be awarded to see and have a bow thank you for technical city seven eighths and it. That's go to the teacher in mid city hello teacher. But definitely. But that figure out that you got there Stewart that they they bought it lone defensive coordinator. Particular and outlawed them easily good good quick. And see if they want him on except for awhile. The comeback and made good director of player profile though would have heard is that it's about an eight record. And that you'd that. This'll teach in your opinion look he's coach alive magazines. Special assistant and head coach whatever that means I have no idea of it. Right when you look at. And opportunities that say to leave Alabama and the cup and LSU was that all by keeping vina the coordinators senator's position coach. Our chill absolutely. Akron Internet. That bike and coaching. Putting it adds. And normal track that you get position coached. Their position coach that you move up to coordinate what echoed I'm curious that origin and let them go to jail for awhile right. From 99 at 2002 yet. Like and I think the great thing. That was dated for a few years is the backup to work. Otherwise you wouldn't be I mean they're back Garrett academic it that the federal. If I can carry. That it's whoever is negated a jocular again is probably not. That did in the beginning I mean chip pretty now. We fortunately got it down that the league that that's what I would do that part of what you look we can't Belichick. Then and now a teacher that being said do you think I achieve is like I mean he is nowhere to go went out you think you're getting them. In the middle of the pack I mean because you know there authors still scored all of Latin. You of court settlement obviously that's his background evening as kind of his goal now by averages get in and defense around seven Arie in this that a fourteen. I think that you are probably has better vision that I don't know but kept an eye on the ball gonna happen and go from Duke had not been yet they page. And he leader Jon Runyan won you were told that it Al. Well let the other that in law. What can people. What happened Petit to be glad you agree with Kevin Steele is he knew if it's going to for LSU Tony inside dale thank you for calling WW atoning. Yeah I think that you know and guys. That's. I don't know he'll be better chambers as a super you're Cuba. This should be. Again at the end of the ordered five children and linebackers. There was no question besides you know that life back he should be small. And got away but we did at linebacker a while or more years. It could look back like it was that Cuba on. One. And get an early years but we need more guy decides. Back where. You. Our urges get how about this Tony get a few CJ Mosley and. Well actually I haven't had we have had mostly live and Underwood. Like our lives and they panic. All our outing you like. Yep. Good point on. In any Tony. I Tony I thank you very much we appreciate it as well we'll bring on Mike Scott about tiger made that comment also go to Johnny manager John thank you for calling WW. Guys that may need to do. Is I wrote at the point in our. I just think we got a bunch old older guys I think. We didn't put them you understand. Q are so low electricity. That just not aren't that impressive but he. Okay what are you was anyone out that you suggested they should have gone after. Big nation about it and it can about it again I'll debate from Penn state of the younger guys right. I like how I mean how do you know they didn't do everything interviewed him. But I'm sure it. You better. Make this issue but OK he'll still clipped and it. What on again though you know it all and yeah. You know in a spot in next yeah is that all you're only as an all your least Lee's value career. Well it's a stat like. So you sit on there. They are big John and in everything you say it is valid I think about my coach mark miles is way though debts as the kind of stand he likes. Well yeah I got out of each OJ that there are young guys that camera crew. That static electricity. And don't see it and it. He was passed through the year 2005. When he was low of a big auto why Alabama head. Either the one to recruit players each of the last two year old guys it's not locate his nationally recruited the the job or anything like this against national recruiter you are gonna be a good recruit I mean in this day and age 46 is like not much different than 56. I'm happy that one thing in. Indian somewhere else I mean. It's you know the school itself it doesn't take a whole lot to be national crude so that. I jogged to beef bad though everything we've seen we need to make your point is just like you can be disgruntled when a higher but he can't bass Amanda death. Mean he's got a good track record 'cause everything but that's the thing is everything we point out dvds Maine has accomplished in its owners don't resonate and the that you would just. You just keep betting better. Well and it yeah and I got a good point on gone back Duke on about they should have done everything I shoot. They interviewed shoot so. We we don't know the game. But we know that the idea irony brought him down and Arnold they offered the job but. Wendell Kim is the new defense coordinator. And LA issue Mike Scott broke tiger made dot com with with a as soon as this story broke about an hour. And a forty minutes ago Mike what type of feedback are you gaining in his coach Steele are good recruiter. Located at most of them like he collars. There. Petered out in the dumps about it enthusiastic. But on the recruiting part of there's no doubt. I had initially you've gotten the news broke that. I had one sort of thought that you know maybe he was not is gonna recruit but I have since talked of sports sources at Florida State equipment and and Alabama. And he's very much day very good recruiting you mention Indians. Nationally recruited the mistake he just out of odd star running back commitment from Kentucky. And he was the sole recruit LaDainian errors the number one run back in the country. And so you know and then look if you if you if you can't. And it is. There's not a place on Nick Saban and staff there's a reason why they're number one recruit across the country animals every year so. I think it's huge upgrade. Great room (%expletive) it is on the recruiting front sure it was not a very good recruiter despite. But he would idea about himself. But the Steele is a very good recruiter. Bit and you can debate whether. She was regressed or move ahead is for hours I got to coach the defense. Now Mike what is your take Daniel and his name age about recruiting and in obvious you have great coaches that you have to have great players and obviously. You get to develop as a player and play him in the right direction. And the play numbering and up you know I'm gonna have enough great recruiters you look at Kevin Steele his background. You look because of a mind the running back coach frank Wilson in and now potentially bit Vail is from maybe. And don't draw coming on the staff. We'll we'll wait coach Steele is that like brick Haley the shores here or what did you take. I think we're definitely see what happens no. Coaches leave. But probably initially upset. Him. A candidate for the job in Beijing and you know side I think he's you know for him to not immediately. You know being considered. I think might be something that bothers him. Like I'm pretty sure note that the case. But. At the plate but there's no doubt when you're that this recruiting class right now. It becomes in Louisiana is down and you don't have a bunch of guys on the staff. Mike Wilson to go they can get players like. You know in part of Mississippi engine goes. Portland is a good job. But. That's important burns well like in a trooper. Dobson or Kevin Steele. That can go in. But in the end in Baton Rouge. And the minute then you can you can I'll you know in. You know that you. It kind of next year. But they. Can go astray and put fear in the in the in net than these in state schools today. You know. QQ. Would have been down because he's going to be less. My club a tactic that Thomas Lewis. As Kevin Steele is a new defense corners for the LSU tiger I might hit the ground running what do you steals first plan of attack from recruiting standpoint. Ways he had to go right now is it to shore up somebody's already on hand may be wavering or Duke let somebody else it's our big. Got to find these incidents. This class is that is in bad shape. At major need position in the class. Only have one of the incident committed. And you look at the roster now they're more tight in the on the roster than our defense in the hands. That is. Well. Yeah I gazing is answer is is a certain states and school are they eating left in the wheezing and know what's that would they have on the ball out and Tony got to go out of state. And why you think whoever. I don't know where there's people there's probably Sunday visited Florida Texas California that would mean we'd be at Tyson go to Belichick. You rethink I don't know. Well and then he might know some guys in and maybe get some guidance for late visits. 23 in the thirtieth will again. But he's certainly been there and hit the ground running now. I don't you know people immediately say who on Alabama's commitment list and people. I don't think that's gonna be that there might be some guys that maybe he means. One has access to that maybe didn't hit Alabama's defense that maybe. Q. Right on how much or how about just Cotto would have issues guarding got him what they bring it means the. Yeah I mean Leon optically from a defense that in mind right the other also linebackers. Neither there's no linebackers on the board. The nine committed and I don't see when they get one. Sound like a and you're shooting at the other. I'm currently is in the big question mark. At the beginning talk another media guides like you know. Map they brought in bill count as a defensive coordinator. In oil issues 2015. Is going to be largely based on quarterback play. No doubt about it aren't my you talk about the linebackers. You remember last year prevalent excited. Will we got the top linebacker out of state Illinois. And you know what do you see him as far as his contribution. The attitude on the fifteenth season well. That limits you would like physically in the spring you know he's he's he's like linebacker. You know I I don't think steel comes in here and the transition knows you from Portland to a 34. The personnel out there. You know the not only they deserved and were not linebackers they're recruiting. You know there's a slew of you know guys did the linebackers so. Knew it would give it looks like that that was the guy inside. For now so. Being justices. Mike again let everybody know about the latest. Defense corps if LSU Kevin Steele and having get the latest by the regular. I base dot com on message boards are absolutely blown up your knowledge you fanned. You enjoy that discussion and we got a lot of recruiting stuff to happen would it would be did period ending Thursday. Morning and big recruiting weekend this weekend. Mike anybody expected to stay or go make an announcement coming up Thursday. No I I think in huge amounts. Talked about follows players then. Who will full go eligibility to go to the well you Alexander and can do that it is startling pretty good for you right there. Mike's our brook tiger bait dot com Mike as always thank you very much aren't great I'll write. Given Theo the new defense on the and it LA issue come back to John and so this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back along the Kasey Kahne im Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Kevin Steele as the tigers' new defense according to im bad route. Let's go to John all I want John thank you for calling W did you era. Yeah I might be time to. Via I think it's I think it's all brought perjury. Kabul on campus you're definitely a good recruiter a whole lot better at John as. A jury does these parents stressed that pay you look that first deep center court. I'll demand goes up be a peep out of court in. Not so called it all want and that's probably. Of property global star prospect so right I think he can handle it beat go to court dated a real technical it's the old Berry. I just think that money situation. Work is gonna work out camps you may try to seminar. It made little seven Arafat and people here understand. He was Knicks treatment and sit at a coach which meant that uses recruit Ku OK we go badly so I've read. Important but Nick Saban and Ellis should be in the Olympic code. From Nick Saban people are common law. You know I mean yeah it caught all ankle so I really do not think the extra money that they can say about pain. Some big name that they would trade is gonna delicate topic in the Mexican GP. Yeah well John it's it's all about you know coaches that are put skins on the wall and you talk about maybe we know was that a vial of who's the coach social coach O. You know he's been support of Ford national champs have two members to Miami to a USC. He's coach can't first round draft picks and then after on the Davis of line and he's been able voted like Craig Wilson were recruited of the year. And so has. Kevin Steele back in 2005 when he was at Florida State's oh. You look at the credentials. Who have within ties is enticing to me also about. I'm Kevin Steele and coach Davis. Coach Davis was NCAA college a lifer. He inhabit NFL experience. Like I camp and the army when he went. There was exit polls to me as far as concepts. With dom Dom Capers. With the Carolina Panthers. And you know they go to NFC championship game he's in a meeting room I said. With a guy like Sam mills. And all those old dog approaches. So is the good of people he's been around. And leaving got more owners resonate. And even changed as far as his accomplishment all right John thank you very much. LSU has an eighty physically he is Kevin Steele who's a sports talk on WW. I command getting jug be an already caused us will go around the National Football League John Davis with the Texas a and ML SU for about fourteen days of the before defense corner and they've got to do what. He's Alabama's givens the basis sports talk on WW rip.