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5-21 12pm Scoot, Jindal, Landrieu, and Letterman

May 21, 2015|

Scoot sits in for Garland and talks to callers about Letterman's farewell to television, Mayor Mitch Landrieu hiding files in a personal email account, and Bobby Jindal signing an executive order to bypass the Louisiana Congress on the Religious Freedom Act.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we've been talking about Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. I think he's hypocrite for signing an executive order for the marriage and conscious tactic but it spirited conversation about this and also I couldn't help but think it during the show. About how important it has been for some people to. To ask politicians to show their religious side. And into show us that they are to their Christians a particular and to make that part of the presidency part of campaigns if we saw this a lot during the 2012 presidential election and let people see that again coming up in and that the election and for next year. And and I I played back part of the speech that John F. Kennedy gave what he was on the campaign trail as a democratic candidate. In 1960 speaking to I believe it was a Baptist group in Houston Texas. Kennedy was a Catholic and he would be the only the only person ever elected to was Catholic and there was a lot of fear that he was going to. The Catholic president. And he said no I'm going to be I'm I'm a Democrat I'm not a Catholic running for president and Democrat running for president. And he he went to great lengths to talk about. How religion should not be part of his campaign. And that we should have separation of church and state and he talked a lot about how this country used to the a lot of people have strayed from the way America used to be ironically. Many in the establishment. Which was a baby boomer generation many of them grew up with. With JFK's it was really interesting to hear that that speech again she could. Could a podcast deceive you can pick it up from the earlier today we did that and I think rate for probably about 11221130. Somewhere in that area. But he says it's a it's a brilliant speech and and I'm sure we're gonna hear two again. We also mentioned about the New York assembly men who are pushing for a band for travel to Louisiana because of this. A religious freedom active we saw with that did to Indiana. We heard about the threats to Arkansas and a lot of people think we should just stand up to the threats and not care and do what we think we should do. But a lot of people view this many Americans in many people here in Louisiana. On view religious freedom axe and it's on. A justification for discrimination. But also I would add this to the conversation this hour did you watch. Let him is fine socialist. That's a pretty general opinion poll I watched it I thought it was great ordinarily I would either be doing a show. And ninety or debit and you are sleeping with gonna gonna get up into a show but I made myself stay up and out and watch it last night I've always been a Letterman thing. I like Letterman over Leno and many of the other host I don't I'd I don't have a chance to watch Jimmy Fallon. And and at the host of draw now they've got some cruelly greats creative thought I was always a fan of Letterman. Because I loved his sarcasm. I loved his reference nature. On why I liked the way he could talk to politicians. And talked to comedians and I guess she would be really hard pressed to find the difference between the two in some ways. But I thought Letterman was which really intelligent one thing that I noticed it is a fine we'll show last night. Letterman went out of his way to say that. I could not have done the show. Over the years. And I can never repay. Those who who who watched and those who helped me put it together he says he says I I'm I'm doing something that. I couldn't have done without all these people around talking about the writers in the producers and here's his staff. And it was almost as if last night Letterman was saying you know I'm not really that good. And it was an interview with I think this Charles Charles Osgood on CBS a Sunday morning with Letterman. And it was almost as if he was suggesting luck you know nobody's really discomfort me for who I really am and I got to get on the business before they do. And he was implying that I'm really not that good it's all the people around. And I think that's a very. Humble way too. To put it but I think that reflects David Letterman is. Each respective intelligence. Off himself and his knowledge of a himself alight I thought the show was was was touching last night that you went on about seventeen minutes longer than it was supposed to. And you know I just liked the way he put himself down like the way that he gave credit to everybody else who also recognized his wife Regina. And his son Harry and I have never seen either one of them. In public anywhere I'd David Letterman is very reclusive outside of being David Letterman on the at the Letterman show. They showed a lot of background. Shots video of what his days like when he shows up at dia. At the CBS. Studio there at the Ed Sullivan Theater. Talked about the Ed Sullivan Theater also had a great story about the Foo Fighters who were on a show last night that was his musical guest. And they played well there was a montage of clips from David polygamous past shows. And he said they want the Foo Fighters on when David Letterman came back after her surgery. And as producers say I don't think looking get a because their own torrent and I think South America. In any event they canceled tour. To be on Letterman. So Letterman one of them on web site and they were on my side did did did a great job of course she didn't receive much of the Foo Fighters you can hear them while dissent montage of past Letterman suffered going at the top ten was an all star top ten here the people who came out. Alec Baldwin Barbara Walters Steve Martin's Jim Carrey Jerry Seinfeld Chris Rock. Louie and I Julia Louis Louis-Dreyfus. Peyton Manning tee to fade and Gilmore I think that's so I think that's all of them. Biden they all had something finally bit the top ten list wise things I've always wanted to say to David Letterman. And it was it was pretty funny so did you watch last night what feelings did you have when you're watching a show last night here's our number 26 cell. 1870 and which David Letterman the best. Or are honestly did you not like. Mean not everybody like David Letterman. And we Jay Leno what a wisely I mean I've respected Jay Leno but I went a little fan at all mean I knew he was funny because it is writers. But I did like David Letterman. I receive medical care it's gonna do a phenomenal job. And I don't know if which Hartford say this or not but David Letterman said he's looking forward to Stephen cope better. Cities are talented and rip his attack or experts said that you know he's gonna do a great job and I I think he will. David Letterman in and people like dead. Are very very. Sensitive people beyond their showbiz aside. And it seemed like he was fairy. Guarded and cautious with what he said and how we set it. Because he he wanted to make sure that he didn't break down. And I didn't expect him to to try and get choked up I mean Johnny Carson got a little bit a little bit choked up when he said good night other the traditional. On the David Letterman did not last night but he was very very guarded with how he how he said things. And I think that that's what he was fighting because she could you could you could see it on his face. And you could feel it he was saying. Could die. And we got a few highlights from news. Final moments on the show last night you'll play that for you but was David Letterman the best did you not liking. What did do you remember most about the Late Show with David Letterman. And are you excited about Stephen Colbert take it over here's our number 260 when he seventy eureka final four to 601 A semi a Texas 87070. Also we are gonna continue our conversation about a governor Jindal. Why is he a hypocrite or easy hero for signing an executive order you know here's a guy. Who has railed against President Obama and I'm not saying this to defend the president saying this to condemn. On hypocrisy. How do you condemn a president for using an executive order. When you turn around and use an executive order when it benefits you. I mean I don't understand how this cannot be just a total exposure and transparency. Of hypocrisy. If you got a comment on numbers 260187. In -- 504260. Points separate text number is. 878 Saturday. I do we have we have this we have discouraging all right AJ Darrell art studio producers got on a segment of this of this is so this is the intro. Into the dip the theater they were going this is David Letterman walking into the theater. Okay this is right David Letterman walking into the as over the last. Police say a couple of things here and then we'll look continue with the activities. The last six weeks. It's been crazy. People have been saying lovely things about us. And it's really been over the top and I can't tell you how flattering embarrassing and gratifying. It has all been I have two things to say about this first of all. We've done over 6000 shows. And I was. Okay. I was here for most of them and I. And I can tell you a pretty high percentage of those shows just absolutely sucks well thought out. And also. In light of all of this praise merited or not do we favor. Save a little from his funeral all right okay. I'd appreciate it. Paula I came here 22 years ago. From NBC and Philip whether they were Howard Stringer was the man who ran CBS in those days. And he you know wanted us to do the show here in this theater and and Paula listen okay we'll we'll take a look at have been frankly it was an adult I mean it was. It was a huge horrible. Adult if you it was not certified for habitation. And and we came in and this is a true story crawling with rats that. Big rats. But there are so many rafters and beams falling down that and this is also through the wraps we're stoop shouldered though that's half. Absolutely I'm sure. I was Letterman last night. You could tell in his voice and you could see it on his face when he was talking that this was a really hard thing for him. Here is attacks and says I'm 37 years old and have never seen a Letterman show not my cup of tea but he must have been in great. You have so many fans. It's a Texas Q would you please plug this saint clears seafood festival this weekend in waive it. You know that is a blast of the year in one year. I'm gonna get my little butt over there sink clear seafood festival should be a great weekend porch this weekend in Cleveland a great part of this this part of the country. I if you rejoice for the comment on numbers 260187. Every coach final four to six no one except they tax is a 7870. Did you watch Letterman farewell show last night that's a pretty general opinion poll. And I scooted for Carlin and we'll be right back with your comments WL. Ed good afternoon I mistook it for Garland seller reminds you that at having to be eligible for LSU and SEC baseball in the SEC tournament. I today the tigers will take on Arkansas after coming from a 50. Deficit and then at one point in the game last night. Ellis she was behind Auburn is he's determined game eight to three they came back in what had incredible ending. After Auburn are obviously had agreed to the first inning when it being five nothing means the end to star spangled banner it was so offered five hellish you know. But it Ellie she plays so markets only open to win 98 how to play Arkansas tonight pre game is at 7:31 pitches at 8 o'clock you'll hear it right here on WB will. Did you watch Letterman spurt farewell show listening. That's a pretty terrible opinion poll 46% say yes 54% say no. You shipping immigrant or website WW over account. I watch it I was very touched by a much of what Letterman said we're gonna play another clip from the final show. A coming up here in just admit I've got a lot of text to get too by the way I read all of your text I respond to some of them I can during a break. But I read all of your tax so. If I don't to respond to you or if I don't get a chance to earlier in the air I've written a from the North Shore Joseph and you're under the W well. Could I do I'm good. You're at Cadillac question back there at bat for the break up our. Letter at this hour. I meant show as I know it that much that without their current weight is. But like they are Letterman well we're always when he can glory gone on. Because that was pretty much the only place ever worn the Arnott EV. Without that we need to be alive somewhere and when court at the way. Dave Letterman would nothing but respectful and played some whole spill out and yet the group leader of the group added. Letterman definite let Letterman definitely had his say his favorites and it warns evo was one of them. Ina and you know he and the thing about the thing about David Letterman favorites was. And that that that they liked that day Letterman more than anything was match he his favorite my. Haven't been everybody's favorite. But he was liable for the most beach girl you know yeah they didn't care everybody out like it or not like there aren't that mosques and I think there's. I think there's something to say for that that kind of attitude is like when somebody is like so behind something that. You know a cycle I don't care if you like I like it you're almost compelled to watch to figure out why they like it. Well in my case went in the cult figure out why it or not more of the Oca which. And yet the one app definitely I tackled by. Here's here's the problem or listening constraint that letter. I. For people who DV yardage he went on seventeen minutes longer than it was supposed to so the ending is gonna be cut off for all those people who set the DVRs. Shaq I have a DVR which you know. Virtually everything they buy it. During ultimately mode now at eight. Really early to really break that I don't really run my life by TV schedule. Not that convenient. But. Mentioned like that little bit and that our that the court are there should. Yeah I think keeping hypocrite yeah I. I think. Get an executive order particularly that when he. It's aren't you. Recount but it's. For him there found online. He does the word higher than it ever happened to Louisiana I am. I'm currently that yeah I was on so instead bought your back I want anybody back but you know I'll you know it. I have acts in and beat mobile me and important that our patch because that's a bright. And intelligent app are happy. He was nearly as conservative and it is now. And eat. It. Ollie in the extreme heat simply mutt so out of every act and eating recount but it. Yeah we come back accidents joy I appreciate the call thanks for listing when we come back after the news or did you plays for you can go if you wanna sign the recall. On to recalled governor Bobby Jindal also Bill Quigley who is the associate Ted director of the center for constitutional rights and law professor at Loyola university. Has written an op Ed piece titled dear god please just say no. To governor Jindal. And this is based on governor Jindal announcing that he's praying over his decision to run for president. And professor Quigley says god please. Tell him not to Ron here's a Texan reads does the executive order really helped Jindal. On the deals about my rights as a business owner. Not to have to serve customers they do not share my moral standards on my gosh I can't wait to respond to that we'll do that. When we come back after that here's a few and join us with your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601 A sanity. I told on no we got to Eric a final four. 2601 A semi at Texas a 77 he our studio for garlic and shall be right back after this W if you will there's a date with Chris them. And. Yeah. And welcome back I'm screwed it for Garland this afternoon I'd done Dubuque will be in a think tank tomorrow and Friday as he is every Friday. On the blog that I wrote for our website having of go to a conference title governor Jindal signs confession of hypocrisy. When he signed the executive order yesterday over the marriage and a conscious act. I think he was sank confession of hypocrisy you can read and share with others it's a DaVita google.com. We also have a conversation they're going on with that on our FaceBook page which used a VW already are so you can join the conversation by checking in with that. I if you want some information on how to recall governor Bobby Jindal you know these things rarely rarely happen but it doesn't mean you can't participate in the process if you're so inspired to. I go to on moveon.org. It's a packed dot positions moveon.org. Slash signed slash recalled banished the governor dash Bobby but you can find it if you go to move on. Hi dot org how we're talking about a governor Jindal a signing an executive order something that he is sent criticized President Obama for doing but yet he did it. It bypasses the legislative branch of government. He's criticized Obama for doing it to Washington to hear he did it in Baton Rouge. And yet when it says comes to something that some people feel so strongly about what it's okay well let me get to this text which is on it it's it's. It's very typical of the way a lot of people. Rationalize this. Does the executive order really helped gentle. The deals about my rights as a business owner not to have to serve customers that do not share my moral standards. Well if this business owner is not a hypocrite. Then he or she. I wonder if they would serve some couples to its having sex out of wedlock. I wonder if they would serve customers. Debts. The pornography on a regular basis. Or is it just about the sins that are here since. You know we tend to be harsher. On decisions that are not our cities and if you think homosexuality is CN. If you are not hypocrite and you would ask every single customer what they're serious. And based on what I know about she manatee. If you didn't search sooners. You'd be out of business. Now for those who argue what I have this right because of my religion and government should not tell me what to do. And businesses in America benefit from the government. If your business catches on fire. Who do you call. You call the government. If you places robbed. Who'd you call. He called the government. The police department to come help you. You benefit from infrastructure. There are rules and regulations doing business in America. And if you don't wanna do business in America then don't do business in America if you got a comment on numbers 26 so when he seventy Erica 05 before. 2601 a separate Texas 87870. From Guerrero Tony Euro and a B of Euro. Thank my culture outlook a cop on a little a lot letter. And she go on. It and art and or. Are you now. Has an. They don't cut it up. Jindal should not. For it. Yet and all. A B and state not a lot of people. He would Bobby Jindal opera. Or. Or. And put out there politicians. Judah got. People forget that people go to polls here for. These people do an election. Okay he would be a collection. Pop the politics all the people that were. There. A politician out there. That Egypt. I. Mobile. Opera. To stay in its. So the people. We get people if they do. A deal. People I mean. Hole. And stay. There. Has. People. Put out a deal in. The gentle. And let. What sort of the only problem with that is is that you and maybe this is a good thing may be would become something that would encourage people to be more active in politics. Only the most active people would would respond to the poll. You know town hall meetings are never ever a gauge of the population in any any voting district because only the most active. And voters in some ways the more extreme up political voters will go to town hall meetings for the most part so it did. The the collective opinion of a town hall meeting or poll like that would be it would be skewed. But you know governor Jindal is doing a lot of politicians too and Eddie is finding that one small minority within the party it will help get them attention. But it's gonna killing in the long run. And yet there are there are there are conservatives who think we know this is what we have to have as an as a president and I just don't see how. A placating to a minority of of hardcore. Christians if that's the right way is what I'm on the Christians are not criticizing christianity but those who want. A politician to be a Christian in the office and use his Christian beliefs. On two to rule. Are people who want that that's a very small minority in America. Or. That the comments there. And don't look at small. Bit but. By our political cronies to. People. Is. The problem. I would want to. I just wonder what he's gonna say in the presidential trail looked but I did the Louisiana I can do the same to America. We're out right rip through Daytona and I. Appreciate the call and on is a Washington riposte Washington Post report out. Saying the governor general right now would be turned away in the first debate on Fox News because he does not meet the criteria of being in the top ten. So he's desperate to get attention but at the expense of what. His own integrity. Like promoting hypocrisy this is what he's willing to stand. For this selfish purpose of becoming president. I just think this is so. Narcissistic. I'm scoot it to Garland and we'll be right back on WWL. XXX instantly said I was watching a Conan O'Brien Conan O'Brien said why are you watching me you should be watching Letterman. And as somebody said attacks that they are seeking. Jimmy Fallon fan but last night watch Letterman. Thought it was great as a moderate I don't agree that liberals or conservatives have political affiliation. First is what they stand for a lot of people think that David Letterman which it was very liberal and and maybe he was in their people who are concerned it's even called bears liberal. Maybe he is but if you if you watch the shows that these people do mean they make fun of Republicans as well I mean make fun of Democrats as well not just Republicans but people don't hear that. And they buy into the hysteria that. They did David Letterman's and deceive and called Ayers and Jon Stewart's of of the world are are somehow controlling. America. An an and they're not. Steve and cold there is not going to change your political views. In fact if he says something that you don't like what he does the show it's only get a reinforce your political police is not gonna suddenly change your mind. A for battery Dave you're under the WL. So I'd be quite. Short sir he certainly. You know every. Opinion of what you want currently wider. They're even explain. Our reason I mean it like and why is you know you act and act and I heard here would have. And say certain somebody you know I don't want it to you when it's up late for instance or nature I don't want certain. I actually right there while I like what you wanna do they expect play or they don't want Mercer. No I put my ticket marketplace were definitely on decided in the long run but you know in the constitution we're supposed to treat each other fairly mean it's pretty well all laid out. No bill of rights is everybody. Personal individual rights. It's accomplished little high relative or friend and you know he did it take. It's pro it's you know what. Eight feet deep court adult courts. I mean it could pull discrimination. By. But you and this machine it's oh well. A picnic which appears. It was bad service that your problem law. In the right thing to build welcoming. What quote you know I wanna order there don't want league web he urged great we're. Rabbit out there somebody here preaching. While I don't I do understand that gave brilliantly we do have a country's it to should not encourage discrimination based on religion. Sexual orientation or skin color or. A you know all a lot of different things to mean could somebody if somebody is it wearing on and it's higher debts and makes them appears if their Muslim. Should you be allowed to not serve then if you're a hardcore. Osh. There should be at the expense. And then there is there's a long. It would people weigh in all but we're up or somebody who shall go. I a which ones that work there might be or Nicole. This burial site in my well it's not as they walk down the street church so vital. Pretty. Looks like who would have been. They are so. I don't two died in so much. You know you are quick this but I don't really nice. I understand neighbor perceiving a threat is all a little bit different whether it's right or wrong perceiving a thread is a little different than deciding to peacefully. Wade as somebody who wants to peacefully do business with your business in the United States of America. In my opinion this right or wrong. Which are restrict your shot the goal and secure this as you know I spoke what you spend. All right so so yeah I I can take that argument to say then if somebody doesn't like blacks they shouldn't be able to serve blacks should have a right not to serve blocks. He how they can't say that about me at their book her blue ball already great saw whatever perhaps sexual preference. But but where you know quietly. Urged people do that that don't make it quick what people do. Oh come out like and it would go out cherry. If people don't like important it's the I don't ought to stretch out and prop. It was I think it can't be it right but like technically it's the opposite result. You have a right to say things and to act certain ways but you're also accountable for what you say it for your actions they've but I've got to move to break I appreciate calling here's attacks in this is just so typical. On and I talked about this before and I'll do it again what about no shoes no shirt no service. There's there's a big difference between. Judging. Somebody based on behavior. Are based on a tire. Or based on on religion. Skin color. Or sexual orientation or or something like that EU consent a certain on the outs. With your business if you wanna do that if you don't want people in there without shirts you you can set that standard but that's different than discriminating against somebody for. A religious reasons and look the discrimination against gays and lesbians is about religion. It's judging somebody based on their religious beliefs because they the argument is what they do is to CN and I shouldn't have to search sinners again. So who are you serve. I'm studio for Garland and we'll be back into behavioral. It's. Me. I. Here's a Texas says comprehend. How could it be a witness for Christ if you're always pushing people away. Christians should act like Christians. And I agree with that I talk about this yesterday when I was talking about bill rightly suggesting that rap music is to blame for decline in christianity. And I think about all the things that some a few Christians have done in the name of christianity. Even in recent times like going judging this towards a lot of people off to two different face and so. In some ways it is those within a religion that have done more to. To cause a decline in an interest in religion. Than anything from the outside. As we as a divided David Letterman last night as we had to show here I just wanna once again a play those those final words that David Letterman said. Just before leaving I can tell that it was hard for him. To say this and he didn't want to break down. But obviously very sensitive guy and he had to just really concentrate on how recent this. That's pretty much all I got the though only thing I have left to do for the last time won a television program. Thank you and get them. And I could tell that he was. Very guarded in what he was saying because he did mortar breakdown if I didn't get to to your calls or your tax and you are sent me an email. My email addresses scoots ax WWL dot com. Here is another Texas says you missed characterizing. The issue it's not about service to an individual was about force participation in an event. It is against my religion. And this must be reference to baking a cake or being on a photographer something. On. I think it America we're supposed to serve everybody and not discriminate. And if you don't wanna be in business in America well that's a choice that it that you could make but there are certain rules to follow when it comes to safety. When it comes to things like discrimination. And you sign on to those rules when you become a business owner in America. One thing Daiei Newman our executive producer Helen Santana our show producer and AJ barrel low. Studio producer excellent for being witness Bob Mitchell for Angela coming up next I've scoots bloody New Orleans.