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2-23-15 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Pelicans basketball and LSU baseball

Feb 23, 2015|

Bobby & Deke preview tonight's Pelicans-Raptors tilt with the voice of the Pelicans, Sean Kelly, and talk LSU baseball with Tigers coach Paul Mainieri.

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And SM one hour to New Orleans pelicans seventeen and stand at home to 127 on the season and it's anyone the top teams in the Indy the Toronto Raptors sixteen in nine away. On the road in their thirties and an eighteen overall the voice of the New Orleans pelicans Shawn Kelley. John has announced on nine U we almost like a year ago more injuries and despite the playoff Faulk. Aspirations are on the playoff. Maybe Alter the fans to go big here now move for Meena how can a teammate Elton at the top two players. And there's a report do you like. It's been it's been art lots Wilson has blocked. Did particularly well percent last year as you mentioned that. You're actually living in the playoffs on and now it's so so little streak. A lot to those little bit and you've got a collection of guys out to make it. They interpret it themselves and our that's our real. Stimulus due. Thought that to my locker right out there and do. Playing. That they don't argue that it mattered. Little. Network is NATO and I want to carry you know and all of them through there. I'm out here well. On those guys are a certain look stupid. Yes other that that allows that skewed now obviously do you lean more opponent Tyreke Evans and Eric garden. Eric guard know was outstanding. Against the Miami Heat especially look at that third quarter with sixteen points. Matches Vegas I think a quarter scoring output in any game. His career I mean what was he 6113 pointers. Six and 624. Points. So it almost seems like combination of Eric Garnett and and Tyreke Evans at. You've got to Connell then the B averages things like in the mid twenties and and now maybe put that upon their shoulders and hopefully that you carry on and and Tyreke Evans is a word unbelievable and it won at Toronto. But do you think they can maybe do that game any game. Yeah a little premature about it right and it got rattled and concerned about. To the superior numbers out at least on and they do not agree to that subject to a thirty. Checkered at the NBA it's a real important. All with that group. I'm a little concerned actually it was stated up front. As good as there are certainly well it's Miami. Larry that grip on the ball under. And without it but he got that second player that I think that's what you look at the numbers in the game they've done that they're on without him to buy it. And as you like the two columns along side each other is the older who pitched per game and expensive about. Blacksburg in the that concerned me a little bit. It's what they'll do here the next seven to ten days I think about it is there it's and that person that matched summit got picked it up to it. Maybe it's that it's hard to say. A losing out there and Portland well. Now our Sean I know I was surprised when they won at Toronto and I know that was. A what January 18. What David's been out well on the holiday was out. Would you look at the Raptors a weather right now. Our plane for road games in five nights they've won ten. Of their past twelve games that average and over a 107 points per gained scoring on the road that leads the NBA. To me was that being said. That even though. The appellant has had been dominant you know obviously you know overall at home while I don't know Donovan seventeen and intend. That it would give up stated DB to Ronald tonight. Who would it and it penalties and an attitude and I. Wrote you an NBA Toronto G reporters. The time to chew on a little sable and that they played all. Audible and get it tied it matters. Probable. To face. A lot of double digit lead. In. Oral legal way and that matter get it and I mean march 4 quarter. And at that particular game and Eric Cantor center. They decided to doctor put them in Italy for the sport than what you. It's that they went to night at the electoral idol finals back in public and I think that they're done. But Bobby probably thought of that spot but it shouldn't be polite is probably. Is competent. And start it. Is the voice of a New Orleans pelicans what tonight at 7 PM at some of the kings center they entertain the Toronto Raptors the New Orleans pelicans voice. Sean Taylor shock some people cable with you on Twitter. Actually Kelly live it out to deep left. You know there is going to that is thanks guys. John have a great call you very much all right 45 minutes on 1053 if in the flagship the pelicans in action against. The Toronto Raptors about it last Wednesday and is Wednesday of course that. Only three other times in the Las Vegas Strip history was the lights DM it was done in on I'll talk to shock the great Jerry Tarkanian who passed away. The week prior and Bobby. Only one team has met a winning 25 games are more in ten straight seasons and that was beyond. By you'd see in 08. So Terry talking in one of the great guys and he he was so. He was a visionary he took a lot of players from school loose in communities and neighborhoods and other school would not take that chance on. He brought together. And to me. The year before they went undefeated and lost to Duke in the national semi finals the year they went in the pan to Duke in the national championship. If not. I think one of the top five final four teams of all time this in my own opinion the way the plate so down their tree. Well you just look at household. Dominant college basketball coaches Dean Smith in North Carolina. And Jerry Tarkanian. And UNLV I mean. What I always in a weekly feature what is UNLV done since you know medical review along group of about a double I'll definitely Guerrero law and Stacey Augmon and hear of Moses scared all of Gaudio none like him when they were dominant. When I remember him. They have ever seen a coach do this and to have that colony which is chew on that dol. McCoy and films of them and Felix so there is like when teams play. Huge anyway but you don't act out like ninety rant before but he had his B yeah and I am real faith like a sandwich on Vick and his. Aides and dull game and ever. It reminded the you know is look like now offense. Yet you know that we had a fifth the day had a ball and is Terry what he'd done the UNLV. Lunacy when the 834 years of the pie can call. But it is outstanding. We needed that are running rebels. You know you just reading up on some of them pay to get this thing about this program that is guy. You know while I was in ties the problem. His last Damon was patio. I'm not patio furniture residing with patio you and a Louisiana he's from Louisiana. Played the UNLV yet and I don't give I don't know holly and had a hot there but I remember. Well. This guy. You know. Was still one of the top teams and in a favorite to get to the championship you should mean is the gold they warned of defeat to ongoing thing about it. In the Wall Street Journal talks about the team to eat again. What they do is there's a text message to sit out all the players on the list the restaurant at the certainty that. Well Anthony came to on day one of the restaurants and went to with Pamela gothic. A Cheesecake Factory it varies how. They decide who pays for the dinner is what is that talks what they do about it when the check comes around the players get ahead. They put all the critical players in today and had. Each player pool is critical on now. As critical Opel is that once the wood could be an act that on a ticket negative. I think if you build team camaraderie I think they get into a fifty dollar a week or vehement in BA you know the week Padilla to eat. In the NBA. While the handle I am fairly Natal and they don't they don't know how they don't have. NBA Major League Baseball they got an. NFL and they weren't feeding you're now use we you know meetings in Neifi you would if you go out here you know you preview would be. Maybe in the subways that. It's something where NBA you can get lots of all of the answer you would have all you can even a bit of it. In the pac progress Jerel patio Bobby from. The NFC yeah I did Gerald patio and everything and being resoundingly patio furniture. And then you add that. There is that UNLV. Not you know with a gangsta. Those that believe in the NFL whenever I'm in NFL NBA. Who could shoot lights out that he is a good drove Isaiah rider. Or you're not he was after one dunk content that they fall now he was after. Those great you know and you know at the end there's an enemy teams arena but but not a bad hello not a blow. Where if anywhere in the championship while you say are they others chief Larry Johnson maybe. I'm trying to think out now my in college basketball. Somebody it's on the 68 the most dominant on the 68 play have ever seen before he coming he was Jews could loan hammer plays that are original Charlotte Hornets. In our program Obama and it just goes to show you how when things break up BA can do via he had mugs of both. He had how Laird Johnson and Alonzo Mourning and and it. But that's when you know. Do you think a dollar it's just sand busted though they had dollars franchise the drastic will be over this tree in and applauded the you know and it. Obviously they. Blinded you about his alleged human Eagles to hurt the magical reprise of the men who. Greg Anthony Gaza when posting great and he does a nice job. I think he's as long as he has been in the CV growth he broke about a guy of art opponent he's faced the year they wanted championship he had waited man's. I remember a left handed it in and he never and a he missed a shot and I fought I don't know I think anybody gotten troublesome and thought. Yeah I have seen lately about added the fires don't know maybe so. Would echo so he's not a good thing would cause if he was very good needs to be pleased to be workers Charles has had a moment ago right of the motivate you at all. Told to go cold will salt and come back we'll put Jones on the NBA this show is now world watching there was the jawbone Oakland. Well I made their ego and Ernie Johnson and he's gotten little tussle fight with. The center pretty kings. All the marbles 'cause yeah yeah yeah oh yeah they were kind of a slow him you know son he says it's you know back there or so and three in. And Charles calling him out and he was kind of attack themselves but he's he's he tells them one but Eagles. When that it was you know it eats at Charleston and he didn't. I this is sports talk on WW Rio. Greg Anthony was suspended Bobby at this soliciting. Arrest for soliciting a prostitute he's not been 50. That I go to show he is he wasn't far like Warren Sapp. Known as RI NFL network and it's you know began is always that some reason why he had found in the country view on Monday and it will farm Antony. It's all about mine. Is it does a good job not thinking audio he was the first one he has crawled over when I hated to see they've reduced they would do CBS and TBS when nick over the tournament. Charles and com they would take. Go to some term gains Inco though lose in the final four and you know in the eat in addressing crew cuts it you look at and be at that time guys that have done. Basketball media. Ever was needed yet yeah. Yeah Charles Barkley didn't have Chris Webber and I think Shaq took Chris Webber's put me Chris and Chris is now he's going in the TV he does if it was an appearance on it and you know it was big time in BA. Part of the fab five Jalen Rose you wrote a book yeah I generally don't come at a time Jalen Rose is who he obviously use his knowledge and his fame as a formal player. To gain as an analyst but he is. One of the very few if not the only. Form and when he Vick could be the Hoechst. He leads the darkest night -- combat gear from brain finally he he's a good note David is or isn't as a broadcast react Jalen. On the coliseum last time on this show with the NBA also read yet we should be yeah Mickey Andrews. Excellent but it does like seminary phone calls us you know kind of time we call you you caught it I absolutely drowning and you know he has stepson. And both my youngest one. Who played quarterback in Nicklaus played in the same EU basketball team Oakland. South felling I could call him and not until like I was Boggan of stock in him right they would go like hooligans you know those those Alanis Celtics. We were called a huge team with like you know like ninth in the nation. And they had bowl on the team using jagr of the three point has. The all of us and here you feel like eleven and twelve year old like six wood six. Only Dan and ending out legit burst at the everything up it's a black. Beers are it has tell. And then like got down like Cameron Heyward artist skated. Yemen to the united story Allen dilute wildcat tells coach and creative rebirth of the pie born in Yankee it was the GA FL go to football league. Begun telling you he had Jesus. Turned eleven. And that it starts school yet the sixth grade. And tell he was 61 and a half it just me. Eleven like in in jeans and does it does go away hello that await damages agent so aussies have big boys. Fifth and sixth and seven greed is you wouldn't believe it. That kids can be that big is. You need LSU baseball team comes up with a big. A week in what talk with the coach pulmonary next Debbie Debbie and it was time to 630 onetime first things will go to gym hands. Two weekends onto the Swedes the LSU Tigers success Juan ranks second in the nation at. Coming up they'll next face south peace in a Wednesday at 6:30 PM before hosting Princeton this weekend at the box LSU coach Paul and airy. Dog does now coach we sought off a few weeks ago going into the season talking about. The pitching and let's start right there again how has the pitch in gone with the ticket this past weekend against Boston now. All I got a kitchen was really outstanding this past week and dirt perch today because because of the threat grain on and he moves Sundays game to 2 o'clock on Friday afternoon we had a double header on Friday. Accurate in it he can joppy it was in his best performance but it certainly didn't chance to win and Internet got to talk to a good start. And I got out flying through really out in the once again on Friday night he struck out nine batters in five innings. But at Portland that was so. It as hard as it would if it was equally as hard to catch an art freshman catcher Michael appear he. Had a tough time block a couple of strictly curve ball in the dirt took runners reached base in. And day and they extended the Al should should pitch count a little bit and we ended up. Losing the lead on behind in our catcher which came to life in principle that victory out then on next Saturday at that Jake treat. Too much better than he did personality. He didn't Biden and believed he gave up one run in five innings in. It through on strike should go behind the count pretty neat to Rupert pitches but he keeps brought down. You know you play good defense needs to be very attractive picture so they're happy about our pitching our bullpen was absolutely out in the. Now our coach I look at it as far against doctor jackal mr. Hyde. On Wednesday against Nichols state you'll four for nineteen runners in scoring position. Which led to seventy stranded runners in scoring position. It's ovary. As the two outs in running scoring position in Oprah's sandalwood bases loaded. But it seems like he. Label but it saves you. Look at it seems like you got their attention on Thursday. Probably needs any week is go out slug the ball because. Is it like whatever you tool on Thursday for practice. They were able to do that where. You know reading would come out in extra base hits including a couple of us solo home run and a sixteen to him. That's kinda odd as going back to gorilla ball and and you look what the highest run total through seven games. And the two on the fifteenth season when he when it. And activities these things that raise his season total. To 21 in six after the ad. On the weekend only six through four games so what you tell does being more aggressive about or what because it surely things like it transpire over the week it. Well you know the the good news relax when it was we did it fourteen hit the bad news was there and none have worked our extra bases and that you've mentioned we've got a lot of runner experiences. It's been the message on Thursday woods. You know simple clutch hitting and and hit the ball more or that you can't get them both in the gaps and over the sent. You know I won't fade it went in right it's not taking it seemed like nickel because of the same to both teams and they hit it. But it was a cold night in and took that and had a little bit but it's backwards that. Yeah and decline in the conditions were much better for it you know it was a little prevailing breeze from the shelf the temperatures were warmer. I think our guys loosened up a lot in some that we emphasize thirteen practiced try to get in the do more aggressive mindset. You were they really get their money's worth that Clayton. That just being happy. You know debate it in here and there you know trying to turn the ball again try and bought at the ballpark and and take pride would come up with runners on base in order to come through your team. They wrote it they'd be here it is the ball well all weekend and I which you know they capabilities of our team offensively you know on the watched. Yeah and a group along those lines. It's things like obviously great players have to agree. I mean is that not putting any added pressure beginning Alex Bregman. To play like he's capable of playing at the highest level you're looking Cade also lie and drew Stevenson. It's things like that they really came be. Where you're exactly right at that and sort of best players need to right now and unity in Stevenson had a big week in cage they could get cheap players the week. Alex pregnant had a big game on Sunday here Saturday you mean the two doubles Auburn or the guys that. Don't start out that seat in the break and in the put him in the two will try to do the Eagles will open the pressure in the unique structure like the way to the world on short Gordon used to the New Year's draft eligible year. You know we where we are highly ranked in the pre season coming off sub par year last year. So you know it spear to try and that you know take little pressure for the moment and into the two hole. But it quickly and when Richie he tried to become a two hole hitter I wanted to be to use widget slaps the ball and uses the whole field. He's a slider that that means we are keen that the not the turn it down. So I decided yet fourteenth rookie there's pressure in the games start on everybody their expectations and everybody says. You either make an upper you know until like instantly to accomplish in their legal that's where you stand to the year era leader. It up here and there like you know you can't indentured did you respond to that challenge. Now are close rarely get a young pitchers and dodges into and leaving a break it down sort of fans that we've got three. He made his statement all of dale was getting ground ball allows but. If I would have just put more in this home. Then obviously. You more in control and you made a statement where and that he needs get ahead of more hitters to pitch deeper into gains. And he explained that like. Where in another words those edges do you get more innings on him because he's not Walken. Batters away. Well would you follow behind in the count and it's taking its work by extension and did each hitter out that they are at a two when you when you get too excited engineers the 85 pitches. You credit catcher horrible lie you know by comparison a guy like you know get to five innings on about sixty or 65 pitches too when you're ready besides. Yeah especially this time of the year you really spent a lot of energy to do it. I'd innings with the maximum. Yeah that was that he heat game three weeks and a target on one more maybe two mornings but probably not. So what we want our starting pitchers to do it I don't pitch effectively that pick that. But to also pitched efficiently. Except that they're where they can pitch deeper into the ball game. But say this about Jake's formed eat he's sure when he's really stolen the ball low strikes. And he truth when he was missing the other day you still they were to his sinker was just sailing out of the strike zone and that our policy is very disciplined at the plate mainly an awful lot of those pitches. I was surprised that they laid off as many look strike earned low pitch that stretch and they did because when it's coming in from high eight. Arms slide in the boss has a lot the same key to the guys typically to sort of boost which is like the Boston College in real experienced lineup. You know boy here quick from me and bill played real outstanding you know in the very disciplined approach it play action so I think that. Part of the problem particular I actually thought he threw the ball well. You know when he when he ski and that now he's gonna get a lot of ground ball which is what he did we play good defense items so they'll pick by that in that in the day. Now our courts very sings like because you are in the deep south and you looked Louisiana baseball as a whole look quit. Ellis who's been able to accomplish in the Louisiana Lafayette no last year. Southeast Louisiana. Look at the middle of the week I nickel state nice guy it's obvious and this Wednesday. It seems like that it's still a great challenge even those that SEC baseball. That these wins he gains whether players are getting experience. But really young players having to arise fitted challenge. For your team. If you gonna come away with a win. And starts telling somebody earlier today that my early assessment of all of these in state teams that's. In my nine years here that might be pitched wrong it's across the board that the instate Louisiana kings are. You see how well to that playing David Pierce's early than a phenomenal job already in his short time to learning. I run nations team that you know what they're so they're games this past weekend. I'd Nichols in the McKay it was no looked Nichols played great against that he took the fight to lessen outplayed and they deserved to win last week. Obviously you well it has been an outstanding. It would the Jets note turnover late in the Lake Charles would mean he stayed has been really get it. That laborers up here at Northwestern State they'd they got a good program and of course over there southeast church that writers knew it stick in a project your cheeks left off so that that the mid week game to become extremely challenging. And that's what you want. You know you wanna tester teams you wanna have great competition. And you what he Louisiana based on across the board because it. So I don't know maybe we wouldn't game here you know which is not the worst thing in the world from the standpoint yeah it. It's challenging their players and that they know they have to play their very best to have a chance to win. But I'm I'm excited about playing in southeastern hope we can play when they're not we'll move but it Thursday night but it's going to be great games. You know their left hander struck out 112 batters inside and choose the dates we must be some special. They were looking toward that challenge before replace prince in the sweet can't. LSU coach Paul many a coach and there always a pleasure thank you so much for the time and good luck this week. Erik please tell issue in attaining southeast and wincing at the box at 6:30 PM and an 83 game series taking on the Princeton tiger was coming up. This week you're also Allen boxing and six or one highest ranking number two in the country. In baseball America's top 25 he's Bobby ABM big bill to be on the home of the Tigers WW. They welcome back case again may have back. From. They called a happy place on earth Disney World trip with coach Phil. Missed in the clan. Took the flu Monday night attitude the issue is at the urgent care all day long and we got a got a shot yet gotten through to for the flu got to him as an inner. Got on the net and we got overruled on economic team that night because there was no sense to me she is contagious and seeking an innocent and that is the way Phil was in his crowded as the opponent because of presidents' week bar. I think go Tuesday so Monday was excellent money was crowded Sunday was pretty crap out of the didn't seem like this summer David it was obvious that. Yeah it's not a summer crowd at Sunday at the magic kingdom yeah it was packed. But when I'm Zdeno you know like waiting in line. On you you don't ma you know minors month Noah at the oil you know it was it was is this a few things and aggravate that it did a frustrating thing for people don't like that in daylight you know it's like. No way incited a whole talked with him drugs though. You know some him on the look and give it you know called drop offs Compton so you know some primal and I would just to two we give back to her room and we're not there. In the and one of the talks I think it's fun TO and the bathrooms were not working and so though electrical parade is going on and out. I've stomach issues so I'm looking I'll answer late sickened in Osaka Mardi Gras parade it's nothing like it the street is small. No so he came so this sport much in of a toll on Uggla. She's just nice to be decent candidate to cross street had a goal almost all the back to Cassel. To get to the bathroom something promising you know when this is somebody's you know maybe not as strong as Diane no can't get to a wrist from the fans as acting in. And hand you know to even like air whether you have an accident on his way absolutely but but thing is I mean they got eight Moscow walk in Minnesota they came be outta briefly could just walk across the street in order for the man. It's just little things like damn you know that they can fix into a bit like you need to write a letter not here are are however a rural that in a symptom not the main real nice tonight. My daughter was sick and so forth is not like I'm I'm won't go anywhere else they love it I mean it opens like games in the world. What about people who who are sick like I mean he just illusion park past three days. Can you get a credit moving forward Amy we don't mind we will come back here regardless but I meant three out of four years you know me. It felt like you know you're repeat your repeat person in you can't and I think if you image as a plan. Right now here preferred customer. If you blog up for what they'll be like three out of four years that all the places that state actually had a nice place at Mosul income at the can Downey lie to to an animal kingdom I think it is. At all wilderness lodge last time too extreme highs in upstate at the cabins the forward in his life camp. And I've stated contemporary before and they the Polynesian effort but until new convenient last the best place Tuesday is it to have can't. It's like a trailer. You got bedroom you got a kitchen man in if the kid does get sick and you can you can cook and some through you can make something. He got to before refrigerated they would freezer and am I just found him more coming to push a cost talked right through it as a barbecue pit they don't like a little all. On some of growth restored with the you kind of going about steroids are found that the most can be you have to drive to the par. You get the kids to vote as the Boston I'll get the answer and I also means a lot to build a moderate well you can't you can get on among area anyway. Right you don't Monroe at the magic kingdom ride where you'll you know you don't if the three hotels its and at the Polynesian contemporary going authority seeded. Owning opting Indo communal an open net pandora's boxes. Think the by the competition how many the city you're big. Form that. Right former is like saying like Walgreens you have an idea are right haters and know what they would. And Adam been out yet but I mean I had a good return of Reuters UK you've gained you've taken a doctor about it meant to gain of there's not a Coke product anymore. In the league you can't get that did they wobble caused all the products they didn't want to about it. Did out there the coastal today you know media it would only help me be more of a convene if they haven't choked all on the premises yeah well. It's nice to have probably health care unit but I would hate to imagine the hat is placed on earth don't handled the books the right it did 21 century you exactly you can that's a mean maybe they can expand. There area. They can be done doing this and you've been almost like a little balls maybe is Samantha I'm home Orlando Ryan and his fifth on the radio now only you know eight Sunni and they can use a moment ago. You know like in bowling maybe some good things. The ball day's initial head and a resource and another thing. But don't anti baked your hand at the tournament each one of the stalls. So people even more inclined to want to change because of multi lost their hands and missed those periods. You know years like oh well that's an avenue at Disneyland in California with the knee is exactly the hell they'll you need you know when I was still OK to can't. I wished I could like go into the like. Into the the small world. Like once a year and collect all cold ones and on about that. None none of the guys that you all quarter as an opinion because you pinball Lawler you know what your body and I. I muscled a little hot dog stands and make torn thirtieth out we figured out today of the billion dollars in make a year. The Disney talks. Combined these the world makes over. To me billion dollars a day. Two million dollars so that day all of them yeah. We go to guy is now in Paris and to do and that's not that's not uncommon these new world occupies our Brian Williams Marlins tonight is and yeah. That's a lot of money. I mean a couple of the Disney people on ABC and he has been and Nadal and he's making now as Friday. Is the sports talk on WW yeah.