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1-28 10am Garland, The Broken Legal System

Jan 28, 2015|

Garland talks to Truth Artist Coalition Executive Director Bobby Constatino, a former federal prosecutor who got himself arrested to see the broken legal system from the inside.

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Potential. Covered 700 million when you factor in the bed side of our health care system. I was reading yesterday about her teacher retirement system and yeah that is twelve billion dollars. Under funded. The funders books being there report retirement. So forth and so on. At least what Reid says twelve billion dollar short. So will. Talk to good teachers union president tried for Grover Grover and I'm also talked with a couple of those groups say. She how to would get auto baldness. 11 o'clock 'cause you probably heard about a little drone. On. Government to employee. Was on Q3 o'clock in the morning. Flying from all groaned in crash into the White House and wall and there was a lot of news about it because it is as it turns out Secret Service cannot do act a drone of the upsides. So we'll talk toured drone next word who's also an expert on borders. And we're just got the room good doing a show yesterday. On the Republicans. Trying to pass a bill that would completely closed the border in five year. All talked thereabouts and if that's possible to more conscious. This aura a continuation. I think one of the most interesting stories it was stone cross. If you lose to assure the semi regular basis. Federal my appeal links. I don't trust our legal system. If it is the best in the world were in big trouble. And I'm always 20 art you know Garland there's little to good people and it. Always Paula Gordon or potential board including you're just have a little bit of cancer. The it didn't should be. That if there or bad apples or or cancers doctors problems small or medium reward with the system. They ought to be eradicated the ought to be changed. But I'll legal system doesn't do that they do defend the status quo. Told him where nothing was back in 2013. I was reading the for the show. And that's what crosses article and said. I myself arrested sort could look inside the justices some talked about former prosecutor Biden will all. And letting it win. What I found was assistant district turning out and cute for remembered quickly Boston. Had done. He he are finally over his profession but through the years. He begins seeing what we see you on the issue so much our legal system. Often turn against people of color. Those that don't have the finances to the pin and so. Though that it minor offenses of which they couldn't get out because the system. Kept penalizing them so good with two more series appearances. And then again in the mail the other today it is syndrome and written an article in the Atlantic and called. When New York City is in prison. Can about yeah. His experience. After he actually went to trial and I'm the world one's going to be talking to Bobby camps and to you know oddly welcome back. Tell people dinners and intro what happened. When you decided. You thought the system was a good one you respected that you were an assistant district attorney. What you saw all things debt that bothered you in what did you do. Imagery. But I think a lot of people. Especially people and places like where I grew up which is you know suburban neighborhood. Very well see we don't have a lot of unwarranted police contracts in outlaw enforcement actually sort. You know what people can be jeans look is cute punished called what yes. I've been beaten to the system in an agreement to be triple or the sport a criminal justice system that's what would dare to stood up. And down and that was sort of my. Energy going into the system. And then I'll decide to work on in Roxbury. Which is. And it that would be a police would characterize it high crime low income neighborhood. And you know. I was told that we're doing necessary to keep the streets you know to protect the public and didn't. Crank up the pressure at all times and asked for me ask her convictions. For people away in in people you know the guy. In some of these years I believe that went along and start to begin to see that we recognize our police operations every year. Prosecutor starting in 2002. All the way in 2005. The previous year easier operational on operation. Operation archangel change regional. Clean up neighborhoods in touch all the same time at all these operations are going on. I'm seeing that. You know he's got commissar according to were shot and none of my with institutional. Core. Trial because every one in the community no longer shot because when we're treating him on a daily basis in court and on street. Front and not something. Don't figures wrong in India which in what we're given and quarter not addressing the problem. So that became my trajectory. To the other. Aren't them them tick breaker could and wanna come back and tell people. What you'd he would and then the consequences. There raw. And your conclusion much to late wrong. A little rug like he got questions ago that comment. Will govern next bird that. You know we've been talking about the in a fell bought and paid for its depleted inflated balls. That's the guy I think it's on the inflated saw what he dude took. More courage than you could possibly match. Doubled audio come. From burns where you do say there are different shoes and go in tonight. Again more different than the flu and talking to a gentleman. Was insistent just learning about ten years near Boston in the Bausch and Emory and former prosecutor. And in the believed in the system. But adds he prosecuted cases. He sold more and more and more people of color. Being rest being penalized. Things that that white kids. New governing gets stopped more to have two of misdemeanors. So he had the of this idea of saying the system from the inside. It limits Bobby Constantin they'll bond that you funeral mine picketed a where the extent so what this tinsel said in the little trip to the court I mean studio. Sure. You know I notice when that oftentimes when people from that we're going through this system not by actual response. Provision chosen because what it lifting. It looked like. You don't have to do you know public understands you got. Your deserved deserve whether gates. You know less pleasant. Part to create consensus around reform that perception was so ingrained. I'm in the public's mind especially in public. But people like music is known for Turkey much much crimes I would try to explain it in to sing solo and didn't. In Raleigh convention could crossover and the secret crossover because our experience is growing up would we shall very much. And so you know it's interesting. Garland you know we've seen actually a very very common police in this story. In terms of how. To. Stand indicated city all New York which are substantial inspecting. After my experience in brought in. You I was starting to be safe and and might mean conscious democratic systems in the system itself in its I've taken jobs are in the work with. An outfit that was giving form. A criminal Justice Department justice reform in multiple states. I would actually pointed the person to lead the beauty and such a criminal justice. Sensing effort in 2010. When the governor Jindal. We task June sentencing commission. And our job was to its get in the game. Stakeholders and we you know the tools they eat on keeping it isn't of course soccer fanatic folks to the. If people do artwork on the ground in which we. Children and national that practices weren't up at one day and see someone. And so. Herein that that crown jewel incarceration. The crime was interest in forming system and bringing in line to constitution in eliminating counterproductive sentencing practice. It has renewed my spear student news. In the system that stand here and act out there in Baton Rouge in one's our own. Watching them easing people. All throughout the state can really great war action and you know they've edited recommendations that they came up with all of the stakeholders with the GA shares. And it turns with the Shah and this package tomorrow with with slate agency. Louisiana taxpayers 300 million dollars. Over ten years it is of course you know in 2010. When the first budget shall also content outline. You know apple huge surplus when we don't want and the shall all somewhat almost daily in 2001. Well hush. Yeah it. Commissioner with the governor at the root of all these reforms views you know presumably taking over the next hour many years and every war. About to prevent it criminal justice committee in batteries stay out. You know there it was a mistake or were seen putting wrecked cars after they had been on more processed like pocket. And they just got it. The legislation the bill provision that would say it all the money each. And. Yeah and from. You know and working in the system from taking that you know I might be able to make a difference crafting laws. You know working. On the engine. Sort of weather that democracy. Because it's you know running right now back into the archive but to the report that we written years ago the same exact circumstances. We made the same recommendations in its. They share the same racial and shall implement it in such a huge stack the war in terms. Of the recipient. And we my predecessors before encounter in real easy easy it. It is it them through a democracy against option in elected officials that sort of. Go along and really just a reflection of what happened why and so. You know elected officials say will work is doing what the public wants us to do and it's because the majority of people just like the really hard on these. But if you could do something to action and so. You know harbor and I'm in the you know here what work were completely people actually true believers and they are telling you have some great people on in the conflict you know we're in. Our and I think too abruptly bugs. That this was an attempt. To save people tax money put put money back in people's wallets. To reduce the prison population. Of which word world champion. And incarcerating people end and sending people up to to get jobs. And and have occupations. Rather than commit crime. Well I mean there is an enormously sized. Percentage of non violent and property editors incarcerated. In but that's what you guys do. Went on strike and it was really important risks and release him so that these. Resource distribute for dangerous partners and in the commission basically say you're taxpayers here 300 million dollars in the next ten years and even one for its star should. Yes you're it was a lot so one and that that. When everything came. You know. The governor has soared you know he can't. Bat. You know. I think commission's work or he can't play it safe in and you know not alienating the stakeholders he didn't want to and action and when you know moment to sort estimate and in that situation unfortunate and you know patent in the wrong direction. Is this part of what led you to do you spend whole incident where you could. Get inside this system where was that pre two weeks. So sore that. Don't know this'll do these sort of and giving. My ability to work with in the system for change happen directly while my work I was just you know done and I had a similar experience and often had similar experiences while states. And it seems like right in the constitution and the rule of law. Driving our criminal justice system. In the sphere in uncertainty. And financial considerations. Drive. Our criminal justice systems all country in which you know I'm not sure you can legislate for war you can. You know make more sheets to change really in order to get you are sort of change people's heart mind and really reveal what should involved. A boat only government forward drew news but I I wanna ask you something a little bit off topic. Could you wanna come back tune in cracked your trip through the system. But boy you ruined it the the thing to read what you went through and were bullied to Lee wore all regained full wall. They were against common sense they reduced those practices practices that were proven. To have the best results for people wallet for crime reduction or reduction. In prison population. I'll always told the more Girardi of police are good people the majority of people in wall. DA's Johnson's apartment good people and I think that's probably true what did you ever talked in any of them and say. That's. This of the camp through the it's growing. And we don't lose something about it it's in the eat the good people. Kim funded by did that even agrees with that with in this system. Yeah I couldn't agree more. I think patent which you know to the incredible. Police culture which don't call you always back bureau because law enforcement could be accurate. Difficult job should do what happens we created. Law enforcement culture that never root out bad apple can not always about (%expletive) image even. More incredibly Indy or we seen both had tried to do at try to defend the constitution and rule of law America. Be punished and ridicule and stand out from the inner being in circles a law enforcement. Our armed guard pardon me gotta take a break for a Republican to Bob becomes too you know. Executive director from artists coalition former prosecutor got breasts lead to look contrived it just says to. We'll come back boom would pick and job where he gets from rests in and why and what he panel. Well rubbed it out with the we called the link to an exemption is doubled up via 78 a moral applied to Ria. The virtual a number of yours going red headline and I got my self arrested sort of looked inside the johnsons of social. Then the rating at a Brill I'm breathing a former prosecutor assistant DA in Boston. Who truly believed in the system. And they have he weren't consistent. He began to see that that whites were were pretty import different than black to brown. They begin to see a lot of contradictions. That we claim. Is the world's greatest system we're gonna Barbara. Double the bureau pro at a job more opinion poll today we have skewed do you think our criminal justice system is the world's greatest system. Somebody 1% abuse say no and submit. 51015. Years ago it would have been 71%. Saying but people. Are starting to hear these computers people routes starting to understand. The third different levels of treatment for different level. Of society. So in a web we have Bob the goat constantly you know who is the executive director of organization now called. Crude started coalition but if you're Omon pick it up where you were stolen books and some losses and the and you'd side you have enough then you picked opens and so it is nothing to went to City Hall tells. Moved on from in in New York. That's why it started working in 2010. If you don't know about you know on to find ways to address. Some of these. It's no contradiction that you referenced in the system and being rookie Judy Democrat system doesn't seem to be working actually when that thing that I notice that. Tried to explain in England people like. Not Hartman to religion to their experiences with the system so very different. And or. Eventually sort of realized let me only way to really torture in the courtroom. To illustrate. What exactly is trying to take so long ago. Indeed to children in are not particularly our criminal I am a person that they know can teach again this year they can relate to and so. Went down. With a stencil instructions. And to try and he is articulate. And to then governor bush and I I was walking through neighborhoods in New York which is in the world record. Which was at peace manner. A stock and threats and on wanted. Police contact which. I'm minority. Yorkshire in acknowledgment storage from them and talk if you step not being gone and done wrong no. They stopped their pockets once they can knock out there page. And it's it's we just every day it happened and here I am walking through this neighborhood shoot. Carrying a bottle of straight in one stand alone out there walking by police officers. In well I mean in India. Look I walked all the way to an all star. In spite acting thinking and went to support and you know I would start he ought to engage. Them doing. An officer in a little police are behind me looks the other hand she's an ambulance under. British just. John sitting opposite unbelievable. Support me. Back to begin each game like one letter. Was done should I couldn't get past that stage and screen TV. First. You are blogging about this whole entire time. Is. Comedies and action. It is much financing contingency that does China to illustrate. All of these years and much more uncertain. It is it is insane citizens actually and then you know I. After we can turn turn myself in the courthouse and a wing nut shop in Tora prison facilities in Probation Department. Going on right along officers for years and that was the first time. Mercy. In all those years working system what really goes. I've changed we're not looking shouldn't. I am going to different states. You know I even used New York we worked in the north you know where we're doing a good job. And that the front the tomorrow jurisdiction. I'm now seems watching Q and broken Christian washed out. The corrections officers treat people don't watch action news just wanted to be horrifying. Illustration of what the system has become. Delegates. Or lump them taking a break through when we come back this system. Finally got fed up with the Newton and they've finally turned on YouTube. Let's find out what happened then say well there's this is Doug mobile brigade seventy ill moral 53 ethnic. Horrible form rode out of China Mobile injured conclusion of this story word talking to. Bobby conclude Tito. He wore it's an assistant district attorney in the Boston Oreo for a bug in your. Believe tremendously you know legal system and through a number of reasons he lost but he. And decided. To boot record it'll loosen me love graffiti. On City Hall. Just to give charts and see what the system like Bobbie if you you would tell us what you've been through because a pick up Atlantic. This year and it's when New York City is a prison. Yeah that's wrong. He's really details. In my experience and can improve alone. You know through the sentencing and punishment phase of the the criminal justice them so you buy it. The police eventually. You know what I'd done dignity at all publicly or urgent relief and Austria on and so that was sort of personal. Previously couldn't get noticed the same right now down to would do in control weight and the law. And so typically you know. For first time offender sentence misdemeanor watched. And along public servant is usually the penalties for mr. Clinton's seat packaged missile. Treaties or mr. Something minor or our options that they don't you know and the district attorney's. The opposite asking jail time and forcing need to plead guilty at all. Corruption. So. They forcing charities here which she couldn't. Agreed to teach first offense and being lenient toward trial which opting foregone conclusion because it. Action it seeing them. Did you. Did you actually possibility of going to jail for our structure trivial or sentenced in which would really like the opposite than the discretion of the system can be machines in in. You know so sentenced instead India. And it these days between serves the direction over the case that he would get three years probation. It was a. And needing to see he's three years. System in allowed to. And I chipped to how all of our country national ball should go in there thinking about in the fine you know best practices being implemented. Mr. that news you know what department guidelines were. Conscientious staff or campaign. Working with probation or up and turn instead to staff completely. Just bureaucratic nightmare of obstruction and indigenous Asian. You know. Being too little and made when he. Arm and no respect for you know region of the country to war in and other important sort. And to much. Yeah it'd almost financially broken written diluted non. It is indeed these these these years. You know and I think that it. The real problem here to talk about. Reading problem actors in the system and didn't. Happens when you do you know when you when you get there aren't consistent strong digital. You I that you 2010. What I just achieved Tuesday. I would have been fired five seconds from my truck and. That I am not a problem would knew believed to. Right back. Straights you don't the probably hear it. This is also. You know people make good leading to system which and it gave them an incentive financial ones two to. Don't get. You know just go along with no matter how quietly. And reaching the one to eight to defend our change. And it wouldn't portrait conclusion. At this point do you do you look at that it. And seal populists. That's been told since they were two years old. This system is the best of them in the world you can trust the system. And then on top of that. Those that are in the system that no wind has major problems. Have no intention. Of even attempting to change. Well yeah it's tempting. So blame our rights attempting to blame each outstanding senior leadership attempting to believe it's. She that are in positions of short. And there's no way it. We've seen give away. We've tried incarceration in the world is somewhat the people don't want it and there is no mayor might. It would it would in the right. But every single black man in New York City. And let the majority of people behind him at least in his view. Want to continue to happen. At some point he I think it's solutions that Americans need to blow you know we need to get over these years our. Whatever these insecurities or whatever these other issues that we created in our our needs to go and try to that we get six bit. Import the fourteenth amendment. In put the constitution. Back. I'm Kurt. And saying maybe for the first time not necessarily put the prosecution's back behind her at the driving force. Crime criminal justice. Who do you think they can be done on a regular basis on this program. We are bred birds are introduced from an organization called the law enforcement against prohibition. Former federal drug use dvds please should be scheerer. Federal prosecutors your name all saying. Build the law used is jobs chewing on itself. And it's Killen and we've had these economists that are shown beyond just shut out of a doubt. You've views spend money on nonviolent offenders. Rehabbing them it's cheaper in crime goes down. Don't you think the American public just aren't good believe it and they wanna stay with the senate clos and whatever the cost they'll Hamlet. I know why we encourage our schools and and it's because it's everything. Every available legitimate companies change in the most earnest and hateful actions in recent one of them. Just was gassed up against. What I proceed as what's really driving costs and that this year but people like me in the communities that. Of people that we don't have an actual point that contact. Only you only have about thirty seconds are you gonna write a book. This this is something you should do. When you get it done Gibbs called back to love to do follow up and and again. Thank you for. Sound maudlin here which can sacrifice through life would choose pretty damn good wouldn't. In order just to say to people it's not a bad system but it's broken. Am and we need to do something to exit doors and get boards. As most people don't have that kind of courage appreciated culprit you Borchardt. Good at Bobby currents and Tino. And you can go upon his article. This month in the Atlantic. Maxi. Well Robin know what we call that the thing.