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02-20 Scoot Show 8pm/ Obama and America/Best decade of music

Feb 20, 2015|

Former mayor of New York, Rudy Gulliani has said that President Obama does not love America. Plus... the best decade for music....

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening it is Friday already. And cut a seem like a very very short week because of Mardi Gras and all the party last week and I guess this is the question. With all the party last weekend with morning draw in the middle of the week is Friday already are you literally low this weekend are you heading out. We'll talk about that on the show tonight we do have a top aide to date but the main thing I wanna focus on tonight since it's a Friday night and we are heading into the weekend over talk about music. Here we always hear about so. The sixties and the seventies and eighties and the nineties and music today. Which decade do you think. Had the best music. And we're even include the fifties. Which muse which decade that the best music the 50s70s. 80s90s. And the 20022. Today. And the place of samples of a sector test of songs that I remember playing drivers on the air as to scoot the morning. I remember music that I played a soap opera music grows on derby of hero in the ninety's. And I remember paid attention music even throughout my career. In talk radio so will highlight some of what I think were the memorable songs of those years and of course you can send me any text. About any song by any decade telly the decade that you liked the best you can get the best music. And then also what Texas on both try to play that. And a text number is 87 870 so we have a little rain on the way but you know again we had some which parting last weekend and Tuesday with bodyguard day. I would hope that you got a little bit out on an of that out of your system now there's going to be some scattered showers I don't think anything's going to be a washout but over the next couple days you've got a warm front and their cool front. So eight it's that time of year. It's time for tonight's topic today to hear the topic things we'd like you to know which would get our show tonight you know and every WL number eight. It was on this day in 2003. Pyrotechnics. For me great white stage show ignited soundproofing foam and burned down a nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island 100 people died. Including the band guitarist. Ty Longley. Remember that tragic tragic event a hundred people dead at the great white show. And there was a lot of talk about. Whether they had the right emergency exits. But the people were prepared. There were some some panic I remember that very very well or really a tragic event. Number seven on tonight's list. Of the top eight at eight. The Oscars are Sunday and bird man and boyhood appear to be among the early favorites but you know there could always be surprises. During the Oscars. So what what's your favorite movie you just heard their gym and so do some of the the opinions what do you think this is the best movie for this year. I and will you law watch the Oscars on Sunday. A BO for Angela on Monday and for the next two weeks so Monday afternoon will talk about the Oscars we'll talk about not only the winners and the losers but also talk about the show itself that Patrick Patrick deal Harris. President he's going to be Arab. And seeing and the guys just multi multi talented. But here the movies up for best picture. Bird man boyhood American sniper Selma the grand Budapest hotel. The imitation game whiplash in theory. But everything. I didn't see all of his movies so it's unfair for me to say I really enjoyed Selma I really enjoyed American sniper. You know I saw previews for bird man and I understand it is such an excellent movie. But that's just not my issue on personal life. Didn't go out of my way to go see that but I do wanna see the imitation game whiplash looked like it was going to be great also the grand Budapest hotel. And the theory of everything about Stephen Hawkins a number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Louisiana is in the top five in a new survey showing the states with the most regular movie op but with the most regular churchgoers. And he go to church regularly. This is it just a very encouraging for those who have religious in the south Louisiana is in the top five. In terms of regular church attendance. Among the citizens Utah always number 151%. Of the population Utah goes to church. And of course that is a state to dominated by the Mormon faith. On Mississippi boys in second place with 47%. Alabama and Louisiana tied for 46%. And the rest of the top ten are all southern states of Vermont had the lowest rate of church attendance. And only 17% and I do remember the first time that I've I've moved to Seattle. And I received temporarily listing an apartment downtown and yours first Sunday downtown I just bought understood why I can't count I'm just gonna walk itemize. Apartment here and I'm gonna find a church. Couldn't find a church. They don't have that many churches in the Pacific northwest. Out here and in the north east they do you have a lot of churches but. You know I guess we can also talk about to what would get even more people to go to church here in Louisiana. Maybe we can get to be number one. You know I am thinking for some of the more sophisticated areas of town. Maybe in the Catholic churches may be a wine list would be something to consider number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A lesbian couple in Michigan says a pediatrician refused to care for their newborn baby because of their sexual orientation. I mean obviously not the baby sexual orientation but their sexual orientation. And this raises the question should doctors use their views on social and political issues to determine who their patients are going to be. Could a conservative doctor refused to accept a known liberal as a patient. If you are. A born again Christian and a doctor or a doctor with specific religious views would you treat somebody who was active fleet. A pro choice. And and vice Versa would do would do a liberal doctor. One to work on. Bill O'Reilly. Or Sean Hannity or anybody in the Fox News Channel media there is this ethical thing and we're not talking about the emergency room by the way. But it does bring up a really interesting question. And I'm not gonna take care of your child because if your sexual orientation. The doctor apologize for not to being there to do this face to face with this couple they just came in with their. Their baby a lesbian couple and in Michigan they came with their six day old baby. A offer wellness checkup and they said that the Doctor Who said he was gonna see you is not good to see you and I will see you instead. The doctor said that after much prayer. His prayer was answered and he was told. Not too. Take this person has a patient but it does bring up the and adjusting their scenario I'll never forget what to Ronald Reagan apparently set I was in there but what Ronald Reagan apparently said when he was shot. And Ronald Reagan was in the the operating room. He looked up and says something to be effective I hope none of these doctors are Democrat. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight candidates. Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons. Has fired back it rolled the Rivera we talked about this on the scoop show earlier this week. Geraldo Rivera said that hip hop has done more damage to blacks and Hispanics. Than racism. Over the past ten years. And I completely. Disagree with that. Now if he would've sent hip hop has damaged the image of black and Hispanic communities. OK I would agree with that but hip hop itself has not damaged blacks and Hispanics in this country. Basically it's a ridiculous statement to make him we talked about this on the show and I'd really didn't have anybody call up and tell me exactly how hip pop does hurt black and Hispanic on communities. I realize that not every point body like hip hop and it is even tolerable to many people realize it is some hip pop in some rap especially the old gangster rap it's violent. It's is degrading to women in many ways it's not pretty. But it's always been my argument that the music that becomes popular is a reflection of society. A reflection of the audience young audience what whatever audience that music doesn't inspire behavior. As much as it it reflects the behavior that already exist in a community. And what we talking more and more about this as we talk about the the best decade for music and that's the title the scoop blog you can read that share with others. Best decade for music if you are tourist item numbers 2601878. Very code 5042601870. And it takes a receipt 7070 the probable Golar Russell Simmons says so that Geraldo Rivera has a fundamental misunderstanding of hip hop community. You know it's really interesting her role the repair and I don't know whether you remember this and but those few who are not much younger you might not remember this Geraldo Rivera was very very lip. And I think he was sent an ABC. Our reporter. He would do report and mainly on very liberal causes and he was on an extreme liberal. Now Geraldo Rivera but seems to be a lot more conservative he describes himself now as he militant. Moderate. Which is kinda close to the way of describe myself which is a radical moderate when he used the word to a militant I thought that was actually the Geraldo Rivera is is a great example of how people change also the same thing with Dennis Miller the comedian if you go back and tickle looked at to some of Dennis Miller studios. From his senate standup comedy shows is concerts. He's very liberal. I mean I almost a very he's liberal kind of moderate. Iowa so he had great common sense. But here's a guy who has become for conservatives so you know it's it's okay for people change some people become more liberal some people become more conservative. Number three in tonight's list of trending top eight at eight. Fox News Channel host bill rightly is being scrutinized by the liberal news outlets mother Jones. Offer claiming that he was in a war zone what covering the Falkland Islands war. Now mother Jones is a liberal news outlets. David Corn was a Fox News contributor until I think 2008. Now he's working for MSNBC. And also for mother Jones. He says that O Reilly was actually in Buenos Aires Argentina. And did not witness a combat situation. Contrary to what he says this comes in the aftermath of all the controversy with. Brian Williams on the NBC nightly news saying that he was an helicopter that was hit by a couple of or PG is a during the war in Iraq. A Williams number one nightly news anchor bill Riley is the number one nightly cable news host. Now NBC did not stand by Brian Williams. Fox News is standing by Bill O'Reilly. And I also think there's another consideration here. Brian Williams. Is seeing more SE journalist. A network news anchor and reporter. Bill Riley and this is not a discredit to what he says where's opinions are often disagree with the but this is not about his his opinion it's about his his position. He is a TV talk show host. And I think the standards. Of excellence. When it comes to accuracy I guess I should say it that way. I is is a lot different for eight TV talk show host compared to a news anchor on one of the major networks. But it's also important always tell the truth. And it's something that I try to take very seriously when I talk to you or on their show about the things that that we talk about the things happen to need to thinks that I see. And if if I'm somewhere and fight totally exaggerated situation again I'm gonna have my opinion of a situation. As as will you. But if I totally. Mislead the audience about something that happened. And somebody's today here. And knows that it really wasn't that way. Dan why would they ever believe anything that 8% again so even on a radio talk show host and not a journalist per say. Or news anchor. I try to be very accurate with what I say but again it's gonna include vice objective view of of of what happened what the right like that are didn't like it that's how we're talking about we're talking about. In relishing stories to Wear their release. Not actually true. The do you think that there are more people on television there will be exposed for exaggerating stories that they have told audiences I'm sure there are a lot of people who were trying to now remember. One nice thing about that or did I say this about that. And when your Bill O'Reilly by and there's there's a liberal news out with like mother Jones and her were brighter like David David Corn. There's a possibility that it is somebody's gonna vote for something. Bad about you. On the same thing is true with liberals or conservatives that are we trying to uncover things about liberals so it's just it's it's part of the the war zone which really is the media today. Number two what tonight's list of the trending top eight at eight. Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. Told a group of Republicans that President Obama does not love America. And I hear all the time on the show a lot of people believe that. And they've got their reasons for believing it will talk about that on the show tonight do you think President Obama loves America now you can disagree with the president. You can dislike his policies. You could even use the word hate in describing your feelings about the president. But do you really think he does not love America. And if you think he doesn't love America. Why. Not something that youth. Read online. That is not necessarily true not something that somebody just told you that you. Didn't really think about a defensively toe issue and you you accept that. But it's an interesting question I mean even the people who did not like George W. Bush a man they were people who hated that worked well. Democrats and people who were liberal who hated George W. Bush. Thought he did not deserve to be president was it Smart enough to be president did drugs lied about did National Guard service lied about. That therefore people who hated bush. Almost as much as people hate Obama today I say almost I don't know if it was quite as prevalent but let's not forget how many people hated George W. Bush. And soul even if you hated him. Could you really say that he didn't while America. Even if you disagree but the reason we got into the war in Iraq could you really say that George W. Bush hated America. I don't think so. And personally I'm. I am struggling to even consider. That President Obama. Barack Obama the man and the president. Doesn't. Love America we may disagree with how he's treating America we may disagree with. What he says what he does bite I'd I'd have a hard time believing that that any president any person who rises to that position does not love this country. If you wanna join us with your comments item numbers 2601870. Very code 5042601870. And a text number is 877 and finally tonight's number one on tonight's trending list. Of the top eight at rates. What decade had the best music the fifties. The sixties the seventies. Eighties and nineties or the 2000 and and today. That's a pretty Jack bopping people give us your opinion by going to our web site stepping up our ports are to be WL dot com we'll be tracking that poll throughout our show tonight. And also on the show tonight we're going to. We're Canada. Pick some of the best songs from these different decades and play a Fauria and if you have a request from your favorite decade. What was one of your favorite songs from that decade and what do you think was the best decade of music. A city to be attacks and 870 Seve or call our show at 2601. A seventy their code 50426. So when he Saturday. This is one of the new groups out today and I think they're very talented and and very good this is best deals to will be playing some new stuff today which required often feature on the skirts she'll. All right it's Friday night deployed to witness were heading into the weekend together. If your whole stay when it's your calls your text coming up next on WL. We have a lot going on on the show tonight on their set Friday night's February there Tony. But what are the main themes tonight is going to be which decade do you think had the best music. The 50s90s. Sort today and that would be the 2000 so through today. Here's an update that is our bevy of you a pretty jag opinion poll 70% say the fifties. 70% say the 60s33%. Say the seventies and other burqa the war from the old another brick in the wall for Pete Floyd was from the seventies. So the seven he's taking a big league with 33%. 70% say the eighties. 70% say the nineties and zero present state today. Yeah I think I'm one of the of the few people. Today especially who has part of the baby boomer generation who really has a lot of respect for that music today because a lot of really good stuff felt that this does poll. Does it really surprised people see how this changes as the night goes on you could give us your opinion. By going to our web site WW wells dot com. Also we're talking about two President Obama. With an but he loves America. And it if you wanna talk about it that's fine but did try to do it from a rational a point of view and not an irrational a point of view. It was a former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani who's not apologizing he's been asked to apologize he's not apologizing effect he says kind of double down on it. Saying oh I Saturday and I mean it President Obama does not while American do you agree with that. If you wanna join us our numbers 26 cell. 1870. Area code 5042601. Incipient text number is 878 Saturday a from Metairie branding here on the VW oh good evening. A year error. I. Ain't. It would. Have been. Can't dare keep an actual. Shadow. He'd do in light and could be seen. And more and the BC worried very keen. And in the way burn configured could be churn. Well he he when you are what many considered to be a serious journalist but I think one of the things that happens brandy is in there the desire for big ratings. And I VV anchors themselves reporters themselves and the networks they wanna turn their their reporters and anchors into TV personalities. What. Kind of walk you bought it and we all. You don't lie. You're churn or. Actor or what. It out. Optic helicopter ride. And didn't help me do you can make it. Yeah you can't tell you is can you haven't run whatever it is that you're talking about you know doing it alone and assault came to the surface because somebody in the helicopter said hey I was there dude and you work. Q yeah. Catholic. And I'll bet he liked in me and should. T want to talk to kick them out there and and he can so yeah. And you won't. So the party. So a man yeah you know I don't know any. Sorry. In America in America. You know. Well there are people who do believe that Tim Brando I don't know with the reason I mean that there there will be people who come up with their reasons I understand it here quite often on the show. But I really don't think deep in his heart that President Obama hates this country and I know he loves America. It means that he. Shouldn't. Eat eat you. Get. Are. Entitled. To get all. We don't. Really know. But Brent if you are the person who doesn't like President Obama doesn't like his policies doesn't like anything he stands for and then when you hear somebody like Giuliani who you might admire. Sais that the president does not love America you might want to believe him you might trust Giuliani. In instead of thinking for yourself you might buy into and accept what somebody else's. It. I Brenda magical show if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Very code 5042601. Point seven your text number is 87870. For Mississippi David here on the Scotia good evening. As. Are you. Here Giuliani. You know. And it's where. They're. All. Forward. Sure. But. It. And it's due to. Our. Cherry. True that. That. And what's the what's the biggest fundamental change that turned it Obama has said has led in this country. Our. Our. Let the structured and that. Amount. Or. There. Yeah. All. It. As a people. That. I doubt about where. We are sure that. Yeah I thought. I ought or. Dave would you agree that there are some people in this country who have benefited tremendously from obamacare. I don't want to let it. Ought to Jordan and let him beat all the air in it. Why why step doctor Weber upon the other chick that that is. That Medicare medic here want the other. We've all the regulations. Out there were just about the war against the. You know wolf for a long time doctors had to go through a lot of a lot of paperwork at a lot of regulations in fact I talked to somebody wants you said that they want to be a doctor but they couldn't stand the sight of paperwork. And sell it it's it's done it's been a bureaucratic mess for a long time I'm not here to defend. Or criticize obamacare because it doesn't affect me directly but there are a few people in my life. Who I have known to have benefited from that but then there are others I know who have not benefited from. You know you ask you know what I'm at cherry to part of it. And I'm Cherie. Were sure. To check. You don't need that. I'd just like to Iraq. That. America. But usual and that's why he. And that's people's reach a little while you know I didn't think it's that. Do you think the change. It comes from the fact that he does not love America or do you just disagree with the way he's changing economy would you say that that Barack Obama as a person and as the president does not love America. Option. Of America and oh yeah yeah I don't matter there. And that that he has created an. Well I don't love the America that I grew up here and when I was young because of discrimination against blacks because of food that we women are treated. So there are aspects of America that I didn't laugh. Well actually my understanding them and whatnot are there any you know we go through the week. Overcome a lot of the strategy that would rush doesn't and the struggle I want to date it was or why. You know one thing Giuliani did say where is he said it with all of our flaws that this was part of a conversation with all of our flaws were the most exceptional country in the world. I'm looking for presidential candidate who can express that do that and carry it out. He was speaking to Republicans and I believe Republican governor for Wisconsin's Scott Walker where's the main a person at this event. And you know he might have also been saying I'm also looking for somebody who might select me as a vice presidential running mate. While. Just absolutely. And we're somewhat. As a true back. In ways that he can. Or should both oral. Air and our. What. The structure. For. Are there Davide that he did it's it's interesting how you you phrased this in and I understand exactly what you're saying a lot of people agree with you but when you talk about the principles of this country this is one of the arguments that erupts. Same sex marriage for example on that same sex marriage defies the principles of America in the minds of sun in the minds of others. It tonight it defines the principles of America. And though. So we could strong expect to go out or is. All. While David I would. I very much enjoyed our conversation and I appreciate you calling. Art thanks Felicia if you're rejoice with your comments tonight on numbers 2601870. Answer to a final four. 260 points happening. Tex Amber's a 7870. Which decade gets your vote for the best music 50s6090s. Were today the two thousands to today. Jethro Tull are belong and this was very very reflective. Of the 1970s. It. The theme on the Scotia tonight is which decade had the best music. The 50s708090s. Or of the 2000 to today. Here's a song from the 2000 clocks by Coldplay and you know I thought this was one of the great songs that came out recently called plays certainly has been very. Area. A prominent banned in recent years so here's our party general people which decade gets your vote for the best music. The 50s18%. 18% say the 60s27%. Say the seventies. 18% say the eighties and 18% say the 90s0%. Say today. If your opinion by going to a web site WWL. Dot com here is attacks to that breeds. Scoots stand by a you're stupid Obama. As ruined the USA scoot you shoot. Marry a black. Well that was really highly intelligent right. So I'm. Just because I I'm not sure I can't be sure that the Barack Obama as a person the president can't be sure that he. Does not love America. Now if there are people I think. Who would likely have a conversation on the radio. As if I'm having conversation in a bar with friends. You know you could have a conversation with France you can say things that I can't say not if I'm responsible to auction house. And I don't know and I'm being honest about this and if not always defended Obama on the show people hear what they wanna hear. However. I don't know for sure if he does not love New Orleans means new and if he does not love America. I respect Rudy Giuliani. However this could be about politics. He was talking. Two Republicans. At a meeting. With Republican. Media. With conservative. I think. I donate donate Ers. And also with the Scott Walker who is considered to be one of the top contenders in 2016 who receipt governor of of Wisconsin. And he may have been saying this for political wish I don't know so it's it's worth the discussion but it's verses that text is concerned again that's there is similar to some of the text that we that we do get. Here is a text or can you prove to me that Obama does love America. No I can't. I can't. If you wanna give us in your opinion tonight our numbers 260187. Gary code 504260187. Year text number is 87870. A here's another quick update because it's it's changing rapidly which decade gets your vote for the best music. 15% say the fifties now 23% say the sixties. 31% say the 70s50%. The 80s15%. The nineties and today nobody's even voting for that. Here is a text look up the top songs of all time list. And most. And most of the songs are from the seventies. Now I'll have to ought to look at I think every decade really had great sought. The two decades to sit out most in my mind we'll talk more about this after the news at 9 o'clock on the sixties in the nineties. Because of the major shift in music. When you think about The Beatles liberation station and then think about the grunge movement on the alternative sound of the of the the nineties. These were two of the the biggest shifts in music and the the other decades word dominated by music that it actually. Morphed and any fall from the music it was already very popular. Here is. Attacks to that reads. I'm good evening. Nazis you know that's not for the show we had little like issue with the Texas too few moments ago here's a tech stuff provide for my ears. I'm hard to say here it is 70s80s in 980s play mama. By Genesis we're trying to today here is a text Barack Obama loves America his version of America the global list run America. Well it truly we're part of a global political system. And that's going to be the case regardless of whose president is going to be very interesting to see whether it's a Republican or Democrat. How many things that that developed under the Obama administration not just because of President Obama. But just because of this is where we are as we evolve as society. In this country changes that listen look back at history there have been changes it will continue to be changed some things that were acceptable van are not acceptable now. And vice Versa so it will be interesting to see some of the things that did. That many people are blaming on Obama himself when it might actually just be what this is something that developed in this country. Because. This is where we are as a as a society. If you've got a comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Erick are 5042601. A separate tech's number. Is he 7870. What decade had the best music. Let's see if I can remember which decade this comes from this would be for a 160. Yeah. And knocked opponent which is the Bob Dylan version. Because you Terry did a great version of this. What's Axl Rose. Honduras' that a great version I don't have in store is the skirt showing. We'll be back. It's heavier the touring a happy birthday today to Jay Guy aisles of the Jake aisles band he's 69 years old today. Was attacked Peter Wolf I think where's the the lead singer was any that they take isles was the founder of the Jacob Spann. Of course this was one of the popular Jake I'll stand songs from the 1980s and this to be is very. Reminiscent of the eighties. One of the things are talking about tonight is so which decade had the best music the 50s6090s. Or today give us your opinion by going to our web site WW don't count I hear is attacks that read say they scoot did you note that the immigration war is coming to New Orleans. The federal judge ruling blocking president Obama's deferred action on undocumented immigrants is being appealed to the federal appeals court in New Orleans. This is a big national issue indeed it is of course you know will be talking about that. I'm daresay it proceed story with this this teenager who we talked about this last night and talked about a lot on WTO of course has been on our news. But his son and teenager. Affront to Charles parish who is. And now suing now what that fund nuts are now yes filing a lawsuit it's a federal lawsuit against the interceptor sheriff's office. His famous Brady Becker. And he filed a formal complaint with the GPS Oval Office. Against deputy. Nicholas bro this happened this afternoon. You've heard the story maybe you've seen the video which went to viral on YouTube. Obvious that it occurred following separates in Metairie on Friday the thirteenth and was captured by someone on on video. And posted on YouTube on Becker was arrested on several charges in bonded out the next day. The booking photograph shows him with they've just huge puffy black in July that it is just it's totally shut in the picture. And even and sixties later it was steel obvious that he had a black guys seventy Euro saint Charles Catholic high school student also said that he was trying to come to the aid of a friend. Who was under attack and did not realize that this person who was beating him. And he was fighting back. Was an undercover officer. So of this investigation is going to I'm deeply to a very interesting discussion about undercover police officers. Now if you look at the video I can see the guys gone and edge on the side. But if your fault it's a kind of an altercation you you might not see that and if police officers are under carper. Do they have a responsibility to show that they've really our police officers need if they're really good undercover cops then you would not think they were police officers. If you thought they were police officers that they were doing their job is undercover police officers so. You know it's gonna be interesting to see what what happens with this case there's no question that Brady Decker. That was fighting back. But also did the officer need to punch him the way he did. In order to restrain him but again it's another one of those questions about police officers if you wanna join us with your comic tonight on numbers 260187. Eric 0504260. When he separate attacks number is 87070. It's a party night I'm still we are heading into the weekend together and we'll be right back after we get caught up on the news here. Under VW up.