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01-30-15, Scoot, your favorite late night tv host, the Bensons

Jan 31, 2015|

Bob talks about: your favorite late night tv show host,PLUS.... we hear any earlier interview with wwl legal analyst Doug Sunseri, regarding the Bensons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Call 50260187. Feet X 87870. Port between. That's scooped up. Let's go. From. It's. It's. I'm Bob Mitchell the real Robert notre filling in for us to tonight. Coupling we've been talking about throw the night of course. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says Tom Benson is in complete control of the saints. And this should deftly held Benson's case going forward taken your comments of that now. Our earlier tonight we interviewed attorney abduction sorry and Rio play that back probably in about the ten or fifteen minutes for you. And he says of course. The lawsuit were probably go on and on and on the sooner we can get this thing's settled on. The better it is portfolio as a whole private most of defenseman was a long time. Then of course we will have to if it were about to happen. I meant to this at at the first part of the show. I've got to read it to you again because when I read it the first time. I thought maybe we're talking about students. And that thing that is amazing about this story as happened in Little Rock, Arkansas. Is that the teachers union. Was against this a dress code. That would require teachers and students. That would require teachers to Wear underwear. Every single day. Female teachers have to Wear bras. And worst of all. No spandex. Go to new engine house some of these teachers must've been walking around wrestling. The new dress code declared that foundation garments. Shelby warned not visible with respect to color style and a public. T shirts. Patches. And other clothing containing slogan for beer alcohol drugs gangs or sex we're also. Prohibited them you you wonder we wonder why. Are our kids. Come out of school crazy or do things I mean when you got teachers dressing like this tattoos mostly covered if at all possible both flip flops. No see through sheer will. The amazes me that teachers. Would be dressed in office. Well. All right and some details I thought might media interest in to add to our art our our last on world talk here. And if you're just tuning in what we have been talking about. It's how dependent are you on your cellphone. Do you prefer texting. Or having actual production telephoned congratulations. We did symbolism the first part of the week and some people. I had sent a couple of pixelated dividend and then by a couple of no talk about abortion why did you chip talk about that and what left over foods. Do you think always placed better. The second time. You serve them and if you haven't heard about this. David Letterman. Has reportedly invited. His former late night television arch rival Jay Leno. To appear as guest on the program before Letterman retires from TV and he. The offer was extended last year. But at this point Leno has not respond wouldn't that be great. Would you watched that. Let's let's take some calls listed what would you want to show. Where Leno would be on David Letterman show and who do you think. When when you look at all of the great. TV show hosts. I'm thinking in the back in my mind I can go back as far as Jack Paar. But of course Johnny Carson while time favorite late show. Nazi you have well hello we have Letterman if Poland that I never like I was told it was a total in goof ball nut case. Never liked Conan so let's go ahead and it in the last hour add to what we're talking about. Who'll. Was or is your all time favorite. Late night TV show host Hoosier all time favorite late night TV show host it probably viable for. 26018. Seven. But wouldn't it be great. To see Letterman. And blow. On the same show now I'd I'd mentioned earlier that I didn't know much about basketball. I don't follow. Saw a cut does to xmas now's a good time to stop learning about basketball. Anthony Davis on the pelicans soon to be aid team to be hard to beat. I'm from Mississippi. Band that interest the London. And something. Don't know but anyway. A law another polluted which would mention a couple of times that taste better and the those who the next date is Gumbel gum always plays better the next next alright let's go to a Tom Tom how are you. I'll Brent Berger is they've wouldn't that be great in a little and let minimums and show. I look up probably figure it this year meters. Ala the putt better bigger. The law need to it is it to our Reverend Wright look at. It again last year. Who's your all time favorite late night TV show host. Are your view pub. Bad news but our culture look old crap didn't grow up ought. You've you broke up real bad can you repeat that. There Leno even even ahead of Johnny Carson. I think we don't think we lost it must go to Mike. Calling from downtown power you Mike. Bob good to via does not the TV talk show I mean Johnny did not want it to be important saying. John because it. I would agree with that I think Karzai was absolute best. You know prepare you Egypt's. He has tip of the parliament Egypt beat he turned it into you know there are an institution and. And I don't see anybody. That was pretty good. Would would you like to see Leno and Letterman on the same show. I can't stand eleven months. I work out there and propagate on shall we do not know about it would've told you like Conan immediate all want it truly is. The fifth at at at that I'm with you on that I'm I'm I'm never ever ever so what anybody saw and Conan I thought it was just. A total goof ball. What job o'clock you know the talk show you know at the top of the iconic people that Taylor did John Wayne that's not true then. I'll let you know. I'm. I was in a lot. A lot of time on the show the ego you know young people want from the. Well I tell you one thing they'll win if if you cars Saturday night light Saturday Night Live for an Jimmy Fallon doing a good job. If you but it's a totally. Different type show I prefer Jimmy Kimmel I'm I watch him night. He's a little bit more laid back committee but that it if you love Saturday Night Live which I do Jimmy Fallon is doing incredible. Well I did on the generation on sixteen once so you know. Our globe you know most about like the job because and I'm not one neatly cut out pretty much. In everywhere that I keep in Bob watcher you know all of the other issue that this problem interest in the. I became a little fan club became a really big. He's okay and he not. Like them and yeah. Actually in its. Like will chart when it went up. Dot I'm not a Letterman fan and all. Let me ask you this what do you do when you give solicitation calls. On your home your so called you'd automatically hang up you talked hormonal. Do you think it. In the pot but I want it to get it so I don't give him any time anymore. You used hang up as soon as that'd. One of the things we've been talking about to ninety early part of the show is. Foods that seem to place better like leftovers sometimes like a clinical Gumbel. When you cook red beans it's seems to be that the next day they taste better what would foods. Would fallen to about 200. I. At. That man built like that we Turkey meat the averages struggle over. Well I tell you we have a tradition and in our house that we we take. Which we take the left over all white meat and when we we use real fresh bread. And we put mayonnaise on it and we put the Turkey on it would put cranberry sauce summit and the dressing. And boy you talk about a great slam which the next day. As well. I always that. It laid Bobble wanna get on you don't want I. I. Mike what do you think about the situation with Tom Benson ma'am I'm glad to see. Roger Goodell coming out standing behind him today. Well I haven't been absent came out personally speaking I I just thought it looked sour grapes on a part of the young that young people. And now. I bank debt everybody in the element not paying out I did jail bent in pretty much Cilic that would should aren't published itself as. You know someone that's well liked and well respected. I personally don't believe activation that read in a rep that mud thrown at them. I don't need on honest I think and but this group. Combat and money rise to said the plane that you did. You. Could be achieved. The the I mean. We won't. Know if that debate properly redirect them. That's so that's exactly. What I said the first night. When I came on the air I said what's the problem here it's his money it's just came it's his life why wouldn't you wanna give a tar. And tell. It. And almost on. We can't change. Oh. I daddy's not today is not counting the kids out of the willing just doesn't want them on the men's tennis. Exactly exactly you know I'm me we're not complain when you know got beat between you know hundred million dollars. Neither will I might appreciate your phony it and all right Antoine in Georgia you guys hang on I'll get to you after the break but if you wanna take part of the show right now we're talking about who is your all time. Favorite late night TV show host David Letterman once and little to appear on his show before little retires today. I'm Bob Mitchell and was due to WWL. There's debate Bob bit deliberate student. I don't know the heard about this kind of read about a while ago former kkk leader David duke says he may run for congress. Against the number three house Republicans Steve's the leafs. It's at least recently apologized for his speech he gave in 2002 to a white supremacy group filed that. By doing yet good luck and good luck with getting some money Dave. See how that works out for let's come through a and line engine Philly power and Antoine. On going grade you're in this it. I'm doing fine what's on your mind tonight it was like to talk about. All of the war on. And the loose and you'll that vote again. OK usually I just cooked enough to eat subtle really have a lot of left over but that's left over time I tried heated up and get through bushy. Now you know you were kidnapped Dugard if you. A metal. Call under leaden. You you take it and you put an economy. Like. All I mean you're. And we're like. Happily with water that you put their Cologne and a cup without any but you put Koppel. On the spaghetti and McCall and went when it means is it like you were a bit. That's a great idea I've I've I have I have never thought of that because. The bank bank either taping it right in the right come around like he'd just. Did the right you know. You know. Ike Ike and cook a lot of stuff today most people in month and we think that I'm an excellent vote. But rights is one thing I cannot. No matter how hard I draw a vehicle it was like a coat of rights in the bag. I write. That's it what what do the what foods do you think taste better leftovers. Well I mean I like them in the eyes and I think he. Red mean right now and they certainly didn't have a complaint. Well let me let me give me a little tip about up about rugby in the rights and I'd love rugby in the rights to news. And and my Wi-Fi epic makes the absolute best red beans and rice. Anywhere in fact there goal by. And it's there have been times and I'm I'm Lebanese people aware of its food I'd like. I just keep eighty flight 00. And that you put 11 time for a saints game. And she was doing something pan and at at the end of the game was about three and a half or game she walked in the den and she said. Did you eat. All of those beaten us that she's at half the hot on did you eat all of that doesn't. I don't know. But. But but here here's a great way to freeze beams. You take you to small container like an individual content and not not a big 1011. Meal. And it and then you take a scoop of beans. You know like like a legal beams it to put it in there. And then you put some ice on top of that and then put more beans on top of that enough weight. The rice get caught right in the Baines. And then when you would you have one you know when when you did when you defrost and it's like the day you put it and. Yeah like he did you couldn't and you're absolutely right. Now do you have a favorite though all time talk show host. Talks ovals. Particularly. And on the with and yeah and it you know and well art and you know in. In a lot of ways and you know different you know I'm not only you are currently in runners. Eat your easy to please them. Thank you buddy let's go to Georgia in Metairie George what do but you've favorite all time late night talk show host. Think that would take away from erotic art I think you're the outcome greater. When I look at what the ones that are out there today. And that there are product they're cool or writing behind. You com. Except for Jimmy Fallon I think you're on has true. Comedy that. That would. Where's Jimmy Fallon has has totally changed. Late night at its like watching. All of Saturday Night Live show overnight I I think he is so incredibly. Talented in on item. I was sorry to see Jay Leno go because amateur level and and and and Jimmy Fallon. His style is so different than limo. It's it's it's not to come to show you vote on the fall asleep you know. I don't agree with ya I think window when the product of that. He was he was married. And had a great delivery and that all of our political career are people prepared and I'll say. But is it different writers and. And he may or may maybe you missed my point I mean I'm with with what Leno. Ottawa says I got bored but with Leno can put him on and fall asleep. Margaret that's what I'm talking about Jimmy Fallon. I mean that is an entertainment show and you'd state law quip of the whole time this man can play music geek and he can sing you can righty can. He can he can polish its off and you you look at his show. And you can only imagine the work the most Dolan culture. Artery. On here's one a man who started all Steve Allen. Now on I don't remember watching Steve Bell and I remember watching a little bit of Jack Paar was before I think Charlie Carson. You're way before my time I'm more record it is truly but there. Jimmy Fallon I just think does it's a and it's it's almost like. The Mosul was to show was in prime time. Our our great. Didn't got to Munich and that and the ability true true. Anything that you want here on stage performer on. And are bigger I'm not too crazy about his announcer. You know. That part of the show and deal with Ricardo Fuller figured. It band to look back up and what he the root alike and often. I just fund is announcers sometime. In eruption too much. That's an Arctic but are eager reporter you know honestly hey. I wanted Jimmy not you but it is at it's it's a good show. So and what do you think of Kobe there's going to be taken over for. Oh with a slight. Letterman. I might have I don't know I have an opinion of Arco there. And it. It's it and I ended to be a different show that you are doubling of dementia. Coker important in the product of these they can put on a comic cultural and I'll you know you're critical for him. Armed with a name. But. He's in good tumble of politics that you know he may or may not be him. Pretty plain art. Well so it's sort of it's going to be interest in the city. Both of them gold poured more of of of a younger demographics. And artillery and and what what what what I'm wondering and and watching the shows is that. Will say he and Fallon cancel each other out and leave Jimmy Kimmel who. No disrespect who is as dull as Jay Leno. Thanks him off and he might walk away with a all the numbers. Our topic but I think in the pub there and honored our complete different parties were on the Democrat you think they're a different. And I think they're very different. But I think her record cougars and very politically influenced. And then it took it on mute part of before. I. And he can get a slightly younger person that I I don't think. I think that aren't part of Tim Allen. And as a different side of intellectually lifeboat go to war even Cabrera in the operation of go low ball hard kind of entertainment that provided drainage. Could be yet just love the way and say thank you to Georgia appreciate you calling. Our daughter all right let's go to pol Paula Metairie but what about you who who's your favorite all time late night talk show host. There are. You. It's a net or grew up or you know to go well like carbon. But I'll unlike limo. Thought little bit of duke did a very very good job. Oh win numb. When the T retired the first time and they plugged in. Conan O'Brien I did not like that at all let. Not talking about the sites Porsche in. Our current yeah I think he they're also paying. Paul and ultimately it was a little slow today what would happen when you open raged will look so well I don't want them. Two kit that you get story quarterbacks. That are all want simple bowl. All at arson or. Eli Manning. Peyton Manning and drew Rory and and abruptly years they've been off form partnership. Well. All right as far as I'm concerned Tom Benson is running the team really really good and more about the borrow up in the trial will no worry about that that. You know you don't really think he's gonna sell the team now do you. Come on our side. Opinion it is quite like. He's not he's done activists though team. About that's just. Two out there for very we're going to take a break right now and when we come back we're going to replay of the interview with the attorney Doug sincerity. He's gonna comment on on on what. Roger Goodell. Basically today saying that. Everything is OK Tom Benson one of like that's gonna have on the instrument right back at WWO. Game of the cage in Canada big chief big bill bill. Live from Bobby a bears cajun cannon restaurant nor public door. Corner of lake Ella. Bobby don't get it right Bobby AB as cajun cannon restaurant corner of lake Villa and veterans and 1 o'clock Westwood One takes over with wall to wall coverage. Of the seal out patriots battle for the championship morning first up. Super Bowl preview of Boomer Esiason and Scott Graham to mark below the rubber bullets and bring you Super Bowl insider. Super Sunday continues at three which dot Graham and Kevin Harlan two and play by play boomer aside and color on the sidelines James Lofton and mark Malone. You don't have to sit glued to a TV catch the Super Bowl excitement to see ought to battle the patriots for the championship grounds Sunday. Wall to wall coverage starting at 10 AM on the home of the saints in the NFL WWL. Well I'm sure by now you know its goal in all and with the Tom Benson and his friendly. He had for years that he was gonna leave the team. The teams to his chilled to children and his. Oh granddaughter or read about some of law. He decided to change his mind and leave it to his wife Gail. And then you know the proverbial what if the plan and then all of Connell lawsuits and that they're trying to prove. That he is not mentally. Stable well today Roger good Dell came out and totally supported comments and earlier tonight we interviewed attorney notes and separate. Who was also hold of all things legal here on WWL to see exactly what that means for Tom Benson hears that reap. Well this is my good volume for an attorney Doug sincerity WWL legal analyst and a host of all things legal well. Tom Benson certainly got a great shot in the arm today. And I would have I would have to imagine. If if it goes to a hearing as to whether he's competent and and Roger to bill shields up for witness the only attorney is gonna fold up and say goodbye now. Well app that's what they're trying to do right now and we talked about last week but they'll be. Are you sort seeing heavy hitters come out talk about how they have stated they interactions with. Mr. Benton and based it would commissioner Goodell did that today by say book. You know we we we we we we're on we talk about complex issues regarding NFL. Caught talking about it he's on the ball. You know these figures are important we have some very good conversation about it and that's what he was saint between the lines they not think you'll see that more and more. Because I think in any high profile cases you know to judge of the shot there. His job watches TV. And he you know he he he can get a general impression by these public event that it is commissioners coming out saying hey. You know he's he's he's operating business as usual he's on the ball I mean that I kept quiet compelling effect on the overall environment. Of this particular allegations. Now if you were the attorneys for. The granddaughter and the two children who were drawn the saying you know my dad grandpa doesn't have all those shall soltys right now. How would you argue against this. Well without would be shipped our strategy to undo it cause as to recent. That you could possibly know by AA. I got saved legal document are a testament. And one would be lack of parenting content adapt and understand can't aren't as it isn't it to you you'd be you were excellent fit. If such undue influence of such an extraordinary level. You cannot make read in the image and so. I think as more and more. People stepped forward to market coach Payton you might have Mickey Loomis should not have fellow owners couple that look you know popular top. In these function normally he's been shopped he's been on the ball I think it may try to ship to. Undue influence Yale Spain Gail has all kinds. Has not orchestrated in a systematic. I guess systematic. Pattern that plan. To alienate the grandchildren and their grandfather. And great on the alienation that you was able to. Undue influence him in two. Until make in the succession in favor our person grandchildren. I don't think that's. Will very likely but but the future choices. Well that you pass that might be the one they gravitate to date on that note the continuing. Short. Interviews with mr. dent and put them up at the screen that well on the big screen appeal. Pallet in the game and so leaked out information that he go to work every day you walk and all you know and he's very engagement. It is day to day operation I think it may try to shift in strategy toward. Are showing Gail. Unduly influenced him to make any decision. I would have to imagine that it's very hard thing to prove because. I mean let's lays it on an unfamiliar married unmarried there wives always influence you thought. Oh. Especially. When you're at an advanced age if you're taking care someone who's got some health problems or mr. Pitt does. A lot of times there's not a part in the world. Ticket to compensate that persons were taken care of them you ought to twice forced seven basis that not necessarily system building which is caring now. So it's not it's very common that person you know an elderly person could receive great care from my caregiver be at their life force are. Someone else that they will reward cam in connection with their you know what for because there will that not uncommon. In the legal and undo all of which really really high and you know based on information out and he I don't think either. Called the action are either basis. It remotely close to prevailed at this point I think the question is. Whether the case would be thrown out or get started because there's not even enough facts you know I like to do this or it's gotta run its course. Well I think that's the big question here. And one of the things that I've found that people very confused and a couple of guys Jim would tell me that they were. They were against jail. Because Gail was trying to. But the kids and the granddaughter all of the will so she could give all the money and I'm certain that has not pleased the and nothing to do a big kids in the grand daughter are still in the will and and god forbid if something happened to mr. Benson right now. They would have enough money for the many million left on this has nothing to do with his will it has to do with the control of the New Orleans Saints and the pelicans is that correct. That that's exactly right because. They're talking religion. Many like content from many generations so that's not the issue it's control and I think with one big board a lot of people who are. Trotting with the country artists don't understand that did it hit it and I would. Was made it part. Based on the cart by structures. Preference on who they wanna do right. If there's a higher degree of copper among Mickey Loomis coaching staff administration Dennis Larson. Two answering to jail. As opposed to it trying to radar and I think also stated. You know mr. Babson is old school. When you work for mr. and he's got certain. Apartments that some people will record you know that may think is old fashioned protection requirements. And when you work camp he expects you to comply. With all the requirements you know like. You know being an art being in your all just keep your office clinging keep your core I mean you are calling you know he's got a lot of because of where it came province are scrabble card each just you know came up businessman different error. If he expects to comply. With his requirements what do you think they're old fashioned or not. And one of the things that Rita here probable reader is that if she wasn't in office. If she says choose an official project in the particular autopsy expected it finished. He did not like the fact that she got very involved in the trappings of a position. I think he noticed that most of the administration keeps a very low key very low profile but maybe coach Payton. And they quietly do their job and she did not fit that profile connection with Detroit. I think that cause a lot of problems and that's just like any other boy who work mr. Benton. If you act the same way you were caught just like Randy you ready you'll look but it really did general manager but he got. As he did not comply with some of the rules write that you know how are they secondary rules major rule to check their rules that mr. that's required in order to follow. He didn't he got part. And MI correct that part of his dues that. The saints success has been because of a certain formula the coach has certain responsibilities like. Son James the coach has final responsibility. When it comes to personnel. It doesn't work though that when the legislature to eat you you have the saints of old domain of the the coach of the coaches the player. You have the the general manager who give the coached that the players. And it's it's an organization and it's a system that Tom Benson has been very comfortable with and settled so he wants to know. That when he. Leaves this earth that not one person not done and I don't mean to be picky on Rita. But that Reid is not gonna come along and say guess what I don't need a general manager I don't need this I I don't lead this. We can run this thing bar ourselves. I think with the primary overriding factor wanted to cut and playing with the anxious to keep the blueprint. Has been largely except for the last thirty years. In place. Keep this core group intact. So that that same blueprint could carry on entry he's now around anymore and I think a lot of that. Our coach now I'll I'm and so on they'll never say that publicly. But the coaches and the Obama administration. Felt very uneasy about reporting to operator and it felt like she was probably not. Maybe matured out. Maybe hadn't. You know worked hard up for her where she got. Within the warlords and Doug were did they have to report to lead as well if she was going to be. Index all OK you're in an Indy and I think they felt like they didn't have a higher. Very high degree competence. That they would that was type person. They wanted to report Tuesday you know as far as. May be how ideas. Ability to stay focused. Urban you know like experience shoot you know she should have had enough enough like experience and so. I think again a lot of this was driven. By mr. bent the discussion with the court teen discord administrators say look guys. You know I'm not I'm coming up in a while longer each up at which your vision. Which you guys need minority success when I'm not Iraq M sure he took a lot of input in in making the final decision. We're talking to a ducks and Sharia RW WL legal analyst and host of all things legal. Doug at the end of the season they said there were going to review everything and there were drawing to actually what went right what went wrong. And it was pretty much announced by Mickey Loomis and Drew Brees that they had determined. What was wrong. Do you think this was part of it that people felt uncomfortable around Rita Benson and people didn't know what the future was and what could that have been part of what they discussed. I think that was probably one component of an overall strategy. And I think when you look at attracting. Players in the future. Cost sonic coach has a long term contracts are making long range plan. I think. It did have a fair to note say to know that you know mr. Benson who's getting out of age where this may be you know he might not be around much longer. And they didn't want to deal with he instability. Of having a hope change. Promenade from you know from mr. Benson do that our reader how brutal talks so. I think it was part of an overall plan. In order to maintain that blueprint and maintain that same culture the saint chip implanted the future they look at that and include print. That same culture in place even when mr. Benson was not around. You billion using social they had. Bob well I always say this is you know I think via text litigation with a lot more actually it probably have a little more to attend camp litigation. But as far as mr. Benson being incompetent. I think three. But are there three. I got ten seconds left in the game and ethically to Elmhurst to. Thank you Doug. All right.