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5/17 5pm Saints Mini Camp Sneak Preview

May 16, 2015|

This Saturday, The Big Chief Deke Bellavia and Saints Side line Reporter, Kristian Garic give the WHO Dat Nation a peak behind the curtains of Saints rookie mini camp. Hear the latest from the Black and Gold's newest recruits.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right a final hour here on WW your radio welcome along with Saints are for Christie Garrett I'm Deke Bellavia coming up in this we'll hear from some of the players from today's. Saints a rookie mini camp taking place on an island drive quarterback Jarrett grace and top draft pick Andrus peat also Stephon Anthony second round draft pick with 31 overall that was awful first round pick. The only kickoff the second round pick for the New Orleans Saints all of that coming up here. This power and we will have at our first break on a cup assistant coaches in the union be a two time world champion. 07 and 05 with the San Antonio Spurs have been the top assistant for the last few seasons for coach Wittman. And the surging and turned around Washington Wizards and boy it's hard to get a coach and owner program but even more difficult to get a coach and a program after they suffered two. Back the bank last second losses but coach Don Newman would Jonas will be at least take. On the current state of the UBA a long time assistant under great assist of the and a great coaching great Popovich. His relationship fifteen years with Tim Duncan. And we'll talk about perhaps if Theres any interest in the New Orleans pelicans vacancy that is open now with potent poking through the game. Coming up all that was on Tuesday in a Christian and you would keep I have a heated. And you know the mothballed about a Christian because of the way that the organization operates and I think we have to look in Nazi organization. I mean no everything it takes place on airline drive it's very unique they're very few. Our owners in in the us were sports world that have. Two franchises there are several but there ought meanie. And estimates in his warned and I was kind of thinking you know mop my thought process when it comes to Monty Williams all along with that. I don't think you fire Monty Williams just to get rid of Marty Weems you fire money Weems you move on because you feel like there isn't a great guess someone could take you. To the next level we've seen it done before and a coach being let go at the successful season is fall fall more common in VA. It is. In any other sport I think NBA NHL. And in the end you know football and baseball at different but not at not nearly this happens in football you don't rare all from here coat from football. Coming awfully successful year but Jimmie Johnson is one Indian. It's you know let go fire but that's the way the QB easier and it came down Tuesday. An alcoholic meaning you know I'm not I'm not shocked but I wanted to wide and I got to think where you know. We talk about the same GM Lusa. Over. The pelicans and over the Saints they're coming off the draft rookie camp and so forth awhile thought about that Chris and I wasn't so much enamored. With the timing but you know still and all that they kind of some mixed reviews. I think now ultimately when it comes to the pelicans the next coach has to bring the team to the championship. Yeah it's certainly it's a calculated move the guy grew because. It's I equated it a little bit too when the team trades up in the NFL draft they're targeting a specific player right now looks like the pelicans might be targeting. A specific coach that can get them over though all that they have to lead but it's a bit I don't see it roll of the dice but at least. In a sense that hey look you're put their bye on notice that he just fired a playoff coach so few regress if you have season it doesn't get you to the playoffs and advance in the post season. If you are going to be highly critical of this move of firing money we have tonight the back of the conversation Unita had at the end of march after relishes Prodi talking about. As the appellate economy Iran and certainly I was impressed by Armani Williams ability to overcome a lot of injuries and that aspect. I am curious to know your take though. On. Maybe the biggest. Fall that might williams' head was it is in game strategic management at times. Look like that was an area that maybe just didn't. And he he came up short in and you look at that the reports that a starter come out with Tom Thibodeau. Potentially being that target that's Pacific coach that they might try to go get. With the Chicago Bulls. Even though he led them on a pretty successful campaign this year. There's some discord between that though and he's up front office there in Chicago so I like you saw. With Jim Harbaugh India San Cisco 49ers but mom you know. When I look back on how is kind of like you know at first because. Just judging by the the aggressive nature of Mickey Loomis. It doesn't surprise me how is just a little taken aback at initially. By the timing of it especially when money Williams. Correct me if I'm wrong but he was allowed to give a post season. Recap. Fuels and usually I mean I kind of read into that as okay they're probably young keep them and then of course the other part about it when you hear the reports. That he was brought in thinking that he was gonna talk extension. In need of getting dismissed. But you know bay the pelicans. Have a player they don't want to have another CP three kind of kind of deals on them play and at the Davis as we all well though. Is the face of this franchise and how likely going to be the face of the league year pretty soon and they they got to commit to him today. But we're we're trying to win a team which it would not we don't want to walk. Is you have questions about our dedication and our commitment to winning the championship and of course that five year Max contract extension. On the table at the becoming one thing it's interesting. Here is if you're in the Davis do you wait it's you who coaches before you sign a Max deal and see how. You get along with him and how things work with them that's open and I think you have to consider tree. Oh no doubt about it and Indian the thing is to Christian you know basically I think this is just you know because of them but wait what's falling in the NBA now I think and they will sign. A one year deal I don't think it's our anybody through ticket. Frustrated with their concern at this concern anyway when he was attending article but that that is a strictly physical movement fiscal from a money move because. The five year 140. That's this is the last year that that happens once sixteenth Mateen gates here at the new Time Warner. Disney TV contract kicks in at two point 66 beer you meaning the current 68 listening salary cap will probably escalate to close to a hundred main. So the new mex the Christian what might be. Five years a hundred I don't know fifty million or sixty mean who knows so yet it from a from a physical standpoint you make more money this year in the end. Just from a standpoint you wouldn't lock into 5140. Unless it was contingent on OK as the cap goes up. It just goes up and it's pro rated toward what it would be the year after that so I think it's it's about the money situation but obviously. I'm from all reports that it we have seen is that you know. The of them spoke to two or Anthony Hewitt when he told him he could not get into. I'll you know what is attitude wasn't so forth the last we heard any talk about money when and how much he loved him I think a lot of players that do say that if Corey. Was kind of vocal about Mark Jackson and now him and you know when you win Christian it kind of solves it. Everything makes everybody feel better and they did make an upgrade with Golden State is now a situation where they weren't coached that they're in the conference final so you'd have to say. That wasn't a great but I think moving forward this is the most attractive job. In the NBA. That's that's available and one of the most attractive jobs in sports because very seldom is there a player that will be classified the best in the world. And that would come in north American sports but that's. All over the world LeBron James currently is that and the game being considered one of the best the world. Tiger Woods wants wants out he wants with very few you do that Christian that's the kind of I would talk about it Anthony Davis. And he's somebody that's that's championship you got to win a chamber to win but I think he's gonna win several came to channel figure into all attitude please speak great for the city and you know we you know I've talked about this quite a bit the just the old. All. I guess maybe I'm not he's right were here but. The overall. Following of the pelicans. This city has been often talked about and debated. You know and he got you've got a guy and eight these. The world that you mentioned is gonna know about a out I'm curious is your opinion who we talk about candidates. And you hear John come apart from the UK being mentioned in that. And note the news comes beacon of timing. As soon as money we have got fired it was a he'd mean dollar extension pretty much for our race for John Calipari UK. Through another season. Do you think that's viable that he is up is he really candidate. You mean Christina with a situation where it's eats each unique here because he coast Tyreke he coached Anthony. He's striving NBA before it didn't work out when he was with New Jersey so does he does he won't be successful later use and unique situation there are very few. You know there there's the Boston Celtics as the LA Lakers the four in on the Cowboys Steelers. You know Montreal Canadians you can name for far pro teams and even though this is successful traditional as they are they don't pay it they pale in comparison to the university Kentucky basketball. And it's the second has paid job in all of college sports next Allen excitement. If it's unbelievable pressure and he's even he's even lifted the bar there Christian to where is he got to win a championship or it's not a success. He goes good day he's got a a great form of for bringing kids in knowing that you're going to be forward you know one and on he's gotten too out of some. But I you know it just me it was just opinion I think you pick up the call phone and you call him. I'll for sure and I think that would be something they will keep Anthony happy thought I think you certainly explore that. Opportunity. I and the promise that would be huge players they'll be huge players but the and you got to want to mean you know. But you look I know it's you have to also consider. On our campus I mean we got two universities on his campus we get in New Orleans Saints in New Orleans pelicans. And yet the one university and won a championship in Iowa had mental have that there has a coach on the campus. I'm happy about it and I can't sit there I don't I don't say well yeah they gave me you know Christian you get the B it has paid up front yesterday you know I. Just talk a low. There and they week on double covered from the team about about that column part possibility. You know part of me says okay yep because it didn't work out for necessarily in the NBA maybe he has that itch that desire. To prove it could anyone else I mean he's done everything else account basketball world RV. He's wild card is the point you laid out is to be you know the best in the game like XE is considered to be the best that college football. And in I can eking coupled with pros and cons as to why Kolb art might do in the pros the biggest pro is it any games get the chance to coach him. He's coached Tyreke Evans as well Kentucky's so there's a familiarity there by. Hey look you're the Buick Kentucky's that you are the guys in Kentucky basketball you've basically. You have the hierarchy of the year ire at the ripple in the governor I mean anybody you. You're the man and you wanna give that up but then again if you go to the NBA and at that work out. They'll be college teams beating down column parties to war if he would go to the NBA and not work out again. To hire him for their program so it's a bit of a win win situation especially. If the money matches up in your collar party goal we would lie at the with a second always go back to college and it doesn't work. No doubt about well Chris got so excited that I. Coach doc knew was going to Jonas out coached him Donald fifteen years and they were Paul Pierce and with its to our wall grab a beer and an eight. And a morning got more single hot the last few years I can say that they coach knew what donuts Monday. At 520. The close indicating can and he says man up that's in question going improvement at all when I get to that yet. I don't think it's if Thorpe took the coach Tim Duncan could probably our greatest power forward history of the game. And with the Wizards of course Newman would Jonas Monday with Elton NBA and what. I think what will preview the conference finals because we won't know for sure who is in both the final we know in the west will be Golden State in either Houston. Or the Clippers. And the east it is that without these seats. Memorial and a number two. Cleat he's Christie Garrett and the ability to several players the gate to Christian including the top draft pick enters the yes indeed antlers beat the offensive tackle addressed the media today. He heard earlier but coach Peyton via glowing reviews from interest people here is the Saints offensive rookie death. First day for me personally just talk about being down here push it and that's really high praise for his so far in your agility in your movements here. There's been very this work and to learn the playbook and everything. We've been it's been console it was a we're gonna right tackle there carrier Ellis tackle right tackles launcher in there I guess he had as a matter to me. Been playing both sides and get more fumbles are so. It's been good to you know kind of played both. When you come out there and learning curve. So I guess after you know we did a good. Prepare and mean something won't won't be too bad for me to say office. Yes similar similar stuff is different terminology so I'm just working away and that. You union or. Own decide refining technique in. Just learning the technique here which is different when you know when this happened. On. Site different in different forward. You know do some of the same blocking schemes does decide. Different forward in different technique. Some of the experience come into our own she's seen victories guys who just watched on television and it would talk about how this. Just be here this week at the same facilities and field here has been pretty awesome to slide give me here and not actually being here and enough so it was. It's been fun. Hi how much have you worked on your agility in such big guy I mean a lot you talk to coaches and a tribute. Hear me constraints what do you do to kind of work on that becomes so I'd jump such a big guy. You know the same repetitions this. You know working and we're in the my kicks on some different stuff and targets and you know really help me out. Come to a special teams you play in the story. You have never played soccer but I. I don't know too big for that abruptly basketball all grownups. Me out just. You gotta move a lot in basketball and it's helped me on the trouble from the school. Or. Arm Mariners have too many expectations as. Came in ready to work in. Does he stay in better in the when and when Clinton was a big thing and then. On I haven't I haven't seen them so. And it just so fantastic that he's groove thing you can really. What's your role. Yeah a little business could you not and I actually didn't with no pads. You know but if we see some improvement just tomorrow forward can. The sudden things. Don't do from blocking scheme to me about how undrafted hadn't gotten hurt. Then rookie mini camp before it I'm confident and today give you any alternate and should be horse on waivers from Houston about. Guys you know you you worked so hard to get here did boom the season's over the. Yeah I mean some I really haven't worried about that are really thought about it off so I'm just working on getting better and know nothing about what. Injuries and the best. How much do you anticipate him to be moved matches. Tackle wise maybe a guard me are you anticipating them trying to. Basically get the best five guys and then that might mean you movement right now. Yes so me right now if I mean at tackle so I'm there. Just doing whatever asked me to do basically in service he shouldn't have them ready to play. Grown up we've handled that he probably pretty big at some stage your life did you embrace and always wanna play football to do. Resist for awhile and you. You always wanted to play so accidents are playing and so high school books I mean you know is a little football this is my definitely play in the NFL and everything's of those months. Dream to. Played OK number one yeah of all the media people invest both do it. Yeah cause almost whistle blows here and know about it so you know scouting reports they'll have their owners and he copied from each other but it kept coming out that you. Mean he needed more of a mean or nasty streak is that something you've heard before is that something. You think is better and better. Yeah I don't think that's fair emeritus does Tom play your numbers off my tape and I thought them. Put some good stuff on tapes and proclaiming so yeah. When you see your address your draft by the Saints and they have two pretty established tackles there I mean Q do you figure is it different and say you got somewhere else where you knew there was. An immediate opening for attack on the and is it did it kind of ready for Lew for what what was your thought. And now you know and say it to me for a loop on this it's a good opportunity to learn from those guys and no better myself from. Learn from them working with them. Takes pressure off you knowing that those guys in their. Don't necessarily come in from one. Thing. American it's all the same came into the same mentality. You know one. Become the best player I can be in this every day get better and just learn from moment teams. Did you choose Stanford in part because we felt like a pro style Bruins uttered the pro connected off. I've been here as a few big part. This is all moved all the things they do there is you know similar to. While the NFL's teams and meaningful like days I say they. Really set me up and prepared me for them and so was the most similar and different here and it terminology similar. All of that is typical West Coast and names that yes this deathly West Coast system and there's some different terminology bow my basic. Principles of back on the umps are. Question so you can't worry about you ever been. Head in this time vehemently. Not been been lucky never ever got hurt so I'm pretty pretty durable. Injuries bit nova. Touchy subject for players. Crushing Garrick here is to start their from Andrus -- the Saints thirteenth overall selection this past April and make from the draft the salvia. And that the keys or different interest Pete it was we touched on a little bit earlier. As the you know we'd get to see these guys on the field but hearing him for the first time in our accurately with the media you can tell he season. Oh no doubt about it I mean treason if people listen and if you know you couldn't tell me immortal Saints player that he is and I noticed that as a rookie saint when you sound like a veteran. And I think that that's because who he is I think it's a program he's gaining Christian and not. Obviously he's he's a focus that he's you know is he's. Get around people will be in the league before I'll leave it in his bloodline and so I think what the Saints have gotten they've got the mistake or how Christian in. I think this young man will be here for an awful long time and his peak at the part of a offensive linemen and not great picks them after the top rated offense that on the last decade is just not but they'll the most. Insure a ball they are the most reliable and Hamels safest pick. That eight club can make in me and if it that's just the history of the National Football League I think the saint. Certainly have a go one and speaking of go with will come up just the second Christian book before I continue to ramble on. We will have more excitement in the fall. Of the ponies the coaches moments ago come local Baltimore any rain so alike mode with picked up everywhere American payroll. One the 140 running of the Preakness Stakes so Christian the 45 favorite topped the field now has two breaks down. And warned to go if he wins the Belmont you know my New York in three weeks you become the first horse since affirmed in seventy want to capture. The Triple Crown again American figure row just won the preakness and now will be up for the Triple Crown in three week. His spotter must have been a month. I think as like you know he with a motor or it's definitely an. But I really don't know year and earlier to the police much more so that obviously a patent to the Triple Crown and in whom and it would I wanna see. I mean you know I think we have what was a couple of years ago we had in any of the opportunity acumen which horse who has put in which jockey bit. I wanna see it I'll be does it and California are Koroma want criticism of his own got upset that the one I thought had in the bag for sure. I never thought you might on the it was with big brown. And in any diskette it was a rain soaked field in Belmont in India and it is just it's just extremely hard but. It takes its excitement now so that's on the carrier student you know the second week in June American federal wins though he now has that they're beyond a doubt the Kentucky Derby. Knowing at the preakness and has built meaning he would alive for the Triple Crown Christians beacon of alive D'Amato lab while I've got. Who was on the number one defense in the country in college football and a big reason why some will come over showered. It's over overshadowed some by some and his teammates including a Beasley but he was a tremendous player a guy who is known for getting after the quarterback. That's phony Anthony spoke to you that today. He sure did and now populate that this pick at 31 as a bit of a reach for the Saints but I think. In at the end of the day it's gonna pay pretty big dividends here is the stuff on it. Played moment talk about it. In the shower this week there Harmon on who's this amazing opportunity for me you know I'm just trying to get dim because. He does Rhonda. Is it a lot to take him when you're playing middle linebacker. Call on the Blazers on them. Lot of different type of course you know you definitely have been through some stunning and it is a prepare for the practices. Yet. Okay so here. Just. Comment on and just continue to work on American team take is that ticket about it. You know continue to take one day at a time. Ask if there. I'm is sometimes a similar something of a different you know you just try to Bristol learn it and see what you can do. It's. I am in on them I embrace that challenge and I'm look forward to those calls. I it is what is flirting game she drowned out the field. I'm AJ got to get only go to Michigan. You guys like you and her current iron like. On the as I guess of evil or you're both. You lose you're. Some some languages to saying some different for the civil fourth. You know brought much talk about him person. It would mixes in terms of where you're right polished. Is there room but yeah I'm in an. I think it does a great job of game play is right position and you know who those who haven't. Some of you here. It's my. Club. Short when you first walk in the building and steal these guys. I guess so I guess you do some you know he just wanted to fit in the beginning didn't get together with the guys and give Edward. And they this is Tavarez man when. Yes if if if if if William and I definitely have him hit he would lead the corners is CJ smoothly and we had a but host a closely as this though. It's always good to have and I'm going through the process. So I was not too bad right now is has taken us so 11 day at a time. Indeed do you feel like anything I'm here. Feel better and these guys here. I'm a thing I think you approaches to the different you know I think you come it would my said that he wouldn't do anything to have this team. Haven't had any players that live up. It. You own press and it's as simple individuals have temple prejudices. You know they keep what. There are headed there any of the Brian Mueller. My right now I know full postal vote you know I'm getting we've hit it. I hear that well. Team. Immediately about it today not just that you wanted to. That. Because natural it's going to. You know on I think you don't pay attention to it you know you're behind and how do you business yourself you get him with the guys and Agassi are getting Wii Fit in as a rookie you know you don't sit on the wrist goes these brittney gave us bit players and the best. Mr. Moore works. Shawn Shawn. Struggled devote a lot of guys. You call them workers and got not afraid to put in the work in and he's and you got an embodiment. Of that. I think there's a statistic. Why am I love being who have. Wont to do those things won't put in the work putting this time it won't be great. The area. Again here in yes. Definitely. I'm out there now they would do that that was written out if it is there that. Saints linebacker stuff on Nancy rookie 31 overall selection this past April may and teaches you heard there. Again going back to an interest Pete the way he handled so sounds like a no nonsense kind of straightforward business that kind of approach forced the funniest. Boy you know personality someday they were all part of one of the most embarrass and bold. If you say slow autos. Nearly eight Ari or sixty plus points and in that group they were all youngsters they made they made a commitment. To turn themselves around him or coached dabbled there in the high powered offense. With the Andre Hopkins than in the quarterbacks and you know they were known for offense in quietly when people see Witten a more defense in the country and they were basically top six in all the major statistics Ottawa. Number one overall totally off with Clemson coming in this Q was a huge part of me he's like. He's huge crucial and he's a big go to guy I think he's somebody that route rats won't turn loose and now he's got everything upstairs he's built like a brick house. On the football field. You know I think people you can housing now you don't have had a had a team play with the age of YouTube now you can go and take out some and it's footage he is. And ending the year Christian is really do they need him really he's one of those guys Christian I think from day one he's he's he's stepping on the field for the first net when we open up in Arizona. I agree and now they look no disrespect to Curtis Lofton but the Saints haven't had that alpha. Big time player in the Mickelson shot ability cars Lofton was you know a solid W the wrong you know tackling machine. But they haven't had that difference maker at the middle of their defense since Jon Vilma was it was here in the world so. A step on Anthony you like Woody he's certainly when he stepped off the bus he looks like NFL player. And if he plays anything like the you know and in the business fashion that he talks. With the media Saints fans are going to be very very happy with the selection and I agree hill. He's gonna come in day one I fully expect him to be the star at that middle linebacker spot against the Cardinals. Played its own Saints rookie mini camp or coach Shawn had to pay our people say our analysis from Steve gimmick and Saints out of Puerto Kristian garic Christie Garrett won on Twitter is up online at WW or dark arm Gary grace and Travis talk. And also go bro with some of the sound you hear in the morning a game ritual global coach Sean Payton had to say. Dennis Allen and Rob Ryan it's just sports team and ate him in the morning it's a fix it of course that you could sound off and give your take on where you offended. By an almost. Battle of Paulus it was a pitcher that was gone on a T shirt. Panic and run as resembling the eighth pitch of the soldiers winning the flag and you'll Jean Marc since on the home has apologized for that if anyone they have offended. And they have also taken the shirt off for the retail market so that some of the things Christian we'll talk about. In the morning the New Orleans Saints knew it ought to help on the defense this side of the ball and six and and Andre picks were defensive players five of the players that came into this year's class. From the under active created Andreas one on the defense arrived in early kickoff high as the guy Christian they can do a lot of things he can wrest the pass he can stand up he can get down. He's a very interesting on manic comes into this camp. With eight. The image of to me is. Didn't play him us what's professionals you know there's that have been here and played. Really good level you know cross country so. And up there was because that that are really dedicated. Laughable. You were discussed. You. Start at Mayo with them and Ryan Becker you know as a transition from. More of a hybrid and and got me some coverages and in certain truth. Two over it. He's doing that I know through this you know would be doing some of these troops. At this time it. Very helpful Scott's an amazing player person so those are some. Us. In. Age so much talk about. And it Washington quarterback there in again on imagine reitsma area there there are a lot of aggression that's. And having that opportunities is awesome for me. I said transition from from a hybrid and you know kind of got me in more of a coverage responsibility. Situation soon it's coming it is that before on the this is fun and and I to a the learning under Brian. Experience of our Israeli who is funny and and keeps us over the case of I can't say enough about him but that's a great guy and he has a great plan for us do you feel. Impact on us. I expect to try as hard as I can do just that and whatever my role is. I want them. Has earned it and you know good or bad. You know just the same as anybody else. This. Already do or to do this whether reminds me of home you know as you know. Change up on you and me in the second and does it warm. People are the same. But you know and I enjoy it you know here's our. As far as just getting into the corner. Against a lot of Smart veteran players. We're in this study you. You study on its options or do. I used to think so that that city Oakland on the opponent was it was the most important thing but actually. I've grown a realizes just preferred. Excuse me. Perfecting. What I have in tools that they use. Is the best we can do and make them steadied me and obviously I'm a rookie so you know I sent to continue to sharpen my tools are right now. And don't worry about the rest later. We're cool. I think we give an opportunity anyone can grow. It's something else. You know the field and in the box in this sort of stage so. I'm glad to be in this opportunity. And I've always wanted to expand my role player. And here it is and special teams is another opportunity to expand and grow so. Whatever else out there. Just in two or can grow it and earn. Whatever it is and prove it with action so if I can get. You know whatever the next job is done then I'm going to be you know opportunity to form. And I. I hope that I can continue to rest of us are world and whoever is of this land it past us in the passes gonna get on the field so. My job is to compete and that's about it and we'll see. And where. Be best utilized. Nolan. That's and you know waters tomorrow you know I kinda that's my fault and in it's a job excuse plus one Q. What is it about which she's. Both anything I mean it's just repetition preparation. You know part worked so. Focus on the steady you know every decade. Activities. So arm gotta be some kind of decent at it at some point and system monetize. It's going to be a weird question really watching you mr. Angelos is how hard you go about it and there's not representing our own room. It is just you never give us. Really lovely game no one abuse. Pretty good player one day and that's that's what it takes you've got to challenge yourself. You know we're not the man next to you or for that guys whose first or second string news. You in your passes itself you know you have to get better than what you were yes and that's where the play before. And that's you know how I live and and how I act. I. You know who. Play here play a little bit apart through armored crew that was about it but it. I would love to do it I mean. Any opportunity get on the field and especially the kicking game that covers seems. That's awesome running down the field for speeding in his and every sense that it anybody who. It's always within you know five yours or or it's close Beasley and somebody that's exactly. We are also being. And you have to be aware of didn't knocked out yourself so it's kind of have a generous enough. A lowly keep dot saint second round pick 44 overall there and that Tiki tell this guy just loves playing the game. Smokers and he goes how motor bike and watch him I think he's a Christian. When they groan if you're against Arizona for you know the first snap inning on the line for his attitude I think he's another impact player. Yeah he's and he's he'll be in the mix for sure and he's once again. Maybe two it was put into how. Fast he runs the 44 A in that maybe I was. A bit of a concern along with the ACL injuries but I actually like his humble nature and I like obviously production on a feeling he's I agree he's going to be. Contributor right away from this. No no doubt about it much more online at WW note back comp Christian gear corner you know him broke Gary grace and Sean Payton Rob Ryan Dennis Allen and so much more it's just sports. 10 AM in the morning LSU baseball vs South Carolina a lack on all 24/7. It's all available at WW rewrote copper Christie Garrett Andy Silvia thanks in with two children. In studio this has been a special edition is saint Saturday on a homer that I can go that you get you out.