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1-15 Scoot Show 9:10pm: Hollywood Racism

Jan 15, 2015|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about discrimination in Hollywood.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back joy show on this very chilly Thursday night is going to be in the thirties maybe some frost on the North Shore tonight. And it is it's chilly it's going to be cold day tomorrow but sunshine tomorrow and it is going to be spectacular over the weekend so if you have found the weather to be rather dreary it's not gonna stay with a long. Are there hidden messages in Disney Disney movies for kids this has been believe for a long time. And a lot of this it's a social media or did you see this with a look at this and the things that I've seen I really thought word just. Innocently take in the wrong way that they were put there very innocently. And they just taken the wrong which took the got a couple of examples and there's an an interview with an animator for Disney and he was there part of some of these movies and he does have an explanation for some of the things that some people think. Were hidden sexual messages in text. Also tonight we're talking about how much time you spend with your family there's a new study showing that parents and children spend less than an hour together every day about eight hours a week. How do you define family time. And did you grow up with family time in your family. I realize that things are different today but is it still possible. To make family time. And especially to those if you mothers and fathers. Coursing hurts. I realize how much of the struggled his feet but he is there's still time to make family time. And an in and think about the significance of the single parents who have to to make every time because their husbands are in the military and are deployed. There has been trampled to. My dad used to travel. About four days a week every week. Soul was left with my mom and I always felt like it was part of a family but we didn't always all sit down and have dinner together fact I was part of a generation. That responded to the invention of the TV tray and we had TV dinners on the TV tray in front of the TV. And yet I still felt like hours part of effectively if you rejoice with your comments and here's the number eureka at 504260. When he said that its 260187. In a text or receipt 77. Also tonight we're talking about the air patrols that are gonna apparently catch speeders on causeway this should begin soon. Think about now so little is done to stop tail gators. And these are bullies on the road. Somebody brought up the term bully early I agree and it's it's such it's such an invasion of your space will little space you have in between two cars. I if if I'm if I'm passed a car I'm Angela flowing in passer call on the right. There are people who get right on my tail tailgating and very dangerous way. Because I'm not passing fast enough. When it's on passing I'm using the left lane the way it was intended to be used. Personally I think a lot more should be done and I would love the Wii U legislation to crack down this legacies across the country. Figure out a way to start cracking down and severely punishing tail gators. Because quite often accidents are the result of somebody not being able to. To avoid a mistake. Because of tailgate. And I read article this morning at the Oscar nominations came out that was titled. This will be the widest Oscars since 1988. And I thought is that a suggestion that Hollywood is somehow prejudice. Scope like tonight's title to Oscar nominations sent to Oscar nominees show Hollywood prejudice and here's an update on their party drag opinion poll do you think the Oscars are biased. 67%. So yes. 33% say no. You shipping by going to whips it every WL dot com we'll be talking about that this hour and throughout the show again joyous figure comic tonight a temperature cup final four to 601878. Some receipts have idiots have a roof this year on this crucial and to VW will be leading her rivers. But that I am totally totally upset I get all the Oscar nomination. Not one. Eskimo is represented in the acting categories what is up with that. Well it's it's it's Xiamen and they just don't be called on to play the right parts I guess. No one at Pomona 1 that nobody. I am totally offended by this is. As the personnel shall not reached him. And so so Rufus what you're saying is they'd just it might be possible that maybe the Oscar. Worthy performances. Came from white actors this year. Yes cute. Look at it this year. Twelve years of Lee line you know one supporting actress. I don't. Well you did I mean and even social comment about the Cuban it was a you know he's been in some. While it looked at independently and actually the opposite he's put ago when he does and so he actually goes to bed praying. That these kind of things happened that he can. Particularly in the war and by 2000 seats the way. Well it is unfortunate that there are people and the Reverend Al Sharpton is one of them who says I've gained popularity and has gained power and money. Because of racial tension and I don't think people like Al Sharpton deep depth inside the races to get along perfectly as the festival that. Because they would lose their source tower. He loved this team. Well it is these moments when bidders so quote unquote injustice. But not worth it completely accurate excuse your money. Our group is a budget called if you go to comic tonight here's a number 2601870. That's Teri cut 5042601870. And a Texas a 7870. Yet the Reverend Al Sharpton has said that the the nominees are insulting because in the four. Acting categories. Best actor best actress best supporting actor best supporting actress there are no nonwhite actors. Well. Could it be that that's just the way it worked out this year. Let's think about this logic and this is that this is a great example of how sensitive people are when it comes to race. And everybody not just talking about. The Reverend Al Sharpton went on about everybody. Race is such a sensitive issue that. People see it everywhere. When I really don't think every thing is about race. And we're not going to be. We're not going to be peace with that with each other as a nation. And until we get past this idea that it's not always about race. Sometimes. When a young black male is treated a certain way by a police officer who is white. It's because he he he asked for is because of of the way he was acting in the field that it sometimes young black males. Get shot by police officers who were white. It is not because they're black it's because of what they were doing. Now that is not to say that there aren't white police officers in my opinion. Ever precious very biased and like many people in America. Have a preconceived idea of every young black male in the country especially those that they see in certain areas of their city dressed a certain way. Enacting a certainly. And you should get shot up shouldn't get shot you should get beaten up because you look or act a certain way that should only be because. You. Have done something that causes a police officer to react but you know we've talked about that don't alone on the show that's not the topic of discussion tonight's topic of discussion is. And this is really inspired because the the movie Selma which I've saw last weekend and talked early show this week. The movie Selma and actual movie. And I think it's a very important moving for the very important message she was nominated for best picture of the year. For this this opponent upcoming Oscar worship. But the fact that the the actor who played. Side doctor ordered the king junior as name is David and I hope I'm pronouncing this right. Oh yellow of yellow. A yellow all again I mean if you are correct me on this please do because of what I get the name right there and I'm looking at doing the best I can. On the actor did not receive a nomination for best actor. I saw the movie. And while he did an excellent job portraying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I. Don't know that his performance was worthy of an Oscar nomination. And when this comes back to just a simple premise that we're. It we're criticizing Hollywood feet for being prejudice you really were talking about. One of the most. Liberal diverse groups. In America. You think Hollywood is biased. If your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com also this group blog is titled do Oscar nominees show Hollywood treasure she can read and share with others and if you disagree with anyone have a conversation. You can either call the show or sending an email scoot act WWL. Dot com. And we'll be back. After the Oscar nominations came out this morning I read an article on Huffington Post dot com which is a left to liberal leading web sites percents the news says that the present all kinds of news but I would say that their left leaning. The the person writing the article titled it's. Title that it was exact title. Exact title is. This will be the widest Oscars since 1998. And that you poll suggesting that Hollywood is somehow prejudice. You think Hollywood news. And just because there are no. Nonwhite actors or actresses nominated for acting categories does that make Hollywood racist 260187. The area code 504260. When he said he tech state 77. Let's go to Iowa and Marie here on this crucial into the W or good evening. I get a commitment there. And eat well thank you now. Yeah well. Period air. All the things I'm not awful. You know almost not that there will be back into being near it and now. You know he well not when. I'm out. Unbelievable you know are. There and call. That can be account on what you are good people on here at the top. And they are there because you know the light because they're not. Lack. In the morning and Oprah what article or whatever and are ready. Parent you know and I got them out that it may well there will be it would be not. It you know it doesn't work. And I bought here and leave here. You know and an hour. And here and and that could be in the years. I. He offered it oh. I'm in I don't want him out there. And that put him on the Waco at a prayer in here. And I'm going to be not because. It. But it's important for us to have a conversation because of this or this is what some people perceive because there's this big movie. About black and civil hero. And they don't get nominated as soon as the actor I mean the movies nominated for best picture but if there's no. Actor nominations that'll there must be price is that I I just I think right and it said that according to sensitive. What. Are likely many of the like that accurate and I think like you know OPEC it. Within a warrant to provide to bring you back a partner. How could you can't put it out in Britain back in oh. Is there. Without it there goes your key. Checked deeper respect. And it goes it. Never read the floral before like you know I tell me a bit about boyhood. It's a really mean beard and you're gonna them all well and available for your clear that. Not only because it's your one. Aggregate current. Air and delegate count it. It hit the liked. Political gambit over the years are Albert. Teenage years ago he would paint black what you know wonderful to go through it now you're in Africa itself. And yeah I really be a racquet out in the tree and I. Period they expect and what you are out there. What they're not. The as you know I injured in that movie now. Boy is on the Alabama it's a wonderful. 10. And this weekend and plan on seeing American snipers and I wanted to. But. You. Know. We're. Happening in the double there and which I've. Ever. It was a little confused likely lately the movie ended its like the movie ended in the middle. Well Mario my. I enjoyed our conversation and Darren thanks for listening and Iowa and let's talk a lot of we get closer to those presidential primary as you guys got the first when. Artery or logical if you wanna join us for your comments tonight. The numbers 260. 1878 as a recruit 504260. When he said he text 877. Also we got some of these conversations that we're talking about on the show. Going on on our FaceBook page which is W radio and we'll get some of those comments in just few minutes from the West Bank just in your on WW a good evening. They're Lugar the home. Update at southern calorie. Would lose in the Willard. Oh to me. That no course and he. Own not homeless. But just the old world. The core of it was in the about Rick that the people who vote. Put the money in the film the movie. Home that has to be so important the blow when you look at the look at that. Awesome and so the problems in the so. Think bill exodus looking to see that yet though. Put them all do it was sold. Just shortly and accurate. Alone Yasuo. The agency about Europeans bought up excellent member of the AG and oh do you people when you. We'll do a program these mummies. Useful. Coma. All of that then reserved. Home that such a good this alone. Own the game and it's the other segments in this bill that are. It's obvious. These each of the AG solutions more veteran. Oh what she will call that. Would mean yet. Justin he assumes it's. A beechy. So when you when you did that these rules when you put Obama did hold it. And this error you know which were coaching you reluctance. Is buried in. A long road and little. If there is no it's added these people's move on. Totally at all. You know so rules. People come since they put these rules like it is not that move is. Probably about the move would. So well European Oakland meeting. Will. Yeah because because it just and how Hollywood colleague in announcing that this is right that this it would Hollywood does. Hollywood plays a perceptions rather than reality and and history. And in Hollywood will always take creative license with movies so we should never go to a movie and think that it's totally accurate if if the Discovery Channel. Foreign minister grieve deep National Geographic channel if they did something that they were promoting as this is gonna be historic. Look at this segment of the Bible. Or history then it really should be more accurate than what we see from Hollywood. Is that they and you probable recession. That's restaurant in Atlanta recession. Isn't. The bulls Arnold Palmer. Forces. Though. And it in the world because you procession coastal while a lower with the Herman. All your your actions toward Obama to be able to run streak that person. So if you put in this recession though the European McClatchy's. Where OSHA rules. That they would the spoiler and little respect you're close. Army unit or so. So that every every. Movies coming out the word. Though we've Europe and European the role. Should go to most awful well do. Now because holly. Hollywood's goal only was goal is to make money not reflect accurate history. All right so it does that mean by jazz then all. Accurate these objects thought. But Jerry has been and numbers so rule of Cho does that mean that the movement won't begin Monday and Tuesday that that would that means. Yeah I thought I think I think. I think Hollywood it rather than try to re educate people for the most part I mean there are some exceptions like. Stephen Spielberg's. Schindler's List of mean there are some exceptions exist. Joys telling the truth about short government Geneva that. But does there are on there if there are Tennessee's two just did not re educate people but to just present the story based on the perception. Of what they are gonna find most relatable which is what drives into the movie. Right word as well. Let's say in and that Sanders right it's reality that. They do well in. The important thing it says. A home. After you know sort of the legal rules and move that are jeans right. All who. Were nominated for that move well. And they they they might guess but I mean the people are gonna Hollywood's Honeywell Hollywood's calculation was. This is the way we think we need to make it hard whether they want the right decision on his right he's term. I will buy it well but it by evident by its by Evan day. That they have they expect there limits Luke. You have to do it this isn't your chest. Do you are as you automatically assortment of local people out of human being Communists the right. With the union did because so a lot of reality of the human being even being as. I and I'm you know. Just I don't think it's I don't think it's prejudiced the way you and I think there's of racial prejudice I really think it's about. I'm it's about money it's about entertainment and and it's about two and again reflecting. The preconceptions. That people. Out out out out front load mutual will affect animals don't look that Obama Ottawa when you do passengers. To development and native. Memo black memo. In more Lucy strategy in the around the one do though was the general at least the third how worried. But Easter. Game being able throughout the most of them right there right. Denzel Washington has played a lot of really positive characters. Like what are. Now connects. The the the main character and book of Eli. Pollute quote multiple people who look at the ultimate. As at all possible jerk who else had the same old okay. But in that I understand adjusted but in the continent in the context of the movie he was. He was the star figures and so. Are you. Talk about the article on elbow in the star or. Of course you global gallery so besides. So he looked like he looked like. Read so they're outsourced loaded goes right after. Jazz and bucks let it roll right where. And we'll back off when you talk about 00 mark roe. Move is that habit epic on the board all the marred. Like like oh like a suicide latency easel which. Was doubles people who ought view was to begin in the moderate pace went on elements that meant that these in the right. It's silly it's legal week. The rules people were needed and you put it apologies and and and actually today. Right they discredit and oh you discredit the assess those rules today. Who are responsible. Slow way of life right now. Hybrid disc but don't just so we get I'm gonna have to move on just a bit that we get to the question does Hollywood have a responsibility to directly reflect history or his Hollywood only responsible for creating entertainment. What's that you are that you were out of Newark when you when you're when you're such in this many people it's such are in Cuba rather word. Touch then yes you those are a bit different. W. Robert I just and I appreciate calling. Or burn you know I'm to go back to knock the next. Not the next change in his life and I'll go back to saying that Denzel Washington played a positive character because I think toward the end of his life knock on next was a completely different person. That he was on earlier in his in his career a from Metairie Brian your on this crucial. A good argument call from the an area called it. Com I think it's ridiculous that that there is this conspiracy that some we promoting. Outrageous attended the two of the problem. Nominees in the dirt. My point is that there are certain line then mayor crap. And acting and entertainment creativity. Absolutely a meritocracy. You need to have the talent out compete every body you don't. And I think what happens in these awards ceremony they take people that bought then out competed everybody indeed the best performance. And it kind of this idea. That every could be equally represented. Or people like Al Sharpton and you know that debate these comments. In particular because like at the meritocracy. I'll. Why an. Awful lot of weight and actually think diversity not only an imposing actual. No we warships axle but I don't understand that the point of reference when it comes to history I mean I'm I'm I'm pretty certain that Jesus. Didn't really look like the Jesus that I had seen hanging out in the crosses the net. Did I grew up going to church. I'm sure he didn't look exactly like that. There's a good possibility he didn't so I understand the historical reference but also I defend Hollywood as. On entertainment machine and Hollywood. I don't think we should give Hollywood the responsibility of being historically accurate because that gets pretty scary mean if something is an absolute documentary. I'm that's. I think that's different. Oh what you call others mentioned that Saddam he mentioned Denzel law. Now I'll move to a movie he took me awhile back called equal partner and Ellis felt betrayed and one guy. In the television show and with a remarkable true. Only. A minute and people. Outlook really good movie. And eat eat it. Really didn't care. Brian I've I appreciate the call here's a Texas has Denzel Washington in man on fire what he's he's played great great part. One of my favorite black characters. Which Will Smith in the legend of Bagger Vance. Are from New Orleans Mike heroes could show inevitably you'll. Hello Mike. Aren't lost contact with a Mike. And from New Orleans joked you're gonna WL hostile to our earlier prediction though we talked about. You know we can't keep your school. It was available and certain spot double double B you you'll promotional recollection of shell quote cheat that what was happening. Well I was young at the time and I just didn't understand I didn't understand why blacks were were treated that way. On my dad I remember my dad's. Which criticized in and shown by our neighbors for a period of time. My dad worked for Jack Spear. Here in New Orleans and the distributor in Jackson hired. A guy named Willie Richardson. Who at the time was wide receiver for the Baltimore colts number 87 in my dead in the little convertible MG my dad had. By Dan brought this big and tall black guy whose head was was way above the it did the news. Derek proof that did that in the top was down. He pouring into our neighborhood and he's throwing the football with me and I just a moment on I came through this guy with the Baltimore colts distort the football with me. And I just didn't understand why are neighbors were showing that in. I've told the story many times I asked my dad when delivered punch train beach once why do they have different water fountains for. I'll white and colored side and I'd I didn't understand it so. I didn't understand why it happened and I didn't understand why it was out. Oh yes and now that debt so. That's something that a lot of people golf ball well black and white in do you think at that at all that mark EDT. It's. Producer and beat yet in Richardson took its appeal. No it was not. But it may have been that it may have been presented the character that Mark McCormack junior and it's. Mean they are his baby his character in the role in this movie is not the kind of of of care if the guy would have done a performance that would have been worthy of an Oscar playing Martin Luther King Jr. he might have been so unrealistic that it it would have been. Accurate to the movie if that makes sense sometimes it's the character that invites the the Oscar winning performance. And not just the person playing a character he did a great job playing. Doctor King. But I I I did and a woman called me a little while ago from Iowa and she said she saw the movie and and totally agrees that. She did leave their thinking oh my god this guy's gonna win an Oscar now when I left the judge the movie judge I thought. Doc Robert Duvall has got to be nominated for best supporting actor and he wants so my impression is that the guy who played Doctor King. Which it was and it was an Oscar winning performance but it was a very good performance in the movie wasn't a an excellent movie nominated for best picture this year. What exactly what I agree. Because ultimately which people will people. In. And it gets. I think two as possible. I'm an actor could Eckerd it could be. You know and it wasn't that good about I hate to take. Out my door to look at. If Hollywood's bridges what what what what chance do we have the rest of the organization Joseph Greco John got to move on if you're on hold you stay with us. And if you wanna join us with your comment our number Terry code 504. 26 know when it's happening that's 2601 Saturday and a text numbers a 77 more vehicles were your techs are coming up next. Do you think the Oscars are biased that is our party general opinion poll here's an update. 60% say yes they think the Oscars are biased in 40% say no they're not give us your opinion by going to WWO dot com. A from Kenner markets here at WW attitude. Post thank you taken a culture. I'm the expert well. I hospice have never been vacant when everyone knows there's been aren't usually act also become a long way. I wanna say that. Denzel Washington played pretty intelligent warrior approach a priest and had a and also has won best actor Oscar looks like in a low life trigger talk. That doesn't mean he was betraying the black. Yet it was a traders low. Marcus. And I am going to brought that a that was in training day and the other the other part of of of that discussion is. It's sometimes. Dead characters might lend themselves to a greater performance. Than a good character. That's true and take something else art so the movie about that new movie out to exodus okay. I'm serious topic what went to it's not totally wrong. That you'll be. Wasn't just cashed in the electorate and not being a great. It can't sell it sparked who equality ego at all what I like to say is dissent on. QQ school so. It is a great. What to do is all the audience to the situation. The way what is additional. What it's becoming in my opinion. It's been tarnished by reverend Sharpton because. Pop. Japan that's. For best picture are caused it to black hole. Could decree well. I particular. I I would. I would agree that it deserves a best picture nomination and I also think that the guy who played Doctor King his performance was good but I don't think it was Oscar. Oscar what do you think you bring up are really good point and I think Selma as I said earlier this week is a sought last weekend. A cell was important because Donnelley does it introduce new people through that struggle when it also mines today's a stamp which meant. That that wasn't that long ago and for so many people to say oh slavery was a hundred years ago they need to get over it. Well the baby boomer generation witnessed Selma it was in that long ago. The case. Margaret cute coat to a they go to. I took a Christian. Schools two Catholic schools on what McCain today. They almost inevitably. To during the week. We are fair or not gonna stop a huge part of the curriculum exploited to each teacher and I'm in a Oscars just I don't agree with that. Right on about that played a fair role and will but what. The caliber of these other people that are. That aren't they can look at those two and now stop and go. To restore or spears what do holidays. And it just yesterday morning. Com and Ross. And Atlantic so it's like yeah it's simple that discussion of course. There is a slight there. Kind of a slight. So that twelve it. In Marcus mentioned this. As mentioned this earlier there'll always be people who say somebody was snubbed in you can just go back to the college. Football championships when TCU at Baylor felt like they were snob so they'll always do that phenomena. Orders are I'm really glad you called. So if you're holds they would decide our numbers 2601. Point seven to Surrey coach final four to 601878. And a text is 87870. Here is attacks did so Washington played a very positive characters however he did not win an Oscar actually played a bad guy in trading day. Here's a text what about the movie any guy in Nancy little black girl betraying any. I'm here is. Taxed. Hollywood race bands. Because the majority population will watch only watch whites on the screen. That is from Lavar and Houston. Yeah I don't the Collie was prejudice. Except when it comes to money. We'll be right back well where were you on this night in 1974. It's January 15. On this ninety in 1974. The TV sitcom happy days premiered on ABC. And this was the original opening fever have leaders and they went today the heavy days celebrate your it was and it was a TV show that was about it. Of teachers can fake IDs to go to strip club. On teenagers drinking. Teenagers smoking. And Mike got those guys were always trying to have sex with somebody. And then the funds was. You know like the sex got. Seoul if if you think that shows today. Implied things to think about happy days now like again in 1974. Those implications were were much more. On overt than it would be considered today and a thick and happy days for certain fifties. There was That '70s Show. What happened to the sixties. And the eighties. Nineties would about it I'll show about Orange. Say that would be fun from Little League rookie year on WL. I love you Ricky. I don't I'm good. At all. Can ever use again. Okay I don't want you know you say. That from. Our football match was wrong with the world. Play of the right or not rate how to work them. Play and they will make anymore and one half bloody war. Man you know the race car here is there a matter of Mexico. Well a more about Larry. Yeah we have so far we've become far too sensors there when I when I saw this article this morning about this is that this is going to be the widest Oscars since 1988 I thought wait a minute. You're calling Hollywood prejudice maybe it's just that. They were. Not the performances that deserve to be nominated for Oscar. And eager. They're seeing now. I am so that rates are out the one the get a lawyer or more. Ricky I'm glad to Kolb yelled let's save the race card for when it really should be played. Not just play it. Whenever you wanna play or burden on display for everything. If you're hold stay witness Riddick caught up on the news here and then we'll come back with a more to your calls if you wanna join us with your thoughts or comments tonight. Are the numbers 2601870. That's 504260187. Your text number is 87870. And here's a pretty general opinion poll do you think the Oscars are biased. Give your opinion by going to W real dot com. Here's a text are wrong. The first Oscar or did Denzel Washington one was for glory best supporting actor. And I hear is attacks to Morgan Freeman was Nelson Mandela in inflict this superb thought I was watching a documentary. I actually thought I was watching a documentary when I saw a Selma we'll talk more about that and Hollywood racist coming up next.