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4-14 The Scoot Show 10pm, Cheating Scandal

Apr 15, 2015|

: An Atlanta judge gave prison time to educators found guilty in one of the biggest cheating scandals in U.S. history. Were the sentences too harsh, not tough enough or just right? Judge Jerry Baxter became irritated by the failure of some to admit their wrongdoing. The judge also spoke about how the children of the school system were hurt by their cheating. What should be said about educators, who inflate test scores of struggling students, so the educators look like they did a better job?

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Welcome back to our show it again I'm glad to be back with you at night here on this who showed that we don't have a show tomorrow night because of pelicans game and I'm reminding you every hour to Wear red. Pull out some red tonight before we go to bed and don't Wear red to work especially you're going to the game they're asking for a ran out. At the game tomorrow night we read the pelicans are gonna Wear their red uniforms a huge game tomorrow night against the spurs it comes down to this. After all these games this season if the pelicans beat the spurs tomorrow night they go to playoffs. If they lose they're probably not going to the playoffs because then the T wolves would have to beat the thunder. And that is not likely to happen so it's in the hands of the pelicans so in support of the pelicans you're asked to Wear red to work tomorrow. We're gonna talk about something that happened in Atlanta courtroom when a judge used became very irritated when he was sensing some educators. Who were found guilty in one of the the biggest cheating scandals in US history. This judge was appalled that irritated by the failure of some who were guilty to admit their wrongdoing. Something about there's definitely part of that that scene for you in just few minutes here also a Marco Rubio a Republican. Liked rap music industry blog tonight is is titled turns out Marco Rubio liked rap music. Is that a good thing or bad thing. And if he really does like rap music and hip hop music and respects many of the artist. You think that's gonna be some of the music he will use on the campaign trail or. When he set aside his personal preference in music. And play what he thinks the voters wanna hear that's what I think is interesting about it is. It doesn't really matter what music somebody lights but I think there's something that does matter if if maybe you're not true to yourself fit and that's something that day it seems like if you politicians really are. True to themselves so. We'll talk more about that also you can redeploy future with the others it's on our website at WW real dot com here's a quick update on tonight's party general opinion poll. Do you sleep right next to your spouse or partner. 57% say yes 43% say no. Give a sure thing by going to be if you don't vote count. Before I get back to your calls and before we get to this the situation and in the courtroom and Atlantic today which really was bizarre see. Sure this text with you this is from TT in now that ranch. High scoot I think it should be said that there are many ways to neglect cute. My child attends one of the better schools in our city. And there's a large number of kids they are who come from wealthy parents often these parents may lavished their kids with expensive cars closing in gifts. But otherwise. I'd do no more actual parenting their parents who have kids just to receive welfare. The results can be the same. While you may hear more about it where you may not hear. Where you've been out here. About it as often as you do with poor kids committing crimes a lot of these neglected wealthy kids. As many of the same behavioral problems. As the kids. And they are often drawn into committing crimes that is actually true and while I don't talk about every single thing. Every time we talk about something. I try to as much as I can but we often talk about how I'm neglecting kids not being a parent. Is suffering at both ends of the spectrum. And it's really unfair that there are so many. There are so many parents. Who are wealthy. Well to do. Distracted. They're really not reaching their cues they think they're doing for their kids by buying for their kids giving their kids things. But they're really not parenting their kids. And they are many of the ones who were critical of those on the other end of the economic spectrum. Who compared to accuse so I totally agree with this and nothing made this more obvious in the case involving the that the sixteen year old I think he was sixteen. In a Fort Worth, Texas. I forget his name. But this this kid went to two trial in his pickup truck he hit and killed four people like this for people. He was drunk sixteen he got a Wal-Mart and Vicki he stole the deer at Wal-Mart. What to Wal-Mart got beer got drunk got behind the wheel of its pickup truck. And he got to wreck killed four people. He did go to jail. His family was very very wealthy. And obviously hired a great attorney. The attorney argued in court and by the way argued successfully court. That this young boy suffer from affluence. A condition. Of being so wealthy. That your parents don't actually parent you. Affluence. Bet that's totally outrageous. But there is some truth in the fact that there are people who don't turn their kids. And their wealthy and they're so critical of others. I mean you've got a responsibility and I hope if you have money I hope you don't give your kids everything. I hope you help them understand. That you need to work for things in this life and if you want them to continue with with your business. This doesn't. This doesn't mean if you don't teach him how to be successful life it doesn't mean that they're going to be able to. Maintain the business that he started and if you're gonna turn over that so. You know yes that that is true and you know lucky it when I lived in motion. Every every every Saturday morning and every Sunday morning. There were beer cans. I tossed out on the a bright after the entrance gate there were beer cans tossed out on that under the sited via. The golf course as you entered it issued trophy in two devotion. Now our parents throwing as beer cans out or to kids who were getting rid of the beer cans before they get home. I would say it's teenagers getting rid of the beer cans before they get home. So you've got a will to do families in the ocean and whose kids around country can drive. Now. OK a lot of us drank underage. I'm not saying that this is unique to. The teachers who potion. It is a problem that is always occurred but. They don't act like your kids are perfect and and it's too often that's exactly what Harrison seemed to think. If you would rejoice for the coming tonight our numbers 260187. -- code 504260. When he simply text number is 878 separate from Greg know Walter your on this crucial when Debbie W a good evening. You know we don't have the Lander that's army I'm not gonna get out of that hole back at Allen. Well you know I'd like to catch it because it sounds like a pretty good condition to to have but I just it just it was just amazing have to have an it and the defense actually worked to kids in. The kid is in if I'm not mistaken the kid is in. Some kind of rehabilitation center for. That's I'm not mistaken cost 450000. Dollars a year. And that's his that's his punishment that his jail. Well consistent. That if that's somewhat shocked child stars you know they come public money you know not controlling it there. LaMont in the and they haven't erupted in all weather light. 3048. He liked Michael Jack. Like not there. Child like bill because it never really had any parent it's a weird. When you're on but three it was. The orange and you know like credit for beaten out for the Palestinians in. I've heard a lot of duplicated it is not applicable city. There's not enough room for Chu wa you know. Special teams here and in. And you're leading in many people walker he's the annual lecture and they're so proud to Portland they realized the idea India a city. Eaten at eagle care at all about the ball because you know it bring attention internationally city. You know it really that people need to realize that all we. Need. At ever at two professional teams we we've at a church it is art search and cute you know we the Buccaneers in the sixties. Well gently Antonin. And we've given been given a chance and you know what Katrina like not be out of people really need support. And there's a ticket sales tomorrow. Yeah and it's like ray and it's a it's a great NBA experience and and I've been to NBA games so all all around the country and and you know Walter you know I I did I do believe that this city can be I think it's yet to prove that it's it's it's a legitimate NBA city but it is can be. And if I'm if an NFL team went to San Antonio. People would not stop loving the spurs are there any more than people would stop loving the saints but tell me that a San Antonio had a chance to an NFL team. I'd they would support the NFL team as well and I think we really can't support the saints and the pelicans. Yeah and in not because shop where a lot of people look at. Oklahoma City are doing very well and they're small market. Our note that we the only days they'll build. You know. But occasionally what we have the wind up being the dual Portland. Rhetorical the ball game by. You know court it's worth it ain't no matter why and you know it it would it be a game Ernie I don't think about that we've mainly been. The Portland Atlanta and street team we beaten him to collapse very. Buy it going to be tough but I anyway it immediately accretive nature player and down like at I give you credit for beaten but there. Aaron M when Tyreke Evans is on and cut a deal is on it's it's a great experience here at it it it can have is going to be it's gonna be crazy tomorrow night. Hope tomorrow it will be about all of this on your right now probably people who need it will not enter the locker room where re. Maybe at the arena. But let me of the battery in Iraq in the off. I'm glad I don't have a show because I wanna watch the game. I love you comment war. Okay active and just thinking logically from my outlook for shooting going on you know and you look in Israel all the police shooting all the other shooting that. UCL a among like news eap on your Internet and our own. On the Internet on in and economic breaking news breaking news. We actually are cute and we had people homicide in one apple went unnoticed personally. Is well and facial Asian equity. And I don't know why. Amid they're like from chronic goal or some kind of people like country Saturday in the well I food aid and you know I don't know what's your take. Well I think it's it's so easy for. And for certain. Certain people to try to drum up this fear that the government's gonna take your guns it is really easy for. You know he had arranged for ultra conservatives and I don't mean just Republicans ultra ultra conservatives who or paranoid about. About their guns. It's so easy to trauma dispute that the government's gonna take your guns and once that word gets out and spreads through social media. People actually begin to believe that yeah but I never but Walter never have when I've talked about this on the show. I've asked people to call and I never had one person combing tell me that the government took away their guns. Yeah I'd noticed is in regard to Iraq chosen media I think people post and all the conflict as well recent shooting. I like it would eat cereal and they're saying. You know that in eagle shooting these currently locked on that link and shouldn't put it like. You'd see that you heeded he he where it was being and that being actor in the ball bobbing footage you're in the and I. You know there's a lot of people that think there's bikinis and so lead to eight under and you know there's you know whatever blaming. You know Rothschild are built divert the new world order present and and down but as far as your comment about mark mark program in Iraq I. Don't understand it not been about I'm not a conservative or liberal whatever. I humanist yeah I you know about trying to think what I mean you know wintertime it can be a year or are you bill both of them. And Marco Rubio inhaler. When does it. Support. Like Israel's outlined in the war. I just don't understand why like you know I even hear these companies. What payment that you know represented from minute to win. Doubt there are shown by the Bible says that we must go to war in Marion because. Typically were talking about army yet here. And I don't know where anywhere in the I would as we need to and girl. Two bit and Israel. Forever and I'd just find that most of the politicians in America now these pocket or whatever you wanna call vote right now Hillary. Rubio. Is the only ones resisting its rate and all you know really. You know blindly support. Every war to defend Israel you look at that were in Syria. Iraq Afghanistan and I kind of agree with that. Of course he has no shot whatsoever. I wouldn't be so should be action I wouldn't be so sure. People those cute boy you know it could it two parties sit. Well right now I right now well in and again and that's you know it's it's a topic that a lot of people overeat passion about in Israel Oscars and it where in the news that we ended and it will forever live our life now on I'm night. I'm not to a biblical expert but I know what it comes to a lot of things Israel is a great stabilizing force for genetic region we may disagree on Napa Walter I appreciate you calling your show. And thanks listing enjoyed the conversation. If you've got a comment on numbers 2601878. Enrico final four to 60 when he severing a text amber is a 7070. Interestingly you know Hillary at least in the polls. Nationwide. But in head to head matchup. In Colorado a very important states. Rand Paul. Beats Hillary Clinton right now. Everybody else's set tie with her or below her but Rand Paul is the one Republican that beats her and also he is slightly ahead in Iowa. This is Cisco show and will be back. Are we are gonna get his senator courtroom scene I got that a couple of calls in a text to get to and here's the text that says silicon motion for two years and noticed that it was the parents. Letting their kids drink and have parties they justified it by telling me it's the only way they could keep them home knowing that they were gonna drink otherwise. Is that legitimate argument. I mean if you know UK's gonna drink anyway and in my his children at home when you can wash your that'll be a great topic for a prenuptial maybe we'll do that Friday night. I'm from New Orleans Kelly year inevitably you know where. It got. I'm an awkward. About now. So you're not serve the whole unit ever. How. Where most of them. Are learning you know and jobs career make money an economic impact. Well I'm calling because I. I and there and I understand it in the oval so it's social work in that. So here's the situation. A Lotta time elite line in desperate need where an accident happened to date for your house burns down. It lost that job because of the debt jobs shut down or in my case. Injure. Injured to the point that I could not work and I could not do anything else and I needed help because children. We needed should be you know medical because children needed to eat and I think a lot of people out there think. Everybody should be if Iran attacks them about the people that work like rock style for years and years and years and paid into taxes. In in stock in the situation debated. In situations and. I appreciate you calling Kelly we'll get back to abort your calls here in just a moment John do we have that tennis scene from the Korman Atlanta. I don't know what you've seen this this on the news but. I mean this this judge a judge Jerry Baxter. Was it decorum in Atlanta and he was sentencing the the educators who were found guilty in one of the biggest cheating scandals in US history. And he became infuriated. By the failure of some who are guilty. To admit their wrongdoing. And the judge also spoke about how the children of the school system were hurt by the cheating of the educators. They. They inflated test scores to make them look better and I think there was money involved and he they've benefited financially. But they the then the judge what he gave everybody a chance to to a plea bargain. All the had to do was just admit their wrongdoing. And at least eight of a didn't do it but here's sector. Here's a scene from the quarter earlier today judiciary Baxter talking to a defense attorney and talking to some of the people he was sentencing. In this this trial that was about 21 of the worst cheating scandals in US history. Estimates musharraf's Curtis Williams twenty years of service. With the balance of rovers in 2000 hours of community service pointed. Both. I am that's the only charge. Twenty years of service. I hear us and maybe 2000 hours of community service. And twenty the boat. Given my Simmons vice you're caught in both similar situation miss. Here it's Williams and mr. Pitt that's written therein top. This gamble that the very top. Edit everybody. Into the education system IPS. Admitted to cheating what's going wrong and you're client. Promoted. That's where we are she's been convicted. And she took the top of the blues. You know. He we hear quiet right ram. Numerous. File educators. Not routed them fired him she was responsible. There are thousands of children that were harmed in this thing this is not a victimless. Crime that occurred in this city. And I have a sense that this is going well right after. We're Beverly hall got here is this guy here about say. From 2001. There was holes scale cheating going on in the Atlanta coach grooves and these kids will pass saw him pass. And had no chance to begin with because of where they live. Through their prayers were. Through their. You know this says it was a question that the only chance that they have. Well yes that's true. There hit an education. And when you're paying him really. You're. That's all they're strong. They are victims that are in the jail. The last sentence kids. I don't like sentencing. I don't like seven people who sale went. Yeah so perhaps that's what's Russert always. Probably give everybody one more chance in you know probably. Every. But there's no. You know about it but it's. You know things change and oh yeah. Oh yeah Warner I won't. Many of these people is just confess our responsibility. But there reviews. Favorable views. Ahead. It may have signature by recruited. Posted a retired teacher. And she's good on that test and that's where my whole life okay my there was so outrageous. These storms on those kids for Mets proved. That they pay me have a best web started. In Atlanta this clippers what started this whole thing rolling. As. Your car. But I hear. Oh goodness that is. Amazing. His. Again eat there were times when it got even more. Passionate terms and that but I love what he said when he said. They cheated the kids. These teachers. Cheetah the children. To make themselves look good. Because greats were inflated. And kids were passed on. And they're they're so far behind. I don't know if he'll ever catch up. And in all he wanted them to do was to admit. They were wrong. Now in their 2013. A full accounting grand jury indicted 35 educators from the Atlanta public school district. And more than twice took the plea deal. And among them were teachers principals and test coordinators. So this was so this was a huge. Event and there what does it say about educators who willing to cheat to make themselves look good at the expense of kids. Because I would think that that the people who teach. And I know there are exceptions. But people who teach stone tools for the money. They do because it's their call. You know there's that thing inside all of us that tells us what we should be doing with our lives. In for a lot of people it's being a teacher. For some people as being a policeman or our firefighter. And it's obviously not for the money because that's what you think you're supposed to do. And sometimes you end up doing something and and you know you should be doing something else but it just it it doesn't work out but anybody who decides to be a teacher. Should be driven by the ideas that. They're going to teach their good and maybe somehow. Help change the world and they're gonna do you know I don't have that inmate to be a teacher. And I I've recognize that it's so I respect those who who do. But for the the school system have to have cheated and that the kids that were most vulnerable. And he's Atlanta public schools. And by the way. These. Defendants were all the ones that were sentenced today. They were all African American. And many of the people they hurt. Where young African American students. And I I hate to bring up race. But I think it's it's a it's okay to bring a priest sometimes. Because we need to point out that just because somebody is of your race regardless of your skin color. It doesn't mean that they really care about she. It doesn't mean that they are going to help you as a group. And there's been so much deception. By. Hispanics. And he's panic community blacks in the black community whites and the white community. They just because she thinks somebody is is aligned with you that doesn't mean. That they really care about you. And it doesn't mean that they're gonna actually do anything good free. If you got a comment tonight here's our number 2601870. Every coach 504. 260. When it's happening tech Summers 87870 here's a text when I was at her relationship I did cuddle with my boyfriend I'm single now. And don't have anyone to cuddle with. You should be my cuddle buddy now scoot LOL. A lot of that would depend on whether or not your male or female. Here's an update on her pretty jaguar opinion poll do you sleep right next to your spouse or partner 56% say yes 44% say no. It is your opinion to Debian google.com and we'll be right back. I thought about this on yesterday because it was one of their Brothers Johnson's. Birthday and I did have a chance to played yesterday and hours of filling in for Angela. So John wicker studio partners are found and I love this is one of my favorite songs. And most people are not even from anywhere that the broadest Johnson strawberry letter 23. Phenomenal phenomenal song. A guide to the set tonight here's an update are pretty general opinion poll do you sleep right next to your spouse or partner 56% say yes 44% say no. Are coming up in the next hour we're gonna talk a little bit more about this Republican Marco Rubio. Who like to rap and hip hop. Think that's going to be good or bad for the Republican Party will talk about that for Metairie Brian you're on WWL. They grew out suddenly it's quicker to just a couple of points about the crop situation to him now I think. We need as a society we really happy tears go on some kind of politics. Put the port. Call could hold the feet of buyers to get the man for the welfare reform. I'll pick that we do have the ecosystem where you know people can gain after them. Obvious that the and it being game for awhile. And I think you know support any politician would call them what I now they call on if they feared could make it important of their campaign. You kind of current welfare into comic point where it's an emergency. But it temple where you are seeking him Korea bit. And that I think the second thing that's really gonna. Revolution not a lot of the stock but in the pipe com not look from out of wedlock children. Is that technology being developed but apart from its foundation. It's called battled geo and what this. You wouldn't yet. You inject this solution into the bat that forms into the mail and it prevents sperm from traveling all grow so it's basically. A liquid vasectomy and reversible. And it's been it's been it's it's right before human trial right now in Abu. In the baboons have gone on mark without ever not having children well on this. But Brian would does that require somebody to go has that done so that would take a certain amount of flow of proactive responsibility. Right but the thing is this is going to be much cheaper Bellamy at certain points that the drug is going to be no excuse. When you have two viable contraception the you know saint combat soldiers are going to be fought the period in the female drill. Because one injection of ten years ago. And it and it. It's up pretty much reversible. Nickelodeon vasectomy. Watered it revert it taught thank. What you have both contraceptive in the market there's going to be no looks cute and non and that. You know but there there there will still be mistakes made because people will not be responsible enough to go do with a what they have to do a product by I appreciate the call that's that you know it's it's it's interesting but. What that tells me is OK so we are accepting the fact. That people can't be responsible for their own behavior. So we have to do all these other things to make it on to make it safe for them to be responsible. There there's something wrong with that. This is this to show where politics and pop culture meet your opinions and nights and we'll be right back after the news here into the W well.