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5-18 7:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the Patriots and Southeastern baseball

May 18, 2015|

Bobby & Deke talk with Gabe Feldman of Tulane Law about Tom Brady's next move and talks with Southeastern baseball coach Matt Riser.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the final hour sports saw he's occasion get him Bobby gave man I am a big elevated at 7 o'clock now get to be a little bit more like. More relaxing you know get out of that drive plan so to speak people through Macon way home was not the hustle and bustle Russia through with that tomorrow let the and we give them the more that yeah okay dog no we don't know process then now with it and when you're in the what we're kind of like watching on TV now and then operated jaguar painful in so much more. We're asking you what coach Sean Payton had the thing is weak and he said that he thinks his rookie mini camp with further along in any he's had. Do you think this class of rookies who made great contributions to any in the paint air you can cast your vote. Online at WW though that comment American feral catches the second leg of the Triple Crown so not to be the first toss and affirmed in 78 to win it. The third and final leg the Belmont in my New York coming up in a few weekends also elegy baseball winning the SEC and issues elbow and Louisiana Lafayette softball those league teams are moving on to super regional play. You know Lafayette will be at Auburn and three game series wanna move on to the college World Series LSU and attained Arizona at the beating Arizona State twice. Yesterday including 43 in nine innings as the Lady Tigers will host the type of park. Arizona. It took Arizona State outlasting the Sun Devils they've got from the wildcats' attack upon this weekend first game is Friday. At 9 o'clock pit stop and some of the things that the headlines NFL owners meetings start. In San Francisco tomorrow anything all watching. Will Roger good dale and rob a crab meat behind closed doors that is the being thrown out there in the media what was the Patriots do what they fight this thing. And another court Tom Brady's situation at all that's coming up discussions about rule changes remember that brought up in the meeting after the Super Bowl. And they vote on those things including the extra point among other things Bobby. That is coming up to a big beat week in team sports and it was a big week in of so you're not talk about some things as a yeah bed veto in the course now Bambi little anymore he was the final one out that's all full graduated and gone right Yorvit. Out of that via via all graduated. Three years to figure out at bat as family advancement there you think about you know you write that you do better in now and now your your family a good city my dad was the first one. The college graduate became the civil civil engineer. So yet I was how high you get ahead in life now. I'm not saying everyone is cut out to go to college with you have to learn the craft. Vocation. Yeah you know go to vocational school so final would you do bands I agree with grand wanna do and and and go for and like you know one vocation they don't have enough and you have you could be your best of the best as well others. Man by the Mathieson in independent independent has screw. Missed the last comes over this in the last they get here it's that they would junior is going to be seen year. Already certified licensed and bonded to come out Haskell make a 4000 dollars a year they want a state championship now with ten of those kids have a material some. Who took come out Hass who ended B Brady could go in have a a profession already as it looked colleges there's not won't cut I want to count. But it's about like you say a trade would you can do right I was fascinate and how might these be they they did over some over the course three solid and certified. Well does. Just like a grown man he 1718 years old. Yeah they're friends of certified while there and then they have different against certification yeah different level like like not all doctors at the same not all lawyers and all that well they got well there's and yeah you know all of a sudden you working in a major shipyard are you welding on major building. I mean then obviously years of experience. Comes in the play no so. Yeah I think courage. To use the millennial. That mobile what is your interest knowledge that on our own and do Amadou this that you know. Now you know he's got to find yourself like. Am a bowl graduated my youngest is graduating and mass communication. Would you miss my guess he had saw us I don't know what you what you wanted to do well is different options and looks like. It's gonna do an internship and Atlanta and the media intern yet again and and so you know we take advantage opportunities but I tell me that you know three years to figure out what you wanted to do and when I mean of that and because then you get off my instruments you don't payroll is you know what we need Darren Toney sixty. They can be on your parents and children so well as the fifth episode that did that tonight that's when I say not necessarily. Graduate from college who they are mutually independent like Francis Cuba. Is it the Bob just turned a 26 this past February so you got the beautiful facilities and I know you girls get their older gather all the the oldest 10 when I attempted to five UB 33 in. Cam is 29. Rise so yes the big guys that I I officially. With the say okay well this than me. You know we can't be okay did you academies and again you made to benefits and you know the future employment you always look at the health care health care benefits for right. You know stuff and. They speak it at don't ask what that that's what you wanted in nickel stigma against him on Saturday Saturday about it this week in. Jackie and my nephew saying he graduated from oak for listening meet it is ceremony Friday night. And Sunday had Crawford is ball. Out of my malls and what we deities in the efficiently and approach it game by. When jacket caught a big bands here today to terrible I mean a date in 98 date Alamo you know fitness it's him and we told them about it. Called a hundred and when if bring him. In in two trips that and he would just like. In the war with pain and so is Chicago so when he finished in Jackie Collins Tim Graham with insulation is Roy excited about that at Terrell right with you cause that and go ahead and advance out of jail I don't know it's not a bad team. But no was she was excited about the pitcher to but he we've got to be. My nephew he's like they got these tie vote. And I got in one yesterday about you talk about four on and we were in the upon that his father as our workouts via at a major yet but give -- -- that you got in you get to be peaceful and you just don't know of anybody Awad can be and make it could be a non can be a rebel and just thought I had in the 9 October my growth and you don't degree in sports you combining duties diet -- being doable by as a as in the U would be shooting and it came Vogel before long. But they got out inning dated through and I like out again now goals were the key yeah firstly. You know when you can enjoy the outdoors in piece of property you have deacon and your family can enjoy that something. You can't put a price on all know me there to be out in in the committee about dolls that they. The by Iran freer on about the calls and everything so they that's Liza doesn't bitch about that QB you've got to think about that on on you know no doubt about it oh you do you're right you know you're right it is right you you way to pros and the cons era and yeah exactly and I think about it yet he is the eighth yeah I mean I have now then that you would love that the situation and you know any time you go fishing I'll write your backyard I'm right in your bag you're only now we tie acknowledge it and not award ski down on. Mean I think he will be the and we will be ready for jewel but. Cage again it was a big beat week in sports in one good thing is that yeah the Belmont Stakes yeah will be irrelevant as American Fe road cone threw. They got to look at far that it now. Look hopefully American Ferrell makes history I mean we've been in this is saying like as of late and you vote for a team unit yet but you look at. In three weeks are gonna have the Belmont Stakes in. Bob Bradford you look he's now won what six pre misses. And you know look at Victor Espinoza. The the jockey. And and while he's riding a horse is strategy. To me things I definitely. The right jockey you look at the Rangers raining so hard to storm. You know that these horses are prima Donna's so you know that they don't necessarily. Because I wanted to know Bruno because I heard a number of say no that the date but they don't like it when that rains come announce sideways the in the NL will learn a Browns run right run as well writes that it don't you know freak out instead of it. That's storm also and it was a ten minutes before post time it was sheet and and induce that we drain and Ellison did okay is all of there's no lying in Rio we race up front. And so that's and and that have been in good the it was never in doubt a seven meant oh win over a longshot pillow verve. I mean obviously he didn't have no durden has gone as America if they're open again goal in what was frustrating. That he was from the dreaded number one pole position. And the Swede that you think is just odds he's gonna have a fair favorable. Most position available by yet and the Belmont. Coming out that you think you can be jinx. Like you know water to him and get stuck beginning and against as the noses in Adam from the get go he took out and in had a lead and never was really. I'm trailing would you look at adding I think we're hungry. Five Triple Crown winner. We've talked about this is the last of a crown winner affirmed back in 1978. Thirteen other horse that won bowl of the derby and the preakness. And the last year California chrome you know. You know we're all looking at that and and NL only about it and why don't you do it too much now he's knack. You have to do another interview in college and definition of board but. Deke Bob Baffert has been here before. He's come out and the idea would train three horses losing and said that early with silver charm in 97 real quiet. 98 war emblem in 2002 and it's all horses. Now that we've heard so yeah I'm looking over next and visiting next three weeks said the Belmont Stakes it's exciting yet. Because that is relevant yet peaked but I allied though you know I like. Not like some underdog once to race in a row or the that it took a crown though this hearts and they gave Gholston who started talking about guys that were as they study rhetoric here yet yet that know this guy does ours is the best that events. And he's not. He died in the day eight ideas appoint anyone. Yet commented because it was gave Feldman the director of two minds sports law program will weigh and what did the Patriots well they didn't Wear a tie and take this punishment. To a higher court so to speak this is sports talk on WW. There's always something with a legal ramification is seemingly heading that way there becomes a sports. And a guy with most sought out about all the major networks NFL network in BC ABC you name it he's been very busy the last few all seasons. Gave failed when the director of tooling sports law program joins us now. Gave about a week ago at this time we just found out about Tom Brady received his four game suspension. And the up penalties handed out to the New England Patriots I believe now that the Patriots organization has until Friday. To make the team appealed to the one million dollar fine and all the draft picks. Should they appeal that where where does is go gave who would hear it and so forth and in what do. What do does the Patriots handle a Tom Brady opened themselves up to what they decide if final. Well the pitcher to deal like Tom Brady's would go right back to the commissioner. And the latest report and I think really from common sense it felt like the pitcher to try to work something out behind closed doors were the commissioner. Because they're rip whether to pick it sort Brady that you filed an appeal. Commission on probation and I think that they belong to up to the commitment or completely reverse the punishment might reduce it. But it felt like what happened next is that Tom Brady of the Patriots. Wooded around and federal court at the on the ballot situation and went to court one to get outside of the confines of yet so internal dispute about that. That's when you get discovered that something that become public. And that's what all the dirty laundry get there and at any curve of the Patriot tour Brady or via cell. Garnett I don't get it it's not I don't see it seemed like the media. This behind closed doors that it become mr. reduces evening like that in a mean. From a famous face stamp on our policy hounding him he can do that. Well again it is our. And then they took a part of that is due to limit the different then out of the game we've seen that gave it but there's talk of that is because. Among completely Horry but it is an independent courts are not likely independent investigation. And yet it's a spot at the plate for it so it's still allow. The weather to team of the players on part in today. You've either got it wrong you know and separate India and that's in place to actually think it commissioner Goodell. Repeat that at you to appeal or behind closed door. I think that they're sure that that that that actually working the way it's supposed. Actually the big news worthy and now if it gets repeated it is now one courage other players that came to come forward. And cooperate at a barber. I think part the reasons. Peppery and a pitcher that it's so hard. Is at today bell cooperate accordingly to that well. According didn't cooperate in the mr. Unser in the suspended I think they'll precedent for other teams and players that can. Now gave a lot of times people. They they get disheartened to get discouraged in the N angry because Raja Bell has all the elves power. When I look at the NFL players association well that was collectively bargain. And in my and is standing agreement gives Cadel the right what the haired appeal and also. Says only the commissioner can he not only can hit appeal would punish the players if you think his contact and conduct detrimental to the leak. I mean so bottom line rule and when you look in a gut does go to court and the process of Ned the players gave of their power I don't see how big they could challenged our because it's collectively bargain. And that is account for the players not a criticism of the players' association back in 2011 o'clock that. Vanity plate situation was aware that this rule in place. And they wanted out and didn't get it. And the area but it if you get on the commissioner at final day. Jabbar and should be given something up in the collective bargaining agreement to get that our late in the commissioner. Andy the agreement now we get to the commissioner the power to hand down initial punishment and his appeal that are all that how are you initial investigation. And that's what the players that he's complained about in now the then break it all that great right Peter Peterson and I was in about situations I think the players argument. Did not didn't bargain for this. But the big bargain for its fair golf and it's not fair when the commissioner has already made up to mine when the commissioner thirty prejudged this case. And the commit your attitude is mindset before he actually hear it all back to that part of it. Then we we know we bargained for but to be fair execution of the agreement and are not executing it and because you're pie. We didn't sign up for by the commissioner. Because you're alive. You have to delegate it to somebody else and that argument with the council and put it right and it could be interpreted the world heard about it. Now game would that be like they look at a conflict of interest where all of a sudden Todd wells and his investigation but you paid him five million dollars to do that investigation. Yeah not only the deep end and so they're going to be holding view but also remember the movie made statements before the investigation. About to get by level of those ball. And they'd you know at least according to the Patriots and you know it felt yanks had already determined that deal of the team. The for the investigation. Those that that's what solely. Have to be careful and ending up. In the ballot situation when that the team officials and coaches were suspended and Roddick you know basically announced that the players were responsible to. I'm that was a very argument by the players. That's what the commissioner Gary present that. That style we signed up police got to the commissioner picking it unbiased neutral look at it is not done about it it is not done and and break it. I had so. That's it and very basic argument if you wanted to stop challenging you want without giving you just pick somebody other than yourself it and it. Now I gave you bring a PS side and I was trying to play devil's advocate play both sides Seward recovered from. And wide Tom Brady was so adamant. And everyone in the Peters organization basically haven't is back especially mr. Kraft. The owner. And and and I look at this last week in to me where I think how Tom Brady I think he was aware. But how he he kind of throw the ball boys and the device was that. And they're said there was no evidence that Tom directive throw balls. To be set and pressures do load the allowable limit. I think that and just in my capacity and how you want football's of a play in the position. I never dealing with the PSI but as far as driving them Downey reporting on approval which Payton and come back in 2005. But he could have directed them now he's been there forever. And saying that look that I want the footballs because there is a margin for error one the balls deflated. At the allowable limits not be low. And that maybe it took it upon themselves as hard really to gauge did you do and he quickly. That then all of a sudden the ball boys had it below the allowable limits and and Tom I think it's they would know I told SI like less. Aaron ball's been a won it at the allowable limit. And you may very well be right you're obviously would know more about how it affects the ball a vodka islet and it that the old political trick potentially. The upload or idle. That you could I never out for a I didn't know about it they may have done it but it was under my direction was undermine a lot but. Keeping them. Wanted the well reported that they found that that easily couldn't point to specific evidence that Tom Brady. Knew they had that general awareness that it is any new or should you know and getting my step now. Then there's no other audible conclusion to draw. And I think the second point on that is that. Is it impossible. I think on the that the league's top that they would argue to draw the line here where if you break a rule. Even ticket sale in really competitive and if you break a rule that simply designed it to protect the competitive down on the field. It doesn't matter it could be an advantage it doesn't matter in you're not an important in drug if you violated the rule that strict liability you're going to be punched. Any and we could quibble with one of the equipment and whether they would be in the culture not. But that's not really the issue from the league perspective and at the end of the day the commissioner's argument is. That the commissioner and he'll play that the rule book which was created to protect the best interest of the game. And not get more to the heart of the best interest of the game and fair play on the field at the commissioner can't decide that it looked amateur there. Yeah he gave before action is next question. My opinion I mean. I think all quarterbacks have packs path and if our quarterbacks are anyone is in his position. Within equipment ball boys equipment and as a W column you know goal rule. That denied doing anything. On their own and adding became be dead ninety's but that's just my opinion then. Tom Brady's hopefully you know what if he said he did down there all. Now right. And that's I think people make that same argument about Belichick that that that and other coaches on the that that that they either. If you can't prove that than anything new it's hard to believe like he's that that low level employees will be the one structured. Yeah idea that getting. Into the on the final but now I gave wanted to actually this question has seen in a union quote. That you're given in the Associated Press legitimate goal and that you said I think this is much bigger than the four games is pitching but Tom Brady. That this is part of that continuing battle for the role of the commissioner. In disciplinary matters as it pretty much. A line drawn in the sand. Because he was all of borrowing commissioner Goodell that being Robert Kraft is that kind of a line drawn in the sand between. Robert Kraft and the Patriots are. Are just his take vs the commissioner and his power. Yeah I think about it again that I think it's going to be in there that interest to resolve the England or deter it a agreed to a settlement. Because I really love the straw to mature until the round mature ruled against. Whether it's with respect to. Their craft to family or would respect the players association. I think the key here is going to be any time the commissioner ruled against you. And you want a neutral independent arbitrator indicate they're gonna keep. And whether it's. Operator party whoever might come on next yet they want to reduce the bench or overturn the suspension but they'll all the way the players that agent. Want to get the power out of it and that mr. you said earlier it's a bargain for. And that. There's nothing and the with a of their keep on fighting keep on biting either until. They agree to new conduct policy and he did their part the Lawrence Hill. That mr. delegate somebody else figure these cases I think we're gonna keep getting by. Unless again they greet something or federal court steps in and dictate something. He's director of tooling sports low program gave Feldman gave how can people follow you on Twitter. Or. Gave film at sports law guy gave always a pleasure thank you so much for the hail. I'll write he's thinking thinking about being there I'm Deke Bellavia more sports they'll get the com College Baseball. Turner it's on and then it's on to regional play with taking it was so the thing coach Matt rout the Knicks could they be back on their way to badly at colonial issue regional. There well on their way as the number one seed in the south land comments in top three seeds from the Louisiana so we could have and always in originally meant route. In a few weeks that's coming up next here on WW. Welcome back to sports is the case became Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia it is well tournament time in College Baseball. A lot going on always in a once in a powerful season southern Los as the in this went tournament of the tournament began this week. The SEC top seeded LSU and the Southland Conference top seeded southeast and it was a historic season. All the university southeast and we gamers you Lions coach Matt rise that John does now coach. I'm looking at the accolades here and I go back most wins in a regular season Tony five on five in the Southland 4115. And then I went back and now look who we first talked to you. It would the first weekend of the season by the we had you only a coach groh was show may street a coach Peterson to blame all the coaches from across the state most of Mona program one of thing you tell me. If you say you know we're a young team we only have four seniors are you surprised at what you've done this season. But you know. Of course Bob and I could be more excited he'll show you the receipt you ever saw and cover for Brooks are both Emmitt. You don't know that we thought a little bit. This young team committee's standpoint it. You know the biggest thing pretty he would. Maturity. You know no where near what the gut ago right foundation and our freshman crew that came in. Some doubt about these days but you in business and continued failure in this game belliard going to be able elbows about that. It was possible. And they did that and that doubt that you are just political year. Now mad when I look at it I guess I take that approach. I ever you can continue and Angola today it's doubly tournament you would take it bit. I mean I look at a team can get hot though week. Vs. You can have excellent full months and your body of work. Now my understanding don't don't have to win the tournament to go to regional into though is that regardless even though you are able this automatic B out of their regular seed in the tournament. Yeah they go to parliament and you know would sit out begins at these yet goal number one wondering if you you know we haven't done it now. That we've got a number of style we had done in 21 years sort of agency's comic title outright. Note go them one you know we kept looking down that Corey last year that won that piled tournament. I'll see that we did there that regional. Gillick and on the range and knew we were misses out and it really need the city's south champion and and not like it or bought it work and you saw last year. That was goal from the one we set up this year that will be done in. We thought but be able to sit out there and in the Kolb set feet. The great deal but don't do now and a cup title outright. Come turn on the ballot right access to automatic bid and and like to sit. You know we've still that we've put together a great resonate. And really old body work are achieved now court did in in our regional. Day if you wanna term daycare business not to worry about. Our view and now Mondale like digital. Yeah Amanda and you look how tough the competition isn't without land just keep you know with the league look at it now only saudis them at northwestern state of my alma mater and nickel statement knees Sam Houston that night anyone no thieves get hot and and a week so it's going to be a big challenge to win the tone. Yeah it did and it did we know we're right now they are. That they do is to do the same thing but do all they want. Wanted to not wanted at that one game at a you know we know that there the first step there and get a call surrogate culture there. Apartment style that. It's got to saint vote took the leader you know we knew we were gonna good game more nervous in the first day in. That we were meant to go through a struggle and in a normal did have success in into the right way he would. We've done at this point there doubt have been. They're extremely consistent Spain that simple well Cheadle is not the thing in the world keep an eighteen to twenty or younger and opens were very on the special agree hours so. They've done a great job by approaches have been very successful Dornan. We got to keep doing that more ample. Southeastern Louisiana University baseball coach of the alliance. Matt arises will those they won the regular season tournament the regular season title fought at 11525. On five and Southland Conference play this week this week in over the you know privateers they'll be Sugar Land game one for the alliance is. Coming up at full clock. All of Wednesday the top seed lines take on number eight Texas a and M Corpus Christi. The one on that merit double face the winner of meg these state and Sam Houston State in gained eight. That is on Thursday evening coach just like up the other tournament. What you wanna do you want to get there winner's bracket alienate any don't pitch in but. I think you've been over the course of time before they if you didn't have losers bracket you'd look at the losing side of the tournament does he do to win in fact. Because if you get dead and you got physical that they're hand if they'll. That we talked about it in Denver ago a year about back. Auburn it would we will Alou went would be much quicker and go back dot they'll others about it back in. In the first bowl seduced take care of business we that's all throughout the year. You know but walked off twice this year. Not that spot that a beings but we've also are sure walk all big where plate bought him well. You know when it got started. Bite that's one week umpteen doubts maintained limping in there apartment in and when that thing he would be be it and go to Q what are so. The thing about the term and it is the term is that the week where there's nobody can take lightly. Because everybody. All the other day and age and the ball that. In go you know called Percy get strike at later in the top. Belichick led by striking out both definitely. And their four year Aetna and you know we got to go into it. You know biggest thing I think we keep talk about it but in hold it keeps people we do. Which as you know we got a beat productive offensively you'll get or got on base over yet though were there and or Pitt is an important we can't you'll allow free passes you know what strikes you don't give up the wall unit for that they give it albeit it. It'll make you doubt they'll strike. Like struggle standpoint. And he can't legislate billions we do those three things didn't matter who reported New York Yankees are a vocal Christie will be in great shape and Albert result at the end. Coach Matt Iraq as a and the alliance that can negate their fourth in CAA regional pins they went nine to nanny for a last year they put up a great. Battle in bedrooms alliance regular season champions in this Avalanche come with 411525. And five and Salman account play they opened up but the topsy Wednesday ancient Milan. Whether Jimmy would take place in Texas is Tutsi Lions take on number eight to exceed in Corpus Christi coach Matt ran as a coach it's always a pleasure. May good looking you in the alliance and not will be given out on you guys in Texas is we. Out grab it. Right I collect so much more Obama we talked pulmonary arteries vehicle period with Matt all the difficulties and not. You'd look in net in the Southland Conference tournament champion. Chip on that it went in through Milan. Top three seed. Number one without the Easton number two in the west number three is Nichols. Before they make me coming from the three zillion Nichols in the always is is mag knees I mean Estes now baseball. Yeah did you assess the Al based quality can you look at LSU. No one in the nation could and that's a big feather in nickel states kept me sun sun and lost this season nobody went to their conference term tournament championship game so mean that that speaks volumes of of how deep deep to baseball's this season seasons while they stand point but you ago whenever. Like you know the feather in their cap him it'd be Louisiana Lafayette and they are number yelling and LSU being part of 591 of those losses was the things that we had they take pride. And that when they're able to accomplish that with their programs in the look and an L issue in and I think. They've been enough already to be an overall number one seed ought now the jury's not out I was looking at. Whalen the three teams that you kind of separated himself. In my number 10 yeah all level and over you know morris' top eight nasty get a few different will be a number one will be a time now now the yeah yeah yeah platinum will come on humble little wall all the teams that make it next week every. And you look the opportunity competing with as UCLA. You and Louisville and now you look at UCL AB I think when they got going on RPI. Is three. Ranked Andy about that and now at LSU was five idea yet so. And and they claim all ten of their conference theories. Now and and a nine commerce three gain. The Fed over what North Carolina Tar Heels their RPI was 41 but you look at Louisville Cardinals there are the guys can. Have three game sweeps or warm BI teams in the ACC network. Top thirty and in that Roman. So witty look at an LSU. A top all six the major polls before weeks that should be consistency cannon. Speaks for itself. But but what to challenge seed that necessarily. The Tigers are now I didn't realize is they've never been the number one overall seed on and I that he made and all the history of their program. And we all know a lot of times so what if you know once he does that mean going in NASA channel you know listen to dealing with a dozen roses there was a number one overall owners Tuesday in the country. Yes Sola. I don't know it mean. That's kind of snake bit we eulogized via a note be have been an accomplishment but it pro yeah yeah yeah I'd actually you have coaching and Mary. And if five into Bobby in layers than an SEC team tournaments they've won five of the last seven SEC tournament champion Andy you look at that defeating. It in the top eight bid and number seven overall since the NCAA went in a format in 1999. They've been number two a couple of times and in 2002003. And then number 32009. Last year and snuck in with them eight seats are about bottom line is you wanna go to normal hall. Hopefully L issue. Will wind when it counts. But the one thing LSU has been dominant. In SEC tournament the got to realize 22 and or. In now won five of the past seven SEC tournament that's a Mazen the net that. Thought I hot in a week in no way Ellis you've done that in the past with Cushman and that's that's unbelievable number right. Yeah and someone ought to turn missed the opener regular season he edited it immediately after he adds that no doubt about it. I've Bob Matsui is a bit for us connect to take it was a great conversation he sits install table and he lets you come in. And beat B should enjoy tomorrow on the program we'll take a look at our preview on the conference finals in the east and the US Golden State. And Houston in the west and in the east it's the top two seed overall number one and number two in the west noble and number two and east Atlanta. And clean he. Thanks so much tomorrow one origin hands Obama took is up next on the Bolivia that takes it would be you know saw ball dude they won their regional and super regional play. At Auburn this weekend LSU was a tight apart they take on Arizona those teams win they move on to the college World Series a softball. I'm debugging there's always somebody heat in ten by the a bad month we'll resolve goodnight people.