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2-10 11am Garland, Boots vs ISIS

Feb 10, 2015|

Garland talks to Cato Institute Gene Healy about a possible military action against the terror group ISIS.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As you almost followers in the Atlantic we go to the experts because I confuse so easily. Wanna read the headline yesterday that President Obama pours from request for authority to use military force against ices. Raise Aaliyah a it's a month so. Bonding prices and rock and surreal for months. And weaponry that kind of confusion a group via experts and we have mr. gene Huey. Vice president of Kerry Edwards is through June welcomed the shore appreciated the talk. Helped me a while we were already used on military force. Well you're right it's six months says is late Saturday. Over 2000. Air strikes. Get 3000 troops. Part in military advisors on ground. And it looks like they're get a program to make the official. They actually took longer. Couldn't see this war. And in. And they did distorted this for the first couple months the dispute the place holder game was called. Operations in Iraq into Syria and packed in October. They finally accord the branding finally caught up with the bombing and now or call. Operation inherent resolved bullet. Week. It. Do not have and have not had any vote or even a real seat in congress sticks ones that it's been going off. So why now. One good thing. See. But it says its troops and powerful signal to American allies and our enemies. You think it but even notice. Thought he had to do question. From my perspective it's equally. You know you're trying to. You know shut that it penalty gave it to the president dirty let loose the dogs of war on so. Why dear seeking and now I'm not clear on dates seem to quite reluctant and he insists. That they've already have he has authority to go to war virtually Egypt this group. They want to launder the 2001. Or authorization for use military force you if that's the resolution. Spent three days after September 11 that is been in effect for. Longer than the Vietnam War. President Obama it is insisted. That he Edsel B party needs to area you know water there for war in the Middle East in the last. Ten or eleven years. On Thursday 2001. Map but now. They're apparently going to congress is supposed to submit some that the congress. By the end of the week. And asking for new authorization port dirty claimed apple authorization to do. Under in the futures scenario do you steal bases members going. Well we we better quit the sport plummeted and congress. Are gonna back the president I'd would Mariah singing. Powerful signal to allies that that kind of poorly but two enemies that's got to be brewing column. Yeah I don't think there. Editors. Over the outcome of this could be. One of these for my perspective. One should be. All reasons stooges to you know give the president it is official signed off on what he's been. Doing illegal first six months news. Its own. Reformers in congress. Have looked at this as a way to store reeling in so moved. The past resolutions that the president as. You know expected on limits applause in language. You know they've they've under perfume. Reformers in the stands. Pride new authorization. For a crisis. To repeal 2000 to war resolution. And sunset in 2001. Human net. If stats. Part it is fuel today in it might be work do. You may is that Afghanistan. I'm sorry yeah yeah Lynette. The original ones and a bit past the right after the September 11 attacks Hutus mean week. Teams going after al-Qaeda and the Taliban but it's since then. Being used to launch war against most of book. Most penal jihadist groups and the president and the Pentagon actually calling. Dead hundreds it is 2001. Day you'll mapped the war on terror will go on for another 1020 years which could mean it. You know in 2033. Adults or been portal formed the basis the president Chelsea Clinton's kill list. Literally pass appointment skirted the war powers debate in congress. Or let me take carper break here. Hopefully to do know of the ten minutes you you do it you're just we're a pretty good about the president says now call Ole. After six months of bombing rocked in Syria wants to go to congress in the sentencing. Give me permission. To bomb in Syria and rock we'll come back color of our our expert. Does your precursor. Of getting everybody on board board. Boots on the ground dub dub. Our fingers about yesterday's headlines would today's news President Obama. Has decided after six months of blow them airstrikes and brought in Syria again ices. You can go to congress and say can analyze and do airstrikes. Against slices and rock and Syria. Veteran says at all this week gene Healy vice president Cato Institute. Jeanne. When. Really annoys the word yet John Boehner should quote. I've always believed debris comes bloody war of the congress should not tired the president and it. I went to lubrication spotted a number of decades back called Vietnam. And since then. I don't think governor was seeing notes in war it seems to be an old thing action you've been example we have little. Georgia bar double to appeal opinion people we run every hour. This hour we should should America use military report disputes prices even if it include boots on the ground seven point 4% say yeah. My experience is based say yes until the first woman of trial killed. And turnovers body bags come home. And we don't ever fight with the thought of you know more somebody wins and somebody looses where have where Amaro. Arctic gear you're quite right there I think the history of the smaller presidential awards a political war. DC. A number wars where there. Went once potential that the pope's opinion polls early on July support. Once that are few casualties. You know things like Somalia Blackhawk. Lebanon on unity in the eighties who break in. Then people start to really examine whether it's worth the cost you know these. Powerful wine Berger doctrine from the bridge and urged the peace. Dead when you've. You had the eighties war it was work to make sure report in congress is on board game true or did you have the capabilities. To you. Carried it actually Peru. And the future not willing to take ground casualties. Then you should probably reevaluate whether it is. It is the power and policy priorities you've originally thought once. What's happened in. Particularly since September 11. It is we don't really haven't to be about going to war. More you on the administration's jury which is quite like the bush administration's theory. Congress gets a vote on war but it's one congress one vote one time. So congress in 2001. Authorize use of force against the perpetrators of the September 11 and anyone who harbor them. And what you see you know over the last thirteen years he is deeply extremely. Loose. With that resolution abused it talks authorized re coming from. The current action against iTunes you. You know drone bases in arid desert. We've really lost the the central core feature in the constitution between management book was. The police in the constitution were the most wisdom was to be down which is that. And we have a war we have a very public debate about it and congress decides whether we're gonna go to war ought. And every mile so it's secretary's very John Kerry. Said you know we're working we're gonna get to see who authorization. And what we do it shouldn't limit US military action. To join us Iraq and Syria. So. But Limbaugh who do you see in the future do we do these little bombing incurred Jones in the human. Do we do then bit troubling you Graham. Are these just little hot spot hips that we. Dubai remote control. And did so well what exactly does that accomplish. Well. They were the Nike could lead we think there're no consequences. Of these remote control wars into its forty day. You know well Barack Obama came into town he promised to be quote unquote transformational. President. She actually has ended up being. A transformational. President some ways it is legacies. It. Any areas the most transformational part of it is an area added. Nobody really predicted Nazi war powers. He it is. Perfected a system where will be our constant. Low level load war and meet low level is not the right way to describe it as you're talking here president. That's wants sixty times the amount drone strikes as President Bush. Whose bomb war countries that President Bush. At least seven countries and peace and it leaked the news we don't actually deal. How many countries Barack Obama as bomb the fact checking organization political. Back in September try to. Get an exact count Nixon either that battery because it looks like he made a bomb the Philippines. In 2000 well. But we don't know reason we don't know it's another aspect of the week the week total war now. Is that the president and the admin streak in. Colleen. Dead in its most transparent administration in history. They have the legal right to keep secrets from the American people when he didn't floor extent for congress. Who exactly where war. Table mind. The issue public list. Of the groups that they cling to power departed under B 2001. You'd support resolution. And I think that's great. You know. The most fundamental question and democracy is where and with whom we go to war. And make pointing you know that Sony need to know basis and you don't need to now. And the reason I ask about the mob. And boarded that military expert from what could be the the one who sit on the committee that supposedly controlled military. What what do they think this model who's gonna do and give me an example of what a question that. We've dole and I don't know how many shows on the billions of dollars of infrastructure. Sewage plants. Water treatment plants. Utilities. That we've built in Afghanistan. A British now that we're leaving. Or all of either falling into disrepair. Or being taken over Barney in the news and today I get up in brief walk through journal. And for the first time trying to. Is making overtures to Afghanistan. For business propositions. Drug would assume they could benefit from tone of the infrastructure. We've setup. Well what kind of war model is that. Were you going in and destroy something to build the others don't build an up for the country didn't take call. Don't destroy enough to win the war and they nimbly. Well whatever kind of model it is it doesn't seem a lot to do with American national interest and meet. We spent over two years. Building. The Iraqi Security Forces only to see him. Drop their weapons that the first require compromise it's now supposedly were to go back gain entry to mow properly. It seems. Indeed a news to a lot of Americans following news extras more moneyed apple. One final question admittedly over torque which for them. Are you mentioned Angela and nor is cute to questions and one of them related. It's my understanding Saudi rigged again in the club of solved. Merged with the in a moment Bob and they moved Wahabi. And do you bring in the book will manage the money will run the country. Will follow and were. Your martz will Poland's trade considerable funds its schools. And enjoy this report. From the religious side. So mini. All of the investigations. Have received from HSBC. Bank. 2911. Involves. Saudi Arabia. And oh are bringing it over and over doing that ices will ruin the birth. As well be so one question news. Why. Or is is Saudi Arabia really an outline. And if so call in number to visit the association. We had a 40000 homeless children. Walker who cross our border. Last year. Why do you think we haven't been hit in this country. 22 separate court. You gotta look a lot there are accurate to it is there and allies there's certainly didn't abuse I'll. Rigid verbal theocracy. Eat in the nineteen hijackers on September 11 I believe it was others Saudi nationals. Of it and really not. You know does. This'll work vote. We're seeing you want to be true pointed it what did it for you. Are claiming to promote. Liberalism and democracy. Abroad. Yeah and take an alliance we relied too heavily on and one that we don't eat. In terms of why we haven't been hit it. There're a number explanations. And I think the worst explanations. Autos in ball. You know the it extent to which our domestic security can. Peace or lawless and on the ball. You know you eat pray. It seems to need not today explanations. You know it's been overwhelming com competency street the Department of Homeland Security could skip this statement yesterday. I think. One to leave one proposition we ought to examine is that. Islamic terrorism. Is not now and has never been in an existential threat to the United States if you look at. A lot of the people that we parole go in domestic terror plot since nine elevenths. That you see a lot of people that were. It would do by FBI informers and frankly do not see. Could be. The board's vote out the year one particular little sticks in my line because it's actually don't know in. The bush administration's. Justification. For the wire to wire warrantless wiretapping program. And the Obama administration's justification pork. Collecting all Americans on record is decent again and I'm yours whose actual plot. Was to cut down. And rage suspension cables with a blow. Or that. Street scene. Picture or unfortunately. Unfortunately we're out of time but I I've been ignored his government solutions so much. I'd like to get back on the year polite seven hours straight. Sure anytime no problem. Katrina did to thank you so much for the okay. Do you usually vice. President Kato went through libertarian organization. Coming right back you know and he really. She is 69%. Of Butte. Think it's a good idea to put boots on the ground in the Middle East again. Using 01 it's WW Libya. Are welcome back code public doing good put Maria intended this hour. Oh Warren will continue to do have a conversation about we talked about percent of our President Obama now. Once go to congress and senate and say. Can Obama wrought conservative. You've been doing it for six amounts. And then I admit this is the president that I voted for the personal and the second birth sign. Kunduz and get yourself out of and we were going to be able concentrate all our problems. Here at home. We just had experts say that residences. Producing more conflicts than doomed George Bush. So mad all you can go and say. I can get permission from your guys and girls. To do what I have been doing. And part of my suspicion mirrored bod and a couple of experts won the media on. Couple of red is this may be a precursor. To. And search engines to read to put some boots on the and our WW Oprah at a job board opinion poll we asked you should America use military force against slices. Even at that include boots on the ground in its many percent abuse CUS. I'm saying. If you Google it and go back and look at history. Every time Vietnam. Threw a rock. To a pianist and to. Any other police action. We've done and over the last few decades. The American public is always on board. Were black and go well. But the first woman trial tour deport the juicy and one of warts that will be my hamburger and prize. The first. Veteran that comes back when go lay eggs norms. Destroyed pace destroyed boring. Who think we wouldn't do this and the first stores have come out of us binge drinking and this is one that they give me that why I'm always just how did. By the people that I am willing Coca. In the next hour. We're here to your show probably an exaggeration. Could we hear this all. We're hearing from legislate towards we're hearing from higher education educate towards. They're we're gonna cut. Phones of people. And tons of money tones of courses. May have been close from universities in the state with tremendous. Repercussions. If it's true. And I hate to have this actually happens there's talk. Unlike years past four week period in men doesn't occur. If it actually happens. We're going to be old. The money. Cool check go get on the unit. And find out how many billions of dollars not that we use in on Afghanistan. And rock. Well well we built there. Afghanistan we had millions of bin restructure. Highways. Utilities. Water treatment plants manufacturing. Plants. Did you Owens. And we're drove bind is now who were leaving. Only ward segment of it. Is collapsing because I did via Afghanistan these don't know how to operate while we left. Or Taliban. Attacked while we have left don't get trying to. Talk about reestablishing. Relations with that gets there. Who knows maybe they'll benefit for the building we spent on something we've got no benefit for them. I know there Som that they view the American engineers society. Joseph says that so they can get business. A big give our highways. And bridges. Anybody driven down magazine street lightly. Anybody driven. Out of street in New Orleans lately. What you think like that would too we don't have money. We're going to be told we don't have money for higher education. We're going to be told the good of three isn't money local education. We're going to be told with no money for health. We're gonna be told we have one point six billion dollar budget. And 70%. Abuse says. Boots on the ground to get to places is a good idea knowing. Dubbed we don't agree would war anymore even the military people. That I had on the show. When I say from what I wore pink the definition is two entities. Fight each other. One gets destroyed in the other group super imposes its demands. On it. They hit the only adding I had like a little puppy. Car. No longer do. He can't do that the world's too complicated. Gorgeous there trying to manage the situation. So they don't Como. And were willing that's the product. They're bogus and they. Knock could be dead and I'm economy. Board. Room in what did he in Afghanistan and Iraq. Who would use. Saturday patrol. And United States. Gotta help me this is chemical. On the world wrote to secure 170. Problems ships were in technical about it. We disprove. Water I think put it through one 870%. Of you think it's gonna do that you should bugler. Tell me immediately. What do you base the idea on that yeah. Boots on the ground to get flights covered up. All right our Deborah bureau pretty jaguar opinion poll should use military force against sites is even that includes boots on the ground. Those of you say yeah it's Cold War unions put 1%. Responses. In the meat but. Let's go to video listener Matt in Covington preachers. And are gonna. You know your current account when it comes to the military or foreign policy he. If you look away extremity. You know we pocket we'd like 84 trillion dollar war Q. You keep going. You and your military complex. It ought to under the talk show and you go to the people. Northrop. Prominent Raytheon. On Super Bowls because the only the only makes sense that. We supply. That got our own region with on a weapon and we'd. The only explanation. Why else would we keep Jeter. Do something that doesn't work I mean where Charlie Brown. Turned out what's. We are able to. If I. Were. Quite. Elect a bit and rule a elect of the fuel load. I gotta tell you a year ago two years ago a little I have to do conspiracy theory I don't laugh at all I think that. Bird possibly let me give an example. Most of the military that we would talk to you and I'm nobody's more. Pro middle and I most most sudden Richard talked to would said he. We're fighting them over there it's so they don't attack is year. And then my question becomes would then why do we need to close the border. If if you're fighting them over there. To keep from Peru and attacking this year. What we need goes aboard. And you have got 40000 kids without their mama. Walked across the border. Are you re really trying to convince me. That that's why we're fighting over the. It's it's it's a that he you know I mean law that point you brought up with but obviously the Wahabi you know. And how to saga in the Saudi Arabia might got any country we go to war. You think could be and went under a bridge. All of that. And it was it was a dumb question on my part who's there at the very simple answer all able law. You wanna do Garland. We norte limited not just the guys on the play ended 9/11. Almost all were saudis. But the plan Nancy going to be greeted today at the scale with HSBC. Did an international bag. That his funded terrorist and drug cartels and god caught over and over again. And only got apply and nobody name nobody you're rested. Now they get caught hiding the money of rich and famous people who don't pay taxes who's one of the main ones some party differences. And and Bruce still buddy buddy because they got oil. Sector people. The only thing that makes makes. Is correct about the military shall making body. Epic eye color or Obama. And and I would you know which conspiracy and bang out the ball huge. Like. Obama. As out more money. In an inch. Dell apple. Then. So you're mister roper inspector. Or are. After eight more out about that. Lou Bible in his birds small island but I think a moment we have the good golf my I appreciated call Dave and Joseph Maddon quickly got about a man. A bit with my own which who has twice well then it went by quickly. And the poll has stated. Two. 71%. That that thing we should org you and against crisis. Oh I'm missing something coming right back in Dublin bill brigade 78153. At. This is one of the myriad reasons I'm so surprised that a little poll was also present drug Bard of appealed in your old way yeah. Should America's military force against places even at that include boot from the ground 77. Or percent of you say yeah. Now. I won't surprise because in the next hour we're gonna talk about one point six billion dollar budget and more. Better state legislature. Is gonna pay so I think in April well publisher who. Public record report revealed some documents where they are preparing. For potential caught. Double to eliminate 1433. Faculty and staff job. 15072. Quarts hunts. 28 academic program shut down across campuses. Six institution declaring financial emergency. We enjoyable money. Too low kid to go to war are again because we've got to name war. Important that it covered up next in the pink. Go rub there with him this is double dubbed Leo bigger celebrity they have won 53.