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2-23-15 3:10pm Scoot: on the Oscars and Bill O'Reilly

Feb 23, 2015|

Scoot fills in for Angela and asks if Bill O'Reilly should be held to the same standard as Brian Williams and gets your reaction to the Oscars.

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Good afternoon I'm studio for Angela this week it essential treatment yesterday was such a great spring like day hours drive around player mine stereo and a car just haven't agreed to I mean I liked the weather like this as well it's an ice. Is it like break because you know it's gonna get to it's gonna get hot soon enough around here so one next couple of days ot the rainy I mean cold and rainy on and off. Best chance of rain in a very good chance of rain all day Wednesday but Dan here's the good news it looks like this weekend is going to be warmer. And very very nice apologists dip right on through. This week. If you like to see Bob Dylan concert WWL has your tickets to see this living legend. What a great place to see popped the sank her theater Wednesday April 29 and you've got to waste of rent. I giveaway pair of tickets between one and four today through Thursday we haven't given away yet so sometime between now and 4 o'clock. You've got a chance to win when you hear hey mister tambourine man call 504260. Wins call in number eight wins pair of tickets valued at eight hunt at one at 187. Dollars. A fort what you listeners are gonna win a plus so will have a chance for you to win and text deal. To a 77. By midnight Friday text the name Dillon. 2878 simply by midnight Friday we're gonna pick one lucky winner at random from all the eligible text entries. Winning big it's always easy when you've got the station that loves you forever WW well. I'd have to be well on general on your contest rules apply and the complete contest rules are available on our website and our studios. We never charge for Tex but individual plan text and data rates may apply text entry message and data rates may apply text frequency recurring. And ferries and text stop to canceled so listen for mr. tambourine man for your chance to which Ecstasy populate. Are we talking about the Oscars last night via Patrick Harris was the host what did you think. A lot of people seem to think it it American sniper was snubbed. Because he didn't win best picture. And I think we need to remember that the the Academy Awards are based on. On artistic value not popular. I thought artistically America's sniper was sensational. And it was great. But I'm not a voting member of the academy and this is a group of people in the industry. And we have in the past and again this year we have seen. The academy go forward. More artsy choices. And the more mass appeal choices so. Can't say that America's sniper which released snob I think this just explains how quick. So many people or to jump to the conclusion that liberal Hollywood is snubbing Clint Eastwood and America's sniper when I don't really know if that's the case. Also this hour let's into the conversation. CBS colleague of Bill O'Reilly. Says that Riley did embellish the story about to being in combat comp and comp pets combat situation. While covering the Falkland Islands war. Eric and burger retired CBS correspondent who was working with Gil wiley at CBS and listeners. Says the scene in the capital was less dangerous than bill Riley has led on to the public. He says quote. Once in a combat situation by any sense of the word that I know O Reilly is trying to built it up into more frightening. And deadly and it really wants. So the question is should feel rightly be suspended from Fox News that's a pretty general people give is your opinion by going to our web site. To be WL dot com and give you my opinion of that today here in just a few minutes ago to more of your text here in just a moment let's get back to your calls. From New Orleans seat on your debit WL. And a good. I'm. Well previous column and on alma. While at the movie coming out now on. It are people. All of growing why air dwindled and begin and where we came around. How would be and it ain't. And we'd barely held you to one and milk. Where my people had to come. On it's where. I don't. Even and not. You know. Well there's there's a I and I understand that point if you and it states that the way a lot of people field obviously. Hollywood in the remembered this is not. The government doesn't produce these movies this is not something that's produced by the government. This is produced by the mega free enterprise entity of Hollywood and Hollywood produces movies that they believe people will go see. And above and beyond a message I mean I think Hollywood likes to give a message sometimes the bath and beyond any message. It's about making money. And by. People. Making money as well as money ain't all that Britney on. To come. And it was going to be. Wrong on the will be. In the I. Know. And at the and you know. Ali one. More out. You know. While they. Need to beat my. Well either you can always read and and keep you confined to the history that you need to to find them again wife Erica I I think sometimes we look at movies is it being something that they're not. Is entertainment and and there are people I think Selma was. Based on what I remember based on what I've read Selma seemed to be very accurate and I did not see told here's a slave. But there are people who go to movies and think that they need to be perfectly accurate whether it's a biblical story or historical story. Movies are based on and on history and historical events and it's really up to the movie maker to decide. How how accurate they wanted to be I don't think we should go to movies for history lesson. I think we should go to movies to be entertained but yet sometimes we're. And sometimes we were inspired to look up history based on the movie. I would see on English cult. Thanks rusty fewer toys for your comment on numbers 2601878. That's 2601870. Erica final four to six a when he semi tech's number is 87870. A more pure text are coming up what's gonna Mississippi lending your double WL. The captain came into. Come. I mean are maybe not when he ordered the make the brat who. And it. The voters. Are not appeal. Well we date would they not vote for him for best actor or would they vote against the movie because of him. While lately and what do you think of the Cooper would be snuck. They're the third time he's been nominate. Obama. I don't know third on consecutive birdie and he's been nominated that he might want. So I mean in all areas will be. It now why are. Well. I mean could it be that the year his movies came out to as somebody else's performance was better. Are you kidding when I. Our man. Are well what I I didn't see Ferdinand but denies that but the derby it was not a winner for best actor in the guy who won best actor was a guy you played two a Stephen Hawking. In yeah yeah theory of everything. All I mean. I guess everybody have their charm yeah I Lindy it's. Aren't too you know if it was a popularity contest. That would be different but this is the industry itself voting on itself. And so you know if you're in the industry. What whatever business you're in. On if if you were to judge and critique other people in your business that you're familiar with you would critique them differently than I would from the outside. Because she nor about a lively critique radio people much differently than you would critique radio people because you're not in the business and I'm in the business and there's certain things that I would expect. On certain things that I would note there are right or not right. That you might not recognize so I think that's due legitimacy that we need to recognize with the with with the Oscars it doesn't mean that we can't disagree but. They have quite often as a group gone for some of the more artsy. Less mass appeal movies. I well all I don't even think maybe says child. Man that is acute sense of shooting or and things are at an incident where. On how that but. No I don't. Don't I could be wrong BS might that's just my opinion. What I enjoyed our conversation thanks hosting if you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon numbers 2601 a seventy. Drink a final four to 601 A semi tech's number is 87870. I here's a text it's not necessarily history the movies Titanic JFK and Pearl Harbor are all Hollywood movies not history lessons. I agree with that and when it comes to that the Bible there are people who say well this is that you don't know wasn't biblically accurate. Well okay it's it's a movie and I think we need to remember why we go to movies would go to movies to be entertained and if we start going. To movies to learn everything that we're supposed to learn about history. That is an indication of the dumbing down of America. I here's a party Jack but people should bill Riley be suspended for four reportedly embellishing a story about being in a combat zone. We'll talk about that to me come back I'm studio for Angela on Debian do well. And I here's a classic mark Menard has selected from the nineties all part of that kind of pop alternative to a sound. Spin Doctors are skirting parental neglect your witness a former colleague of Dele Riley has accused bill Riley and of embellishing the war story that he told about covering the Falkland Islands war. He was in Argentina. Eric and berg advertise CBS correspondent who worked with the Riley in Buenos Ares said the scene was nothing like O Reilly is suggesting. A mother Jones a liberal publication attack deal while O'Reilly. By saying that today he was at war zone but he was in Buenos Aires 12100 miles away from the Falkland Islands and no reporters were actually allowed on the Falkland Islands to meet. This is not the United States of America so they don't get to do everything in our reporters get to you been at other nations do have some control over. On the media I'm not saying that's right. But then O Reilly's been charged with embellishing. A story. So here's a pretty gentle people should bill Riley be suspended for reportedly on embellishing a story about being in combat so. 33% say yes 67%. Say no give your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. And comparisons are being made with what Brian Williams did. And with what bill abilities to these two things the same. If you've got a comment our numbers 2601870. Erica final four to 60 points every text numbers 877 remember sometime this are you get a chance to win two tickets to see Bob Dylan in concert at the sinker. People toward a command available to you and to be WL. Great area don't make good rally. Debate between in that election in July. A gag he says you can't compare it to you and gag. I don't know ruling that much about oh probably about it it's saying that it should settle. At one point that everybody has quietly. We'll line up that line. In one. And that that the difference between the pit. I think there are more differences but I think that's a very important difference Brian Williams is a news anchor any and he did. Lie about being a aboard the did the helicopters it was hit by two RPG's. Bill Riley was describing something that he saw it was his objective opinion that this was. His subjective opinion that this was a war zone. Others say it was a nearly like that others to. Served with him. I covering the other four rounds warrantless errors. But. It is it the it is very different water going to call it getting a number of textile Arnie conservative news people fabricating stuff. Well I had I don't know I mean I think everybody's going to be held to a new standard because of Brian Williams. And I'm sure there are other people. Who are now thinking how would I got to stop telling that story. Because a lot of people in embellish stories or. Mislead the public and this is sick human nature but you're held to a higher standard. When you're somebody like Brian Williams the big difference at IC between Brian Williams and Bill O'Reilly. Is bill Riley does a TV show on cable news channel. I'm not discrediting the cable news channel compared to NBC news but it's an entertainment oriented show. There might be facts there might be on import information comes on a full Riley schober O Reilly is a TV personality. The problem with Brian Williams was Brian Williams. Was becoming. Our positioning himself more as a TV personality. You know I would suggest that that may be maybe Bill O'Reilly needs to change the name of the show may be simply drop the no. From Metairie ID here and every WL. Yeah I think the differences. You know. They'll probably age is more entertainer. Any used to intelligent all count stuffed in barrels and PP yeah you know when you look at channel six and patent. And you look at that even report. It's so what are we expect the truth to come out there in I mean that's. Yeah that I think is a big difference between a new tanker like Brian Williams and or right. And that's not to that's not to say David Villa Riley shouldn't tell the truth and it should be honest with his only because an episode. Yet and the standards and make lots but you know it's it's great failed entertainment has been. He definitely has his slant to I'm glad you called today and there's nothing wrong with having a slight just realized that there isn't a slant to the news. There's a slight to CNN there's a Dixon to MSNBC and Fox News and as long as you know there's a slant there and you don't think it's really all fair and objective then. No harm done from ocean spring showing your under the if you well. Failure Alderman treatment that you. Yeah and Bill O'Reilly your talking points on Thursday it sure that the market. Not quite sure what. What the lesbian regurgitate or these show where complete. Uproot from. From documentation from over thirty years ago. That what back a year ago that they. Well the question is yes it it took place the question is was it fair to call it. A war zone or combat zone or combat situation and there are other reporters to say it was far from that. But that doesn't mean that that's not the way Bill O'Reilly saw it. And there were. There were a police officers involved maybe even soldiers involved. But it it's my understanding that it was the way that bill Riley were muted talking about covering the Falkland Islands war. When he was actually when a series talking about a war situation implying that he was you know Falkland Islands and may. No he was at. Now he didn't make he didn't make it. Insinuation of all these so it was a him deserves to be in court and he was an all Ireland. That's just a liberal media all on quarries. A quality well why would the liberal media attack Brian Williams. Well accustomed and we're way. The man really want more off but he finally it was completely fabricated remembered. Remember the military. The prime Williams made up the story I don't know the members of a needy. Does it really could not much ignored. John I appreciate you calling if you're polls say whether it's if you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon. Our numbers 26017. And every coach final four to 60 when he said he text number is 870. 87 passcode is for Angela will be right back with more here's another WWL news updates with Jim Hansen. Welcome back to the show and is set very chilly Monday on studious or Angela this week and coming up he'll have a chance of when septic is to go see Bob Dylan concert. Wednesday night staple the twentieth at this anger theater get right back to a more of your calls from Metairie James Sharon WW or good afternoon. It's cute thank you so much and really enjoy everything you disputes sanctions are still even more troubling than. That's great news anchors our first new media personalities line. Is career politicians who line especially presidents who have lied about their military service. It would Ellis came up about Brian Williams forced people who who have knowledge of history. It was brought up stupid president Ronald Reagan. It during the visit by Israeli prime ministership Mir in November of 1983. He told should be here. Reagan did that during his service in the US army field court that he and fellow members of the unit personal. Personally shot footage of the Nazi concentration camps when they will liberate. In in Ricky also told that story to the Holocaust survivor in Nazi hunter seemed in decent though. Folks got news for Ronald Reagan never left the country. During World War II when he was in the army he was in that film pour in Culver City, California. Otherwise known as probably would. So big gains paper with this with this international leaders should be here in with the Jewish people watch old Reagan lied. About his service. In the US army that's despicable scoot much more severe than anything Brian Williams aggregate. James humbug ledger called not not familiar with that aspect of what Ronald Reagan said but I'm getting a lot of text here about bill Riley. Here's one that says you don't actually expect Bill O'Reilly to tell the truth we did expect to Brian Williams to tell the truth. Here is another text. Why would you why would Fox News suspend bill Riley when their entire newscast is embellished. Well Fox News has a slant. MSNBC has a slight. I was watching a 1 of the Sunday morning programs on CNN over the weekend and this post I think it was Gloria Bolger one of their political correspondents. She was definitely attacking from the left wing. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that because we're not gonna stop the now we need to be Smart enough as consumers of the media to understand that even within every individual. There is this in eight. Ability to to be bias when you tell us you and I can take the same facts of a story. And depending on how we view life will will present those facts. Differently. So there's inherent. Bias I think and everybody out I think people like Brian Williams or are held to a higher standard of luck. Tell us what happened don't make up something that happened and Brian Williams has been hurt I don't expect him to come back as a result of this. Bill Reilly I think is a different story for the world's Michael you're Debbie WL. You know let's long you know which were. New states into our land and Emmett that BC Fox News all. It. Arc or conservative Rome now. I'm will be young American tournament they'll get the centrist although it left leaning centrist and that she loves spot it and she says. Get a lot these landed but it landed in the way out like. And I I don't think sick people are so scared of the liberal media are so scared of Fox News when. You know in my stocking of mass media and in society over the years. It seems that people select. The news or they select. Talking points or Talking Heads they select entertainment. That fits their preconceived ideas they don't they don't go looking for the truth they find something that is comfortable with their preconceived ideas about social and political issues. Sure sure. And I pledged comments ritualistic. And for Moreira Eric you're under the WL. No air Allah take. Calculate that. Yeah I don't go to a lot of things don't. Yeah oh went about the government lies I mean now. All administrations that belt on the campaign trail like it to keep it dark the hell can't. He can't grant legal amnesty for illegal aliens would be the only problem with any direction opposite. So watch everybody work out like our report about it one he can't trust the government meanwhile parents and public in Italy. Kelly they do Auburn have to get your break you're going to call I wanna go back to the original story that we were told his kids with and George Washington. I'm convinced the story went more likeness. George Washington stat comes to him says George. Did you chop down the cherry tree. And goes to that if I don't lie however get to be president. If you rejoice your comment on numbers 2601870. Erick are 5042601. A semi tech's 87070. Yesterday it was just such a spring like day I'm sure you were out enjoying it I'm I've got in my car drive around wind is down and you know I usually listen to of current music bite I'd put your CD yeah I still have CDs are putting a stone CD. And we just blaring this is I was driving around yesterday but it's a chilly today we've got a chance of some scattered showers through tomorrow and then the best chance of rain. Is Wednesday but then it looks like next weekend's going to be really really nice. They are congratulations to Charlie mole one of our listeners Charlie is headed to see the living legend Bob Dylan. In concert Wednesday night April 29 of this anger theater. You can wait until just delisting tomorrow a tomorrow through Thursday from one to four we'll give you chance to win and just listen for mr. tambourine man. When you play that I give out the number fifty caller UN tickets and remember there's another way to win. Text Dillon. 7870 by midnight Friday. We will pick one lucky listener. From all the random Olympic and I had grant from all the via the text entries it could be yours. Tickets go on sale Friday February 27 at 10 AM Ticketmaster dot com or by phone 807453000. Winning big is always easy with the station that teach you for every hour. WWL. I here's an update on a pretty gentle people something we've been talking about this hour I should bill rightly be suspended for reportedly embellishing a story about. Being an combat zone when he is covering the Falkland Islands war only 28% say yes 72% say no. I don't think he should be suspended but a lot of people compare this directly to a Brian Williams on NBC and I think they're two different things a from Gulfport Leo your WL. Yes. I looked at Academy Awards where I thought the highlight of the whole show. Not all these people telling job beautiful pretty traditions and dress is an error lies feet and everything. Well as well and Lady Gaga finger rendition of the sound of music so I don't know if you saw that. Leo mentioned earlier in the show I thought that was indeed the highlights he has gone it would and his choice. Absolutely actually this year it just that live action blood hard courts and so inspired. And then how how elect touching was it when Julie Andrews came out and hard to right after she did that badly. That's right the lead out that that puppet show that the pitched. Leo on nonpolitical types Rosie yeah we're talking about this earlier effect here is part of Lady Gaga. Singing a medley from the sound of music last night the woman has an incredible voice and she was interested in kind of wacky clothes she was. Dressed in a rather pristine. And Cilic manner. That was the highlight for me last night to lady cut a guy doing a mentally from the sound of music and I wonder if we're seeing with her doing stuff with Tony Bennett and of course to be here Jazz Fest this year. I wonder if we're starting to see the transition of Lady Gaga a from Covington like you're under the WL. Just call just started inspect your you know. Should be subject today. A rally stated that assurance and compared them with the other correspondent one's arms. Yeah it is suggests office rocker with a left wing group on my. A mother jewels is very less poignant I went which was out. But Bryant went down because that Terry we want that. OK if Matt can't go yeah I think that's a good point like so what happened at that age old mean so well. If but if there are is there art is if this conversation has come up then it is equipped sure. Didn't know the background this stuff for your questions are you just but he got to call and. Like I appreciate I appreciate you calling shall specialists and I'm actually we've been talking about Bill O'Reilly because we don't make this a discussion this has already become a discussion and I think it's really great if people get a chance to defend bill Riley. This is an opportunity to have a conversation. On a passing judgment. I pass judgment on a lot of people in this particular case on the passing judgment on on Bill O'Reilly. Bill O'Reilly is entertainment I understand the difference between Bill O'Reilly and also. And also our Brian Williams on Bill O'Reilly gave the impression and this is what's vague about it and this is why I don't think you should be suspended. Bill O'Reilly gave the impression. Through his words that he was any combat situation. And other CBS correspondents who were with him. I in Buenos Aires are saying that he exaggerated. So yes the background work. Has been done on the story. But is it good that we get a chance to talk about it and you can express your opinion either for or against Brian Williams or in this case Bill O'Reilly. I'm scoot differential and we'll be back and to be WL. We're talking about the Oscars because there aren't last night talk about that earlier in the show and I believe this was an Oscar winner from the past it was just from the movie Arthur. Yeah that was a funny movie. That was some social and political issues have brought up last night and I don't know if there's a problem with that because most often the people who are talking about a message in their acceptance speech. Are really talking about the movie or the role that they played in the movie are rapper common and singer John Legend talked about the that the bridge in Selma and how to bridge of hope and as talked about how the struggle for justices is still going on today. On Eddie Redmond. Who portrayed Stephen Hawking and his battle of funny alas in. The theory of everything he gave a very touching speech Graham more. Winner of best adapted screenplay for the imitation game since stay weird he went to commit suicide when he was fifteen because he thought he was weird. And he basically said if you think you're weird it's OK stay where a lot of the great tip forces as well. What do they Diane Newman our executive producer Helen send Tony our studio through our part so superiors and mark Menard a studio producer I scoots back tomorrow what you Orleans.