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3-10 2pm Scoot, Hot Topics: GOP Letter to Iran, SAE Racist Chant, Hillary Clinton

Mar 10, 2015|

Scoot talks to callers about all of today's hot topics including the GOP Letter to Iran, Hillary Clinton, and the racist chant at OU by the SAE fraternity.

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Welcome back to the show I'm still rooting for Angela harness rainy Tuesday afternoon and I guess this is an appropriate song to play. Remember this from from credence. It is raining downtown it might be leaning where and our please remember to turn your lights on and it's not so much so you can see. It's so everybody else. Can see you amazed that something. Fight it and the question is. We'll stop the ring. I started April eventually stopped it and look if there's any good news here OK we've got a pretty good today tomorrow and Thursday may be even into Friday but it's going to apparently be a very nice weekend. 47 senators sent a letter directly to Iran warning. Warning the leaders of Iran or whatever nuclear deal they made with President Obama. It could be easily revoked by the next president or the next congress. Darlington is Cox. Negotiations are continuing between the Obama administration I ran and I think for other nations are five other nations the deadline is march 24. So these negotiations going on right now. The letter to top Iranian officials was drafted by a freshman senator Tom cotton from Arkansas Republican. And reaction has been intense. Do you support some Republicans warning an enemy nation about any deal that they might make. With President Obama. That's a pretty Jack about people give a sure opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. I really didn't have a big problem even Illinois broke a protocol where if Republican leadership on Capitol Hill and fighting Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli prime minister to speak before a joint session congress. However this really does. Seem to I think just. Indicates. How great the political divide in Washington DC it's. Doctor Meehan and he you might disagree and you certainly welcome to to call children and disagree or or agree. But this seems like this really does circumvent. The commander in chief. And when it comes to war. And even though the senate and congress might have something to do with any eventual deal. It seems like sending this message out before ridiculous even done. On circumvent the commander in chief and we should be of very united nation. When it comes to. Foreign policy when it comes to ways that this will that there are going to be disagreements that would cost something actively like this. Sending a letter. Directly to Iran warning or whatever you do you make with President Obama you know remember the next president or we can can revoke. Now I ran says it's it's silly a rants not really paying attention to it. On there were some Republicans who did I don't think any of the leadership Republican leadership on Capitol Hill on sight don't of this. Again restricted by a freshman senator Tom cotton from Arkansas and reaction has been intense if you would rejoice for your comment this afternoon. Our numbers 2601. In seventy. Terrico final four to 60 when he souvenir tech's number is 87870. And again that's our project my opinion polls solar give your opinion like going to derby to regal dot com also this hour let's talk about. The University of Oklahoma. I've expelling two students to the students they say we're involved in the racist chant on the it's on the bus. Over the weekend. They have now been expelled from school. And also a top recruit from the ski Texas. Has now decided that he's not going to the university Oklahoma. And four hours after he sent out that announcement. The University of Alabama called and said well you're welcome here we've got a spot where I think he is set of the to attack. So. If I was just can't he's he's black I would wanna go to the school. And yet I know that it's not the whole school because I I I don't have that the story funny but I believe the University of Oklahoma osu football team yesterday. Decided not to practicing out of spring practice session scheduled. They decided not to practice and they put on arm bands and they all on them they don't walk arm and are showing unity. It is unfortunate that what these few students did it will reflect on the inter university. And let's make this very personal. What do dissidents and students at a fraternity. At LSU. There would be people who would project what they did not only in the whole school. I think on the entire state of Louisiana. So we should more have been done are you glad these says students were expelled and do you think this. Unfairly or do you think it fairly reflects on not only the University of Oklahoma. But also the state of Oklahoma. Here's the number 2601870. Echoed 504260. When he said he tech's number is a 7870. A from Kenner Mary and here under BW or good afternoon. As you actually are and the battery soldiers streamed or float in Kuwait and are now at UC supporter. Quite a bit of order not so much and street where at odds to. I that you com or call our he'd never beat but all I. I think that if this were partly yeah cool we want. Stringent and quit and and assert our response meant to be seen coming promote. Well I Yang are. The temptation I think the temptation would be we don't we don't want to have the country to think that that's the way everybody will be Siena thinks in and and not not everybody with that fraternity SE. I think that weighs just unfortunate that a few can to taint the image of the entire group who we see that happen all the time in life. Well I think the response. And strong as it once was also very quick and that yes critical needs. Are they talked with it ran out. I would turn that around a little bit and suggestion use that at the presidents. Approach that is nontraditional. We are a string. Of treaty without a country in groups of country. Especially those involving. Nuclear arms without the ban treaty back in sixty. We have what cults all strategic arms limitation treaty. There treated Soviet Union and China. And the all treaty in that it was the president and congress. Going arm and or. As the constitution required. To make these great. Now I think the president here is trying to make a separate deal and I would say that congress letting the president. Specifically. And Iran know that this is how the US constitution work out that. Treaty used to went out to work otherwise. It's just like recess appointment Obama can make all the deal one. But they only last. For certain limited our. Well I I understand that denial and I don't think that's a bad thing necessarily but it just occurred occurs to me that the president should be allowed to go through this process and then let it fall. Back on Capitol Hill and let them decide whether or not to. Two and to endorse it but for free to come out now seems to be just nothing but a political play in just a reminder of how law help partisan politics have become. Well my impression is that the president's message may be out in. Expert the expert with. It has been that it is up to them and be active branch to make this a great and he thought looking for approval from congress. I think that is what it called the congressional. Reaction. So if we don't make disagreement Mary and there are those who say it's either we make an agreement or. There's war do you think he'll be war. I don't know I think that it Iran continues who it it's. Actually it's history in the last 2030 years. I think what. What more likely happened is that Israel would act you know. Well and it is an average or audio we talked about this if Israel gets involved do we. Actually become involved because Israel such close allies. I don't think that we can. Do anything but support Israel as much as we say one anger and other. Strategically. We opposite order entry should already taken action well. Against. Iraq and against Syria. Unilaterally. Not. Perhaps not instruct as you might he would Iran. At stake in the action in America. I'm glad you called thanks for thanks for listening if your hole stay with this if you've got to come this afternoon our numbers 2601870. It's very code 5042601870. And a text number is 877. Here's a pretty general opinion poll do you support some Republicans are warning an enemy nation about deals that they might make. With President Obama. Give us your opinion by going to W google.com there were also talking about. Oklahoma university Oklahoma OEU. Expelling two students who were involved in that racist rants. Should they have done more. And isn't there a tendency to wanna blame all of Oklahoma to say oh let's just open that must be the way they are in Oklahoma. But if this was something that evolved LSU students we would want people to think that of all of us at Louisiana. I'm scoops differentials and we'll be right back for debate if you know. I was there. Days I'm man. Just a few ministers go Hillary Clinton wraps them. Press conference she broke the silence on the email controversy Olympus specialties of the CBS news. Coming up to 31 just few minutes from now I screwed it for actually here's a pretty gentle opinion poll. I do you support some Republicans warning an enemy nation about any deal that they would make with President Obama. 54%. Say yes they do support those Republicans that have done that. At 46% say no they don't give a share opinion by going to our web site WB will not come. We're also talking about the students to students have been now I should have now been expelled from the University of Oklahoma. Four that are racist a chance that it went viral and here's a text as students possible these kids are not even from Oklahoma yeah you're right and here's another interesting text. And it reflects badly on how they were raised which is probably privileged. And they have very little real world experience but you can't throw the baby. With the bath water. Some of the most spoiled people in this country are college kids and I'm not saying this about all college kids. But their universities some in particular I don't know if this is the case of of value but they're some universities that. They have a lot of really spoiled privileged. And pampered kids. And this should not reflect on the entire university but there are there are a lot of bracing young people on the ninth district had a breeze and that age anyway. But there are there are people who. Think that what they think is the only way that. Anybody should think and that's that's kinda sent and we're also talking about this oh you recruit. Who has now decided that he's not gonna go to owe you based on that racist chance if you and join us with your comment to our numbers 260. When he Saturday. 504260187. Or text is 878 separate from Pascagoula Fred you're double WL. And legal. Code Amal is so desperate. Oh isn't it well you know. It just. You know in the cardinals got quieter now term credit. Murdoch. All the political correctness but. I'm still another partner in the middle this. Yes of what's what's interesting about this friend is I read this before going on the air that this fraternity SAE. Actually originated at the University of Alabama in the late eighteen hundreds and this is the only fraternities and it's still exist today. This debt was Saddam that was formed in antebellum south. Just a pop out in large civic. Utley and so. On you know. A hospital. In. Now I'm not so sure that if that didn't come up again Alabama wouldn't have to apologize for an ugly to call thanks listing in Pascagoula but it does bring up the next point. I mean you do have to forget these things and I think it's important for arts. In the public to remember that it. These were just a few kids. And there white. But all white people don't agree with the students so please don't judge me and everybody else based on his racist chants from the students at the University of Oklahoma. From Metairie Joseph you know on WWL. It. I wanna visit briefly discussed. The veteran. Congressman Tom content. And it's frustrating and time Samie. There are that we've got to like the course and alive and well. On certain issues. Oh full narrative. Development. Oh. Wherein there and again on my opinion. Like armed. The fate that in the history of the country. Congress and by. Foreign leader. Or are you borrow. Acknowledgment our recognition. On the back the bridge fire that debt. And then incarnate that aren't better. That congressman cotton row covering. Com government academia and you can see that big yeah prior of them called or who made. Who treaty on with. Our corporate and let it. This deal argument at and they have been on that I'd been behind doors and so like. He could have been been amply. By the Republican congress. It again this structure that that does not. Oh. John we need to be united as a nation behind the commander in chief Everhart who disagree with the commander in chief in there with those who disagree with President Bush when he was commander in chief George W. Bush in particular. And you know I've remembered saying earlier that hey you know you gotta support the guy because he's the commander in chief you don't have to like him but we need to be united as a country. If this is not a good deal. I Capitol Hill will ultimately have something to say about it. That's the proper procedure I didn't have a big problem with infighting Netanyahu. Although I do know that it was a political ploy on his part and on the part of the Republicans but to me this just shows how deep Theo partisanship is in Washington. RR I agree as a again in my opinion is if it become all instructor and win. The responsible party in this particular situation should typically the letter. Like it has not been called upon and looking like like the art like there is an appropriate I believe that the roles reversed. It Democrat federal level course Obama was saying it would it would be low and if you know. It's equally Republican or Democrat they will be called unpatriotic by their actions. And Joseph that's the potential hypocrisy and we see it all the time so basically the Republican Party. Anybody in the provoked a party who supports this letter they have. Rob themselves of their right to criticize Democrats if they do the same thing what do Republicans in the White House. Ardery Joseph alleged cult nationalistic for Baton Rouge gusts you're now one WWL. Good. Two comments one but each story. But using the page a student so I'm cut. They sent. Gosh you provoke your country can appearance August and as needed to tell me that again. Archer. Beat me because. I'm glad that anniversary and the fraternity. And on it on the cases that they had. I certainly would have won LSU or he's been. You know different kind of back you. I hope people can kind of it's. I respect the school and then an attorney or do what they are particular. And gushes like as a college student. Are you surprised to have heard this racist chants from college student center of the university. No really I'm not because. He didn't even questions are used in there there are some. Greek society where you know if you cut. What we're about out that the one that kind of racist. Certain that they want which aspect that it did happen that surprise me. By and let them fortunate. I and you had to I know a comment about two the the center sending out the letter. Yeah does this. It does not buy Yahoo! enact. Well I mean I think that's something that everybody's looking into you know there's so many different technicalities here and there that I can't say right now in the year that it technically does but I know there's people looking into that. I could gust I appreciate the call of gonna get to a CBS news update here in just a moment if you've just joined as saying Hillary just a few moments ago wrapped up a press conference. I she broke her silence on the email controversy. So is this going to satisfy those who are very critical of her for using this personal server and personal email account when she was as state. Will talk more about that till later in the show but we've got that CBS news update coming up here's a pretty jag opinion poll. Do you support some Republicans warning an enemy nation about the deal. Any deal that they might make with President Obama that it could be revoked. Do you agree with that give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com I screwed differential and here's a special CBS news updates. Whatever you do well. Like coming up the next hour we're gonna respond to something Madonna said Madonna says that older men. And her age and older. Are not. Debatable. She's a single mom adventurous and not everybody can step into her world. Is she right let's say you're 45 years old male or female could you date someone older. Then you we'll talk about the coming up the next are also the new apple watchers out are you gonna go and buy it at your felt the need to go out and and have something as soon as it came out. Eight track tape player. Cassette player. Dvd. CD players like Pete have you ever felt the need to go and buy something as soon as he came out. And what was it you've ever we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. I Hillary Clinton at a press conference this afternoon and among other things she said that she will turn over all the records that were provided. Now I think you have to read into that. All of the records that were provided. Where their records that were not provide again there are still so many questions about this and on. You know unfortunate for the clintons they do have an image of being somewhat conniving. I'm not saying they're doing anything illegal but they have the image of being the conniving and as do many politicians not just duchess the clintons. And so anything that suggests. Hiding something or not being transparent is. Is not is not image enhancing. So where we're talking about that were also talking about the 47 Republican senators. Who have sent a letter to hire brand. Warning Iran that any deal that they make with President Obama can be revoked and that's a pretty gentle people do you support those Republicans. 59% say yes. 41%. Say no give your opinion by going to WWL dot com and if you wanna join us for your comments on numbers 2601870. By the way were also talking about the two students from the University of Oklahoma. Who had been expelled for the racist rant and the temptation is to. Project all of this on Liu in general and the sooners and their football team and and even people in the state of Oklahoma. But is that fair. Shouldn't we challenge ourselves to just realize that these are a few individuals and while there are more of those types of individuals that we want to admit. They. Are still a few individuals. And they don't make up the entire student body W. It's my understanding you know you've canceled here at the suitors canceled their spring practice scheduled for yesterday and they did the entire team. Why players like for all the players walked arm in arm up with bans on denouncing. On the racist a chance. And I if you went oh attorneys for your comments on number 260187. And a text amber is 877 more of your text are coming up from the West Bank Allen you're now on WW well. Yeah. The Dublin Ireland is at the end that. Law public Vick cup about these. Only Republican politicians and watch. It at the mile. These characters. Hit. A ship like rocked the law. And Allah Allah. Now know it can't I'm and but I article. Where it. Land. Went yeah. Like it. Okay now that the law at that Ellen Ellen what do it. The the new. You know I I'll go. With it erupted that that film that it would happen and you get elected. And that would be able. And I thought but it may not. That there you know the moment that thought that it may. In. Apparently it did a lot of but the island but it it became a prediction on that now. There with them up pro elected elected it over that now that. And at dumbo drop that bit. Now those are the old days. Yeah okay they knew of the problem and that he had I don't know what their you know they don't allow. Why did these politicians. These bullet hitting it they got the same. While would you agree that there are idiots on both sides of the aisle. Wouldn't play it yet active welcome from the Republicans. General look at you know on the movements yet every time you won the rocket probably meet the CD. It's that anybody out now. Well I think those Republicans are acting I think they believe directing on what they think is in the best interest of America it's it's not necessarily constitute political view but the view of the lead the Democrats to have the same kind of characters. What is that. We elected. President. What Dick yep probably. What the public it is yet that. Now it would get elected the majority of that the America. We want. Oprah yeah yeah yeah. Al you're you're I hit it and and you know you're you're right about it I buy appreciate the call now and yeah of course it depends on what party you align yourself with. That depends on how you see the Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill. I can't find a lot of difference between two of them when it comes to bipartisan vote. Here is a text that reads Obama is working with France England Germany China Russia. And other countries concerning Iran nukes. They senate Republicans. Or acting alone and risking world security. Here's an of the text impeach Obama for disregarding the guidelines provided him by a forefathers. Here's our number 2601870. Texan receipts at the seventy crimes do differential and more your comments coming up next. And if you well. As you lose you. Marry and want to lessons. There have flu they. Time. It was on this day march the tenth 2003. Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines told an audience in London quotes. Just so you know where ashamed that the president of the United States he's from Texas. And today it created a firestorm of criticism that included radio stations spanning the music of The Dixie Chicks in protest outside of their concerts. Partisan politics. Is nothing new. I've studio for Angela do you support some Republicans. Thwarting enemy nation I ran. About a deal that they might make on their nuclear weapons or potential nuclear weapons with President Obama. A 55% say yes and 45% say no they don't agree give us your opinion by going to WW dot com. And from prairie field damper a year on their BW a good afternoon. Oh Beverly you. Act on it. And yeah innings. It ought. And it pop. It. I'll hopefully. That. Or topic. Our country. What will and I'm all other people will. Believe that. America. Well how are. On. Beverly I think it's an interesting point it's like I was thinking about this if the purpose of this letter. Was to tell I ran that because of the constitution. Congress. Can revoke any deals that they make with with President Obama. Does anybody really think that Iranian leaders need to be given a civics lesson. Before they are reach an agreement does the deadlines coming up march 24. Upper Slidell Jackie going to be of you well. Yeah I scoot Tomlinson. Just so simple point of fact that you just touched on. And that's all the letter was reminding them. What our laws state that support. Most of my liberal friends. Out. Always seemed to have trouble with track spa icicle letters that the war. In reminding them that this matter could deal are there will be no deal. And as far as bi partisanship. That has been a long tradition in this country would negotiate richer treaties. Which I think this should be considered. That would be chairman of the armed services that foreign relations committee in this usually asked to participate. I don't think that's been done here. Yeah I'm not sure about their Jack I know ultimately though this is good to come back to the senate there's if there's a deal. I I just think we don't show. Enough support for the commander in chief I don't think we did when George W. Bush was in the White House and I don't think we as a nation duke collectively when when Obama's in the office in the way girl's. And I think Archie and. Choosing our commander in chief just walked that the constitution's so much I think this as a reminder. The world that there are limits to what he can really do. Jack I'm I'm going decoded and again is this the time to to say that I mean there are people who great this is the time to say this is the way to say it. You don't let's remember I know that there are people who were so I'm not defending pres Obama when I say that it's I'm defending myself as a talk show host because his side. By bike I try to be years honest in an accurate as I can. But as far as I know President Obama still. Has not. Has not signed as many executive orders as George W. Bush. And many other presidents. And he's not even close to being on the top of the list. So this is something that that the president's do whether it's right or wrong this is not something that is it is unique. And if if president should never signed executive orders then if you're a conservative then how could you support a Republican doing that when the Republicans in the White House. It's just it's so easy to point out potential political hypocrisy when we get into these kind of discussions. I'm screwed differential durable stable this'll be right back for more of your comments. Under the WL. There's breaking news for the saints training camp and sideline reporter and posted double coverage on feet of eagle thirteen fifty Christie Garrett joins us in the studio. This due to some reports from the NFL network and Jay Glazer of fox sports. Reporting that is saints have agreed to trade with Seattle Seahawks in the trade involves Jimmy Graham to the Seattle Seahawks and a fourth round draft pick. For senator Max Unger and a first round pick. So pretty big development free agency sent to start about three minutes technically the new league year but is something that last year. I wrote about. The idea of possibly trading Jimmy Graham it's that when he tenement to first round pick compensation levels. The franchise tag tender and but I funny to give value to this is. A bit of a stunner considering how they've talked about how much. He's meant to this offense and when he does for the soften its considerate is with a contract a negotiation pier with them last year. Four years forty million dollars in signed a year ago and they determined that we needed that senator more than when he Jimmy Graham obviously you don't have a sinner is Darlington with the freeagent. And down Max longer one of the better ones in the business but that their load up on tropics well now they have to it is true that this deal goes through these surprised. Yellow bit hug me considering Jimmy Graham was if you ask me who were the on tradable players. Who Jimmy Graham and and Drew Brees would have been in that conversation and it just goes to show you that. And they're not they're not playing around in Denton nobody's untouchable. Christian when it comes a trade like this does this do anything with the salary cap the saints while he had moves he's duo of Jimmy grams to a five million dollar roster bonus two days from now. So that alleviates it's a lot of money. Now well will he get that when he goes to CNN Seattle channel basically absorbs a contract. Surprising news says thanks Christian yeah I remember if you wanna get sports text alerts for WWL. Text the word sports you would have known about this just it was we just got the news that we came earlier in it but you might have even known about it before Christian was able to get in the studio. If you want sports text alerts and there's a lot going on with the saints right now. And there will be a lot going on throughout the season. I'd text the word sports. Two he's 7870. We don't charge for ten experts data and message error rates. May applies so this is a breaking news this afternoon the saints. Trade Jimmy Graham. The Seattle Seahawks for senator. And I think a first round pick he said. Here's a Texan just come see and I'm glad that Jimmy Graham is gone. Now it is just the way you live talk radio works we're gonna open up the show to talk about that. And other but we had other things scheduled. By this is. Big news for saints fans. And as as the saints get rid of players that fans have become emotionally involved and no it's not going to be the same team but that's the NFL today. How would you feel if the saints won the Super Bowl. But if they came in with all new players and it was nobody knew would would it be important to win a suitable in that case would you like winning with some of the personnel which we have. I'm scoot differential hang on we'll be back with more on this right after the news on W well.