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5-18 5:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the NBA Playoffs and the Bucs

May 18, 2015|

Bobby & Deke talk with Washington Wizards assistant coach Don Newman about the upcoming NBA Conference Finals and takes a look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times.

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And good evening and welcome to our number two. He is the KG can game by BA bad time in Deke Bellavia coming up at top first break. Opposites or the Washington Wizards will get a preview of the eastern and Western Conference finals in the NBA Dunn and Newman Jarvis it was thought that second on the NFC south division the Buccaneers Falcons and the Panthers now they all non through the offseason up to this point and rookie mini camp in operating jaguar opinion poll the topic WW dot com. Coach John Payne said that this rookie mini camp this past weekend was for the long and he's head. You think these rookies will make a great contribution or greater contributions in any rookie class in the Peyton error. You can cast your vote online at WW though dot com also hit on the yeah. Preakness over the weekend as American favorite ghettos Mota going a little bit further that will continue to watch a Triple Crown and he's up. Got the first two legs downtime on the first part since 78 affirmed. Was the last one to win the Triple Crown LSU baseball in sit for the SEC baseball tournament different games Wednesday evening. The ocean softball team and the lows in a raging K definitely cajun both advancing to super regionals. And we generating K to play Auburn LSU in attained Arizona both of them trying to get a shot. In the college World Series in two began. The next week so a lot going on Bobby mean in the world of sports right now and I'm not speaking of the Saints in their rookie class on this we've talked about to a well. Is the long gym pretty. Although clients Bobby and with that three guys that go on the offense this year that walk talk on the class a 2006 there entering the tenth season. This year all the same teams that street Marcus Colts and diarrhea. Yet the that's. Far and few between a way above the average yet it is they need to. Andy and have a double did you career I think you comets and alive that's lightening the players at times. You still have a problem. A with the players union. And the collective boy you what I mean by that. How deals are structured. Who would teams in the dueling. Then let's say year round to a 930 years old and you. 789 year veteran. And you on the same level as a 23 year old low and you know have to look at what's guaranteed you know that I'm my alma pay him. Niners 2009 down like it like a rookie young guy perform at. So that's why you have a number of players. That. You know they can't get the delegates present might still be able to play but denied that much better than the young guy and as it is. The real world and so with the players look at as for the protection. You know they'll look at that will what does the union doing forming and to me it's all about. Competition Amaro said and done. But that is the reality when you fielded turnover. And all the team not just the Saints and all the team. Is a lot of faces that you're not familiar with. Because. Good angles and what's cost efficient. And then when you don't have anything guaranteed in a player that you go with the younger younger cheap guy. And so achievement relative Terrance. But it's an NFL it is when you're in the bottom of the totem pole non B Milliken and the rookies in. Future contributions and I don't know who's going to be the quarterback at the Drew Brees would. When ambient treatment as we gonna get to go out to practice and watch. You know it's always only eight the first phone yet we get to watch and going into June we get to watch a handful. A practices and in the mini camp so basically about eight. A practices that. Owner. On her. I should say when there's competition. All that in the pin is before we actually go to West Virginia in training camp. And a what I wanna team that's leading at the watch of the rookies. Is just. Agree thin young quarterback production ago where is the end as a player and Sean Payton said. And in his debut that he was impressive. So what does that mean yeah I mean now coaches kind. In a fear there about their young talent but what I am looking for two areas include Peyton. Acknowledges that this is kind of his reputation cumin and is that his quick decision making. Ability. And he's a quick decision maker. Now. To me at times it doesn't matter he has a good he has good arm for and you have good on different that you got to just bottom line or to go with the ball. Good athleticism. Obviously Eckstein plays like kind of like Aaron Rodgers apartments there Rodgers. Now he's in shape. What you should be if you going to be true professional. You wanna be in peak condition for united the and you can make the same type of throws you do in the beginning in a practice sore. However price of structures in slumping city was short so well he's a quick decision maker. That's policy. And clocking and he's second of all Ron in in the pocket ours coming out on time. And then which may think he's a quick study yep with the idea to know what the hell you doing. I mean we have to be are you can be a leader. Missed about the blind leading the blind yet the bill to spin out the plays in the huddle. There's a lot of verbiage. And by the union hotel room practicing. Mean has to be toll Eli. 24/7 where it becomes second nature and that's image Drew Brees so special because. You want you with the lead man but if you are no huddle like the stumbling mumbling. Are the right stutter it will what are you talking about yet defeat will go to recombinant and it went changing a place that is a lot this him Bol. So when he said he's a quick study to have that that means that I talents on the Unionist and when I'm thing and then it is the most important I think. Does that how the NFL is very accurate with the football. So to me a quick decision maker. And very accurate so when I'm a watch him become as the look at him and OTAs mini camp. And as the ball coming out on time. And how I courteous in in the world that guy he was covered holly get in there. They'd that's. When all of a sudden you are the future starting quarterback and you have a double digit career and you all are. He got to the Chiefs on the would you potentially could be the franchise quarterback. Of a media outlets reported that the New Orleans pelicans have being granted permission to speak with top assistant for the Golden State Warriors Alvin Gentry won't take coach of the Phoenix Suns have been in the game for a long time currently the associate coach. Under coach Steve Kurt and the Golden State Warren was speak with the what they would it's opposite since Nixon get his thoughts on the conference. Finalist and ease and the way it's coached Don Newman and noted to John at Bay Saint Louis this is WW. Two time world Chad bear what the San Antonio Spurs now with the resurgent Washington was at Dartmouth not a welcome in. A Tuesday with the Wizards coach Don Newman has been on the program summertime and the focal Newman thank you so much for the time on Noah goes without saying. I know you wish you weren't talking to me embodied this time you wish you sit per game wanted to go to east battles. A YouTube that. And they play by play of them. He SA Coca knowing I could do it it's gotta be difficult to lose but but back to back games basically at the buzzer that's taller man. Bought that period they rendered you know. Yeah yeah yeah in the game like that in and is is there anybody do you know to him loot and a I know what to do that the last game game series you know the ball below where we are cleared that tied it. And bill purses aren't going to produce. At a table out though my figured that if there's enough. It was in the there you go that there are a better. Once it was publicist and Don Newman this is in his take on the Easton Western Conference finals. Coach and when you look at the year as you head in the coach pop at San Antonio in now. A young ballclub very young ankle when it ban it VO in our walls for an important in name and more things gore not in the U by an element of its and the veteran admitted championship pedigree. All views it seemed like the the right Meeks. Some differences and maybe some parallels to that. Veteran ball club youth and verses a lot younger team with a lot of talent. Who could burn unit talking about this bird of the premier. Wore a little or works what he told those guys. The thing that is you know ever everybody. Was on the same page and just good to have the ball. It's in there and they're real valuable you know. And use and you have to understand that and every every possession. At its very cute and ignorant player out. Play you know you you have to get up and down and those guys you know I grew at each other and and they. They trust each other. And then to face new movie aptitude and you know the you know. The student who is right now and you know we learn we learn and and and we taken out. Our hits you know because so. And Doug coach human look at net obviously it the commerce finals come and the one thing I noticed in looking at LA Clippers. Was obviously. Their bench play is failing that's really where. They lost the series against the Rockets who's just. The ages guy crush when when the bench guys had to play just wouldn't have been dead. Well hey you know an instinct. You know hours and you read that. Player in. The minute you know kind of think purple of people and and ours did start there sure you know because you're gonna play. These in the regular player that the that the regular thirty minutes and you're maybe I'm already ordered through. And anybody is coming off the bench being out be ready via could be in in the game. And it is going to be. It every possession count and then that the depth deal. Doug coach human look in at no matter what this affords him like every year whether it's football basketball. Baseball. I'm talking in the professional level really hit any and I we always have coach in changes. Look at the magic the Nuggets and now the pelicans. I think more in at any time. Here in New Orleans. That the pelicans has to be one of the most attractive job simply because. When you have a future MVP and they come decision Anthony Davis that does the job that a number of coaches would want a given the opportunity. Well you know. I know one thing I'm sure I'm sure the yeah him imitate it. But by right though you know her well and really in it. You know my public accurately he would. This is the reason. And mark my favorite to a oh Warren aka iron John Wall. Think yeah he's he became a big leader. And big bucket load the player is doing is just who just goat there and and you know it you're trying to beat the Pittsburgh for Little League and know the guys there that are that are at our own about our depth in our. Because he's so issues that dynamic remedies on the watcher in there that the ball moon the trees move. That it's war and in in you know obviously ended there when NC. And these the other guy. If they think he would unity is there's got the whole package would. Or anything but a you know and it and I welded beat that team would be a big game between between spurred and there are earlier. Decked he would in his game alive. And if he does you know he's been going to be used and abuse of our own. Wizards assistant coach Don Newman as our special guest today and any coach is as you say you know at this on time and you've got to resume championships you work hand in hand would development a guy like Tim Duncan who. Out of go to the greatest power forward in the history of the game. Are you ban on top assistant for a long time a coach Newman doable would you like to be a head coach in this league. Well as a as well yeah you're out absolutely you know our lives are like that pepper here. And that every year and it just is due about Leonard you do it didn't break came in the if if the way it happened but you know I'm I'm gonna embrace it that's sure. Coach Newman now when you look at it in these conferences it almost looks like. Eight Hayden and I'll do is make the team and Manning played Lugo about a seats ago about a seeds Houston and and Golden State but sometimes seeds don't go to a whole story in and we win it in the convert numerous law like. In man this is. It is in the same to Spurs on in it this this. Sort of like Golden State San Antonio. A semi but that was what was thought the first round and I mean it it does go to show you. How loud the west was it you in the west along the nineteen east. The main draw round I mean at at this pars when I came out the first round though they might be only way to have found the game. Put it best right where you're you're that you're Melbourne though but arterial ago old black and that the U Rockets earned. You know way in all learned that base did they came out they threw Brady they have to play it and those guys those guys gathered got to earn. So you know within public in net and you get the beat Cleveland Cavaliers Lindner and the to halt. That's going to be interesting and and in Iraq it earned. Angle of the you know. And I am out there or they can right now. I they've made it maybe I'll surrender in the war is that they're so. Echoed Newman have found an analogue and we we just so happens they've we've we've yet you're on the last every listed in the last several years you've been there will be working with the Spurs at this point in time but. Well with the with that now and this lawsuit that the Hawks in six games as they move on to the conference finals. But talk about being a head coach a guy who as a ball here raised here. I went to LA issue. What what what would it be coaching Newman to be a head coach in the NBA but to be a head coaching it in in hometown have been a little bit special. Certainly not but it young. And agree. Maybe you know it might have a word is very. Coach Don Newman coach Newman always a pleasure thank you so much for the time we appreciate it looked to the there. All right well done Newman and hoisting was a ball Bobby come by oh ballclub they said. I mean you pretty much got the front court says they got him back court said. Be interesting to see you know what do they do now bring in the pieces in the way of a sale pol PS on all these bases and a nice remain your body gets tired. And they made a hell of Maroney looked. That was a 42 series but it was a good Easley would want it it's yours it's QB in the conference finals at the right now. But they it there one of those young teams or if you look in the east for a team with open coming in the mix the there was going to be around for long awaited deal. Again John Wall you know when dealing with injuries and a big part of position. They were in it was a Paul Pierce's so clutch. And and I think truly. You know it is really how he plays offensively now looking treaty shy he's never going to be with the players. But Paul putters Odyssey holly can retire semis and pay him. I mean Alia you know not be cut down like him in and Ray Allen almost the play he complete yeah mine is standing. He was to be in the front office in the NBA as he wants to do long term to be right now maybe don't think you know again him. Play next year I noticed sell these are closed his heart a lot of teams want him yet I still want to own court. The clutch shooting at beacon. Now you know and where to Adam goes we Gorin and used it. Well when you look at. Coach Kevin McHale and what he's done with the Rockets and I mean you wanna talk about a team effort. I mean it kinda. You know also rans are people given up on them Josh Smith Corey Brewer. But there were teams they play with a look I wanted to tears yeah Olympic Games six and I mean and look even digging salmon. That their contribution they don't win without them yeah exactly so it's totally a team effort and that's winning on the present the Rockets is there there have been. Doubt come right to UW did and whose time has 533 this time of first things we'll go to Jim handle. And while the Mets shortstop on occasion can and Bobby Hebert I've Deke Bellavia operated jaguar opinion both. Coach Sean Payton said this rookie mini camp just as big game was further along than any he said. Do you think this that are rookies will make great contributions than any in the take care vote online at WW little. Dot com let's go to John in Bay Saint Louis John good evening thank you for calling WW yeah. Paid Bartlett. Our at its collection that the draft pick in the right now do you think we are we. When I didn't make betrayal. And I think it's wide open. I think right now. On the level he went at their best and leveled the field at a packed it was a better question is do you think in the when via an even Chicago. I mean I mean I I think you should beat the Cowboys at home. But it is in this the when there are always fun although no way you column Cowboys. Graham and I don't know how long you can make ball in Portland it. And now. And. Open again. And they go the Cardinals. Mean at the overs game now. And I'd be game used things have been favored. But that night and I could be favored to win that game in the Rose. And and that's why I think they're kinda is that. As I mumble jumble I think there's a lot of teams at all and put this thing in Cardinals Eagles line. Carolina. To me the Falcons beat and are gonna be better. Because being there there a coach in their mindset. Tammany knowing he was their quarterback. You know Carol I know what to fed into this season but we beat them on Thursday night and we won nowhere near the team more. There's stretches particularly on the back and it. I don't think we're good enough to be a playoff team what does that mean I mean via you know what you in the post season anything can happen. To say right now. That if you in this series like you guys basketball okay. That we use in the four favors. I'm being even though when Bob as in last year and beat the Packers at home the opening the Tigers overall better. And the thing in. I mean if that is the the Cowboys without with a line through there without DeMarco Murray. And they still dominant and. Well the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the ball club that ended the division in it is the bottom of the division at two wins and of course they got the first pick in the draft and we would famous Winston. Gregg Allman joins us now look over the Buccaneers for the Tampa Bay times. Greg when you look at Tampa Bay's roster on both sides of the ball they've got play makers are everywhere what what is it about that this this team this year Davis went seeing what they have the lead you to believe that they can compete in the NFC south. Well they are much better offense to start and I think you're it easily could beat that team concept and the second half of last year. But just to hear maybe at the worst team offensively that you're so that way instead. Kite maker at quarterback pat it to help on the offensive line should help in that should help their running game I think that'll help them. Turn now what what a lot of close losses. Into at least and pull bull Williams they have last year at two working cubic. Now Greg guys figure and that offensive line. Oval where do you think Gerut because I think that helped me any young quarterback you have to go to run the football. And I was obviously. You know not the case. As of late because annoyed at one time Doug Martin it was a flat out stud coming out of Boise State. But then as the reason. There that's not the case where you know then I consistently. Run the ball well and as does not winning in the trenches of front. Culture yeah. That point did the big problem with their running game which. Billick you Richard. They're just an attempt you know would probably two new starters. It's not three. You know perhaps. It with 22 round pick this year not with the luck that happens our kicker Penn State doesn't mean it could very will be the starting left tackle as a rookie. They put in another second round it. In the its homework in Italy mark pet I didn't treat school in New York. On he can that be at their rate go out and get two rookies that are direct or. Looks like it should be back from a unit that voted me in that spectrum all the pro bowler with the Patriots. Evans at bats second you're an accident that certain Green Bay before that chipper. It'll probably take dead Arnott and finished posters electrical look at right tackle so. I think yeah having to have better depth of their people. In the key positions. Out tackled according to start your line with Stalin played air. I really mature group what did that are expected is rookie year that mark in the mature that'll happen but it will be better off that because. Now Greg look at Davidson side. Always in the commerce aged and get any better than now only a Pro Bowl would all pro caliber Gerald McCoy got Levine the aide David. Darom acquire a front of the wanted David linebacker. But when you truly look at Ella Lovie Smith wants to do as far as his system. In the past success. That he's he's had a running defense the Tampa two. Does have the right part personnel. And all areas that to doing exactly. The scheme that he was to do defensively. Yeah I did think he'd an apartment at one or scripted it can't but I think what they're hoping that you have an effect here in the scheme. What helped you in the existing personnel played much more effectively. You know Lovie speak into really neat. A lot turnovers. And that probably what industry and working do they need takeaways they need it certainly wouldn't turn over mark in game on a consistent basis and an ability really to be the reporter to do that year. But like you had private playmaker in the middle like who want to David Gerald court. Integrate our they apparently built that drastic in their eclipse select few years but they've made two free agent acquisition here the past year. Just the strain that that should help shore up some bulk for the get into middle linebacker. You'd Bruce Carter and Bernard the terrible. And yeah they're they're back in there are two to safety trap you well there are lots of changes. But there at the biggest change you've been a comfort level that comes with the familiarity in any second your defense. Now Greg would expectations. With the team in the days. And I have admitted they get things won anything in forever. Toward expectations. And tell you know perception is. In the competing in his teeth out. Quarterback as he's playing at a high level considering going in and you Matt Ryan Drew Brees. That's what I expect he made me open the playoffs are where does have a record ago. I think there's there's not a severe injury to fourteen there's a lottery era so I would say that right now I mean. You're really optimistic but we don't have it in the playoffs I think most in our more realistic about. Mitigating. Actually it definitely take the big step forward. You know the fact that it is the that you get now that were perturbed is your obviate wouldn't want. The division last year so he won't take much to get right in the thick of things where. It's a division they can turn things around pretty quickly put that towards your dealer. Are at their schedule actually should help them a lot it's epic collapse like it to L. Expert they'd been doing it one opponent with a winning record from last year at one over the playoffs last year. Well mimicking him how have a Beckett and getting kind of an extremely. With even that same kind of played it makes it faster were treated like to. Better win that think just you know weaker schedule. And some of the smaller period they've made on both at the ball they are expecting her. Particular big step forward what you believe that was suppose he's not kind of depend on a much here very cool late in. But to me is covering them for the Tampa Bay times is Gregg Allman great how the people Cuba with you on Twitter. Just a great IQ very key elect in the AUN air. And arched up for the Arabic or not lined it to a great outcome. Read thank you so much of the time we appreciate. Our good RI need to Kasey Kahne about BA bad I'm Deke Bellavia this is sports talk on WW him. The page can of one of the most notable pick is in all of professional us. Boy it's passing away this week yet big I think those last Friday and say this Gary you premium. Two who was that he was the former NFL kicker. Who helped the Miami Dolphins winning consecutive NFL championships. He died Friday of Kathy with seven years of age. He was the one memo on the bloopers. Is the Redskins India Abacha. Field goal attempt that he tried the past that and the ball and have been there and that's not a Redskins scored kind of boring to mobile and ended up. LeSabre identical fourteen to seven in a phone policy again yet but he held the Dolphins were an NFL titles and 72 and seven period. Eddie means we're getting over it as though the young ages seventy and Gary you premium. The kicker. For the Miami Dolphins and he's in the hall of fame yep he's another he's not known and all of God's standard nonsense truth and cheat by yeah and then they finally put in. The greatest honor. They got ray guy from sunrise. And I I think Barton and the civil game in one David in my Macomb way. And be patient I don't know you can be an all time. NFL scoring leader and not be in a pro football team and I think you eventually get a until they might make him wait. Like Greek guy that's AM are you getting you'll be an old man and public viewing in. We knew kind of joked he'd you wanna hear that but today it began in. You know you get in big game. Oh going to govern our own also talk about. While we're pulmonary has done yeah. But LSU Tigers kind of speaks for itself but you look at football basketball baseball. Their programs. Angling gable did a nice article. On this and pulmonary really truly been championship who would hit on that next now this is sports donkey Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia enjoy listening to WW it.