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4-2 6:10pm Kristian: on the Saints' draft outlook and Drew Brees's contract

Apr 2, 2015|

Kristian talks with draft guru Mike Detillier about whether the Saints could draft a new tight end and talks Drew Brees's contract.

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Kristian garic in four deep Bellamy is simplify our three. Sports talk WB well I am FM WWL dot com. Willie should help the pelicans right Russell Westbrook. Of the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sports Illustrated SI jinx. As the pals try to make a run Delhi games ago. Down a game and a half to OKC and good good get there Steve Geller capturing via Sports Illustrated covered weeded out. The they look to skated the map who cares of OKC's struggles that our problem. But pelicans make the playoffs though there back in action tomorrow against Sacramento. Operating jaguar people on line for W do elect on the NFL network has a season long five teams. They believe. In for a bounce back year all the black and gold on the right track to return to the playoffs. Cast your vote online at W Milan become more calls at 260187. Texan 8787 he had Drew Brees last hour this hour got a Mike did today NFL draft analyst breaking down the tide in position group we'll talk to to not where the talent is kind dispersed. Through this draft. Read a lot of bow out top fifteen picks. Pre consensus but at the at a 1516. On back to fortieth so. Feels like it's the same kind of value or seen kind of players so how does that affect the saints' draft strategy and altogether with the moves now kind of reset the board. They brought Jahri Evans back one year extension personnel moves of from the offseason Max Unger CJ Spiller. Brandon Browner and I'll I'll be now. Does the draft picture. And targets for the Saints come in a little bit more clear focus. Outside linebacker receiver is of the tight end we'll get that from the NFL draft analyst Mike Tate coming up after India news at 635. 260187. Text and 8787 the State's organized team activity schedule and offseason schedule. On line for it WL dot com it's been released. Via June mini camp as well. Sixteenth through the eighteenth of June. Mini camp. Rookie minicamp. Will be may fifteenth and seventeenth the draft. April 30 may first and second. Then then the Saints begin there offseason program on April 20. Place to start with the weights. Course on the news TBA it's not as. Not as intense in terms of the amount of practices is truly about in the shape conditioning with the weights and get the feel for a certain number of practice sessions. At Allen Iverson practice common practice that's right will be a lot put. Come may. June and at the end of July for training camp. LSU baseball. Back in action tonight in Hoover Alabama taken on the Alabama Crimson Tide. Trying to get back on the winning side of things in the SEC. Can hit who's gonna step up in terms of the bullpen pitcher for the LSU Tigers. Text messages coming in an 8787. On the Drew Brees conversation. Interview. A 907 says. What are rule great Family Guy listened to his kids in the bracket background makes him a great role model tell drew we backed the reason alone. Asked them at the end there about. A restructure the contract counts that it's his business along with a team. Text messages command. About. SC. Sift through Moyer. Is gonna miss Jimmy Graham. Texas history and the be alive for you though had to be to do all that come another 187 ninths is greed why why's he greedy. Why's he greedy who have this conversation we had before I'll do it again I'll be glad to I'll be glad explain you why he's not agree. Any NFL at his age. He's a premium talent on the team. He sure you can talk about a new loss tomorrow and shrink and that's simply not true. But. Not greedy went how is it any different for the team. To be Ellis say at any point time throughout these contracts. I'll look who were were down when you were delegate. So this point with this none of this should be a surprise the Saints in terms of this cap figure. He should just automatically. Go once they had to take someone yeah I just don't like that idea. I've shared my thoughts when you on that now it's one thing if they go to him. Eight or restructure. Says no this is different story but you know. He even have to give money at the knees greedy he got market value back and point 20. That's what franchise at the rate. Of quarterbacks franchise quarterbacks at his level that's what they were going for it at the Saints didn't pay him. Somebody else would've. There were several members of the would add nation the fan base I remember specifically that hosted shows. During that time. Hey. I'll pay him out of my own money right much back whatever it takes give whatever he wants. But the expectations change so we signed that deal he knows that. Everybody can figure that out obviously the pressure tired gets ratcheted up a little bit. Because of the money that you're making now it's about hey you win it. And we don't win you're gonna face that scrutiny. Look at Dallas Cowboys in Tony Romo he counts for more it's a cap that Drew Brees just point seven million dollars. In alive Dallas Cowboys fans are screaming about that because it made the playoffs last year. It Drew Brees and the Saints go back to the playoffs this year make a run. His contract will be less of an issue will be it will be talked about as much same thing but greedy now getting market value yes. Which you would do what I would do trying to get. What I'm worth when you're worth if you take less. He had doing good business has the NFL clubs yet they can talk all that stuff they want about. Loyalty and team in organization. But. When they're done with you that's it seal later. There in a different world there were in terms of what what's on the table for them it's hard to understand it's harder. To relate to that. Were grind it out for thousands or grind it out for means and not everybody in the NFL's making means dollars. The premium players are rookie players not so much. Middle road veterans maybe. You know. These rookie contracts fifth round pick sixth round pick there in the league five years four years. They're in a league for years on a rookie deal. That I make it means dollars a year. Cologne 2000 instill that's relatively a lot of money but based on. The money in the NFL it's available compared to these owners. And what these some of these coaches even make it's pennies. About didn't. Your value. This is sports talk on W two LA anathema dot com. Welcome back to sports talk text messages from 7141. Romo Tony Romo was asked about his contract yesterday said he was willing to take five million dollar pay cut to keep DeMarco Murray yet after the fact. He said it's easy to say then. Denny looks stray. But it and ask them a didn't heating go to the Cowboys. If he was that Willits who wanted to go to the Cowboys and say hey they still my money he'll pay DeMarco Murray. Look easy at the leverage now of course it's easy when he's in the media to see that. Looks good. But it really came down a cut and time Woody have felt the same in terms of a phone call from Jerry Jones say how you will take a pay cut. He DiMarco. When you make that decision it's easy to say it now. Give a lot of reaction and 87870. Drew made damaged goods money for four years including a Super Bowl and callers complaining that any never asked are you never complain and trying to cipher through this one. As of auto correct that out feels right sent a text message it ought to correct places never complained at for new contract now he's making what he earned a good for him. That's yet to great point. Played out that contract never squabble about it never made public never talked about it the grass hey where's my money where his money deal. They let a McNeal at that contract expire had they may be renegotiated that with a year left maybe they would have paid the price they add papal. As you member. 111. He lit it up. All the great offensive success. One of the greatest offenses and FL history into 111. Point two all offseason Tom pay the piper. The seats at weighted. Why would you let it expire I thought all along they wouldn't wanna get that final year would let it expire let it run out when you franchise tag on. What nature value. Don't Demi just don't tell me he's greedy. That's that's simply not true. Yeah. Drew Brees got the idea that we know you RC move long while K. Christian KR. IS TI. Here is Drew Brees. Earlier. On sports talk and asked about retiring at saint. I do absolutely absolutely but I also understand the reality is that everything or. You know you gotta give every week you're around so it was more your time. One year at a time they expect to but yeah one year at a time because of other way he's yet this year or next. 3839 years old all the Saints do that. Would be ready to move on have they started to think about that picture life after Drew Brees. I. Also asked about his reaction to the Jimmy Graham trait. Felt that I think you chart all the lot of crazy things happen now you know burned there on the court treatment due to a lot of different things you know. And Portland you know I think you. He's been around Florida you can see everything happen and I'm predicting a big took a couple of those revisions their you know young players. That's good uncle players that experience because that's. Feel like every guy that good now have ordered up the very cute and got up in an Olympic break toward a big role. And you know contribute your corporate or. What was Palin's reaction and other elves. He legal McCollum. You actually I have two years turned picture that we though well actually. But they all heck they'll have any grand juries male coached little dirty big you know. Poll in the minor leaguer but you know them. Throughout the year well. I mean listen to me like a brother and was he was closed system to go to the scene of a toll. That part of it is it's something that people would track up you know and they're obviously a football player he. You know a rare rare talent you know and so certainly. Could've not having a guy like that on the field with you that it is the difference maker but. This bitter relationship that you built in the locker room and that's that's really. The partner is artists noticed that your view of some other good rerouted to other and you know you've been written and together you. You build a relationship number most of them you know. Been peppered him at all but under different here. Dog it doesn't look into it we all do about it other than you know that should not complete so that offered. Text messages well at 87878. 5073. Stacked defense that he'll lying give Brees decent receivers and Ingram drew can take care of the rest yet he's exactly the reason why you can move Jimmy Graham. Kenny stills. Ben Grubbs. Your brain in a rookie quarterback couldn't do that. He allowed you to create more room another once as I have Wales is to restructure on Thomas text or by ails us to restructure one I drew. While it didn't say he he wasn't going to restructure. Always said was not have that conversation you Christian and I haven't in a public that's basically what he sent those conversations. War in will be between Sean Payton Mickey Loomis and the team and your position and what do we what do what. Let's let's build upon that so how does that answer not. Good because of the fact that fans including myself. In terms of any media got all bent out of shape when Keenan Lewis post an honest to Graham. About his displeasure over his contract. We would've reacted when we we went crazy over that. Lighten him up a little bit. Drew just said not not talking about that idea didn't say wooden. Not talking about though you Christian. That's why a what I did it necessarily expect them to. But as far as they're by ails restructuring. Marcus Colston restructured this year. Who else move some money around Brodrick Bunkley right David Hawthorne 'cause they don't have the leverage. Right it I love it Curtis Lofton was asked to restructure. He had a little bit leverage you are out there and got what he was gonna get here in the world with the Oakland Raiders on the open market same things that drew. Did restructure I guarantee you there be another team out there in better cap space it's only issue because it affects the cap space and I didn't make the playoffs but. There would be another team out there that would sign onto a similar deal that would count so I almost the im the same amount that is gonna cost the Saints this year against the cap if you were set free. He has the leverage he knows that. That's what you have to do because the as an employee sometimes the employer you hear you rarely have the upper hand when it comes this kind of money you've got to be able to use that. Why wouldn't you. It's easy to say when it's not your money. Pudge given up but if it was shorts and in the got to go away witness. Matt we've had this conversation couple weeks back not trying to be redundant I just I just can't stand the selfish argument and another one text message and a 787 saying that. It's poor leadership no it's not. We don't know that any and he he may end up restructuring his deal. But is not poor leadership because he didn't volunteer. The silly notion of volunteer to take a pay cut. That's just. Unbelievably silly. An employee would do that to strengthen the team did you meet others in all likelihood wouldn't do that. Now permit longevity. And maybe he has that thought a couple years from now. When he's closer to retirement. But and it longevity for you then you considerate. Potentially Peyton Manning did it. He's double he's older. Right he's Dolan drew so he's a different position. He may only play and I'll play one more year. Oh by the way you look at their network you look what. Tom Brady pay Manny made over their their careers not the same as drew. I. What a suitable vastly underpaid. May we all agree on that. Did they under achieve as a team yes it wasn't just drew last year the defense was wretched terrible couldn't get off the field on third down. Turn a ball over yet on offense some of those a lot of those Drew Brees absolutely. Pressure in the middle. Much that is on drew on the offensive line they're making steps taking steps. To fortified fix that. To spare me the selfish stuff should be restructure we can had that conversation. But selfish now. 26018 Seve text and 8787 in. NFL draft analyst might take them up after the news headlines the demands of I gotta believe Malone from it all the text line I'll get back to get some good ones. Some that. Just don't get it. Wanna be right don't wanna get it rightly Lafayette you on double to duo. Al might turn it might. It epic later. Good example chain of people who are. And act there if they lose your money money. I wouldn't want it. I mean you know it's a lot Barton. Or. Something they orders. But it should restructure. Let that go out there play. Like it leave their late last year as they audit. Look at Tony twelve. And Tony twelve Lee he was the franchise. Guy no coach no assistant coach no general manager. He's stood up there it took. Beatings in the media about that whole picture. The whole process the bounty etc. he went out there played yet they didn't make the playoffs are seven and nine. But he was he was he was the face he was it that was the guy. Mike today NFL draft analyst joining us now might. So our little a little fired up today. But that would let a well I mean I just I'm so sick of his Drew Brees is is selfish stuff I mean I dizzy. And then it will take a pay cut at their own yeah exactly exactly right it and everybody is willing to work. With any company that this page you well this saying that paid Drew Brees well. But that. You know no matter which you make and nobody wants to give up anything. Financially. So the Colin my opinion. Our job and let me say 20%. Now its happy going to be. Yeah it's easy to sit back there on on our radio our phones ago egg does take his money where it. Bottom line wouldn't it it's a lot of jealousy in the world. Jealousy for success. Jealousy put people Mikell and Austin note you can't so why. I mean he hit that thing would get real hot with this new and a pile up about it. Because your people Condo on all that's why it's called his wide and don't come out right and say it. But it's implied that played it wanna take a pay cut. So we have removal. And in that case and let me coach salary. Coach or as the executive. And I'd come on it's not set in. Possibly so to speak it not put out there but in essence well if you work with. And you know being you gotta go somewhere else okay you signed the contract in good faith that cut the company and so did you. You live up to it the best the world sport. Everything given to it. And you know the same thing as a coach you sign a five year contract the most god you know reached by the years you know so. So you understand I think for the average person. I don't know what the average male make in America I think it's 38037000. Somewhere in that range. When they see somebody make it 1518 to twenty million dollars. That the job in net in the fact that. You know that guy for what he is on that and the team that's willing to pay him. A multi billion dollar. Is the net. Could it. Similar to the economy will be business where you know an actor and actress gets a certain amount of money for doing a movie and also points. So you about what they get paid so to speak to do a movie in and have to move music's and they get the point out this game meal money. That's like the optimism hope these Internet today and hasn't major. And what that there yeah. Now last Lyra call was is brave mark. And so you know is it when it is. And I just think that you know because of today's world and so many people know about what athletes make and what coaches make. That did it you know they're an easy target. I'll put that sort of thing and rarely do you. They may they sign up for that so that's fine with. Yeah it's a renegade. Do you hear a man that almost make it too much money. Exactly I was at exactly I'm getting to him Mike I'm not trying to push off here but I applicant wanted to get John talk about. The draft class and namely at tight end in a draft analyst Mike to two BA and you know taken out might TA dot com at my identity on Twitter and of course. He's gonna have a draft publication coming out here suit Clive wall for from Miami. Chet Fuhrman Max Williams who's won two with a three in a class. Couple easy Mac Williams is number one clear cut. People like Jimmy Graham. More experience at the collegiate level. And question I'm getting old opulent but I doubt it is dead. Bryant and the trumpet that played in the eighties so I did Nolan has been as well like at the and then a pop. Not news to you an example of it then you know really been in this business a long time but. Max has a king slot receiver playing tight yet. Only played a couple of years at the richer. Everybody remembers. Use big game we just a couple of god of war just. He's a good receiver. And you look at it in two years he just caught 61 passes total. But in the opportunity was built around cop running the football but he's an explosive guy can get now PO. Gives you a lot of effort as a blocker not great but he's six or two or if you count and he's he's got its going to be. A late twenty's. Thirty pick in round one he's intriguing at 31 of these days. The cut what would he get this golf fans or Green Bay. Far New England you know you can just see that flex Connell wide receiver at tight end. Quite walk what is my number two guy. Interesting player in net when you watch and so on days he looks like. The best thing since sliced bread in another day's news and very calm. He's a big guy export to fit you five. Great speed really good aptly. He digital efforts of one blocker he's good in that area. Pretty good runner really effective short medium range area of the field and he's got good eye hand coordination catches the ball in traffic. You don't tight. For the getting into and out of this cut in his breaks it is inconsistency. That drives me crazy at the scale because when you look at him. One game looks terrific. Now the gains. He's nonexistent. Now a little credit that Miami Florida quarterback and crew wasn't too hot. So that may have only part into why his play it was a little bit up and down up and down up and down. But I think he's a solid second round pick. But Mike Ford got crunched in that third spot being called back from notre saint. Tyler fall from Rutgers who what think is the sleeper of the group here. He's got a chance to be a pretty good player Jesse James from Penn State. You the 48 ounce of me and talk trickle water amity can get the ball real well. And I got lot of really like he's not being he's not that he's much at all on the way as he gets to play. He makes plays you get to the floor on that Nichols Terry from Florida State. Who's the grandson of Jack Nicklaus. But actually it was Winston at the mini camp last year yet to start a team tomorrow. Awful Florida State squad who do you take immediately denied nichols' leery of economic trouble that exactly what go to downfield. He's always open Andy that if you ask him he's always open. But competent then and himself as a player. To be honest with you Max is the only pure tight in that award round one. Clive will be the only tight angle in round two. But I think there probably five guys that don't go in the third round as a tight end. The the X-Factor here is Devin functions. Where you play him. Use that high in earlier in his career and he played wide receiver last year. For a team like New Orleans or New England or Green Day at Denver. Who uses a lot of it's like stuff. I would use him as a tight end. Where a really effective short yardage will be changed red zone he would be huge market. And but he won't give you much as a blocker but maybe is a big cat that fine down field so. I think in his draft class you look at that probably only two pure tight end going in the top sixty player. But from 61 and two probably a 110. You've probably got about five tight in there and it has become a tight in week where are you looking for receivers. Not necessarily great blocker and you're not flying in them because from South Carolina Rory Anderson. Is a really good inline blocker. And social and the receiving port he had his moments but. That's what he really does that so. That that would be at the turn into to be honest though it's a depicting get to league and you find them. At that site imposition on one thing upon a little evidence that would safety and I got to go up against the six foot six the idea. But chances to win and him battling real good. NFL draft analyst Mike today here. And might wanna talk about door real green Beckham right out of draft analysts in mock drafts have him instantly fall in. 231 in the seat grab him there when he. He's at thirty when he won't get the 32. Here's my thing is just my opinion I don't think he gets the 31 I think somebody pulled the trigger and other. He's an interesting player net. I've known him since he was in high school. His step dad. Being a coach. He is a huge receiver huge target. He's not one step past now east and step that. But you don't get a handle on him and try to reroute him you're in trouble. Because me and he can keep it in the end of the year want to get in space. I thought at a pedestrian. Freshman season he seemed to be a god that was easily reroute it. As a sophomore. Yet has yet to hit the weight and he was stronger in Manny would get it has been a monster junior season. You know the bird in hand and get to knock on trouble. It is the trust factor and here comes into play athletically he's as good as any receiver in the draft class athletically. Anybody. But you know it's off the field issues. Leaves you wondering why somebody who has been given so many chances continues. To put his hand in the water with a par on I mean apparently you don't get cute at all. And and Gary and the particular mark that thing after the assault situations. They go to Oklahoma and basically nearly two W but you knew he was never gonna play for the sooners. He's got that I think will be at when he pick in round one. Great talent. But I don't know that his teammates liked him. His coaches liked him he was not a problem in that area it was self inflicted. This stuff that he was going. What bothers me more later Christian is a god it didn't get along with people. And that's a couple gotten in his draft class that it got in trouble and kicked off but team not because of off the field incidents but because. Walking with coach does not get along in the locker room the united distraction. Dorian green Beckham is that guy that if everything was clean on him. He'd be challenging Amare recuperate Kevin White for the top spot he's that good so if he's in the 20s30s. Yet you've got a real fast I just don't think he gets the 31 but he beat the I'm just delegate Patriots would never seen him. The NFL draft analyst Mike did CA. How to vote so order pre order your draft guide. Big Eagles want to saint report dot com Mike affiliate dot com and in know have an out later and actually. Excellent affording in my hands on that might TA NFL draft analyst thinks the botched. A sure thing Gisele Metairie. Sits idle talk to you you weigh in as well 2601870. Text and 878 and get back to some of these text messages. Several of them including 963 Torre. You know you are 9633. Come and talk to you. This is sports talk on W well. He missed my go to AA. Find it on podcast online at WWL dot com welcome back to sports talk crushing Garrick in four. Deke Bellavia. All of the techsters that can just fire off a bunch of men a couple of tell me. I'll have to listen to you this much longer. Now. He still listening and. Does elementary you know on W duo. Chris and thank you so but being an eighty protector of our nation. As they are on the greens and probably. I did a short stint yes as a policeman. Portion of public about what the impact of acute care about your selfishness. I would like to Chile was in well with drew Greece. We are free market our duty. And that definitely on our nation. And no leverage in. It's been chlorine in the work. And we knew that worker he can. And actually it'll and I would like also today. Thank you read it all so. A first rate individual and he all around here at the heart. But he. It. Are you wanted to back to compliment. And I went out with thank you for what you have on our society. As well thank you very much very humbled. Very Elmore by your thanks and again you guys are all worth it in terms of me serving his country but a third generation guys. Just not not doing any special just do what I felt was best. For me. The situation thousand voyage on the record and they have a direction. It's wet anyway Gisele thinks about football called a perspective. On via breezed contract. It's the breeze interview in general. But now given a few text messages on trying to sift through several of them. And you know I want to back to Ellis touched on before we got Mike in we had a calls well it's white twelve if you think about that though right. Shopping was on Mickey Loomis suspended. Joseph bit suspended. So his role was basically the he was the guy. He was the glue finish seven and nine in that year in particular. That year in particular. I shudder to think what the record would've been like without that player. My goodness and when I'm I know when it changed I know when it changed upon about the perspective. What you talked about or what you. Had big money. And he got that point well contract he signed. Yet the pressure gets turned up and the expectations is turned up. I'm wonder though we didn't change were I. I've I was have been host and shows on the radio station since 2009. And you could never find a negative. Week text or anything about Drew Brees phone call. And I know that. Point twelve it'd make the playoffs 2014 it and make the playoffs. I know that. The wind didn't I'm just surprised to see it turn this much. Anti drew. I I thought the idea. Our caller or text are saying. Tiny British drew was unimaginable. A few years back now it's changed. And I would disagree it's not time. Certainly not he's got gas lot of gas left in thing called me Drew Brees home all you want not the first operative. To paint a picture it's real for all trying to do. This is sports talk on the B to B well.