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4-29 5pm Sportstalk, NFL Draft and Matt Richner

Apr 29, 2015|

Bobby and Deke talk about what to expect from the Saints in the upcoming NFL Draft with NFL Draft Analyst Matt Richner.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And gaining a lot of our number 20 sports talk a lower body Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Coming up that's not first break will spot looking at the week in against some picks and two on and look Kentucky Derby and some boxing match written NFL draft analyst's prediction machine net com. Who's expected to go first would be a quarterback will be Marcus Mary Oda what do you beat. James Winston. Plus without the V off Vegas trying to mean you've been texting and emailing me about Wednesday I'll come and all of the picks and need some picks. Behind him Floyd 7 o'clock out or maybe I'll make a peaking and everything it's an in this league team so. You'll be left out I was in annual due to the ball aside and mean got nothing. Dan's aka the Kentucky Derby analysts and co-founder a predictive form dot com will be with the talk about that run for the roses degrees to meet in sports. And historic Churchill Downs and now own hokey as John joins us. In the 6 o'clock now today as you heard live on WW radio tinian Saints executive vice president and general manager Mickey Loomis says he's open. To drafting a quarterback in this year's draft we're asking you you're the GM because the coach would you use and rarely a middle round pick. On a quarterback. It's operated jaguar opinion poll. Vote online at WWL. Dot com draft countdown preview with coach Peyton Mickey Loomis and other. Tomorrow is 40 clock with the ball at the same team and this and hope you guys on. Here on Saints radio WWO a KG can't it is going to be a huge. Week in the and it mr. got big money on them about big big money no win. Oprah Winfrey Denzel Washington Ellen DeGeneres. Steven Spielberg. The president the United States nobody. Nobody if Elvis it was a variety to block biggest malls if they all came back and we'll allow this week in. They couldn't get copped out nobody is getting conned out of this fight body when running senate seat to golf ball booked in a hundred in tinkering and appease. Yet the guy I mean this is like. And just shows you this is a week away from the fight. The cheapest ticket on stub. As the website on Sunday so basically. This is almost a week in the right now require half week with it was 5245. Dollars while ringside seats. Were being offered as much as a hundred right on the 1070041. Feet right. You know I think people got money I mean that's unbelievable even tickets to watch on closed circuit I various MGM all properties in Las Vegas. Which originally face value sold 550 dollars. Were being offered at 620. Or more on line. So. You know even I defy you to wanna be right right just wanted to be in Vegas yet again when I don't know if it takes virus has to be where if we have to grates on dale came back when he beat. When he becomes you know that is that was the villain in the garage he played on a bullpen men and Robert they're great son dale that the end of the good take them and thank you would take the lead. Seventy eights and yeah about it it's just I got I got some friends of mine just went out there have been going to the fight they just want to be in Vegas and the way they went. It was cheaper to fly to LA. In grad to Vegas because everything is I mean you know but you know everything what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What everybody wants to be in Vegas this week about it is sane people from all over the world that aren't. Quote unquote different conventions are especially if flat and as we can't because of the extra amount clientele. That Kobe intensity. Well images again hotel room a couple of thousand a night. You know he just he won as the year went and that that room. Caution a couple of grand so the you know it is truly. The who's who I thought this is an instant to. That you look Freddie Roach and he. Trains at Pacquiao defensemen he says look at the Shell out. 70000. For twenty tickets for my family you gotta deal and friends and he said though he's able to get his at retail price of those are read to mean you had to figure it of this thirty farm pop saloon and and that's retail of the says it's it just goes to show you supply and demand if people want it to be a part of what you wanna want you wonder why. Mayweather is gonna get. Sure between 18200. Million Aaliyah Pacquiao 120 million plus. What all started because. That if you look at Mayweather the game. Highest paid athlete though armament that last year and he's bragging about a hundred million in my checking account. But. To keep it straight in to pull all of this by. Both HBO and showtime rival networks obviously they're co producing and cold distributing the pay per view event. In a rare agreement. You know as competition. It's like HBO showtime and on the same page yet this up big this is. They've parade at centro accounting system that is fight HBO has a long term contract with Pacquiao. While showtime has the rights to Mayweather fights. The only time the network's work together maybe just might have been a first we know they've done this in the past. Knowing how the title networks were together in such a way was and Mike Tyson. Fought Lennox Louis you have a back in 2002. So I I thought that was interest in. To see that look at a gate receipts and MGM garden arena Las Vegas. Where the fight I was he's being hell's gonna be 72 million. Just a big gate receipts there'll be at least 35 million from international broadcast sales. Thirteen million from closer to broadcasted bars right which re going to be. In Morin have bars around the country and twelve million respond to ships. Merchandise sales ID think gonna reach a million for the U wanna know how it adds up right and that's how how they can pay. Mayweather Pacquiao then that unbelievable Monroe new wrinkles 18200 million because all of his starts adding and and and in that people wanted to be part of. He was save boxing is dying at the opposite the reason why they can charge want Arnold to pay review is because they can get it. The pay per view numbers Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather. As far exceeded the big golden boy Oscar De La Hoya was the biggest draw in paper view history from a sweet science that the boxing. Standpoint in the in Floyd came along in the in Manny Pacquiao came along. So the numbers show the complete opposite the numbers show that the sport has grown especially. On the paper view events it's a record current dollars nothing's ever been talk that much for this one. And who knows we may could see the the first two here is it takes Bobby interesting getting back to the draft. It's as Bobby and Deke. How bow or homeland as the packaging picks that day assuming thirteen and 31 and move up for Amare Cooper. Nominated. I'd be extremely surprised. The etiquette did the things that are five and nine years veteran had the number one offense. And I would I would be shocked if they. Okay do you think Marty but what has Julio Jones won for the Falcons I'm not Arafat I know I gave what I'm saying people think Marty coop where you compare. Who's the best that events I've known as any great receiver. Put his team over to top it won a championship now mega Tron no. Julio Jones though Larry FitzGerald and all right that's why I don't think the thing to do that. Because they've done by committee drew throws denied to them with the receivers that's why is great is in my. I Cooper is as great as the kid. From West Virginia Kevin White. I judges those he would do and I can I could see them with that you know when they moving. To maybe get that next here. A wide receiver the guys talking about Dovonte Parker running from Louisville. The receiver strong from Arizona State but not giving of his must begin yes that actually I disagree and the fans to be okay. Now I thought if you tell him article was gonna help us get to ten wins a level at two in the playoffs that's a heat while we just got to trying to do divas better offenses being. Yeah we don't have to be no Malone would have been just aimed at top ten we get on defense but he. You know what you just said noting that even that and as good destined that was the Saints on. You know just give it did today that think and Super Bowl you know. Well it exactly yeah that's why you say you know you're not a player away from defense but I'm out of the owning I was just as a I I wouldn't be shocked because he goes by like that's it. It's best in class which is positioned in best in show who's the best at that position and is that best position. Fall greater when we grade them all possible meeting but from how they look at the chart. This offensive lineman he's number one offensive lineman Bubba that he he he's better in his grave overall than to respond really even July. To me that's why I say I agree with Larry holder Jeff Duncan if you go to move up in the draft. That the number one overall player regardless of position. Is Lynn Williams. Mall here and he looks made agreements of Nagano saw billions and and you get the defense better again so now bring him home. Like I said the next Ndamukong so McCaw I kind of had to live up and bill and hopefully that'll be decay is how you know at the shore. All right is it takes to go beyond Madrid tomorrow yes will be addressed as indicating can address front from six to midnight on the corner of veterans in lake Villa. C'mon rounds on this is WW. And welcome back to sports talk it's a huge week in those sports tomorrow. Is the case again and Bobby Hebert and he Bolivia and on Saturday there's so many things going on at. We welcome and now Matt written note on just now. A prediction machine dot com NFL draft analyst Matt thank you so much all the time and not. I guess one question is we will always kind of see this time. Things that are put out you know we heard this about a player aware that about a player. At a young man from Missouri and no layout Collins how how does that what's gone on now. Affect prediction and amonte France so to speak. But our market that we we do our bit differently we do we think he should do vs what we think being teams will do now with these two Richmond additions. Q you know the local otters we've had one. That in there obviously on their own boards there and now there yet questions from their ownership because it. Before all that before this week are you restate that it. And a couple situations that no owners have been able to panic and that and they are asking questions to typically call and then you're out at. A woman used to you know go longer without them and now you go. Yeah getting questions about whether or not he was involved in any extra performance it's not something that I'm and owners are saying you know committed on to the next I. I'll be surprised if she called drop down I think that somebody like ray discs. Well in terms of art statistic protection then there are out Britain that we. We've we've utilized we can't masters stupidity. And he's just obviously companies make bad decisions you know that we kept it atop and I thought that something like that. Pepper we do have been questions about and that we can we can't judge them require. Based on all their actions we usually get an element to a on the field. Now Matt obviously analysts look at that and edge rusher outside linebacker David civilian and and you look the high eager to protect the quarterback who do you have like top three. We talked about in the trenches. You know sometimes Kenya the flexibility to play guard tackle. Our tackle guard. When you break it down is it still like I don't know Andrus peat brandish draft the guard from Iowa. Pete Stanford I'd just talk about who you think will be like top twelve top fifteen as far as the lineman. I think eaten adding Pete the past because not only he's Ilya. Little Rock at the same time you've seen it Dominic people. Even if it development but yet to give up act. To them now than he did that kind of anger I'm not quite sure why because their games where he struggled in the first quarter and then in the second third fourth court again. He was pretty much is it completely dominant at different puck I don't know why it didn't take a little while longer and it happened form. So that's where like I've I like he and the long term I think share he opera that versatility whether he won by left tackle right tackle. Payton try them in the dark they're liking out there like that saint burger. You know the Cleveland and in need somebody like that. I can kind of play multiple varieties I cannot he shared the number Q I like you had to do the detection and young man. And because he he was in America right guards then you put out to right tackle and it really out there dominated and Alex you guys did when he went up and head to head against each other. Anyhow I went over to the left side is pretty well there are you long term protector at left tackle I would be surprised he went on in China and to become an all pro guard Derrick. But it said again. It's versatility there like that I think that you're a trap in Serb attack will be an I'd probably find that second and third rounder guys Q. Car will be able to actually start right away Jake featured DJ appraiser and it improved from the Colorado State. Now Matt look at it at all the positions. Who's your number one player regardless of position is Atlanta and Williams the USC. And who does he remind you of if you if he has the guy and then. When you look at the units have been outside linebackers is Dante followers he divested of vestiges break down would you have. Yeah Buckley and that number one player on our board and then after that we have. You know our board a little bit different we have nick even outside the mark keeper for an open court and sugary. We have James went and had to Ireland in the number 120 enter your mind a lot of rocket Richard Marx I'm not out to a guy that you can pretty much inside or outside it did the sentiment you. You can attack weak side and after the five technique if you need to. Coming out there cheating on enough that it tackle shoulder. So proud. The letter willing to stopper again that versatility and that the fact that he can. It run and the pass rushing you know usually you know a whole lot of the different tackle and here. Defensive guys and turned it over half. Sixty typically at the defensive end spot that easily and constant in my and that happened to convert an outside linebacker. He's number one on Chara rainy Gregory from Nebraska coming at them off the field issues but if you look at it production on a per game basis. He's one of the most efficient passer should be in the fact that he averaged didn't quote Petit point three impact quite regain indirectly could be an interception a sack a tackle. A lot of forced fumble. So our committee used Gregory does supply all the way down to that change second overall pick. I could be a huge impact player for a dollar and the degree expert the past. I like him that I'd I'd been to that consistency and that production number a long period of time and I per game that he averaged one and happened pack quite regain its that. Gregory missed 2.3. Matt McNabb met there by know what to upon the on the site and how they can file you on Twitter. Yet Batman Kirchner back on Twitter prediction machine dot com beat pretty much that we have a seventh round mock draft him. All pre sixty degree do you have that require kicker in football you wanna see what we project for the but the running backs tight ends run a wide receivers who media of their projected stats for the rookie year when he gets sleepers and draft he pretty much wanna burn a couple of hours looking at draft contact we on this site. Mag about fifteen seconds forget the new caddie who Cody had the Saints taken if they take the ball picks in the first round would they pick at thirteen and 31. I won't be surprised that they tech. Our market. It appears there it. You know at the last after the round EBK would slide it down on the first after the round and cheer about at the tackle. I could possibly be an opportunity to upgrade that spot. Think a lot of or hold on profits in the countryside to make pretty much can actually run it strapped however they want to do it there landed more and are changing commissioners. Draft crop. Matt written NFL draft analyst's prediction machine dot com met thank you so much enjoy the draft. All right WW and his time as 530 to a time the first news we'll go to Jim hands and he's engaging game by being there I'm Diego Libya tomorrow evening the beginning said will be at the cage he can't restaurant on the corner of veterans and lake Villa. In beautiful Metairie Louisiana where addressed this began at this time mark you beat Indiana waning moments of Saints draft preview. Jim Henderson and hope you guys not going to be at saint headquarters coach Sean Payton. Mickey Loomis Pete Carmichael junior coach Rob Ryan Joseph bit. Gusting quite agreement man among others it is the most informative and action packed two hours leading up to the draft you'll find in any of the 32. NFL cities in haven't tomorrow at 4 o'clock here on Saints radio WW ago. Tonight we officially put a bow and wrap up the 201450. Nor Republicans season. 8 o'clock in the final edition of the Monte Williams show. The bees are intent then now. And operated at or opinion poll win by two to stop online at WW dot com as Saints general manager and executive vice president Mickey Loomis said the date to the media. He's open to drafting a quarterback. Would you if you're in charge use an early on that are round pick on a cornerback. Vote online. At WWL. Dot com after yet become a preview of the mega fight between Manny Pacquiao and team money may Floyd Mayweather. The Kentucky Derby and a huge day of at saint wagering Saturday which would supersede the Super Bowl. All that is steel yet to calm and aging candidate to be close to the draft and you're now talking of course we just have fun I guess and Tampa Bay has got a playmaker in every phase except at quarterback they got a playmaker all playmakers at receiver. Tied in. Ran back on the offensive line. On a defense of line land back in the second game. Visage as me and I know it if it won't happen easily but if I was Tamba I'd give more bans on defense and that Tate Williams. From here this the input Ramon there. 'cause I did an Indians just find you'll quarterback to go around economy's not get the Corbett become an insane things. They got a lot of offensive weapons there I mean a lot of often at the weapons there. But Williams. Did he I don't always go out to be Bob he looks the part on the he had hooked the ball. Well the thing is being you have to expect if you don't win. To be among the best scoring defense is in my being gained 1713. And as long as you win. Mean as the bottom line the only thing is would that the is that. Unity cliches to quarterback driven league and the way the rules of Senna. And assuming mutual agreement now the one thing and the bay has taken a step back. Is that. Initiatives was in the case only had jewels of Carl Nicks is their offensive line. You know you'd you'd think the perception is. That Tammy can run the football. But not really. Ned has not been the case this year or. Years year and a half maybe even two seasons. I'm before that it was like. Many more weapons and outside that you you look at. Whether I had the kid. These the LaMont from Texas sane and the big receiver and have brought in Mike Evans my Gammons. And then 93 Maceda with the big received from the charges. The big guy from the talk about Vincent Jack interject. Yes so but so that it hasn't won again the boss though they they struggling right on the offensive line to run the ball. And so yeah it would it would definitely. Via a hindrance if he's trying. To keep pace. When the lights of the Saints Falcons. And Carolina considering you look at Drew Brees Matt Ryan and even I can jarred. But I know a cause a lot of headaches. I know all of indices our offense is going against. That can be defense you know you gotta pack alliance is. You can that you're going to be in a dogfight and Alia. Decent in my mind two of the linebacker from. From Nebraska old Dovonte wanted. David as does it Nokia Donte' Davis thought he got a date yet okay he's considered amongst an hour he's in India got McCaw I. Yeah he's right there when a guy on the consumes so and then all of a sudden Lenny Williams Albany turns into another Richard Seymour. It's it's like who you blocked the outright and only naming opposing you know me what you do no doubt about it so. Yeah I hate to be addressed the C and then of course what happens now a within they'll collins' situation and you know. In it what do they say that the one thing we we we know about life as it did everything's on certain days so much uncertainty. And what you don't know you don't know and and right now Bobby. If you're an NFL team and just look come on all the what just happened not in the and I am not compare but I'm just telling you what these teams at Lincoln would go on but. Seen what happens who is who is the model franchise and that formerly the New England Patriots. Right look somebody in do their homework Bobby. Aaron Hernandez and come in no clean citizen right he he he did a lot of bad things before he got there so even what all that done things that happen. And you've got to know a mean regardless and I hate this but do you wanna be the team that did. At the very least you knew that there was a guy that was. At the very least he was asked a question anyone asked the question about where you're at a nightclub party a fight broke out and out then you talk about a murder. And teams to me is going to be a lot of team about it going to be you know what. I understand but we cannot have this. We the only thing we know to protect ourselves from this is we humbly we pass and I think that communiques to some atomic thing out and met Barrett. You all the Patriots and involvement. There Hernandez. You Kate tell me with the 32 pit. Pick if chain rage. Our. Are Randy Gregory. Ryan and have been in Dallas and Paul that it pages you know all the guys think you know I I missed time with them that we now right that ended the game murder yet yet you actually I mean you know what I'm saying that but are and as a first it was this week you know and they know. If I had an overload deepen data found in the morning and that he he had issues he's dealing it and but the Utica Ohio Collins I'm mock draft. But this is that it is about ten days ago two weeks ago. Going like a party niners with a fifteen. Right I think might might have him. Pointed at Texas with the sixteen pager or somewhere is somewhere in that. Realm. Kind of mid teens to mid mid Philly teams that will be interested. To see this affect him. He's in Chicago came back and talk and that investigators found irony can go in you know clean that are named I think he can and now would. Which would money would be huge boost if it was a statement became talented rookies. His name is creating those bags boom and so forth to think to a certain degree eighteen would stay away but. In a way at the wait and see what you really wanna just got to do your homework and and I don't know Buchanan short time because you know you look at 2448 hour period right. And then. Can truly fine now it. Isn't dominant there was any involvement our. Yi is it completely in. That's what goes that the blues you know people look into these plays that you pay to do. And do double time now he's the case again about rebounding ability. This is sports talk needing the Saints will use a pick on a quarterback it's operated jaguar opinion poll you can vote online at WW dot com. And welcome back to sports eight is Dick KG camp Bobby ain't bad I'm Deke Bellavia today. Saints executive vice president and general manager Mickey Loomis says he's open to drafting a quarterback would you use an early or mid round pick. On a QB. And this weekend that they're. The fights. The playoffs in BA native in the NFL draft. What all you most interested in. Tell us to 601878. You can Texas it 870. 870 coming up tonight. Bob Mitchell will be here for scoot at 8 o'clock at a special addition of creativity AM and 830 and only 1053 at a special edition. Of the Monty Williams show to Baltimore have go to the streets with law forced him on the ninth and waiting until Tuesday night. Should police arrest protest is immediately when they break at all with the is discouraging news and writers. It did you see that Diane Sawyer interview with Bruce Jeanette. Become all to you as sincere all a little way Bruce Jenner has threatened legal action over photos of him wearing a draft published last week. One so what do you think of the whole group in a situation. Mob scene that is the way round trip Winona he already see he's he's been thinking like a woman he's taken almost like on the. What many are you also somebody falls away and a damn dressed right is if you're ready have a pitchers phones and review address is at and they did it Camille I'll do you really want to be able. Mad at everything I was I was cool it now on his to have not have been that that is bans pac. I want to be wanted but Imus soon you. Could you and appeared to me would address now because you know hello because people paparazzi whenever you want to call it you know the and exploit any type of pitchers keep it. Right away as the true may be what he's Collins ally in the fifth and color are but you know who actually has that the quality pitches that can shall the transition I didn't handed to me. You know and then and then it paid enough money that now I don't know bloated. So maybe it was one of those ankle. Was the last interviewed in the history of the world of Bruce. Jana what club Alexander he's going to be whatever he changes in named to log big like I tell you that buddy DJ has Fareed god knows look in my vans but I'm not transition and no yeah I got into the role of being a Longman right like viking queen on steroids. The pig tales work in. Yeah you at broad and now this an original thought was high. No you wouldn't while on the ice hockey is showing the percentage. Knew I told you why you're able to uphold Noah did deploy it was like 60% hi yeah I'm a do Coleman give you poll. And execute you know. I it is as blunt about it was on WW yeah.