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4-15 11am Garland, Terrible Airlines

Apr 15, 2015|

Garland talks to Flyersrights.org Executive Director Paul Hudson about the abysmal state of the Airline industry.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Origin is a little quiz you may have to answer I don't. Name me another product. Another industry. And it's an expensive product. Did you go to him your request. To bock. And they have brutalized they asked disputed content in them and boss. And once you buy. They say. Well yeah you gotta go through a whole lot of aggravating. You know why. To get the problem. And and when you com. We won't treat you Corley. We won't be that friendly. And if something happens. That's a or fall. We won't give me the brought. Regardless. Of homage to cost you. Not to have Brock. At the best. We'll put June film choosing mode telling. Of the best will put Jones some cheap box. At the best you'll lose all your vacation money. Because you couldn't get to go word you already pay. And they're free and clear. They'll have to pay you back in the day. Don't get bond and what else could have been talking about other than the airline industry is or any industry that worse. We have a latest. Annual report 25. Oh airline quality rating report from Emory riddle aeronautical university auction is over. And from Wichita State University. They show. Increasingly. Bad service. More late flights. More laws bag. Would anymore. Customer complaints. Here's a headline from drinking airline's seats. Brings about growing safety. Consider. Air flying flying air ready. Putting a lot of people in danger. US airlines canceled nearly 66000. More flights last year. Than they did the year before. I just fun and useful thing button he's. Is there there seems to be no repercussions the message seems to be. You got to apply. Acute and what your finger and it's your paper for should maybe go higher business. And we made through June a little bit different. But even you know we're gonna cancel it no apologies. Just you know pay it forward you can't get it I have to come back with you when we will get. Well let's we have Paul Hudson. Executive director of pliers right or thank good news or something cool colors right now. All work and we sure appreciate call. Well out here in this industry possibly get worse. Well it it targets saying that. Directly on the downward trajectory. I'm we won't submitted to the congress over thirty great form proposals Obama took accidentally some of the problems. But so far. And over and it's and a 140 congressional offices. I'm and then remembering what no one wants to two by a goal and actually introduced in the legislation that. What what kind of legislation. To suggest and toothpicks. While we have eight we can't feel like four. Airline passengers in. It really. Prospects in the the problems that they came out and give regulation in 197800. Car Gordon Strachan. I'm. There are many things and it are just plain wrong in the airlines have been in expletive. Our example on personal definition airfare. There's no definition and so there. So the airlines defined character count to. Based price. And service. Now means in any airline tries to work or for you. And state and power. In the current regulations. It's the only industry isn't it won't come all state and local consumer protection. And Papa. Got a situation where the airlines are two pretty much do with the wind unless it violates. The US QQ regulation. And even the islets in the air regulations. And gotten used the passengers wouldn't it and congress. I. Aren't the Olympic break her all of those they would. And look in the audience pilots. Flight attendants. Airline executives. Look at your dues and have you give me call outlook stood debate to. I'm no. A lot of the employees of or lie in or good people. But everything guns and treasurer and Pedro workmanship Oates. And and call. In this industry keep going I didn't show here the other today. With the with one of the engineers when the science. Behind Google self driving cars. Today and you on Mars you have tells. Things will have to self driving car expenses. War and one on the road commercially available next year. All the major car dealers say within five years. Why are we gonna law. I lived we've got to get somebody dipped from where they are very quick. Mobiblu you get a call or wants to duty so leave reach. What do you think yeah bad experiences with the Errol and gives call to exit row one so. Our award them backward talking about Maryland's. Talk about it he's so Warren and you'll hold that run every year led 25 years. Came out a couple of days ago and says American Airlines. Perform on par baggage handling pork customer complaints through the room. And ended lives all the reason why. We applaud him with the executive director pliers right dot com or. Overall we get him further and do this tell me about your organization tortured tried to do. Well earned the largest airline passenger group works best known for shall be called tree out. It started starting 2010 and the airlines can no longer cheat you on the tarmac were twenty hours. Before that they were stranding people up to ten hours on the tarmac. Two record when people here. And we have a we have an office in Washington DC via be happy. Long Portland passengers and numbers summer went right. Owners were undone work and also published you know me you know weekly newsletter for a bird passengers. How did they get the new usually. Believe me letters on line and they go on our web site. And so on imported trees and the. Duke student pillars it's or. Patrick. We have petitions singer and we have. We will hear I think the largest the only group had to step up should Washington turned to a and upward airline passengers and where did you mature. 30 rule where and when this first week being proposed and a you should talk to leave you that was so I think that the director at that time. I would get called from piloting this is gonna kill it. This is going to be judged old riddle. What's the affected that the real room and so for. Well it's a smashing success and handled the scare talk that the airlines turned out just be hot air I'm. The primary confinement third down you know 99%. And there's been no significant increase in cancellations because. I'll be. Partly it's and could flight attendants of the open group known people. They actually got more money and kept one term Katrina can play and culture cracked the terminal they occur in the. Tell me about what you're trying to do and Washington and what are the reasons they give you for not too. Well. It's hard to say he directly but I'm. Just alcohol level workers and where we're trying to do we stay yet. The conference to enact a Bill Walker scored passed and it's been over 35 years. A decline in service and think that perhaps intensity. Without without some changes in the law the airlines error could petition that would consolidation to become you'll. Erica restricting flights are actually reduce inclined. Well that simian to increase. Their racing prices. Are objectionable it's gone down quite half. That's their work expand. It would be considered at all and there are in position now there one also Kabul in colossal colon on competition. So on the situation where their country are crazy action as the cartel. We have only four airlines left. The control about 85% while domestic traffic. And there's only actually alliances were true toward ventures. Their control most of you know. International flights. And then they have been printed on antitrust exemptions so they can actually the current. And do other things weren't. Do you think the bottom line is these virulent. Jokes don't care of because they don't need care. They have their virtually. Got a monopoly on something that most people knee that is the ability to get somewhere quickly. And they can reported. They're they're so real incentive for them to do much more than make sure we don't in the crashing into the ground. Well there's been congress inward AT&T. Can any law or a passenger. One thing that is happening is that they are loose in your customers. Goes customers. That would normally fly first class group I most of the Crockett and the airline. Are migrating more and more that you two pride that corporate Jet Li could pretty much what you know. I don't know what land. People are leaving if they possibly can and getting in the car with a cellphone we're going on Skype. On the people are important on air travel much. We can we all peace and survey and and competitive market. He's he's gotten. A point and the number of course. Picture that we really essential. Natalie the US and global economy because the only way to people can really care round. I just go to message for him and broke listeners. And they say. OK Robin Hood search out cheap give me they're now ticket before you buy. And you can blame when you don't get a lot of number one type serpent is on top of that. You want the government come medical team get better service. And when I look at that it it sounds and feel like he's got a point. But on the other side you're buying a product. And the products does nothing about UBU abused. After you buy the product ride them mean. It hidden in the ballad to say. Too far by had to go from he'd be. And futile provided Mormon gonna give me my money back if nothing else is is that too much say. And try essential services there there's only to wait and cook it he should or could teach our. It's either regulation. Or through competition. And the Maryland and largely we need competition. And the regulations extremely weak. If we had no regulations. Safety. We would probably have claimed credit should protect. That's one area that hasn't been congratulated. And we have now. Very much safer here trample them and pour. And I didn't go with the mind of them. To do drip to be eased coats. 14100. And when they'd tried to come back the pilot did insure up. Vision and broken throw blows to run back. Put them in a hotel. And Maria town. Where everybody out smaller room switched gears because of low quality hotel where it was located. But this is part there wrote on of elderly people. Going on recruits that the its sake of their money for. And they missed the ship. And they couldn't gore in the group. And when they talk to the airlines an airlines basically told him that studio and bad. We we can't make the pilot true law ended the same time that whole crew. Talked to people from Europe that we're going to root cause them taking three and four hours. People. Airlines officials sleep with their death. And and they said that this group. Of some Third World country. I've blown all over the world a lot of foreign airlines and and the ones that diocese Singapore trio them. Israeli airlines are all better than from we just. Getting progressively worse and worse and words. Luckily we aren't there some concern couldn't organization called Skype tracks that regulate our credit for a creature like circus. And be at the international herald and you have a lot more Americans. Felt so what can united. And many rank. One ranks eighty since when the top 57 and one of the important sense in the world. It's the best service. You know we're we're behind in Third World countries in terms of consumers. Are you want to know that people don't really develop. Hold on M I'll I hope that right there weren't gonna take a break news. Come back kimono pick it up right there. Also talk about technology that seem to be at the end through so when things are there when that's about. A number of them don't look like airlines are using come right back double deal bigger celebrity. You have it upon experiences with the airlines it was called Q 601. Eats. Are welcome back we're think of about the aviation business in this country think. Most roads votes investigation show definitely deter readings solution. Latest voted for the annual airline quality rating report by two universities. Say that. Services. Much poorer than in the past late flights more of them merely moral laws. And but customer complaints all the sharks. One of the organizations try and it's something about its wires Wright's daughter or. And we have all polyps from within its executive director. All that Toronto or consideration. Paula and one of the reports are read in this in new service says it. Flight attendants are really concerned about air rated news to others a whole lot more of it. Many gutsy dear experts it's a of their of their pack in the seats so Mosley. But other passengers have been that week. After crash. Is it you might be impossible. Or it might be really slowed down and they are squeezing people. And to leave some on the personal space and his reply. If you would take those two statements. The withdrawal of some Washington. Good doctors senator congress and what you hear what he's saying we can't do anything. Or that centers in world let me take a look at it how they respond seems like. Pretty clear evidence of the system that breaking down. Yes well I think one of the one of the reasons we're not getting any action by congress. Is that they benefit from what I hate the fact that they travel every week tech support to their districts. And make pile up on the preclude him. So we're waiting here they are on. Almost on the cable of the airlines because some benefit but sometimes they even get on something extra than. That's part of the problem. On the Dixie issue it is really into crisis of course. We propose that could be a moratorium. For the shrinkage. And that there needs to be a standards for a besides its feet ten persons stay. Right now there's there's no regulations. On on each side. And and there are some minor regulation on extreme. And in which to emergency exit. As far as safety goes. Most airline crashes are survivable. Only survivable people can get out within a short period of time. So there's a rule it's been in effect for decades. Defense that everyone must be able to evacuate within 92. In low light conditions. Would have to act different. Virtually impossible with Colin. I don't shrinkage actually. And were the airlines used to be required to actually do blood testing or adequate. You are lingering Serb. They've now substituted. Computer test in the course and it's never failed computer task. And good to apologize erode proved pro Q you were getting grudge series something important. I Indian abrupt with the news when we come back or pickup at thoughts they were just a drug. Telecom related to above the airline industry across the border caller earning two of these latest polls. If you got a complaint we've got to the gentleman and the organization on the poem right now Paul Hudson. Executive director of pliers Wright's daughter or. Paula erupted view right after news got to have skewed drug pick it up where you were getting Bridget tells. While there's one thing that people can do here on any kind of international tree. And there fled to lay. Out the airlines won't tell you about this and AT&T actually tensions when it. Into words in mentioned. Montreal convention. This is an international treaty that was gratified by the election. 2003. And that provides up to 7200 dollars. In compensation for like two. But some say the airlines wanna tell you if you want to teach else you can email me at all flyers rights and gore and stringent each. Or do. Is something bowed technology. Google echo of his VO I. Here's just a new world water pound. There's sort of satellite based technology. That keeps airlines tour airplane. Flying in bald and there's a program. Announcing customer. Issues that could be used on planes. To reduce complaints. One airline a pound to Alaska Airlines and at the twenty minute delivery time guarantee you own getting back to terrorist cells. And that is sports so much improved baggage handling. Virgin America is an employee incentive program that offers a 3% bonus. If they trick people the right way. Or any of these things being done. Yes well those those two airlines keep channeling rate highest in customers. And they in fact. Urgent op America is seen only on US based airlines really. Actually you take your mind. That is rated in the top twenty in the world. And and this is me extrapolating. This opinion. Here if I am America and Dell. Shall whereas now looking at these two with the hybrid and your across the board. I see they're using technology that is available and now. I'm seeing the results of it. A must not be doing it because federal ruling care about the passengers. Or my reading I'm just looking to profit world where Amare wrong. Well profit certainly is it the number one goal quality executives and the year. On. The airline stocks have since 2013. I'm all the major airlines stats of content at least shouldn't. And don't want Americans come over production Christian. That actually in. 11 of thing I've found in some pictures of the we'll talk about the lines that airlines. And there is no role. The India and they called the blue track analysis. Platform. And it's data. It's all the anonymous. But he would has caught. Lines and skewed talents by about a third words being used. And they pick up the data from our cell phones when we arrived it's synonymous. Sensors don't pulling your personal information. And only the president presents. Overall location shows up so they know where to stamp more people. Or increase the availability. Of people. Is that being used anywhere in one. It's not something unfamiliar with on the technology generally calm. Is making great strides and unfortunately. Most of the strike on common form of eliminating employees and airline and not. And a look to all the way down through there's no slump we're pro gate agents. To give them an idea of of how to bettors at that time to close the door. Owner departing flight in the of them using them review where it. I'm not aware of that particular. Item. I can't. Another another trend that we are seeing is that. Airlines are outsourcing of jobs. In every area had trouble a lot of times the people that. Are going to need it to gain or to ticket counter actually don't work here on the same thing with the bank actually works. And this is this is. Another area that. It's only slightly compensated for by any better technology. Yeah the last one. According to serve their airlines lost through delayed more than two point one million bags leases luggage. Or row one year period. And left side up on the owner of the website wired. They have hand held scanners to try bags they just put area and ID chip. On the bag story in these scanners. And they can they can truck. A bag with the attack again ever lose. You have any idea of they're using that. Yes well. He's the Barco to him on your room. You're a label on decks for some time but what people don't realize that they haven't actually using tracked are bank. And have chips that are even more. I'd like out. And actual word UPS does trek packet to create that COLT to. Airlines only slowly they'll be able to track Phoenix in real time. There are huge resume where important people find your organization how public contact. Are the best way to contacted since about our web site. Which is wires right tackle Archie. You can also call us if you have an emergency. Except in them. Players six. Poll it was a pleasure to have you on the showed thank you what you do. Thank you aren't coming right back. Covered up next you'll talk to. Problem businesspeople about the upcoming legislative. Session. About the cuts about that subsidies. That might be done away with the the houses of that business how to loses some effect on us. How does that affect the state senate votes. Governor bill brigades every area moral 53 epic.