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1-15 Scoot Show 10:10pm: Hollywood Racism

Jan 16, 2015|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about discrimination in Hollywood and commonly misunderstood lyrics.

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As a chilly Thursday night's and I'm sure you heard about this or raid that took place in Belgium earlier today Belgian authorities say that it two people were killed. And what was arrested during a shootout at an antiterrorist operation and on eastern and eastern city in Brussels I use near Brussels and Ecstasy in Belgium. And there's another anti terror raid going on right now intelligence of we get any news on that Lola passed information now on to you and they busted this this young guy in America. Who was planning to attack capital delegates. I guess it's through social media which is all so. An enemy because it's so. So good at two at recruiting people was so good at promoting terrorism and here groups. But it's also I guess easy to catch some people because they're stupid and they. Talk too much on social media there's a new study out that shows that heavy social media use. Does not lead to more stress. Which is a pristine because we would albeit kinda led to believe it socially it's it's it's stressing us out. But they're Keith Hampton wreckage university professor who was a part of this study says there is no evidence. That's in their data that social media users feel more stressed and people who are using digital technology Celeste were not at all. Is that people who are frequent users of the Internet and social media do not have higher stress levels in people who warned not. And that women are more stressed than men. What do the of one of the criticisms here what the observations is it. You you become more stress for social media because of hearing news on FaceBook like somebody lost their job. Or somebody die. Well you can't. Be can't criticize the technology for that. Because his. When a person died in the past that collier on the phone. You couldn't blame the phone for the bad news. Or even before that telephone. People would deal walk across the pastor to your farm and and tell you it can't blame that. For the good the bad news so it's it's. It's unfortunate that people are so quick deploying new things like social media and legal think the social media is to blame for very much at all. It all comes down to personal responsibility. We've been talking about the air patrols that are gonna happen on the causeway apparently beginning soon and they're going to be looking for speeders. We hear so much talk about finding speeders finding speeders. I really think it more dangerous. Speeding is dangerous. But even more dangerous than speeding. A tip it's. And yet I don't hear any campaigns to stop him. It happens at the city in happens on the road ams on causeway. Capitals everywhere. And it's really a very very dangerous thing and there are some people who still think it. If you are not going to your speed in the left lane and you shouldn't be in the last flight. When it's okay to be in the left lane as long as surpassing the caller on the right if you're not testing decry on the right then get over. December is testing the car on the right even if they're not going stance if you want them ago. You really don't have a right to tailgate and it really is and something it's more dangerous than I think people I think people realized and a lot of people arguing. If you and join us for the comment about anything we talked about tonight. I'd ever eureka 504260. White Saturday that's 260187. Texas 87070. And here's our party general opinion poll tonight do you think the Oscars are biased. 56% say yes 44% say now. Give your opinion by going to WWL dot com criticism that Hollywood is prejudice it really defies the diverse liberal image of Hollywood. There was an article in the Huffington Post web sites and page witches a liberal leaning left leaning news site they cover all the news but I would say they're liberal leaning. The article today it was titled this will be the widest Oscars since 1988. And Lauren Duca the author of the article laments. That last year's Oscars. It was a banner year because best supporting actress went to. A person of color our producer Steve McQueen won awards for the best picture twelve years a slight. But she criticizes don't nomination forward David. Yellow and I'm hoping I'm pronouncing your name right he's the actor who played Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the new movie cell which I saw last week. And she points out. That. At least one non white person has been nominated each year in the four acting categories. Since the widest Oscars. After nearly two decades ago. So. You know the assumption here is. We need a quota system here there should be a quarterly scary if if there are black actors not we have to have a certain percentage of black actors nominated. Meat is Hollywood prejudice. And the question itself just sounds ridiculous. The Oscars are voted on by people in or close to the movie industry and that's a group that's considered to be among the most diverse liberal people in America. So here we are at the beginning of 2015. And racial tension appears to be reaching a new high point. And with no nonwhite actors nominated in the four acting categories best actor. Mist actress or supporting actor best supporting actress. There's a charge of prejudice. I guess really we should not be surprised. But what's disturbing is the idea that everything involves race. And it really doesn't. And I've heard though that the Reverend Al Sharpton has called the Oscar nominations. Insulting. So is he telling us that he is a movie critic and he knows best who should be nominated. Or. Is he a leader trying to derive power from racial tension. The judgment of art. And entertainment news is subject. Everyone agrees there's good art there's bad art. And if a piece of work is even worthy of being called art some people say that's not art some people say something is art. So it's it's fair to at least ask the question on the Oscars. Prejudice against people of color or is it possible. But the best performances did not come from non white actors this year. I saw the movie so much talked about it this week on the show. Raved about the movie. Ever ever been very positive blog about the movie earlier this week which is still on the dispute agent to be appealed the outcome. And I honestly do not think. The actor who portrayed Doctor King. I didn't think his performance was so outstanding that it was Oscar. Worth. It doesn't mean that he was a bad actor. He did an excellent job in the role but you may be it's the general personality of Doctor King did did not lend itself to. Attracting the attention of an Oscar nomination. Oscar nominations and awards it depletion and acting ability. And often it's the nature of the character. That inspires the great performance. Anthony hunting and Anthony Hopkins in some into the Lance. That was a great performance. But part of the performance is based on who he plate. That lends itself to the kind of performance is that sometimes our our Oscar worthy. Now I'm not criticizing. In any way. The personality of the mission of Doctor King. But I think it is fair to consider that his his demeanor might not have been ideal for an actor to keep an award winning performance if you portrayed him in a realistic way. That is I sat there and watched Selma I thought it was a realistic to pictured. I was really are usually young had a sixty so I don't really have any. Firsthand knowledge of what Doctor King but I I've seen video film over the years and what impression I have of Doctor King was manifested by this actor who played Doctor King but again it wasn't the kind of performance that I thought was worthy of of an Oscar I mean I'm not I'm not a movie critic I've just given you my opinion. He was a great civil rights leader. But to realistically portray him. Would mean that you would not. Percent performance that would be so so outstanding in one way or another that it would be worthy of an Oscar. And since since judgment of art is so subjective it's it's really difficult to determine if the exclusion. Of nonwhite actors in this year's Oscar nominations is motivated by racial prejudice. The dispute or to say that Hollywood is prejudice because a little like suggesting that the Klan is not. If you would rejoice for the comic tonight's shot an adversary could 504260187. That's 260187. And our text is a 77. Here's a quick update on tonight's pretty gentle opinion poll do you think the Oscars are biased 56% say yes and 44%. You know give us your opinion by going to our web site Debbie WL. Dot com. Happy birthday today to rapper pit bull pit bull. 34 years old today. And before we get back into our show remind Jews that it's a good day getting started tomorrow Tommy Tucker definitely go first news tomorrow here and every if you go from six to ten. A lone wolf terror plot is thwarted after the FBI catches an Ohio guy young guy who wanted to bomb and shoot up the capital. Does this make you more or less worried about homegrown terrorism. And could your children or anybody in your family. Be radicalized. Also telling talk about the economy where companies have been announced have you seen any of the films and which is your favorite films so wake up and feel good tomorrow Tommy Tucker. Weekdays. Six to ten here and have to be well. We've been talking abouts the Oscars. The nominees set came out today and there are no non white. Actors or actresses named in the before acting categories and I just think it's ridiculous to say that Hollywood is saying is precious I think it just turned out this way however. Here's a Texas says screw you don't get it. I've lived and worked in Hollywood the two most openly racist places I've ever lived in my life where Dallas and Hollywood. Producers use slurs in normal conversation all the time look at the leaked Sony emails. Those are the new war. Sand. If you've got to come tonight our numbers 2601870. Area code 504260187. Texas 87070. So either hit the messages in in Disney movies. There have always been those who have criticized I hope there's this of the Disney movie and I don't know maybe it's because these are kid movies. And I think that there are people. Who are looking for evil everywhere. And I guess that's fine if you wanna be vigilant against evil. But it's not good. If you. Create evil or evil does not exist. And I remember hearing that I don't remember them specifically bit. You hear things about this in a movie this in a movie and oh my god the kids are expo this is this is. Hollywood's liberal way of distorting the lives of children. And I would see the things that they say they saw and I just sobbed stuff and a cartoon. So are their kittens sexual messages. And Disney movies. There was an interview done at Huffington Post entertainment. I'm a former Disney animator Tom CTO. And he was involved with the wind king a Beauty and the Beast Aladdin and is now teaching animation at USC. In Los Angeles area. So one of the things that has come up is does the bishop. Get aroused. In The Little Mermaid. All right so here's what appears to have. The bishop seems to. Enjoy weddings a little bit too much. And if you look very closely at the scene. The marriage scene of a Little Mermaid. It appears as if he is getting excited. Under the row. But here's the explanation. It turns out that this this animation guy was the actual artist who created the bishops character and actually drew that thing. He said the bishop is on his knees. Are no guarantees but it is his knees. The joke was that he's a little man standing on a box. And his robes. His big bishop robes are draped over everything. So their covering his whole body. And people are just seeing what they wanna see. So you're not seen that although you think you're seeing that. In the movie Aladdin. Is a Latin told the teens. To all picnic it. Well here's what happens. From Aladdin seems to say at one point good teenagers. Take off your clothes. Vets herd and is. That's what it's heard that that's not what he sent. To its hurt as. People perceive it as good teenagers take off your clothes what is actually said is good tiger take off scant ago. And that is perceived as. Good teenagers take off your clothes. Now again people hear what they wanna hear. And how many songs on me we could start naming songs tonight where people have misunderstood the lyrics. Did. Jimi Hendrix on. Cues me while it skews you've elected purple place. Excuse me while I just the sky. So obviously it's skews me while I kiss this guy. Sure you could they give of modest effort actually growing up this is actually true. Growing up I wanted to know who Richard stands Wallace. I never read about Richard stands in our history books but every morning we said the pledge of allegiance. And to the nation for Richard stance. The center for which it's I thought they were saying Richard states. And I. Could figure out the sky so important is in the pledge of allegiance we say every boarding recent history books. Now in the the Disney animated movie the rescuers. Is there really a naked woman. So what appears to happen is the image of a naked woman appearing in the background. And it's. Bianca and Bernard speed up. Resulting in. You know you mom never warning if you watched the movie and because she thinks there's a naked naked girl in the movie. Well here's the explanation. In the first rescuers. There was this. Nudie picture according to this this enemy the enemy to went on to explain. Then it when he did the yen re addition to move to free edition of the movie re editing it. A lot of the original executives who did and produce and work on that videotape or were gone. Not knowing that the naked image was they're the new executives use the original negative from 1977. In the read. Addition to movie. Seoul this reportedly led to welcome a major recall. But if somebody had asked an artist he would say. He had there's there's a naked picture and there are and it is so again. It might have been they are but it it it's really not that prominent I don't think kids are gonna see this unless you point pointed out to. Does the word and I remember this does the word sex. Appear in the line to. After sim but kicks some dust. The word sex. Appears to be formed in the clowns. And of course this would ruin your your kids like forever. You know sexes. Is is not just a word to describe activity. It's a word that describes gender. So innately. Sex is not a bad word but I but I I've actually seen this and so according to this animator CTO but the word is not. A subliminal sexual message. It's just a shout out. To the special effects department the animators says it doesn't say sex. It says special it's it's the initial for special effects. SFX. Which could. Easily be misinterpreted as sex but this just goes to this just goes to show how how easily. People see things that are not really. Not really there and again they're looking for evil everywhere. I mean I go back to. Those. Those religious. Extremists. And that's the best way I can describe them. Who found evil and Halloween. I guess a couple of decades ago only it was as innocent fun holiday and suddenly there were some adults who figured out oh wait a minute this is about worshipping Satan. And so people are looking for evil we're evil does not always exist. Does Jessica Rabbit had a wardrobe malfunction. Here's what appears to happen. After Rea cartoon car crash in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. And I Jessica Rabbit is thrown from the vehicle it appears. Then her. Quite the region. Is exposed. But I mean it does happen pretty fast here's the explanation. Appeared just can be deceiving. But reportedly that's not the case according to Variety Magazine. It was a brutal the copies of the movie after the word got out that the animators and Jessica Rabbit appear to be without underwear. I guess kind of an out Britney Spears kind of thing. I if you had the frames. But later the additions of for Roger Rabbit were reportedly digitally altered to give miss rabbit the appropriate coverage. So I under and I'm kind of I'm cutting you a feeling that. Maybe it was the year but maybe it was maybe it was just drawn but he he wasn't intended to look that way but sometimes I guess things just looked at play. Do you remember any. Sexual scenes that we haven't covered here in in in Disney movies. They were big controversy. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight an adversary code 5042601870. That's 260187. Year tech's number is 87870. I here's are pretty Jeb opinion poll tonight do you think the Oscars are biased something we've been talking about tonight after I read an article this morning. After the Oscars were announced they it was titled. This is this going to be a whitish Oscars since 1998. Minute to and astounded me because I just never thought of Hollywood is being practiced it and here's detection somebody says he worked in Dallas and in movies and worked in Hollywood. And that they are very very. Prejudice. Communities. I never worked in the movie industry sold I don't know firsthand but. You know the perception from. Mainstream America is that Hollywood is very liberal and very diverse and might even go out of its way as an industry. To promote. Diversity and maybe not always give credit where credit is due if it is white mainstream. America. So that it about a lot of interesting things to us to talk about and that is that the very fact that. The very fact that two and this has come up as an issue went in and this is not a big issue and I don't think he will become a big issue but the very fact that somebody just brought this up. And then the fact that Al Sharpton has come under aren't saying that he is now insulted he thinks the Oscar nominees are insulting. Because. A black actor actress was not included. Well. Reverend nets to suggest that there should be quote. And instead of automatically assuming that it's about race. It might actually be because. The performances. That attracted the attention were from white performers. It wasn't leaving out blacks it's just that that's the way it happened to work out this year. Also in our top later date we were talking about the anti police protesters that caused a traffic jam on a major highway. Near Boston during rush hour traffic this morning. One of the protesters referred to their action as nonviolent. But an ambulance. Carrying a crash victim was forced to change directions and bring the patient to a different smaller hospitals. So here's my question. If a protest blocks traffic. And it costs is an emergency vehicle was somebody injured went to take a different route. How can you see your protest is non violent. Massachusetts state police arrested 29 people who stopped traffic to sections of major highway and into Boston during morning rush hour this morning. These are protests were to protest the killings by US law enforcement of unarmed black males. Now again. It's of these cases there may be justification for what happened in some of I question the justification. But when protesters stopped traffic. But he chain themselves to be chain themselves to concrete barriers. And I saw saw video of the police arresting these. These protesters and hauling them in the chains off and this was quite a struggle. Because they were dead weight. And then they had these heavy heavy chains. But when you call protests nonviolent. And it blocks emergency vehicles from getting through I think it's no longer. Nonviolent. And also they were on number of ambulances that were were on the scene while via protesters were were being a cut on their restraints. In case something happened. That meant that they might not be available for another emergency. So when it comes to protect you you have a right to protest. But when it comes to. Blocking traffic. On a spontaneous. Urge to block traffic. But it is nothing that was planned nothing that was announced in advance and I think he could argue that the the march. Depicted in the movie Selma. In 1965. From Selma Alabama to Montgomery Alabama that was something that was planned. And there was a lot of talk that it was gonna happen they knew was gonna happen that's not the same as just spontaneously going on an interstate or major highways. And blocking traffic. And to be when you when you blocked traffic when you cause. People that kind of inconvenience. You know I I think you go. I think Q you abuse. Freedom of expression. And the right to protest. And the right to freedom of speech. I mean you should be able to protest your case to me. You should be able to percent. What you're protesting to me is a citizen. But when you prevent me from going to work or. But it's what it's blocking a parent getting to their chart. That horse that palace that appropriate. Mean to block traffic I realize that it gets a lot of attention. But to me it's inappropriate. You protest with signs you protest in a civil manner. But you don't protest in a way that it creates potential danger in society. Not only emergency vehicles getting through but also again think about kids that might be distressed because. Their parents can't pick them up. Because there's stock. In traffic. If you wanna join our show a comic tonight an adversary could 504260187. 2601878. Text is 87870. And for parts to a rose year on the scoop show good evening rose. Hello rose. Rosie awareness. All right we'll put their rose on hold she she she might have going to get a B average or something we'll put our holes in the check back with Perry in just a moment. The scoop like tonight is titled do Oscar nominees show Hollywood prejudiced. And it's it's about to the non whites. Nominees. Outside the non we have and on point nominees all being apparently Sean and by the I nominating committee. Also the blogger wrote last night for web sites Republican criticizes Obama or for beyoncé. Is still trending under. Our opinions and some of the most of most viewed items on our website at WW dot com. If you were with this last night were talking about this in the show last night. It was about Mike Huckabee who appears to be a 2016 presidential candidate I criticized the President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama. Because they allow their kids to listen to. Beyoncé. And I side you know that's kind of just being a teenager isn't and he actually referred to beyoncé is mental poison. And I couldn't help think that Mike Huckabee is part of the baby boomer generation. And that was a generation that. Way it's witnessed 200 a lot of different stuff it was considered by the establishment to be very sexual. And very inappropriate in fact it was on this day we talked about this last night. The disarm. But it was on this day in 1967. But The Rolling Stones appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show to sing the song let's spend the night together and I did mention that's on because that was blatantly about sex. And the censors made Mick Jagger saying let's spend some time together. Instead of what's been like together. Because in the context of those times 1967. Spending and it was somebody was blatantly sexual OK for part two tours rose you're on WWL. I. I can't. Help shock you probably think it's essential. That they would be more upset over the fact that. They start. To black. It is from England. What we at such and black panel and our country. Rather than try late race cart. Yeah I mean that's I guess that's a legitimate. Criticism. But again you know we we go back to. We go back to Al Sharpton and you know there was a time when people like Al Sharpton the reverend Jesse Jackson were. We're more on. More important Maurer. Meaningful and they are today on the front. Senate at that black people and better than they did today. At that time is Sarah has passed and honestly I think that's. They. It's so obvious that they derive power and ultimately money from racial tension that they have no interest in our racial harmony. And it's seeing active on the talked yesterday. And it really struggle. And that they went England especially. Four. There rapper. Yeah I mean at some might find by actors and actresses well. But it isn't in that case rose. The guy looked like looked enough like Martin Luther King Jr. to to make it believable and so maybe. That was the actor that looked most like Martin Luther King Jr. and if that's the case that I can see where it would be justified. And he didn't make the comment that he stayed in character the entire time. That he lives and that. Oh. And he had a lot of film to study that a lot of things to read about two the real Doctor King. And. American actor would know more about. That rat then and someone from England not as it was no. Yeah I understand the comet rose alleged cult and thinks listing apology to play and from Metairie William your Adobe WL. Goodling. It was been Collison into the topic you're talking about ultimate today and actually brought up as well earlier. And you know it was a I think the world and you know I understand the the one billion. You know made he has to say it now while we certainly feel you know what ordered. The city. You know all white non burst. Nomination. This year. But I just wanted to point that I want to bring your enemies down like. You were in all honesty you know I always agrees upon you more about matter. Let's take for example an analogy ESP at all in the sports industry. And go sports and would be you know you know. Pretty good industry. You know based on you know performances of many athletes out there. And I would say that I think you know minorities. Probably. Either leprosy and represented. Greater percentage than the abortion in the population. In a major exports. So we stayed without the require quotas you know we're expecting quote it. You know for some of these fortunes. You know communicate you know we'll be right what would also be races and honesty. As he's had to meet you know certain percentage. You know a particular race athletes or ethnicity athletes. As opposed that one too you know at the performances here. It all needs to be about performance and and I'm not saying that there wasn't a time when affirmative action and quotas of them were needed. But we are great we're way past that did at this point and just this idea that. That the the Oscars are too light. Is it this year just it's just struck me as absolutely absurd and let's save playing the race card the winner really does count. I agree I mean there's there's certainly times when it's when it's warm to him and bring you you know there are cases that. You know it can be made where things are more obvious and either something. I guess I'm I'm I'm I'm watching Oscars to open but maybe not nominations from resolutely and it just. You know just digital and the crowd this year is happy to be at the movies that more written and came these four. William like Scully show thanks a listing if you wanna join us with your thoughts your comments are number Siri coach final four to 60170. That's 260. When he sanity. Text numbers 877 here's the attack just the guys on. What's and others of what about what's. I can't think of them but yet they are so many what's another song where we we. Misunderstood the lyrics. I mean that's something that happens then to feature stories we're talking about that because all these sex scenes that were allegedly in these Disney. And kids movies. They've really am. They really went there. People we're seeing things that weren't there right let's let's listen to the part we says skews me while I kiss this guy here counts. It's like he says I kiss this guy but he's saying I kiss this guy. Will be right Shakespeare had men play women's pars that's attacks just FYI scooted Shakespeare had men played women's parts. And I think that's what gave birth to cross stressed out from lake view Jason your and every WL. You know good. Our. And conversation elected it's going to be next topic and I'll. Try it. I work in the sure. And I think what the Oscars. Especially court. Sometimes we get law where. Art there that the curse and there are seeing a person in court history and we automatically. Just because that would require. Court Europe are old they deserve. We felt really look at their perform. I don't act or are we really care in skilled in. That perform. And and I think that's an important point and and when you think about what acting is. And you think about a great performance just portraying somebody even very accurately. Not not lend itself to an Oscar winning performance because of the nature of the character and that's a critical of the character. Oh yeah and the other if you really wanna see. Here locally from the major article. Look at a newspaper that. After going oh. Look at the small category that don't pay attention. Awards rhetoric about the night before the court. Toward the technical award the guys because they're really working in the industry. And now Turkey brokered does your. All core I mean everything. It. The industry expanding on our shot the actor's job to me. Look at the screenwriters. Are not yet there's more and call there and I think that's another issue to get. Jason do you think I'm gonna get to break your do you do that Hollywood's prejudice. Somebody said the Texas said that he's worked in the movie industry in Dallas and in Los Angeles and people are very prejudice because of the slurs. I'm you know people use slurs but I don't know that that automatically makes them. And prejudice and it makes him you know it's. Who did it make a good point there are court in the industry now we're going on or juniors. I'd be I don't cheat. Are you maternity right now. Yeah. When you heard. It's a bit but you have to do so yeah it was built it. Hi Jason I appreciate you listening and thanks lefty call have a great evening if you wanna join us your comments like number Jerry cook 5042601878. 2601878. Texas a 778. Summer is on hold to tell me about. A very controversial song that I remember when I was a kid I most of the game. I don't know maybe fifteen maybe fourteen net and I remember sitting down with a couple of girls. And playing the song over and over again and telling him what it's adds. Can't tell you on the air but we'll figure out a way to convey that to you. Here's a text escape routes. Credence Clearwater revival there's a bad move on the rise sounds like there's a balloon on a bike. Kiss I wanna rock and roll all lighted party every day sounds like a more rock and roll all night and part of every day. Here's attacks what about the electric boobs. And Elton John's Benny and the jets. They were talking abide songs that are Larry senate misunderstood. We'll be right back but more on Debbie WL. Yeah here's the song yet we which are talking about songs where we hear things that might not really be there or maybe they they really aren't we started talking about the hidden sexual messages in Disney movies that really. It really aren't there but some people see things that well not really supposed to be their ideal you're on WWL. Good deal the song loyally. Yeah product that we were driving across the causeway and I. There to talk about that these continental in Tibet I think it was actually awhile. I think you I think he was and I remember sitting down there with a couple of girls and playing that the two parts over and over again and of course we can't even. Again even repeat any of it on the air tight one and one of a mile away is the the F word and it referred to the activity that's associated with that word. And there are another part that. I guess you could say dealt with digital sex. Okay well. I kind of got the impression when they when they get the dog might. Actually. Did you learn the word that you weigh the date could be you know Kurt to adequately bluntly. We we sure as a young generation we sure heard one weighted mowing. Ideal trying to drive carefully at the causeway in that thanks listing tonight. Also and I got this earlier I mentioned mentioned this on Angela show earlier today. This song in got to defeat. What is so apparently originally. Supposed to be in the guard navy a lot of people believe that there was some kind of a relationship there. I'd done I've got more. Cheap imports exceeded two eyed Joe Cocker. She came into the bathroom window yeah what was that song all about institutes and will be back.