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01-16-15, Scoot, 10pm, NOPD AND MARDI GRAS

Jan 16, 2015|

The NOPD police chief has banned policemen, who are members of mardi gras krewes, from riding in their parades during mardi gras, due to the police shortage.

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Our itself for its and it is a tradition ceremony here on Friday which is usually every Friday love to play this because it's the beginning of the week and we are heading into the weekend again. Is going to be a great day tomorrow I think the temperatures going to be somewhere winds sixty low sixties and a lot of sunshine Saturday and Sunday. It has been dreary the last couple days and today was his but it has injury. So I hope looking forward to a great weekend there's always know what to do in New Orleans. It's affected me just relaxing but right now reach over crank it up because this is what you've been working for. Yeah as soon there'll be those people out there looking for a new romance tonight and so over the weekend and unfortunately some people find it. Hope it works out great for if you do find it. I'm looking forward to a seeing a Mitt the American sniper now over the weekend. And I'll be on them Monday morning on the Martin Luther King Day with them. David Blake Tony talkers office I'll be in a Monday morning from 62 and and we'll talk about it and counsel to Tuesday night on this crucial looking forward to America it's like for. Citizens so the first preview for that. I was really. And then every previous instance and to specs and received more and more now the movie just being released now see you might wonder why it's nominated for. On an Oscar. As best pitcher is because there was a limited release before the end of the year. And they sneak it out because they wanted to to be included in this particular abolished but it. There electric movies I saw Selma last week and wrote a blog about it which is on the scoot page at WW dot highly recommend. Highly recommend solitary. The thing that's. That paints and most of my mind about Selma is that slavery was a long time ago but Selma was not. It was an excellent excellent movie. And and there has been some criticism because in all four acting categories best actor best actress best supporting actor best support actress. There are no non whites and nominate it. And I don't know that race is always involved with Roberts it's all on the show last night I don't know that race is always involved and everything. And still treading on our website is a blogger wrote last night two Oscar nominees show that Hollywood is prejudice to be the suggested it would spread is ridiculous. And it may just beat it will these of the people who deserved it says the most but anyway it's only is nominated for best picture. And it really is very very good picture I'd buy I recommend it. And the main thing is that he is a reminder that today's. Establishment. Tony's baby boomer generation. Was personally touched. By. Blacks being mistreated. By whites. Telling us open around the country but it was very predominant. On in the south and if you're part of the baby boomer generation I'm sure you have those references as as a iTunes and everybody today. Mean that people today did not own slaves and obviously. It was under fifty years ago. But for those were so quite some time ago they need to get over. Mean let's remember that the reference point that some people have. On police and on America. Is quite different from what you and I might. And it's because they did the baby boomer generation of the establishment they went pistol that. If you wanna join us for the comment number eureka a 50426. Ago when he seventy. That's 260 when he said he Texas State 77 a Republican presidential prospect Ben Carson. Has been criticized by some for telling the Republican national committee's winter meeting. That Islamic terrorist are like American patriots. Because both were willing to give their lives for their call us. Do you find that to be comparison that is controversial. I can only imagine what conservatives would say if if Hillary Clinton made that comment issues blasted for. As saying that we need to empathize and I think that's what she says we need empathize. With the terrorist I'm obviously. She didn't mean in the way it was taken off really need to defend Hillary Clinton. Like we got to be in Carson said this I understand the point he's making. And it is true. There is that. There is that common denominator they're both willing to. Die for their cause and it's important to remember how dedicated they are an American patriots were very dedicated. Also it's going to be talking about Democrats sparking controversy over the appointment of a Muslim congressman to the House Intelligence Committee. Congressman Andre Carson of Indiana will be part of a panel that oversees US intelligence. And conservatives who social media today saying this is very dangerous. So. Those voters. Elected this guy Carson. They elected into office American citizens vote American citizens elected into office. He's muscle. Should he not be on any committee should he not be on the House Intelligence Committee. Mean just being on Capitol Hill is define openings. You and I don't necessarily ago. I can't imagine that he's gonna get any information even on the House Intelligence Committee that would. Would it be that damaging to the United States I would like to think that the government doesn't even tell that committee. Things that they don't want the committee or in some ways even the public to but I know there's a lot of classified stuff. But to assume that this guy is. He's been returned the information over to Muslim Islamic terrorist. He is the judgment that we sold off and talk about an issue. When we're were too broke out at a Japanese Americans in the United States were were forced labor costs a rate they were forced into camps. And about 62% of those Japanese. Who were forced into camps. Where United States citizens. And think about how we feel. Today about how wrong that was. So I wonder if there's going to be time in a future where we will look back as a nation as fake while I wonder why people were so paranoid just because somebody was of Muslim. In the same way that people now say I wonder why America was so paranoid just because. Somebody was Japanese and again 62% of those corrales and forced into these V essentially like concentration type camps. His basic TC Khamis they were America's citizens I Charlie you're under the WL. Itar originally. Albert pike board in nineteen politics. And I grew. In Alex injury or at least near. And I was like an important goal. And I was actually technically appearance stroke. I hate. Court order. I mean. What are we were you taken away from your parents your own. You are you really don't know. I compact it and let the court records. And my Edmonton state trooper. And my mom. Likes them. Saying it shouldn't issues that you. And I. In Alex. Cary competent. In an eight and it at this map Amy had to pay. And then lower. We and let's. You know interactions. Into an election season. You know the basic. As I say and don't remember we like. Late evening here. He hit her. But he the to. She. She laundry type I can actor and human chain that may anywhere near. Remember seeing these people work. The girl and black people. And pocket in the beer. I don't go to opted cheneys set. I don't mean in Coke it I don't like. Nine. You did this you do see color. And we're not there are. And I'm like a little beauty and aren't we go light in Hammett CNET and beer and mr. Cheney uses. And other people that work here. And they like it happened. Am I grew up there and I'll I was right. I was born in nineteen. East saint ever take it away in 98 DNA. And I remembered these people. We're not people. And I am and at springer's. You soon. Jews so did that leads you to not understand. Judgment of blacks in our society. Did that did that make you realized that it was ridiculous for their to be use good judgment of of blacks just because they're black. Well for now we're saying is so if you were friends with them then it must have been hard for you to understand why so many people judge blacks just because they're black. Oh. I. Yeah I I I I do too and it wasn't that I my point is from the movie Selma is. That wasn't that long ago and so that's why so many people still have. A perspective or an American that many people don't understand. But I didn't mention commentary. When in my experience today. And I mean I am like who who are now and yet. It's like police are where my aunt was the state trooper. I'm a white person. And epic are very paper and and I'm not gonna say it's name or anything musically I'll answer any. You know black hat in hand. I am so. You know you know it. Yeah it's it's it's important that we talk about these stories in these kind of relationships because the media tends to only cover. The negative. And also in the movie Salmonella thing that stood out in my mind was was 13 of the people on the march from Selma to Montgomery. Which was a protest over blacks not being able to registered voter making it very difficult for blacks are urged to vote. A third of the people were actually from whites. What Charlie I enjoyed our conversation are you doing okay today. Fire and and I'm not an ear like I am you know. Let me hand. And in our lives and that maybe. I've you you like I I loved it too I appreciate you calling Charlie and you have a great weekend. All right. Is Cisco show. And we'll be back. I coming in at 1030 it's NFL preview as you get site to an already for the NFL playoff game this weekend AFC NFC championship games this weekend. A Packers at Seattle against the Seahawks the colts in New England against the patriots. There's seems to be some concern that there might be an attempt to have a protests. Two. To again protest of police why police officer shooting unarmed black males. Under protest is continuing especially in the northeast and it was a big protest this week outside of Boston. I and it was a small protests last week on that delayed some fans getting to the ravens patriots game so there's some speculation that there might be. Tom there might be you know the protest tomorrow I'm answers Sunday if there is of course we'll talk about it and a Monday morning albeit for Tommy Tucker sixty to enable talk about the as the playoff games and you know love the saints spent if they're nodded and still one of watching the NFL. I it's very very competitive and you're the Seattle Seahawks fans they're very. Very competitive. Very proud of their two and as we are when our team. So the Green Bay Packers are coming to town Green Bay Packers are popularly known as cheese heads. Because the state of Wisconsin is the country's top she's producing state. Bainbridge Island his right across Puget Sound from Seattle. And the city manager. Douglas Schultz. A devoted Seahawks fan. Toward executive order. Has banned the possession and consumption of cheese inside City Hall. So technically this is the state of Washington. So technically. You can have marijuana. But you get busted if you had cheese. From New Orleans Jim you're Debbie WL. Is. You. Of as well as anyone equipment that element about it but it. Bill at the bottom of it and a good prevalent on Kwame. It you can count on any Blackburn you have on hand injury that doesn't go and vote. You know it's it's kind of fun I don't think it's true but it's kind of funny. You know do you know my you know vote often of course about it found that a law that pop like enough you your rise in. If not it is broad deep and about the different on bird always on the court on and on with their. Why I appreciate says I do I disagree with that only because there are people who just don't. Come in contact with enough. Enough people to make friends in any particular group it it does it mean at their prejudice against him they just got to be friends with them. It's that the go to. You know when one quiz the record the other players walk. Or. Well yeah and I I love when people start conversations on the year with I'm not a racist bot. Or I you know I don't hate gays bot. There because it. And light on it. Jim I'm pretty calling in every weekend. Right here is an update on our project of people tonight we've been talking about this on the show or should new Orleans police officers be allowed to take time off to ride in Mardi Gras parades. Went outside law enforcement officers are coming in to. Take their place. Final update 48%. Say yes and 52% saying no they should not be allowed to ride. Here is. Text that reads. He is it an embarrassing to have officers from other places leave their families to come here to cover our officers. Supervisors. Have to do unpopular things. To keep things rolling. And I understand I mean I clearly understand this idea that okay look we're sure police officers. We don't need officers riding in a Mardi Gras parade. Win so many police officers are needed on the street I. I get. But I also think. It's unfair. To have them have spent this money. Made these plans and for many people being ceremony drop rate is part of their culture. It's it's more than just being offered that day. It's more than taking a couple of days off it's it's part of there it's part of their culture now if you're police officer I take your first responsibility is. To be a police officer. And if there are sent a shortage of police officers when he police have so I understand that part but if somebody spend money. With the expectation of being in a morning grow operate. Day and I'm thinking it's. It's the city's responsibility to. Reimburse them. I not had a lot of fun tonight as always. Back to Monday for Tommy tracker six attend and then back on the Scopes show a next week and our remind you that. If if you listen to WWL at night. On what a 53 FM and as a pelicans game on and sometimes that does happen because we carry the pelicans and I gonna do is just hit that AM button on your radio. And the Scotia was on today gave seventy some of those nights when the pelicans are on FM we are on the big 870. I mean if you only have so keep that in mind if you wanna send me an email email address is scoot at WW real dot com. Where they Jack Harris our studio producer NFL preview is next. Have a great weekend bloodied Orleans.