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Feb 24, 2015|

Scoot sits in for Angela and hosts her daily trending hour featuring WWL News Director Dave Cohen, and First Take Host Todd Menesses.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon I'm studio for Angela this week don't forget sometime between now and 4 o'clock we're gonna give you a chance to win tickets to gussy Bob Dylan in concert Wednesday night. April 29 at the sanctity of replaced C allegedly bought deal we have a lot going on here a joining us referral what's trending and to be if you will. A deep color gamut of humility director. Happy now Monday tab and s.'s side of the WL sports. Happy Tuesday and he had hoped I'd digital and creative strategist for Debbie WL entry WL thirteen 58 at. But I think go. You are low on an island come into the station just a little while ago. I encountered one of those you know strikes that one of the big construction trucks its backing up and had the beating or you know being. It you know. We used to have this I'm wondering why civilization was wiped out years ago. Alerts on the things we wanted to over world where several people point out and that's why they got that don't know you always learn to look enemy we made it through life just looking and we need beeper that it's not called that its call somebody had a lawsuit somewhere and that's our. At that he would appeal lawsuit about the beeper wasn't enough fight gas prices are going up and apparently they're gonna continue to go up at least for a did Dave. Yet there are a number of factors that are contributing to this but it's it's kind of shocking prices while at. Lower levels and we've seen in years suddenly sort of climbing and they've gone up an average of a penny a day every day for the past thirty days ago. If he's at times this is who they won't stop climbing. Your right and there are a number of factors it's normal for us deceit. Price hikes as spring begins because refinery shut down after reformulate their gasoline because and other parts of the country pulling California they need to have a winter bland they need to have the spring bland they need to have different. Types of gasoline during different times of the year. This here that's been complicated though by the fact that we had a refinery explosion out on the West Coast. We also have had a workers' strike at. At refineries here in Louisiana. And all across the country as steel workers are demanding. Better working conditions. And the number of things not all about wages but now about time off about breaks about things like that we have all these factors combining. And what does it mean to us that means that you're paying on average every day a penny more per gallon gas but. It's still over at dollar last right now this is here than it was at this time last year. Again it's Dave I wonder how all those people feel who ran out and bought a big issue feet because gas prices we're gonna we're now they're feeling today you know that happens every night and gas prices drop. The people throw caution at winning go by. Come by comparison gas guzzlers wage no consideration the fact that. Prices will open up at some point you in the fact that appeal by something that. Burns more gas so therefore I'm consuming more gas of their four that would mean the demand would go up to the price would go to Michael let nobody out and that's why we shouldn't panic when gas prices skyrocket because they come down and we also shouldn't overreact when gas prices go down. Here's a pretty gentle opinion poll this hour do you. Or someone close to you. Smoke pot. Even though it's illegal rate here in Louisiana. You shipping Eumig going to website WWL dot com. Why does everybody pulling me and we talked about close vote to somebody close to you aside point of reckless to their people as stated that they don't like stoned every day or maybe it's because you've. And this trip what you're gonna go to Colorado and Seattle and in Alaska the three states and have a legal you know I don't wanna know why not why the only traveling the blazes were upon his legal Alaska would be the only usual for me because I believed in Denver and Seattle so would have excuses to go back to those places are not letting any such trips starting today in Alaska. And her grow your own pots. You can and so they've figured out the sales aspect of it which is a little weird right now in Alaska he can grow it. And you can smoke it which can't sell it you can't buy it. So there's still working that kind of stuff out and he can't grow to give a few friends to Washington. EC two is getting ready I think on the 26 they're getting ready and they had on the nose as. That regular and it's too late it's really too late for them to stop it and if they wanna come and try and legislate some sort of regulatory apparatus. There window was closing real rapidly but mark my words and a couple days nations' capitals can have legal marijuana and it's going to be chaos so. Point and it's allegedly saying you know it was a lot more about the only thing I didn't Ian what you're saying is that a couple of weeks a lot of bills ago finally get through congress. I don't have an excuse for not getting anything. It has a late night pizza delivery bill congress just passed the bill passed the QB it's cold. Yeah I know it's it's interesting how that's gonna work on an Indonesian Catholics now they'll have an excuse for not getting stuff on there. But I find it interesting that people think I'm like a stone gate liberal and on none of the above you know. So it's I don't know I don't know I've always would have believed stuff about you and again you point to me because it. Specifically for women represented all the pain because not enough people really no weakness is there an opening for the stone gate literally and act. I recommend. It yeah. I felt that the position we advertise though is that okay. I what benefit from the harmful. These trips to Colorado. Well there ought to benefit because you've heard pretty much have to disagree with your peers don't you live in this country who who. All right today is the deadline for NFL teams to report left over cap space for 2014 when the season. Well yeah the saints have to do that they don't have much they have one point seven me one million eligible to carry over which. Ain't gonna do diddly for the 21. Fifty million or whatever there over the cap wearers of I'm still laughing after coming they're twenty million over the cap. So that's really not gonna help what they're gonna have to do is and we're getting reports from. Is that they're gonna restructure some of the veterans. Contracts. Early it was reported by sources that there were gonna release. Pro Bowl guard Jahri Evans now looks like they maybe. Reaching out to him to restructure his contract he admitted mentioned that he wanted to stay with the team. In December and said maybe they could trigger a way out to keep him there. They're gonna try to target him in they're they're actually talking with his folks now that doesn't mean that. If they can't reach an agreement they would not release him. But they're gonna try to do to keep him also Marcus Colston another one. That more likely they'll try to restructure. And give him down and and help with the the salary cap you know and a lot of this you you're gonna try to see them restructure some of these deals. Now when you restructure. Like Jahri Evans I mean that's going to be less money he's gonna have to take less money on his deal same thing with the markets Colston. Coach Sean Payton last week. Told the pro football talk could with the Mike for which we run on our sister station three WL. He says one of one theme for us has been finding the tough Smart football players. And he says I think we've got that by and large and yet that leadership element is something we've got to do a better job with and they all talked about that Drew Brees talked about. And it's Pro Bowl Mickey Loomis is addressed that coach Payton has addressed it. When they got rid of so many veterans last year they didn't factor in that leadership. Quotient into it and we kind of saw that on the field issues so I think you're gonna see them try to renegotiate a lot of these veterans. To keep them there for them to keep that leadership so they don't have to go find younger guys and interest. In case to me where usually NFL coaches general managers. Always tell the media they're wrong they don't know what they're talking about they don't understand they're not inside evident that a this is the case though where the media was screaming about this yeah loss of veteran leadership. All through the season well when the rest player started saying it right and I think when Drew Brees brought it to their attention I think they said you're right and now. Everyone in the centauri is a Tennessee yet. Your. Did you enjoy the movie fight club with a Brad Pitt and Edward Norton well steps are being taken for perhaps a fight club to move people talk about that with. Ian hope we come back. I'm studio for Angela this week this is what's trending on WL and here's an update on a pretty gentle opinion poll. Deal or someone close to use smoke pot even though it's illegal here in Louisiana. 30% say no and 67% say yes give us your opinion we're going to our web site at WOL dot com. Here's an interesting text is not a crime to be a liberal who. Well that Stoner coughed the ball up off of it as manager I sort of hit a couple of two thirds. Say some close them smokes we will be right back into the bureau. And welcome back to what's critical and every W one studio for Angela this week with Dave Cohen time necessary and Ian Hoch and I'm kind of curious about the CNN special finding Jesus. I mean if they find jesus' second change Easter with you missing. They're like I have to they'll have to move it up I guess the second coming anyway I just thought we do to scoop on what that's all about. Here's our party general opinion poll. I do you or someone close do you smoke pot even though it's illegal in Louisiana gives your opinion by going to WW dot com. I enjoyed fight club with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and fight club to the book hits the shelves in May. There is a book I sequel coming out I should clarified it is infecting graphic novel it's not going to be large descriptive not like we saw from chuck Allen leak. How near. There and no one really knows how to present let's look at us it's colony I'm so they're they're coming out the new graphic novel. And there's some chatter that this could possibly translate into a fight club sequel and that really got me thinking. Fight club didn't perform well the box office when it first amount but it did become kind of cult favorite they came to really sort of define the cinema. In that part of that decade and a it just got me wondering. How would I feel about a fight club sequel would you feel about a fight club sequel has some movies don't need sequels they get them and some do that don't. So I don't know 45 I don't know that it needs a sequel put it might be interesting to see if there's if there's a follow up in terms of like this fight club mentality stuff that goes on these basements in these warehouses if this is continuing with the new generation yes I think it does have a little bit of traction that we this this was such a seminal movie that you CD spin offs with people actually starting. Get an MBA from and the success in this panorama Marshall arts and and the fighting in the octagon and I mean people are eaten that stuff up. And it is more violent than boxing ever could have dreamt of being and so maybe it lands at south of that plus it yeah Hollywood goes through these phases where they kind of run out of ideas. As they Disco Iowa over some of the old box office successes that we do it's equal to or reboot. Yeah and they just apparently got around Michael yup. And there's so many movies that we should never have had a a remake done. A footloose you know leave it alone that and dirty dancing every day it's dirty dancing strip away and then there's this trend now to or they're taking. Movies that could be sequels and they're splitting them into two movies so then you have two sequels Hunger Games is a great example. The holiday Harry Potter didn't really yet they keep them there is it just it's just greedy so kind of makes you wonder I don't know if this fight club to going to be in safe hands and. And are there to make well a line though is Sylvester Stallone nature nobody could do that with rock because he did himself. He made his own sequels it screwed it up themselves. And a fifty shades of gray number one at the box office it didn't bring it as much revenue man is percent drop and the certainly but still number one and Pat Robertson of the 700 club was actually talking about this ran across this story this morning trying to. I'm trying to figure out why so many women are going to it too because here many people perceive it as a movie that is a violent about women. This is really big Dave no federal charges from the Justice Department's against George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin case. Yeah and hang I think a lot of people and almost forgotten it's three years ago this week that George Zimmerman shot and killed. The unarmed teenager crave on Martin and a Florida neighborhood. I remember you wearing a hoodie carrying the Skittles on the sprite and he had been cleared of charges in state court. But the feds we're still doing their own investigation today they have announced they do not have. Enough evidence to pursue any federal charges against George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin. But the interesting to see the reaction of the. Here's why I think this is a big deal because they were so many people who were saying well if you turn this over to the Justice Department this is the Obama administration they're going to find ways to charge George amendment. And they didn't so you know and this is some I think this is a significant statement about fairness well in these stories we've seen. That people tend to rush to judgment on both sides. They tend to make up their minds about what happened based on initial. Often inaccurate or exaggerated media reports based on hearsay and lack of evidence. And then they just stick with their opinions no matter what we're here we are three years later the federal Justice Department under the Obama administration in black president. A black man who runs the Justice Department. Had. This case it vetted out and they could not find evidence. To disagree with the fact that George Zimmerman maintains he acted in self defense the trade on Martin was the aggressor who beat him and he had to shoot and kill him. To save his own life and that Justice Department can't dispute that and the perception wise the Justice Department under the Obama administration would find ways likes to file charges against and charged on court either way. Well and even if they may have wanted to find a way to try to charge short George Zimmerman. The powers that be at the Justice Department and attorney general Eric Holder and you've got to imagine at some point talked about the with the president. Could not find anything he thought it would hold up. Two trial in a federal court. And at this point it just makes you wonder will this change the opinions of anyone who still thinks that. Dream on Martin's death was an injustice that he was denied a civil rights and the Georgia Merman should be in federal prison. If the Obama administration and the Obama Justice Department doesn't think so. Should people continue to think so they will no matter what it'll and we don't know it just our Minnesota right that this is the. We'll talk more about this in the next hour also some really interesting information coming out about Al Sharpton will get into that coming up in the next hour here. Under the WL. I taught I was watching the game last night because. And Bob Mitchell's doing this to show I'm doing okay Angela shows I was watching the pelicans game last night they're down by eighteen points. What a surprise then than now eighteen point holed a deficit one point by the end up a winning and being the raptors 100 to 97 last night. They're not 127 overall. It's. Still kind of am a play for that last playoff spot but it's getting harder and harder is. The rest of the season goes on and Davis last night other teams when Noah Anthony Davis know about it drew solid me you know that in Aniston then and have their their big stars but a bunch of people did step up Luke babbitt's scored eighteen for New Orleans so. He stepped up and played big. Newly acquired Norris Cole scored fifteen for New Orleans he's one of these guys and they required in the tree that kind of a little. So he showed up big. Omar assi get a fourteen points eleven rebounds Tyreke Evans at thirteen points twelve assists so. It really was a team win this time around the come back and win now tomorrow night the play the Brooklyn nets in the blender. AKA the east smoothie king center. Soul looks. Pretty good I mean hopefully they can if they can keep that cohesiveness. Again in Anthony Davis is still day today with that shoulder so he may come back may play again. Sooner than we think. They could if they continue to win obviously. And catch up to some of the teams that they're behind him on the meetings there with meanings are with thunder. So. The you know it is a possibility. It is a long shot but they may make the playoffs. He immediately a player like they've played last night mathematically they're still an open if they play like they played last night where that fire once they get. Their regular stars back. The other team and sometimes we we see other players who are not the key star players. Rice to the occasion if the star player is out to doing given the opportunity and get touched the ball more and they get to play a bigger role in. The game sometimes they have a surprise of the at this at me all the time but. He's been doing it does anybody think this is a good idea Cameron Diaz is husband and guitarist for the band Good Charlotte Benji Madden. He got Cameron tattooed across his chest. That's not act at a time now begin the fourth climax six I had forgotten that you give the name of the woman who says she does not want to get married or be in a relationship tattooed to Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is making news because see we stood at what was Jim Malia nonpartisan. Event at the White House instead the president is disqualified. To be commander in chief we'll talk about that in more trendy. When we come back I'm scoot. I differential here on their beat if you relish here to WB real news updates with Jim and so. Good afternoon studio for Angela this week I Dave Cullen is with us for what's trending also time Manassas and you know card vigil at strategists for. WL TWO thirteen 50 AM we have Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal said at this event known as a bipartisan. A nonpartisan and same thing. On said the President Obama disqualified himself to be commander in chief because President Obama will not take the steps necessary to defeat. This threat meaning. The threat against crisis. Now. It's hard for me to believe that. Any president would not do as much as they could to defeat a threat to whether it's Osama bin Laden. Tellem bon Qaeda or crisis. Now there may be people who disagree with the way pressed Obama is going about it but it's hard for me to believe that somebody who many people believe. He's disqualified to be governor. Which say that the president is disqualified the commander in chief and it's gonna be difficult. To be the. President states and know that you have enemies out there who wanna kill all Americans. But you have to judge what's Dominic Americans have for war and to what level can you commit troops and other resources to fighting that threat. And that's tough as commander in chief and I think unfortunately a lot of it is based on. Politics and in the president's made a big point of trying to inflate Republicans that table leaks suggest ways to handle ice this. I just still think it's a partisan issue and it's it's a difficult one from both sides. Ian lawmakers are proposing. Hands free only sell you some causeway yeah it it helped her to figure this out because I was pretty sure this state why we are he had lost sort of like that in place about this but now I guess there's is astounding it is never passed texting right lieutenant has. Texting his illegals us. For texting and driving but if you're pulled over for some other reason or your involved in the crash then you can be ticketed for texting and driving minors cannot use cellphones. Truck drivers and bus drivers are under different restrictions as well with the general public Greta you can all the phone talk on and all you want legally in Louisiana this. Extremely important they do it on the causeway there aren't like Tim Burns out a man of Hillis playing file bill that would ban the use of cell phones on the causeway. And down the penalty would be a citation. 250 dollars for the first Benson 500 dollars for a first offense tonight I push us around on Twitter a little bit early this morning. And there's some concern you know. Is are people really going to be able to enforce this is really about public safety or is it just simply another money grab and do you see people. Using their hands and don't getting hands he would go on to let me tell us so when you trust someone will write the laws waived twice today. They don't enforce the speed limit half right I'm so totally powerless and enforce this one. And I do see a lot of people driving ended talking on the phone and when they're talking on the phone. You know what because they're going incredibly slow roll out. And they don't speed up they don't drive erratically they just go holes lol and it's it that's the problem because you have. Traffic coming at the normal speed. And you come over the hump on the on the call all the sudden. Here's about eagle in fifty and you pass summoned there on their phone talk can I gotta think to that is this is this a gateway to. The larger bill were who would there's already there bills through that it is loss in the Louisiana band distracted driving yeah channel and those laws could be used more universally for people who are. On able to multitask who can't talk on the phone and driving the same time who can't eat fast food or whatever they're eating and drive the sentiment can't curly hair or shave or read a book collection I mean there's all these things we hear just the volume Hillary editors are contacting decision. We hear all the time about people who were doing. Really things they shouldn't be doing while driving there's already a law against that and unfortunately we see frequently. Lawmakers who. Propose and pass laws. Because it's they think in their political interest reduce them and look and assess the laws you know there's a law against theft and obviously. But that every year we get these additional bills that come up that make new thefts illegal theft of crawfish is illegal that's different is illegal theft of you know. Lawn mowers but they keep adding you don't need all these sub laws if they just enforce the laws on the book but this is the politician's way of showing the voters hey look what we're doing three this is tangible. Paper this is legislation that exit look what we're doing for you were making the world a safer place you can't steal a lot lower anymore vote for me except. And theft of crawfish are specific. The law right in Louisiana a lot of Monica South Lawn mowers that is a big problem in this this I don't know if there's really awesome and I think. Hate it I think they edit the crawfish was passed because people judges weren't marked. A valuing the actual value of the crop officially made crawfish value greater which then made the penalty would probably be greater in a year when crawfish cost more you would probably sell gossip ugly it would be tied to his credit this year theft of two crawfish is enough to get you a felony I think this spirit step buying them. Going back to that's the kind of it's making me hungry and throw it to these these deals that really don't manifest real change in in people. You know it's the voters though that that applaud the lawmakers for doing what they do and so maybe we need to be Smart enough to go hey you know what these largest feel good laws and that's it. Todd the falcons could lose second round draft pick because of who is Yan has a come up officially yet. But the talk of the come by and scouting combine has been that then looks like they might lose a second or third round draft pick because of the noise gate thing when they. Artificially. Inflated the crowd noise of the Georgia Dome and twenty to a would when he thirteen now. Falcons GM Thomas the meat truck is adamant that his team's football operations had nothing to do with the use of the artificial crowd noise. Bang in Mike Hsu on the on the podium there and those are physical which whatever is about but it doesn't matter even. If this stadium officials did it they're still responsible for it so that's the problem and you know a second or third round pick it looks like they're gonna lose a draft pick on the second day so it's gonna be their second or third. This is what strutting and have WL I'm scooter in for Angela this week and Dave Cohen time an assistant in brokering the studio with us here's an update on our party general opinion poll. Do you or someone close do you smoke pot even though it's illegal in Louisiana. 35% say no but 65% admit yes. Here's a text I saw a woman driving a fancy Mercedes the other day on the causeway using a crowing iron on her hair while she was drivable yeah I see that a lot Mika curling iron. I said I remember when I looked on the nor shores to people reading magazines in the newspaper and guess a user. I'll overrule it. And straightening iron not a curling. Who will be but what we have Hewitt. It is a few minutes ago we were talking about his cellphone use being banned on the causeway elicits that hands free because of all the distractions it on the causeway using the phone to get their people who do other things. Here's a text that says and I'd do I've seen a guy working out on the causeway with dumb bells now and then during the break to I was talking of penalties of the things and it's not easy especially if these are some eating crawfish or because what I want saw somebody eating crawfish. Healing peeling them. Withdrawing its sales secondhand the whole thing in it was kind of driving was Disney's them like OK this is ridiculous. Dave that this is all over the news today CNN is covering almost wall to wall put to a tragedy and well and tragic people were injured when he was killed as far as I know a truck driver. Is under arrest in Los Angeles apparently lefties big rig on a train track accounts are questioning him to try to figure out why he did this that there around 5:45 AM and Oxnard California about 65 miles northwest of LA. The truck driver. Potentially parked his big Craig Crawford broke down I don't know stalled I don't know what was the reason but they do know is that. Either right before as this commuter train was slamming into the truck and the truck with bursting into flames. The truck driver jumped from the camp and rain. For several miles. Away from the scene before authorities eventually captured and they've got him in custody now owner trying to figure out what happened what they do you know. Is that the train was carrying 48 passengers at least thirty of them are injured and four including the driver of the train engineer critically injured so. Nobody is dead at this point but with four critically injures. We don't know that remain that way. He and you know so much about technology is playing if planes have radar why couldn't trains have I mean I'm assuming that the train engineer could not see this and this wasn't like a small vehicle hit a line his size sort of see that he'd he'd be there either deal deceit or. Why wouldn't they have some kind of a warning device in the in the engine that there's something on the track up a hill it the I'd I'm no train expert I would it would be the breaking their back Paula that's the things you can always good cars stopped the train on a time like that even if you have some sort of unexpected obstacle you have to kind of expect that the trains really just gonna hit that unless it's a way down. Even a commuter transit only as a few cards the the engine itself is so large and heavy it takes some like quarter mile stock rise vehicles. And you're talking about expense. The to put sensors along an entire stretch of traveling you have ends of Alice tickets hundreds and thousands of miles of track in the policies of the Indy in the engine that would that would what you know that there's something overhead and again I'm Mike Emanuel cars are back up thing in the old. Kaiser movies you see the guys that go along in that in the very small like little. Trolley cart that they dangle in front of the train to make sure that there's a dynamite or army out of things apt to get to the pomp and all the guys are important though. Alex you've been why that's a jobs program like you get in touch though let's move in detail what else that would also on you know. That would create jobs in there too if I. Unfortunately. We have to rely on intelligence of individuals not to do things like. Leave vehicles on the tracks there are flashing red light to warn you trains are common yet trains do not veer off the track. Knowing you know where they're going although in this case three of the cars did. Fall off the tracks who interestingly though this saving grace and all this maybe this was a train that did employ new technology. That was designed that way and the train collided with a truck. That the force of the blow was actually. Reverberated through the sides of the train cars instead of them crumple playing the hand destroying each car. The force somehow was sent down to train. And somewhat evenly distributed amongst all the cars in the train and experts are saying that may be the reason we don't have dozens of deaths in this case. It's always been believed that rats responsible for the black plague but apparently. That might not be the case I've been waiting to talk about this all morning anybody who works here knows that I keep pet rats Cuban me that's not weird it's really cool they're really Smart intelligent they're great pets. As in in all of modern human history we hated rats in western society because we assume. That may cause the bubonic plague right it that the rats come over from China and the and the please and then people get past tools and die and then there's the dark ages was the fleas on camera not the right now they're seeing it's that sir bulls it was a ginger couples. Not rats that cause he bubonic plague so it's. The BBC is an article I saw they did about two research and they said that this is the truth so there. And I just think it's really important because as a rat owner I have to defend rat ownership to people all the time in the civil Bratz who's. Icky and there's so disease and why would just get your Q did you herbal instead and now I just want those people. To just sit there and realize that intervals and hamsters are bad pets. Heiress to fit in short I don't personalities. That's a good pets that I went after an audio yeah. If you know would you buy a pet rat for your kid knowing that now that juror bulls are getting you know bring to block it play into your house now Kyra. Until about these rats I mean do they currently my rats you know they get uglier as they get older cuddle with UI apps I was covered by rats on Sunday and I I was watching the Oscars and I had my. Little geriatric rat and he's sitting right might happen she sits there and Peter some potato chips in the and I get very little pets. And I kissed her on her little redhead. And that they have. But I'll have until you know if I. But this is a serious topic tonight all joking aside. Rats are really good pets they have tons of personality that are clean you can train them they know their names they don't spread the black death. It's a lot of any so many rats have given their lines different you know researched it doesn't so much for us and went juror bowls and hamsters. Don't. Lot don't I discuss this is what's trending on WL we're coming right back rat boy. And I obscurity for Angela this week with Dave Cohen time Manassas you know we've talked but rats. And this was the song that Michael Jackson sang to ban the rat. Which of it was a movie Damon who was it will Millard Willard. Ben was around. It it is beating in Canada doing to get. Them that the drastic uncle Dave the price of used cars. Yeah we'll tell you why he had never before has the average price of used car in 161800. Dollars but that is now. The new all time high. They say it's because people are taking better care of their cars than ever before Carter built better than ever before. And it was a whole Lotta leasing going on during the recession and in all those cars are being too turned in now. And there on the used car market also good if you wanna do trading your car because it also means that your car's resale value is higher you'll get more treatment. And Todd I think it's obvious that Cleveland Browns are really dedicated to winning this season. Changes yes hold depresses the Cleveland Browns have changed their helmet is it finally Aaron Downey urging everything here is what it is. Their updated helmet logo is reflective of today's modern Cleveland the design honors the pass while evolving into the future what is the helmet look like. It's orange. It's brighter orange with the brown stripe on the top like before and a Y eight and a brown face mask and and they chase a logo with that little allies the bass sound guy what they did they basically if you look at their their pictures there's like. This is last year's orange this is this year's art items writer and I'm fired up about the browns now really now my final positive browns fan before. Now brownie the is frowning he brownie the elf which is their second. Logo there secondary logo still going to be their secondary logo but he's going to be and brighter orange this time. I think you were the model for brown Leo I don't think so and Ian very great blog for Chris and I crushing our. Still in our reps Christians blog Samper why is still trending hot as the number one story on the website it's since that time we posted it and the question we're asking for all the service members out there tell us if you joined up. Army Marines whatever. Does it matter where you serve or when did you leave the country did you see active combat. Doesn't matter we want to tell us why tweet at us. Using the hash tags Samper why Samper why and tell us your own story talked Christian. Really fascinating story and thanks guys coming up in the next hour will continue to talk about some of these hot topics but also talk about the families of Michael brown and Trayvon Martin. And Erica Eric order. They accused Al Sharpton of exploiting the tragedies of these these men. While I can't wait to tell you about this story that's coming up next under VW well.