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05-07-2015 11pm The Scoot Show with Bob Mitchell

May 8, 2015|

Bob Mitchel is in for Scoot

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In the heart of the crowd. Crescent City. Let's have a Bob Mitchell filling in first do tonight and before I will lay out again what we're talking about this hour but this is really. In an usual story misses. Down right. Strange. A man. Was kidnapped at gunpoint. And raped by three women. Who collected his semen in the cold balks. And stealing that before abandoning their victim. And they say that this is part of a growing trend. I'm not sure where this happened. I don't wanna know where it happened. Alright here's what we are talking about tonight's number one of the that it's sad that this kind of thing continues to happen of mentioned that build and similar details before it went into the news. But Jefferson Parish sheriff's office arrested a dead accused of leaving his three month old baby inside and unlock parked car how many times. How many times does this have to happen before people stop doing it. Do you think there's ever a legitimate excuse for leaving a child in a hot car. That's the serious thing we're talking about we're also talking about music. What is your favorite era do you enjoy listening to the most 50s80s. And who do you think made the greatest impact on the music world The Beatles. Or chip up I have Bob. Computer report that says. In general. Hip op made a well a while and they read that barrier to tee and a second. The impact of hip hops arrival on the pop music scene the eclipse that of The Beatles led British invasion of 1964. The flu according to a computer analysis of 171000 films. The unusual study fell three revolutions on the chart 1991 emergence of rap. And hip hop on mainstream charged the since lead of wave movement of 1983. And the advent of The Beatles Rolling Stones The Who would on the British rockers in the early 1960s. Although The Beatles paced by strong riders John Lennon Paul McCartney android perhaps the highest placed in critics of steam. The researchers found that the hip hop movement with mega star like Jaycee. More profile. They wrote that the rise of rapidly the drivers represent the single most important event. That is shaped the music structure of the American music charts. By contrast the British bad heavily influenced by US stars like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Or to follow the existing trend so there they're saying that. You know artist lightly Beatles. And what it is true you know people like Chuck Berry Little Richard did affect The Beatles so that's that's why they say that hip hop club. Affected them more music than The Beatles. Her height at go to Barry Barry how are you tonight. On blown away Anderson but mr. rich. There is absolutely no useful Lehman abate in the caught their child endangerment I think what judicial system needs to do the severely punishing parents couldn't resentment mr. of the carpet if not. Become electorate. And it's going to be a situation that they couldn't Google along the outlook and you'll. Equipment and don't agree well. And that's that's that's a great point you know not unmentioned on thank god that somebody found the but you bring up an excellent point just suppose. That. They had not found look at how long would it billions for great. They're a bit bumpy and personally be in decline any good to look payment these. Lol yeah welcome to the men have been ordered that people look at school beer but apparently epic now. How do you think you can. How do you do that favored to your child and a car. I don't know underwhelming just to judicial system meet the storm being more watch these candidates and I'm telling you it will send a message to. Are the people and the set. Twice and then in between acts when he put it being Munich did and so about it and try to go under the acceptable and I mean we have to to win a case like this year year year and it is critical cheer them and don't know with the corporate negligence. There. You know it's it's so hard to. To fab in the fact that it's in the news so much it happens so often you would think that people would say there's no way I'm gonna look that happened the much. What. Went in particular news put in you know what you neighbor to the music what do you can't beat on the are going to be able. But he held around went. Ray burst out in a remarkably or Colby if and pitched to bring it on Wall Street view at the continued and either. In your raider indisputable and wrong this when aperture. The ship that you know being the first one became a Q it was not national international be big in Japan to appeal the world and shall let the real quick bucket and set of its what does it mean if you're not what you did not care rep and beat. And need to room at. The Al want them elect a lot of active electorate and brown purple and low when Packard built land bluntly unsolicited portrait. Elect elect political. Language in put to music and any of it is it is true and so in in the and it is ridiculous so full of hope there aren't a big. Beetle but America's. Think oh he's been great. Beat well not route you'll be back like people at Columbia RC a major people they won't make it and yet. The people predicted total. To one degree at ground you know what we shall. Be lead in the national now. The barrel may have a question if you could build your dream home you know Brad Pitt and his wife Angelina Jolie. There are houses for sale for six point five million on a car I got thinking. How great it would be if you could spin six point five million girls and a home so my question is if you had the money. And you could build your dream home and you could do whatever you want what that what every one and it would features which you have and you dream home. And to let the previous total out of a kitchen and it will be a minute to put into our own single interest and and and a Amaro. About it and you know. And experience would be real element that you mean that you wanna put form. Yet so adamant about that when they would look at battle took me out of Russia but noted cookbooks and Albert on senator Byrd. Sutton put him but I'll adequate to scratch chicken whatever. So that would do it every night kitchen in my place and important that took it straight and felt. It's amazing time that that is for my dream girls that love at one I've got a real nice over a couple of wolf schools. And a I'd like to have one of those. The goal like twelve burgers with a with a grill in the middle and things like that and you talked about how you got start cooking. Mine was was kind of similar that. My wife would. I liked Italian right. And and and she would put it into public whine about it complain about it when species that learn to cook it yourself so I do it. It's a little bit. But when the local Atlanta to let my. Oh lead on a certain way and I don't want it to. Eagle crash in complaint to be mailed in Latin look again I'll let that go go global quickly cooking food. Opened at that model well. Right Barry another thing we've been talking about that I have a little fun with do you have a favorite. Commercial character or aunt or is there a commercial spokesperson. That just irritates the life out of you. Unlike you and while that below are some. The actual person to predict what I mean what do you keep it. Like it's polishing lasted so many years. To what it's ultimately she wondered that about. Me. But. It without the B and WQ but Tony the Tiger but the total commercial. As a absolutely mr. Oh. My my my favorite is coming back the Hamburg McDonald's is bringing him he Hamburg back he's been. Retired for about fourteen years and now we get a bit about. It. But thank you so much all right we have lines open final four to six year old wallets ebony got attachments that your this. This message a W. A little bit of award in the front definitely touch your heart. It says Bob. I don't talk about this. But this is what happened to me I had my one year old son in the car with me while I stopped at a convenience store once inside. I bumped into an old for a a completely forgot my son was in the vehicle I was gone for five to ten minutes. But that's all it took for as little place to turn red and his hair was what. It's still haunts me to this day and noble never forget that my son is the light in my life and he's eighteen years old now. If my son would have suffered brain damage or some other injury. I would've suffered until the day I'd this was a loving dead. Oh man that just relief pitcher on his another text message there is. No excuse for leaving the child in the car no matter if it's hot or not not even. For any amount of time. Nothing not even that even for a minute and I have to agree with that not I just I just don't know. Call it the continues to happen really don't. We are talking about what era of music that you like to listen to the most. On Tuesday attacks from. Someone at some music for me is mostly east sixties and seventies and mostly sold to. We are talking about. A dream home. And here's one. My dream home will be made for my blind husband. But doesn't give me any details so that's. I'm not sure exactly what type of home you build. Love old school music I've been Brothers temptations and coat mainly listen to music with. Pandora on my phone or CDs in my truck. So where do you listen to your music would kind of music to you listen to what era of music do you think had the the biggest influence. Bible for 2601878. And if your saints fan. And I tell you one thing I know what aggravated me. And I also thing to Bobby and take this afternoon put Bob it was gonna explode but argued you know the story by now buffalo. Well Collins. From polish to great offensive lineman was predicted to go in the first round but because of a murder which was a tragic murder of blow of a pregnant woman. His name got mentioned somewhere. About a where the police wanted to talk to him. He wasn't even described as a suspect but police want to talk to him and because of that. No one drafted him in the first round fully was a free agent in a lot of us a lot of the saints fans were hoping. But the saints were going to sign him but they did not. The cowboys signed him so I don't know what you but I am I'm kind of bummed that the that happened. We have some lines nobody can come right out 5042601878. Would features would be included in your dream home at six point five million dollars. Would you buy Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's home which you build your own dream home Bible for 260187. It's sort of thread in Pascagoula howry Fred. I'm sorry Bob are you. Do on five what's going on with you tonight. Followed used to it now from war. There's been to a year topics there. I mockery moral conflict on pretty much you were built a monologue or no. That he used at all. Well. I look after after Katrina. 2000 poll and cold. Wasn't built terribly this year the report came back ship order. And saw account for our community built luck award and now. I ever heard or and gnaw. I had a had a look there. But after Katrina a little bit shaky yell and analog remote properly washed out in the actual buyer it and now. Maybe. Output 98 York on. Wall and a contrary from the east. For a to them by a one shot and if huge police and so I don't know below parity and and now that out to publish curry. And back to what my probably one hour bullet in my property Ronald shot another war. It did carry my in. Area. Hello. Scurrying. About 400 square flew. Pan out and got me and bill should borrow more bottom. Lou number. Hello are starting used to burial. And I'll let you have you have your dream home the early today a one. And hopefully. Go. Ordered combat. So. And watch. What what's your what's your favorite music or what kind of music do you enjoy listening to the most. In our humble. To gotten Elton John and bill sit by so I'm sick. It certainties in in the east. Start talk about. Stuart milk. Like from the sixties to. And and it. Hand in ever. Theatres is you know. What each year ago. Hello out. And they were. Actually. Money in my current world to work. Your. And it's amazing how Rod Stewart change from being such a rocker and then in the when he went to some of these at these classic albums with almost a big band sound and just really Orly Doug did some good music. Oh dollars. I'm a little sloppy in this dome. And put out that though the law when he does go crew. And now. And now my you know why shouldn't material out of him in concert. Arms and he'd do it. I read dubbed this afternoon that McDonald's is bringing back the Hamburg which is what you wanna Lyle Tom favorite commercial characters. Hoosier tape a commercial character. The nine should do Clark marshals should should wouldn't want to order. You subordinate. Short. Short birdie there should stall or Letterman. And look at can remember him or the that it would only. Leo. She did that commercial she would. Rotted in commercial should look into camera count. The middle. So and so is my boys were involved. Read Yemeni children. Is there ever a legitimate excuse for lead to child in a hot car. You know the law. What are your model to you. Can understand that people can get distracted. It and put it if you are from the dramatic and might be a year ago. Book and order now due to milder. Moloch the director of the region. And I felt I felt old. Or guardian and crew are urged. And shall started you know rather than I am on the wall core that kind of she broke it in she you know I'm in the war go now. When a rocket they won't do a real. Are at it I think what happens is sometimes and I'm I'm just just light bulb came on. I think people have. So much to do or are so many different things that can do. While driving other than listen to the radio mean people are always on their cell phones and looking up things and on texting messages and and I wonder what happens is affected. So many people pre occupied while they're driving. That's probably why we have some of the accidents people are preoccupied. But I just don't know. Paul no matter how preoccupied you are you can forget about church. The other only early dial and you know. Column in like Corey to. Well that yes and not go through specially would be it would look my. This site groups saying most are broke well Beers and bode well. Oh. I just saw. If I type in mom. This can corporately. To. Turkey while it was more. The ego is out for him back there. Then then then ask the lawyer properly order a one year of a bit digit deficit but the it will bring to mow about. Should watch Oprah were you. And it is going to. You won one and mock my good good. Listened when people when I was a kid I probably had that and a regular member went on the teacher wrote on my report card to my mother. If if Bob would pay more attention in class and his mind wouldn't I wouldn't drifted get better grades of a mother. Rather than taking it does get back in those years. I didn't even know what it was the mother just. Did the old fashioned cure was a slap on the side of the head and say pay attention and schoolboy and that was it goes over Brett I appreciate your phoning in tonight. All right 504260187. Or you can call us and we will. Pitcher right on 504. 260187. Year tightly. And it's 787. And it's Bebo Mitchell the real Robert filling in ports do tonight don't you wanna win thousand dollars and three cash. Absolutely. Brian Jackson dead Bryan won 1000 ultimate nationwide free cash contest just for listing the WW note that an easy you can win two. Listen for the code word weekdays right for the top of the hour news at seven. 1112. And plot than text that were 272881. Mets 72881. Every weekday. For lucky blisters nationwide when one files and dull rumble at times to listen. Weekdays right before 7-Eleven. Two and Bob do that happy day when three cache one. Thousand dollars from Smart radio in Erica good look from all of us at WWL remember we never charged for text but individual. Planned text and data rates do apply and please don't text and drive let's go to Matthew Matthew are you tonight. I'm going our man and then stuck on the line and so. I enjoy your commercials that are Georgian Army called him until there. At that. I hit it right I I'd do an album back from Latvia and don't show up they're back over. Would show. I did yesterday. Do and stand down stores and wrote to her in three years. All right so your celebrity that. So I'll work. On it but I think you will talk about kids is is there ever a legitimate excuse Lehman child in a locked car loans. What I'm saying look mom under. All grown up east lead me in the car and and nine I never. It is were burned out and not just. I've just Gray's fail on their break so. Julius and you mother used dog just to keep you win and and that a car what are your windows up in the heat for a half hour longer. Passionately advocated no matter what phase they aren't. Oh yeah it's a little bit different but I still I wouldn't do that but to someone to jump in and just to drive the Horry. Non verbal or not Brian. People can patent it is at. We'll let you are who's your favorite commercial character. Favorite commercials. There I'd have to say that you know annoyed that they used birth. Beat the agony and who. And they you know annoyed predominant as big as a little bit of lack the red ears yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Of so what's your favorite Arab music but total music you like listen to what. Yeah it's I'm Olympia kid you know it out like. Current you know all the mean I'll debate and move like a lot of debt to my you know all about and instruments don't want you know that felt like the givers. The plane up to what what what error. Current contract are okay is it you think this is the best. Time for music the current era. They added very created the bill and Democrats can't like. Stick around thirty year old man analog stick that I go all the old and yeah but it is Mary. Well a lot of people low. Most people more comfortable with media estimates are favorite music of the music Vieira that they grew up you know and that. That does uses get them and we missed that in out now or oh you know sometimes get a deal. They are gesture heard the Brad Pitt and his wife Angelina Jolie. It's selling their house here in New Orleans for six point five million dollars. So it it got me thinking number one if you had six point five mil. Would you would would you buy their house does it it it's it it is it's quite a house. It's three story house has five bedroom three and a half bathrooms a separate guest house. With one bedroom one and have bounced on the property includes. 7645. Where fleet. The yard will include a central courtyard a small swimming pool and two parking spaces down in the quarter. Out of debt thank you if you can build your dream home and you had that kind of money to spend would feature it would be included in your dream house. I'd say a lot of and six point five million dollars Ireland died there. Lebanon matters is you've been economy built my own. They want on the Texas Mexican border. Quit a a wrestling ring. Up a bit TDs. And and me in my buddies can just talk crap and put each other and apple mail all day and yeah money on some Beers and yet you regret them creamy in this. Whatever. Aren't chaired. And price. I plywood and all that money on man you know bit of the lingering in the tape in there. All right Matthew thank you so much we're gonna go to GL OR IA Gloria how Loria. At that Ali. Upon the. All right Gloria who is your favorite commercial character. I think is the bank to the what is that bad name. Men and they. Now would be the special land. At that that that's that's LaMont favorite commercial characters also. Alana and new domain. That was. My. Upper hand. I. Oh well I'm I'm so happy aid to know that what when it comes to music what era in three. Would arid you'll like the the best what's your favorite music era. Active on the big and then when I let me is that led the battle so. And let me ask a different way okay. What what error of music is your favorite music. Yes sort of damage to. I love it. There's some of them and that begins to move may have pre date is that. Outside but I don't know when it began so what you're you're you're talking about. Well now I'll hand. No I don't care how old you are I just wanna know like what a what what years are we talking about my gut tea I like sixties and seventies music right. K okay big is. And I. What are what are you playing in the background there. At the base but it does is attack at his death holidays. And related Anemia. It is but it would. What what what do I hear in the background. I haven't when Powell and then found some time that what are you watching. Playing a man and a program. Look what do you want to let them Gloria. Barry. Black in India and China now. About it. Well bull but who's who's who does he think you're talking to him. And tell until. You know it and that goes the other pace is so. Well above what is your husband's into talking to. They know you're talking about him on the on WWL right now. I think he's doing this time there's. I'm saying is beware. All right I'm gonna ask his question I don't know why but I'm gonna ask you this question anyway if you could build your dream home. What features would be in it and let's see you at six point five million dollars is bitten. It wouldn't be down aisles Sunday's bet. A state the question is. What features would you have in your dream house. But you know I don't want a dream what you wanna do something else but the six point five million. Egg factory. I'm Matt if they those things. And that. I've found the body. And I am right now let it those cozy. Orbited. Two bad I'm Dylan will let me read okay. Well all right Gloria I appreciate your opponent tonight okay. Added it may pay about how about slow. Yet okay. Only about little. OK that I mean that come it was covered in and I. Right right Jay Sims about that that's what among most negative commercials to have received the be leading the pack of people not like year. You know laugh at how things can happen edge. Hit rapids and then I mean you landmines has gone up. It happened have happen and they said it was Lowe's fault. They don't go. And they that have discount this thing is citizen now I'll. About about it. It still couldn't give me. And respect. Well you should've should've called flo you should have asked for flow and should of taken care of things for. Please let's take a break on the big day it's seventy WWL AM implement dot com John Europe next. I'm Bob Mitchell interest do tonight or as some people coming to fill and I 5042601. Late seventy John and Rick were guilty of a second one read a couple of quick text messages. We're talking about the your favorite commercial character or commercial. Characters that annoy you. Labor commercial characters mr. clean the tidy bowl man and the men in the old spice commercial. Here's one most annoying commercials flow from Geico an awful lot flow offensively Geico commercials and those two. Can't use that word but I know Wichita among those two. Fools from sonic they drive me crazy let's go to go to John in Slidell Gloria John. I'm doing great. Are you don't. I am doing good tonight. John if if you could build your dream home. Well first of all you had the six point five million would you buy Brad Pitt's house. I would advise pals. Well. Balls Angela Jolie came with. Maybe. That at that I do to build your dream home would features would be included money would be no option. Well. I'd definitely want that as stated so hard. Movie screens. Like. Like I'm kitchen might beg I am really like immune mediated green light. You know record actor told congress and watch movies look into her but but but besides that how I would doubt when one. And 08 is trying to. It's been outside. Where it grotto. So you know the water ball family but but Egypt like dollar and earlier alike that. Our. Late. Kitchen may typically you would agree though. You can go to anything outside the temple craw fish you can have a good cop out there are just like if you want to do well. But it but that. But all. I would want. Viewed to bed. Bigger particular field day. Where were you get the states I guess you get at them and custom made them do it. Heavily probably get them out. Part of me I don't like in the secret. Right do why do I want to do I wanna ask why do you want to show. Huge dead are children got. No user because that they'd be on. Reaches. The body. Dog attack. We all. That. And you know. A lot of big issue you know kids joke on the that. Duke regional pointed out. Into the net sales. That that not my dream Egypt. Now do you have you have a favorite commercial character or are on. Spokesperson that really irritation. Well irritate me I agree with you flu. I mean stuck. You know militarily in May and is that flow was. Far away leading the list and a I thought I was the only one with a annoyed with her because she. She's been all of now partly probably about three years and you know you know and she you know but the the thing about it though this is marches them. She annoys me I remember the name of the insurance company progressive. Era but I barely a would like to take that label gun and do something with that. I know but. Yeah I mean it doesn't make your member because she's bad memorable but it has ship that horrible. And I agree with people but. There's been kicked out like toward Elliott ballot in. And he. We don't talk about the the scarecrow lot that was really big it was a blow. Character. It was but McCain and the dog. That don't keep out wished it would bring your dog pack. Unlike unlike the draw out. They'll probably agree and I'll look at frog Lola the bud bowl at all. But did ball on the down. Talented dog. Was political outlook. A war out there before Katrina. I had an up there. Law high top sneakers spot MacKenzie that would great absolutely does so cruel to where you know. Arab. Oh well John. One of Japan were Arab music. At. There. Or I have to. I'm I'm only younger. Like 89. As my favorite like the red chili peppers and I there's feel real remember they'll. I object on. A bit. Feel like you know or mutilate you know all it Beatles beach police. You know property open. You've got a wide variety John I appreciate your opponent and tonight okay are thank you should thank you thank you so much as aren't. By Rick Philadelphia business. Build up emissions that you are. The the other Philadelphia. Oh yeah. Yet less. This equipment will be important what you have. The league and more interest. In the east it's one. So are you listening on the air or on line. I wouldn't be OK guys with cumin and good and strong. It's going to instill. Studio and he's got about 2010 radio and it's got its domestic picture being country good WW I was in pretty good all the time. Let's Greg would you talk about. Corporate web. I don't agree she's that you. Some stories about she's a nightclub singer actually got the public programs. He's been a student would put TV commercials for a year. And that. He's certainly but it didn't and the insurance company in would want you know. But the thing about it is the fact that the fact that she annoys me so much that would be in the last insurance company I would call. And there's also this other. Insurance company. With with Greg or something like that got these these two fools in at a service station. And he asked about insurance that is all my best friend whatever his name it would you know that's another idiotic commercials that just drives make rising. I. Wonder if you could beat them. Sure Lou. Yeah. Doing commercials I think he's he's he's important commercial. You know and you remember them. You know right well when we were talking earlier about Jared the main Jared that made a entire career help her entire life doing subway commercials. Yeah that's true yeah you are. So and I have to go to break wrote quickly but we'll forego a wanna ask you if you were building your dream world. What features which you have. I would have a good. Community in this tournament pool of the economic and we're particularly Jolie's placed. But it could not afford them. So so much to someone gave you six point five mil which she worried about what you by the house and moved to New Orleans or the money and and and build your own home. I would want them and who wouldn't. Mind. Ike could be in there. Yeah. Thank you Rick appreciate you filming in open. Right. Sure thanks listen in Philadelphia Bob Mitchell and the student WWL.