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Feb 12, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My fascination. Of what we're gonna talk about today began years ago. I was up above baton route small town we haven't dim party movement for an and one of people there aren't ruling though we use science teacher at the I don't walked over to worry was sitting with a Blanche DuBois grouped around me had an eight by ten. And he was saying as he folded his opponent self. He was saying give it could pull this out the income was 42 times hot web site B and would world opinion and six inches to the pure go forward and we got Kerry should know the answer to the moon and back. And it's how can that be in it and some didn't do with them and ruled 72. Or whatever. Our started. Getting guests on Margaret came back sciences engineers. Talking about what he had talked about X but in actual growth expert and told speed. And eventually got to begin though understand did every simplistic. Definition of the witches. Two time to his board and poured on four then. After a four time board you'd double that double that and build that sixteen time succeed and on and on. And if you graphed out a lot of people called it keeps it. The growth is relatively slow. In them and it starts to build up at the top of this stick the part. You have a hockey puck where. All of the sudden it moved and X for the new tools they need. And so many of the show we don't hear from tribal lose or urged to scenery. Two things called Cingular and T worked some scientist. A believes that intelligent. Machines some they've boots the exceed. The intelligence of human being. I've felt more and more absent then if you juxtapose. My interest in that in the show we've done. To what we've done lately with the cutback scored the intended cutback. Of higher education and Louisiana. In particular here is due you know in Kabul. This is the kind of putting we're threatened with losing. What are you live Oprah after a computer science. Have a big brain trigger Graham to develop our official intelligence. System. That indirect. Morton that truly will people. This is a gigantic. Piece of the future. A bridge a professor. Is being paid to develop you're these are the kind of things were threatened with losing. And that professors doctor Stephen where. Propeller pictured to computers so I Q&A doctor welcomed the show thank you so much with the tar. Give me an idea what this means you're pro pester computer science. Don't researcher and computational. Model holds a narrow. What does that mean. Well the best analogy I can give you is have you heard of bomb for example by dramatics or people who are using computer models to develop. For example jurors to do it eases. Yeah. Though they are building computational models stake into bodies or something like that. Too they will come up with a computer representation. Four and two bodies they will ship it ought to let that have that chemical actually hit the side in test whether or not at the back. We're doing something very similar. Like that except we are modeling stories. And how people tell stories and understand stories and adapt stories. And our equivalent of shipping all too aware that and having it built as having people play a video game or read a story. And answers surveys about that so our method of valuation. Are very much from cognitive science psychology. Are you introducing. We we have to at Harper's break hopefully. I've got a good bit of time with the for the listeners. Know got a lot of young people you you'd talk to me when I'm out about in public on a regular basis. This is your futures this who bought. Your generation the mole in the rules are going to be doing. Alternates in general what leads to happen. Tuesday general well it's evident. Questions or comment for wide open. We're talking about the future of art of official intelligence. Double to Libya. Drug thing good about artificial. Intelligence we've done. Number of showrooms over this over the last couple years. Well the more liberal losers says. Well we need to do something because of human intelligence in this country is declining available warming break onward I agree. Think about it this time Albert universally Buehrle and we have been a doctor. For pastor. At you don't know who's got the big grant from the field silence on and to develop order of national intelligence systems. That interact more inept relief with people is named doctor Stephen where. And it oranges this hour. Doctor I'm looking at her news release from one of the yeah. Breezes that you're gonna study of people reason hypothetically. Wouldn't reading and writing chores. Presumably. You are you trying to get. A machine. That can think like we think. Well we're trying to there are a lot of are artificial intelligence system that can do. Certain human like like playing church for example. And our computers have been used in the past. A lot for calculation. But we haven't really explored very much whether or not they can be used for telling stories. And you know when you think about it a lot of power. Mental capacity a lot of that crime that we spend thinking. Is done and tired and a lot of our communication with other people. Our story one former and other. So by. Represented in this process by understanding people tell stories and seeing duplicate and replicate that computer. Outward and you're develops systems. You know interact more and actually people and this this one range you mentioned medical reasoning is what this particular grant just border. Well one of the observation that humans storytellers like screenwriters and literary critics and not have realized. It it would story we're not only thinking about what actually happened but we're imagining other thing that might. And indeed thinking about those other sitting there for example there's a good guys bad guys the story and the good guy wins. We're able to evaluate importance of that because resources imagining another way this story might. On where that pat that and that's sort of blend meaning to await story actually went. And in the I understand how that relates biko's. In your near you release Q you mentioned that if you're able to do with the it's two rings soups and could be adapted to very individual student's needs. Military training same thing that train the could be trained to wash his Schwartz's or and what he wants to do. Is deemed development. And mixed with the all of its. That your game's end game like environment sit in now. Now world including things like training simulation. Our great waitress to to bully this kind of technology and tested. And sort of burst area of deployment is entertainment based but he can certainly because there's a lot of demand and and it's a huge growing industry is actually here in the world and the movies via. Number all that because the do as an opportunity to sort of test some doubt know the risks. I'm sitting there and Syrian military training and should. Dude do you know the name rig crews well. We've we've had a month talking about single literate and and Craig may have by you impressed simple plug too much but it. Gupta appealing bid was saying. They're real possibility of intelligence to machines wounded that would exceed the intelligence of humans. And bad that seems to be over a bit of good and turned pro and Stephen Hawking. Ilan balls with the tell sure. Sporting your talk. So certainly I think it will happen sometime in the future. You know a lot of experience recur while we're these people who's really try to attach a very specific speak to what we think the current happen. Based on the evidence. And I think one day we will achieve. So we're you know virtual agent. It has human you're human like intelligence. Arm but there's sort of two. Being considered now firstly and most ai researchers are not working on this problem of artificial general intelligence that what you'd call. But really are focusing on one specific problem. Our end and others being considered they're really when we developed this it will be a tool like any other. And they'll impact our lives or positive or negative will depend very much how used. The group quite a while ago at a businesses who have written book. Cold waking up in time both small boat but basically what is the uses was that by 20/20 four. He fully expects 48 computer to make another computer. Truly better. Then it issues. The richer better than the original is and then through X million troops he'd do. Become a whole lot better. And and ask you must have will do you do or using the computer and take over he said no he said what briefly his team and so. Was you may put an ABC. Hoping to get DEA. But to get TMZ. Did you get something that wasn't what two intended you know I'll root for how to curb. In Charlotte there were up for one of the chief engineers have worked for a couple. And basically what he told me is scenery. Was kind of an accident because they were trying. The put 300. Million boy's shoes in to us all forward trying to get. Language translator. For all countries. And it didn't work but in the meantime cigarette he popped up. It's burned along with it vestibule question. What are your thoughts there. The we get to a point where computers. Do things that we don't fully understand do you see that. I could happen. I mean you know even today. In the arm for example the people that design circuit boards and computer chips. Are using computers. To. Aid in the design process state they know what they want to do. But. Cap it actually arranging all these microscopic wires in such a later date work properly. Is extremely typical layout are considered using our computer aided props. And that kind of an early preview of using a computer to build a computer. And I think we are going to see more and more that. We'll see he. He you know more more were off floating past that we future computers you know calculation you know we're using spreadsheets and word processors and you know email spam until there's not type switch where at one point sort of keep you some human tasks are now being. Done by computer and legal people you know appreciate having that added urgency. And I think that it happened more computers. Improve themselves even exponentially. I'm I think you know we can look forward to board more hopeful machines that do more and more. You know useful tasks force in the way we want to be done. There was Michele belong drug question but I want to quote Stephen Hawking. You've worn the B cause people would be you know mullah unable to compete with the apparent part of the true intelligent. It could spell beat into the human rights not reached agreement actually developed in. Good to get you alone months pretty intelligent guy. Of that started tell flow. Number of space program says oh we're not just the biological. Boot loader. Or did you Gould's super intelligence. Unfortunately that is increasingly. Probable. And he's given two million dollars to institute toot toot try to keep that from happening. But at the same time. Every you know there experts who say things like this. Extreme artificial food intelligence predictions. Or comparable to seeing more efficient internal combustion engines. And jumping to the conclusion. That the war bribe you just from Rome corner in other words. One group of highly qualified scientists in Kabul that silly. And then others that are known to the public. Saying no this could be a problem what do group. Well I think. In a lot of ways artificial intelligence arm want to really get power orderly starts to permeate every aspect of our lives. Will be a lot like splitting the atom. And it will lead to great advances in site inspectors typically choose new source of power but it all that we choose the atom bomb and Cold War and not. So it will be very. Doubt people will but also potentially dangerous one and one which needs to be. They guards are just you know just as there are people when you know the Manhattan Project that goes on were pay attention to you know can be. Use this technology stately the get that and it's been reported that rests. Our game going on in the artificial intelligence community you know the people that are working on these projects are paying close attention this thing out and make sure that the well. And not our goal one sweet little books what we're working out and you know that sort of goes back something I mentioned earlier that a lot of people really are working on. The Cuban global problem at this point there were numbers specific to building computers that play better chat. In my case compute the top story is more effectively out you know computers can recognize state and these pictures and that it. Who pieces are not themselves going to become sentient. But it may need to win and someone. Finally decide that put all of the individual piece it together into larger system that we can have something in that sort achievement like in the intelligence. Orange there whether it's were were I think. Were were thinking about a very important so big and and in many ways important for there's every. We we've talked so much about the Ret 700 million dollars worth by a higher education. And I think the doom and we have ball. Is a prime example of why that some extremely. Bad idea. He's visited you know he's got a big grant from the actual science foundation. To develop artificial intelligence systems that interact more nap relieved when people. This. This is the future can find anybody. That disputes the this can affect. World economy. National economy. Office locally it can provide. They conform provide. A better life. And we've got a doctor of science that being given a contract eager to do war. I think bowl or stories that are very important all part futures. What do you think we're gonna came to doctor no of the ten minutes or so. To music 01. Needs somebody Dublin oh yeah. No the few minutes' worth Barea a professor at you know doctor Stephen where proposed troop computer science. And he's got a big group from the roots and foundation to devote our usual intelligence systems that it'll wrecked more in that pro league with people. A doctor for the people that are just you're going to give my idea exactly what that mean. Essentially I'm working on computer store so I'm studying howl. People tell stories how they communicate with one another through stories. And how they understand stories and what role that happens in our thinking and looking at how we can replicate that processed. On a machine. And get a machine to understand it so that machine can participate in the communication. And it in her successful. We'll win you see evidence in the marketplace for weeks via evidence in the news of of something new and different. Archer so. You know it's. Right now we're doing what's called the basic science research which is very foundational work. I'll and so it'll probably be a few years before we eat he would surely not in commercial products. But our hope is that in the entertainment game industry and training simulation market and even in you know they're he would not. That that ability to intelligently. And automatically adapts stories to meet the needs the people that they're being told to. We'll have a lot of treatment and. And it is or anything like super intelligence that exists now. I would say no. But again. If you if you are looking for robot. That is equivalent we intelligent to a person. Then though. But it we're looking individual path so for example playing chess. Then the world. In computers much better in the world that's human. But that computer and only which I can't do any other capped especially well. So there are a lot of little individual thing where we have and surpassed. Human capability. But in general page human brain is still incredibly burst title thinking machines and you know. Creating something with that level versatility is something we've done. I'm thrilled of people movements long before but driving a couple of days ago. I was as he thinks Hillary for. Directions. And she gave me to roll on Wednesday and just didn't read flexibly. I said something Nancy does Syrian correspondent for its response. Was that some of very fine. It and I didn't. Indication. Of of almost human like intelligence. Probably classify that as just computer and. Look that particular example Syria I'm not sure I'd I have not worked on Jerry sort of structure but I suspect it was. Something they added him as an extra feature to have a very simple. You agree that it knew the crazy like me. It will be it through you know a lot of fun you know you look at certain being accurate to say and do. I'm. Let's get it here in case it does not happen emotional intelligence person you know you'd you'd Mercury stealing. Something that was corrected by the developers to. You know provide little extra peeling. Two men. Well one of putting them paths in the body is the concept of driver whose cars. No that's not what drew work on. But the scientists who works in that you went to UC then go. I think incredible I think driving is one of the many tasks that I would happily all flute to a computer expert in that. I am in all the agency I mean happily and you need to school him. I think the test. I tell organ in the UK have both been very proms and I think you know the technology will potentially even faster than. I'm sort of legal and ethical issues that you around you know there's a lot of new. Questions that are rising if the car itself as I meant responsible someone that the two wrecks and so. You know those sort of legal ethical issues are something we're gonna start sorting out pretty quickly. Right to rid let's say Google FaceBook number of well the company is actively looking to create. And an intelligent learning machine do you see anything and in. Your industry where this as anywhere near. I'm again I would not a bill that would versatility of human Byrd name but when it comes to certain at a certain. So you know FaceBook has invested a lot of money and machine learning techniques are saying can we look at the kind of confident that this particular user likes. And sure that more content so you know I'm the only fix certain things to shoot you all activities aren't doing. And they want to give you the style you like the best. In the similar in a lot of ways the work that I do on personalized story you know given that there's lot of the sort we can tell which one of the most respected the most meaningful of the body. And that in that very different applications there's been a lot of Parker's. When you win your read Stephen Hawking your most recur well. All of these world experts warning that were heading in to dangerous territory by increasing. Machine intelligence. In didn't you use three others that say it's nothing to worry about it that that wasn't so long way all. And then Wear him like that you reach a basic understanding of X but it will speed. Are remembered the personal much dog ran out. Between these inventions of the early nineteen hundreds to today. It looks like whatever it is that's occurring. Could started offering much faster than we predict or believe it is is that possible. I guess I believe it could happen. You know that sort of by definition. This singularity is kind of unpredictable. Wanted to ways that we knew Cingular happened is that we are no longer able to predict exactly. What computers are going to do next. I'm told them that this sort of by the commission unpredictable. But you know you know one of the things that's incredible comedians you know the first computer was little less than human like go and already Dave's. You know it'd be in the world in my opinion had a very positive influence. You know some negative influences but for the most part the invention of the computer and improvement of the computer has that should be much more that has our. And I think the same will be true of artificial intelligence and you know. What did work on sort of super computer intelligence even it is building crew itself. You know obviously pay attention to them that we're concerned you know just like. But in via that was that they have great power. And when we put in power plant it's a great and accurately recorded in the bomb it can cause great harm. Into the ministry of AI you know present itself credit card and he does a lot of time and effort and make the group's paper but we. But that it Gunter robot that we could be dropped. Professor. Congratulations. On the grant. Hope that. The legislature doesn't decide to cut higher education like you're talking to a big night execute view and that group. Here in New Orleans and I appreciated that talk. Talk in the view. Are what come right back double dubbed Joseph big 870 AM mortal 53. At. Prince jovial big deck boards are doing good. Should put a smile on most people's memories from it and all. Every person our vendor show but Asia. Talk about the the news that trending. And like to listen do when I'm on the way home because. News's always kind of de Havilland service and David Coleman and others that the brick in the newsroom often times have time to. Pleasure out of restoring give more. Information. And news that. This would wanna open look at dual funded on the web site. But this report says the sell side of the noon Wednesday. Is more excited. About the movie fifty shades of parade and then the rest of the United States. Does state in the says about the buying more tickets than ever but we can release to the movie depictions of race. Compared to the rest of the nation this country and something Coke and dangled dot com. Louisiana and Alabama and twice as many crucial tickets then normal for the dome while Mississippi. Cops who lives. And support. Him certain usual rate. A kid environment we York. They are the Bible Belt. As very accurate. Here's what. Would of chief correspondent. For a pending groups that quote. We look to which leads to buying more tickets were active futures degrade and usually bought. And pre sales would wish. All of the states. That are buying a lot more ticket or in the south. Drove on to say that their pride in the people in the south and cross donation or obsessed. With the ball. Which is translating to big big big big ticket sales for this film. And you know what that featured is great news truly haven't regretted that I am old. As we ought to do wouldn't. That it. Sexual domination. I don't maps and kill them. So important or in the in this has been. In the south. The correspondent. Again from this thing and angled dot com. May be problems. Or into things that are more edgy. May be days or more. Or maybe they're more Randi. Than the rest of us realize. And each did films aren't the best selling or rated movie in and doing those of yours. I'm looking at movements as a business. So there's Solomon it is bridge and for the is moving. And it's mostly in southern united Tuesday. And that. Every. Here is good assure that we can do in the future there any bill. In Oklahoma. That would allow all property owners to shoot down at Rome. That is over there later. At that should Republican interest. A certain bill Ford attitude provides. Civil immunity for damage or destruction of drone on personal property. And yeah. That bill goes through people will be allowed to shoot down grow. And tell me technology's taking us to have very interesting place in this country and nobody can. Coming right back with the intent of the BO. Seagate 7 AM local 53. Appel did a little bit surprising. It's his theory area and whose cast. Our brand alive on the way home polish central sure in their personal when they're talking about trending stories. And at all or hear something from our news people sports people. Are social medium people. That led to know they've they get the time to expound on what ever that headline and nor. And the little bitter privilege and they have time that the bar rubio on top of our yeah. Torre it really is an hour of where you're gonna hear news sports and so from the U. You know again hearing anywhere at all and it to talk. They take one hot topic and they opened a pole and solution to reduce the about basketball. And again it's fascinating today at three you definitely want to be tuned. They're you'll get what kind of scrutiny Tom Benson is gonna go through when medical doctors in review and examine him. In determining. Appeased competent to run his own company. Should be very very interest and Leo is next all of Robin that would be of this has been the think tank good to.

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