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2-20-15 3:10pm Angela: on the Oscars

Feb 20, 2015|

Angela talks with film buffs John DiLeo and Jude Borque about this weekend's upcoming Academy Awards.

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Will roll out that red carpet it's the night all of this movie lovers love. The Oscars the glitz the glamour the music with a little suspense. All under one roof. Sunday night put on you sparkles and watched as the world watches the best of the best of Hollywood. Well we have our movie experts with this for the next hour to talk about the night so many of us wait all year for. John polio nationally recognized film expert and author six books about plastic movies including screen savers. 49 remarkable movies awaiting rediscover. Thank you John for being here I. And our beloved Jude pork movie lover and we column a movie analyst. But just such a great addition in lines and I mean. Thank you Angela I love being here at love seeing you you look wonder Gundy during nice. Two of my favorite guys talking about one of my favorite subjects and this year I actually got to see a lot of the movies not all of them but some. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on things before we start talking about the movies in particular. I would like to know both to John and June. What is your Oscar night ritual in do you sit in your pajamas to get to stop. Take us there. Well. I used to. Be that type of person who drove big Oscar parties. I'd say through the eighty's and ninety's I would always insists that I was opposed to those have to be at my house but I like to having a lot of people around and doing ballots and which usually rather noisy and festive. And I'm totally away from all of that and I like to watch it as quietly as possible would dispute people as possible. Lola you know I don't like to be telling people who show up so I can hear the speeches and all of that I'd rather just. It's actually the same way I like to go to the movies I'd rather be the only person in the theater and pretty much you want to show it in peace and quiet I'm actually not anti social I dislike it doesn't disturb the other exactly alike to really be totally focused on the show. Well mr. party here so Jude well I have to agree with John I I would. As the country song says. In with country for country was cool I had Oscar parties to for a reports were cool and Oscar holes. Before the Internet had them where you can just print them out I had to literally typed them then print that one by one on the Xerox machine. But. Nowadays we have social media and FaceBook virtual parties wonderful because. I have all my friends just like huge on on their couches in my account and we can all make comments together and so that's a relief three of the funding to also the other thing is a lot of restaurants and to have. Oscar themed dinners plan where everything its planned round nominees. So that's the new with things buying your favorite restaurant. See they're gonna have on one of their screens. And they rule the rule. All the great food. That's by the perfect law. Of the fact that this is a great idea could be a shared experience it can be a virtual shared experience or can be just leave me alone I want to. I want to watch something that before we get into the specific something that John had had sent us sort of struck a note that you feel that perhaps. We're losing the suspense because of all of the free Oscar awards. Yeah this has been the problem particulates in the last ten years when the pre Oscar awards have gotten more and more attention. Starting of course with the building blows which have been televised for quite along time but then the addition of the sag awards the broadcast film awards. The rockets from critics awards rather of the bat toward the independent spirit awards. So if you become a favorite early on if you Patricia are kept in boyhood. The audience that's interested in these awards shows where it's and you accept and an award and make a speech about five or six times before tonight. It's making out tonight a virtual anti climax. Where you know you've been waiting you know what you can say in the bank. And the Oscar has been trying to combat. But there's really no way around it because they've tried manipulating the schedule you know in the old days in the hospital in April than they were in March now there in February. Trying not to have any more of the energy dissipated I get the name added to the number of best picture nominees. To get more our audience member's interest in the show because maybe that'll increase the odds of one of their state it's being included. You know the only way you could really fight this and it's not really a plan. Is if you are not affected by the winners in the does all the awards shows meaning he'd be happy a lot of upsets to make people think well opted does. You know what no one else that you never know what they're gonna do. And that is not the case we only know exactly about there's gonna do and this is a problem that's just not going away. Would you agree though that. The the big one this year that is sort of opt for a for whatever is best actor. Yes that would definitely agree with that and I think we are lucky that that we've won an award that people really don't know what's gonna happen. Nate he could possibly strong case that best picture and director com it's the same situation. And so. You know as a as an Oscar watcher. This is great news is that only three of the acting awards our view of the outcomes are foregone conclusions at least there's one that's going to be very exciting which I assume they'll hold to. To be the last of the four in terms of presenting them because that's really all they've gotten terms of the excitement. But this is just an ongoing problem but I'm grateful that that actors or real tossup. You know it's interesting today I was watching the Kelly and Michael challenge him on cheap lawn and he was talking about when he was nominated. He knew that. The guy who played right. If it was gonna win he just a lot I was nervous at all but. DiLeo was listening. The limit yes. I walked up to him that night he was also nominees have and so nervous. And on chills of why are you nervous or neither this or that week because on sale in an hit it hit me what you were trying to say about the predictability. And that is kind of cushioning your thoughts Jude. I I totally agree with John and you know back in 2003 was probably the big the last from there is a really big upset in 2003 was a year of Chicago for best picture. And the other big picture that year with gangs of New York. But out of the blue calms Adrien Brody. Who. Won for best actor beating Daniel Day-Lewis and Daniel Day-Lewis who won all the kind of all the pre awards to sag award the Golden Globe awards. The two win Adrian Brodie line. Four an excellent film and tech a year the best director did not Arco to Chicago's. Director it also win. Two Roman Polanski. So. It made it exciting if he truly was up a moment. That big kids that Adrian Brodie gave I don't know if there. So those moments. That this year I think Americans sniper. May be a while core to pull out an upset in a few of the big categories maybe screenplay. Maybe that factor and outside. Picture because it. Did ground swell recently that you never know. You know we're gonna do we're gonna have to take a break I want everyone to stay with us we're gonna pick it up there on American sniper because number of articles written about that to the public went to city. So does that mean something stay with us we'll be right back on. Under the W well. While we are talking Oscars with the experts John DiLeo nationally recognized. Film expert and author of many books about classic movies. And our wonderful friend Jude Bork who isn't he calls himself a movie lover he is more than that he is quite the analyst. We're talking about the Oscars Sunday night may be seen before we get into. What we have given talk about the American sniper. Very good point that Jude is making that it is on ABC they're taking a different approach kind of they symbol we were just talking about. Is where is the suspense now other than in the a category year to. If you see all the Promos for the Oscars show it has nothing to do with. Eight movies that are nominated. Instead it's all about the host. Neil Patrick Harris. It's all about the fact that he's from Broadway he says that theater background and he's seen so they hired. The producers of the TV musicals that sound of music in the TV Peter Pan productions. They are producing it we have a lot of productions they cut the song writers. From its frozen. To write a song just for the Oscars show. Yet performances from Tim McGraw singing the Glen Campbell song and recommend that you from his documentary. We have. She John Lennon John Legend in common singing glory from Selma. Adam Levine singing loft stores from begin again. We don't know what Lady Gaga or Jennifer Hudson Horry and Kendrick are seeing that they will be singing be my gosh so there's. That the show with going to be old more production. Over the grammys this. Isn't that true John and it's not about him win more then can we entertain and pull people well. It's because they're Americans snipers the only one of these movies that the mainstream audiences actually scenes of the trying to take your mind off that it's. You know they only went past five best picture nominees so they would have more popular movies included. Now they just edit the number of unpopular movies and I don't mean that in a negative way just mean the fact that most people haven't seen them. An arena but that is interesting because I am your average movie person and I've seen an awful lot of them this year including. American sniper. You know and I didn't see a bad one at all but I'm surprised that more didn't see the theory of everything. Or didn't see imitation game both phenomenal movies and beautifully acted it. And I think there are actually commercial movies in the sense they're not which you call you know it's not be independent entities or per rarefied audiences. They're very accessible movies that people would really like I think in a lot of cases people would say it was that movie never came to I'll live in. And that's another problem the movie does is about one opens your theater every Friday in what never seems to get to you. But I think it's a terrible thing because like is that these movies would make people happy you know. So that it conundrum. Or is it just. They're not promoting it as such I wanna go but because we we've started about the sniper. American sniper and in Jude you have said it's grossed an enormous amount of money. And articles I've read is doesn't that count what the general public is looking it. Well. In in one way they do because the Oscar voters or. Just people like everybody else that they will be. Influenced by what everybody likes American sniper. Has I think only one or two things going against it eat it came out. Just like Million Dollar Baby Clint eastwood's Oscar winning picture. Right at the very last minute hoping to win a tidal wave of critics and popular support. Million Dollar Baby with successful with that American sniper unfortunately. Had the backlash from some of the stories that. The main characters heard that people had that well is there anything true or not. But also Clint Eastwood I'm forcing shot himself in the foot when he was so anti Hollywood at the Republican Convention. That I think that in the NG you don't slap the people that are supporting you and I think that that will probably one of the things that. Hope people back. That being said. Teen movie twice. It's so well crafted. I wouldn't be surprised if it pulled an upset in actor. Screenplay. Very outside chance but you never know he could in its been done before what do you think changed. Well it's and again that is expecting that it would gross. As much as the other seven movies put together which I think it now has design. And they never won appear to look like there rewarding money. However as cute thing they they don't ignore the fact that something is successful and popular and that is connected. And so even know. It's unlikely to win best picture and it's not up for best director. I wouldn't rule out best actor as as as you said the wild card that's in good terms for Bradley Cooper at this point in the race. Because that would be away on the film in a big way and say we recognize. What has just happened with its phenomenally connected with America. And not ignored because otherwise they can just get a sound award which does seem kind of miniscule at this point in the game. It is is the tricky thing with the best actor award and Bradley Cooper is. I've mentioned all of these pre Oscar awards and he really hasn't been up against these guys before and in the big ones he brought in from Golden Globe and he wasn't a first sag award. So he is truly wild card because we've seen it written in Michael Keaton go ahead and number of times. But the factor of Bradley Cooper hasn't actually entered into the mix which is why it's that little exciting just to that point alone. And Bradley Cooper. The distinction of having the renomination in a row which there rare for someone at three. Years in room to be nominated absolutely. So Laviolette well now now we know this year but we note that they love him. Yeah keep nominating them so and and John's right he was not nominated these other awards. So while court. Was he not involved in the Golden Globes because the movie hit not come out yet or I. You an answer I officially I don't know that it was then. John. In. I believe it was a case of like to talk about the only release the Golden Globes you know everything they do happen about a month before the academy. And so I would just assume it was eligible. And I think probably not enough people's sought in that group and so probably just got lost in the shuffle. Am I. American sniper and Selma both gambled. On not thinning out screeners because they want people to go to the theater. And both powerful movies Selma is so powerful. And unfortunately this can't remember that will be in the vote for. I mean that things worked out well for Americans sniper. But I think Selma would have benefited if they had just held it and waited till the spring or next fall and taught. Let's take our time witness because in both cases like that the film was still wet and it went. And did you take a risk features that terrified that if you don't make it at the end of the season when everyone is an award and there. That and to delay means to be forgotten. I want everyone to stay with us we're gonna have to take a break go to the newsroom find out what's going on but it's very interesting mean both of these gentlemen. Have very strong feelings about bird man and boyhood. Sort of been a tight race for best picture. And both of them. Did things a little with. Little innovation and I'm just curious. Is that why they think that they could be best picture stay with us we'll be right back financial lock on WW. Our special guest John DiLeo and Jude Bork both movie experts. A talking about our beautiful Oscars this Sunday night on ABC. Both of you independently. Have very strong feelings about bird man and also about boyhood. And just I just what your thoughts on those why you feel. That there really that the top leaders for best picture. So go with me and that. Well bird man wasn't really. Considered. Could be you know it topped two until fairly recently I mean it's been a contender mean. It's just increased its momentum so noticeably then it's suddenly it's the front runner stick to win. And what happened was you know since the Golden Globes. It won the producers guild award which has been matching the academy's best picture choice in the last several years. And then won the sag ensemble award. And then the big one was in a read to the director won the directors guild award in this is always spin. The most important of the sort of pre Oscar awards in terms of trying to guess what the cat meat can view. And one in Ricci wanted directors guild award it looked like it was suddenly quite definitely the front runner. Now boy that has been the favorite in the summer really. And so the question is did the momentum of bird man move fast enough to actually get to boyhood in passive. Or they still neck and neck or did not quite make it. I think most people are predicting that birdman did in fact caps boyhood in that it will be the winner of the question is when two movies are so close to each other and neck and neck race. Willie can enemies split picture and director as they've done in the last two years. And even within that it that's what they do they can do it either way and so it's it's almost as much of I've been up for grabs situation as best actor except it's definitely a two picture race threatened three actor rates so that's kind of where it stands. And I agree with that that result corrected bird man answers we talked about before. Technically was phenomenal the cinematographer who won last year for gravity. Took a small movie and its seemingly one shot the entire movie so the director and the tournament talk for both get credit for this. Amazingly. Technical. Innovation yes it's so much so. Boyhood on the other hand. But they did in a lot of people of her down and out twelve years in the making date for one week they got together it's all the same actors and actresses. And they told a story which stored in the beginning. And it is one story of the life of all these people and it's not just the main actors. You watch that you see on my contacts the grandmother. From the beginning that's the young. And time is an amazing character and boyhood that really reaches people. It's a feat that. No one thought could happen it's snuck up on everybody. It's a boy that is done something that I think academy may recognize both of them huge achievement for what they did. The public may not be entertained. As they would with. Hot movie or or a blockbuster. But. They are amazing feet. But this does Cisco back to those who are voting. Because it's industry people absolutely so they're looking at a perhaps in different eyes. Yes. Lol yeah and see. And it was an odd way I mean they're both important it is set for what the further innovations. I would I would rue I'm rooting for of the two of the kind calmed down the two I would rather see boy who would win because I think. In terms of what he did achieve is truly unique and it's something even if you don't love the movie and think it's great you'd still have to admit wow that was something that they accomplished. Not only do the division to come up the idea and stick with it but it turned out really well and that's something. Romney is in in theory could it be something as diverse as. Boyhood because of that innovation winning a best director but. The the American sniper winning best movie or is that an impossibility. That could bear that could happen certainly been good you could also goes to bird meant for the director for the reasons that Jim was talking about of trying to make this seamless. Takes to make it look like there was there were no cuts in them in a movie in the holding as is happening in one long take a so technically and that was an achievement and it it's very hard these the other thing about it sick over 6000 people were trying or strangle analyzes it to 21 mind and and it's hey it's fascinating and frustrating. So true you know and the way back win win reds and On Golden Pond with a two front horse that the two front runners. Everybody thought oh is it going to be reds warm days great skeptic or Henry Fonda and it's swan song. And it ended up to being neither Chariots of Fire war. And he came out of you know the blue. So you know this year that's how Americans packer might pull out that upset you Burton and human director. Boy who could win. For its director of a screenplay. And then they can give the other screenplay award to Wes Anderson for the grand Budapest hotel which also was a very unique. I think he will get that because. Wes Anderson is unlike anybody else making movies and he has been for at least fifteen years. And to honor that if you like Greg depressed or tell the person you need to honors Wes Anderson. And he's not gonna win directors so it's a perfect opportunity to get in the screenplay award and I think he will land. Stay with us everyone we're not finished talking about the Oscars. Mommy come back and wanna hear from our great experts about. This year and women's right activist. It is a very special day for Oscars were talking about movies and we're talking with John DiLeo. Can't thank him enough he's always wonderful every time we call a nationally recognized film expert the author of six books about classic movies. Including screen savers 49 remarkable movies awaiting re discovery when they would emotionally just on that. And then our wonderful Jude Bork movie lover movie analyst both of these so thoughtful. In in your analysis of what we're talking about and I also have to say we have another special guest in this room tearing. Who is from Saint Andrews. And he is has spent the whole hour of listening to us and one day perhaps will be in radio I hope that's the case he's. He's a great guest to have sitting here. Let this go back to the movies and I'm just curious. So much of the talk has been about the movies themselves and about best actor what do you think it. Was there not just any rock Osaka female. Best actress. Mean all very talented don't misunderstand me but we're not having the discussion about the issues. Well Lou races usually unfortunately. The competitions. Intensity dinner in this category it's just it's terribly unfortunate that no we talk about it almost every year. But it's I don't really think that is the case this year in the sense yes Julianne Moore is gonna win. And I do you hear people talking about not only that long overdue but it's sort of a career achievement award but that's not necessarily true although I'm fine with that because Leavitt to order forever and I just I'm so thrilled she's gonna win. The Q is extraordinary. Instill Allah as a woman suffering early onset alzheimer's. It's definitely an Academy Award performance. And a true in my estimation she should or anyone for boogie nights and for far from heaven. Deserve it's time it's going to be like called the sigh of relief moment at the Oscars when we can all say all's right with the world is Julianne Moore has an Oscar. We've felt that. In years past when Shirley MacLaine got an offense times Susan Sarandon on her Susan Hayward another one. These moments when you think I will ever again and it's so unfair and she's finally in again and it's great and it's not. A throwaway it's not sympathy award she's great in the film. But between your point and if she were not in the rates Reese Witherspoon was. Quite extraordinary as well and wild and I think she'd be getting a second one if it's Julianne Moore's movie and come mountain time. I totally agree you'd Julian Moore is the big favorite. She's with nominated four times before and those other movies the hours. Four from Heather and into the affair boogie nights. We're all great that there always somebody and another. Picture that. Grab the spotlight away from her. I agree it if anybody Angelo wanted to see great movies all of it to do is take these nominations. For the best actress and supporting actress. And see those movies you know wild with Reese Witherspoon and lord during. Really excellent movie this small movie in the performances in the really capture. In the eighth and spirit. One girl. I was on my favorite movies I'm surprised it's not get more nominations. The theory of everything felicity Jones. It's excellent so it wasn't that threat of some great movie. And Mary and taught who to date in one night. She's already won an Oscar but she's one of those people who you could almost seen anything keys. Proving that he wasn't a mistake for her to win that Oscar and I love that. He's so right she and we've seen a lot of movies since securities. She on the outskirts on the atmosphere again well between French movies and the American movie she's been in like midnight in Paris in the Dark Knight rises. She seems to be one of those people who can play any things so she is you know quite at the top of the list. You know treatment with every five nominations. In Oscar Merrill would have more. Gets her nine teen. One that she has lost more Academy Award. Chances than anybody else. Richard suitably. And but how many days she had only three only three out of nineteen. Katharine Hepburn got four fully twelve nominations sushi yes he had a much better each. I expected. I want to know in our final minutes I'll butcher most looking forward to isn't. And that the final outcome or isn't the production. Jude and the beautiful clothes the see what people are wearing and talking about and who they're with. Willie you mentioned the clothes and one of my notes was I would love for them to do tribute to Joan Rivers because she was unscripted. With a great evaluation about the glamour. To meet its what is going to be that one moment that is going to be and scripted that that's what I'm looking for that true heart that people will come out and bring. People make fun of Sally Field with her you like me you really like me. But that was the year on the days when everything and that was the one true moment I felt from her. So I'm looking for that I'm hoping that there's one really true heartfelt moment John. Well I guess. I want to feed Julian more win than Beckett said that the foregone conclusions so. In one sense I wanna see that they were expecting and counting on to actually happen for real. And then the other thing I wanna see is the complete opposite I want one big upset that makes all of us go a lot. Oh my goodness. Punished or they that is that too much at. I don't think it's too much to ask at all you brought up about tributes still there will be a Robin Williams tribute. We hope so he deserves the at and I think he he with the movie star. You all of the stars in my life that John DiLeo Jude Bork I cannot put into words how much I appreciate this hour with the you both pleasure and and I can't wait till Sunday night and we will meet again. And will reveal all of this but thank you the Yankees stay with us everyone we're not done we'll be right back. Anti wanna say to tune in. What interest to about radio. Well I'd say that interesting. Or interest me most about radio. Is that people are just bring up subjects. That are sort of well. Sometimes screens and let out of the blue. But are also. Interesting. And sometimes it calls at some people get our strange funny I hope you make it radio thank you for joining us.