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5-7 1pm Angela, Trending: La'el Collins, Hookers for Hillary, Upside down Special Education Student, Brad and Angelina

May 7, 2015|

Today's trending hour featuring WWL News Anchor David Blake, and Double Coverage Host T-Bob Hebert, and Night Host Scoot.

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And we welcome you to another Thursday at party central. We're three great guy I just sitting here waiting to talk about what's trending on this Mason. We have done WL news reporter and anchor David Blake one of my favorite days day before. Friday beautiful yes I'd like to say because you get trend no well that's true Friday each that the WL and three WL super sports person he bought me a tunnel and I am glad to be here. And a man who doesn't care whether Europe Democrat or Republican as long as you don't talk politics with some spoof. Of the Scotia. Yes another don't fear I'm kind of kind of done much. But it's it's great to be here and they don't you should've seen the message the studio here yesterday because it was on guys in here is something civilized about having you and your Angela. You're very kind to say that I do want to say intimately I was listening to you all all you made mother very proud. His I don't know what a great yeah trees like mom's going away leaving us alone here in the studio and you know we've we've we've tried not to wreck everything dad you better perform I'll tell you that. Did a great job and I miss cue ball but I know we have. Major step trending. And it's just interesting to me C bomb literally what 48 hours will make a difference in a person's like yeah yeah. From being really a suspect. In many people's minds right or wrong. To get the job with the Dallas Cowboys. Yes so highs just announced I guess about an hour ago images reason maybe less than mad that Lal Collins. Will be signing or has signed with the Dallas Cowboys green Williams of the Fort Worth star telegram reported this earlier today. It's apparently according Ian wrap 43 year deal. Worth about one point seven million dollars over those three years. Met dinners at the gonna go but above one point five. But either way what kind of spurred this I guess why he is signed all of a sudden. Is that according to juicy and Anderson of the SPN and multiple resources at this point. Al Collins passed a polygraph. From an independent investigator in relation of the Britney mills case and take a paternity test which members police department has says came back negative that he was not the father of the child. I for one I mean I. Yeah that's. I don't know everybody's experience on the changes everything I did that it does mean obviously does right everybody is comfortable with Richard maybe it takes away the motive. Really it is kind of odd to me how there's no. There was really no proof before when everybody was assuming he was guilty. And that now just because of fibers ages I've maintain an acting he's innocent. Throughout this entire process could see him do and it's such an extreme step Tate. I thought it was little majors you know a lot of people able to readily accept that can be done just a little too fast but. A bomb as far as we fully exonerated I guess the police. They still haven't taken that final final step and I suppose that makes it's in the standpoint if any new evidence did come to light they wanna I wanna have to go back on their words but they have maintained goes tire process. Not a suspect. And if you're Collins now. It seems like you're ready to move on with cooperated police he answered all the questions fully for everybody floating this idea. Oh well if he was in his it why do any go talk to cops immediately remember we talked about it we said well in the case like this you dabbling ducks have heard as a matter and says. And Q I guess further solidified appear retarded chick foray Debbie Nabil legal analysts on the show yesterday. And he said it comes as his client he wouldn't of allowed to talk to cops at all. He said the one thing you need to take away from this is never make a statement. Set at five or six times never make a statement. Saying that it Tuesday get it done nothing but as a lawyer's job is to keep him out of Joseph he would not have allowed counts even make each day. Just like we say online order all the time when they've got the suspect damn room in the ready to grow on and the attorney shows up and says. Quiet yes absolutely and and they are hurting up that from a legal standpoint I would not disagree with some lunch at four. But from a public standpoint. Hearing him looking into a camera saying she was a girlfriend of mine a nice woman I am as devastated as everybody about her death. I have nothing to do well this kid's into the idea too though what if he wasn't devastated. In that town council what if. He. What they didn't have a good relationship that is making the murder. And then to pretend like he like the girl or Japan like they had a good relationship would that not almost be more two faced than just handling it. How how you actually feel look and this is describing a lot of emotions and a lot of motivation we don't know officially ship so I don't know I don't know what it was like. And Tebow brings up a really good point about how we are quick game and I say we that's a pronoun to just talk about the public in general we are very quick to think okay wait a minute. Guy here's a guy who we think he's the father of the baby of course he killers she was extorting money they're gonna absolutely we come to we come to conclusions before anything is really out and. So within that particular instance those conclusions by the public. Influence the NFL. Yes absolutely so that by itself in this particular case. I would rethink letting this man go especially if he knew he wasn't fun. If you knew all of this an innocent I'm wasn't the father why wouldn't T. Because if you can you can begin a global. We don't know so whatever about to say no that this is pure speculation. What if he thought he was the father. One of change you know enjoy Williams are unique due out as well let me values and then you have an obvious motive that cops can describe Q. And there's been plenty of innocent people who have caught a new question you grouping and I'm innocent so there's no way this could go portly. And because there's an obvious motive there and maybe there's some circles stand Jimmy as circumstantial evidence like I kept hearing about how. They'd talked on the phone earlier that day I have that was some sort of evidence that he's involved in a murder. See see how because the motive outside looking in it's so easy for people to form rash judgments. And lets you police unit and the leafs you have the other suspects would seek easiest wine. To kind of go tracked down yet if he's gonna that he could have gone in. And it probably would have worked out that absolutely there is a chance that he could have gotten. It may be what did you even miss remembers or use like bought yeah you know what you're doing last week at this time I don't know why do. And if you mister member of that eight that completely innocent but under different light. Looks nefarious and it looks very suspicious if everything why he would not. Speak and and looked me in I don't know that I that terms and I know collection yellen to reinforce that is here regularly doing well at all speculate on this. The bottom line is. His life has turned the corner it seems like it's now going jazz play for them so he's got to play Vardalos kind of crazy when you consider that Dallas already widely considered to have the best. Offensive line in the entire league. And now they get another guy that the first round talent I mean it's it's it's funny in dominance is actually at the same. Exact reaction we aired we heard the new users every bit said the rich got richer. That's exactly what happened with the Dallas Sullivan's line in this case. And I remember so its three year contract. One point seven million. He'll be opened because undrafted free agent actually renegotiate that in two years. Which is earlier than when he's late round draft at 0824 so he does well. He has digital makes him that money back that he lost some of your members had been draft doers those who drafted. He would be looking at a four million dollar signing bonus and he would have made four million dollars the second he signed his name. Now he's gonna make about 500000. Each year for the next three years. Silent it's a lot of money to mean you're gonna relative terms he actually cost a lot of money. And wind if he does get fully exonerated by the police department and they completely move on I do think there's a conversation to be had. About how we handle situations like this in the future. That is that are actually point point and we are going to be talking about that very thing in our second hour Tom Manassas and myself want you the listeners should be part of it. Did the officials put him please officials put him in a bad spot did his agent handled this well we would love your your thoughts on that. We're gonna take it the break much more coming up trending stay with us I'm Angela on WW well. And it is David Blake and see Bob and scooped and David Blake. This is this is something that's been talked about a while and now it's really stepped closer concerning a little tax on that enough to essence a lot of visitors of the tank. Yup it's very well and it is a little tax. And it's amazing how little tax can add up to some pretty substantial money. In this case were talking about a sales tax hike in the French Quarter. That would be a quarter. Of any. Panning and quarter. The City Council committee today. I economic development district actually putting. This measure on the ballot they fully agree yes let's let the people vote on this thing and the vote on the committee by the way it was six to two. Now there will be a big public hearing on the matter before the City Council in June if the council. Oh proves this measure then the election would be set for October 24. This would ask again the voters in the French Quarter. Will you go ahead and agreed to eight sales tax hike of a quarter of a panic with that funding. Which should be as various estimates of how many millions it could raise we could have acts through security. Finite details of what that would look like who it would be. That still there's a plan but several adjustments went out to be made before we knew exactly what we're gonna get. Well we know now is that we have sort of a patchwork. Yet have a good and met so we have to have we have to have some state police for a while we have to have. The business district it's doing. But this would be for a long period of time yes it would be to Balkan problem there is permanent call so right now as a may cost a dollar. And be a dollar in point 25 cents throw it. Or is far is far what is arsenal sent to 9% parent it would be nine point 2295%. And is sending you bought in the corner only in the corner. And that did visitors and many of them who need this extra protection. In the French Quarter who come in here and spend all their money in this down. Would probably be picking up a lot of this actor tax. And maybe they wouldn't notice it around there hotel rooms a little more expensive. The pool boy cost me a little bit more. But when they walk home at night maybe they would get pummeled it would be went on four dollars it would be another ten yeah right yeah that's exactly seems more results on record in order to pay those can cut our today. I think with that extra cent just took me over speaking of fun. Of legislative things in Texas very interesting scoot with you're talking about. You know there's been a lot of talk about which party should own the year campaign to legalize pot well of that campaign to legalize pot in Texas. Is getting the backing of Tea Party favorite in Texas a state house committee in Texas in Austin. Has now passed a legalization measure and it is a Tea Party favorite Republican state to a representative David Simpson who argues that pot came from god. And therefore should not be banned by the government. And this Tea Party favorite supports what he calls the Christian case for legalization. The bill still would have to get the consideration the full house before. The session ends on June the first but they're not talking about turning this over to the voters are talking about deciding themselves and you know it. It's it's it's interesting that if you do think about the foundation of concern ideology. Which is less government involved in your lives then you could very easily argue that legalization of pot and same sex marriage these are very conservative issues. Very interesting when I look at it interesting bedfellows ha ha so I don't I'm very interesting. Let's go back over to keep on T Bob. To fully to flee alliance. Man so the guys to the wells report. Came out yesterday which is the comprehensive investigation into the majors are played in. They're full balls. He wells report officially declared that. It is more probable than not at the patriots intentionally manipulated. The balls and that Tom Brady. Was at least generally aware now more problems than not that is the key phrase that doesn't sound that damn right. It has its down like concrete evidence and selling and up to punish people. How ever. This is actually a common standard in courts of law. Especially in civil suits this phrase of more probable than not indicates a belief. That the evidence. Satisfies whatever you do your cues to do. And it is for this reason. Add to this investigation and how and how they got there it would look there are a lot of text messages you go look at most specifically to different equipment managers. Talking back and forth about. Deeply dean and flaming balls. One of them receiving gifts prior games console that reference it Tom Brady. And then. Phone where everything goes back to vote record pace with how they called the patriot huge why you're bored doing dirty work. It's just you know it's word of advice keep it on the phone phones like the Internet you can I get a does matter be deleted all of your phone. So we'll companies have records they always find anything that you put on there. That's how they arrived at this more probable than not. Belief and the question now becomes. Do you punish. Tom Brady. And I don't know at this point how you don't punish Tom Brady. It just seems like they've kind of backed themselves into court if they really wanted to avoid all of this the NFL. What they could have done is win the colts GM originally got touches them about this entire situation. It's drying Greeks and he told them look you needed check. The patriot ball pressure it's it seems like you're come up a little light and a well known around the league that after the arrest checked balls they go back in the end up changing them. Well what the league could go and that point was confront the patriots say look were on do you we're gonna be watching to do it again you will get in trouble. You know page probably Celtics in neither do you watch or they kind of tried to set up a sting operation and I think it's right or wrong but you go either way would that. But he did try to catch him in the act and because of that they've got to put themselves in a position where they're going to have to. Punished Tom Brady and the patriots and it's interesting too because Bob Kraft the owner of page had very strong words when this morning when this story first broke Tom how when he comes out that. They're innocent of all wrongdoing at the NFL owes Tom Brady and bill apology Bill Belichick an apology. When he comes out today after this and did he still doesn't think. There's enough hard evidence to get these guys trouble but the problem is it's more probable than not they don't need hard evidence to back. This is actually that the more problem not is a higher standard. Then that of the personal conduct policy when deciding whether or not about punish players all you need in that case is corroborating evidence they don't have that. What about the coach no I mean this saints got hammered so hard and it seemed like a bunch of it all came down on coach patent is valid checked just kind of stand on the side honestly and look this is not necessarily right or wrong. And I get the ignorance is no excuse that everybody says I don't see Belgium get in trouble here. And adding it's one of those things where Justin you get them in the past doesn't necessarily mean it's right. And what average Sean Payton I think a lot of people would say. Was not handled correctly so at Baylor and ebony do you think. You have to punish Tom Brady gonna be you punish the team is alternating cooperated in the investigation I've ever Robert Kraft sitting there saying. Oh well they don't have enough evidence. Let's go back to a quote that ray this is where Roger Goodell you wonder why people call Dell body seems are robotic at times he has to measure every word. He says publicly commit callously throw back in his face this is a quote from the NFL 08 competition committee six years ago. Too often competitive violations have gone unpunished. Because conclusive proof of the violation was lacking. I believe we should reconsider the standard of proof to be applied in such cases. And make it easier for competitive violation to be established made it easier. Once again more probable than not that's the key phrase. They said it's more problem not the patriots did intentionally adjust the inflation in the balls. And that Tom Brady was at least generally aware in my mind these needs to result in a fine one or two game suspension for Brady. And a loss of a draft pick for the New England Patriots it seems only right and it in a bell doesn't. The public black backlash will be huge. At a crazy part about all this. The ball pressure not nearly as egregious as previously thought it was important at eleven it's doubles or two pounds under. There'll actually closer to one pound under which the sides would have supported perfectly. With all the cold weather wet weather setter how ever. In the day the phone records were what sold them out which is why do wanna be shady. You gotta talk face to face past and you can burn outs paper can't you can't do that electronic texts and phone texting me. We're also going to be talking about this and our second hour watcher thoughts should what kind of punishment should think what it is just like eight. Stay with us everywhere let's go to the newsroom I'm Angela under the that you. Back with David Blake and scoop and T Bob and David Blake hey there's a little real estate back on the market not a bad deal. Yeah I got a little pad for a facility let me check my wallet here. Six point five million more gutsy asking for a yes it is the asking price and there's a lot more news stories and than meets the eye on this but it up. It's kind of exciting and I think over the years you think about the yeah the big movie stars and celebrities that have owned homes in New Orleans. And it is kind of exciting you know it's a wonderful talk about it gives you little buzz well Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Moved into the French Quarter back in 2007. They obviously have numerous places where they live but I would problem and they paid 3.5 million. For this mansion in the quarters over and governor Nichols near the French market. Five bedrooms three bathrooms. Two half bass and policy about 7600. Square feeds us pretty good size and yet in the quarter they paid the 3.5 million now they want six. Point five million. To pick it up. Couple of experts I talked to thought it meant so little overpriced but you ask hi we all that's how the game displayed on the list. And considering. It has the celebrity. And he and he was telling me a body. A national market. On this type of property. So you're going to have not necessarily a local buyer but it could be a big week ago and New York. Who wants a second home all of Brad Pitt's old sound yeah enemy coroner will Volvo order yeah it's a little model spaces that alone makes a six point five and you know from the outside it doesn't look like so many places in the corner there's such a big surprise which you get beyond that French Quarter for side you can just how it looks all but you're talking over 7000 square feet that's a big house has a great placing us in Ireland the secrecy of of the corners homes were it's you know who's really nothing there but the door. And then you go inside and there's Portland yards and I hung out one point serie a on hung out there and it's our Saturday afternoon Alex is a local packages they weren't they are but I was hanging outside your readers and I'm OK a lot of that was called the neighbors were making that's exactly I've gotten some guy here you gotta get him. Speaking out this case or is this programming your introduction in your blunder of politics this is a very interesting story. You know some candidates get endorsements that maybe they don't really points it's now official. Democratic presidential hopefuls for 2016 Hillary Clinton. Has now gotten the support they're now endorsing her the prostitutes of the moonlight bunny ranch a legal brothel in Carson City and their whole campaign is gonna be hookers for Hillary. And I don't know whether it's gonna help her little. As of illness a right yeah of course you know they didn't do much good when they endorsed our Rand Paul in the last presidential election I think they did him livestock this was a decision that their clients. I don't like it or that they had a history they endorsed him. This is why you need me my dogs and that business featured on the HBO special cat house. And and I again I don't know whether she's embracing this or not that hookers for Hillary's alleged house and help time as today grown up it's really interesting and a journal so I think I might have a problem with. You. Yeah I agree that stay with us everyone much more trending right activists. And we're back with our super renders and T Bob. It's been trying to explain to me about LeSean McCoy at the angles of the Eagles are learning a lot and Chip Kelly calling them kind of abandoning well okay has so Shawn McCoy. Can put his foot is about yesterday use traded from the Eagles to the bills early this year. And he talked about how Kelly gets rid of all the all the good black players who govern than the fastest. Says there's a reason he got rid of all the black players good ones like that's crazy inferring that Jim Kelly is a racist and now. The weird part about this and might just seems so stupid to say. They get the Irish on the show on the court. But they've paid black running back DeMarco Murray 42 million dollars takes place and they signed black quarterback Byron Maxwell. You're 63 million dollar deal this offseason signed cornerback Walter Garber is black every six to epics last week Bible which were black but it is seven. Acts as a coach do I need to go on yet another racist to me owe it to exist either. Sour grapes from a boy how to to be Smart enough absolutely okay definitely. What is this a teacher turning it upside down and. This happened in Marietta Georgia we've got to. Special education teacher who should know better you know really with what your expertise is. As far as dealing with the kids that she has to deal with. And it I know understand it's difficult. With special needs but. She is accused of holding this little boy. Upside down by his lay eggs and then lowering him head first into a trash cans. An arrest warrant says Kerry on the issues we Mary Katherine personally. Told the second grader that if he had trashy behavior. Like the Sesame Street character Oscar the Grouch. He would go to the trash cans and so that's apparently what she did they also tell us the kid was screaming and yelling. As she was lowering ends and into the can. And she has been a booked on a felony charge of first degree cruelty to children. And we'll see where this one goes when it gets eaten. Or perhaps a minute that comes to pass wrong profession. Yeah sometime something similarly there and this is such a sad story scoot. Just talk about the kind in Pennsylvania who kill to send them. I'm dying Jersey searched or Pennsylvania was imitating professional wrestling moves. And he accidentally slammed his cynical friends Tom was signed on the floor killing him Brendan Hoffman was charged yesterday with involuntary manslaughter in danger and the welfare of a child. Aggravated assault and another fences as was an eighteen month old come on baby. And he's imitating the the rest are undertaker is last ride moved. And instead of slamming the eighteen month old child on the bed. It did they ended up signing kids on the floor. And he died and I tried to revive him maternity CPR but that didn't work called 911. And he says Tony years old and he's obviously he's he's in jail I mean again UT can't you can't blame professional wrestling for this it's the decision that somebody makes two to imitate this going to be. You know there's so many things that there's some great things about children that are fragile that you can't just you know sometimes you see parents like. Having fun with their kids serve you know grabbing their arms and it's really not bad debt that good for. Look at their their friends hobbies are still growing yes you know their brains are still growing but even if he thought he was you know slamming them on the bad what was he doing that. That's that's my point B why even do that with a win without it I mean even you the universe of guys kid you power outages are now harder grow I don't need your oil kind of stuff like that but. And I held heads better than one of mild teammates and a guy went badly in some high school with a rival schools Georgia Stephen Singleton. He's got convicted of murdering his four year old child and this is a grown man who's over six feet tall and 300 pounds. Punching a kid in the head to the point where they can later dies of head Troutman and that that truly we turn your stomach brutal story. It's out of anger and you just isn't thinking of his own strength what what is going on. It's just for its its rage and they know that this is why you united eat you can spank your children you can't beat them that if if you don't understand the difference and then don't don't use corporal punishment. But so often parents seem to. To take out their frustration and anger with the child at the moment they administer the punishment and that's why the spanking goes beyond the spanking into a beating. You know I recall we out of a body slamming. And a death I believe I'm here in New Orleans and may have been a couple of years ago but it was it a brother and sister is that what Abbas and I think he he was doing a wrestling moved up. With his sister and she died there you go out loser I mean those are dangerous moves mean a wrestler wrestlers for all the talk about being fake etc. those are. Highly trained premier athletes and a lot of news news. As someone who used to do this when I was kid and we've got closer pretty bad injuries a lot of those moves are so. I guess spinal cord endangering like I if you don't know what you're doing if you don't know the technique like they're using. You didn't snap your neck very easily and there's just a shame that data we seem like it to put disclaimers on everything you know don't try this at home or you see these to these commercials were cars like racing through the streets is like professional driver don't do this and cannot go to the senior neighborhoods like. What you can't use common sense and realizing you shouldn't be doing these things to you see in certain situations. On that happy note we'll take another break stay with this were still trending product at. Just wanted to say that are pretty opinion poll we asked the question Dallas Cowboys have signed offensive lineman. Lionel Collins to a three year deal. Are you storing the saints missed the opportunity. Interestingly 75% of you say yes sorrow than we missed the opportunity. We're going to be talking about on the show man in our next hour. With Todd Manassas hope you'll join us and give a short thoughts on the let this go over to scoot. You find the most incredible information. This is really is this. Testing there was a survey done and you know I know people a challenge surveys but you know servers are more accurate and then you think. But there's some people who just don't police are things because it's it's not something that they agree with. But according to the survey more Americans are comfortable with they gave president. Then an evangelical president. And I put this song Nara faced a pace last night and that's an interesting reaction might very few dead innocent comment from Bethany of course I agree evangelical Christians have proven themselves untrustworthy. Ryan says well it's an NBC poll it must be true. That's why the Huffington Post reported. Again there are liberal and conservative and polls that come out and liberal conservative publications and media outlets. Talk about these polls and neighborly are more. Accurate then that you might think if you if you disagree with Kenny says on the surface I would agree with the poll however. No matter the candidate I still wanna know with the candidate stands for the subject but at this there is a fear there is a fear of evangelical. Christians on because of the negative behavior that many had displayed in public office. And I mean does an economy citizens' standpoint that. Their first allegiance wouldn't necessarily be their constituents. Their constituents maybe what's best for. The people that are voting in an office instead it would be driven by a higher message and higher payout to reported that was a big conversation when John F. Kennedy was running for president as a Catholic that sounded very good he wasn't going to be consulting the Pope when he came to make a decision. Remember that clearly. But a higher power of all perhaps is mother's Marianna and so let's ask. Dana and Blake. Lot of moms really want for Mother's Day and you know. Out of it you guys are all on the same boat with me when it was like a week ago all was so admired matters settlement and the Asia and Mother's Day Sunday. And I was like oh man I better get my act together so a trip to mobiles in line for us this weekend and went downtown and end. And found mothers. Right in the CBD and what do you really want not the standard or just that you came over and visited. And we got diamond earrings odd trip a vacation from work hot tub. Just going away with my friends at the casino. Jewelry spas shopping trips and then a new car Alexis would be preferred. Well these are very specific. Due up wind not you guys are great thank you so much and everybody's in join us for our hot topics in just a few seconds.