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1-13-15 7:10pm Bobby & Deke go Around the League

Jan 13, 2015|

Bobby & Deke go Around the League with reporters from all over the NFL landscape.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening while the the final Al or sports talk again a time there was LSU has duty for the coordinator is Kevin Steele. Postal go around the National Football League operated jaguar opinion poll the the fourteen playoff produced the truest college football national champion ever. Cast a vote online at WW dot com before we get to around the league with squeezing it should be an old joke. They merely paper one's ETA Bobby hill didn't just talk about the hire all out like that hires it would because you look at. Coach Davis the fact that he secrecy under coach Davis an army guys needed it is fail right now formula Q. We've predicted the players you know it completed seasons in your recruit young did you receive it and these guys. The more likely openly because of me just because of the type of program debt that we accept we've and it. He doesn't make it right in that fail you put him an opportunity to play. Now you combine that with a guy who's really at this recruit her and they say you know the mayor's believe them to call it that now is. This could you be cute but he he's demands steal all our home court as you Kuerten right this is that you do but I. But what you could go to keep him in tellem. This is the track record of LSU he got some way and what we've been and it's not just in this state. But to be able to go out outside the state you know recruit those guys can bring to the level of talent debt debt debt that is there really computer level that the huge plus. It affected for the old what they will. You used to like which coaching it is it will now you got up way because not his. He's not only his coat is a lot to be there when they deeply is that human body the other thing that you bring to the table for home. Be insightful you know pale in in Italy. You know just. Bigger. Defensive mind Arsenal that he has to tepid too I think is a major plus the it's no problem giving god yeah at least a chance to plug the Portland judge him. Well check below again been able to get. Beth and advance you know defense and bags. Hilliard Davidson back tell us you talking about making it DDU. Whatever obviously honey badger and Patrick Peterson. You know looks setting the tone in. You look at atop the nets have bags and and who what where they were rank as far as pass defense efficiency. That speaks for itself and you look at the list of linemen that have been able to come through. I'm not going basically. Pass and full years. Two in a decade and had full years in the one area you really haven't. In excess excel back year in Europe we've had. So like if you you know when you look at Perry Riley. You know in the and you look at Kevin meant to or the Kelvin Sheppard. But we haven't had them like gearing erotic and I think he'll help. You know stabilizing even a grade. Coaching and I think also. Getting players and a linebacker position going forward. All right time now to go around the National Football League. And the Green Bay Packers of back in the championship game this week in his they had to Seattle to take on the Seahawks Mike wicket of the US SP a Milwaukee. Covering the Packers Mike thank you for joining us say in the Green Bay can they get it done in Seattle. That's about the been million dollar question Bobby can they go out there and win in a place they were thoroughly embarrassed. I. And opening night Beckett week number one chemical bracket win with a field marry happen a couple of years ago I think people are sick of hearing excuses about it. It wouldn't want to see this team act when they get the job on. And Mike is Clark turner said it's on everyone. You know be magnified. As far as the leg injury and Aaron Rodgers and easily managed to throw with Bears sixteen yards and I think Roger's taken the mindset look. I got a 120 minutes left in me in nets I thought what it would take on the field but to me. And they had changed somewhat. I know and he came in but that beat the Packers playing the Saints in the dome as their questions about. Their defense but it seems I just explained that the fans went. They've done to tweet maybe their defense is to get in that opener what Seattle had ordered 200 yards on the ground and Marshawn Lynch and a iron to ten yards. And bounding in and then anywhere that I've had success on Bosnia the things could. Well I think and it you know that the statistic in the this season and they were and were rushed and you know well the second out this and remember why. At decorated group one. They've they've moved claim he's in the middle was one of the biggest reasons why. Odd is that having on the outside AJ hawk on the inside along with somebody else now it's claim that he's sort of bearing and it got into the starting role and you'll get every one. And figured at some of the parts is going to be bad news is greater Abby would play in the middle he's not going to be. As happy that we know the clay baker to be what he can control the middle and make plays the run stopper and now a lot like nick Perrier Mike Neal on the other side. You ought to put pressure on the quarterback the other things. Early in the season. Is that it would go away at three or go to fort treaty and on paper up at the right personnel to do that. Well got scrap after the number you gave up bodies on wage they would back the way it worked at times. And I haven't been nice adjustment that they made and and again the biggest one putting Clinton. Used in the middle. Now like when I look at this and this could be the difference obviously trying to win at Seattle is considering the level that Dave playing as a late especially. Defensively. You look at scoring defense and just a number of categories are kind of like against. Well we expected after a Packers game we won. That they were gonna maybe have a great opportunity to repeat and that's where their rag considering. You know the pass and then the last part of the season and how they played defensively to Mickey with the Packers and you know you can beat this. Our owner. You know like a dead horse and keep on emphasizing because there's kind of a cliche but. Olympic Green Bay first one in the league in the turn oval margin. And plus fourteen what they do is his deadly game that that the Tigers need to go on the plus side in the ball bounced their way or whenever death due to create turnovers. You look at that can go out and lead the league in takeaways and touched on Anderson galleries you know not obviously Green Bay is is doing so well that's particularly at. The quarterback just doesn't throw interceptions near total. There's an op at Lambeau Field 2012. I'll be you know beating Seattle and not exactly the most job internal opera would be you know I'd portal fumbled it picks. Though that attitude that you know crimes done on interceptions and fumbles. But still the kind of team we play against the Packers and and we knew. Completely out for a pass over the middle you. Seen in the league person kinda. I Korea Patten into the second game. And seven at a lot different that the degree that would Seattle goes so well you know where they play it will be an end Aaron Rodgers. I mean he's got by at two on the year they've been. By the end of his wide receivers. Org defenders are a lot of good in the and in the secondary they've been like that and give the Packers are gonna win. Can't get any plays that happen when people. Are coming up Sunday afternoon at this century link stadium. Now Mike I mean how much of an assembly would you considered it would be at Seattle. You know people wanna. I guess you look at. The two games obviously everyone's a look and I because voters who mobile. Well the pages to get to the Colts in the regular season in the same thing the Seahawks in a package is that does that even make a difference are definitely. It's. It's one thing to beat a team in December and yet again it's a completely different thing and important week. In between games means that the Packers and different country is. Got a bit from opposite of your viewpoint on Adam got them coming in Delonte accurately into rule. That we expected Boykins did it take control anyway which would begin to use him that worry about you know it Batman would keeping him up playing probably the extra out and getting extra there at Lambeau Field at the weather's so cold. To read it a lot. And operable football. Is a football team progresses from week one week to week twelve the week sixteen we are now at week one. Out of their league in an adult would be Richard and playing one side take it away. Field of who the Packers out wide Aaron Rodgers right. The deal was taken over I would be shocked. Rodgers is not where the ball to the right sides appeal and try to play Richard Serb and because you can stay. He can't play on and three quarters of Hewlett expect a lot except there's just not enough room. And that played right into your hands are shot. That did happen at tournament. Underdog right now you go to the champs you know 77 point dog though nobody agree these. We're gonna win this game that wouldn't be. I'd definitely surprised at all to see on one I expect in the wind but globally as he. Mike quick it over the Green Bay packer if the WS SP in Milwaukee Mike thank you very much for the time. Iceland all right. And the Dallas Cowboys fail this past weekend but the guy good news in the form of a five year deal. With coach Jason Garrett come on the Cowboys in the NFC east is Schuyler Dixon for the AP. Scott Dallas had a lot of calls go their way and the week before against Detroit Iran look like Mike McCarthy challenged that call from Romo to Dez Bryant. Currently asserted then in Jason Garrett who has passed after the Detroit game about that call and you know he MP immediately saw that were talking about the wrong bring any. I would hope that I would react the same way it. It's war the other way him and lone all Laker it is exactly the opposite and sure it is a word he reacted that way you lose or hurting you know that he thought there were other things that could've happened their guests. He thought it was a caption yes it would have been a big play that there were other things that cost them that game. Now Skylar obviously. They are confident now going forward Jason Garrett. Considering his can't contract and also where they heading defensively. Who you look in at and the Khobar from a historical standpoint. What they're now fifteen and tan and divisional playoffs and having lost their last four. You look at Choi were almost two and four as a as a playoff starter but it sure is saying is like. Boy that nature could be the cowboys' year. Even though that that was expected this season but it's enlightening and have high expectations that Chara obviously. Yes about kind of an interest in feel like I mean it they haven't gotten that break her now Tony news. Oh and three at in this round what else. But at the same time. It doesn't act that same there wasn't a big world astray. Whatever my IB. He had a playoff rally for the first time in his career. You know and people are gonna talk forever about well they'd played PGA record one game. A big call. So it does have a feel like there is something buildings or could you break through however. You know fast forward a year there in the same spot. That's going to be what all the talk about they haven't gotten that far yet it's now. Nineteen years since they mated and this championship game I think the longest. Trout before that for the franchise was nine years so time has piling up on them for getting to where they used to be all the time. Now Skylar ogle what is your take gushes say the Cowboys fan base. And he I guess house expecting this day in and kind of also against would have been against Detroit considering their run defense but. Dallas got a 123 yards rushing from the league leaders in DeMarco Murray who was absolutely dominant what does. The cowboy fan base they. Now I think you should they put a menacing categories Emmitt Smith nor does it have to win something win the suitable. Tibia looked upon like games. I think a Serb rule makes a difference there you know we we as reporters are kind of danced around triplets questions for. The latter part of this season because clearly. These guys fit the profile of the triplets or no question about it statistically. But until they are a little farther along in the playoffs topic part to do that. And what DiMarco Omer specifically that's also interesting because. There's a feeling that sort of in or paying between goes Brian DeMarco Murray I'm not sure I believe that. Cowboys have been pretty creative with the cap. Jury has never let a big off some players get away it's pretty much never happened. So I concede they figure out a way to keep on both. Like if they reach a point where they can't keep them both topic question but that's as Bryant won and DiMarco Marie true. Which sounds a little crazy considering the numbers that. Really put off. And I think the other part of that is that. There's sort of a sent in and this will be a came up from time to time during during the season. Without offensive line has been as good as good as it is and I think maybe even better than expected. It'll plug and running back next to going to be far and debate at the farm that may get an answer that next year. Covering the Dallas Cowboys in the AFC east for the Associated Press Scott Dixon's got to have the people Tebow would you on Twitter. At AP tiger at the age. You YLB. Power. Gotta thank you very much. Oh. And the Seattle Seahawks rolled down a threat to the season and rolled down the stretch a big gain and a big victory over Carolina now the number one seed is at home and one win away from getting back to the Super Bowl. John ball oak over the Seahawks that Everett Harrell is one of those jobs Seattle open of the season with one of the most impressive performances. There the entire season dominating Green Bay we see that matchup against sun. Well talk to say you know these incredible change a lot and I think green Bay's kind of found themselves offensively that you could also argue that CO. He senses a lot better than no wonder he's cute so players and and new players and ball for both teams and he you know I think local different property you'd certainly like Seattle's chances considering. A couple other plane and be held in those split on. Yeah John if the depression when we ever you are suitable champion and and how hard is to repeat in that they keep that swagger in. And that confidence and and then hung over and I every describe it. And and I thought that was significant. When you look at history of the NFL and the recent history. Then all of us than the first defending champion to win a twelve game since two England back in 2006 and you'd think that happened more often. But when you think that you know it is won a playoff game in Dallas significant considering. What does haven't recently and I think. Why hockey how could you go get Seattle simply because. Since December refers what they led the NFL in points allowed. Given a eight point three yards allowed 211. And then you look how they close out that game against Carolina and I don't know how you describe him. But when you when you look at. And chancellor. Camp and he was like Superman ninety yard interception return and who with the financing of the parent the vaults that all of offered sublime to the field goal attempts. And that yeah like super human. Yeah I mean he's it's cam chancellor yeah he's pretty. Well respected known around the league that because he played Terrell Thomas future of that secondary the Auckland on the little overlooked that you had been inaugural them of late in Europe. Lack be argued their bet that the player it during the playoffs and probably. Should have been people on BP arm out and met so yen set to and they you know eat a joke camp. Andy Kent to Superman and albeit it dark. Chant that they yeah he'd bet your league battle and you you betcha pat. Repeating in the troubles that one of these men may struggle make and that we get frightened and give. The back to work and the year before and it took more time to find it in there wrote down. Now our job will though. That. The only game I guess at a cub history in games he has Buffalo and in Seattle Aaron Rodgers I consider having played the position. Now relegating him on film. You just let the ball and and hockey truly stand plays. Like a Russell Wilson and obviously I think Aaron Rodgers has the best arm. Of the when you look at him playing along on one leg I mean. It is say like Seattle has to be league in their jobs and I'm sure at times you know Dallas are able to get to him because he can extend plays it. I thought that was. Pretty moxie of when you look care Roger is what he still threw with Brewers sixteen yards. And three touchdowns this pressure to close out of the game against the Cowboys. I tenth consecutive completions. So that do you think the sea dogs is completely shut him down or Ohio what did you take. The tie the game their rise in average and agree sealed the. Yeah you know. He shot even he. He can be very effective even opt mobility but that is you know uses that he has escape being scrambled around making some extra early then that helmet need not either so yeah out here and get their packers' middle inning in making a comfortable like at redemption and down day. I really arc and is in an air Arturs is that. Many kinds he's kind of that they on the big stage mark and seem to come out and bat even in limited you know. I dreamed it and well score some points but it just whether they can do enough and then take care of the ball meaning. And there's action in the ball better Seattle anybody reaching all the dale chipped in which channel there and do it. Now John Russell Wilson obvious adding the fan base in Seattle appreciates. What he's doing this season I mean he was unbelievable last year whenever you are suitable winner. But to me it is always taken his game to this level the reason why I'm familiar with Russell Wilson. Carl submit the quarterback coaches also. Was solve as a coordinator Mike really the quarterback coach also with the Saints and and he just tells me a boy you can't get any cooler. Then Russell Wilson is silly how much he's progressed hill mostly I go around the league. That I think he should be considered. Top five but he's almost like the Rodney Dangerfield a top quarterbacks. Met them before I answer your question did did he go to Karl met that might cater back. Yes yes and and I came. I came from from my Baker's feeling California. When he's rug in the potato if you speak entities and I threw it to ya and so. We we we don't nickname Bo can repair work and let's go up. Yet yet I don't get back keep Predators currently in a lot of that do you look the way their offense works that. Yet he's he's not in the air partners. Nine yards and touchdowns can figure on the ball ought. He Kasper ought yeah really in the bag now that he's in a lot of that. You know it is skating scramble and make it they will be getting better. Quick read to. Off side Carolina really commit to stopping their run and Russell ruled it then changed beat me that game you'd eat for it on third down her in 99 yards and three touchdowns mean that good that you could. We do it so. He'd eater grown core back and you seem to do it even better on their agents. After in the well now burgers over and mine. For any quarterback. Regret what we've been beaten here. Covers Seattle Seahawks of Everett herald's John ball job thank you so much enjoy the game on Sunday. I don't AFC championship Seattle and Green Bay AFC championship doing that he Indianapolis all right here on WW. And the Atlanta Falcons our ball club and NFC south. That are looking for a new head coach chicken on the south as we could he around the league. Cuba but there aren't. Oh the pattern there around the and that game interviewed. That's doubt. In the cart that vote will be out of it to Atlanta. Tomorrow moderate top vote the Arizona. That the coordinator. In the interview process. Now the Orlando when you look at is that well. I guess trickle down effect was having had coach and then. Then you fired about what direction they going it is that would. Kai don't hold like in and help out as fans had anything who's gonna be. The next head coach meaning all of a sudden you speculate NC 45 names out there. Yeah I'm. I mean it in cook are our church here they take their arm. Go to sit down and me a couple of good folks and trying to kick the brits today code you know don't tackle. Need to do parent to back to relax. You know that they want to make sure they get it right. Very important for Matt Ryan is 49 and headed into its charm your career there. They wanna make sure they get the right guy here. Looks like he's going to be very important. Down period Jack directly to jail. Pablo. Being clear from Seattle and Terrero. Is. The Detroit Lions. You could coordinator who will be in here or very bench now now they can't and claim because their plan that week. Thought that because they interviewed him during the bye week. They'll be able to attract and in the week of what the super bow. So going to be wide. We could be there and you'd. It's the weaker than outweighed circle inept wade record in the early. QB dead early next two scenario where. Now are the Orlando were you surprised. Rex Ryan I mean I think you have to lead to stated need yards. And Elliott talked with the Falcons. But he decided to go with the bills. Now obviously look at the stability at quarterback when you have an Atlanta. You know vs the bills. Obviously the Jazz had things done right on the defense aside I like the bills were you surprised that he made a decision that quick. And an as it was it 'cause it was it because the bills and lawyers and him made him the Falcons. I don't the Falcons were there but there were remote problem. Go back to 2008. Iron Mike Schmidt. Owner from. Interim made overtures to Rex Ryan and Andy Hart the you know spin that time Demitra pick Schmidt well Rhein. Yeah it's we're red truck did it here. Schmidt. You know ride him funeral comfortable with covered here what to gotten. You know certainly didn't want in our child Sheryl. You know oh we're in the jockey did not immediately. And or. Dignity and gain. You would any that. So he took the deal good deal. Now there Orlando when you're around him dirt colder. He's in new all of his cornea now pretend they Buccaneers he was Atlanta's offensive coordinator for three years and in you have to say a big part of probably Helton Matt Ryan what posted three. Highest passing yards season totals and Falcons history. Oh what he do you think you have success and at that minorities have got to find a quarterback obviously that the first overall pick. Would you think a coach cornered the job he did with the province in and the prospects in tempo. Thought they did a fine job here and there are. You know until the trip demented game plan and play column. That you do that were removed bobbled basically backup lineman that true a year so. That's certainly agree Barca are. That. Have a lot of things that didn't need that we did it sting you with that agent the ballot but you know quarterback. You know he had the ineptitude. Aaron. Yeah you've got written develops. You know the quarterback coach down there have been important to you know dictate how. Birds haven't kept a pretty opera is going to be prepared to sign vote in Tampa Bay not a god a very good coordinator down there. On onto it. Our order. Deer Atlanta yeah. Knee deep. The Orlando Ledbetter. Chris price of WEEI dot com the big what do Malcolm in New England Patriots they beat the Baltimore Ravens 3530 wanna Chris I thought that ball to bowl with the team at an AFC. The only team that AFC they could win the Super Bowl all go to suitable put some fear in eight innings in NC team. And I thought they had to give by the Patriots may be the Patriots in that. In the back of a hit that middle that mentality Baltimore's head on number. Was that the key is it already Super Bowl or bust for the Patriots all the Colts have a legitimate shot this week. I think it's probably more of the former than the latter I think when you look at good matchup I think Corey been edited to exploit a potential mismatches central all the ability in the league but opted to play particularly. We were able to do a good job and however. Second pretty go more on the plate a little bit of greater Pitt and get the ball Trout are audited you saw the results there where art saw sparked. In that Baltimore's secondary and it's starting to pay dividends also revealed. You can predict pact also quite frankly the parade and human glued to argue with that forfeit two large that cart drove horrible. Kind of you know. Took exception to with a tribute sports like under compete for mentally tough team like the Ravens who pride themselves on being so resilient beacon curriculum glued there than go for the first time at the moment Republican roster went back and reconstruct. Now Chris when you look from a historical perspective again and like NFL history in. And I know the fans in and Ewing and it definitely appreciate what they've done and Melvin have divested advancement. When political job Belichick. That would you know what that win over Baltimore so our paths the lights at Don Shula and Tom Landry for the most poses the season wins by coach. In Daniel look Tom Brady at three touchdown passes. I need that went to reach a 46 and overtake the great. I Joseph Montana animals in the post season. I hear ready had what the most depleted tenth and second most yards passing. But I mean I know fans love that they have the best that are best visited truly that eight. The got a winner suitable for. Yeah you know I think people understand that there's a greater introvert and he's got the Brady has been a late thirties at that point. That you know that the people all we talk all the cooker buckle would go would go closing agree you know we promote active he's quick. I'm the third annual report played coached forty in the league mental perspective. Cucumbers and in terms of keeping it out of the cars were cut off fuel nutrition help that kind of stuff are you got a little extra work to a couple of weeks go about it but you know. I Christie's has. If that is true possible in the period stage of brick yeah I think it is a perverted it into the divergent hero of the team that I felt that you're ever ever since it started treating it that you know that. That bit different you know that the cliche but this is the certainly he wouldn't mention it at at this point. And you know there's there's never been like attitude because you know who know how long is more. It could've stayed together you know there are a little bit older and older group of interest and contractual issues that are coming up. At the end of the year so I know they're they're like keeper read their glory you know go depicted them McCourt told media debates that. Leaderboard yet you know we're going to be the guys that were there and it's oh you look at what trader who are. There's the replica that you turn the locker room that you look at their one goal at they have a couple of equate. Now Cristobal what is the vibe and a fan base. Ball and you look in his first time what in NFL history. Two in a post season game at the falling twice. Twice falling behind it should say about fourteen points where they discourage artist and hope as the public in Denver. And all the great things Peyton Manning and accomplish yeah it was a fourteen Canada have won it in the game and Garrity started Bruin. Do little. It or lose in the first cup as it went Baltimore went to a twenty to fourteen for the second start of the third quarter. While Barca and real legal in that stadium and that he was a little production particularly well it would convert some critical of to go out there toward him or order in the fourth quarter so. A concern that there is pretty that our program and the optimism now. Especially because with India with knock off the Broncos I think that people in dispute stronger. Or ignore a stronger a global book you know we know that you keep creating repeated the word should be your needs to be physically I think people into it. That there it would be the secret to Brooklyn's future pitcher think that the more optimism. Here. A result of the law they're pretty good Broncos have a typical well they've been argued what rendered in market beat the that it occurs it. Chris price Chris how the people people would go onto it. Oh right there. So close against Bob and I can't do he's leaking and logged a lot of talk about what Woody beat him gain my book on all of B well. Yeah I sort out details on my dad. Where you can plan out. Sales in Europe I go to a lot of guys were that big one because you're allowed Victor here are trying to traded well that'll note. As indeed WE EE EI dot com home of the AFC championship game the late one Sunday here on WWO. Number one seed Patriots at number four Colts Chris price Chris thank you jawed again. All right you've ago. And the Indianapolis Colts may feel that and a little bit more of a waiting period for young Andrew Luck but the third time and it's on third in the playoff got to the AFC team and team game. Rich and I am WT HR TV cover Indianapolis Colts. Richards not him a question of all all of guess you know how many. But wind will Andrew Luck winning his first championship and how many you win I'll think there's any question is gonna do it. Has he arrived sooner than expected. Well I think he's much faster track than anyone expected. When you look at. They're more angry in general manager Rick Tocchet ago quarterback Andrew Luck error that started all one together. They've taken a step each year first gear and had the playoff loss. Trickier they've won a playoff game third year now they've won two playoff games and who won its first playoff game on the road. And they find themselves in the AFC championship. And you folks know Peyton Manning down there are pretty meant a lot longer to get this far in the playoffs. It's interesting you mention you know we on the record or inseparable. Well it. We all thought it meant a long time and it took a long break to finally win one. But they're certainly Andrew look at them much faster track. That Peyton Manning or most quarterbacks who are going to be good that are great I mean he's not fast tracked. Rich David Duke Indianapolis know when you look OK just the last company is. The Jets drafted to high profile quarterbacks Sanchez and and I'll also on the young man or west the junior Gino Gino smear. Then look at phone new quarterback Buffalo's two years removed from a tie the game quit eating area you're looking for quarterback nobody knows gonna happen in Miami may be other places as well. And for now you think about from Peyton any day at one year in now Andrew Luck talk about twenty years that other great quarterback play. I mean all of it this may be some one of those counties they look. But one of the greatest Ron's of quarterbacks the Colts in Green Bay you'll ever have and yesterday's game. I was lapping need to get an earlier question what do people know how good they've got. And it. I'm I'm not sure they do. Now I remembered back to the equal in this team first moved here you know and people brought books of the game. To read what we did watch. But that's a long time ago. That was the scene. Ever for any decade in the 2000. And they. Are consistently. Going to the playoffs. It would mean if he's felt almost every year so I have to say both Cole and they're probably spoiled and take it for granted it yeah. Wouldn't consider your decisions. Going over Ryan and cycling and mine and the ball mark over in the third because a lot of people are out there and look. You know where the market Redskins are. So I mean it's an incredible thing that's happening Indianapolis. And I certainly recognize how which typical of them. Now that it now rich right quick. The Colts went Olin for donor regular season against division champions and 111. Again it's everyone else we all know that beat the Broncos but. How come as a defense turned things around the last time they lost the Patriots in week eleven. Look at Jonas gray day gave up two under one yard art I mean as to why they so different now. I'm not sure I did not think you're going to get neck because there was no answers you to point out. At this team could win a big game on the road. Certainly not in Denver where they had been undefeated all year and worked European born in the playoff some call. And you know you look at the numbers again and every number historically. For the Colts going to New England is not that it does not appear that the COLT to that game there I think they're two in nine at Gillette Stadium. And Belichick certainly had Peyton number until later his career and stop for an eagle and three against the Patriots. And they introduced even last year in England with one Andrew looks worse are they eat four career. So there's no there's nothing it is while the top that told the COLT to win this game except they just pull out. I have a miracle and an unexpected performance certainly in Denver last week and the differences. Aren't note Tom Brady not injured very. Rich and I coven AFC championship for the Indianapolis Colts taken on New England Sunday to make game here on WW WT HR TV rich. Always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. Eric are item makes it in scoop thanks so much to him handle on the news again Tom does this points on LSU has a new defense wanted to. He is Kevin Steele take out the latest. All online at WWL. Dot com thinks the most the moment I'll be sure job by the Maas at the mall will meet in the LSU basketball till 530. I've begun Amir has always done by the K he didn't cannon Bobby a bet on it really is all good night people.