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Apr 7, 2015|

Garland talks to Transportation Research Institute Program Manager Debby Bezzina and Center for Transportation Research Director Chandra Bhat about the future of self-driving cars.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It moves but huge headlines a couple of days ago in the wired. Web site. It said the this is busy. Robo car and driver whose car Charles drove across the country. And it talked about this done 3400 mile between New York City and San Francisco. And they called it amazing feat and I'm not a trauma to open a red ones that amazing groove rule. Has not one car but multiple cards that are driven the cumulative 700. Dialed some plot smiled. While there's so big and in something. Occurred to me that we don't womb we've interviewed businesses here. Simply been reviewed talked troop we've talked about explode in troop rove. Two times to lose 44 time sports six and six content that thing and every time that double loops. Did the imagine hockey stick and it's in the it's barely. Parallel to the ground and it starts off booed when he hit at some point it just takes. And what they mentioned in the article usually accrued to bring something new and to customers in the automobile industry and it is. Takes about seven years to do that. But they pointed out it would shows the eleven years ago in the desert raised. Where they try of these these. Schreiber who is difficult. One up with a little over seven mile zone and caught fire. And does the next year by vehicles than a 130 miles took him seven hours to do it. So in other words the big deal about this. Is how easy it was and how quickly. We've reached this point. But I think it's getting ready to go a little complicated throws to review the fruits and thankfully. We have brought Debbie goes into its system program manager University of Michigan transportation. Research institute. Are you a professor. I. And call you professor dial card moved Tuesday. Thank you for joining so I appreciate. What what do you make of this week at Ilan mosque the head of a tough salutes saying LD driver whose cars on the road in five years what do what are you seeing results. We know that the one thing that always sticks in my mind is I can't believe. How much media that it and a good way to it Barack automated vehicles. Everyone dinner table. And I can't go anywhere without anyone asking about my work and it wanna know about automated vehicles and how it fit then I think it took. Wonderful in an almost an advantage kit did. You know they've brought it to the forefront you know vote Google and it's just latest cross country. Headlines. And I think really get it helped in a way because they're bringing in media and consumer demand may see these vehicles. They can start seeing the benefits that the vehicles they can see the technology behind the vehicle and they want. But not like we're just making them and and we're forcing consumers you know forcing it upon consumers. If I think it's really. Eating that the demand is going to be there and so by the time that they're ready for prime time. And it still be a lot of demand for them. I had a wonder if you it's not good group core. And wade that we don't even its C and let me give an example. And deference call our over the weekend were wrong and interstates new car. And he looked down. And read for something I'll look don't Wear them and the car slowed. And we looked up in the rose eighteen with a card does not allow him to get up within a certain distance. Then. He got distracted on the phone call. And win over the white dotted line in the beep to let him or did so it isn't it Conakry bureau good. Parallel park then sell it and it kind of creeping up on. Yeah so they're different level of automation and we have automation there we headed there cruise control. Get your first stage. And sodomy vehicles right here no longer doing media analyst doing it for you super crew is worth breaking for you. You know net available. And then the hands but like he had a warning system but they're also system that will steer you back into the plane took Google Earth can it gave accurately. And so. He could you look at it progression and I'm like any other technologies you look at that progression and there are a lot of things that need to be done. Until we get to the full line needed vehicle. And and net you know how do you mixture the driver knows that they need to take back control. You know what that bad interface look like what is that standards could be for those types of interfaces. What kind of safety precautions you know failed state do you need to take. And to right now a lot of it fully automated vehicle which is what we see in the headlines. And it is in development but they're still substandard. I'm talking about you know federal standards that they need to be. Completed the testing and a mound and then implement it could come a long way but it is seated there still is down. Standards that need to be developed and implemented. Ari do I know we have skewed news story about twenty minutes with a but I've got 101000 questions so I need you Tuesday's six hours. Over Republican take a break point to come back. I broke a crazy question. Well why did the self driving car didn't drive black do maybe I'm up by a tribal or. Slow poke or we're gonna learn to trust them and and suppose. We start getting the self driving cars. While most still got the talk to people broaden the old school cars and if there's an accident. Who's at fault hardware or manufactured. The software manufacturer. The car manufacturer looper really wanted to. On the question itself driving cards questions. We've got the expert gives call. To recede it's 0187. Our bread and Josh Bard doubled up bill opinion poll we have every day today it felt like that's. Would you use of self driving car for a cross country trip 63%. Of BC absolutely not. I would do it in a second. We're about Debbie goes into with the system program manager. At the University of Michigan transportation. Research institute. The regular. Or those 63%. In part two is betting that little old. Say absolutely not I think a lot of Mon prince talked Tuesday. Well you know what one of the car to have him Broadway on one camper. And ruby frauds we're going all and I'll what happened to her old cars driving with the new driver whose cars always said he did them. My vision in Columbia memorial base here is a little bit different kind of future. I think it will be Lanka a taxi cab remove a car. When you get into you know not pass certain broad view you don't have much control at least with it's. You can very easily turned at all by tapping the break. But to me and vision. Hurts or or companies like that where you call and say send me this car. It arrived with the driver you get in that in putting your death solution and take should there Kamal it's. I'll absolutely not I think in the automated world that there is room for both these shared with the culture vehicles. And then people that own their own vehicles. And you know I viewed futures more like you know I robot movie where. There. The main character like to drive by himself and everyone thinks he's weird. I think is because they're that option you can drive by year you know and you drive. Your vehicle tracked for you maybe you don't own the equities this year vehicle has held I think that there are many options physically. And it is indeed it is relatively easily or or very easily Joseph dissident and tried to choose tapped the brain can duplicate. Well that yet that is it's supposed to be some mechanism whether it capped a breaker whatever it may be but yeah she should always be able to. Take control of the vehicle. Number and people point up but they're tinker problems. Here's one to come to mind for me. A lot of police department sheriff's department sued in particular. Dwell I would say even a large sized cities. Derive book pretty good piece of their budget from traffic fines from traffic violations. Insurance companies may go a whole lot of money you awful accident some people in ensuring true to prepare. Although it's accident. What happened sued the insurance company what happens is in revenues. What happens to police Republicans. If we've got cars that are not colliding or run and Bruntlett. You know I I think and it always. You'll find something else. And I don't think I'm being articulate enough but I and thinking debt for instance look look at the repair people. The idea being repairing fenders anymore but they're more components that need to be repaired. I don't think overall that their revenues were cut down. But I do think that. Even with the cities that don't find other things that the vehicle and do it that are in violation that need to be enforced. So do you agree with the England must the had a glimpse at what she called little bit more. Cars are dangerous. Because humans drive them. And we may reach a point in our society. Where society says. We don't want people driving and gore the police did to via cars. Did that would be a long way off the packing them on equal pay. But. You know if you can go anywhere and the human thing that yes X center cut by human ear but. It still think that humans are much better and detection. For their surroundings and analyzing their surroundings. You know radar. It it may think that vehicle or in your lane when they're not we're human I can say that they're not in mind. We're whenever reading about the car that went across the United States by itself. Yeah never sees these stop lights we you can't release lead them into you get up on them you're aware of where did you gift and make it out. And all of a sudden it's green room at whatever. And I thought that would be a deterrent in in the article red. They read those just fine and they even bread silence. Covered with graffiti. And they even read that hand signals. Of a policeman. In the middle of the city directing traffic is it that simplistic and. Yeah it'll give their their own vision algorithms and they have come a long way but they've been working you know just vision based system. Four I need to know how long and I personally know at least fifteen years where and they were pretty well along when I started so twenty years. Did not like that there is something that do. But everything you getting more sophisticated you have more processing power. And is in debt increases. What you can do with the Asian based system also increases they need to get more accurate. And more sophisticated. All right. Who's can be left more software. Hardware. Core manufacturer. Then. Camera manufacturers. Rate or manufacturers. People bet that rent the self driving car who's going to be liable in case something goes. I. Well that's a good question you know I would say that this is America and anything can happen. Else so there. It's a lawyer to lawyer to figure it out but typically. The writer is still always in control. And so alternately contrite or has responsibility. But if they're failures that now. And the driver really doesn't have that control. And I think it were you get cute sticky situation potentially no different than today. In other having all these recall. And I don't tell you why debt category re a failure would be any different from the situation that your today. All right the car that drove cross country wouldn't she whom mounted cameras. It pin abuse those cameras that spotted two lanes Rhode Island. Traffic lights regardless of their color. Their radars that they'll monitor. Eighty meters Al on each corner. Of the route or at the front a sixth grade or in the back. Too long range units from the front in the back in the front corners has some two built to ankle Hampshire by you know what that. Lived or alleged. How Morgan Portis. Wozniak and important that it's fresher. But I I think again you know that and where I believed connected. Come into play so I work mostly with connected vehicles we're talking not connected to the Internet connected to each other. And it gives you it'd be an edge then went to vehicles are talking your caddie you know the position you know the distance between vehicles you know there in your later Audi lane. You know a lot more information. Debt. Usually is derived from those forward that the victory you mentioned three of those reader faster. Doug you are able to start taking away some of the hardware. And then you look at good performance and reduce costs. Toto I don't think we're in Kansas City and more cards talking two cars ms. Susan thank you so much reserved the right call you again. You're one of the purse experts we've been able get them show with this. Thank you so much with the to. Have. Our drummer and actual talk to a transportation. Group surged director. University of taxes and also what you think that is personally and cute to me is its world change. Very few accidents. Very cute crafted tickets may be no reason for most of our parking lot. To me the ramifications. Or or complicated but I think the root site. About your two cents 0187. We're doing the show because on the web site called wired that. Technology crowd type web site. And there was a headline there of their main shorts at this is sick or robo call it Joe's role across the country. And observed credited. To actually an automotive supplier and Korman factors called Dell. And they dig drove the score the courtroom itself and sentences from you Robertson 3400. And as a Brit first couple presents a broad goal has been doing this for almost a decade bid bid Lansing or rent. They've got a over 600000. Miles of course being driven. In the says the only owners say between. California impala up to a semblance of such a big thing in there and then hit point explained. We have done shown believe in god. Or radio talk about X but in two world. In physics in real life. And through time twos or Portland for its roots in sixteenth and acting on their district. And the more you doubled. That big year. He would indeed they track pad like hockey's. Where at the bottom part it's apparently slow groove bowl win it cools off a hockey's the some physicists are concerned. That our technology is getting the oh what we will be important spent or not. They say. It's a bit of exploding full speed we're talking about just eleven years ago. There was a big good desert race big big called it the DARPA grand challenge. And it was Schreiber whose corpse and sciences and student from. All of them were participated. One car went seven vials caught on fire. Next year by vehicle. Maynard about a 130 mode broad took him seven hours to do. In here eleven years later. You've got a car going to cross country. Reading signed covered with grumpy. Reading policeman. Giving in signal. Even in the middle of the thoroughfares in this city. Gore and up to those stoplights huge Kimbrel received green red and keep your ride upon it and never missing debate. So I said. They may be closer than I thought about salute of the experts we have Chandra odd. Director of the serve current and former searching University of Texas and costs and general welcome back always appreciated the top. Well Asia dominant. Peja. So what are what are your thoughts is is this. Something we're gonna see in long months the head of applaud cart's. Says these can be on the road and five years. What do you talk. That and a million dollar question. I think we are going to be. In you know introduced me. Drive will it be it is. You'd be it makes uncle made. I think. The big. Question at that point could be an Asian re all these speakers in the that he. Hull the speaker is going to interact ray. And being that hot dry it. And you know estimate. Dropped to make alternate from light and alternately acres in Cochran BOT all very good. So. Dirty. An issue at all. How we need. You meet that might and grenades. Bit technology and be visiting. You control. Who ought orbit today. But I think the point in its property. It's been an expert and shoot. Op program and is in that brought what ought rocket science may be Kenya by. It is becoming. RE. And I'd certainly be academic. Why didn't you yet to be read on. The mixes. If not all. That means the east pre. In quality campuses all in the apartment community. And yacht that BP comptroller. But certainly the all may not that odd. Bit odd issues regarding. The and and it is not all at all. Evil plot or. All right hold it right there have been take jumpers break. Come right back or talk about Brian Ballou scars governor bill pretty drug bar opinion poll would you you know who's a self driving car for a cross country trip. 56%. Of you say no I'd say personally. Absolutely. There's like bring it on cruise control you know like something that god tapper break push a button you have total control. Gotta do it Panthers and double a very good about driver lives cars and he seemed to be on the way Google lives have. A plan to cards that are driven 600 alta Moscow. One accident. The driver of the scoreboards at least stopped on in somebody bumped it from Baja 600000. Plot ma. And IndyCar supplier Delphi off I've won big in the world. Jolts a few days ago. Drove a driver loose car all approached companies that passenger never touched with a net towards break. Accelerator billion have a problem in the long months groups ahead of vote template cars. Says it's torture. Within five years we have or have a number of them problems street. When a broad general Bob would this director of the center board for an entry page and search at you'd union ought soon. Archer and road when where and friends of mine and say. Do you believe this will be here and some former fashion five years. A Syria salute and the well would he think that functioning problems corked. And it's a worldwide I've got a good friend who when I got in the car parallel ports itself. Were wrongly in Thursday. He reached down grabbed something we got too close to the eighteen Wheeler of course slowed down wouldn't allow it to be it the truck. When he changed planes in big daddy tell it is changing lanes. All of these things already seem to be here. And at least affordable and up in high and cars. Isn't that reason to think that five years is plenty enough time prudence or chewing out. And all right and it is that popping up that right. And something that you shouldn't. And the ban on all outlook read. It looked at intimate private and because that active in output all 85% to 90% all the practice. It put out Utley rely outlook could be that the beat Jack and I. That an injured benefit. And Bachmann and I think the question. Dead yet yet seen. One thing he ought meaty. It is drivers poses a mine. But that situation in different. Pro outcry over it is probably even one why that they should look into the movement is not going to. Having maybe I'll be right but because of me and drive it well the aggregate. Earl Graves. You maybe. Integration but Scott coming in from the inability that all it. And acrobat. Deep drive. Makes it. Because I've arrived I've hit maybe debt and regulation. Bad pick you driving. I. Mean in quite some. Now. Lynette let me give you create your idea and tell me were role. I think don't we start thinking about that we think about on the Google bought more and then you're gonna have all the liability problem and you're gonna have though on the cores and regular cards are new it's just who. But let's say somebody like Hertz moved in the and they have a hundred driver of the cork. MB of the ads say four X amount you liberals roared unit of Volkswagen. Pick up your I phone tells torch won't. Tell us where you're drifts as the car shows up but so you put these deaths in the nation in Europe phone use that bomb in the we'll. And take you wherever you wanna go and if there's a problem. You're just tap the brakes everything do some gauges isn't it possible. That this evolution columns from. Human and it's big units of driver loose cars. Not so much for encore or. Made a point. And BBC that the only thing audible. At all would be all who I beat physically chat. And would like more more at be beep beep beep at all would be your lead. It could be all act the company's it would be an awful. That it could be all companies yet so that. Army many many chip and that there but how often do you. Feel that and that. Or at issue including I've but it speak considerations. Are also what you're. And it doesn't get that done. Ought to. Upgrade. Sixteen. We are crop. And that it completely cooking all at street. And it. The fact oddly he did. It would the issue that the. Those don't with the real problems professor. Unfortunately out of time but a reserve the right to give you call wouldn't do the show Ginn is we try and drive removes cartoons always. Appreciate the expertise but also the talk. And good. Governor a bill would come and humble and Borough listeners says as a like today idea driver whose car Bo what happened and somebody steps up and probably the car of the guarded depicts them. Comes this stop the run round opened the door break the window and carjacked. I think the answer is that his view can disengage them by tapping the break so deal like any of the time you attempt to break and take off they hate. The bigger problem is going to be reliability. And hacking into the computers. That drive the car. But this being America a bit to the punch to weigh them and I'll bet choose its big organizations. Providing ops the call our. Come right back we'll talk about texting and driving may have an answer.