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4-8 10am Garland, Sand Wars

Apr 8, 2015|

Garland talks to Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation Dr. John Lopez and Breitling Energy Corp CEO Chris Faulkner about the shortage of sand, yes sand, which is used in nearly every building application in the world from microchips to skyscrapers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right welcome back well known that at 11 o'clock. We're gonna Tonka about a couple open neutral problems in per structural problems in education problem loan problems. We're here at twelve noon we got about 18100 Louisiana bridges. That have been termed structurally deficient now when I take a look. Always think. Structurally patient should we even go. Board but it doesn't mean that they're gunman clapped or there in big problem not sustain in traffic. It means they're deteriorating with the I think like ten year period. They're gonna have to have massive things done to whom but in the mean time. We're gonna twelve. Billion dollar law and road and bridge repairs we don't have money for. And right now we're forwarding over 400 million dollars problem. Of system Tuesday please. And you don't sound and we keep talking about peace. Fully supports. The aid please local. Bridges. Water pipes local streets. And all longer just talking about. Some of the big things that we talked about and within. Whether an Arabic text is from reduced that now we're talking about keeping them easily go. Sugar and talked to a couple of state representatives. In the 12 o'clock or. 11 o'clock. We're gonna talk about one of the things are considering and the legislature. Horry increasing cigarette taxes. And also. Selling the John Kennedy's state treasurer and then another state revenues in the cup meant. So our where one offers read this says it does this attribute joke and that as uses April who know when. So hooked it Google it and and pounded reporter remember that the headline. That caught my attention. The deadly global war for. Rented for the Syrians. Singer as Ian. We're with the cold in the sand mop the the fighting wars in like seven different countries or sent Andy and I start out. Proven mile and lack of knowledgeable and Odyssey in Europe Poland like a solo and I thought that that in itself and knew was important. But primarily. I didn't relate to that to some. It is bill would block. But there as a whole lot of in detergents. Cosmetics. Tuesday's. Obviously buildings and in the concrete that we have in the building its. Is served with the glue. That holds all of this and ago that the that we build the building where end at least the Republican Asians. A silent for more and aside from there. What we consume in the world. But models. Is sent. Have reports from river beds beaches round world being stripped bare and serves a red it's at. With him in the Middle East Saudi Arabia Dubai. There at its end and well. Everything average says it's deserts him. Generally doesn't work for a construction. It's it's been shaped by wind. Rather than water. And so the dubs it seems to round. Combines some met together. For the Kimberly is good proof of this Dubai. Getting all of their sick and shipped Brooke Australia. Australia. Is literally selling. Thousands of ship loads of sand and with the and again or bring it all lips knowing what I knew about media noise. What are knew about so true beauty and so from communications. Are really sure if anything's correct these guys who go to the experts. And thankfully once again of so when your time from doctor John Lopez. Executive director early departure Drew Brees from bondage and doctors thank you appreciated government. Or part of the on the show girl you know what one minor correction wanna mention. I've arched Padilla stepped down as indicative Greco right now. Owning coastal program for weight on trying to ancient Foundation's current. I am and geologists and I'm not talking about the subject but it is something. Arab more than curious experience springboard. What question would you like Eric. Where your world number one that every everything that I just said is is that correct nude or we. Fighting boards around the world over its end or we stripping beaches are we. Red Singapore. In shipping in. Like seven island from Indonesia that at some period. Because you're shipping soon and Vietnam and some another Asian country have been sending them saying is there a potential problem. But the lack the era. Afflicts what my read all the situations you know historic one regional. Issues social sciences. Halting their two. Begin a transition to a world moderator Clark. You know honestly it's a and that's quite adjustable. I mean I think ultimately there is a lot of plans. But you know various country or countries or regions. Or maybe story when little local supplies. And other issues they are it is because of the history and positioning to more a commodity. That regulations have lagged behind. Departmental regulations are and particularly their world countries where they maybe it was black agreed to you can maybe some critical election. Hoodlum limited break when we come back. Yeah it does of the environmental issues and I'm reading about primarily India. Areas like that Indonesia. Some of the poor countries and ambled Borger. Populations but Wisconsin legislature. They get about bending. Sand mining. They're very concerned that the sand used for acting. Might be creating problems over the digging. Creating environmental problem coming right back crazies but. You interest in the in pursuing. In the contracted to get educated. Sand war. Or we'd lose or we're running. Of the notes say double a yeah. I admit I did it sounds like two salient topic to even do his show. But I'm just fascinated by it stumble on a book and read and a modern number of subjects and I hit his equivalent the deadly global war pour sand. And are there talking about the colts and Mathieu farm primarily in countries like. In the new shoes India and number of blogger in certain countries without a very bigger economy. But the reason they're doing it. Is. I don't think about it often but a lot of our world depend on and we get detergents cosmetics. Tuesday's solar panel so you can chipped over buildings obviously this is the glue that holds everything together. And refers threaded up a lot of as a token person I thought it was with a book is it that it's also I am able never run out sin. But promoter brief deserts and generally doesn't work for a construction. Could it chase by wind rather than water there for the desert range or two round to bond together. We have doctor John Lopez with this who is geologist. And you're with calls to old punch and trading and patient foundation or is it on a dairy. I'm sorry it's legal or indecent foundation. I'm in Greek cultural program which option they. Knows where it's really burnt. I think rely on amateur lot of applications a week that's true. And it is don't want to comment usually would be for concrete and cyan. You know even like war of the character of the scenery can require a bit of the greens size ultra critical. Offer their applications. What you know. We kind of went tremendous history even in. He actually went point. And we're sure real kick like you know eat the ball online Bocachica. Off for many years they were active slain in the gravel on the war. And a lot of the greens were completed and they have left zone in on the drew unfortunately. You know latest information week. Which is about change your role was on that we were triggered. And about two thirds of weapons. Our information and your girl. I had cloned two thirds of those are still not been fully reclaim. And give it normally aren't for war claimed that have been in that on the computer into the rivers. You may be seeing some movies or. On rectangular on. On the department of coal gravel and him were true. Even here we have we have about it and in Louisiana. In general are orient is as a reflection of the which cured by this river in general. About eighty and 80% yeah and only 10% Ers are about science. Ran into Israel currently scarce in Louisiana. Area once or corrections. That's one thing you know like about the show at. I get an education that I would never get pour you like me you would rather over never believed or or hurt in the of this. Marine Wall Street Journal. Little hole Merkel a slide in the NC of those today. 75. And 90%. Of the world's natural sand beaches or disappearing. And they pointed out. Those gigantic dunes of Virginia Beach they've been restored more than fifty times over the last ten years. There is screws barrier islands have views 23 million truckloads of sand. Much of that mind in England. And the rest Drudge out of coastal waters sept that's got to have an effect right. Point one of the that's happening like on the Easter some drops that are happening and an impact on the wars that are related is. But Graham's. Well all alone review on the east canoes basically they you know they trying to sort of some which we have. Some of that claim it should be reaching these guns does not currently have or finished clinician and a worsening supplies. While being tournament or at least of course we have the analogy it's probably your Louisiana. And of it and approve of this river Merck trapping them and that's causing our work when most problems with an analogous situation. But porosity report problems and problem. And do you believe that and again pulled this. Website called wired in I think pilgrims from neutral tone and for the boat to report. That Australia who is exporting. Thousands or ship loads of sand to add to bear to let Dubai. And a couple of other Arab countries does that make any cents. Well propaganda which I think it was transitioning to an irrational commodity champion today today I suspect that there are lots of science resource that we got to have lined up places where commercial ones where you can in permanently. Keep the impact on minimum being Syrian is comparing them. Portugal which are more common middle order but it all and law in two. The green on your you're horrible account and has a little bit Portland. But like a granite countertop but it takes a process of breaking that rock and I am very community individuals seen greens a little. You know. Or crystals and that's what you have on the beaches and that's why it makes it more pressure against. A lot of the court to block of Enron have not been broken down into this sort of towards the river actually went on the beaches potential for romance that. Play of quarter in the good condition of science. Is more limited the civil Indy car maker probably ought to slam now appear just a matter of finding the commercial racial where can be growing demand. Yeah moving product right now. Well little secret of kind of crazy hypothetical. In Virginia Beach has had to totally rebuild the beach it's 5050. Ton viable or. Over the last ten years 23 million truckloads of sand for the barrier islands. While that say and its being washed away as being washed into the ocean. And they are read. Later and quarries beat stand riverbed are becoming tapped out. So miners. Returned to the city and and tell me who person right. Thousands of ships are now vacuum. Huge amount of sand. From the ocean floor well. Import reminding that. To put it on the beaches. And goes to the ocean floor. And as the population grows we use that to build buildings and make toothpaste. Do we really have applied in item now with the stuff. Yet in day it is fine like all org source there of the fun out amount of Rihanna I don't know exactly what that are you know but I'd. Once you know and cyan and war is very common on leader. And I they're all very lower cost remote locations and I expect. You know we can commercially morning news or. But what's happening I believe is that regionally shall be depleted using kind of a award any. Commercialization. Of this product that has not really kind of work itself out yeah I mean that occur quickly the in the open market. And and prices will cry you know people from tomorrow any racial African bee lined up very little ready and and what's important armed only actually warned. And you're in the midwest. Oh who was content and so. Until variable quality news silica sand. That they really Indy and it's virtually sand rock. Not only for buildings and in coral and so but for practicing. Selected Sam is is that unusual. Hours that. He didn't do. Went in Saint Mary's in the as he terms. How much. What coached slide how long and it is Triple Crown in uniform. And I think that are happening in it where it is science. The just rights laws when you. Actually are greens using it and an injury uniform. So that basically two Buick commercial product in Mac where literally half. So. There are some in this particular. Property that particular play him happy or what is a good application. Grow archery and then there or limit deposits. And carnival like fracking which has been rapid growth industry in general country the last couple decades. You've got to wrap expansion. Like the requirement regulation. Play in the world and hopefully you know catcher but. You a lot of money crack which you have or simply open it on so basically your year yeah. Blocking your your Google situation Altria. So you can sleep are you could quickly have to go in worm you know ways to reduce the wage mitigate. Restored afterwards. And I don't like at a mock courtroom this. Currently our operation. Doctor John Logan as soon as saying that I learned something as a vast understatement thank you for the time. Our reporter art partner dug in on Lopez with video lake punctured her base and foundation but he would be coastal section. Governor of an actual global talked to oil and energy man out of Dallas. About. This so called. Sand car lengths and shortage. And how of that. My eight or if at all affect product and save others the via. Every day we cover a little on visual polled governor of Oprah and ago bar in new people today believe knob or asking news. Is this and shorten. Our next big or 83%. Of Syria absolutely. And I would have said that. Even up until about thirty minutes ago. Arab world has come from noon in doing homework and other subjects. A cell process in the and a couple of reputable man publications virtual and headline reads the deadly global war percent. Does that pick it up and in the being should. India the number of countries in the in the Middle East the columns and mafia's. And and be cause which I didn't know do different types of seen it and some incidents are good for building everything that we need no there aren't. And also choose and little things like detergents. And added two birdies solar panel silicon chips. Of course all Breaux bill and all of Brooklyn. On and on and on and in fact most of the time to read about it. Said that aside from water Burgundy in error at Egypt's it's our most valuable. Resource. But its own. I thought to myself I couldn't run routes and the Middle East since nothing bullet sent. Well the water Britain had just code geologists say that score act deserts and generally doesn't work for construction. In cherry but one rather than the water and doesn't ring or two red zone to bind correctly. Wimps on that. In fact. It's gotten better now to world Australia. Is sending hundreds not thousands of ships of sand. In selling it to do boss. I'm selling its statement to the corpse. In there and a read. Two Financial Times somebody plugged 90% of the world's and that for same beaches you disparity. And I have local geologist. A doctor will be laid on tree base and foundation asked him about that from an aggregate these experts and a fully expect them to say look I know the media reporting a bug that got BBC wrong. And basically what he says and on this it known that that basically true wouldn't sit here in Louisiana. We've virtually tapped. Our Sam buttons along the river bed and it's created. Some environmental problems and and some other ecological problem. So it's. It and I still apply and very hard to believe and that. The boy were always bring in the experts have enough troops Faulkner. Seen the old war of brightly in the energy corporation. Indulged. Criticism CEO I think you probably have some important duties so tournament its own review culture. Really appreciate it. Or aperture you think Democrat and personable to only approving of this is exempt. I don't think it is and I think is an interesting comment you made about have been the dissidents and Dubai and if you ever been to bar regular a lot of Middle East because my job takes over the union urged. Still we will realize that spanned from the desert because the win and I guess blows across this and I shoot down this obviously being over there talking of folks from the and it was one. We need to stand for cracking from the block it but it's interesting program. If the wind blows across this thing they can use it for construction purposes I guess it makes a stand less stable or doesn't have the same property. So they have to get the Santa Barbara pants. It has and I guess in certain standards on the water and whatever and they're mindedness and that Tuesday's gains of folks are taking sand and told him you know charging outrageous prices more because he has to be Serbs and used for construction or. He's been able to classes made withstand the computer chips as you mentioned in opening piece is made with phantom. You get these. I'm kind of phenomenon but if you will they would cause it would bases in the orbit between the difference in that you know now my about it Dell's taxes greater street. Big upset in the parking lot news that we can reduce special purpose stands for pro drilling operations so luckily we have a lot secretary of Wisconsin. Will we get most of the essence for operation from Iraq there's anxious shortage going on you'd think he'd deliberately have almost agency but its interest. Clearly it's definitely sing and Libya are so yeah I heard it all. We. Are limited break Q when we come back to mention. Wisconsin also loomed in total one year and their money soon. And day out think him correctly when Craig media from wrong we come back. They've got something called silica sand and that's an important for acting. But Minnesota is considering one year moratorium. On silicone ma and coming right back we'll talk about protecting. And means same problems in the world double dog. With a number of thinking about. Media reports Obama. Deadly global war or sand. Apparently not old Sandra Bullock and so on the areas and some people so I'm very don't. An Arab country don't have the rights and for construction and so forth and so. We're talking to look Chris Walters who you'll vote bright and energy corporation and don't. Chris want to talk to about protecting. And I read about it to begin to read which I did know. Sand is very important for acting and please tell people why and that they hate is that it's a certain kind of sense is it's so consent. We get it to the you have some sort of stand. Basically they'll consider it is used as a prop so legally until well. In the and we we've reached total depth we go back Q and in that we shoots this candidate mixture of water and chemical and the other and that's slowly here fracking be very controversial. We release of pressure at the surface the standard she's states in the earth and those toward a little grain of Syria. That's the size of of hair piece of hair or what keeps open. The earth just enough to allow for the trap oil and natural gas flow to the circuit so we're creating these big breaks in the rubble and very every tiny fissures well. People markets orchestra at which you've heard about it not just use and practiced actually use a lot of different industrial processes like making glass for example and take. The got a window that class of disenchantment in the same sounds crazy but it is. It's used as a sort of created molding gases that would most common varieties of sand failed to. I on the personnel. Cuba 11 is that deals Sandra what is the locust hill has basically our break. Of one of the first caught in the cross called corps. That's what most focusing it has made a very small quartz crystals. Built some folks say that this silica sand. You know can cause issues if you YouTube deleted it but again. If you live near any kind of ma I suppose that you could have. I am concerned about them being exposed in number of different things in industrial plant I guess are processing facility. Pokes out concerns. Luka we only have time for one more question you don't believe beyond dot. And more Loyola I grew up in excellent. Oil camp Obama dead it was a roller rough neck to put mr. Yoon in. But over the flip side of written about in this country you know under siege geological service. Oklahoma where a lot of wrecking occurring here 2008. Averaged three point oh magnitude. Earthquake wondered to 200920. Next year 42. 2014500. Nazi. Including smaller earthquakes and this year. Two earthquakes a day. It is that an indication that that it could be linked to prime. Yeah I think that'd be completely to a number of things I wouldn't rule out fracking but I also wouldn't break blamed for a cunard and obviously. This area to start simply actives you know for free and I would say Clinton dipped as is his core inflation but what what I would say is needed take data out there we need to get this as far as small just destroy gathering data. Disk that has been the bracket and to do the water injection wells. Which is one of the ways we dispose of or are slow back are produced water from oil and gas operations that could do this the one drilling. Across more than many full. I'll run through Oklahoma's geology in those faults has shifted now and it's caused seismic activity so. On everyone likes to run important bracket as you know grown they've made distant to Bogeyman of the century right. You know super sore and stay standing some folks blank bracket on that can't seem. For causing the the super terms and if that New York coach so. I mean a number of things to because in this but I wouldn't rule out but I would jump to conclusions that it is not fracking it is something else. It would just go down you know rabbit hole. We can't figure out what the real cautious but I think it's time to gather data could certainly don't want an industry. Causing damage to the ones homes or properties of the is due to bracket or too many water injection well were tracking near fall when he did deal. Understand the geology is very very important. Look I've run out of time but tootsie you'll brightly energy corporation and now's your roots and help educators so I appreciated very much have agreed to. Governor of L come in reg. Are already sick of it and Clinton. Doctrine about. Budget cuts and maybe they're the way it raise money here we go back to the way. We collected plunged when we. God plunged prompts a grad will reach some of them complicated bit but it sounds like. It may be you. Partial or or big cancer. Two good budget woes we have or none of the bop we'll talk to expert right at the bit. Governor Abdel brigades celebrity immoral three.