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1-15-15 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the NFC championship

Jan 15, 2015|

Bobby & Deke preview the NFC championship game with Mike Wickett of WSSP Milwaukee who covers the Packers and Jen Mueller, the Seattle Seahawks Radio Network sideline reporter.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right good evening and welcome to hour and a but the real sports so he's a case again im Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Give us should take operated jaguar Pena told what would be the best Super Bowl matchup. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady the Packers in the Patriots. Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck. Tackles in the Colts Russell Wilson Tom Brady. While Russell Wilson and Andrew looked Castro vote online at WW dot com can to get what would be the best of mobile quarterback Matt. Well the guts to bring him because. You have suitable winners. Better in the hunt. Thought dizziness and that you would have thought it would happen. More often but it did Tom Brady yeah. Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Dale had it today NFL commerce title game title games obviously the yard is gonna be the first time in 21 years over two decades. And only the second time ever. Suitable issued at three of the five of fourteen or quarterback. By it's doable champion. The other one obviously Andrew Luck is a wall mammary and he's trying. To get his first ring. So be interested but you look Tom Brady obviously won three the army's it'd be forty youngest quarterback to be able to do that. And it's amazing you know how pray he knows operation how hard it is technology get it back in 0204 or five. Weary look Aaron Rodgers right after the Saints wonders of global. 2011. And then our Russell Wilson last year going. For that repeat of that magnitude to Nesbit trying to ago but it repeat. But if you look at. The surge trio Deke would have been 21 years ago you gotta go back. And it came at the end of the 8384 season. When the Raiders Jim Lockett you know Redskins to a thighs and and 49ers Joseph Montana did it and the fourteen in that mix. Like Andrew Luck because you look at would Lockett and dies and an argument and a winning quarterbacks. Ironically the fourteen with the Seahawks. A combination of Dave Craig. And Jim Zorn and Jim's not Zorn has gone on but to be an NFL coach. And if you look at Jim Zorn and and gave Craig a combined for five interceptions. In their our conference title game laws. And who goes Andrew Luck has thrown interceptions. In the post season but I think he's hot now while that you have. That time of performance. Against Tom Brady in the Patriots but you know as it is too often. So you gonna have slovo. Put it this way Deke. A suitable champion is going back to this who bull with the idea you Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson in the NFC. But but that's a great accounts Judy manages to get there no doubt about it. The phone ago on a James and you'll Jane thank you for calling WW. Hello James didn't call paging. New year at and use. Your expert grow from it and yeah you look. The rewrite the read the that. It's. Yeah or other thing that all's we do in the week. All will be or. Oh. So I don't. No. But I. Look in the order right you know. With all. Judge James oh yeah I think you have Marty aren't as John I think he'd be I think you around here it's either take a lot of times ain't. What we do what we years is in this situation alma view I'm a list Tom Watson just like York. We tend to look at say okay he's an analyst but the reason why Ray Lewis is day. Chris Carney is it objects and his name is because they're football players that you you can't say OK I won't analyst to come out you know. He's got labeled a football player to come out him. As an analyst and I don't necessarily agree it is going to be when everything he says. But that's what they get that's why Ray Lewis is sitting there is a reason why you miss it was not on the anymore cause he wasn't and it NJ as as the other guys on the on everybody and David Dolly. Says that I had an opportunity to do this if this torn hell when though because I'm a professional journalists. We have no girls in Iran at the two run double or triple and tape and am it is that they. Pocket he means to the park and ride out my door I put it all we've got now. Authority to his side and an eight regular keg now what what do what do accomplish as a leader of a team. The wind a bit in the same division the 49ers and playing like an ailment that JJ. Ago. I look at my resume. I'm talking about head to head. Beat Dan Marino beat John Elway. I was fortunate. To be a quarterback. That 121 he streak gains. Against AFC opponent the 21 game. We lost to Buffalo Bills and there are forget in this or know who knows who knows like what he's done that too when he's on the field goal tied game nineteen attitude and I knew exactly their coverage they were playing cover two man team. Too deep but when it was time to throw. I mean that would know nobody open and that was the I was only sacked. Fifteen times but I got sacked three times that one game. That's at the bills of corners who can do what wedding video games Angel gave you wanted to say we you know all Ray Lewis don't like knowing. Don't like doing it right you don't want he would want back to backs who have voted to be able to count the body the year before they went over name beat so it exactly at that we had to remember to. That the reason why they get these guys just got a formal football players there's a total fumble football players who want the job that Chris called my hands in Deion Sanders as a guy. These are the best of the best because they can be analysts make it they can be I guess you'd say. On buys the majority at times but they want their passions they want deck that the reason lap around now with primed to they want pat down to show up. On the television today and that that's why they have it that's why retire was. Have worked all our big guys that you would not let me go. So all of us say say it to like they earned it that I think these days. Load did drool drool drool jrue is getting old. You know he's getting right at that means that yes we know I think I recalled. It is our quarterback in the point though it will you know. Distribute the ball they have short sort shoot and guard their short there in college you know just guys that distribute the ball. Ideally it'd day it is that we potential. Yet. Right arm and hit it at. UConn. And teams and try and. It in the cities China do what it takes he's not playing scared. He's got a nice playing not to lose he's playing I went and did I ever baker thank and enjoy this. But when it went way it would like that on our ass at it jinx thing about the supply and we need every. Approach. Yet not saying I hate that they think about this. Supply and demand is 32 teams well there's never 32 legit starting quarterbacks I can argue as dollars about. A ten. That they always a look at a starter can you imagine. Carelessly and Drew Brees valid this thing can you imagine supporting cast put drew reason the Buffalo Bills or the Arizona Cardinals. It exactly right no doubt would gain Nady you've had a new UT that you call race live but John thank you calling debuted a new. The Rajon. Look. Oh or wrong but they've made a big splash. And and Alabama it's old news media eat and he got his hit. Has prepped I want to could've gone either no the eagle that he declared a common goal that speed. And they they all brought Joseph up there at 7 o'clock in his or but. He had. But he was. In that position is called when even a year. And of course etiquette and all probably. And it started then and now these goalies come in this league but they don't all hear it from nick statement this week. In the Louisiana about him via parade float on. Wedge out and imitate someone like we talked about earlier today you know it doesn't matter who the Q is committed to it no matter where it used. It always drawn thinks that he can give is all you want to do is give face to face would be cute and more appalling he wants you faced faced the faced Lackey said yesterday. With the decision maker. In the family. And if he does that if he does that nearly able to risk but I can promise you far more times than not like in the top percentile nannies eagle get to keep it. And out and John are you tea help but like anybody who's not gonna get out were. It is only in his ankle what's up. I'll I'll argue about Reno more site. They say chambers loses is responsible for the Lafayette area in the grip on him once you know also. Did they ought to Allah what we have there and I you know I mean it depicted start to become more clear. Bow out and their separation between shoot and I was. Went and down are decent he'd he'd thank you for the call it L issued new look coaching with what a great defense tackled but he was not one that got out a lot brick Haley would not want to got a lot. LSU automatically upgrade from the recruiting standpoint the coach example ultimately the number is what tells the tale but without question. We said discern I bet you were to at least a dozen schools they aren't about if not more than that that this does what he done I wouldn't I don't know but I know his track record. That sunrise to sunset you know and and even beyond. The day to day of the LSU bowl game in 2008 when they played Georgia Tech. We had him on EC just exit the Tennessee job. You don't know plainly illegal fuel crew yet yet eight not to say he may lose a recruit at the end of day. The other school rather recruit a won't have been there more arms they want him minimal contact. Is now go get out work and that's all you can dance for me is not going to be more personable. Big it's all about communication communication skills right and and and is network and he's somebody he you when you told him you on clay form right if you believe he'll get you to believe you can rent and a wall that's right. He's case to get him Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia now will preview the NFC championship game the Packers and the Seahawks Sunday afternoon right here on WW. All right Sunday it is championship. Sunday the NFC championship game game one the Green Bay Packers. At the Seattle Seahawks. 2 o'clock and then following that AFC championship game the top seeded New England Patriots and the fourth seeded Indianapolis Colts. Home of championship week in Sunday right here on WW LA MFM. And dot com the Green Bay tackles. A phenomenal ballclub what ought to be the best quarterback in the National Football League Aaron Rogers how effective and Rodgers be on the road against a fast approaches Seattle Seahawks defense. Mike quick it was all over the NFC championship game for WS SP. In Milwaukee and Mike you know a lot of people and I guess rightfully so Macon saying that well you know Rogers was healthy. An Indian could go out to Seattle and win to mean now what honest talk about he's not here being gone out there I give him a better chance just because they're by the colonial away. Well you know it certainly again you know he and calculating about the league not be the best quarterback in the league he can't do of the guys who would play with a chip but it shall. Could he would the community college that he would be out. Overbay and Brett partial Albert along until writers the Indians jumped and I like it into the go out there and do it. Now unlike when you look at weapon does speak in weapons fair Roger's obviously. Everyone knows Jordy Nelson Randall Cobb. Alerted top obviously. Receiving tandem in the league I think you look Eddie lacy running back that was entry into immediate impact he had. The just talk a little bit about Dovonte Adams says seven catches a 117 yards and you know you look at that operas game in Seattle. I mean I don't know you can enlighten me maybe it was even mentioned are on an Obie even had a row compared to what he did against the Cowboys in the playoffs. Go an entity indices and now they go on another note statement for the guys. Seemingly biased but I'd wondered at the college career and about 200 in his final year you know the exact number he was just unreal at that note that that and that cause another quarterback vocalist go to the ball. The goal for we knew could. Boykin who killed it last year and number three wide receiver games. I don't don't know when people and maybe you know important and get it done would you Boykins in a good game after they ought to Seattle at their feet on. Being thrown into the offense more so good record of the pocket wanting Packard and got confident and well in the drought of his awkward in the round will be fine wide receiver Greg guessing game or in a book at a later could divide them. He's a weapon according to cut out deceptive speed barely. And at a at a real nice pieces off and going well. Now Mike you'd have to say that DeMarco Murray did have success running the ball as the Packers obviously we all. A big knowledge how how good the Cowboys on with the line isn't how pleased we went that battle. But what is your take right now and with the Cowboys against the run. A going against these Baltimore's John Lynch and you know just compared to what the first game would have been in whether rat now. Is that almost a case in point that. As a packers' defense then. And all all of us yeah I Clay Matthews in the middle is that first think Spurs you know Russell Wilson has been playing at a high level. That he's joking that Marshawn Lynch kennel. I think correcting it is you know try to opera and remarkably. By week and it was. Uncle in law and at Marshall engine mine mine DeMarco Murray has three pro bowler on the opposite wind. Yeah I was missing two guys from the original art why you'd injury. Every second out and out and like you said clay in the middle Augmon that indeed been. The group of eight weeks they were dead you know well the last eight weeks they would number I mean that in a tremendous improvement in the curtain call the big. Weak point in June in the middle. Now Doug Jones have been about opted to dime linebacker. And the clock is kind of that a mystery. Claim that he's in India and in the middle completely change the run stopping and to a guy on guys they know them and soda I'd appreciate it. It would outage going into week one you a lot with my game. Others in the middle has been tremendous this indeed it is proved out cartilage now when he went on that bode well agreement. Might have him be rookie of the week he wants would follow me on Twitter like wicket to eat and wit. Mike wicket W. SSP a Milwaukee the NFC championship game Green Bay at Seattle Sunday at noon 2 o'clock you want to be double you know Mike thank you so much enjoy the game. They are right what taken on the Seattle Seahawks next Debbie to go to Sammy 630 time the first news we'll go to Jim hands so. Big NFC championship game Sunday at 2 PM out the Pacific and all west the Seattle Seahawks the top seed could get back to the Super Bowl again they are favorite to do so. Jim Miller joins us now the Seattle Seahawks land a Puerto GM how loud was it on the field last Saturday night. Stern your body. I'm only eighteen strike it crank up and music very practically new market different being there. Or carpet out where you lie. You're. You need to hire a good thing you can do it air it. Again I think the difference other places now I don't know of all the places. All start off now and they stayed out consistently. As Seattle the greetings with Seattle's at home. Why you. Were only in the future we. Eight. Scraps and an even. Openers. They should not. Even. Wait now are here. Are you know an action and their. Car out there. Now and speaking at a crowd noise in the and you look how. And held their defense and at David's is already dominant. And now you look at that noise factor. Enough how important. If you look at it. Against Carolina what did did not trail and in the becoming the first depending suitable Jamie just to win a playoff game destroy Al hearted as a follow pollen season. You know since Ewing would get it back in January 20060. You think about getting all of that haul and it just saves like the players that I have. Is that is is like will we expected throughout the season to say Seahawks defense will be what is the biggest change. Or maybe be had a little lull and awareness dominant obviously when the Cowboys with the Seattle W the exit there was that was it injuries are what. And now tonight this is what every one expect from the Seahawks defense and how dominant arm. Yeah I. That certainly injury where he challenged during the middle of the season. That Dallas game and are and it ain't. Under and then. I mean. What being back. Became that. Everybody back in the right weight and back in being. You all mean we're. 80 well. Too. Here the line at eight Matt. A year or. More. And hit it. I. Hear or read them. She heard. Ian White and an. Option. And when the twelve that you about it and do. Line yet and we. A bear it when. At quarterback. In. And it quit in. Yeah could be all. Out. Now RJ and you look at. How much he's matured as a quarterback things like the rich get richer and in all of a sudden you put eleven category as far as production when Andrew Luck young stud quarterbacks. What I've been impressed will Russell Wilson will need to elaborate on this is. It is what he's done on third down well over a 70%. What these vacant play what is arms are what his speed he's been unbelievable sustaining drives on third down as ugly. Schmidt and CEO. Mark I'd hate to hear or something at eight preakness. Well. You challenged or eat and it on the show you. And you are in the oh really are are there that you had a good job of Reading they get. It. Now budget I think the national recession just look him up in the deep south and and looking at the match up when you got Aaron Rodgers who would help the people consider him as the best quarterback in the NFL because he can extend plays and is alarming is unbelievable. But I still think and I guess that is the Hawks fans might take this approach that be it almost would be shocked and ending because some fans considering the boys but it turns down. They have the Packers would pull off of senate CO. A lot to gain lap three either that accurately now. For anybody going to be challenged free quarterback who is not quite under Kirk. All Albert EE vendors that because that week. An incredible game need more. Help out you know in that. Order are back. It you've. Seen. It. Eight point a team on. Jan Muller who covers the Seattle Seahawks because she's the Seattle Seahawks that lab report you get a berth you in the NFC championship game. But the second year Guerrero out of Cintron makes Sunday evening here on WW radio Jan. How can people keep up with you on Twitter. Not. On Twitter. At. Forty knee on that any. Of our. They work in the net EG check out what. Jan thank you so much enjoy the game Sunday. I will indeed back you guys there. Agent thank you very much 132 if Osama opponents. Jim you know Bobby and the Seattle Seahawks on us and I am part of the Green Bay well the so seized the female okayed. Yeah but he always say one of 32 blow. She get to see a lot of great football and the boy I've been feeling good is witnessing what the towns when a two days yeah. Always and I don't doubt he could tell if he's feeling good if he's seen in real good dog now that you address that Alia -- around and and and you know and until Chris you've got to embrace that mean we gave each Hedo. Benefit a couple of Unix Marines. At the Marines to the vote on yes a boat as. It's determined in the year terms of Indians and over it and move he has an accident Bobby you know just this week you know element is when Angela earlier. The glut on trending. Yet HBO had a freebie like the game for free me spiel before you add that last weekend you know as we gain in our corner like a lot of the good move to so much older moves as some of the new blues. Wanna do and they showed up to we only season that mean you'd different honestly move is not think. That you would like you would like in some that you look at me on Maine beat like that in the way. But I half I found intriguing that the the trailer of the grand Budapest coattails so I take it. Man you talk about a good movement. I'm not an expert on active I don't know what they're looking for but the gas lead role as an estimated suppose there Randall tail. Man you don't you don't have known them about at their dad do was he would he would just humbly but we you rattle off those glad that we back and forth and all of a great act as well and it. But anyway got it got like mad nominations some who talk a better hitter but you gotta see it go eleven well a little dry humor but. I mean I've seen I like that my wife hated talent in those few things is to like artsy that. Read a light. Not put out I thought it was funny that Dallas I went out with a low end of the show and waited to win anything with field at least you look coup de doo and like this guy right right over by where I mean weren't colony would. Is that a quote him some room was Molineaux. Joint that Moeller came negative film though if them Boone on the think it. Had a vote booed and it title it was a part of the title. And one of those types of grass. No. Commenting about who asking. As a gambler rise team is at that moment on the idea that the one out there on the island. Two little kids the Boy Scouts and he'll get that gave you all had yet again so as a set I was you know I can watch it tolerate these arts it was alive Georgia is 21 Lorca. You know she likes Utley or drama. You're public who follow. Every year we were assaulted him with on a movie about him why and it broke out of him made him ample profitable. And really kind of he really what the criminal and you want to Pip him today figured to animals and him and only to the good looking Garrett it was on the boat king of the world she was in it and Spider-Man he was the ball but he choked him later. In in the bought it was it was own abilities. He was young we don't go he's in the he was. What's his name. He was there he was in and the move with Denzel Washington has bit the bullet to conclude Labor Day was named to yeah via but that it was a great day Jane broad. Yeah axiom and saw that as a good movie like that you stuff broke that you see a mud. You know I know I was Lima in Reese Witherspoon you know she's I like them they use them. I didn't easily. She's I take lightly on his week in two on the idea that it secret but I like the proof of that now but I am looking forward to is coming up as the Americans sniper. All of a true there's that I had to be a great movie and it was like pretty ethic ladies would be game move. Any movie doses a movie need to speak that they had the good debated these weak team dead. And because the Chinese would committees has been agreed the cool hazy and Million Dollar Baby is on the top that board. All the top million dollar Babel will Asik is America's lack us both being Great Neck of that is we think Pena and they've had a BR Simon but we'll see Americans. We got aggressive and at a movie chatter here we like to mix it up a little bit yeah. We liked sports but I called it and this is sports talk on every bit ago. And welcome back to sports hockey is the case again and Bobby Hebert of the bella via. Database should trade a number one pick to Philadelphia for nick foals and Darren Sproles will be Eagles can take Marcus merry old. All right thank you for the Mexico Texas and 87872. Is well Bobby thank. I don't that they won more than that I think with the number one overall pick budding big foale's. Ego got a surprise how well these plea would Philadelphia offense. You look at what he did in Arizona and you know in that first year boy. You know to but he did throw interceptions over the any team bag down to earth but I colleges what does seem merry. Mary but I never pronounce his name right here to go with a Chip Kelly and he goes off is it is Leggett said earlier. He can make plays with his feet. And and as argun office as ordinances that and you know maybe have to be as angry as a true pocket passer. Listen ideas that I still I still think Darren Sproles all already do with the Eagles he still has. Sunday eleven at. Today obviously so that would be valued. At Tampa Bay but I think it would take more in baton began as you went off on a tangent you know and I talked about the movies I'd say this it wanted to bring this it was a ten. Dines about it via a loaded to bring this is died June business opening its typical accolades going no this is something. That you know music talk about it or World Cup days that we are sports show you we are so. Christiana Renaldo. Was name fifa player of the year one of the most. One of the most lucrative. Athletes in the history of the that were hit by getting paid get they get pay yes well you're you're Christiane or an elbow won the fifa player of the year award for the second straight year. You know he's the Portuguese forward who plays up professionally. For Real Madrid he led them. To our record can't. European title so the thing about that it's like he's one now appeared to rubles then did your dad had done it equivalency test though. And you look at his competition. Now winning the fifa player of the year award. And now in 2008. 2013. And fourteen now Lionel Messi. It's another rich man if we gotta get there they get paid them yeah. Yes the Argentine star forward he plays a Barcelona. When you talk about you know they were in the what is how Argentina with just in the yet again so we knew when you look you know Atlanta New Orleans and the rivalry between the talent in the Saints were very got a Real Madrid. And Bora and and Barcelona now he was second in the voting. And now the guy it was 23. Manuel and your. And now he held journey Jerry Germany to World Cup title in the Pitt finished in third in the bowl so it's all household names. Of the world football which we call soccer. Now you look. And although and how luck convincing now was to win back to back titles will messy there. Had won the award four straight times the you know I'll be reading a Peyton Manning. Winning went five MVPs. And how that's unbelievable. Well he went to five straight years Lionel Messi wanted four straight years. And that's considered you know the world sports oh. To about household names. Kelly Michael Jackson's a household name right all over the world dead or alive. Oh that's a you have. And bend like Beckham bruised Beckham you know well Kristen Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is in those is in that category I reminds me of the minimum. The movie coming to America when it at saint John's game as a square garden Nelson on the team and Darryl GT with add to the throne of so glow. Who sits next to a team at the throne as of Monday he says we I'll do it in Africa. Is is yup they Socrates if we play football you call it soccer and he's a year that's a real cute sport. But noted the world's sport no doubt about it either case to get him Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia and this is sports talk on WW. Are right the view from Vegas last week be always thought oh. He's 71 in eight post season games what we continue to Tran. We'll get some different takes to look at some of the prop bet they got Betemit who would gain will be rated highest. What's mop it will get the highest rating meaning like with the Green Bay market heavy high rating number in the New England market the awful to prop bet not just the game and the total to battle. There's so much first quarterfinal berth have plan a total all of Honda who scores first wins the kick off told the coin toss. All of that so we'll look at some prop bets to. From the all coming up in our view from Vegas to 601878. Ecstasy 87870. Operated jaguar opinion polling WW dot com. What would be the best Super Bowl matchup. The green bay Packers and doing and paid to the green bay Packers and the Indianapolis Colts. The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks in the Indianapolis Colts who get to some poll of dates and so much more. He's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia it's our view from Vegas coming up next now. All the home other New Orleans Saints the LSU Tigers. And the New Orleans pelicans WW donate 70 AM FML 1053. And across the glue at WWL dot com.