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Mar 27, 2015|

Scoot talks with listeners about the German airline crash, the business discrimination act and the Abita Springs lieplus Peter Yarrow

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It's a comfortable life and it's got a cool off it'll be chilly by tomorrow morning you'll probably need a light jacket or sweater with you even know where almost in April this is a nice little a cold front coming through here this critical things off. It tomorrow is supposed to be a great day and then Saturday and Sunday sunshine agreed to a great weekend and this is the weekend of the I'm Shelley Crawford super crawfish festival that is always a blast and the putt there is going to be sensational. I wanna look breaks at that your attention you know I always notice these these things and I'd like to relate him to it to the audience because I think we always need to be aware of these things. That the media does. On CNN is continuing to called the story about the co pilot deliberately crashing the plane. They're continuing to label that breaking news. Now. You don't have the same story breaking news all day but they're trying to. To cause a sense of urgency. Breaking news this is not breaking news because it's caught for a long time so I just like the practice like deport those discrepancies so. What thoughts went through your head when you first learned that the co pilot of this German wings yet. Crashed into the Alps locked himself in the cockpit locked the captive out. And was essentially on what I've referred to as a non. Murder suicide mission. Here's a text and a pilot who decided to sacrifice over hundred people in a murder suicide. Is a real piece of like yeah I would have to I would have to agree with that. On but it is a murder suicide let's start let's not forget that in India I can't I can't help but just think about the times that we. We put our our lies in the hands of other people. People we don't know we just trust that they're gonna do the right thing and it's been like this is very very rare happened a few years ago with to get here Egyptair pilot. He had committed suicide by crashing the plane. So it's it's it's it's one way to go. Unfortunately takes a lot of innocent people with some parties going through some. Tough times obviously. And it's going to be very interesting to see what comes from from all the information that is taken from the co pilot's house. And what he was doing what he was thinking will they be any clue as to what was going on in his mind and why he wanted to do this. We're also gonna talk tonight about whether or not there should be a new law in Louisiana. Requiring people who go out drinking to prove they have the designated driver. And it would be serving drink if they did have a designated driver. Represented Henry burns says that at least this is gonna start a dialogue about the importance of having someone president. If you're drinking. And he does admit it might not do when he thing but at least start the conversation while I do this has been a conversation for a long time. And I think what we what we mean this is having conversations doesn't do any good if people don't act. And I'm not known I'm not here to be the the article or the the parental figure or the lecturer. But I'm just here for us to to talk and and remind ourselves that you know we hear a lot of talk we hear things we know things. We know that it's dangerous and illegal to text and drive and yet. Numerous people continue to do. Is distracted driving. I don't think we need a law for it. Because it comes lenders trekked to drive a dig it takes earlier today for someone who said that we don't need more laws we just need to enforce the laws we have on the books and I would agree with that. But this this idea of what what let's let's let's propose legislation for everybody to have a designated driver which I don't understand how that would work. Very happy to prove that you had a designated driver how could you prove that the designated driver. Was. Was not drinking. Meet you you can't watch the designated driver all the time I mean this is somebody in the bar at the restaurant can watch the designated driver just adding. Again I don't know how this would even work. And we've had conversations about that we know it's important. Odd to have a designated driver. But some people don't do that. An effect. OK so what do you decided to go drinking. And you get really drunk. And you've got to the Campo. You're gonna have a designated driver. Boy you barb you you did you know at the cab driver standing next to you know in the bar. Or the restaurant we hear where you're drinking. So again I just I think this is one of those ridiculous laws that you know might inspire conversation but again the conversations don't matter. If people don't act. I hear is an update on a project opinion poll tonight. Should a business owner be allowed to discriminate against some clients based on the owners religious beliefs. 71%. Say yes. And Tony 9% say no. I think it's a burger Fries. You can give shipping immigrant or where sector behavioral outcome from Metairie Cassandra year on this crucial. Aren't you are you I'm dude. Glad you hadn't you know quit playing on them in different. I you're condoning the pilot. I get that everything. I can play in a matter of right. Yeah it's murder suicide. And Bobby lately AA accurate in high. And eight. We in these people outside and now my. Well I'd ever said he was a mass murderer I don't remember saying that but I have described this as a murder suicide because we. We you know we we think about the people who died and and I wanted to connected to the idea that this is this is a murder this is a guy who. Who wanted to apparently from what we know. Wanted to kill himself but in the process of killed 150 people. And that that is exactly at saint saying that. So why bomber base and send them out and they would try to pay out how many people as possible in the. Yeah and maybe we should start to refer to those people as committing murder suicide because again there's there's there's murder a meat OK there's a suicide bomber somebody commits suicide it kills of the people are in the process of killing themselves. That's a murder suicide answer our heart and I think we should label it as such. Well. Yeah. You do. He. So I want you Al I'm. Fine. And you should be. Coming. I don't. Need beans and that Christian by. I want the bank. That can let. We. Like it doesn't really it. Well only. It is should matter because if you're that concerned about serving people that you perceive as sinners. And why would you not question everybody who came in the in the business that you don't. Why would you not say have you slept with anybody out of wedlock are you living with somebody. Do you see in order yours in the me. Tutu. And the pick out one group I think is wrong. Yeah. If somebody named alma and I hope that anybody out there there. Well Cassandra I totally agree with. That's funny I appreciate the call. All right thanks for listening. You know and I think about the the the fight for equality today. When it comes to to gay rights and and I've been fascinated this topic for a long time. And I guess specifically since probably about 2000 in my opinion this has been very very consistent and to all this I haven't changed my opinion. And at all and I consider all the different possibilities. But I'm fascinated with this because. Because it's a criticism of or are discrimination against gays justifying discrimination against case. Is. Is something that has been fueled by the baby boomer generation. Which is. My generation. And yet. We start out that way. And while you do change with the life experiences that you had and you do. Learned from your mistakes. It's just it's it seems to me that we have lost something that we once held very very important to us we'll talk more about this are coming up. Also if you haven't heard there is. Some new sites I don't know how legitimate it is by attack got a call earlier from someone who said the European. Union times. Dot net. Is reporting that in this is a conspiracy theory out there that America. US military accidentally shot down dead German wings flights with a laser. So again if you are into conspiracies you know it's set to 10 o'clock it's easy doubly conspiracies. After 10 o'clock Sony might wanna buy into that. We'll be right back. 1970. That Peter URO a feeder culinary pleaded guilty to taking immoral liberties with a fourteen year old girl. That means he did sexual stuff for the fourteen year old girl. Interestingly. Peter Yaron Peter Paul and Mary had just won a Grammy for the best recording for children. With the album Peter Paul and mommy. World. So. This kind of stuff has obviously been going on for a very. Long time and I mean just think of the irony. Right after he was the Grammy for the best recording for children. He pleads guilty to. Sexual. Behavior with a fourteen year old girl. Welcome back to this cute show Ott tomorrow dome is Angela tomorrow and weekday afternoons from 14 here and every WL. As joystick supper show at 1 o'clock but what's trending up I'll be Angelo along with Dave Cohen antibody either tomorrow we'll talk about the top trending stories of the day. That it took Huckabee with Angela she sounds off on the hot topics then at 3 o'clock what's the solution to the states one point six billion dollar deficit. Debbie Google TV political analyst Clancy Dubose thinks he has the answer any joins Angela tomorrow so make it dates with the legendary mentally ill tomorrow and we days when before. Here under bureau here's a pretty general opinion poll tonight should a business owner be allowed to discriminate against some clients based on the owners religious beliefs. A 72%. A growing number 72% say yes and 20%. Saying now. Give us your opinion by going to our web site to review over account also getting an ever text about the the plane crash in some conversations have gone about that will be to those. In just a moment. The baby boomer generation. That was a generation the rebelled against the establishment through the 1960s I mean into the seventies but it really it really started to develop through the 1960s. I witnessed that generation. Baby boomers became known as the anti establishment generation. They defy the establishment. By standing up for things like equality. Protecting the environment which at the time was referred to as protecting ecology. They were a generation that was deeply concerned about population explosion. And the predictions that America would become overpopulated. And there would simply be a not it would not be enough food to feed all the people. It's 2015. The original anti establishment generation is now. Today's establishment. Over population. Is not the issue that it was projected to be. America isn't suffering from lack of food America's experiencing an obesity epidemic. Many of those who wants promoted concern for the environment. At the time known as the ecology. They they denounce dire predictions. About climate change. But the most striking contradiction between a generation then and now. Is the change in attitudes about equality. Today's establishment generation. Was once the generation that condemned segregation. Condemned the judgment based on skin color. Religion. And even sexual orientation. Now that generation the establishment. Has equated the right to judge others. As a freedom of expression issue. Today Indiana mayor Mike Pence a Republican. Signed a religious freedom bill into law the freedom that the religious freedom restoration act. This allows individuals or businesses. To discriminate based on religious beliefs. And this popular idea of using religious. Freedom and freedom of expression in general as a justification for discrimination. Really seems to be abusive of of the First Amendment. Indiana me be the most recent state to grant this religious freedom as legal protection for discrimination but other states have joined this effort. And that seems to be attract an end as it appears more and more likely. That same sex marriage will be declared. Legal our dad did a ban on same sex marriage will be unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is your rule on this that the ruling has probably come sometime in in June I guess or at least by the end of June. But this is this is a fascinating issue and it should be for every American. Why are we looking for B why is my generation. Looking for groups to discriminate against. And as the as the battle over banning same sex marriage seems to be over it seems to be essentially lost. That we're seeing this idea that well let's just use our religious beliefs. To discriminate. Now states can pass laws. They can pass laws that are read an unconstitutional. But the loss will ultimately be Null and void and prove to be a waste of taxpayers' dollars in the states. And the state legislature are aware there was a last year or year before. I think it may have been last year. State legislature here in Louisiana went out of its way to make sure that it kept the sodomy law on the books. Now matter how much time they wasted on that but they wasted time on it because the Supreme Court has already ruled that laws that bans sodomy. Are unconstitutional. So any attempt to enforce that even if it's on the books. It's a waste of the taxpayers' dollars and I just told you that Angeles could have Chrissie do most on Tamar talk about the State's deficit of one point six billion dollar deficit so we don't need to be. Passing stupid deals it really don't make any sense. So let's go back to Indiana the religious freedom restoration act I mean this is something that a lot of people around the country if they can are thinking about. It allows individuals and businesses to refused to do business. With the LB GT LL GBT yeah I think it LG BT community. Gays and lesbians. However the law opens the door to discriminate against Muslims blacks Hispanics. And anybody else. They symbol which is beliefs. Businesses in the free enterprise system of America benefit from doing business in America in many ways. Laws. Attempt to keep the marketplace fair. And safe. Ponders police protection infrastructure. There are benefits that being a business in America. They have that businesses have had certain benefits from doing business in America being part of the free enterprise system here. Wondered thinks that this country asks. Is that you not discriminate. And that's based on the concept of this country for our founding fathers. So when the fight for racial equality reached a milestone back in the mid sixties with passage of the Civil Rights Act. Many Americans learn that majority opinion. Does not trump the rights granted to individuals in this country. A majority of the south may have fought equal rights and fought for segregation. And we know we know what a big issue that was in his state of Alabama fifty years ago. African Americans were given the right to vote but they were allowed to vote. So that. Forced the passage of the voting rights act to just reinstate. It had a right to vote. But they weren't allowed to vote. So majority of the south may have fought against equal rights a one time but they lost that fight. Because a majority cannot vote or rule to strip individuals of their rights and that's one of the beautiful things about this country. You have rights even if you're not in the majority. In 1960s and 1970s the baby boomer generation. Really prided itself foreign. I demand for equality. Going dancing and gay club on Bourbon Street Louis. Was common among heterosexual couples might my wife at the time and I would do that with with friends. Why has that same generation. In such an integral part of the crusade. Against gay rights. That generation has evolved into a generation. Is known for opposing gay rights and judging anyone who is straight. Who dare to go to what gave hearted dance. Why has it changed. And I think there there's a lot of frustration over the of the losing the battle to ban. Same sex marriage. This idea that we can discriminate against people. Based on on who they are. This is not America this is not the America that I learned about growing up. This is not the America that I knew. During those impressionable years of coming of age and in 1960s when I started to Ph.D. in political it's social issues. And ironically the generation that fuels the fight against issues of equality today. Is the very generation that once proudly fought the establishment at the time. For greater equality for everyone. I haven't changed. Have you. And this is why I continue to refer to myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. And eat if you care to join me you know call our show in new you'd you'd you can become a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation as well despite. Listening in and participating in the show now. I'm proud of my generation for a lot of things. But I'm not proud of my generation forward for somehow. Losing the fight for equality along the way. Something has happened. Have you changed. You always have you change or you remember the baby boomer generation. And then there's a whole new young generation that is starting to have their say so in the marketplace. And their large in numbers. And there's a young generation that doesn't see skin color the way my generation now dots. There's a young generation that doesn't see sexual orientation as a big deal. The way my generation does now but my generation started out the way that young generations sort out years ago. I hope the new generation. Is is stronger in their beliefs and commitment. That my generation Alice. The scope blog tonight is titled baby boomers fights for equality. Got lost along the way. And -- venture with others agree or disagree is on our website. At WWL dot com if you and enjoys for the comic tonight numbers 2601 it's happening. As Terry cut 504260187. Text is 8787. How often or short JoAnne your W well. Yes. I. The I. Think it is back at. I am sure. That the patent Jerry. That. We everybody. That and more apt. People that are older the fact that we are all large they can mean there's been in the decade. What I'll call it late a lack that there were people who are between the 38. Or. The people think you're prudent. What are the auto bitch but it would happily. 1980. Baking to their majority to bear each vote. Capped at eight. Reagan Republican started C court you know there there may not be. There are high powered Republican. Cain was air Republican. Apple doubled neo conservative. And the Republican Party Specter start taking out torched and what it input they can't wait it again we. Repeat there is it may not it before. Why do. You people and they are able. On the on the base are anti abortion. And then I. Bet that it Q well. We'll make abortion illegal. It's been that. And that really care. Issues they care about getting it or they'll. And not exactly sure based on Supreme Court rulings I don't know what can be done to overturn Roe vs. Wade. I don't know what can be done thick of all the people in the in the mid term elections last November joy and who voted for candidates expecting them to overturn obamacare. And I realized they were waiting for Supreme Court rulings and and it takes awhile to do things I don't see a lot of action on that front so. It's tension dead dead this was this was a campaign issue. Just again votes even though realistically in their hearts and minds the politicians knew they were gonna be able to do anything about it. You. Keep. People. Especially people that may be out. Find. Out there racial. State. So. I'll Wear it or. Oh hybrid to. What it looked like a they want her out. It. Should be equally or that the people Ashe it will. And they. Are the words are black or. Rick Barnes and like. It at. The debate. But I don't otter. Tail it. To. The late eighties and it. At 800. I think Joey and I think that they're definitely part of it when I say younger generations it's not DD generation younger than the would be boomer generation of singers like younger than that but I also think that that baby boomers I had have changed and they they've really started changing in the eighties. This is the generation that fueled the the conservative movement in the 1980s and it was. Win baby boomers started to have had kids and family homes and houses BMW's and being than a neighbor that. Material things became very important. And this is an and moving to the suburbs also from the city's. This is on another thing to contribute to conservative mentality. It could be hate to see you are you aware. That. Our our. Run. Out. Oh. It it it all day and that they'll call. It. It should end there. When Reagan during Easter there. Radio. Did you equal air inter the court. Would pleads with app. I'll work there. Cable it out at. Well you and that really started long before. Radio and television started to become as politicized in terms of of talk shows. And and you know maybe we should talk about the Fairness Doctrine another time but in in in in terms of entertainment the Fairness Doctrine did not apply. It was more something that apply to new shows and you could could technically. Do. Do a talk show oh. And I and not give somebody equal time if there was an entertaining talk show but if you were doing the news you were. Down to it to give equal time. Why that they struck back at the end the end. The FEC. Epic that we see it and by news there all the others that aren't even Corey at that they sell the car. And they. Don't know and and enjoy and that's to me that's part of freedom let's restate they don't have to be fair. But what we need to do is be Smart enough to know that since they don't have to be fair they're not there and let's realize what they're doing. I don't believe that people can be manipulated by the media unless they allow themselves to be manipulated by the media. I think that certain but I. I think I find that they're there allow that out too little bar being degree. Well there JoAnne I appreciate the call thanks for thanks for listening. Yeah if you're if you're manipulated by the media is is that the media's fault or is it your fault for allowing it to happen. We'll be back. Obviously getting a chilly outside I am all locked in a secure in this very warm controlled climate in our studio but I at some point tonight it's gonna start to cool off navy has already surgical it will be cool by tomorrow morning. And we have a beautiful Friday any beautiful weekend a dot C Euro Disco show and a BW a good evening. I don't like I was not caught it but they had a sexual advocate for Peter error of the air yes you know. Com you look there are not out there have you all known for oil and the person you. I'm at steer myself. Really telling you not have now. Well I never out that the perfect man came along and about thirty which would make at that time thought younger than. I. Mother told me in nineteen. Well I know I mean this is able first of all that's the I I hope that I would note if somebody is close to fourteen and the media might think she's there. Off the tee you're Barack Obama look look at these chicks what they look like this I was nineteen you look like you for. Yeah. Girls these stay. In the end. To so you send up to Celine descending Peter Euro because I'm not get any. Get the point you know. Get on the part. Some people Koppel Lee. Actually act out. And called my it was. Oh. You. Like I can cure. And Jerry and and he did that. Occur in Nazi death holes was is not seen. And you thought he was 37. Yeah. You'll he would go with it he spent a lot of time. He was on terror. Yet deep line. And it. Wouldn't affect that are intelligent and very attractive. Okay yeah we need these nineteen didn't do any illegal. No I don't know like you see what the eight. Because it never never. Should have been happening. Fourteen year old you'd. Think well certainly let it they definitely not yelling at that in. I don't know in 1970 though I I've fourteen year old girls did not dress not the way to address them now. Oh man you know you pack it's him and you know. I got that wonderful book on all that. It's like well. These people. Do. I mean I know you know I know when dialing in 1970 you know they were girls fourteen year old girls running around and hot pants and miniskirts. What about George Harrison girlfriend. Remember hug and she wasn't she double even enter school uniform Sheila bill. And remember yeah I do remember that and a Bill Wyman on bass player for the stones left the stone is. And he was signed by I don't know fifty in Merida like an eighteen year old. Band and they re. An. Enemy. And Jack one night and of course it killed in our I mean why else. You again I can't. Do that. It. And I. It is a funny at this point it's a funny story but you know if if a I do know somebody who hit who hit him gunners Szymoniak I am I into being he went to prison and he. Ended up having it didn't have intercourse but had sex it's like to contact we are. Currently is under par. Or under court there was under age. But she was what I mean all that she was in a bar and he and and it so happened that the girl was the police chief's daughter so he really didn't have a chance but if you know but if she's in a bar though. Could you blame the bar for letting her Ian would you awesome and it's always a hotly. That and that he cock the fleet because he about it at circuit. Ready. I'd like to get I think gave. Is else. It enough. Next time I don't care he looked like. I'm on minister chicken ID well not that I afterward too much about them but I'm not gonna take anymore chances are we'll check out idea I'll explain. Buy dot C I'm glad you called thanks for sharing your experience with the younger man witness. I'm very very younger man. ID journal see where this if you got a comment here's the number 2601. Erica final four to 60187. Or text. Is it 7870. A moment ago is that talking about Peter yarn a comment that I made to there is on Tuesday 1970 to Peter Euro Peter Paul Mary pleated. I guilty to. Taking immoral liberties with the fourteen year old girl and I was rather critical of him for doing that he had recently won a Grammy for the best recording for children with the album Peter Paul. And a mommy. Types it does he was putting out that sometimes people look older than they really are. And you know what if if if a girl lies about her age and usually older than issue Lee alike younger than she says she is. It really should be the girls fault but unfortunately it's the guy who who displayed and you know it does Christian our senior producer just played a puff the magic dragon. Come on. And you're worried about drug lyrics today. I mean puff the magic dragon I mean there were so many theories about that song when it was really about it. At the magic anyway you can go into well a whole load and drug conversation about that from Algiers dined here on the screen showing the WL. And Michael Jordan. Earlier you were talking about near the rationed discriminated against or structure the usual alleging. He. Well. You would that it were talking about the government reading your sport on Matt Light and Ingrid backed. The government should be an issue in the right thing that should be burned church. And not learn Turkey should be sent regardless of where things are ultra Smart manner but I think it's or that. Ago first it's with a cake makers on the West Coast where they were forced. Jamaica K first things are Koppel even know that was against Serb religious beliefs. I think you're in imposing. Your imprint on the freedoms your years in the pre and cheers and ethnic church used. That in there should be returned to our knack for future. Homosexuals. Shouldn't force in debt. Where we're at we're back where we are written or beliefs. And while mile but. We respect each other policemen and we can we can't do. Well done in America you know we have the constitution and that prohibits discrimination so we have to decide who we're gonna allow people discriminate against in his as a business owner and America I don't think you have a right to discriminate. If you don't want to own an American and don't own business. Question there and screwed. The constitution. Clearly separate for. Their freedom of religion or call anywhere in the constitution. It's saying. There's. Nondiscrimination. Act. As. Don you wanna hold on I've got to get to news break in the if you are hold on I'll get to you after the after the news will be right back with more and this is this cute show on. WWL.