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2-11-15 2:10pm Angela: Hot Topics

Feb 11, 2015|

Angela and Deke Bellavia talk to callers about all of today's hot topics including the Powerball Jackpot, ISIS, and PTSD.

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And we welcome you to our second hour. And what trade are we supposed to be top Vanessa silly love having year though we we feel special. When deacons. If they're all right thank you. If I don't do anything else when that day does come home with a long time now on them and no longer here policies. And values and that was based. Economic mean everything I've -- while ago we have a talk about. It's taught Angela is taller I mean I'm telling the last couple weeks. Always talk a lot coming here on 55. Game that has the knows the plots in the VO. Is this to sign this one go on now and as wanna ride over veterans over the best buys that Powell balls time. It is the it's because they've found a hundred maim or weekly acting I would that's a great dog it's hard not to talk about that we send a child franchise among. You almost could hear the end of the tournament is one of our topics is the power of half a billion dollars if you want. Would you look. A funny question would you go to work or say say yet. If you want would you tell anybody I think that's important or keep that a secret as long as you could. And you know there are people who have done to get kept it secret you're not 500 billion going to be a little tight. But welcome to do I love what people would do with it yeah and whether it's to sharing it with their family or just buying everything they ever dreamed of call 2601 and so meaningless now. But we do have some other topics here you. Our Iran are pretty opinion poll in our earlier program. Was on president Obama's saying ice is poses a grave threat and wants congress to formally authorize. War. Against the terrorist organization and were asking and we asked should there in it was like 65 to 35. You know they are they're asking. They're asking for a war vote version one time in thirteen years he wants operate. Speaking. Am so overwhelmed me. And or when you if I mean and now makes it I was saying day computers saying he couldn't if he wants authorization for the use of military force. Now this is what's important he says ices that threaten Americans on US soil and I think all of us horror. Horrified by what we see on many levels that we still saying it's over there we have lost Americans we know that. I mean that hits to the heart. But he's really saying. It could happen over here. Our troops so. The analyst at think that did not that there terabyte is a free country so I'm not saying right or wrong but. Close to maybe think that they're not people that are here that have the same beliefs or someone on the line is ices. And then not I don't know needing a chatting with some damn well be foolish. And as we know that there have been Americans who have gone over to help all kind Clinton so Americans have the freedom to go. And they have the freedom to return. Right and if they're carrying that message. And that's the possibility. And he's only asking this of military force for three years so there is a limitation on that congress is going to be talking about it but we really wanna hear from our listeners. What do you think specifically should we just go ahead in trying to wipe these people out. And we're just say no. What's gonna happen is gonna. I don't I don't you know I think sometimes when you look at it probably the majority times you know violence in the violence and there will be violence cannot if you say you arrogance than the arrogance. But I think there has to be some type a message sent I don't know if it's if it's a you know bomb on is some type a threat attack. But they need to be set these people need to be scale and I say us the free people the people who wanted to write in don't want to kill anybody. They need to be Elise and respect and they they don't they don't then when then number one mission is to cumulative period this summer home. No no and that is their entire mission is fear and fear mongering and and I just remember the words of fun of a military authority who was asked. How do we get rid of crisis and he said complete via an I think that that is. Yeah I got grieve it yet if that's the route is going to be is you know fallen off and a half step and got to go all the way and yet everybody is legitimately can ask. Well what that we yourself and your daughter your husband your father going over there. I mean it brings it down to reality right but this and our president right now is saying is a threat to America not just foreign soil. Not just Americans on foreign soil but America. Another thing we're looking out is as we talked in our early show. The trial begins for the former marine who has already confessed. To killing the American sniper Chris Kyle. And another walk another man channel Littlefield. Eddie ray raw shot little feel four times in the back once in the face once and once in the hand. He shot Kyle five times in the back and sign in once in the head. The DA says this defendant knew what he was doing was wrong. His defense attorney. Says this man when he took their lives he was in the grip of the psychosis. Psychosis so severe he did not know what he was doing was wrong he thought in his mind that it was either him or them. He is saying PTS dean. And were asking is PT SD a legitimate defense for murder really hope that we hear from on. Especially people who have been our veterans or families of veterans and their thoughts because a lot can be lumped into that very unfair. Also want to talk about NBC. Announced today that it is suspending its anchor Brian Williams for six months no playing. And lot of discussion about his admission that he thought exaggerated fitted on a story. And now perhaps more than one. After six months I think the question is does he deserve a second chance. This is called ball down to mumble. Regardless if he 100% or regardless if he deserves a second chance tonight at the numbers plummet he won't be suspended for six months he'll come back when we could and you know Angela. There there's certain markets bagel daily. And your memoir Katie Couric got the job went on numbers went down they knew they had to make a move that big time networks don't sit on it so if it is Denon was Parma and he's and he's a numbers guy and shows it. He'll survive this that the thing that I think a lot of people have questions and I know I do as well. If this is made him Brian Williams or who was a watchdog for him. Who didn't read you know the whole paragraph who did note that maybe late this doesn't sound right that person should be called it carpet to the person that allowed him to say is or Lisa degrees cent. When this was reviewed at the reviewed tape blaming it did this really happen right I mean it seemed like an awful long time would come out Hurricane Katrina. When Georgia earlier feared don't his application for Notre Dame they red flag their eye off the bat you know made the event they looked into that. So I I think that whoever was in charge of this they should be let me edit. Where Orszag but I don't yeah fuel is low pain operations. But I think especially with the story on non. The combat situation he told that over and over via and Aeneas and you know that it felt about people well it's it's about credibility and end. You know it's interesting how you're looking at the numbers he's off for six months of NBC's numbers plummet you're saying they're gonna bring them back sooner I'm saying. In six months they bring him back and if people aren't giving him a second chance and don't believe many more the numbers will plum show. And then all of a sudden it's yeah I agree okay we got lots of talk about so on so bland. We're gonna take a very quick break Ralph. You're absolutely next Ralph buck talent we're talking ice is were to. Here with my friend Deke we are talking hot topics of today and we started out talking about the president calling. Four. Of the authorization of war against licensed. And we're also talking about is PS and keep saying that wrong and I'm so sorry PT SD and a legitimate defense for murder. Are also talking about Brian Williams but Ralf thank you so much for holding. You're on WL. Yet thank you like to make to reach statement one on I just want on our compound and sank. Our crisis which spent thank fortunately on. Each war anti spam and rock. But went on national debt am very there are concerned about that on. And they were all there in balance and spent more money paid to see our young men and women get main thing kill him terrible. We don't secure our. Southern border. Well what's cheap and anybody from Gordon well come into our country and do it dirty bomb something like I mean okay and on the sank. Our I hate to say it but. How real it would look for competence and Selz thanks to a local group consisting of the map means. Andrew Murray's street simple bowl winning quarterback. We're great family tarts that the city. Without look at the fencing clamp I just don't see that train normally. You know that. What that family sorry that it could fall back on the kids and grandkids and you have that and you have the all knowledge and the money and the main. And and as much as I would I think that is a beautiful thought if they were to Silva that too perky people which are talking probably over a billion dollars dink. Or billion dollars and do their findings are and I breezes have that kind of money. They have been a topic informal partnership with our. But it got it ramp. Quote governor it would only charge. You there tomorrow like that I'm sure they get a rookie. Until the NFL you have to have a 50% owners of somebody's got to put up our half bill. I don't believe you need our league ballpark pop bands and well put like 10% of the money eke out you know you just sector are very credit card and I think we've got a group to gap but. Yet they really we will you don't have. This. Bad and you can I don't know why I completely out an album Webb maintained all along old what was best for the pelicans and the long term in New Orleans. But to sit around and install a talk about let's give these group and that group and all that. I think we got a lot to talk about before that it pot and if we get disappointed with not about our general. You're great Ralph for calling thank you so much Charlton Slidell thank you for calling and you want to talk about ten. PT test. I'm out here that current. And spent art here. At and tiger Martin scores but I played for from BP yesterday. I'm getting treatment. Or at. And very extreme. Order scenario that or trigger someone to. Actually think that they're back on the battlefield. And the firing real weapons. Collect the trigger a contract and it was an act all of truck. Try to defend themselves because actually. There are better. Of people. To shut out from trust and here are back Arctic. That. Just should have you don't understand it but if you. You understand. That there's not a lot you can go about. It's very typical treachery. How do I do how do they have do they treat. If you if you don't mind. I have a psychiatrist. Has been sacked Pakistan's epic. Psychiatrist a psychiatrist spoke medication. Helps. There will be anger. At all. Psychologist. We help. Support groups of people saying certain problems yeah. Column. And our nurses provided. Just never stops at a particular jumper or. I don't know Janzen and even wonder why are out there. Myself and I'd be a polar. And in the dark seventy years. We'll talk and make it if if if arraignment is far from people who like I can only relate to like. People who deal with a lot of stress. For somebody who's obviously been dealing with stress that may be maybe you can kind of relate. And they maybe have them on distinct visual a whole another level you're talking about but maybe that's a link to relating that. Distressed he would be aware of being being overwhelmed and soulful but compound and on what you've done. For thirty years in any correlation that event. That's there there's a correlation to normal but stressed. That people on the bureau. If they don't have. Are somewhat to a column. Trip back to what we calling normal. Psychological. Level where you about not using adrenaline. All of the time and fuchsia and pretzels a situation like our car acts normal person and our church where Troy or 01. They're you know they're stressed that all talk. Police in or out to a normal order normal person. Writes. But yeah. People that things happened on what their stress level will come out solemn but it never comes. Back toward. An inseparable Apatow and those are. Come back. We're almost a second time spent a little marks and. This compound. And that the people that. That. The medications. Are somewhat artistic. All of that that. Apparently got to learn to deal with trying to call in light amber relaxed. Rhonda element I can't tell you how much I admire listening to you you're not that you are getting help that you are. Acknowledging things and you know and explaining things as beautifully as you have. I have to tell you that the district attorney in this trial and other doing opening statements his name's Alan Branch and he he made the statement. That he says the evidence will show that mental illnesses. Even the ones who that this defense may or may not have piecing PT SD. Don't deprive people from the ability to be good citizens. To know right from wrong to Obey the law. And at the very least not murder people. So he's saying yes somebody may be mentally ill but that doesn't. Necessarily mean that you will have this kind of behavior. Well obviously. To me that Tillman never. Prosecutor or defendant. In the courtroom. With us on our news coral was raped and murdered. And the defense has temporary insanity and I am not a problem occurred at a. Not yet. You're back on the battle field or not temporary. That's. You helped cut that the armistice. Not a whole picture and I hope and our partners backpackers all of that. And they will be able to prove it yet. You. Don't. Let him. And doctors and what I can't come back in the fight. And in your beach. Some. Despite. Sometimes you're not. Always prep catered to beat back in the fight goes you can never relax. Right you're always at the level of if you set of preparedness. Charles your your. Your wonderful to call I really a darn thing thing thank you so much in for first of formal thank you so much for a servant for absolutism and you know thank you for this explanation. You're so welcome I would have. Well let's. Okay thank you so much appreciate it we're gonna take a quick break we've got to go to the newsroom but Mary you are next we get lots to talk about stay with us I'm Angela on WW well. Here with deacon we're talking about the hot topics of this hour would include zone. The president's call for war against ices. Not looking at two out of the question of PT SD isn't a legitimate defense for murder isn't. What's being looked at in that the murder of Chris Kyle and his friend Chad little field. Also talking about Brian Williams being suspended without pay for six months. Does he deserve a second chance we'll talk about anything else you wanna talk about the attempt Mary thank you so much for holding your under the W well. It would like to talk about the let's talk. I like Alec tackled by my life. About what went powerball I'll bring him happy. But because I have that can and that's what I would do with it it that are being elected. To back up by my lights at my peak I mean people back like your money. And I think you know. But I would give you know from the money and my management made an outline now won't get gimmick to have an impact at them what they needed to put my heart does is now okay. I'd stack upright and make effective right I did nothing but in a city. Get them program going you know limit on it you'd get more prominent among them to get them off the street. And all those things like that one does nothing but the Latvia and then upon them in the week. And I do something about the color line. The thing that interest me in that area banks and that. In city nothing can be done a mom wanted me in on an all of that. That would make me happy not how to but that did that to happen come from hot. And paper and that meant that to Mary in your thinking big picture when you talk coastline and and you know every governments thank thank if you wanna help as with having that. Your right inner city there are successful programs that need to be many more. And and yeah in it you know happening at it that I'm not a topic to attempt to raise our Q did you get that most people that might act but pleased that the temporary fix. It happened that the company deepened famine and that would make me happy to have data that they can't just want to thank them. Mary you're the best I appreciate this call we got to move on to Mike and Metairie thank you Mike so much for calling your thoughts here on doesn't WL. Does wonders them Vietnam veterans and I think there's peachy as V is. At the crotch and companies that potential anyway. Well you the idea that they're the savior. I know an active involvement Vietnam not much artwork into the day. And thank god in the veterans by Canada that that was an easy way for them to put it greatly ineffective start drawing a 100%. Compensation from the government. I. Know the name and a way to try and debris and then that they were. I don't think that he TSD is real. We have no I don't cannot and a lot of and I don't think it would it should ever be at its pet trade back. Well a defense that is you know is arguable but I mean especially in these last wars when we've had such a high rate of suicide. On return. You don't think that that the that the mind has not been affected to. What do you think the people in Vietnam what sort of veterans and Viet. Well and a horrific thing yet outpost they really incredible is this is this such thing as as a Vietnam flashback. Fortunately it hasn't been in. Other veterans that play network in the bank it. Pretend that they had ended were solid. Get out. And I think it's unfortunate. That somebody veteran who loses. 0% in the night partly in the people. You'd and that stinky as a lot Gardner enormous amount of money. I I think I think if there's abuse in any any any system and accounts the things that meant to but just because some abuse and the demeanor of the don't have have a legitimately. And I think that's a different opponents of Macedonia because if you open up and and I can't I'm doing with what you're saying about their abuses everywhere. But but to say that it doesn't exist I'm struggling. Element it doesn't sound people that I'd. It wasn't true experience that there aren't a lot of abuse about it too. Right but let me tell you thank you for your service in Vietnam again as I said that was my era and I knew young men who went up there and one man in particular who didn't come back. No it was a horrific war. Okay thank you so very very much Jane in Slidell here on WWL. There authority turn out there you. The only note about this 40 why college or in war war Chu was of people were shell shocked. All of then in what we're queued up in your call apple chief. All Eric Peter George Carlin had a whole routine about you know the link between the word but its street condition it's probably been. You know door for thousand cheers or which people think killing each other and there's no doubt in my barring that if you GO watched people be jailed. It definitely Saatchi. And I'm not sure if it's eight excuse or rich or a murderer like that and not think it should be taken into consideration. In Georgia and chin. Beard if somebody has appeared in. You know combat Gerald. The club back in it you are having trouble. You know they're taking their medication Edgar or the Europeans don't like that. And it still happened. There I think they've they've tried to help themselves but for their desperate if they refuse to. Oh. There appeared at work where people trying to help their bed. They're making it much consideration in their. Yes I think when you look at just promised not talking about the defense the from a standpoint for people to say they've you know where the we don't. I don't believe in that living dead everybody has sent me youth movement hurricane season comes around here. How many people think back to how they were affected or what they had to deal with. With with hurricane Katrina and he brings up things and meet. I'm aka related to sports and you don't think every early January to February of Scott Norwood in terrified when he missed a field over the Buffalo Bills. Bill ball and the ball goes through his legs of Rick talks about the win the World Series so how I look at that I'm going like that's just sports. These people are dealing with life and death in that Q people and violent yet so for us that they did that doesn't affect him in some way mentally I do believe there are people they can't. Compartmentalize and maybe you know shaken open and others at all that don't make a week as they came that that that's real real human. Also dealing with. But a different generation that you know all Alberto. He got some of these guys security there they were they were close which such a young age from back. And page again because there's no market compared about a triple. I know you have a son have you ever seen the movie. If you eat it's exactly what you're talking about right now that's exactly tomba does. Another movie even beyond that the last couple of years it was about that pick up the image of him as the man comes home after just. Terrific battles and damn right he's in the grocery store and he's lost the he because he obviously issues Egypt's youth today that it is and I appreciate your thoughts are very very much. But it had to taken of the Britain give us a call you able to 601870. Talk about crisis were talking about PT EST yes it's impossible dismal powerball powerball. This game big it is half a billion. A lot of people out tomorrow he and I stopped in the Atlanta authority that's okay yeah we can dream stay with us we'll be right. And we're back with Deke and we are talking all kinds of good things in right now we're gonna talk powerball. WV thank you for calling. What did you do with all that money. You know Leo. I don't know I began work it and let programmer. But I look over here to here. People that amp gamble. And they've never win and too little kernel like Turnbow but it can also. Get I gave the impression and a big government is is making a killing detectors. And undergo any money that if we elect you it's plume. It's the debate would be for me targets hello Beijing. And it kind of money. Just want paint bush as saying that marks the way local people. A tipping that it did to be desperate for it but a big win and it big in the hole and so. You're 1000%. Correct on that and everybody should know the odds 175 million to one. He got to know beyond I think at this stage and a half billion it just becomes the novelty in the fun of what would you do if you won but your right the odds of winning are astronomical. I don't gamble people who gambled and you could take the power ball away you go to the casino where you can take football only. And via Abby blame Pete pat and the Brian Tong and he plans AME you know on the people who I know what I'm saying people who gamble religious. Is they think die I checked you know Adams. But the ideas but I think about that sector that generated by. And a lottery and at other states. That's all a lot of money that the government you know I think. Are you know what I what I would what I trip on the most is that okay in Guinea was exposed because big deal would on the night dispose of its five numbers and the powerball you went in all right. What I want to get Hammond Arafat anomalous. And now only need to with the powerball and only got it was a million dollars in my fat numbers you get it seemed like it ought to be a big a percentage of that kind everywhere you yup in about it. That I don't want to go out to every shipment be. I applaud and so and so appropriate you I'll probably do you know. Deploy some inevitable and I surely he can't will be spent all that money you know like. Anatomy so I would try to do the best the best thing about money. Tip that anyway it is live in that Colombo. I don't I did they thank you thank you so much for golf yet to god you say is it that did that the fun part nobody's talking about it that isn't as phone today. What your plans if you win the biggie. Hi Dave yes. I. You know by the idea. And you ought to sell Priscilla I. Alien and you know if they don't go away black get them off their interest not only the extravagant. It important joining me as far back. An out there has not been wrong and it in for folks dirt there's. And the it's an area that one thing they take away from oak and troops in front of a lot so yeah it couldn't all in Peru and hammered the and during and a unit did. So if you stretch it out real jewel songs and you know what went up to two dollars. Shock and took them. Out or not get to our. Sport that. It holds the hopes and dreams that's an ad may it makes it look ever by when he gets his beat to beat top of the new tonight national news every day every by far I've worked with telephoned Colombian. Loaded with sports talk about the it is fundamentally it is no doubt about it in the about. Think about the people you could heal you know and at a lab that you can change you can do an awful lot of good you can do an awful lot of grew with that but I portrait. Yeah oh and vintage Jeep on the order of cocaine anymore. Yeah right about that out. Thank you gave very much we'll take another quick break but stay with this we're not done. Do economic token about the hot topics of the day and John thank you are after you've been holding on our really appreciate your thoughts your under the don't do well. Yes and Ludwig I appreciate mr. McConnell thank you felt compelled what's called in. That gentleman that spoke earlier about not leave him and also mentioned at all. And so as you were CA. Actually that's one of our area. You carry it out to be objective to have that got it yet in things it would make it safe and some planes. Probably got 600000. Planes. Authorities at that have not been process. Like that I think in the open I have ever worked in VA will. Look into that spoke out. Edit that mention that you don't. Jack has been used in that. If you've got out if you've got the mentality that like all day they are you know as system there and it's for the money they are all your mentality as Arkansas could not be a man and it's a sound that you're right those people don't need to be in no position. Certainly to be some kind of irony you don't need to be in it. Yet and I think it was determined playing the work place. I agree with you and I I was startled really when he said that. And was trying to be open minded about it and I was listening to what he was saying and I'm sure he had some examples of our might have been trying to to abuse the system. But to no denying that India doesn't sit down at Rangers. Yeah. Bob up and got a bit of lecturing the I have been that did that all we know nobody and just Barca do. I don't know from the department of the senate to act out to the eight states that go to immediately retreat. So how cannot be turned out until that well it's not searchlight. How can I've always been amount I've always been the mindset people who in the service should go to the front of the land. You get the best care. In exit. In no if ands or buts about it today and imitates an FM issue too because FM has been a tremendous amounts are well I hope it's a better a better situation for you once they opened this new thing here. Is everything I'm hearing about it it's going to be pretty phenomenal. And I hope the president would do look the mall to get some of those cases saw people dying waiting. The peace process that summit sort. You always should be a priority you're absolutely right. Thank you Arthur so very during my actions and thank you Deke for an area very much as always I think our listeners of what should stay with me milk as the next hour. One of my favorite people on this earth Bob Becker who is running the show its city park all new exciting things happening new golf course. A new day. It's uplift the next hour stay with the sun Angel on the but I do well.