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May 27, 2015|

What do you think of a girls tackle football league? The first known all-girls tackle football league has been formed in Utah featuring a star player who earned an invitation to the Super Bowl three years ago thanks to a highlight video of her exploits on the field against the boys. It is full-on tackle football, using eight-man football rules. Would you let your daughter play full contact football or should it be for guys only? PLUS: Have we become less tolerant of Christians than any other faith? A United States Marine was convicted at a court-martial for refusing to remove a Bible verse on her computer. Think about it a member of the armed forces criminally prosecuted for displaying a slightly altered passage of scripture from the Old Testament: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” If someone from another faith has posted similar notes do you think they would have faced any consequences at all or do you think this is a matter of separation of church and state? ALSO: Knowing that the IRS computer has been hacked, how safe do you feel about your computer? The IRS, that many people esay is the most powerful group in our government, says thieves used an online service provided by the agency to gain access to information from more than 100,000 taxpayers. Included in the information was tax returns and other tax information on file at the IRS. How safe do you fell about the security of your own computer? Are you concerned that computers will one day bring the world to its knees? THEN: Are there any areas of New Orleans or the surrounding parishes that you would be afraid to stop and gas up the car late at night? The Police Chief of Detroit says he’d avoid getting gas late at night in the city unless he had to, and he urged residents to be careful a the pump.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's bay Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for us to tonight before I will lay out its RW WL talk table forced the ball a wanna remind you if you have been listening. And you know what we're talking about and you wanna jump in on the conversation you can call right now five bowl four to six year old wanted somebody. You can text me at 87870. If you don't know get to a second but. I've got to tell you this is one. This is illustrated stories and think of ever come across. Norman MacArthur. And bill nova. Were married Sunday after spending more than a decade. Are you ready for this. Don't freak out big John are you ready for this after spending a decade. As father and son. Now you'd think. The Bruce Jenner story of Christ. A couple who were legally father and son for the last fifteen years. Had their adoption vacated. And were married this week after. 52 weeks. After 52 years. Norman macarthur's 74. And bill Novak 76 were married in Pennsylvania on Sunday. The couple have been together since their quality is. Registered as domestic partners of New York City but in 2000 they moved to Pennsylvania where domestic partnerships are not legally recognize. So we moved to Pennsylvania. We had both retired. And we were at the age where one begins to do real estate planning. So benefited they went to a lawyer. Had the adoption. Annulled. So they can get married. Alright here's what we are talking about tonight. A United States marine was convicted at a court martialed for refusing to remove a Bible borrowers on her computer. But for subscription of the military determined could easily be seen as contrary to good order and discipline. I cannot understand this at all when you hear what she wrote on the scripture but from the old testament. No weapon formed against me show prosper. And trying to understand is. And in reading many of the text messages that I have pro military people. They say it boils down to this. You're CO can tell you to do anything. And that's not against the law. You have to do it. And some seals little look to slide some CEOs it would have been OK with but this CEO. Had the I guess I characters you know what and decide and I don't want that I don't want that in front committee so the Bible where he got ago. She was found guilty of failing to go to were appointed place of duty. Disrespect. Toward a superior commissioned officer. And board specifications. Of the subway and it lawful order. All of a non commissioned officer. Where she made her mistake. Is that when she went to trial she represented herself. And now I think she is hired another attorney to try to unscramble all this mess let's go to a bobbled the cultural how are you Bob. Well I'm doing fine. Bob did they give me first of all your thoughts on what capital of the marine. Well. I'm a retired military option Roman army all okay. I'm the ball on court martial is both say trial. Independent counsel back in the days. When I didn't have to be. Warriors. And I am familiar with the uniform code of military justice Antonin manual for courts martial you. Can you were in violation. A number of things. Basis for towards the lawful. Violation of the law and order. Based appeared noncommissioned. Officer that article by any one of the UC and he. Not article ninety's which is superior commissioned officer. Article 92 violation of other lawful orders and regulations. And their keyword here is why apple now we jump to the conclusion because we're here. The information is coming from our historical line in and read it from fox noise. If we jump to conclusions say it's because it was a Christian worse. There is something else in there and back into you from personal experience. Young man is commanding officers you'd be committed to get information. And he said a month ago. And the our commanding officer personal friend of mine George it would violation of article binding yeah desert. Sitting on the court martial we threw it out. I dictate where young man. Trying me. Three noncommissioned officers used the N word on him and he cleaned house with a pool cue. And he was found not guilty. D.s. Officers sitting on court martial. Our. Very very. Cognizant of their duties and they're cognizant. Lights. The accused. And the necessity for good order discipline. And I think when all of this comes out in the walk bonds there's a great deal more to it than simply over all my computer. Let's say. I personally had of bibles and older and would they have a right to have that. Oh certainly I had a Bible my ideas all the time. Well we what do you think the objection was. Of having this Bible portion sitting on her desk or on Mosul placed these all on their computer. I don't know would. And that's what makes me think that there's a great deal more to do we have chaplin's. In the military you we have chaplains and sit down and build from the Eric's. Every night we have we have troops. There is nothing in the military base is anti Christian Coptic. As Christian. You're shooting yourself in the foot by trying to make yourself a victim of something that is just patently. On and and obviously. Very very (%expletive) oh representational. What happened. So let me ask you this question let's say a soldier and I'm I'm asking because I'm trying to learn. A soldier has of scripture. Sitting on his or death and the CEO says. I don't like that and I want that removed according to military and law he has the right to do he or she has the right to do that correct. He has the right to do he or she has the right to do it. But it does not constitute. What you guys do. Not constitute. A lawful order. Because there's no basis for a day. I mean you know when somebody's got. Playboy it out and. Walls but a cook at the. Handing off or comes down and and I hit this is true story commanding officer came down in. I don't care if you have that on your world. Reported in a four game and make it percent of. A. They I mean you brain should optimism over in Germany that brings up almost one out of business because it couldn't keep up with. So in in essence. It doesn't matter. Whether it's slow and let's say right or wrong it doesn't matter whether it's a minor or major infraction the commanding officer could tell you. I don't like that ten that is lion on your desk a watcher of all the should put it in the drawer. And that would be that would be it lawful or did she make a mistake by. Going to the court martial and defending herself when not using an attorney. Well certainly now. Defense attorney and he's oh here. Is appointed by the convening authority. And there is no reason to go away and they you know the old saying about. Oh who depending and so whatever that's. He knew he who defends themselves as a full for an attorney. Part of Brookline. There ego. But there's just more work to it is Dan Fox News is making out. All right Bob and his they notional led to the show. This then then the basis. The military somehow being anti Christian that is totally poll that's totally not true. All right Bob I appreciate you Tony again. Thank you so much art now before we go to the next break I don't know you but I love leftovers. In a conference of my wife. Maine read dean's latest day before yesterday and always placed better the next day to let a law. Bred big shift. I forgot to bring your red beans Java no less that I was but. A rushed out the house and thought of go home you when you've finished the show I'll go home and at the red days you know workers to more and Tyco while than. Maybe I'll bring the red beans tomorrow and put an output and in the refrigerator for that right. Okay affliction name on but if I I had this last night we talked about this a little bit later wrote that I it's so. I want to bring this into the show as a leftover if you or a bush. And you were a boy scout this has got to drive you simply simply up the wall. Our Boy Scouts the scouts that you and I were part. And the the Boy Scouts I think helped mold my life help help mold my career taught me. A lot of good things taught me discipline to laid on my mother and father taught me to work hard. Partly a whole bunch of skills those same Boy Scouts are now saying. It is a against adult law. Damn water gunfights. Remember when we would go to camp. And would bring our water guns and have great water gunfights and throw water balloons will now. You can have watered on flights. He can am rubber band slides. And this is the most ridiculous thing I've heard no more water balloon flights unless of course. You make the water balloon. The sides of a ping pong ball. I'm gonna forget about this last night. If I hit you with a big water balloon. You're gonna get what. If I have a whole bunch of ping pong ball sized water balloons and throw them you are going to stand. They're going to hurt but what do you think is going on if yours out. Here's your chance to opponent what do you think is going on what the boys out would they ban water gunfights. Bible for 2601870. And what do you think about girls. I mean girls playing tackle football they're forming the an all girl tackle football league young girls. Give me your thoughts at that 504260170. Bob Mitchell in pursuit of a bunch Alonso colonial premier on WW well. And I'm Bob Mitchell on tonight for screwed our phone number if you want opponent and tonight the calls or Connell life. So you'll have to wait that long I don't know a million that you call and in store waiting 1520 minutes tonight and it won't be that calls very very lightly should be able to righted. We're talking about a couple things what do you think about girls tackle football league. The first known all the girls tackle football league has been formed in Utah law. It's full on tackle football using eight men footballers would you let your daughter play on contact football. I would greatly. If my kids were still in high school I would greatly greatly great. Lee discourage them. I don't know flavor unsigned via permission slip because of the physical side of sport. Should it be just for guys that I have a text message that I want to read with that. Would do. Not let your daughter go to school to become a doctor. A lawyer and dentist you can't. Let you can't call woman equal and not let them do things that men do. If if they're qualified. We're also talking about what happened what the appeal on a rusher about this someone hacked. The are arrest computer. Have you ever had your computer hack does this worry you. How safe do you feel about the security of your own computer. And I don't know me you know maybe maybe I've seen too many science fiction movies but. Are you concerned that computers will one day bring the world to his knees I haven't touched literature but patients and I'm I'm a little confused here because. Your money is insured by the FDIC. For such events as fraud hacking or anything dealing with the theft of your money. That's true. But if they wind up wiping. The entire computer out and they can get in the family's bank or some of these. Other financial. Computers and just wipe it all out. And then you can't prove that you may or anything I'm. I'm on I think I'm gonna go back to keep in keeping you know paper records. 504260187. And are dated somebody party drive more opinion poll question. Are there any areas of the New Orleans metro but you or afraid. To gas up late at night and I'd do won't panic and and bring back the leftover. From last night. As far as you guys who grew up in the than the Boy Scouts. What do you think of the Boy Scouts now. Now. You can have water balloon fights you can have water gunfights on main goal what are we gonna do scouts go to. Maybe sit net tents and net. Or pain or something like that let's go to. Let's go to blaze. Blazed thank you for calling WWL. You're welcome. Praise Bob he. I would like to say that I see women's football as. Exploitation. These women if there aren't cool out and do this they should be making banks let's defying pay. How much would you put your life on the line your cognitive abilities. You know what we've been seeing your NFL with the American cops. Then things. No. I would say. I I would not go and seal that Melissa Reid knock me down from much and somewhere between 500002. Million what do you think. I think that tried but as far as I understand about the difference between the nail on the female anatomy. Is men are stronger. Men's bodies are tougher as far as I know but to put young ladies put fifth graders and sixth graders on the field. Playing tackle football. I know on my kids going to school there's no wail what do permitted no. I totally agree I have a daughter and you know I would not do. One Turkey do that either. I mean what do you think this little bald. Exportation. Somebody on the make it and now we're talking about the lingerie league and it's a different path that was something totally. It's a little bit. It actually what quandary. Archie well what it was that data are flag run all white. They didn't play very wrong but this is right this is supposed to be just like boys' football in action actually when it gets down to. There. I remember seeing in Samoan. Some videotape on par. And it's all started. As a player on the team that actually got an invitation to the Super Bowl three years ago. Because they showed some highlights of par running against the boys and her dead. Her data started this that sounds like your dad is trying to vote live football through his daughter. Yeah. Blaze what do you think about the IRS the impact. Or that was very complex because it seemed like they reached out into social network to get a lot of the team that they'd need to. You know. They're going to. Asked question at this date of birth Social Security they like you know. And you know. She's Bob you know I've been thinking I need to have so. Insurance. More or something like that you know. That relieved Pete and feared being. Act might well you know. And you know the popular wars is white lie or white or light sub you know. I don't get one ago. Well no I hate to be you know who know pocket anybody's advertisements. Down. But. I think we need some insurance. The insurance. Bob has been beer very good to meet. With a tree. And duties. What was should be out. She's I'm sore arm having a little due to breach here. Your next spot ago. Well what what I was thank you know of is what's going to stop that. You keep hearing about all these computers via enacted a fact you use in the government computers that what happens when they get so good. At this hacking. But they'd just go in and wipe things out now recently. I had my computer hijacked. And I mean it appeared on the screen I mentioned this a couple of times that it appeared on the screen that you have been to an illegal sites. And we showed our computer down and you've got to send this 500 dollars to release her computer the of the little and it's set it was from the government. But then it was a little note that. But you can pay through PayPal I said no that's it right there well I'm very very fortunate I have a cousin of my family who is just qualities. He'd lives inside the computer today you can put wires in his brain and the keyboard he would be a computer. And he told me he said look don't panic it's one of two things they either have your browser. Frozen or it could be that got into your hard drive either way I can get this done for you and always says start and restart your computer. And at one away but. I have seen on TV I've heard stories where people in the same position panic and go nuts and pay the 500 dollars. In that pierce omni. Names for that you don't need important. Think it's called hijacking on though yeah that's right. So. How about our brigades seventy pretty jaguar opinion pulled caution. And the areas and New Orleans metro area that you were afraid to gas up late at night. I would deal. Apprehensive about eastern new war yes a lot of pack 2 out in the eastern new Portland's. You know. Ian in in my neighborhood you know. I'd go out Bob did I've been brought. Yeah game and you know I go I take out like garbage. I go out I'm out I am a speed news. They have to. I don't know being cited in the year you know but. He answered your question would be eastern nor did you know I would not get supplanted say it registered to. Well I don't mind I don't fund all eastern new world is bad now. Now I agree I'm. Certain you know I've looked a lot but yeah right. One it was. Blaze. We go over in the Boy Scouts. Mean what do you think of Billy Boy Scouts you'd go to camp and you can't have ward on points. I I heard that this morning and I thought. But let's see well well indeed be out water balloons could not exceed the size of water. The water and here's what here's what that obviously someone is not thought this out. Terrible bailed water balloons to not be any larger than a ping pong ball down and it. On all things golf ball like you would be wrong it's right said that. Now I'm gonna ask you what would hurt more I took a regular sized water below. Road matches it should and it splashes war. If I took a half a dozen of these. Little small ping pong ball water balls and start throwing a much about it this thing so whoever whoever came up as I did just didn't think it out. I totally agree you know. Where are we Bob you don't want you know. I'd eat. And it goes something off topics or China but I think that. Where our country went wrong was 1913. With Woodrow Wilson in the freaky and Federal Reserve. That that money in our country has been. Concentrated. Into a theory the theory small number of Ian yeah 'cause of the the answer wouldn't think about that. I think you're right and I've I think giving away from the gold standard I think getting away from okay. This money means. This decency. We reward we lost. 1960 victory in 1971. Or two very basic. Things that where our country want war wrong. You know 6364. We we lost he's still over one we'd lost the monetary. We we lost the basis of our country you know where things were worse thinks. In 1971. Nixon closed the old window. Well you know one of the things that I've thought about and I'm waiting for an economist at called me and tell me why this wouldn't work OK we owe some of these countries want a gazillion dollars. Yeah it's well dagger and a that. Want to know that role stay. But it is staggering ride it looked game here well to a currency collapse. Okay since we have no gold backing the money why not 100. When the doors are closed just cranked up all you want and send it to these countries they were gonna pay cash. And just send them a couple trillion dollars. I don't know. How it might hurt a is that warned that if they now. Will blaze I've I appreciate you voting and it. And I love Cuba and is usually ends of the show. Pretty spot on the they accused of the body EUR. Or. You know you welcome back. Why appreciate all the compliments okay are right when we come back we have Jolie promote character on Joey hand what they would also have Richard. And we have calls from you 0504260170. You can text the at 87870. We're taking comments on all the boys does become Ian Williams should they start wearing. Pick nectar ships I don't know if can have water gun flights anymore. And what do you think about the I arrests being hacked. And what is your opinion of girls tackle football is this going too far. 5042601878. Text me at age 7870. I'm Bob excellent post due on WW well. And I'm Bob Mitchell. And pushed through tonight a big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question are there any areas of New Orleans metro that you are afraid to gas up late at night. This is just amazing how does that leave on a gas is up at night. 89%. Say yes 11%. Say. No ball. I did have a a text message that oh we were ago. Do not stop for gas at Claiborne and Martin Luther King even in the daytime now what brought the story on. Was I mean how bad. How bad mushers Citi B. When the polish chief of Detroit says he would avoid getting ghastly that night in the city unless she had to. He urged residents to be careful that the pump the mayors say and the mayor of Detroit I wouldn't. But a plan that's who I would be very very careful in how would be very aware. In my surroundings and that's that's what you'd call a tough city of go to joy and character. Can you imagine the mayor the mayor here says today if you're out at night don't get gas from the city keep going. Yeah our all of those Corey is oh. By the way arguably get him on the human ago. Who was. Your experience. It was great commitment Wrigley Field. I mean that it's it's better than some of the text massages. Well. I can imagine on. Well there are some areas into more on the you know. Remotely. You know the one of these years. Under way. Look out. Absolutely yeah. Certain areas. The war and wars in India because. There's no way to know where whether you should be a place street you go up a local over those of the and errant. You know it and articulate a child that you drive through on all the Clint Barmes Noah Robinson. Court or every night when Al I used to work in matter of potential that he's got to their everyday. And every evening and it didn't bother me but now I would really. Be concerned just because it's so it's a couple as sinister as you know there have been so apple you know they're. Certain to completely wiped out so much in there. And if you do stop I don't know you but I just like my card put about five or six bucks again it shouldn't take an offer put. To retrieve it. You know I mean it is just that it is such as. You know those areas haven't gotten back could be you know what they used to be. Do you want peace agreement used as an audit of you're never worried about it a lot on the ball out there. Certainly poll. Yeah and my daughter was born hospital there and you you know also mean that that release you know I like that are now now I'd be adequately it. Well I mentioned earlier I stopped one Tom I always get gas before I leave my wife was always tell me an extra real America. I'm coming home in light of all my goodness I forgot that it gas and the little light is on so I know I can't possibly make it over the twins man. So I stopped and and in the early part of New Orleans is not not not around bull though to remember where was. And I'm getting gas and I mean my hands on this level today. And this one guy comes opinion on when you run your card they wanna know your zip code because they wanted to know whether that's your card. And the guy came up to the basis. Hey man so yes services. What's the zip code here. Yeah at what. What's the zip code one and oh zip code here. And said. No they want to build zip code word you. Now I don't know that. Here. What's yours vote. 70003. I didn't mail and his mates opened up announced that senator I'm gonna give out you get to get out here's the resultant and you know it. It's terrible the to have those top players but it is it's real money. That that I'd I'd just freaked out when the mayor of Detroit says don't stop in this city for us and let. Think temporarily changed. You know. The are talking earlier. Everybody in here now the clintons becoming bigger. Operations bigger companies. There are getting news on the Packers and you know you can now. We have about security on your on your. Because computer but if you go to law web site just over yet you certainly get from the attempting Clinton machine about. And our did you see a few weeks back were they hacked in machines and people and all of those were actually spending the 500 dolls the conflict could not. They could not go with I'll use in their computers from the day. Now the other company they'll do it and and brilliant. Well I heard you talk about the browser one I actually work with companies that are they actually got into the seat you know computer car. We actually got into his computer and it was his files will be. To a computer and essentially you know we're all of these you know and Iowa in ninety. Oh administrator. In you know like it'll take it probably you know there are part of that you can get it right in there. You know Joey I know I'm from past conversations and know you have a couple of dollars would you let your daughters played. Tackle football full all the tackle football. I'll put it this way none of them are sparked the interest in the agreement yeah. But he did I would allow them to build to a practice. And they did what. All of our I don't think I would tell them that they want more Antarctica. Don't initial partners or to actually. Start hitting. They would find out how much work the ball preparing to be on a football team and I think that would discourage them. Our I would never want to column though it it would be like that ball out with a teenager. Our team to go out well. I would rather ago. You really like why you're more than welcome while Tron. I'm not stop you from there you tried out if you still wanna do it won't call. And just because I'd like football but you know what we were equally so we'll all. Conditioning and everything and what he calls them everything else in the court. Gotcha I have a break coming up joys always that the pleasure talking to you thank you so much for phoning in. All right Richard and Susan I'll get back to you our phone number is 504260170. Text they. And it's 787. While welcome back. Let me get to a couple of love text messages before I. Yet through via telephones. When you joined the armed forces you give many of the rights. Like when you become a cop or a firefighter. Interesting story here but there is much more of the story about the marine and what is being reported. She did not to court martialed because of having scriptures auto works buddies that are of the long history of disrespecting torture areas. And it's it's a brutal in a while. I did not know any of that I did not read any of that in in the article. Will accept what you or say and that's the truth because I'd a I'd just built up a mention earlier that when I was home than it. I was gonna eat red vis my wife makes great read the subject does not item for a couple days in fact. I'm mentioned something to. Big John the other night and he just gave me this face. He's a big guy when he makes a face. Units come back awful but it. Yeah I mean you have your big guy I didn't mean fat and into the big strong. Okay I would want to get a fight with you'd to squash but anyway. What I do for beans. My dad used to do this and he's gonna make a placement on say this and I hope you make of place. But if you wanna try something different with the red beans. Cook a little injury hit Angel repulsed. Voted in the bowl and resolute. Nicely. With some olive oil and then put your red beans and news in all the meet the from the red beans on top of that. And put little parmesan cheese. I Karen T. I guarantee you you're going to like so try it that's flat that's what I will be doing tonight. One what I can boat yup they units that it's good that the U you'll that you ought to try it. All right I'm gonna ask Richard and Cassandra. And Susan got two ladies boy pulled the you'll stay on hold for me it. I'll love OK so hang on. And we will get to more than news right after the top of the hour on the big gates seventy WWL AM at an aunt dot com.