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2-4 10:10pm Scoot Show: Curvy women

Feb 5, 2015|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about curvy women on tv.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's another chilly night in February historic New Orleans glacier witness on this what is this Wednesday night here. Here's our party general opinion poll tonight was Fox News right in deciding to show the graphic image of the Jordanian highly partially engulfed in flames. 74%. Say yes Fox News was right to show it 26% say no Fox News who has not right to show. And if a repair the hosted actually this was not all Fox News this was the decision of the people who produce. Special report with repair. Earlier in the year in the day Shepard Smith on his show on fox decided not to show it but he did give him very graphic description of what had. Now before they showed the the the image and it's an island looked at the image I have not seen the full video. I needed to watch what they're prepared shown if I'm gonna talk about them on the shows as a person it's not something I needed to see but sometimes I have to separate myself. From being a person to being a talk show host and Iman talk about it I thought I needed to see what they showed and they showed the the Jordanian pilots. I'm bouts. About half in gulf inflames. And apparently the video is available at foxnews.com. And the text earlier from someone who said. It's a slow. Horrible death. And they watch this guy they watch this guy burn to death now when Brett Baer says. You might wanna turn away. You might wanna get the kids who are because what we're gonna show you is graphic. It's disturbing. The justification wise to bring the reality of Islamic terrorism. TU. And if you needed Morrissey to eat you had to do is turn away so in the case like that if you're warned and you don't turn away. Who's to blame. The television station that shows it. Or you for. Watching the graphic images. If you at a joint for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Area code 504260. Points every Texan receipts have needs every. Ross are talking about how Americans are taking away America's freedoms and that's the Nabisco blog tonight on our website at WW real dot com. Here's a Texan wants to know what's the issue with the trucking industry what's being shut down. On a trucker called to just reform into the news in the last hour. And said that. Lawsuits are gonna destroy trucking industry in America. Because. Much of the time it's not the truckers fault. But the truck. It's point Andy the that the company gets point. And their art people who specialize in. Suing people if there is a company name on the vehicle it really should in my opinion it should be about. Are protecting people and people's rights and sometimes a truck drivers are not at fault but yet if the trucks involved. There's going to be a lawsuit. In many cases and sometimes the companies will just settle out of court so it is here if that does hurt America. What's not. Glory so much about other cultures and other religious coming to this country and taking away our freedom. Because it's Americans were taking away or freedoms we're talking about this because is is it an increasing list of cities that are banning sledding. Because. People are are getting injured sledding and they're suing the city's. And there have clearly been some big. Settlements that cities can afford Dubuque Iowa is latest city to its joining this list moving ahead with plans to ban sledding. In all but two of the fifty parts they have because. Now people are threatening to sue if they get injured. Now if you're sliding downhill. And you hit a tree. How was for the city's fault. That's your file. Now what's interesting is the cities who put these bans into effect and yet the cities that have had seen that people do with the Vance and legal slitting anyway. So I guess that's their way of saying hey we warned you but you know people who wanna sue. And what drives me nuts about this is this is part of the entitlement mentality. Many people say is wrong they condemn some segments of society for thinking they're entitled to money from the government and yet. These people who were injured in sledding. I think they're wrong we suing the government the city government. Because they have the same entitlement mentality were entitled to something because somebody was injured my child or. Myself. If you hit a tree that's your fault. There was a time when we didn't sue over those kinds of things. So by putting up the band I guess the cities are are protecting themselves or what we put a ban in effect. But I guarantee even with the ban in effect. Somebody gets hurt sledding. They're gonna sue the city anyway because this is the mentality that so many Americans possess. They're gonna sue the city anyway and the argument will be you didn't do enough to stop us. Yet didn't do enough to stop us from sliding. We went down hill we got hurt it's your fault. And this totally supports something we talk about so often on the show and that is the death of personal accountability. You get on a slide which is not out precisely guided. Vehicle. You re better at it you don't really guide it with precision. You get on some kind of plastic. Device at slide downhill you're not guiding that with any kind of precision. You hit something. Palace at the city's fault. You gotta come tonight here's the number 2601870. Erica 504260187. Your text number is 87870. From Henry Brian your on WL. Hello Brian. I will put Brian Arnold cities are still they're just a minute here's a text doubling the courts and the judges. That award the idiots. Yeah I mean I I I guess to some degree it you can blame that the judges you know I've got a text late last hour. How much your responsibility do you place on the lawyers. Anybody contempt you. A lawyer contempt you. With the lawsuit. A way of contempt you with big money. But if you go along with it. And you know you really don't deserve it you know something was really your fault. Deep down inside you know. And if you go along with the just because a lawyer invites you to go along with it. That it seems to me that you are the problem. And the lawyer is and I guess some could argue that the lawyer is that temptation. Mentioned in the Bible. That you have an opportunity to submit to. Or reject. I'm four give back to another caller hears a text I know this is not your topic tonight but I'm a tiger fan. And I can't help myself could grass to less miles and his staff on signing another top five recruiting recruiting class excited about next season. Go to hikers. Yeah we've got a lot on our website about that it definitely reflect on it looks like two wings signed a lot of good people. And L issue once again consider to be in the top five recruiting class is in the country. And if you'll wish you could just hang on to these players until they play through their senior year she may be a lot better team Brian yearned to be WL. Good about fox showing that video I don't have a problem that I think it's. It's them to report the news and you know you know and then in the knowledge regarding. And I think we have a right to know what's what's going on it and how it's affecting you know saying you know state are involved and not think another big thing here. If you wanted to add video and practical twit and saw at least point different postings that that videos and news that they came mile. Com so I think. Would that Brinkley YouTube and things like I mean groups see it if you want people conceded they will cut when the news about it to a pot on the continent. Some com. It wouldn't you know it's really great Doherty an Internet based on content for the mainstream media picked it up. Yet it's a different world we live it you could pick up something on on Twitter you can pick up something on on FaceBook. Even an email. That sometimes is ahead of the year that the networks the head of the news. Yeah we've got a great type text service here we get information right away we Texan now sometimes even before we get it on the air that we do have it on the right away but sometimes we can actually tweeted out. Before we are a Texan now before we even get it on the air and delegate do is. I anybody's interested in that service just text the word news too late 7870. And you'll get those updates. Bright I realize it's it's in news and you know there are people who will be upset about what they see in the news and instead of accepting responsibility for voluntarily watching the news. They will blame the news outlets for presenting that news tonight I think that's unfair. Accurately but you know like you like you said they got a credit disclaimer on. Arm and I think that there you know put a disclaimer while people that move like you know export a movie deal. You know you keep in talk about a movie. Usually column today on late spoiler may not watching it now on the income is no different but you know. Itself. Next you ought banner these people law I mean put a guy in case you need you know. To comic chemical and animal life and people need to know out there these people not think that you get really gauge body disagree that it occur in people. That you're dealing. And I did I do understand I do understand that argument because sometimes. We hear the news and it's a little too sterilized for us to really grasp. The that the reality of what happens with the beheading with next acute issue. You know there are people who have turned against. Against. The death penalty when they've actually seen. And execution I mean not everybody but some people that have turned against it. Some people have argued that we should have executions in public to really send a message to those criminals that this is what's going to happen to you. If you commit to a. Abandon count it's almost like reading a book and the comic reading it and then watching it in the movie adaptation actually seen it. That that the very different experience I think people that he would go on auto and. Bryant let's go show thanks listing if you've got to comet tonight our numbers 260187. And Erica final four to six over when he said he text is 87870. My email address he scooped at stepping WL dot com pelicans lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight in the blender this who became center. They're great team and they're showing a lot of promise and their young team and I wish they would want tonight if you were there. The pelicans thank you for being here. The team wants to see that that that arena fields now or at least close to being field ended over a lot of here's a good crowd here especially for for a weeknight but. The pelicans are having a great season so far so get out and support because. I think we need to still prove that we the city of New Orleans or this region. I can supports an NFL team and an NBA team and the tickets are a lot less expensive than football games so. You know it's it's affordable for many where going to a saints game is not as affordable as going to a pelicans games so you know get out and enjoy. This is a sad day in the music world he was on the state February the fourth 1983. That singer Karen Carpenter died of cardiac arrest at the age of 32. She was suffering from an eating disorder. Anorexia nervosa. In fact I remember her death that started a national dialogue about eating disorders I'd never heard anorexia nervosa or university. Gentlemen she passed away. But she has such a pure. Clear voice. I remember seeing the carpenters. A loyal field house I don't remember the year but so. It was a few years ago. And I think Mark Lindsay opened up for them smartly as he was a solo performer of the guy from a Paul Revere & the Raiders. And I think Mark Lindsay in Karen Carpenter were dating for awhile but really a sad story of the written the story that came out was that she was just. So interested in getting the unconditional love that she never felt she got from her mother. At that led her to an eating disorder. And she died on this day in 1983. This is the scoot show and we'll be right back I coming up they just a few minutes I wanna share with you on a new song from Rihanna and Kanye West. As sir Paul McCartney and misses a song that's going to be performed on the grammys Sunday night it's kind of an unplugged acoustic version of this song. For five seconds in fact I think this is the only version of the song I think this is the way they did it it was just acoustic with Paul McCartney playing the guitar. Now when he was The Beatles Paul McCartney played the base but he also plays the guitar and piano. A song is called 445. Seconds and I heard this earlier today it was really really good. Rihanna. Kanye West as upon the parties so we're gonna simpler for coming up here just humans tomorrow night on this crucial we'll talk about a freshman senator from North Carolina. Who is concerned that the requirement. That food industry workers wash their hands in the bathroom. Is taking away the rights of businesses. To not require the workers who handle your food towards their hands in the bathroom. We'll talk about that on the show tomorrow night our congratulations to cap the spring camper and Richard acted to people right here in the New Orleans area. Who won a thousand dollars each. In our carnival cache content so it could happen the next. And it's so easy to play just listen to WWL weekdays ripe for the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM listen for the code word. Then text the code worked seven to 81 for your chance to win without reporting on your phone seven to 81. Every weekday four lucky listeners with a thousand dollars each in our 1000 dollar and nationwide carneval cash conscious. Yeah we'll throw you something like a thousand bucks don't forget the times to listen 7 AM. 11 AM. 2 PM. 5 PM and good luck for Smart radio. An account in all of us at WWL. And remember we never charge for Tex but individual plain text and data rates may apply is quick update on tonight's party Jack about people something we've been talking about the shooter ninth. Which Fox News right in deciding to show the graphic image of a Jordanian pilot partially engulfed in flames. 73%. Say yes. 27%. Say no give shipping him by going to our web site WWL dot com and into the pelicans still lost to the thunder tonight in this movie keeps him against a text about that. I hear is says attacks were to the pelicans game tonight and the crowd was really nice many more than at the hornets games EJ class of 85. Goers. Here is another Texas as the entire fourth quarter both the team and the crowd were flat. Well there's no excuse for that you know that's when you go again in inspired this was a disappointing loss there's no doubt about it. But the pelicans are still in great shape and with so many games pellets and packer win every game. But they are playing really great basketball. Here is attacks that Reid said the way the pelicans can fill the arena is to win games like this thunder with outs. Their star player Kevin Durant. Now you know that can happen and and sometimes players rally. And come up with their best performance when the star players not out we missed our players don't play. For example the pelicans were without Anthony Davis against as CP three and the clippers Friday night. In the blender. And they won simply these players were just playing this incredible game because they didn't have their stars so. You know this is I guess what bothers me a little bit if these players have the bill leader to rally when the star players not in there. One night why don't they do that every nights when the star players in here. I don't think. Our football's over. It's time for the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition to hit the stands and to arrive in your homes. And businesses and the much anticipated. Sports Illustrated edition will be available this coming Monday February 9. And I'm sure there will be a lot of good Simi this year. But it's going to feature something for the very first time. Up plus size and for swimwear. In the head of beautiful Ashley Graham wears a black string bikini. For the company swimsuits for all. And she says the world is ready for more curves. In bikinis. She says I know my cursor sexy. And I want everyone else to know players are too there's no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt. This isn't an and other reflection of of the of the changing America. It seems is the F. The full figured. The woman with curves. Is much more. Acceptable than in the pastor's at least getting more attention and I mentioned this before I I I noticed that locally and nationally in the TV news. There are more anchors and reporters. Who have carts. I think it's and I think it's a great thing because we should never judge people in that way and so. Let's let's talk about the people who are. Kirby. But really sexy. You know there there's been this. This stigma for so long that you know women had to be a certain side actually they had to beat tiny they had the look like this to be sexy. And yet the truth there's a lot of guys like Kurtz. It's of that and that's the other part of this question. What about for women. Do women like the guy who as that svelte guilt or do some women like guys. With cards. In the same way that some women. Are liked by men because they have cars. If you and rejoice in the comic tonight on numbers 260187. And and who is at that has curves. That is still very sexy. I think about Melissa McCarthy and I think she's I think she's sexy as a funny comical I mean. Comedian most comedians to New York intelligent people and intelligence is. A very important factor when it comes to sexiness for me. I'm I'm not a big fan of stupidity. And sometimes you don't get a sense that somebody is that writes although they might be going pretty does that mean that all pretty women are not bright that's not what I'm saying. So who is sit in in your opinion that is is Kirby. But very sexy. Our numbers 260187. In. Erica 05042601. A seventy a text number is 87870. Here is that taxed. That reads and that's why Dade the pelicans who won't go anywhere inconsistent. They have been inconsistent but they've been more consistent. Recently. Are so who else and and do you agree with me Melissa McCarthy is it is sexy. A Kim Kardashian. She's got a a small waist but she's kind occur. How beyoncé. Has some Kurtz and there are people that had even more curves than than those so who was at its currently. And yet they're still sexy in your opinion. And number 260187. Who else can we game 5042601. A semi tech's number. It's 87870. There was. It was a woman who a lot of people thought was really sexy who was on LA law. And I forget. I forget the him. Forget the actress name. So who's an actress who is that somebody in the the the public spotlight who has curse. But usually sexy. I didn't think you supported 2601870. Area code 504260187. Text. 87878. We're also continuing to talk about Fox News showing this. This pilots. They showed a visual an image of the pilot. Passing gulf stint in flames and the full video of this pilot this Jordanian pilot who by the way. Was killed by crisis. And he's a Muslim from Jordan. And ices his retaliating against Jordan because Jordan is. Is attacking crisis. So they show this image shows the guy partially engulfed in flames and the whole video is available. On the that the website it if Fox News if you if you choose to to watch that and then there's the controversy about whether or not they they should have shown. A from Gulfport weighing your on the scoot show on WWL. They could be doing Wal-Mart. Trucks and a lot and audio let me show but this. I don't deal really. And I did want it committed personable. And it was pretty ripped it. What are you pretty but he issue you. In war are. It. Oh. Yeah and food jet. Like these guys you know in the back. Out. There will be putting it. I don't but you know. Our. All of that now they're out there aren't familiar. And it would. Open question it. Eight shelling it. And that the soul of fuel what the Vietnam. War. Well I don't give a lot of good and well. Our industry shot in the head in the street and you don't. If you. Yeah out way you said fox eight this was on the Fox News Channel. As it was in Hewitt says the Brit air show and Smith earlier in the day decided not to show it but he did describing graphically bit. Are prepared to warn people to Denny. He he did show biz this image shows the the pilots are partially engulfed in flames and you know I can only imagine I've not seen the full video but I can only imagine how horrific that is because that has got to be. One of the border Griffin yes when can experience I mean I have you know I've heard my hand on the stove can only imagine what it would be like to be burnt alive. Well. Well that year. Apple level aren't what are people out. You know it is it pretty respect they give it. You know. And I would describe it as well tripping people believe you know. You don't. People industry. How old are all. These. You know that we. City. 00. You should. In. Yeah you know what. Street. There are urged all in. An area of the I hope that people be treated. At. Which. Well I'm that was that was prepares justification is that we wanted you to show how horrific. Of these Islamic terrorists really are Wayne political shell thanks for listening tonight and from the applause James you're on debit gov WL. Yeah there's one in the comment on look what was your record in there who are being Serena Williams. All right she's old car we finished yeah. So you know it's it's so it's okay for people to be kind of have have you noticed locally and nationally that there are more. Female anchors and reporters who bar. For being. 00 yeah oh yeah definitely definitely true. I think it's I think it's a good thing you're away from the the the very. Skinny partly I'm not I'm not criticizing skinny people at all not condemning. Skinny people but. It was always bothered that there was this incredible standard that you had to be skinny to be acceptable for. For television and I'm just seeing. You know more. Again and I'll see curvy curvy women I think it's a good thing James going to college are you gonna join us with your comment tonight here's the number. 2601870. Erica 50426. So 170 text. 77. Here's attacks I think Katie curry is beautiful. She can't wait to meet me. That's from Greg in Kenner. Would you describe Katie Couric is Kirby. Two now here's a text. Christina Hendricks. The actress from management. Now. She's currently and that was the that was the in body style. When mad men and what we're mad men is set in in in time. Here's another text Queen Latifah. Curvy. Sexy. Yeah she is sexy. I've got to kind of numbers 260 when he says who has a curvy. Of the sexy and an art things change you know if you look if you look back at it Merrill Munro. Marilyn Monroe was. Was not like the thin model type I mean she was I would describe her as a person with curves. A full third year. And that was almost against the standard at the time and then it changes everything to be really tiny in in skinny. As of now it seems like it's changing a little bit and if you international of the comic tonight numbers 2601878. The maker of 504260. When he simply text numbers eight cities are torture I'd share of dissent the song with you it's it's Rihanna. With Kanye West answer Paul McCartney. The song is called. For five seconds and they're gonna play this together. On the grammys this tonight but that is a really good song that's four seconds 45 seconds by Rihanna. Kanye West Saffo McCarty. Playing the guitar. They'll play that on the grammys Sunday night Monday night on the scoot show will do a recap of everything that happened during the grammys the winners and anything bizarre that happens. And be part of the conversation. Monday night WL. Still to come this hour Brian Williams from NBC nightly news raping the Snoop Dogg song poem line what's my name. Here's a Texan reset my name is Dakota Wheeler and my little stepbrother Brian short is a big fan. I was going to ask if you give him a birthday shout out. He has six. Six. Six. It will make his day. Well Brian. Patty berg dated. And I appreciate you listening to our our show. And it's. 10 minutes before 11 o'clock should you be in bed music yourself. Law I guess it's your birthday. So you know yet some ice cream and cake in the that'll secure muscular and so is it is hard to settle down. Brian are really appreciate you listen to our show very much Dakotas thank you for giving me there has to appear happy to have. Sexual listener in now on. Gosh I don't know where this area code is. Illinois okay calling from Illinois so decode thank you and buy it thank you very much for listening. I'm Glazer big fan and I hope you stay with this as you get older from the plot sell a billion and a WL. Hey bill. Now. He's got the video. You'd be well. Now is it okay do think that a gospel singer is sexy. I think so too but some people might think he should be thinking about somebody being sexy or gospel singer bit. Peterson and oh right. Yeah yeah it. We aren't. We war the war. Ed and upgrade. Our bid on. Everything. Taught me about the buy out there and we ought to prevent work. Right I mean you've made. That play out well. Well it's interesting how America has become so judgment love of people with cars in the past the debts that it's starting to change in the fact that Sports Illustrated is gonna run an ad for eight plus. A plus size bathing suit lines swimsuit line. In a swimsuit issues first time they're doing this I think this is a reflection of now the acceptability. The the greater acceptability of women with curves. I agree Bulent logical shipment naturalistic. This is Brian Williams is sometimes they'll build and wooten reports puts this together but it's it's brilliant they take words from Brian Williams newscasts. And equitable together. And they have Brian Williams raping a song. So this is Brian Williams from NBC nightly news ramping snoop dog's who have mine I think gets biggest idiots this is this cute show. If he returns in the comments item numbers 2601870. Erica final four to 60 when he Seve text. Seve says this despite ways to. We just had a Brian Williams wrapping the Snoop Dogg song little mind here's a texas' Brian Williams lied about a story taking enemy fire chopper in Iraq when it down mass but it doesn't surprise me. I mentioned earlier this year at night I was really disappointed because I'd like Williams it. This once again and plays into that ideas. There are that there are news people who apparently like to sensationalize the news and Brian Williams admitted tonight that he did line in 2003. They'll opt out being on board a helicopter that took enemy fire in your under the WL. Hey. Hey I'll let you better call you but. I'm booked on a large share we knew that that Melissa McCarthy in your eyes what is considered dirty. I get that kind of subjective but. I think it Kirby did you perceive or injured. Soviet ago our yeah. Hello I would say that Melissa McCarthy's a little more than Caribbean almost. Do the little boy banker real kind of putter war to the did my obese category as far as. Nest and so it's she's a big girl you didn't. You gotta stretch oh earlier and are. Now active. Until migrant. You know I I I agree with you August. I'm I'm I'm trying to be is is nice is that candy you aren't everybody knows. You know we're talking about it okay she's a little more than. Kirby but I still think she's a sexy moment in I gotta get their news breaking glad to call that you've got a comment tonight in you wanna join our show our numbers 260187. Erica 0504260. When he said he text ember is a 7870. Here's a Texan raised I'm a female and I think Tina Turner is sexy you know I would say Tina Turner is rather currently lady and very sexy.