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1-15 Scoot Show 11:10pm: Hollywood Racism

Jan 16, 2015|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about discrimination in Hollywood and commonly misunderstood lyrics.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is going to be a great day tomorrow. Sun will be out it's gonna be cool in the fifties little cooler than the average guy this time of year. And then this weekend is going to just the incredible on little on the cool side it's going to be around sixty in the low sixties that anime planes to get out and enjoy it. Output Francis said that there are limits to freedom of speech. And he said if somebody used a curse word against his mother he would give him punch. And he actually made a reference to actually punching somebody. As was on his a flight from Rome to the Philippines. Or is now so we'll talk more about that today in in just a minute. We've been talking about whether or not it's Hollywood years is precious and this uses the result of an article there reds morning. About the Oscar nominees in the Reverend Al Sharpton has said that the nominees are an insult. Because his. There are no non white. Actors in the four best acting categories. And could it be that. This is just the way it worked out this year I mean I'm just a little hard pressed to. To criticize Hollywood for for being racist if you and enjoys with a comic tonight or numbers Terry Cook 50420601878. That's 260187. In our Texas a 7870. And here's an update on tonight's party general opinion poll do you think the Oscars are biased. 57%. Say yes. 43% say no. Give your opinion like going to our website WWL dot com in the scope blog is about to what we've been talking about tonight from Gulfport wearing your endeavor WL. Integrity and good. Look at your question. But it the so. But casting. Is what makes the market. In the blue. Food. It is that they are who bring the money that will be our immediately just like you that that had been would be argued that. Again the most. He EU and. Yeah I'd now sometimes they're there are very successful movies were rained it did don't have big stars Adam. And so it's it's not always they sometimes sometimes it's the story. What it. It is too many millions of dollar Cotto that it is all of the movie it. But it will move yes that come in the week but all week now. Along old dot. It is. Is Hollywood really partner. Or an audience you're a. You know if as I believe that quite often talk about it if entertainment. Is a reflection of the audience. And I understand why that argument can be made some article earlier said in the movie. Accidents is a travesty because it did not really it they were too many Europeans playing the parts that should have been played by people of color. And that's and that's and that I think that's done. Because Hollywood is. Hollywood doesn't try to re educate people I mean there are some examples it does but for the most part the movie industry doesn't try to re educate people as much as it tries to. I'd to reflect. The the stereotypes in the norms in a story because that's what attracts the attention. And if you live like you. All day. Try to do that is in all the. And did it is everywhere but it is different. But but. In a bit. And it would be ought to believe that. So why a whole lot to me. Did you. Know me they aren't that boat. More into little. Note that this. Might have been. Now you're you're you're right here right. Wayne glad to call thanks listing interesting attitude think about the audience being responsible for the the appearance that Hollywood might be prejudiced because of the there the historical roles that may be should be people of color blood but aren't. An I mentioned this earlier I'm pretty well convinced that the Jesus that I have seen all the crosses in the churches that I have gone to since I was a kid. I've got a pretty strong feeling that he didn't really look exactly that way out from New Orleans sac here under the W well. Yet I keep your two children and to our program and that's China and on a couple of you and Egypt in North Hollywood. And are you mention the protests mark he'd rose and a week in which one shipment. Take for Topeka the marquee. Yes I do consider either action on our. The intent of the party known by a bit and that dampen not technology. I wish the quality and performing emergency be it. To go and matter. Are right now if you you mentioned in terms there are people protest and to keep. On arm people get murdered our folks want to protect and serve vs people inconvenient. Talk about the situation to use engine. What they've had blocked the freeway and are at the scene and he would record can be on to our present. But he did but Mardy Fish in inconvenient. Are. And that wouldn't rule out really quick topic I'm sure you remember our department to. But I. Of this segment let me just say I mean I I agree with used it to the message is more important at the inconvenience but it I would agree that the message can be delivered without. That kind of inconvenience to innocent people onion in your year year affecting people who might actually totally agree with your costs. Wouldn't you know we widgets to the continent out of put pressure. In a position that Craig should keep these murders from happen it couldn't. Well they haven't been technically classified as murders I mean the perception is that they were murders but the envy of the cases that have caused so much protest in this country adopting classified as. As murderers. Apple competitor people who are performers but you know and leaving my body in my justice you by justices to. The same people or responsible. Put that in Peru is what the murder what is. Not that you know it is about chicken comment on the cup record does take its recent Britain are an ideal World War II veteran white. Are murdered adequately. Our Bedard in California. Home. Read about Cody because the anyway he'd have been on have been when he came to our armed black people being hammered it. It is common cold or in a security issue probably are in outlook competitive situation Hollywood script is our continued with it. Institutional racism. Institutional racism it began back crow would the movie Burkle and each. Our contributor from it would it would grow our part to part. Elements of power and can't let it steal half commitment count. From the black respective. Malcolm X move with Denzel war and in peril army needed. The bet that he he did not yet. Now we have this issue would be no matter the tournament is about change we had the arm Mandela. You know I can't harm that's where it won't they hate the black he. In black Jack (%expletive) no matter how will eat that the world will now apple when our. Because how would be happening in England institute about it. Again. Real life black key role poultry are active even after being you know on down deep it pass. They are content with what Matt you get to a different outlook on plays that are at the upper back copy. I played them back popular heat up but I. And it had been in recent years that black people have been police stopped and the and the income are. A little bit please back corrupt cop you've got the White House loses that he'd be at. Let you know training day. You training. I you know that it prosperity in the exact cause of black people would mean in. Goes. Hopefully I'm pretty little tiny. Camp. Yeah yeah it equity. Exceptions. Of course. If you look at the wind it's been. Hit this man. You know it was nothing to do Kyle slavery really well but that's the image that content would. Well but that little time ago and that was that was wrong why. Don't treat all that but it's act. There there are. There are bands. Like people the same way that their bad white people and when I mentioned earlier about training day it was it. Denzel Washington. It's such a good job playing that character. It's the nature of the character that might have inspired the kind of performance that gets the beat Oscar nomination. As opposed to somebody's playing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When his personality. Does not lend itself to that kind of acting it would attract the attention. It doesn't mean that the guy didn't to a very realistic job of portraying Doctor King because I thought he did I thought he looked fairly. Four fairly much like Doctor King they're pretty much like Doctor King. On so sometimes it's the it's it's it's the character. Let me tell you good looking at it from my objective standpoint you look at it from that the hot it would upset our opening after the top of it by remote pavlik and yet. Much more. About how hot it was at discriminated. And poultry people who who are not look at it in the negative fashion you know. Now but why is why is why is Hollywood to a net. We. Want to actually withhold certain image about the. Deep under the I'm mark and hit them the American public that the reason why Roberts economic. Social problem. Political it because of the under. Double. Am I don't. And now bandit will be concentrate on the. I'll follow him. At the quote that he would do it should happen with the perpetually. But Hollywood responds to the things that are part of the conversation in America. And if racism is part of the conversation the naval B movies about racism. If yeah there's something. Out. While it. Didn't I didn't didn't act. Didn't Jamie Foxx went award for a rate. But it. It. Sell your saying that if if somebody plays a black political figure a black. He year old war role model if you will they're not gonna win an award for that performance not put it hard. Because they're because because they're so I don't think it's because they're black and I don't think it's because of the character. I just again I think it's the nature of the rope rule that the the what it takes to. Portray somebody does not always lend itself to that kind of performance that gets. Gets in us let me think about Anthony Hopkins in dome. A subtle to the land I don't know if he won an award for that but think about how the nature of the character led to that incredible performance in the same way that. A Jack Nicholson playing the there's the Miller Vick the killer in on the shining. It was stated the nature of the character in that story that led to that. Incredible. Performance that might have gotten the attention of the academy. In her heart again in the perimeter objectively and I don't know how you need to looking at an objectively if you eat it. How what you could be a part of it the media that makes bush started I think BP and different like. The sec I join our conversation and it's two to go back to two birth of a nation. You know. I don't know of the birth of a nation which I think it was like the first movie made by. He denied anything. You know on birth of a nation I don't know that it's. I don't know that he glamorized. Client as much else. But but it would know but it was reflecting the history I mean look I eyes and lows that the client. And one of the funniest. Seems nervous in a movie was that the clients seen in. Tingling changed it's it was just hysterical. Yet anime and claimed he look like idiots which in my opinion they are. But yeah they probably. Figure it out of the people. From eking out that. Bertha and you look up. You're a Christian terrorist organization apps that people put put the name Christine because you know with. We've. It was in the electorate that being exclusively via. Most Middle East again. Well I agree but again how it may be it's really the audience's fault because Hollywood responds to to the audience and if if if this is what Hollywood gives the audience that Hollywood has figured out this is what the audience wants so maybe it really lies back in the audience of the entertainment. And not the creators of the entertainment. Well in the hall of. Yet but hopefully be reached for that order the article how are correct and video I've been. They really don't know. So that ideas then you're then you're talking about entertainment and Hollywood having the responsibility. To educate and even therapies that are based on what even. Well I Hillary's let him but she's thinking they'll work it do you agree. Absolutely McCain very. So you think you mean like you payment but I don't know that Hollywood should have that pressure that passed. Repression turns there pitched or did you. Lot of law why did Hollywood do. We are made. The the way we use real wide Pallet that Hollywood ultimately did it to make it Jewish people. There. I'm encouraged by Hollywood's need that to make money. I commission was told there it was in Enid and it was right into Blackwell. Would you say that twelve years a slave was was entertaining. It. He won best picture are ready weren't they there were never an infected I think the to the that it will the producer it was best picture. And they were a number of I don't haven't found any that there were number of awards and two obviously won last year. And that was that was apparently that was during historic. You. You are seated. That night I got to move on I really enjoyed our conversation. And colas and time. They say is if you're halt police say witness this is the scoot show where politics meets pop culture. And Europeans and if you majorities for your comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. That's 2601878. Attempts numbers they 7070. Where coming back. On this day in 1970 floor of the band Brownsville station. A gold record for their heads spoken. In the boy's room. Alison ransom is our studio producer deny aid MIA and I children look up this song she goes. I didn't know there was a remake. She only knows this by Motley crow. So those of you know what they'll this was the original spoken in the voice from Huntsville station. And united ninety Seve for me that was reflective of the time LEDs Jefferson. And they're gonna smoke in the boys room. And it spoken on the high school campuses and you know I guess you know we turned out OK didn't quite tomorrow Angela search or show every day and tomorrow is no exception. I'm at 1 o'clock with what's trending on Debian did you go to fund in depth conversation about the top trending stories in news sports. Talking social media and entertainment. I'll be there with Angela and Dave Cohen and Christie Garrett with sports that it 2 o'clock Angeles sounds off on the top issues. From that the hot topics and I'll be with her for that as well. Then at 3 o'clock Angela goes in depth about the Oscar nominations so. Make a date with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow and weekdays one to four here on WWL. The conversation that we had about a whether or not Hollywood is. Ice is prejudice because there are no non whites nominees in the Oscar nominations were announced this morning. In the four. Categories the four acting categories best actor best actress best supporting actor and actress. And that has led to a conversation about about why Hollywood makes movies. And does Hollywood have to be historically accurate when it makes a movie. You know there are always those people who were very. Formerly with the Bible. And they'll criticize. And no one they'll criticize movies that are base of a viable single it's not exactly this way. Well Hollywood does take. Creative license I guess that's one way to put it. Mean no I saw no with Russell Crowe it was stoop. I mean the movie should have been titled. The transformers meet the Bible. I mean those rock people I mean it was just stupid but you also have to think about what all the special effects that are available for Hollywood today. It's. It's very infighting. To do movie about Hollywood because especially they'll be a movie about the Bible is in the in the old testament. There was some pretty graphic stuff that was going on and as so wicked show that with older did their graphic I haven't seen exodus yet. But. A caller earlier. Took the movie to task by saying that the movie hired too many Europeans. Instead of people of color. To play parts that historically. Were. People of color. When it comes to movies I think we get into on that we get into a dangerous area when we demand that Hollywood. Be historically responsible. Now there are going to be many times when Halloween how Holland Holland where Hollywood is responsible. Schindler's List. It's my understanding was very historically accurate. Saving Private Ryan historically accurate but. There is still going to be time for. Creative licence. On me what movie it was more realistic than jealous. I mean it really showed the vicious. Vindictive. Premeditated killing nature of a great white shark. I mean that. That educational lot of us about sharks every week you don't about sharks with the sharks we just you know creatures Tennessee and they occasionally they ate some body. But we did not that they would go attack people and they could could sense who that anyway and obviously this is. This is tongue in cheek. But movies is if we look at movies. As being the source of historical information. Did were forgetting why we go to movies. We go to movies to be entertained. Now quite often we are entertained by historically accurate movies I remember when I went to go see the movie a bull. A couple of years ago. And I went to a seat on a Saturday night and it settings were and taking notes because it and talk about on the show. And going man. This is this is like going to class. It's really hard to watch it to be that was more of a documentary. A tight field but a kid that was it was pulling Republicans who were bullied. Very very good movie but kind of hard to watch and I also felt that way last Saturday night when I was watching their Selma balancing a theater you take in my notes on or notepad. And I think this is like being in class I mean I I enjoyed the movie but it was kinda heavily. Because it was very realistic but that does mean every aspect of it was realistic. I respected the movie Selma because they actually deal with Dr. Martin Luther King junior's infidelity. They brought that up in the move. And they also showed. Malcolm X I'd later in his life before he was assassinated. Malcolm X straight up the next to the like Doctor King. Malcolm X wasn't for the whole peaceful pro testing thing his whole deal ways. And by any means necessary. And yet he did change. And I'll never forget in the movie and I'm assuming this is accurate one of the things that cause Malcolm X to change. Wise. Finding. Light haired. Blew wide Muslims. We tend to think that almost and maybe not you or me but this country. Seems to seek to quickly label all Muslims and looking a certain way. But I remember during the had to warn Yugoslavia when Yugoslavia was splitting up there were. There were Muslims from that part of the world that word. Geithner white light night. Light haired. Here's a text of movies aren't always accurate I Tarzan and raised by chance. And Judy was clean shaven. Now see that's a really interesting. Observation. I think we need to remember Webby go to movies to be entertained and why does Hollywood make movies to entertain us. So Hollywood is is always going to make a movie. Entertaining and we need to be Smart enough to realize enemy if you wanna see documentary if you read a book read a book or watch a documentary. But realize even if you see a movie that's based on history. It doesn't mean that it is perfectly historically accurate here's a quick update on tonight's pretty general opinion poll which is do you think the Oscars are biased. That a close poll. 54% say yes. And 46%. Saying oh you can give shipping by going to our website to be at google.com. And from New Orleans neck here on skirts she'll. And then. You glad you're you know. I'm incident. They. Two. Supposed to be used the our. Hebrew people are words. You. And the usual. You actually patience that he and we thank them in. Sugar. And person in the amateur hour at. National. City. I. Approach and asks. Deploy to mention that you personally. Be sure. That these and the people at this as the ending movement in the shall we wish. And Asia arm. When people of other country. But it was a group. And the direction and you know at which the worst. Screw. It. That question to. Still. The movie you. Do. I mean Moody's. He. Elections to actually be questioned. Extra special attention. And calm peaceful and figure that's on the cost or what actually. We're in anger. Actually and limit which unfortunately. Across smush it liberation totally. So you're you say that Hollywood should be a little more historically accurate with the the actors that they hire to portray historical figures. I. Why Hollywood and West Hollywood Dickey Hollywood doesn't do that why does Hollywood not do that. And and because. And into. Them indicating that we. The European Americans to close at par and restaurant would be used to accurately now. Yeah. There is that we would be patient and Schindler's List. And if we do. And and social and groomed British what. We're. He's accurate. Think. Marriage to them options and which and that there's pension she's a better. And America and Europe America and which you wouldn't. It wouldn't wouldn't say. And. Now it wouldn't because. Nick what are. Nick I think it really goes back to Hollywood caters to handers if you wheeled to the preconceived notions of the audience rather than trying to educate the audience as to what is reality. And those movies there there's a preconceived idea of who they are there's a misconception. A dollar. I think a lot of figures in the Bible who they were big because it's it's based on it's based on I guess. What we see visually is say Europeans and they were not Europeans. Completely agree. You speak and the middle and most of the situation than. And the strategy each. To as strong as it. Well. I'll be remembered that you murdered on the Scopes show ignite you or WW. Hi nick I'm glad you called I got to move on appreciate you listening I it's January the fifteenth. Now Monday is Martin Luther King Day. Holiday for many but today is the actual birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As lawyers we're talking about movies I've got some really big news story about a movie is coming out and April. You know sometimes Sarah says sequel and it's not really as good as the first went this is going to be the third. Installment. In this movie franchise. Coming Saturday April site flies shark NATO three. Yes. With BN's Eric and Tara Reid. Now the first shark NATO and thunderstorms pick up sharks from the ocean. And dropped them out of the sky on Los Angeles. Sharks coming out of the sky the second one was New York City and the sharks are coming down like an attacking. On the subway their starts are falling out of the sky. Shark NATO three. Will be in Washington DC. But see here's something interesting Washington DC is full of people who might fear for two hours. Sharks. Lawyers. Politicians. So when sharks not each sharks I've just personal professional courtesy. From New Orleans tonight Darrell you're on WWL. Nobody good. Would that appetite. Thanks and hit an exit. Do you. Are. Actually you can get an edge. It will be in street starting off putting and that you know coarse hair. May have (%expletive) what we were struggles yet. And yet. Evil at street. Did. You actually partake in and actually. Egg and make good money. This rate issue. I think you look good portion. And noted you know upset because it's into the job. Toward whatever nominee. He didn't hit it it'd if I read it deserves in the state Illinois. And that's been my plane that was the point that are brought up in the in the blog I could he'd just be that it's not about race and that. And I saw the movie Selma and the criticism is the guy who played partly as a team junior. I should have gotten a nomination and frankly I thought he did an excellent job portraying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but it was not the kind of performance that I left the theaters the that guy deserves an Oscar. Who I think we should be done it should be no day for team this year is to produce. Again next year. And maybe some blustery. Out here and some things didn't look. It's a one time occurrence but you know into the game and acting in Arabic pop group. And that in Europe so. Darrell I really appreciate your insight on my goodness interests at Geithner and their behavioral here's a text 1915 the birth of a nation which I think was the first movie. Ever made the first movies and I think was the first movie ever done and with the director DW Griffith may be in my memory may have just escaping. A birth of a nation first movie. Was used as a recruiting tool for the kkk president Woodrow Wilson. I was also the first motion picture ever screened. At the White House estimate called earlier and said the birth of a nation is a movie they glamorize the kkk. I remember seeing that in film class that it took a loyal. Finite element that much about it and to me it seemed like it more reflected the client as part of the world. Rather than promoting the claim but again I'd have to go back and see it again maybe dated from Clint. Here is a Texas Hollywood was bias why is that do any movie being played by a black girl. Steel magnolias has been remade with likely to east also the the classic TV show the honeymooners. Cedric the Entertainer and I forget the other actor but there were black actors that Ted did a movie version of the honeymooners here's a text solo was once a great stage play here in new Orleans back in the day. Free southern theater I missed the stage play more and that's attacks from Daniel. Here is attacks we all know that Hollywood is entertaining however when Hollywood decides to depict real events Hollywood needs to be factional. And that's a conversation that is not going to and Hollywood will be just factual enough. To make you think you're seeing history. In Hollywood will take creative license. Because they wanna make sure the movie is entertaining. And sometimes they'll supersede. History to make the movie entertaining. I'm scoot it will be right back today Paul Francis I was talking about the the freedom of expression it led to India attacking in Paris where sort people were were killed. And he said that freedom of expression should never be used to insult the faith of others the Pope also said that if if his friend and in his firm standing next and so if his friend. Used a curse word. On his mother. He can expect a punch in the face and then the Pope comment made this gesture to punch the guy. Pan. A papal punch. Now. At Pope gets encouraged I think what I think Alison rest of our studio producer went thank you for listening. And thanks for your calls thanks for your text messages and here's a final update on our party general opinion poll. Do you think that the Oscars are biased 57%. Say yes 43% say no. Have a great day we're back tomorrow nights on W well.