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May 28, 2015|

What do you think of a girls tackle football league? The first known all-girls tackle football league has been formed in Utah featuring a star player who earned an invitation to the Super Bowl three years ago thanks to a highlight video of her exploits on the field against the boys. It is full-on tackle football, using eight-man football rules. Would you let your daughter play full contact football or should it be for guys only? PLUS: Have we become less tolerant of Christians than any other faith? A United States Marine was convicted at a court-martial for refusing to remove a Bible verse on her computer. Think about it a member of the armed forces criminally prosecuted for displaying a slightly altered passage of scripture from the Old Testament: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” If someone from another faith has posted similar notes do you think they would have faced any consequences at all or do you think this is a matter of separation of church and state? ALSO: Knowing that the IRS computer has been hacked, how safe do you feel about your computer? The IRS, that many people esay is the most powerful group in our government, says thieves used an online service provided by the agency to gain access to information from more than 100,000 taxpayers. Included in the information was tax returns and other tax information on file at the IRS. How safe do you fell about the security of your own computer? Are you concerned that computers will one day bring the world to its knees? THEN: Are there any areas of New Orleans or the surrounding parishes that you would be afraid to stop and gas up the car late at night? The Police Chief of Detroit says he’d avoid getting gas late at night in the city unless he had to, and he urged residents to be careful a the pump.

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Well it is me Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling and pushed through. I've been here for so long filling in for Stuart. I think he works Friday night so then he will be filling in for me filling in for him. I welcome the show and before Leo what's on our WW route to a naval. Did you do this with three meal. This would drive via the wall I would probably. I would probably drive off the road. Did you read the story about the guy that was just drive it along. Minding his own business. When suddenly a snake. And I hate snakes today. I am fearful of snakes when suddenly a snake started to crawl on to his windshield. Obviously this but it was somewhere under the hood. May be by the window washer and started to crawl up his win issue. Will cars that it doesn't notes to our applaud and cautioned anxious trying to live. One such an organized cool spot. Next the windshield wipers. Now you're in the middle both worldwide and you trying to cling on to blast. With no arms but I would've just gone up shall lead nuts on something like that. Alright here's what we are talking about tonight what do you think. Of girls tackle football on the first. Know all the girls dropping football league has been formed in you'd tell. It's full on tackle football using eight man football rules. Would you let your daughter played full contact football man or women physically equipped. To play football. Of course I've seen some of these girls who plays softball and they look like they can play now I'm not that against ladies opal I love ladies softball. I'm so glad that the but the Lady Tigers in the world servers but. I enjoy watching my daughter played high school's softball fell out I enjoyed but on some of these teams they do have some. Rather physical women could probably. Play football. But in general because of the physical side of the sport shouldn't just be for god you can call me at final four to six year old 170. And knowing that the on arrest computer. Has been packed house if you feel that your own computer have you ever been hacked. The virus so that many people say it's the most powerful branch of the government. Of all branches of the government that's the one that doctors and be the most Leslie thieves use and on line service. Provided by the agency they used their own computer program against them to access. More than a 100000. Taxpayers and follow the information includes income tax returns and tax and relational while the us. To a slave to you feel about the security of your own computer have you ever been. Cap. Hacked or as the likely hijacked. Are you concerned that computers will one day bring the world to its knees I don't worry about I don't spend a spokesman writes about it. But just think of it but again you know someone on text meanwhile the banks in oh at all insured body of the state. One up for the good of why the computer draw. And there's no information. Then what's gonna happen I'm starting to think maybe option keeps them on paper files and we have orbited company Prodi drug war opinion poll question. Are there any areas of the metro New Orleans and and surrounded terrorism you're afraid. The death open that I did get. One. Text message. That comic called me a little bit and if I didn't do this then. Oh the person an apology Bob the last polished I love you and you didn't respond. What but age. Well if I didn't respond I should respond and about didn't respond. I love you too man let's go to Richard in the role of Richard thank you darling WW well. Around there Bob. Ludlum I didn't see that load. Pretty. You know even inspired. That really being discussed it and I might three Brothers. And I are here. We are and our grandchildren and they came. Here the war on. First Memorial Day weekend and Matt. And I direct hit you know this this is important is it the radio just check it out. And my older brother Tony says you know. It got he reminds me. How I feel. What do what is being pulled out at comic turn around. You do get in right all of you like you region keep. So we went down lists are. Well you've added this and they are. I. But yet we don't like I mean. It. It can't happen to me I would I tell you exactly what I would do. I'm all of these people where I'm not just scared of snakes OK I am petrified don't even try to fool a row of me by throwing. Off a rubber snake okay if that happened in the I would literally pull my car off. The side of the road and sit there at a distance and wait until the snake got off the color that. Only did he you know that on the road and on my actually my. Knee was. Oh yeah she it all. Our irrational fears are very real for the pertinent. Now. Yeah so anemic growth on the football. My my brother and I are men. Who. Orders. Well I'm Larry Atlanta on law glad to hear that you and your brother met that that that reflect on club. Thank you for clearing that up what. Well we've been a critic it and won't be killed when we're human Margaret. You know the order. She get warmed up and forms when he walked into the new world order and are. You know. It's gotten little girl. And beat the whole thing about them and football now. Is that one of the things mark and I learned that we just. Telling a woman or young what they can and can't do these horrible us at all and so. One of your earlier caller says something about them being exploited so I would like to know in this story who started the idea what is correction and. No it was a young ladies who actually played some football with the the guys in fact she wound up getting an. An invitation. I believe. She earned an invitation to the Super Bowl three years ago. The highlight video. Well par running against the boys and so. What's happening here is her dead. Is starting this league that are actually the put the bed is starting the league for the baldor that's that's kind of work are okay. I get it you know there is so much. In my opinion. It thought it would it would take. I think it might change the game but it pretty. Just like the apple if you want to tennis match. Between demand. There at that point Robert that. If you want to kind of in between he went in the point is wrong now amuck or is it the game community. And you know about but the date will buy their own I think on their own level like quarter. You know. Of course I tell you one thing I think Serena. Could be a lot of the elite male tennis players. Yeah he's. In the commonality order and her. Older anyways. Yes but I'm I'm surprised that Serena hasn't crushed them as well. I mean that as a compliment today. Yeah yeah outlook they're great and you know days. They obviously they conduct themselves. In the best possible way to justly and bait on this story. We never learn it you never hear any negative things about. Now. Okay. Gary GAAP. That might have been actually work. On getting gassed. Act. Nor quick loan and I wouldn't. I dated quite and I won't grow back right there. Just a lower group of people in and around there who will break out in terrible leave Jews and frightening in running around the chase he chose me. You know I know from people homeless in their you know may be. Wrong on. I can only be followed and he wanted Enron. I know exactly where you're talking about it in one night I was running low on gas and I had to stop there. And I'd jumped out. And I'm. What my credit card and got five dollars in gas and left a since I'm an assumed it doesn't get me to the next points. Oh yeah act it. OK all along with higher. Deal on different what are all about. Like our parent for sixty. I mean what pulled out you not understand the world yeah. And known what do is typical. And we agree. Paper. What we look back. Or killed but not on. You know external hard drive yeah well you know latched. Whatever we need to. I think we just need to. Have a back and the whole thing it. One is the amount. Or are there. So that you like. The on. I've often thought about that late it's on paper money with that in bad unit so one which it is 221 of these countries. That we billion dollars to well know. Go on the pretty room. But trillion dollars but at the box and would and you can catch Jack. It. Electorate. Well you know that's why. I wish they would shoot it can be good bogey. And that was one of them. Then narrowly that can you believe Boy Scouts did have water gunfights. Right now I head to read beautiful Brothers and all boy yeah. And we were on tennis might we see. Nobody. Ever want to hurt anybody. It will all get on tennis these it was competitiveness. You learn where around. My brother street exit you know ending with. You know they are all militant. Love it too hard. On. Albeit pain thanks so. Yeah. And thank deeper. Picture him. Really being good communication. Example. It. And tell all your brother's love them too late. Here is what mr. where we get a love each other all night and the rest of the thank you Richard. Gere now on line. We probably right that. 504260170. Bob Mitchell and now for due to feel loved the Bruce days WW ovals it's a new to the New Orleans international beer festival Saturday June the sixth the champions where. Vieira gas and enjoy music games and beer with over a 150 craft Beers to choose from. You're sure to find a new favorite. You have two ways to win a pack of four tickets tomorrow. Was an atomic talk between six and ten million more subtle to the big talk of club at WWL dot com into your going to be 21 to enter. Good luck from all of us at WW well all right we're gonna get back to the polls were gonna go to Susan in Metairie who wants to talk about the on our ass getting hacked. Woody didn't. Well and an important in this in the morning Rihanna battered from the different Landers around the country. And I don't know what internment early on their it. Not even realize rate hike in the pirate attack you Hak moo Warren. I and that particular site is the site where people go to gate train wreck other income tax return yeah and that's like inspecting the ring did it because when you're doing honor and crack while in oracle today. Because they act and that particular like they did not act the main Ira site where everybody act. They tried to do that in black alien. On the and our transcript. But that aren't going to be there and the game between February and. But doesn't Tana scare you when you hear about all these computers. Getting hacked the dollar in from and you know. Can attain something everything that I do legally appropriate. Everything they can't I don't post computer than our. Why. We are getting that one a you know my wife is. There's very old school she's not really super up when it comes to computers and stuff like that. But where where she has may be a 101 as common sense she's a lot you know. And she has been tail on me now. For about a year she said we need to do we need to keep paper copies of everything and trees that we ought to give a slate. And she said every page which is just throw a couple of dollars in the slave Houston because what happens if one of these computers. The wipes out the financial institution. That's exactly what settlement on the Pentagon. Because now would it all the sudden everything you know you can bank it need not. Well I I have a text messages that says are you worried because the money. Is insured by the FDIC was close they wipe everything out and nowhere to go to our. That site at lie and everybody is not secretly built not me out on paper. Yeah. Because you're. Back in and we're a lot of her. Group's. And I don't know maybe an appointment or work extra and a and in the cell and the and I explode on the. All that. I'm worried about that I'd I'd I think that these computers. Are getting so Smart plus we rely upon computers on March. Park Maryland at the great people apply on where they're like oh sure absolutely. What are electric bigger. Rock. The batteries Lee listless certainly monitor and I'm sure there's earning her now again I worry about a little bit. Well you know I think about the fact that okay if the banks all one day off or not there but. If someone was able to destroy our financial computers. All right fine if you all if you have a mortgage and house today you don't know that anymore but. But yeah what about the money you have in the bank the money you have the little. I wonder. If there you know year end. All of the Arctic in its early on that Ira. You know there are. That transcript by now. Treatment at the top here in action. And it. Art. View of their own their own media and look up oh vote there. And you know credit card there in human. I know one thing after Katrina cash was kidding. If you had cash. And when we were getting ready to leave. Of course I'm absolutely knew I mean. I absolutely knew that we're going to be back. The next site the next day where I NN I I even told my wife said you'd definitely need. You want me walk away from my job I played much you tell me you walk the walk away from a job this is what do we we live oak harbor. And I was supposed to be girl I was supposed to be with. The go home would leave you can't leave fellow I'm gonna states that where we're lead the World Cup opener on the World Cup T shirts were walking one says. Do you have any cash Stan cardinals. Now men never want to admit that. We never have cash little right but. I had about a thousand dollars stashed away in month wild and looked at that not I don't ebony money and that person. Wait a minute I'm might have a couple of books thing. One in there and I was kidding for a while. Susan should die young ladies play tackle football. It. No it is. Two I mean girl if there are now I mean there are back in court but what are Tripoli caught in the. And fifth laid belief now and that it all might not look at Creighton Kirk Kirk that's lightning. But I mean what are you know mark from credit at all sports and that I wouldn't do you know there's amateur sport and why didn't go well then one might mean that. They wanna play full tackle against all the girls. We're gonna hurt you know their anger. Of those shows and I appreciate you voting anything usual before it was a good night. Area I think that the U but the fact is ridiculous. Isn't that plays Arnault and really deck me you know as you know it is agreeing that match celebration of them un envoy in the country. I just I mean there are bullet went right equipment that is in that he'd. Wouldn't doubt why humbling thing you might easily dictionary and our ports and the gun and everybody in our. Well I was in the voice coach and I am proud to say that I went all the way up to Eagles built. And it taught very very and it taught me it it was a tough thing to do you know at. Arm it taught me a lot in the taught me a month campaign and how to survive in the wounds are. You know the growth pattern that would ultimately did all that up. And it's saying you can't have. Lessened now holidays. I can understand if there was say it looked. You can't bring your guns to camp and you can't shoot about what bull blood in there that I can understand exactly what exactly does say you can't shoot water guns that's just ridiculous. There and it totally ridiculous. That would have gone. Was Susan I've enjoyed the conversation thank you so much for Nina are. Let's go to Cassandra haven't talked to Cassandra and long long. Yeah yeah. You are private and bobbing in the analogue line at me. Has been what do you think about ladies play in football. I flew about me. To get. The run. Them. At and let me. All and 00. In. Any war. Football. That line. They. Wouldn't be caught the ball. In the ball. So the guys didn't give you a break. Did and crap and I did not complain what apple. On one of the greens. He. Went one on. BC. I played against him on that means that high. Pollen in the they are happy that. You let it instantly. You're talking about full equipment shoulder pads helmets and everything goes are. Meet me wall. You know what. You know part right but. It. I'm. You're out right. He came up he'd. Seen the UK. And away. I didn't think they ever allowed men and women a boys and girls to play on the same team. The Jew disguise yourself. No you little mustache on or something like that the make him think you were gone. Mean. And quiet means more. Involved in. Me. Scenes. And I mean. It'll. Pretty. Thought. It. It. Well. We peek. At some news on more. Hey let me. Let me ask you this is delicately as I possibly can I mean were you. Ball up aware you just this little skinny test that. Well. I want but. I don't. Eat. I did. Me a while rolling. The ball. Well. Hi. That you know how. Many more when it. No. Public each other but he would tune in week. And you know. I. And it. Well good for you Cassandra anything else you wanna add before a go to my break. And Katie dean you know. I know on the computer and amend. A the enemy the enemy. Under then AD and and mold and it. Let him in May know that people under a minute see me and you know how. The week saying it out I want all. You. You. Would they need role in. Why exactly all moment. So Cassandra you still tough today. At at at so you probably would shop but any gas station at night you wouldn't worry about a thing now. One of the Ali I'm at each. He come. And but I'm not. And I'm not. Right. The complaint. Me. I'm. Right in there. I only now when. You go. I'll write to send a thank you so much for filling in tonight. I eat dog and it happened. You are right and if I see you walking down the straight. I think a little walk on the other side and it might just take me out. And you and Bobby upon being that we that the enemy. All right there. Thank. You. And you do all right we have Joseph and Steve broad and ready to go and we have ruled for you'd opponent at 504. 2601. Late 70% of sounds like she should have been drafted in the oh well. I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit and this is WW while. I'm Bob Mitchell and astute 504260170. A couple of things we're talking about tonight. What do you think of girls play and tackle football the first new old ball girls tackle football league. Has been formed in the Utah and because of the physical side of the sport. Shouldn't be just org a guy as well have called defenders. I'm played football and I was absolutely tough. We we have this slept well last night that to serve but again tonight two of them like left overs. And the more thought about it more aggravated god. What is happening with the boys. Mean are they really windy out now. New regulation for votes they can have water gun flights. Can have rubber band on flights in epic the water balloon to estimate the size of a poet big ball. What do you think now have a text of the future but I'm wondering the boys out and do what I did one of those killed and one week and catapult we like. The nude it can't swim show bull and a girl. Built camp lives of our food and applied birds trees and types of bird rocks figured out how to do certain directions. Lee didn't do was put each other's eyes with rubber bands. You were short Bob issue World Cup. No line. Was Eagles go oh I did almost in thanks to its go to Brian battery Brian you. I'm doing well they take my call. To Yuma. This woman in the military. You know not think it won't be. What. Cargo off earlier caller told that there are you. But you know I do understand now were in it comes to religious beliefs and Alba. Yeah I do agree you know you alluded to earlier than you act or be pondered whether or not they're from con. Backlash against people are out there and you know religious. Great believe. And I think the reason that a lot of our fair deal he buyer who create angle on oh yeah. When you have these really really off or strain that thanks to the very good news a look at Google these people scurrying. And average everyday deal gain maybe they're not related maybe but maybe that bother. And they hear these things that are just ain't that bad picture. Well are at least it seems like the bottom line on this that I heard from several military people. Is no matter what it is no matter what it was and it just might be her. Particular CO weather might be another CO that it would not made the decision if you CEO tells you to do something you have to do it. That seems to be what I'm getting on on text messages. Playing in order that talk a little bit about the whole higher learning. I'm actually apply that helping like if it happened because. You know software. Is ever going to be 100% secure. There's always the way to get program topic is how won't be won there and look at the week Yorkers and some bad habit eco palm program. Edit it on Iran like financials yeah. They're always away quite it'll be 100% secure. Idle either it be funny article that happening because the Packard that there are a lot of back and data speakers that they'll all night. That they probably wouldn't be that way outlook could copy it doesn't go home not more. Where ever so law they eat the software programs pay all automated backup. Though if something happened. But they hacker get you know not quit acting. That debris and go out and start taking banks all want it back up in place of that prepared to really time now that I. The you know personal security or your computer. And you view. Make sure they say and some of the bell today is you not use Internet Explorer if you look around here and others were that we get out there. You basically add import it out. What you like Firefox. Or. Opera or Google Chrome. That's what I started using as a start using Google Chrome. And I would doubt it not browse the Internet lets you one thing like at rock out with no script on. Because a lot of these by our axes. Peru all advertising banner that we go to our web site you and you see like advertise. A lot of these are the rural. And you don't need to or pain now you know that's what happened in the and acquitted of video game and about 750000. Wired what happened word breaker goes over. I mean actors they took over and web site where you don't get me on McCain yeah. And basically they were ordered to upper part which means become quite competent when your it. Big vacancy on the green. Why can't keep law blog eat. Yeah and it they got through on an appetite pain. Andy and any one what you bring. Internet Explorer and what they're using outlook at block. Other people that did and they got their accounts pretty stole clean out and they were the debate now though. I would definitely. You know not browse the Internet Explorer net debt is the work that at import. At the at this point. All right Brian thank you so most of voting in tonight. Our record our all right wilted to break we'll come back with a Joseph into the though and Stephen meridian. And we'll take calls from you we have all lines are open pliable for 260. 1870 content to meet at 87870. A big 870 pretty jaguar pretty ample caution. Are there any areas of New Orleans metro that you are afraid to gas up late at night the reason we brought that up is that the mayor of Detroit said. Don't try to take didn't get gas. Anywhere in Detroit late at night and there's a text message on that the Detroit mayor. Hasn't viewed his limo up. The past couple nights I guess not but. All right I'm coming right back at WW well. All right. Let me. To be a couple of text messages. I wouldn't gassed up on the solved sure I'm not trust across the causeway Alyssa absolutely. After well I don't that all gas stations are bad you just just have to be very very careful. When you. Pump gas at night. I had a message from here we go. Would let my daughter played football. Before in my mind it's Sunday abolished. Okay. One more here. Girls we'll put you go girl we'll football too and want to play. We did in week did eight and eleven manned flight football and Ted Wells grownup. In the late fifties to early it is maybe some of the injuries would have been avoided with proper coaching and equipment. Don't no oath I'd like my daughter platelet now. I did get up a message from someone that talked about a assembly parole. Tackle. Football team called the New Orleans moto. But you know this is talking about five and and six year old fifth and sixth graders planes tackle football. I just don't know all physically ready girls in the fifth and sixth grade or ready to play football. And we have orbited seventy party jaguar opinion poll question are there any areas in the New Orleans metro that you were afraid the gas up late at night. 90% say yes 10% say you know so. What you do Asian gas that during the day and you never have to worry about gas and a night all right and it as Joseph. And two of them though Wednesday promote readiness and know you guys have been hanging on for quite some time a promise I promise to view hold on during the news. I'll get to you right after the top of the hour.