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03-10 Scoot Show 11pm/ Saints trade Graham, Police body cams

Mar 11, 2015|

Bob Mitchell talks about: Saints trade out Jimmy Graham for center max unger. Should police be required to keep their body cams "on" at all times?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it may Bob Mitchell in for scoop before lay out what's on our WWL talk table. As if police don't have I'm not problems on this is happening in the United Kingdom not here. I'm not sure whether their policemen were body can sort of you know. A lot of times when parents discipline their kids. The trend is pupils say. You do that alcohol police on. Well in the United Kingdom parents. Are turning the tables. By calling the cops to their hold the deal with their disruptive behavior rather than chastised the kids themselves. In many cases. Parents have been on able to cope with bad behavior so they call the cops. The side of this to decide minor things like fights over a TV remote. All right. How Horry here's what we are talking about tonight that you haven't heard Jim Ingraham. Traded to the Seahawks for all pro center Max Unger and a first round pick. Does that make the team better or worse for you for or against trade. Graham is the third veterans saying to leave the team this offseason to appear Thomason Curtis Lofton the what seems to be it locker room medical. Grams of the group took him by surprise. Now grant Graham a Graham and your New Orleans were far from perfect aside from his Olympic contract battle and the open probably neutral arbitrator. He also dealt with several injury he battled a shoulder injury and when he portrayed in the put injury and poorly Thursday. Graham of long built with public criticism bolt is blocking abilities. And his toughness of people may be labeled him as a soft now. Meanwhile. This lead through at all or are getting does this all pro center which I think is can be very very good for the offensive line very very good for Drew Brees. I'm think the author of will be fine with Jimmy Graham because we have Drew Brees. Were also talking about bodies. This this seems to believe the BB new thing that they won't policeman. To all winner and if everything that was recorded. We have all in one on video. It would solve a lot of problems. Although some people would probably say that the altered the the the video to internally that some people would would still probably slate. That that that the police that thought in Rome but when it comes to wearing the body cameras do we allow the policeman to decide when to turn them on and off. And if your answer is no. But they should be required. To have them turned on at all times does not deny them a short amount of privacy. That we are all entitled to or as some people said. When you were in that job that you give up your privacy when you don't Wear a body camera on your job turned on all the time. I know I would I would wanna be and and any part of that at all. So when it comes to wearing body campers do we allow all the policeman or dispatcher as some on the turn them on and off. Or do you want them turned all in all of the time and this is just a crazy story. A temporary order by a Superior Court Judge to keep any man from smoking. Inside of his own home. In the District of Columbia I just can't believe the judge would rule activists. The man's next door neighbor filed a civil suit. Claiming but they are being harmed by his second hand smoke but some come away. Sneaks into Holm the raw hole in the basement. And the question of law allows them why can't you just that the hole in the basement unless the basement isn't. Originally called hole may be at something else they may be it can't beat it but. Should you have the right to smoke in Euro and our front portion for the night. Is there something that you constantly lose at your house. Or anywhere else okay 50426. Year old was late seventy let's let's go to Sam Sam Lowery. Sam first of all what do you think of the Jimmy Graham treated. Well you know OK it's bigotry. That we got two starters Warren tinker complete and last year dropped some big passes. He got paid big money and now he's started seeing himself about how are you untouchables for the saint you know like. You know appears on you know he he played it he. On news that player for us just like and what kind of an overt here undrafted guy. But you know when your dirty in that on your run of the act the kind of old now. To me Graham that is the I think we're treating them at peak value aggregate Reggie Bush. Well back to back years you know got into it took a lot of its. But I mean you know he'll do okay like or shortly often the line bunkers or between nine and often alignment. Collapse a lot longer than a tight end and he took a lot of it ignored the big guy. And we needed a center absolutely. And you know Morgan were the first round pick on top of that or cry. You know like you know hurt some people are. I know people Arabs that were trading inside. And keep it. You know we get we are again in defense and and you know they're they're built you know poignant touch or right not to pitch on. Even not served by the year earlier if it goes and and I nation in my shop robbery. He he can have as many cues on India's distract that he wants. Eagle putt he passed and at. Every restaurant built on portrait now in the news. You know walk on all the news story that probably as debris that you between now and I'll want breeze came in that city. And turn things around and call them tailgate money was the community down there. Cunningham and he'll always. Does have a key to the city just the way it is you know and that doesn't mean the American plane another uniform in his career. And they apple at Belmont in an apple and other some other big time guys in their do it. And are not interpret its cars Jimmie is concerned. You know we got in late summer callers you know maybe get a middle linebacker but. If it were paper positions for free agency was elected to join candidate in Vietnam which money by. This may and Foster kid from Tampa Bay. Ya I don't I don't remember I don't think the three to have that much money. Big I don't know. I don't know how likely and it would be in addition not subtraction and back away from the division rivals because Barack Ali excitement and college at Washington. I'll with one of the things to draft when he first came out. I just always spot me in parts of the killer linebacker. I just hope they can somehow get him under enough you know. Have a purse they've been talking about ambush. We need a middle line we've never really need any trees scenes in the last 25 years. We haven't had a middle linebacker for the band knows. And that really kind of controls and then decide you know. I finally got a flood Vilma did a good job force. And he built in boundary yhency and you its success we have had a diet control in the middle and like some law that a lot of tackles. But I just like when Roman Harper had a lot of pack but I would be good sign that right now run it when it went it he'd he'd make a lot tackle that doesn't mean he's Percy good. It has been people lap on the senate and I think that was a linebacker. That didn't seem like you can't control of the ethernet as the captain. You know because I hit it team out of position on time. And you can't blame that on the captain of the few that coaching as well. He called the plays on defense when your on the road plowed. Into it got a kick out of graphic art by the state map and our agent position to comment or. Sam when it comes to a police wearing body cameras. Do we allow them to decide when to turn them on and off or should the be all and all timed recording everything that goes on during their shift. Praised what happens earning now mean that the recent shooting was constant. It'll lead to more protests. In the lead more civil unrest but it's popular back that and music. They don't get paid very much. I think that you look at the domino effect in the logic we have been rare in. There's going to be more pro ethnic it will for you know whose content thing and that affects. That turns at the center that should expect the police force. Is there an apt to become more protective meaning there's going to be more people when he pulled a little ball like well. You know generally from the top I don't trust you are there anymore is it any civic cops. And is going to be more violent towards cops in the bottle. So what happens supposedly you know what are done well. It was confident Michael Brown also. They're they're under a lot of pressure is how it'll get it looked like teachers right and true that would be a lot like the you know it's understandable that new loans police department are on it that are not. I think I think what police have to go through. And how are extra careful have to be and how everything they do. Gets questioned. That's gonna get to the point is supposed to play make them all where the body cams you have to pay a police levels eighty grand a year just to get them to go to work. And that's back and I happened I just BP just going to increase their pay for their job. But hey you know to play Big Brother gets which has taken over and out back of everyone's life. Sam is there's something that you constantly lose at your home or anywhere you're always losing. Lots more here wrote on listening tonight and you have to reach intact but my potential what the pelicans given the credit I did dated and I know you did it. I'm I'm not. I'm not a huge basketball fan so all and he is all at a news report the score. And it is that what it does is it OK okay. Oh yeah and violence and the game and they had about 2000 in terms of its uterine while all those people now. All those people went to restaurant called people's state that we and they all it in the city. And yea it and in international be it Haiti need to support the public and opinion days. It is a freak of nature and he's about to become a lot being. I am I really become a victim partner this year. Hey it is kind of become the best player in India. That's imposed on you right now you're hurting your burst the best player in the NBA he's only 21 verse 22 tomorrow. It is the bed you know freak in the each night and LeBron being as noted the best meat in the year do. It needed as a city need to come according gains. In keeping it means David a year keep them out in here I'm bent and the best prepared or are a lot like. We're gonna get Jamie Graham. Support apart in the name and he had marina. Our rights and appreciate Chicago we take a break and look who was up late at night from mayor Bob. We'll get to him right after this break in the big 870 WWL. AM and what a five point three of them. And our brigade somebody pretty track where opinion poll was saying straight Jimmy Graham to the field for all pro center Max Unger. And a first round pick does that make the team better or worse 66% say better 34% actually worst text message. The saints invested a hundred million dollars in brief and we have to productive Bravo Mickey. While a great move today. We have to move in a different direction and prove the running game because commercial predictable and opened Lester. When Graham was and because he's simply is not a run blocker like grunt for a New England that's why grunt is the best tight in India felt. Let's go to a Russia I should thank you for calling WW well. I'm. Can high DNA and again. You mean no of the Jimmy Graham dread. Why he'd be an I don't remember I want the American heart dynamic it would show you like maybe can Greg at the end but definitely you know a banner I love animals. What about Jimmy Graham what about I. That's who that's who we're talking about an. Well riot what I think. Well that's. All right well we're gonna go to. Jeff Jeff how are you tonight. So. Look like. Maybe that maybe a party put some of the pseudo. All right so what about you how do you feel about the Jimmy Graham trade. That oh. Could you at. An early. Age. And to some extent that you need you know old couple QU two can block. Same same here I didn't know about that and it. Old with a 00. Committee. That he may want to see. Any. Good. Mobile will you stay in and tell them. And the solution. Okay you go to it. Yeah I didn't know that now I you know I did what went when I first heard about it I'll I was kind of shocked and then. The first report it's was that week. Had that were trading him or number one draft pick and and I didn't realize that the senator was in there because this at this. Match under it is that all rules that are. I'm I'm I'm I'm surprised. The world would give him up because if you but the senate the quarterback of such a Richard good relationships and I think that a definite improvement and we got a number one pick even though. It's the 31 pit. 01 of the things that I've heard a bad around those things you might be able to. I think I don't have all of the top wanted. John Minko. I think the epic the saints. Were a team tenth. It is that right John in his eyes of the thirteenth thirteenth OK they're in their potential they might be able to do. It's if tech at thirteen it take the 31 panic. Welcome to gather and they might be able to jump up a little bit higher and and and grab a big depends of. Did Atkins well. Those that are that we had. Well I mean there were they were apportioned Emo over and getting it Drew Brees. And a little. At toys that market was collapsing so much all right let's talk about these these body cameras that. Everybody is talking and and I think we. Have reached the point in our society that may be that we need. Because when when situations happen ego once I'd say and one thing once I'd say and the other thing. And it would be good to have reported so that or we would absolutely no. But the question. When it comes to the police were in the body care to allow them to decide when to turn the moral meaning but okay I've got to stop on the turn on. And now was stopped over in turn off some people say. That they want the body can Stabile on the entire shift even when the Gaza in the cart can do their part to me. That's really losing some personal freedom what do you. You go to four. We're in the war in total control even. Are being. The situation. Couple of girl BOJ. To give it. Should. Poor guys able to the the change topic yeah. In. Judy in a certain you were. Are there. And it brought. Out. We activities. And change. Are right out. Where. Option to start like. Yeah. AM to two. Inches. It's. And I should I. And he did have I didn't have the body cam on. All those children and ten and it. Can't try. And dropped. Judge all right Jeff thank you so much like a break I appreciate your call. I'll be right back at WW. I'm Bob Mitchell. In pursuit the text message from number Bob that ruling was made in DC. Anything is possible when that while it's on. And that's in reference to a judge in DC. Actually ruled. But one guy and his family could not smoked in their own home to some kind of way. The smoke was drifted out and getting picked of the basement it's of that little hole in the basement and it was getting to be other people film now. What I can't understand is why not just plug the hole. Unless some kind of way the holes in a position that. It would not be plugged but still you can't help people. That they can't smoked. In their own home that's that's a price. Concerning the best in a police operation in general just with a cup says and you won't to chop let's go to say amnesty be the Tories say them. About one on the other Sam. Yeah. DO privilege can address that this Saturday. Well you know. Look I'm sure the man on the body camera on the dotted sort technology why I'm in a surprise no one has brought this couple. The body camera port au prince's privacy like the other is called or call. It's not on the computer talk with their wife or girlfriend or. Maybe. Well. Please sir has his own radio you like radioed to the body care. The traffic stop further say oh it's call. Just think it's it's not happened right. Even a traffic stop or disturb or attic police action. Equality. I'm jacket would decoded at this moment does might think is appropriate. So I would call. One to make a traffic stop like that camera. To the radio. Reservist it's which is on. Then when its policy and complete. And that which is back on that protects the sur and the public respect in the opposite. Yeah that's good because judo if you leave that to the officer will push a button I mean they're human beings and and somebody's going to forget and if they forget and something happens it's not going to be while their human beings and they forgot that the star power and our other camera and 500 the dismissed as one thing notes going to be he did it deliberately slow. It's got to be taken the option has to be out of their hands I. I didn't particularly particular that cuts on political and or service call. Not I don't agree to these people that say that. If it should be part of the job and that it should be on a mean one guy actually felt that it should be on during the car when there with a partner because that way if there's any corruption going on it would record for a cup of corruption while it wouldn't be that stupid. How quick and it did talk about corruption. And it occurred back with the result that. Welcome Bubba would you show it again it's and thank you so looks like he's so much. All right now we a given the results are final results of Barbara dates ebony pretty jaguar opinion poll question. The saints traded Jimmy Graham today but the Seahawks for all pros that are Max Unger and the first round play does that make the team better or worse. It's column. Been back and forth all night is forced wrote that the percentages but it's pretty much in the same light 65%. Say better. 35%. Say worse an effective proponent and thank you for all the text messages I'll be back again tomorrow night while scoot fills in court. Angela expected big John for all the help I do Jack and most of all thank you are WW olestra for all the text messaging phone calls. I'm Bob the troop are not a publisher WW well.