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2-16-15 3:10pm Angela: on Carnival season

Feb 16, 2015|

Angela talks Carnival with the masked Captain of Sparta and Phillip Ray Brown, the King of the Knights of Sparta, as well as Gwen Rainey, the queen of Femme Fatale.

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Well it's been an exciting weekend of parades and fun and it continues tonight and tomorrow. But for the next hour we're gonna talk to those who can tell us about carnival from an insider's point of view. King or queen and the captain are here to talk about the fun and work leading up to their great moments. With us queen of some of the town. Taking rain on the first parade for this all woman crew Gwynn rainy thank you cancel your magistrate yes. And we have the king of Sparta. Phillip Ray Brown Ellis bought hailed Spartan. And finally we have the mast captain of Sparta. Celebrating. The 63. Year. Of the running of Spartan but you have been with them for forty. Almost forty years and unreal. Unreal. Much to talk about I I really wanna hear a lot about. What it takes because I've nothing but admiration of my talks with the captain has to do to get this thing wrong and I wanna hear them but I must talk. To our royalty sitting here. First oval where the crown. The home. At all parties and he quickly and that's good mind is the same it's sitting at home but he'd freak I'm looking for a glass case made yes that's her place and to look. Putting him for ever for after he acts up. Take us back because at some details the first year yes you were one of the leaders obviously of the creation of it yes I'm the founder president the mystic profound Freetown. We had six months to operate together I think we did a fabulous job. I'm in the six months that I'm I'm I'm not new to Mike rock I grew up in the Zulu social aid and pleasure club. My father's board member emeritus George rainy. Who's actually is the founder of the law degree a fast spot on the people really know that not. And so I just watching him in growing up in looking meg going to the parties in getting the beats reading the relationships that we have a blank turn with the current family. Would beats by the DOS and it's it came very naturally for me. To put this rates again and so actually the vision came in 2012 I was episode will ball when he came. And I didn't step out until it's funny thirteen and so it was time it was just it was time I saw it as a are missing piece in our community on me it was a it was a place where women of color could come the founders are women are women of color. It bred an opportunity for some women who have not who may not have had an experience. Our two participating in my core it's it's in what he has done it is formed many bonds there many relationships. They are women from all different walks of life in the organization from all the different dot com for years. From doctors lawyers judges the social workers to school teachers. We're from all over their women from you throughout the United States that came to be a bust me from DC from Houston from Atlanta from. All over that when you when you have the vision and an even though with your background. Growing up in in this world it's still putting together a lot of floats and a lot of bands. And that organization and near the captain to. Yes. And I have on our prospects spectacular team of people. That was willing to do with arms that we gonna do what we gonna get this on the ground. I was looking actually Angela I was looking to ride its when he sixteen my Father's Day give yourself two years. To raise some money to get it together at the city concert came back it's it. We gonna issue a permanent fifteen if you and 115 you've you can not so bad happened in August. Of last year. Lieberman and you Rhode on February and we wrote on February 8 while it's exactly one out. So how much and what we're gonna pick it up there okay because I want now you're going to be in full regalia and got to hear about that but I've got to go to your majesty of spark. This isn't a us into perspective. I'm more a street person. Now I've always been looking at the killing outlaws wanna be the king of organization not be here all my life. I've been coming like the blues and all the stuff for at least 3040 years. I'm like you know wondered when he became one day could have a system laws that you know feel you're being good kings on you might wanna try this those. I cited try get a shot and it's been about to experience in my life which are used selected or do you campaign. I'll I like to ask you do it might say well I guess I've talked to the captain and she would he thinks about me doing this. When buys houses and what do you think about median king's daughter. Fifth if extra there's a fifteen. That I think he did it Mexican Macs and on felt as right that is up. Wonderful wonderful rod actually live that you know you've been part of it for years action now the only guy wrote in. Metairie for ten years and I've always like carnival by the industry part of it. I never got done duke it was an officer was lieutenant I'd never done kings my dream was to be king wants to say I did more but and that opportunity came up this year I should one or not gonna do it. The best thing I've ever done in the people I've met second new family it's it's like a new circle people just wonderful. Kissing him and. As the captain but. How does that work somebody came to him to make a great king. And Angela actually. We do you have of kings and queens lined up for the night just barter for many years to come. Oh with a few gaps here in there. As it was IE. Actually had a king and queen. From inside the organization. And they were not able to do with this year so. We had spoken and feel. He is actually. In the family one among officers. And they came to me. That family and so I think this would be a pretty good match and once I met him of course I saw that. His personality which is so down. You know. It and being facetious this is without a doubt the ball actually asking that one could ever have them what's so wonderful continent. At the mention the queen act was not to and now you are to be mad you don't lean unbelievable with ms. Matalin Gloria Clement. Who all my gosh grandfather. He was then west has been synonymous with mark McGraw former lieutenant governor Jim Fitzmorris if and at the meeting wonderful. Match showing she is spectacular. This year he has no question about all my gosh I didn't make that connection tonight seeing the beautiful dress that's in the hope yes sell. You all of a sudden are living the dream absolutely and it was entering and still. It's an amazing Mazen. My memories what did you have to do and I'm looking at ten Glenn and I'm thinking should I do every. What did you have to do just show up and. Pretty much had some great people kind of walk me through it Mike Michael Vincent lashes king. He put it in epic to but I know what's it called Michael Michael was their form so I mean the spot of people really took care of me. But in understands and then they walked me through it and no problems protocol was a perfect. You. Got a good job as well if you made any mistakes I didn't see OK and I don't expect. Stay with us everybody was talking to kings and queens and captains right after this I'm Angela. On WW well. Lucky for me is I'm. I'm just surrounded by royalty right now so happy to have the queen of the mystery crew of them for tells. Gwynn raining. The king of Sparta Phillip ray brown. And the mast captain Sparta. Just surrounded by great talent and royalty I wanna go back to our queen because again. You've birthed. A he literally but what's so startling is in six months. And in six months you had over 300 members 300 and some 382 member of his age remembers I'm sure next year that's and it is is going to Korea to close the membership until after the phenomenal. You've got all of your you you pulled it together name it everything yes and then. You are the queen's eggs which are also the captain yes so one you sat on the throne to get ready to roll. Than you had to relinquish the captain. Jobs that's right. I had to relinquish the captain's job in beat the queen of the mystic for authentic to OK isn't it. And you got to design your own gown to go to the design and my own count I got my own decorator I had all of that ax to all the facts. So because we're a new crew you know it it will give me some guidance to give the next quality of an excellent grandstands tell. Some guidance on what she can do in putting her harboring to tell me about the name I love the named by the way a lot it. That may actually. The former president in my teens who dated battlefield actually gave us the road map and gave us the name. The mystic or offend details one up on a group of ladies together they were like a week we'd like this is it's charming percent to if we're intelligent we we just we love listening recesses. Right percent seat right here a lowering cement they would just statement crazy. Over that idea so that's how we came in and we just pick the colors. Our red black and white candy red black and white and compact because. Every woman it's if it's calling for your injury and I'll leave outer beauty in every woman has the compact. In her purse and so that's how we came up with. So muses says the shooting ammunition as the person yes you have to come at a contact and this is before I matching. Commented about that I love the idea that that the women's groups are using very clearly feminine. Purses shoes may stings we associate in the compact yes love that are now on the back door kept. You've done this now for ten years. Yes this is my tenth anniversaries captain in the 63 year history of Sparta item but the third captain and it is work. Love work and love but it is all aren't you really in charge. They say that being the captains of the benevolent dictatorship. Or. But. At least in Sparta we do have a wonderful sort of law officers. End. They look after the finances. Of the organization. They worked so hard in every aspect of the organization. Sometimes even keeping the captain Czech. Occasionally but we worked together if switcher really in charge. Of the actual parade that day. The everybody's lined up everything is in order all the rules are being followed. Yes indeed the the final word. A eventually rests with the captain. But we do have one of our officers who is our parade logistic chairman. Another one of our officers on books all of our bands in our musical groups so it is a combination of things but it's something. Pass to be answered right away they go to the captain. What is that the greatest moment for you because you are in a mask. Year appreciated but for the outside world nobody really understands everything you've done so what's that moment for you. There are actually several okay. For our ball mosque and we are very traditional organization. We have an old time ball mosque. Reminiscent of the grand tableau balls of the eighteen hundreds we have actors and dancers and singers. That put on the the whole how blows what was the presentation of our court. Four. The ball mosque it is it is two fold I think. First of ball but since he was very young my grandson. Who is now eighteen started out as the captain shadow. And when he got bigger than me he had become the junior captain. But to have him at my side. For the ball mosque uses. Really such a grand think any. Represents the continuity of the generations. Of the nicest part in carnival itself. All so. Each captain at. Their ball mosque gets 2%. Their life to the throne. And it's very thrilling for me to be able to walk across the ball floor. With my wife. After she has been views presented to me by the junior captain instantly. So that's that's a really really thrilling moment for me personally. With the parade the captain of smarter writes a white horse at the very beginning of the parade. And we always held the jesuit. ROTC band at the very end of the parade before the captain. End at 5573. Minutes before the parade starts. We all stand deeply the National Anthem. Get up one mile course. And right after National Anthem getting on that course realizing. That the parade is beginning and on the head in the parade and leading this wonderful procession through the streets that's a great moment. Oh that is in tremendous moment tremendous and it is like a production. When you say three minutes before Imus like doing a broadcast. In you know 6 o'clock news doesn't go 1602. It goes and just that sort of importance of order. Those are the nights as part of our. Very very cognizant of being. Where we should be when we should be and how we should be. Spartans were known for their discipline. And day indeed the officers and I. Make sure that everything is right down to the second and will flow very very nicely do you make one final. Walk or or on the horse even to make sure everybody is. Doing what they're supposed to be doing. Personally no I do not because I have wonderful officers that again that's great army I have my several things. That I have to be done when we get to the parade route one of them is that the king the queen and the officers ladies and some of our VIPs and families. Arrived in limousines. And that we do each host to the king. At his float. And as captain ID him sort of involved in that. So unfortunately the grunt work gets to be done by some of the my wonderful officers. And a but we do yes everybody goes down and we have. One officer assigned to make sure that every crew member answers mask and then it's not cut too much and all the costumes are on we have another assigned to make sure that all the bands are in place and detractors are writing in the generators are running so it's a big production. It is a big production we're gonna take another break and when we come back we're gonna talk to the king. Of Sparta and the queen of them to tell about the amendment. That float started to roll. Right after this stay with the Simon. And we've got the king of Sparta Phillip Ray Brown. And the queen of being mr. cruel offensive talent when raining and of course the mass captain of Spartan. Not listening to the captain talk about sort of the defining moment for him or moments for him. If you probably have many as well but I won and now justice he said you are sitting on the throne you or any year. Wonderful regalia. And all of a sudden it starts to roll and what is going through your mind. What is going through my mind is oh my god my vision and my dream has come true. Oh my god we did this in six months I cannot believe this and I'm kind of like. Some system that is just real and it just it it was a wonderful. Experience. I was created savior prepped by the young ladies over there the other thing that was really released pastor from the stat on the mayor allowed my father to salute me again are your home. And so that was a really really spouse of forming on. He's 83 and so you know he's just he had a quadruple bypass. December the fourth and so that was really really special for me and now he's thrilled he must've been gas to see you. To see knowing that that had been your dream and I was real. Any ending injury yes yes yes king Spartan take you there. While. And as mules pulled out and I again I wrote ten years and other clubs does over the track in front. Only here's the generator going belliard. Hope. This really cool. And the crowd was twice as amplified when you hear a scream and you thought it was really critical. I think that was the part in part to that wry. I was lucky enough. 20 bring my three sons to author markets are military from different codes in and they were all. On the flip with me there for a uniform they looked so sharp that you think I think they had mode but on the idea you know but it was an amazing thing to. Did you appear greet the crowd in a get out into that has accused and anyway the stealth. A lot of energy in the right yes yes and I think got that down three towns the whole round if that's. Because I was. The float stop as an object a little break and got back up and greet the crowd that you do what I decide that you would get eye contact with people oh yes oh yeah and the statute does it screaming matches and Reno yeah. Yes there was of it was amazing. I but the real and forgive and forget. And what is the special Sparta row. I threw Dublin from Michael I'm a compliment from my throat from my own that's good that my kids had their own the loans to throw out. Which I think the crowd they filed for awhile to get them there. Those going by an issue with the mysteries throw away as well. Well. The nights as part of being a very traditional organization the king does not to grow our world. The king simply acknowledged as well en route waive this and will after yesterday about my three boys with a want to throw date that all the way and my and Harold they with a want to heroes they're the ones I decide and greet the crowd oh my god on my float on my thought it was my nieces. So was myself in my in my nieces. And they get the throng and I just decide to stay at that evening to swing. So excited to it right yes yes that's an easy. To answer your initial quake. That night so sparkle like so many other organizations. Have a plethora. Of traditional throws but our special throw every year is always it's part of mystery throw. It is not known to the public before the parade so if spectators who wish the mystery furloughs they have to do you know what the flow please give me a mystery to grow. And this year with our big band theme of in the mood the mystery throw was calm. Frisbee flying disks that would mean cheaper records but I. I don't know it's an area I did have on them so they give that a voice and they were thrown him out there how can the mystery through bee mystery even to the Canada well I I don't see the pro is half the as the crowd it's. And then do you have like two are clean he. A committee now that will choose like you chose the compact and that was very thought out so. Other things that you while we'll throw in coming years in coming years yes I do have a committee on answer because we do have a short time. Are we have to figure out now the process for the next Le grand fantastic town and so we'll you know we'll put those things together and I'm sure. You know we'll we'll be clear and but what we do in in my organization we have a reveal party. And so at the reveal party we reveal the fees and my grand tempting to. And so we will continue on that road because it was for the members it will add a lot for networking. What are you writing an on and see your doctor so and so case Connecticut's record in southern members and they've really liked that's. The idea of the reveal party an annual common find out what the penis and so. Army if you don't know of the list mystic Knight known for anyone who was not able to attend the theme this year was the mystic profanity town remembers Hollywood horror classics. For the Hollywood south multi we do a lot of movies here so we had we went in that direction. And how many flute teacher and we have fourteen votes that's beautiful four I did not know until. Should note that there was any the rule. That you have to at so many bands yes and and Arthur hardy and Errol aborted run last week we're talking about drugs is great competition for those plants because. Because you have to have a minimum and of course many have more than that. And there's just so many banks are so you were lucky really. And six months. To be able to have big enough and Alex is not the. Eight dance we had you know what we have about seventy units. In operate we have the buffalo soldiers to leave a soft we agree able to get a Saint Mary's academy. I think Katharine Drexel. Are just some other you know other things but in particular those two girls schools were able to get that since we're a woman's mourning for organization. And we had a a female writing crew with us we have a number of dance teams that were with us it was just fabulous you know. It is seems as though once it went out and once it got viral people contacting us how can I get in how cannot participate in your inaugural. Saying this is beautiful this is history stay with this we're not done we're talking to royalty right after the oh. And we're back talking with the king of Sparta Phillip Ray Brown the queen of them to tells Gwynn rainy and our magnificent master captain of Sparta. About their experiences and what it's about putting. Before we get into the the grander picture of what Mardi Gras is for the city. What is it like. The next day can you have been king and you have been clean you have. Had people going I mean it is thought to be trying to figure that out that feeling and then you wake up to. It's Monday morning it's Tuesday or are you back to work are you back. How do you get your feedback on the ground. I did I actually sept two days sophomore must monster right and so arm it was a feeling of relief it was a feeling of successful we're successful. Our mission accomplished it was OK so it's now it's time to get ready for 2060. While you today's take a break and start and the start again they're very Smart clone. This is why well because really got into what's that been like the last month almost every weekend but it. I was so it's hard that next half a cheese Allen with a one parade and I went home we can and I was so tired. Just aren't. Mean the break. Ginger did you boys and so I'll just today no in flight back so it can yes and plan that says. It was a wonderful experience yes I was very tired as it was all day affair and premise to with the animal points that was yeah. Lot of fun tired. But it is the governor on full steam for a month and every weekend. And to our captain. Well interestingly enough. The next day. I got up and went to help the Carrollton parade. You know the captains and officers of organizations you put your heart your soul and that you do all the planning. And then the evening of your ball mosque you're standing on the ball flooring your helpless. The evening of the parade I'm sitting on a horse going down the street nom helpless so you have to count. On. Captains an officer my other organizations to come help you. And that's what we do we Ari fraternity sorority. We help each other and after the Carrollton parade. My wife and I went back over to our headquarters hotel and cleaned out the costume room so that. What it's like to Abiola the glamorous life of its captain of carnival him. It but appreciate and know that know how appreciated it is. Often not even today. Your your reminiscing icy there. Blowing your faces I really do you brought of the line but now it really it is bad to your own real real world. I don't want to say that your back being commoner from being an oil but you will pass that the time at some point. Yes I am lucky. Because I get them crowned the next king which is my brother believe and and you did not know that I know that that night at at the rate was over which is. That's a mean. To crown him to be really cool that oh my gosh brother the brother. Magazine has named is that you be quiet okay. We will figure that out bonus but you know. The captain was saying I thought at a beautiful thing on how next year's queen is announced. We certainly. Do not. Make a public statement about our future kings and queens. But that our ball mosque. After. The kings and queens where this year has been introduced. They are our presentations. Of flowers and gifts to special people in the audience. And com once all the flowers have been presented then the captain walks across the ball floor. With the no narration at all in simply hands. A bouquet of a dozen white roses to a young lady in the front row and everybody knows that that that will be the queen. For the next year. Room and she just crime. Well I hope not nobody can I think he's I think her mother cries at the you know we have had some up periods of time. Financially when not just because the economy economy and how do you keep it going. Keep your membership job and you know keep that the quality that 2%. We'll certainly is is is harder on occasion there are all organizations. That two. Our self perpetuating some of these the super cruise it seems like they just keep getting larger all the time. On the smaller and medium sized organizations. Occasionally it gets tough we're talking about discretionary income. Certainly riding in horrible parade is not going to put food on the table. And our I think that you have to adopt a model. That we adopted many many years ago and and may be a little crude but. You say it's the crew stupid yeah. And that means that you know you can be is glamour she's you want to when your white course. Your officers can be as as greed is they won 21 their officers float there were races. But if there's not. A bunch of gentlemen Oren ladies crews cases ladies behind you you don't have a crew. So you have to do. Do things during the year to make it inviting for people to come to make it a family atmosphere to make it a social atmosphere. For them to want to be in your organization. And as the cleanest saying. Especially your first year now you're getting a phone calls that people really want to join yes people really wanna join us in the other thing one and an on your note our captain. I that we do in the mystic crew is that we have an induction ceremony in we have a candlelight ceremony when the leaders to insult. At that moment you get a set of bylaws which tell you that you have to write every other year. Because we need to have a retention right and we need I need the members to continue its the support the organization. But the other thing about the mystic her offense they tell us that. We do community engagement efforts one of the first things that we've done we have engaged to women of Watson memorial who have lost children to violence. We have participated in the breast cancer walk. The circle fold store which is army and I and our community yeah we have a shopping day we do shopping days to support our different businesses. In the city of New Orleans insult I think all of these things are combination of things keeps us keeps the groups you know keep the group together. It keeps people knowing who we are there in a community's air working its community based. And I think it's you bring up the very good point at camp there was talk about the commercial. It is bigger than the crew. It is. It is bigger than the crew it is it's it is what Mardi Gras does for this community I mean think about it. The entertainment. That are provided. Well there are so many organizations that behind the scenes quietly. Do things for the community for certain parts of the community since the early 1980s. Every year of the nights as part of an out of eight prints any princess from the cystic fibrosis community selected and we under right. All of their participation and the whole year in all of our events are coronation our ball mosque are parade. And it's just amazing that we certainly are not the only organization that does that so many of them. They do that and above and beyond that. All carnival organizations. We spend our time and Armani and our efforts putting this. Fantastic. Historical celebration on the people of New Orleans yes she cared about to tourists and they come in and there are armed. Canal street centric but when you start on Napoleon. And up saint Charles you see the families you see the people of New Orleans. And that's why we perpetuate this tradition that's gone on for over a 160 years for the community for the people of awards tomorrow. That's a perfect way to end this hour I congratulate all of you for what you'll have done. Hail king hail queen. And I salute you. For all you do for so madly. To our captain. Thank you thank you and thank you thank and the carnival Angela and it monogram stay with the second one we'll be right back. Thank our kings and queens one more time. Also would tell you tomorrow at 8 o'clock it's Tommy Tucker with T Bob and then from ten to one Tom Fitzmorris and myself will be across Miguel your hall. Listen it's gonna be a lot of fun thanks so much for joining us.