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4-14 12pm Garland, Hyperbaric Chambers

Apr 14, 2015|

Garland talks to Dr. Paul Harch from the Hyperbaric Medicine Practice about all of the diseases that may by cured by hyperbaric chambers.

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Our book bag. However bullets at his. Number number about people three G. Bowden and coach rooms but I know that in that new home be. Professional absolutely. Dead that have tried something. That thing is is barely news. In recovering from injuries. And they came back considerable and through. Was virtually miraculous. And what they were talking about and use something called hyperbaric chamber probably. Heard about and there are. Many divers that does come up to past have to be put in hyperbaric chamber. But my acquaintances. Of professional athletes were talking about in fact. One Bert well known the lead in this country at one in his home. And we got Tom was talking to didn't currently professional athletes. We're saying that when the end when it aired their injuries they've recovered much faster and so forth and so on. And then. A stumble and some people did that said there really some there were miraculous cures. Coming from deuce. Device. I looked up but it says the definition of hyperbaric oxygen therapies is the use of oxygen. Under pressure as a drug to treat pizza disease. Process these in. Their diseases. And one of people directed me to a book it's called the oxygen revolution. It's hyperbaric. Oxygen there. And it's. Ground breaking. Treatment for a new treatment for an atlas things like this old time. Ought to isn't. Birth injuries. Stroke spinal cord injured parkinson's. And goes on and on. And lo and behold the the author want a real authors doctor pulled June march. Turns out from this area. And I thought you know this this is worth the show and because more and more is our population. Egypt's. We're we're ending up with people wouldn't. If not terminal diseases diseases. That are robbing them of their livestock. We've all that said we're drawing by a poll Jeter parched medical doctor a boat dock welcomed the short approach should call. Thank you pleased to be on the show or you in the West Bank. At the moment I'm normally your offices where the private offices via. And but before we get into this being too much of a miracle when you're chapters cents. Let others departing their miracle stories have we need to be careful not only about using the word miracle but bout of binding. After years of practicing medicine I'm prepared to let other depart and their own. Personable. Tell us what is this process somebody comes you say with parkinson's. One half. I take an extensive history and physical from them and if they can bring their previous medical records process some key information we go over that. And I spent about two hours revealing their case and and try to sum it up and assess whether I might be able to help them with this there appear not. And the case of parkinson's for instance it's a little more complicated in that. They're subgroups of parkinson's patients that seems a little better with this their peaks and others that don't. So well there are many different causes for Parkinson's disease. You know their genetic causes. Their cause is due to chemical intoxication. There vascular causes stroke for instance. And you can have dramatic cause this like got Mohammed Ali for instance from boxing. And depending on the pathways in the brain that are associated waited. Movement and certain other features to parkinson's. Depending on the combination of these areas that are injured you get that different presentations of Parkinson's disease. And it seems that. Some of them that combination is more responsive to hyperbaric soccer auction where others are not. All right we've got to take a break here too that Tenet TP for the whole hour. On in my. Though for those who lives and what we've got a doctor poultry or. And he has a book called the oxygen. Revolution. Groundbreaking. New treatment but things like cults I'm it is important in moat but roaches and a lot more on the lips. He's I don't think his gleaming securabit that the Yankees at some pretty miraculous. And patience is dead that it really benefit from it. If you did any of these categories have loved ones have Oprah and so what gives cultures and your Walid seven in the doctor's gonna Gibson our hour of its time. To talk about. What kind of difference does this make in one birds were talking about basically about. Hyperbaric. Oxygen chambers. And and it seems like enough that you it'll have a pro athletes doubled in value and they're going through this and seeing injuries heal a whole lot quicker to all exit 0170. Doubled up. Holy Toledo. I guess I can tell your side do do show I'd I have not prudent but equally and it does it official. Talking about the results they got. Cure ringing and it may be in curing but improving. Recovery from bad in hundreds in the talking about hyperbaric chambers. And I even read one world know and police one in his home in and so and some friends of mine that are in the health community suggested take a look at book called the oxygen revolution. And one of the authors whose poultry hardship MD. I think has offices on the West Bank. In what the cover says ground breaking new treatment for alzheimer's. And alters and multiple sclerosis and parkinson's. I got BK and Bono looked at him when. You do. And multiples grows you can spend things. Well I gotta tell you again be truthful. A lot of calls on the program primarily. I detect some people tell me a little light meter of disagreeable. And I'll or call board is lit up. We've got barge freedom and child. I was treated by doctor hard. So for autism. And so important as stone yeah. It's severance and and so doctor Hart tribute Obama in. About 101000 questions but let's go to some callers that okay. Are right there with a leads in Slidell. Yet. I can't talk long about the patient at treatment south I am a big advocate for a doctor harsh in its treatment permits are you lie. I'm I act I did have my doubts Q my clinical health care especially my itself. I'd mild child was born at its land abducted harsh remembers me but I containment cap for an. And seeing acquired an inspection and Nicki can't make a titan in their climate. Which did not. You know Brittany ever. On the action to deal. Players that changed our brain region for a period of time even now we're back and that was the right thing. I knew it. Immediately. As Palestinian when it happened and I'm new to the issue probably have some type of what is considered opera matter on damaged brain damaged by the neck and add and about seeing went out we can you I didn't know that I'm about oxygen out hyperbaric oxygen therapy as. Her mom and a health care professional actor researching immediately. Out into the neurology at the PD church and all of them in the if you want to do you. But there's not that DA to approve it and there's not a lot of research. Lab where. As. I can seemingly what did it I found out that these of the saint people. Who was rushed to our news their child has their injury I think that wouldn't adopt. Arts. He looked tired and if we aggregate. It's expensive. So I can only do probably. That was recommended by doctor archer I. In how you had physical occupational and speech there he worked with my kid and told them. You look at my child sport. Actor and kidneys their own political opinion let me tell you the difference. She would not look at our page she was now. Able to sustain. It she would not audible all the time we were in sweatpants. My daughter. That on line by eight. She wouldn't it wouldn't feel much better geared more players looking at smiling interacting with it it's alien to me. One Smart on the things that really trying to help state parks today she's second grade should consider. The quadriplegic. They're appalled that kid and doctor art with me he's dead at least it's not point to really expect for an entity or our hyper mottled zone. Well our. Cognition her. And those rights as saying and I really felt like his diet and I regretted not being able to even do more. But one thing is important doctor marsh can correct me I'm wrong. I believe it's probably the expected. Immediately that ties the insult. The child has knocked keybank. Or and until the stroke. I think issued you can get it meant that chain that matter the outcome it's going to be absolutely. I legal curve ball than the ability to part with tax. Well. You know we is that first off thank you for for calling in and and giving you are. He you are. Can a personal story about this and what it happened. You know what we didn't get into in what people need to understand this has been a therapy that has been misunderstood for 353. Years. I respond medical school. On in no uncertain terms in my very first year in the hospital that this was scientifically disproven. Fraud. Had been it's you know relegated to the category of snake oil sales charlatan ism and there was no scientific evidence. And that was stuck in my brain until I came to southeast Louisiana in 1984 and found myself in this diving medicine group with doctor van meter. And we made discovery treating our divers couldn't happen anyplace else but right here. The point is that no one understood this therapy as it turns out this is seek treatment for wounds in any location in the body and they need to ration. And the sooner you can delivered this there be a bit more effective it is just as our callers said. More importantly it hasn't been known until the last six years exactly how this worked. Meaning when we have they won't condition use stimulate healing of that won't. And primarily what you're doing is growing and repairing damaged tissue growing new tissue repairing damaged tissue. You have to go through the nucleus of the cell to make yourself. As it turns out we have now found. That every time someone goes and hyperbaric chamber we are playing a symphony with the genes in every cell in our body. We are turning on or turning off 8101. Genes the genes we turn on. Are those the code for growth and repair hormones and the anti inflammatory changed the genes we turn off. Are the pro inflammatory genes and genes that code for programmed cell death. So what we half. Is the most amazing the longest known mostly during and most effective Jean there peak. Known to man an excuse for healing wounds. And on that basis and if we can talk about all of these other things and your callers who we're going to the took followup Mike patient care. Only about a minute forward brig for news. When you sit in medical school you were taught that through Charlotte in the ism. Did did they know about hyperbaric chambers and divers did they know about professional athlete putting them in their home. Because or injuries were. Cured so much faster it was was that no. It was known about died thing. But this cut. Mischaracterized. Misunderstood and politicized within the medical profession over multiple sclerosis. In the late 1970s and early 1980s. Yes it was considered just a treatment for divers but in the Netherlands they were treating. Carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning death skiing green and Friday by the condition when he came to the United States it was applied to a variety disorder. People didn't understand how it worked so. And so what happened when eight it was applied to multiple sclerosis it challenged a hundred years. Don't mean if you lower if he will. That's said that you couldn't improve a chronic neurological condition. And despite the most famous study done which was positive published in the New England Journal Madison. There was tremendous backlash and criticism. And so my generation of doctors ended up being taught that this was safe fraud. Despite the evident there was accumulating in a number conditioned especially indicting Madison. The beleaguered and had to do a lot of home improvements in the new ago lot of questions but. We are swamped with callers so when we come back. Under is gonna put you on the phone with listeners a lot of people interest that our bill coming right back. I think those who you've heard of hyperbaric chambers Woodward talks at a book called oxygen revolution. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. And as a groundbreaking new treatment for everything from alzheimer's. Parkinson's. Multiple routes as you name. And we have the one of the coal alters doctor Paul view hard truths. Actually you know on Bruins Toms talked room. And before it did in 2000 court and we get on the bone dog to the good Cheney sharing the Euro would doctoral or coach. I I packed and I think I need to be L or not I know you and me and I do you need to think. The patent pact hardship on in 2010. I had an ingrained tired to me. And after that surgery. Went back completely different medication. That. Basically where it is. Destroy pot and I was determined to find help. And they get to Timmy can try out hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hand and I bought into it re. Search it I spoke with my doctors. I'm home or are here. In. Angel. And Allen actually told to forget. Arch forget that because it was too which cracked. I'm. Oh and yet know him because I lean that way. Went to I mean that was really my body is breaking down from all the medications they had he claims to bait my ally. Got off. Right now when it's different medication I was able to get off about everything after doing right about our common. I had actually met back arched when you and keep the media without me after my brain surgery. I had already in through physical therapy occupational. Speech uphold human. Com. Barry on an eight member lost. Since the year. He and reports told me me you know on the said that this would just be. Kind of a trial to see what would have at least not now. What happened why might be I wish it was elated she could QB yet permit for Napster because that would block people can actually see me. Com in the media. There I was coming. Actually do that but. You'd McCain walked. I was able to my speech became normal yen. Streets are better than mountain. It hasn't been in it would be best thing that happened to me. And so much. Com. Yet the light changing and and seeing that really got LE compound and now how had been in my kids about the people around me. Because you've got. Indeed came brain you meeting a lot of people the same people with children were on active and my happily next to me he came from New York. Her granddaughter delicate and I had another but on the other side me they are. All of the hallmark and was paralyzed and I thought needs children improve. We we we became you know. Had the ship because we now. About the court is office and kissed the disbelief that. The improvement that we pay yet in such a short amount of time. He would end Kim having local rule and it changed my life. Chain of people lie just right at me. I mean you'd talk about someone who can night. War and it did you speak yet there is no match you know memory. Completely the line. Eat and to act fitfully improved my life. On I am now still suffering I have every day in. Two years ago he and back at me. Kuhn who ultimately. Again we know at the time but like. Import. It. Me. And it tumor was still in mind yet I was at the tumor removed. In 2000 hand. Got no improvement. Went to act apple march. I'm improvement and pack the court with supposedly at witch doctor. If I improvement and shoot them. Trivia and I found out. I don't think there could be a better testimonial. Not cutting short to believe me appreciate the call but there are a ton of people would talk to the doctor take a break coming in right. The book could scroll oxygen revolution. Called thorough duck called you hard we have them on the phone brown breaking new treatment for. Let the root diseases alzheimer's parkinson's. All of it is and you name it. Quickly into the poll we do is lose Jerome doctor. Hi I am I'm an Alley interventionist and have a question of would that work with children you. Of all art form that is bound mental blank. Or children with optimism. An award children. With HT ball for her in as they three years old. Do. That the answer is the answer depends on whether they have and they wounds to their brains. By congenital. Means you are born with the the problem. Which implies that it happened in new girl but a lot. Injuries happen right in the birthing process. So again if the child's brain has been wounded this is a treatment for wounds. And that's why we have had some success good success treating autistic children. Cerebral palsy children effect the first read only child treated in North America with hyperbaric oxygen we treated at our clinic in 1992. We had no idea it could help this child he was born half. Low tone it kinda like Pinocchio EE could not stand was a floppy kid and it within. Let's see it was seven weeks we had him up. And by four months this child was walking with fingertips support for balance. That went on to stimulate a variety of studies that would done so again it boils down to. Is there any wound in full if there is this as a treatment for loans and potentially can help. I get a number offerings that are suffering with varying degrees of parkinson's. Talk talk to me about that treatment what. Do you see any improvement and home. Well we do but again it it depends on what the cause his presidency Italians have published them. Literature. Where they found that those it had a spectacular cause another worse stroke causes of their parkinson's seem to do battered and other causes. Of many conditions that I've treated maybe eighty different neurological conditions now parkinson's is one where. We have more 5050 type of response to the cognitive. Effects and parkinson's the mood. Effects that can help. In the motor somewhat. But again depends on on the on the cause of that. Our lead going to move show showed rumored to October. Hi thank you so much for taking my call sorry gentlemen thanks very good. I'm just went to college and life you know that I'm veterinary. And I aim my packet consistent ball ballistic Mattis and and I opt for hyperbaric semi final patient. So does planet's let everyone that and you know we're doing as well. And you see evidence of that working. Yeah and luckily for me I'm and I might taking care isn't dictated by insurance companies and I'm able to use it on a lot. Different animals with a lot of different disorders. Including. Now make that the orders I have ophthalmologist outlook and meet patient. To try to be feeling and it worked beautifully. As though it's wonderful. To Harry Mattison as a wonderful. Thank you so much. Doctor hard Chua boon whenever I hear about these things in and they're very. But I've heard about removing yours and my doctor friends whose figures going through medical school and studying and working hard. And they also they love their their new randomized trials are there so William clinically looping them to be true. And bullets at them but if you're seeing. Years and years like you anecdotal. Success. If nothing else to go to wanted disprove it. So soon and get along with the war bit of that your cell by using the tree a cool. Little confused as to why. This isn't proven out through. Well it's good to comment number one. That's just an untrue statement. There are many randomized trials of hyperbaric oxygen. It's that your doctor friends are not aware of them. And I it's turned nasty habit in medicine that we tend to speak out and rendered opinions that are often based. On no facts. I don't know whether it's just patients expect this to say something and we can feel compelled to give an opinion. But it is happening in medicine and in. When you're making a negative comment it can be very damaging if it has an effect of potentially denying any patient therapy that might work for. Might work I'm not saying apps to work or is proven to. But the fact their corn if you randomized trials that you would be surprised if I tell you it's in the book in the later chapters they're wrote blocked the future. There are now five randomized trials of hyperbaric oxygen in acute severe traumatic brain entry showing that. A few treatments in the first week after its severe injury can reduce the death rate by 60%. 60%. Armed with penicillin. When it was first the discovered there's nothing in menace that. It has an effect on mortality for acute conditions like hyperbaric oxygen in severe traumatic. And final push into whichever number of professional athletes all over the world using gives them. Yes. Yes and see the our veterinarian has said it's interesting because we are involved in that there are prepared right now. They're not restricted. So they can use this in a much more open way. I've treated my dog was paralyzed from a herniated disk. And unfortunately didn't captured on video but we were able to get our dog walking at a paralyzed Blatter began to urinate she lived another four years. We had a cat Marquette had broken backs someone swung her on Halloween by the tail and broke her back. Usually they have accepted they degenerate the spine and get meningitis and dot and we treated here and say they're. Apologize who were all out of Tom love to have you back another time because we've got a lot of people. Didn't get to have talked to you how did they breach. Well they can reach me through the office 3094948. In Garland me is that wanting the impetus for being on today. This was a total surprise for me what we did it was due to announce that traumatic brain interest steady we're doing here in New Orleans right now for people with concussions. Eleven call you back into follow a trail okay. All right doctor polled G arch Ager or see you reach the book is the oxygen revolution.