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5-19 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Warriors-Rockets, NFL rule changes, and beach volleyball

May 19, 2015|

Bobby & Deke talk with Mike Shumann of KGO-TV San Francisco about tonight's Warriors-Rockets Game 1 in the Western Conference Finals and talk about the NFL rule change regarding extra points, and Mark Menard talks with Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings about this weekend's AVP tour event at Coconut Beach in Kenner.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number three or sports talk allow Bobby Hebert Randy Bellamy were checking in with the Golden State Warriors game one they entertain it. The Houston Rockets in the Western Conference finals about to San Fran in the bottom of the hours game one night is that oracle in Oakland a's Bobby a bit. Patriots owner Robert crested at the owners' meetings in San Francisco he reluctantly will not fight the penalties and fines handed down by the NFL for deflate gate we're asking you should Tom Brady. We attract his that the appeal. Until the same with do human. I guess you'd say we're in this together as his team leading team leave him to hang out to dry can't do vote online at WW male. That car also coming up the good to have dated. Auburn Steele on top of Kentucky three to zero in the bottom of the fourth the winner moves on take on LSU tomorrow. At the SEC tournament in Hoover Alabama. Indicating Cain hasn't talked about a lot and long on the are you heard moment aren't they in the sports players. And down cal parry. Missed the printer wrist he is not interested in any of the doubt and now eight million dollars a season so. If you gonna give him all that I was statement or at least 1011. Year. Big mind standing. Mickey Loomis and and and the pelican hill they would have paid about 45. Winning a game Payne being in it would be well yeah I mean you know and coach gentry. You know the Warriors and out the you know that about how it's convenient. My understanding that me humorous Al in terms sisco in the Bay Area and owners meetings. Well guess what the Warriors. Playing at home the kickoff right at the conference finals that he went to dinner. My understanding which with Alvin Gentry via power outages and Coco out and and he would take 45 mil yeah. But we knew look at it's all about stroke and maverick here and then anyone Dave we paid him eight and Emmitt you know we don't want to JP yes and yet come all the skins on the wall we used coach Tyler Perry. And where he's at right now but did you feed the cat and an anyway Tom Thibodeau. Is no way that the obstacles. To what is the one. But it is the perception. Avoid being when he got to said the trend. Right at night. The top defense in the NBA. Basketball coach he's in the conversation and it to the Celtics and then. That the hand missed the playoff with his incredible yet I mean given all of you want to say day in the east tonight and look he overcame injuries and Dallas made the play I'll always made Toledo and you're the top with that that the doc when they beat rightly closing on yet so about the innocent as he was gonna come about what is gonna hate. To be the head coach or pale if you did appear for five million. That. I think if you truly follow basketball. That you recognize the name. But it's not going to be like slam dunk like considered the best in the bath. Would you account Perry obviously hasn't stroke and you put two and two together just simply. Because he has. Watched him play in the professional level. That being Tyreke Evans. When he called cement at Memphis. And Anthony Davis and get to arguing an actual attempts and that's why you guys name or earned and he kind of nip that in divide where I'm not interested. Yeah well. United is that because oh what he has going Foreman Kentucky. In how would you entice them. Well we have to go above and Deion. I was getting worn at Kentucky that's what you say in eleven million dollars. I mean that's that forfeit you know that is considering what he would you add the name that this they've been lately coach hated Duke. And you look and I'd be about to give you about 1214. Like the regular guy he deals. Look what he's done at Duke he reaches thousands victory. He's now national champ. And it is. It is all in the offseason deal I would focus on Duke. Around the world coach in the best of the best. And represented the United States and so. That the interest in who would you being. Would have more stroke at Indian level. With Kalla Perry tried in game succeed O coaches. What coach K right oh yeah no doubt about it. Yet we eat anything about it this did you miss every right. He he'd eat if you give him accompanying me to have a coach and sports. I in any sport and I think he deserves it. The death of safety so he agrees saying okay the pellets Larkin because that market maybe you pay for five million. Andy speculates that well. If calpers Gainey in Kentucky. And they say well to entice them beat by him today I think yeah he said I think eating go with coach KB and. Oh yeah I wound yet I'm with a sure any mine up and now but I would steal. I'd I'd I'd rheostat though I would respect and you know he has a relationship when the season. You like those might vote at all now a days in the UMB privilege they have with the therapies you know you ever. All of that worked together are back to the a phone to go let's go to a David in goal shall David thank you for calling WW well. Dad is Jewish. And attack all but at buddy of mine to invite peaking at the stats we can't. Be good division three. And I was intrigued by Michael lesbian. Inducted into the sync all playing awesome no wonder that like to tell maybe Bobby. And art course. Kids and maybe he bit into division. You know who might. Not be on the rate or maybe that would diamond and probably more goals in Austria and yeah you know bushel Amin is invited to camp itself. We haven't actually seen him practice yet are we gonna watch that beginner. Starting ending next week we get the sale first OT eight. And and eight point he had made 28 PM we got a handful of teams and you have the mini camp but. And not you can't count a draft pick we kind of pathetic rulers and who's gonna be there pretty it is not a draft pick up all I know there's that in the and even at that tackle and just when I looked it. If three is they brought in and Nene came that a surface. To me was Caleb. The you'll come up a bit that you don't miss a mistake yet there and I'm death. And and that he's a four year starter that's impose on Eddie is the line Mississippi State and so I just look at kind of the rest and we've wrecked the resonate before watch him actually do anything. Oh. I'll just know his name on their assembly because. By know that need to be with the tackle would. Who goes to draft picks. And they'd heavily address that. Because I think that Tyler Davidson. You know that Keith Millard who I respect who was an authority with a player of the year back in 1989 they know this guys a steal plan announced. So Tyler Davidson. Has it was a lot of Wainwright yet to be the he might be an answer that rotation so but I don't know beat Theodore are considering he was drafted. And if brown but still I'm as good throughout their fellow watch him I'm gonna go at that the tackle permissiveness that he. And. I don't want to name or he would but he might get mentioned in the way they Taylor Ulster. 6450. Ball player and gobble makes me and it showed up by New York Giants minicamp and and all he would good and receive earned. There again they would have been if they if if they're gonna be a part of the Hokies in the offseason they would have been signed our yen and an easy not signed Dave because I don't see ammonia is usually invite their kids back right I'll events and they can be a part of all season that doesn't mean that they won't Mike. I mean David but usually that's what happens because they won't be and it goes on drafting guys in a part of OTAs and soulful but there's always. There's transactions I haven't used it once a week. Yeah because you look at receiving corps. They brought it way Josh Morgan yeah does moment draws drafted in Bosnia with Sam is probably about you know wait and yeah I Virginia Tech and then they brought N. Daequan ballot is that this past camp and he was he was my day's top rated defense to be come out of college in 2011 in the second round draft pick. He was ahead at Cameron Jordan a year he was injured JJ watt de year you have Cameron Heyward this year but injury is not just the Japan out nine. Again at me out in the west Alabama at ear and out. In Alabama. As an option Butler and global maybe an alum animal. Nobody knows about west Alabama. But they don't out on the day well. David it's it's all a matter when you have an opportunity got to make the best of it look at big guys that. As far as who's gonna have a chances and in the receiving corps. You know that's not necessarily household name this Saints fans are familiar. He's living RG harass the Mark Few New Hampshire and now he's on the roster. Mitch and Josh Morgan also Prater. Think 5225. Pounds and on the west and another receiver so sometimes it just a matter being in the right place right time and I think you meant an opportunity. I know you guys that people know division pretty guys London Fletcher. Pierre Arsenault. While that that ethnicity can't get any better next you follow professional football. London Fletcher is one of the best linebackers of all time yeah. David and an impaired guards on a McCoy is the original patient yeah I've seen the Haitian sensation he's been approved proven player in the league for a while Mike improbable comeback to this is sports talk on WW. Kara Lawson Olympic gold medalist volleyball one of the greatest athletes on the plane right now. Visit without Omar monarch today to talk about a big event coming up in the New Orleans area and of course a successful Corey unity. The ATP pro beach volleyball tours coming to coconut beach this weekend the both amateur and national players looking to gear up for Olympic qualifying. And that includes Kerry walls Jennings multiple gold medalist she's going to be here in New Orleans this weekend and I'm you were there now. Kerri tell me about the ATP tour this weekend. We know we aren't outcome could not learn this week and let Bailey and I have a company EPQ I am the crop I expect our third pick up that speech. And it is truly open tournament though you can show up in a but the partner and try to fight your way into the main now expect a bad day fat and then we can keep that I don't I don't your Sunday and that we have in 82 hasn't ambulance for I think over fifteen years. I never competed and not create I am a partner April and I am hungry we're at it either with the wind and then I'll correct you on IR a workout. Yeah New Orleans at all. I have been into Ireland got more mature love our. I'm like I love actually eat and then lose any and can I ask and actually bring victory Kitna has been kicking the beacon that well there weren't here a lot of winning number Y and hot tourist. And I'm gone with the wind and you know about it we're excited to see respond like two million. I don't like I need to find one and open recommendation by the CI know coconut beat you're not and the fact that your feet are a lot act. They're going to be a great host the carrier the weekend and then I am now I know I am. I I did not discriminate and I trial and that threw it neither I wanna go up and up and I want to win any to be out being allies and I don't have to be and then I don't job. You don't a bit of though a rare career in terms of all of your different Olympics. Appearances. What is your your greatest memory of the Olympics. And then but they're really hard question can each of them have been special and apparently get pregnant let them London directory on the beach I am. And my best I can't can't pick expand that and London and I think it was like that because like it as a mommy you know it meant he had a lot to run together. It was a storybook ending. I had my daughter I was here I thought that the iron there fairly and I am. Yeah I can win Arabic well at the mommy go mow the mommy would very special attending a one it replicate an early out sweet sixteen you the next Jack. With mystery kids watching in you know look at getting a big country. Will what are you can stick to my mommy have a gold medal. They love it a day every run invited showing alcoholic dad in Brazil until. Out of dirtier yeah and then trying to knock out help from that but Aaron then you know there are those who mean they literally and downright human act like act it out I'm up might get there. And that there are well yeah we do everything with a team like that and what I wanna go mariner acts earlier on ATP. We become kind Aaron they know they're part of it now we are we off sound critical metal. They spent so many years would misty may as your partner is it hot having somebody else beside you I don't know I'm on the court. They weren't really hard at first you know they'll let her heart physically the big game Saturday April I'm not sure and away but by the emotional by the that yelling you when you go through more and do so many battles. Aaron with somebody but so dominant and as such they expect a love for each other eight not an accord are not. I am about mixed in consecutive plays I make they make them go up and began landing like a lottery actress so much and I really. I love the woman she is so I like elect an amazing partnership and a lot inter Milan back it on my. It damage you become the no one out and you know what they're up and I happen. I'm sure you're on the road already to attempted trying to make it to the 2016 Olympics but. What what does a road ahead of you look like in terms of qualified. We Manning. If I. Can really challenging with the pat Leyland that you know that he called the woman I eat at that I could and you can thank the country doesn't run. The world has really embraced and the put it beat eyeball. And so how many countries that amazing China you know Greece Switzerland. I know obviously. And Bobby Payton that you and that is fairly good B Bible everywhere in the bank there so it could be the best political and lecturer at any day hired but more than anything we're just focusing on our out because we go like we have a natural leader back. And it and I hand you know get back. Thanks for the time go ahead and tell me one more time about this tournament this weekend. NASCAR everywhere on that 8080. I call I would start Thursday coconut beach and then I victory Sunday we are an idiot Canada track are gonna be up there Levy. The back I'm not in the country at that I'm think I'm going to many people can't make it out it'll be an NBC but come lakers' record like. And can do able but not Amtrak ticket thank you people follow you on Twitter and find out which you don't. Accurate act carry a lot here my hand. CP exactly we cannot really appreciate. We'll Jerry thanks so much of the time and good luck on year on your route to another gold medal. Olympic Eric come on out here. Care what Jennings Olympic gold medalist one of the best about a balls in the world. That interview tomorrow when our gimme a VP to a coming qualifying Thursday out 5050 Williams both warning Canucks. Right across to be talking mix that doesn't just casino it's all weekend long Memorial Day weekend. Think it's on ATP tour dot com AVP dot com this is the first time since nineteen then and demand a tour has come in 95 for the women. Also the Olympics talk local standout is going to be big big deal at coconut beat all weekend long gain go to a VP. Dot com for more information and his take them on the coach K. Couldn't command Phil Jackson money can't he won eleven titles. Of the fourth not. I think he could I really do things that come on making the jump in and a legacy occult and leaving a legacy do. What he's done what dot com by an ordinary college coach with the medical sick every time there's an Olympic team or summer league team. He's the coach he's a man and the reason why he's the coach is because the players. Want him to be the COLT but he just when I make in how they coach in sports when he would think twice about. Would even think twice about it dog might just as you right here right now a token of the tick well I think he's worth that. Well big if you get the respect of the best players in the world you know and you get him to play together to compete in world no blemishes opponent record. And what he's gone they would have him do that and recruiting that type athlete to do that high is it because the players those elite players the best in the world did they they control with a one coach that he would begin to Duke is like tonight you know Vanderbilt it's it's along those lines. And when I ripped out yet so bypassed that. You've PA Duke scoot my dad in their ACC don't know what I mean by asking Stanford's again Vanderbilt yeah yeah and all of that northwest than the big thing yeah. I agree. WWW Simon 632 time first moves we'll go to Jim Hansen. Tonight's game one of the Western Conference fouls and for the first time at the top two seeded east conference that allow. Number one Golden State number two if you did. Mike human Jones now kgo TV in San Francisco might. Along well and loud fan base of the Golden State Warriors this have been a long time coming. And right now violence I do lawyers have a go to shot as anybody to take it O'Brien drove home back to Oakland. Well on get ahead of ourselves but yet served 39 years or better in the final eighteen used to have that if that light on our home court advantage you know you get the first in the finals here and you know to hold serve bad. And now they thought they what impressed me when interest rates over the Clippers or the Warriors Strobl. But he got there in the unit that curry and the runner up in the ET James Harden. You know he has the chip on racial attitudes. Mike you don't work for a warn you. Okay where they don't worry about it immediately tell them. Our goal is based on cue the Houston. I don't know I don't know you gotta I know you're gonna take like the calm approach and all that all of you this is going to be. You always gave go to as they have to officers in his in his is obviously going to be marinate it I don't know do in my it would it would lead Dwight Howard I mean. Timmy Dwight Howard looked all of us and it even game 620 points 21 rebounds when he had sixteen points when you got I when he got a bad fault thousand dollars to win 1000 dollars then that this has enough I did at odds in Vegas. Well I think the last hour might be the X-Factor you know and Andre. Andrew Bogut. He's not as that Leggett power are pretty much thought that the rebounder or shot clock but the post in which the Chinese which is 10 o'clock that up. Up by vote he can shoot the three to a hardened for this last Brothers said I don't think it. Lot of people think like you got maybe there's a lot Larry Hughes and I'd say that it be march in matchup. That you have heart and courage or point to make somebody else beat you or you know Eagles had Chara shot does he doubts about it and I. I think people are going to be surprised that this series. And Mike you look at also debates play L Barton about a QBs here if you look at the Clippers. My might be the worst team in the wells considering their bench. And what what they've done it. And you got to give coach Kevin McHale lot of credit. Considering. I kind of outcasts and but you might say down try and don't want that had a bit when you look at Josh Smith and our core of rural what he's done to them of the event especially. In a game six comedy teams could say have NDP. Candidate who's amongst the best and uneven play in the fourth quarter and he still went so W does this because I know the lord is just out all of the bench and who wins that battle. Sliding doors bit and it left in the playoffs and the hot spot not telling Corey Brewer like while he's ultimately. You know so he comes he comes update you cheap history it just. You know like you said the cat thought that that get get skill and he can hit the outside jumpers so. I think the order that it the bench. And how much that really matchup he'd put quite Hopson. On James partner now he talked of how much you're Trevor Reese and I got on your. Seth Curry stand in the last regular season game which are Warriors won all or be accused of which throw that out the window now. It's going to be adjusting defensively because I think that wouldn't come out. And my guy explained at that listeners that the fans depth on NBA and and really look at our region because the Saints are truly beyond New Orleans golf Coles gulf south saint. Then when you look at the Golden State Warriors. They're not the Sam's is goal oriented and all the war is that they truly are Bay Area team not remember. Back in the day when they've played the cow palace and now though ORACLE Arena. As San Francisco has that community embrace the war is as much as Oakland. Well it is because you know like if the other has bought the property and I just don't gonna move the team over there to doubt the 78. So I think you Oakland fans know that they ought to. The Raiders. The Al out greater than BA solved that Oakland you're not a professional sports heats up now I think the you know but I'll pop up on an out then and Portland on that bet that your team went at the Santa gets back at it any arena in or land some of the Betts centered solely dedicated. They claim the Warriors at their own here at Oakland. And you know it's that this is definitely on corporate management here. Much human and kgo TV in San Francisco here to help us in a game one of the Western Conference final the top two seed number one Golden State number two Houston game one and I local. In Oakland I might not always said that beating too far ahead of ourselves but a Cleveland and Golden State in Atlanta Golden State what poses though the more difficult matchup for awards. Boy that today and I intend for it to LeBron he's up there are talk about odd darting up courier he did its job. And that Atlanta you know that gave the worst well didn't see it there quick lead like to run just like the Warriors so. Only if you had to look at them matchup you know got ago Ron every time about that yet and Kevin. Larry Irving injured so. It's going to be tough road or Cleveland but it's hard to bet on. Yeah Mike Cuba but there would be an of said because of injuries I think I could see more. If you gonna be objective I think in the nation take this approach more of the Hawks of setting the Cavaliers in the Rockets of setting the war is silly because. The injuries that the cavs and in view. Well I think you're right there Bobby and I think right now because Golden State is America. That look up the elites say that that the Olympic thought that her. The last Brothers that they do respond a lot you know I don't let playground basketball ought to do that stone stuff did that and the plane teacher so. I think the Warriors are quietly become American he. Mike do you think this is where a stiff buried his. Alter ego and as they fall commercial food with seeds of all if they win the files in the eighth on plan to go that the the top dog in the top dog would beast if there's. I think you're there. And I'd bet my demy gate agent battled as some may not I want. 11 it's Jamie differently he's going to be the lead and I cliff yeah. It is gone commercial about that the younger one. It should be a lot of on that it just patient tonight game one that can't be at a frenetic start but he's so him up then what they settled down in the Q what's gonna happen. Now like we always get you do learned of it was a football season high you're atop the things with the 49ers in. Now what what does the fan base. I guess that against next man up but it was OK dad retired yet the 49ers defense paction Willis now Justin Smith. I mean what will what is your take on that on the foreigners scornful. It's going to be at percentage articulate and Jim Harbaugh on three straight in a title game and that. Hired him Tom Sula they get 32 cumulative Burke coached a lecture anybody would call up so. A lot of question mark you know the you know what he's going to be like how to respond to him and they got some young players coming out that is kind of you know they got the talent but. It's going to be this into a lot this. Mike assuming kgo TV and San Fran Mike I can be able Tebow was on social media. Mike human on where. Mike thank you so much time in jaw the Western Conference find. Our body and MI in my guys we'll let you go with him like the rich get rich or what of Florida State what is that like a quarterback magnate school you know what you wouldn't think about that now Michael mean obviously Jumbo official wouldn't be taken on a task if he think he can of the young man. Well that through it and there admirably given it back that game last year he had pretty you know want to play but. Can go on whatever goals than that come down there in general strengths. It get it together so that'll be answers and again that they need somebody. To fill that void does a one year so my department's. Mike human kgo TV in San Francisco might into auto Wesson Kallis out as always thank you so much for the hill. I got there I might all right he is going about it a big you know I appreciate choose I mean he's good team and he he was. Mine like. Fourth receiver with the Oakland Raiders in 1985. And how well he wanted to do was yet no we lost the chance on Friday on Lofton and but now wide receiver coach you know you know who loved long would be in a little love might human Fred boom in the call. Regularly in the call with more wiry that or. And he Mike human in college he's always joke that you when you've later flowers they both will once you go with the Californian Natalie Nike and that's exactly billboard now I was a fraud but all the time Iraq. But hey what about you think about it to it is. Certain things are better. L'Alma hate him you know you can look at dead in in football baseball basketball but. Manuel didn't make the rate of development as I mean how can you imagine now this day in Thailand would be it would direct income and back mean to make it through impact. The popularity. Of the NFL and social media. Mean we haven't seen the Raiders popular in his new agent social media 2002 was a last on the radio into the post season with the Super Bowl. As a favorite and got blown out by Tampa Bay. If they wanted to get better value Taliban bandwagon people jump on could get a clue communicative they have bought local game they were they. It would be apartment with spiraled to give my whole room dog. Can make the red Raiders relevant if he can do any way Jackson at the Saints have an open date who will take a road our game Tiago an hour ago. And I know him as a Gabbert kimono Raiders there just that they. They they they they so sorry like you even look at him as bad boy is normal. While and they want kotsay has made the one continent advantage if they're both. You know late like the the rays go back to LA in them being become. You know you know in the evening about Los Angeles Raiders now trying in my I'll be a perfect song. Miss it big we're gonna talk about Linda gay movies coming out do some of this and that after debris but it talk about there's going to be. The guy and I think by 2016. Is September. There's going to be one of those two things teams the Los and it's I heard. They're co that on a crock what the Rams and the that I heard right there in Inglewood if you fly above the dead area the Hollywood park that is unbelievable progression. That day common. So you have the Rams there not I think they gonna take care to charges San Diego bowl while watch a car is sitting on tape they have two teams are Raiders and in that there. And and I heard did that greatest fans they all protest to Mark Davis would come on in Mark Davis like is that now. You go over Oakland in laws and has backed open now backed a loss and you're going relating go back over in the game but whatever but readying to leave LA this time because it. Market known and I EMC re analysts in a mentally and now down to raise thinking. All right this is more thought on WW. And welcome Magnus what's up is by BA bet I'm Deke Bellavia. 260170. You can text this innate Timmy Timmy tomorrow Saints quarterback Drew Brees Jonas and it's at the clock out. Without Andrew about this all season coming up. And I'll be OTA is that his thoughts on the draft class we have not spoken to drew. We got his take on the saints' new nine faces in the thirteen undrafted free agents plus the New Orleans Saints and making some moves today Bobby as they are cut. Feel Boca cook. Shayne Graham and now they pick up a wide receiver about it. On today as Wales for the black and go making some moves and they pick a platoon hock or. The kicker is the guy they brought him Bobby along with that Dustin. Hopkins will be the two that are competing. On this I guess you'd say camp training camp so rightly those of the gas so the right now assuming an OK game one of those will be the new equipment thing. Yet because you know trying to go young and and get some consistency there. And so. It's going to be wide open then that's on the going to be paying attention to. All the drills. We gonna be charting. Obviously the makes or misses in and is gonna come about though. What they actually do in pre season games. And the competition they gonna have in West Virginia far training camp. And then Alton who coached me contrast. Who was able to make. And it really hit 99%. That fifteen yard line PAT. Right you know and and and not haven't missed now and then and that Rocco was if you look at can't Arkansas tiger offense and on the last few feet and he was drafted is seven the barometer Redskins tonight. So Veba EEE got to be consistent the bottom line. And so that that's one thing the and go to saint avenue could go above and energy 3039 yards last season. The Saints Ravens Seahawks. Colts Broncos with a 100%. So you know missing grand a part of me has been whoever the case and that's what they expect from that are the NFL it was a bad day at some point in that defense can get two points that's next hour and a TWO.