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1-19-15 6:10pm Bobby & Mike: on the Seahawks and Patriots

Jan 19, 2015|

Bobby & Mike talk Seahawks football with Seattle sideline reporter Jen Mueller and talk about the Patriots as well.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the second guess Joseph Mike that they gave Bobby a pair of alive and still was the purpose it open excited it got county. Mississippi couple by business Bobby will be on it 208 o'clock at night and withdrew it in these sports. Just repeating what we talked about that the final report. That our marquee selected to opal you take place. Wash on lifted marshall's got so you've got to be doing pretty quick he would be playing in the Super Bowl each and every 6 o'clock job with John. Of this the day nobody else from the selfless looked okay. So once I corrected bigger it got up big and republic where it was earlier today it out of full house and they've had a lot of people here. Today this was a lot. Everybody's happy that they and it's good gonna have a radio to hear for the next two Monday it'll weed through Monday at the but you. May. Hell of a body a little bit though about your feelings toward Seattle wiggled being in the Super Bowl. Three days Seattle wasn't a great people well one was a great in the that it gave up beat you put backs anymore excitement that what you saw those where Pakistan is it plugged and all it is a nightmare. To watch at all that the linemen get to touch now battle metric when it was probably about Omaha I'm less on the moment Billiton show. Logan and how to they want New England to win but I but I think if a little right of Brady Riggs deflated football level because you're old and that's about. Okay we'll open it up a couple split this I think that in the Payton popped up pick the Patriots. Now all of the with Seattle gauntlet Seattle oh yeah. Well but they've looked like you look at I think with the shrieking is now dominant. Seattle will refute that removal and obviously from the get go. A lot of casual fans that you need to watch the cobra or in the game and that's the I'll put it in a Broncos on May hesitancy. With Tom Brady and duper that field the way it's going to be it's going to be a great game the Mets it's going to be a close game that that's Richard LI like how mobile. The Russell Wilson was you know if he cried after the game really ticket after. You know what room lot of you know all of them is the Bobby. Maybe. When he hurt me. You know you hate you but there. And now we will have a good not laugh and joke and I asked him about college game he says you know what all of one. In that game with the ball in my hands. You know the final moments of the that's what that's worth a lot of back. Now an opportunity but you know plated I could stadium than eight minutes of freshmen and you know that sort of thing. It is the business strong smell of alcohol. Does that all the putt. I don't the month it done but it you know phantom rapid and great fans and everything else that all want. The chance to win this game with the ball in my hands late. Ellis you keep everything in that game but with it. The final. Mid forty seconds eight you apparently. Alabama all the without you in that would McCain he's on the sidelines I'll be all look like it did. Because he you know. That you don't play well the teams that play well in bad actually stole it gave away from LSU because Bobby you admitted he'll situations where. He was bad at that you that way with you rob the way to win that game plan in yet and that's what I've looked at it yeah well I think we were Russell. It's hard on it how. From a mental standpoint not to get discouraged high you handle adversity. But we talking about the NFL. That you could do it at the major college level which is unbelievable to win a national championship. With the dude at the NFL level going to get the best in advance that they Russell Wilson even took it to a different level. If I have an opportunity now to win back to back to Bulls. I mean listen. It just goes to show you. That how could you matches so it's hard. And there mock. You know here's a guy North Carolina State. Not a household name he graduates he's able to hopefully University of Wisconsin. And you look at it could fit to. He's so that you would budget if you pewter spit out like aunt who look. Just like bit Rothenberg Julien just Massa. Here's the guy that has what it takes to win and how do you measure that. That he's the heart of the champion. That that's why I mean I hate to feel but if you not a Russell Wilson fan. I mean he's beyond the American dream theater where he's at now and opportunity. And to be in that it firemen and understand his role to play at a great supporting cast. And that's an I think yeah rock the benefit events. But it's the body is going to be there Rockies. Russell Wilson and as the guy TV on and on how you connect your form because now hopefully they got a. Got to do is pick out of this Odyssey at the same thing. Not gave a lot of the high school race in California how wasn't the best one of back. I go to Michigan outwit their paper it Tom Brady daybreak it hits that we'll they thought was the greatest quarterback of the would go to Michigan uniform. Yeah I'd get picked it till real late in the draft. Eagles the team Bledsoe is the starter and gets hurt he becomes the guy all of us life in a pro ranks he's been in the shadow big man. Well hit our point of his life professionally and again I think he's the best what do back that's typically the gate well like Tom Brady is the best. Yeah you want to read through all the youngest ever as far as his knee young and my tennis but what you look at okay. The you know we've got to get an Oakland quarterback. Look we're outlet and it was drafted where Brady was where Brady was adequate sixth round within a third round Russell Wilson third round. It hasn't showed at the discount they're really doing their home. Or know what they about it is everybody talks about its science if it's a sciences in that the Angels night to us. I mean you can have a Bill Walsh the previous years ago when he was alive and that you don't NFL's all about an educated yes. We dropped the player because you can't project how that wanted to. What what what year old guy's gonna be Woody's 27 when he is so you can only make an educated guess on how we yes and hopefully you'll get what you do. Mean the one that slipped out there expecting that you would've thought he would go one or two games I don't know retard and I. It's their expectations Marty was drafted Peyton Manning. But it goes to make it wrong at the theater you got Ryan Lee. Didn't let that drop off an off at case does that show you right then. It was like a follow real killer Ryan leaf or Peyton Manning all. Once that jail not Nolan is the hall of Famer. They tell everybody was this what we're gonna have the. All squares this football league you could start that next Saturday earning years where for the game on February the first. Also a real popular now. No one but failed to coach. And courts were the only casino they three slot permanently. Now the body a little bit about summoning and it came at that you be having here of late January to February album we have a coming in here. Next weekend BRW bear made editor Walt if you watch the old school seventies and sixties. Motown and public or when a fighter great three great front got up there that you could be if Retief deflected down date to do. BRW. There on rotation near that close and out being wary. The no one band all the North Shore. Witnesses will be in here if you do time for local mall. No other body if they want I'll watch the Super Bowl here comes some of the setup that you have if possible so. Well we have a yeah a fourteen foot I'd death Big Three right here it all on the state regard it's such a great place to walk to the big party with the chair down on the dance floor. At the football awards are quirky enough city slop he had all the TV you can look at it and we'll buy a restaurant the I won't bark inflation wrap TV so it's a good environment. Football we Bobby and I didn't get a chance to talk about this but since we did that shall last week. Atlas choose who you are springing Kevin's the Atlantic guy we feel a little bit from all the idea that they don't draw a citadel would you be so loved me. About recruiting. I think he's been a pretty big impact already with so defensive linemen that and I they had way outside shot. I think the base have been here will find outweighs the yeah or not picked Jackson from programs who is the best cover corner back in the state of Louisiana today. Well you look at it's almost like at the Nittany gets thrown out there but if you look at now coach Steele of coach O coach goes wrong and now frank Wilson victory gave the recruits. And actually believe now a coach so coming on board that goes dominant Louisiana players. I think it's kind of resentment the better technical analysis that have Alabama landing Colin. The camp Robinson. You Bly from Thibodeau went Eric Roberts yes you know we don't like Auburn from honoree yet therein Oakland that that I'll think it nickel analogy now I'm like they're present. But I'll tell you build percentages as decreased analogies favor. But the good thing is. It puts on the resume now Larry Johnson to repeat its line coach but what's that it's Nichols school I missed the cut them a phenomenal job there. But bay has recruited and that well yeah it. First round pick. The offensive linemen throughout his career ankle April 11. Went with a big guy from FC so you talking about you or how a lot of summertime on that but first round picks he's recruited and developed at the college. That now Mike if fans who don't know actually Niko will okay and coach open V to any great quarterback eligible that but yeah it was a whether it's the California Florida Texas whenever. If we don't have a we can really get that top notch quarterback got hit a lot of that I got to the. Development is rated Harris Rick Harris is not that I football league which you've got to with that you got a little humid as you've got to hit. I quarterbacks you brigadier. Apnea asking him to do with that that Burton you. That that's not it. Is putting the round pick in the square hole our weakness right cornerback got a spread all the road all the quarterbacks you recruit a spread quarterback and that he Dockett recruit those ranked quarterback inaudible finally got our thought Marreese step on that front right that's what holds you. Best they write you don't have specific golf goes. So let's look at them now that's likeable on our. It is not but that's about it on as they. Bob well with talk about this situation with a big old draw will find out certainly you know Wednesday with Dante Jackson. On where he's gonna make that decision either Ellis you put Georgia in that process but already real report popped the incidence. That added that goes to show you that reputation. Real quickly hit me him. I think real quickly parents play is they know. Prior success of what he's done it's I think now the type impact of not only recruiting you but also fully developing you as a player. You know all of those first round draft picks that you mention you know gone back that you University of Miami US the one that all on and on up that the point just given me. That that ain't right there that's the one in fact coach holds back or anybody hall of Famer and Cortez Kennedy. And ironically. His association it was Mickey Loomis and defeat all else that's right you know over a small world what you think about all but the knowledge involvement high you brought that. Craziest thing is he Bulls highly decorated guy that made it household name today. You've never played a snap in the NFL that they recruit him from Pennsylvania. Whose name was Dwayne Johnson people know him as the rock. The wrestler. He was that the you know. At the big coached you know it is a moment's thought in a row wrestle over the thinking gets you right up that is Rickie all them. Lot of acted as I can get show my tea Bobby gave there was but this was a casino Pete decided Hancock county Mississippi. A look talking about it Duke who went to break. National signing is right around the corner who wins the right after the Super Bowl it. I think everybody's gonna wanna watch L hews close here because of which you need that dream team with frank Wilson. With steel all also certainly with the field you'll be in in the deal in the closed the deal late on a couple of Louisiana prospects. That is still out there. Like Daunte. And can't date blows that you'll some defensive lineman because you can Rask go and hunter. The National Football League that's gonna create a hole there are that the pits have been spot. And a Micah Lions then think. Is that what you look where the particular gonna fall was that right. Maybe break in the top ten. What kind of maybe in that realm it Daria I don't know what happened number eight cinema club kind of like that. That's also host the young man Dillon from mind. They were torn between indicating he was an early commitment to Florida LSU front. Basically bring him minutes at defensive back you most plea wide receiver. And it would not that you land those two guys. Then it's you know you get yourself up there pretty good perk merits already said that his decision will come down to Texas Stadium market. Alabama. And so. You know you got that little mix of schools Ellis who was named in there. So now would you look at it that top receiver spot you've already got gas Ferguson. Of verbally committed we got Aaron Johnson and you close is that we look at them warnings from Ortiz that you close the deal out with young man. That though you were originally wanted to bring him in as a cornerback. With you know as the dislike to the playoffs and how meaningful thing and you can look at. I mean that's the ability. How they've laid whether or not they had it third quarterback that be you know Kordell Jones. With that all the that the that the line. I mean like I don't know it felt like coming together I think even or remark that we won this game because of our defense. Think about that they had what. Or turnovers. And Ohio is the that if they even did not bid. It's about winning it expect is that bad white boy they care equipment that right tackle ball market. That's not what he's in the yet I get bit odd to me. The thing is almost that is Larry until we get the flag Johnson's coats the so long since they. Schools and do what's more I think rich bought it we can show with television show million on his view was there. How urban got him there I don't know what. Is one of the best treatments like go to college football you see the development of those shall I state you that's one what impressed me was with a lot of freshman. Redshirt freshman sophomore offensive line they just they booked a ticket market out and and seeking had running rule. Well hey nobody was putting your health experts might fire about booty a plane. The last the streaky he did not only get a hundred yards macular yards blood so everybody's not that Alabama Oregon like. And if they just crush Wisconsin beat there's still a lot of Auburn. But hit. Everybody all well Alabama they just averaging given up ninety yards rushing a game in and all of a sudden that offensive line of war I as political would seek to go. Yet and think I can't see it now all on Miller's look who was winning or losing in the trenches that you get to about. Spread offenses and be fast break whatever you wanna call it still old fashioned football good idea right Dan that whatever Myers have its cake eating him. Could he must've run that spread offense with the eighties winning in the trenches on all the that the with a long thing. You do better than anybody's developed quarterbacks at the collegiate level. What that level of play you can't do it as well as anybody has and he brought the issue with the third string quarterback winning. Now that you look at Florida Tim Tebow Luther got knocked me out physically grizzly yet. Cologne grossly he'd ever made NFL. But look we look Polly wanna Florida. Would be back with more second guess show right after this news break wet demand slew. But I'm back to the second guess show like that to you Bobby Hebert a lot of the self was slip a casino beats out and it got pounding Mississippi. Objective now be on till 8 o'clock that night and we threw it in BC sports. And just repeat though would that happen at the in the bar that would like our sports talk Mark Ingram selective few people awful that make the plays. Of Marshawn Lynch. Got a guest with us on now she's the sideline reporter put us Seattle Seahawks this kid Mueller did thanks so much but John Ennis. Absolute little Lee Holland didn't do not is not used Fiat and I am not about the stopped now. Yeah you meant a sideline reporter and covered the Seahawks will allow a you know while there in the game. Covering it on a person's noticed me what you saw yesterday. No I have seen them come back from some pretty significant deficit I had seen them. Wrong it. In the fourth quarter. You really. I back in Italy and eight. So I like the arc and that. There and it. A lot today it is an ugly game or copper that you get hurt and the one that. That it. Now continue speaking of offense then to me who was consistent throughout the game. And I think he has snippy view on that team that would be peace vote. Marshawn Lynch to 157 yards and 25 carries. To me he was that all with the fours. That Seattle had to have I have on a consistent basis. In a beer with him to see how New England. And maybe commit to stopping. Marshawn Lynch and maybe make Russell Wilson on the receivers. On the passing game beat them because. To me Marshawn Lynch. As he goes I think so goes the field so what is your opinion with that. Yeah. And I think if you look at the Seahawks play calling. Late in the game it at that. Moment that it's. Been a while they're down. You know by you for a minute now did not. And it is not it's the arc and you eat out for me. Aren't on the ground he lap you drive. That big plate and so. The Patriots under the end of it marks on it. And they really ought. Eat and tactical and practiced. Really. Good that the couple weeks in Arizona. The other thing to me is. In comparison a look at what Belichick has pieced together secondary wise. And they do have one piece already from that Seattle. Yeah and then with Brandon it's it's almost they almost try to duplicate exactly what Seattle has had throughout the years in the secondary. Collar physical defensive backs. And you look at the Patriots it's very similar. So big Al's got to pick it up playbook right out of what. We've seen Pete Carroll and Quinn do in Seattle and Bellic checked. None of duplicated its own way. Seen that scene there. At. In using. Your prototypical. There you know whether or corner. Or. And you know I'll take that chance but he don't like try out. And the Saints sixteen years ago. That means you're corps back. You know all. I mean any time where he would rate receiver hasn't been in off the line of scrimmage. It I neared eighty in the game and I am really tearing it if he plays against his former teammates this that a couple of weeks. Now what did obviously. That seems like an eternity. Two weeks it to the Super Bowl but. When you look all pro cornerback Dominique cornerback Ricky Sherman. You know played much in a final quarter we just look at Adam holding is that form at his chance and then. Sherman he said after the game but this Kubel. I'll be a 100%. I will 100% be able to play that also Earl Thomas having to come out. They go back in. I mean is there any way that they don't play because I think their boat plane. But he still could be Mastiff that diving into it be taken and shot or whatever because obviously it I want him with people. Yeah I made it it then the plane they could be a lot in the closet somewhere. In that stadium. It's been an that you're not in the field. On the today. My understanding Richardson said it was Maureen elbow and are prominent it was a bit of pain still there. Both of them expect that we knew weeks they would be available play but of course Morgan that he and you know practice. All I wouldn't see them on the field this week but next week that would. Tires on it he happened you know that worked well. One thing in novelty gap of the sort of position but how well. You know what Max Unger that offensive line. The Seattle and I mean it put it all kind of different pieces of the puzzle in different spots. But that. It's slow but better offensively. With Max Unger is it that lineup if he's healthy. Is east. Sooner and I picking it goes to show a little bit that I pick a lot of teams maybe don't put as much. Emphasis on this at a position. The team you cover it no they've got a stud guy in Max Unger. The big. Team like without. It you know I. Think for different batters and when. The game. Then game now that up 400 yards racking with Mac in the game I think it. Gained three yards per carry it out make it better. He looked really good call but I line it and there. Call hot blocking by the offensive line play if you're not in. Completely thrown off the Ryan. Howard blocking scheme and be willing to throw a body it's. Buried them so he is a huge huge piece of what our ops is. Now Jan volume look at Russell Wilson Bullard I guess it's all about how you handle adversity when in fact fours four times. Packers Stevenson that forced a couple of fumbles. Florida Sampson did it in on and on as far as sports from a negative standpoint. But this is looking at Seattle then it's a first down. Levy came early like it in the eight minutes into the second water. And you look at is quarterback rating in the first half it was 000. Let me go low bullet demise that you along with Thailand so I lied when you look. A witness stand in the Seahawks mandate that that he felt like shocked what occurred in that first half and didn't really into the latter part of picking. Yeah and you know. Turnovers whether it was the action by well. It on the ball went on one kick off return early. The team that didn't turn the ball and back and I talked about the last week where. Me in the only this year which street and you'll see they shot that you why did that actor like yesterday. The I'm not. What. Quarter but it. Art. Actor in the fourth interception. He probably Eric and you can't believe and that. Told me after the game that they. Had in the end the city exit than. And I. You get. Up for Martina that we can pull it out you know let's get together in the game. And that was really being visual lightning out content to go mentally what looks like. And I'd think you'd in the reaction that mean the game. He knew that the possibility was only there between him and his team. Jim you put out a book Hawks forty to me they cannot outside the box score. Tell everybody a little bit about the book and also how they can get. Yeah don't think. There's 4 AM on game day you know not in Spain and yeah and every you know. We. Heat on you work you're in it at the op. O'clock warning me about improving communication. Relationship now. And creating the opportunity or you know really. If you're in your on board and I'm in light work. And it's available at Amazon.com. Are good at it like fox 42 B dot com. So talks sport to me thinking outside the box score is the title of the book. Jim thanks so much which on in this we appreciate it then. This ought to be a very highly anticipated Super Bowl because not only is he also can do something. That the last team to do it back to back bowl wins with the Patriots operated Bill Belichick. Yeah yeah it didn't mean pop them like he always did feel the buildup and then what happened on Tuesday. Jim thanks a must be doing this we appreciated. Any guy and guys have a deadline. All right here Jenny you'll look. So online report of bought the Seattle Seahawks ball with the second gesture right at that has break you all in the big 87. Lot of activists think she'll like it to you about being there. But this helpless look casino beats out and it got economist at you Bob you know talk at all hear about. What happened at thirteen for the Saints would make it get in oval big believer wrote this in my column this week Randy record from Nebraska now they follow junior from Florida. Chamber from Missouri dale the board I mean so that they're not gonna be thirteen. As only a 5050 shot. That pick Beasley with the decks of the top half refusal he would. Would be yet that's only a 5050 shot with two guys to keep in mind in one on the edge with the output but Dupree. Owns it a little bit of a high effort player defense of it and outside linebacker. From Kentucky. All are the situation if you pass rush is not there lot of offensive linemen I think we'll get slept in his draft that you may have the opportunity to. I can you have to go back out that a fan let's hope we don't take all of its alignment thirteen. The big thing maybe move bang back recouped some Payton and look at all the the line that you want. All are another pass rusher. Not necessarily that guided that up with your port of it right what it's like a point and every day. It mikes they speak it up to show you can't get it right you that you could be questioned is king online you know with outstanding. And a lot of people question I think. It's articulate them eleven Bruce Irvin. It definitely definitely but I'll that they wide it is that's way to. Everybody was quiet duplicate in a lot of it to go he is in the back ground okay. His background how was not one. That you know was stellar by any stretch yet yet all caught up. In he has admitted drug issues when he was younger was almost healed by. Somebody that he was not a viewing Faulk and so you're you've got that particular time. Written a lot of different college you just go unless you know they'll let still made it don't get Ellis you're the young dictate these but would it that it ever if you. The line I can recall. In a playoff game you know. It is just a grade and eighth and hits Seattle you know you warming up they got one happen if you got half. With Jimmy Graham you know he's trying to go to Bruce serving like he would still broke it wanna shake his hand and I'll. He basically the damage he did get your blood back and us not to like shaking and it would topics and will you and Jimmy Graham got all open that you likeable on. You've got to realize that about a guy that has had his life threatened. And all these other things shake it after the game yeah nordic games NATO friends you know that's the one thing win. With with Pete is known John's gotta give a lot of credit to. Is that. No he's not worried about how you grade of Julio honestly it's great a player or Atlanta great to play in a word about what he does what Mikey right at UC. A lot of times people get caught up with that wells also had him rated here while Sosa had him rated there. But they've now word about how another team has that Cairo. That it is word I'm they gotta agree with the linebackers Utah State Bobby Wagner. It was hot they had him rate him where he was being Bobby angers the flat out. Bob Wagner completely and I think how in the world he went and adopted it. I don't know one guy everybody agreed a bullet Earl Holmes yet and he came out of Texas everybody agreed. Earl Woods is the little. Well we need to hit it apparel to turn it Earl Thomas junior. Like you know he was headed that way at his rookie year not necessarily the sophomore slump season but like you talk about talent and evaluation. And outlet date with Nate have had a lot of the personnel in the front office or cookies that. Whenever you win. You know going to different teams you know at the end it's now at colonial Oakland. An eagle on and on. Well it took a ride pace who's now the general manager policy the youngest you know manage in National Football League. Would Chicago there right now while he was hired. You aren't safe areas out Josh Lucas. Services director of player personnel with the Bears now you look John look Josh Lucas you that night to witness saint. Or third ring at the scouting assistant. Before being promoted to an area scout back in 2007. Now once they I know he's Smart. But the point I'm making. Is that look query came from where you went to school in what is involved in it queries that now. Being right now promoted. If you look director of player personnel. He attended Harvard University. He played safety for Harvard that a football team back in 97. 98. Now you've broken today NFL. With the Jacksonville Jaguars. That you would think what you eagle there aren't that gal. Our coach jarrah like a practice that that whatever quality control. No. You with their work getting in the in the marketing department. In 2002 and 2004. It did he let the marketing department Jacksonville. He went to his faith in 2005. It at the scouting assistant. So Mike you know a lot of time at the fan at staple. What is Seattle in me when you're the guy that they think that's obviously very Smart people on Harvard got to Harvard education. We knew it was in the marketing. Departed Bobby. Advertisers saw him and now. He's a player. Director of our personalities there we'll talk about it we get back out this brick which you'll bloody he'll bring you know we do before it became a scout for the Cowboys. Use a bit before. The thing about him with a foot gap from where all went to second guess theoretically is Rick yeah on the big hates them. Did she get up here on the 6 o'clock gar. But it's looking gash yoga what more opposite can get show in the 7 o'clock time frame wanna tell you that New York Knicks wept not wanna game since December 12. It beat the pelicans today 9998 Duke was a few minutes ago so the Knicks. 989925. With 36 record more the next.