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5-28 2pm Angela, Hot Topics: Jindal and Smoking Bans

May 28, 2015|

Angela and Todd Menesses talk to callers about all of today's hot topics including Bobby Jindal's run for President and somking bans in City Park.

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And we are back for another exciting hour and I am thrilled to death the town Manassas is here with us. Yes for our hot topics going to be our listeners now that this is their our 2601870. And we got some great topic to talk about. We're gonna start with of course really the news today is the state of the city report which the mayor gave our earlier today. And and having read his thing on Torres didn't get to go. But he really is being very realistic about it saying you know we made a lot of progress but our work is far from done. And something he has said throughout meaning four years since taking offices. This is a quote we are not just rebuilding the city we wants war but were creating the city that we should always have then. And I think that's a very important distinction. So all of a throw out Todd do to. What's the biggest issue. In the minds of our listeners still facing New Orleans and that's also corporate opinion pulled but it's. Is it blighted housing isn't on crime is flood protection. Homelessness. NO PD not enough police prisons criminal justice system. Our streets so hat. Potholes sitting. City services not this in a business friendly enough. What are your thoughts. On what needs to be. Not that they are not trying to attack the mall but what really needs to be prioritized. Would love your thinking on that 2601870. We also want to talk about something that is very interesting you know we're now a month into the smoking ban. MD president of city park. Association the yen. Nonprofit board at city park. If a woman named Susan has very active in the community very bright woman and she said you know lot of people are talking about should be banned here at city park. She wants to put a committee together to discuss it but it brings up a very interesting issue of you know that is becomes such a popular. Place for families and athletes etc. Their beam and should there be a ban on smoking in city park 19 thoughts on that. In all of the par can mean just anywhere earned just and certain buildings or areas. I think that that's what they're looking up is that they're gonna say should they be smoking section residential. Or should be banned in total. There are some areas that. Around the country in some parts that they have made it to a nonsmoking. In the park and a lot of people civilly outdoors so it really shouldn't manner. But if yours is someone is standing there. You know smoking year where you're walking your child of the trailer what non having a picnic and picking anchor or you know you're gonna have smokes and that's why they're starting to say. Maybe its mission expanded in. Well I didn't a new course about the smoking ban in nightclubs and bars center and that was a huge thing. I think a big leadership role for this community. That it does not extent of course to. Parks except. For Lafayette square right down from us and the cancer survivor plans on Manolo which is a beautiful Linear park. On loyal by the post office. That there's no smoking alone there. You can't smoke on a sidewalk and you can't smoke in the middle street if you get hit by big bust. So. Or a little much. But I think that's very interesting should we ban smoking in city park on a Park City parks the ones taking an app and nearly say since. With on the last 06. Or seven years the bans on outdoor smoking have doubled around the country a lot of city parks and public beaches. College campuses and other outdoor venues so. You know we're just we're wiser now it it's still again should have a right to smokers and his legal. But were just smarter and I think that the whole issue of second hand smoke has. Finally sunk in it it it has killed two people. So maybe we are looking at it realistically and frankly I think with health care cost and what we know to be true about cigarette smoking not just lung cancer but all cancers. So many of them end up plus. Of course all of the him into sameness center. We're just smarter now so if it if it is that you can only spoken year old house then maybe that's what it's about. Yeah and we got some people texting at 8787 morning an update on the L issue women in the softball. The World Series their their playing Auburn. Right now they're leading one to nothing and it's the bottom of the second and I believe Auburn is spending yes. On mom I love that we're gonna do about it it's like that yeah that for them. Now also gonna throw out here. I just saw this the paper and I went what Bobby Jindal has been targeting support for from conservative Christians all along we all know that. But there was a study. That showed so far he has only scored 1% of the vote of the evangelical crowned. So the question is if Jindal doesn't appeal to his primary target. Who is he going to appeal to an end does he appealed TU. Again we want to now. He just recently announced his exploratory committee that would tell Bobby Jindal. You know with on the working you're ready to go but I asked even then what if they found out. Saying you know what it's gonna cost a fortune and our numbers still prove anything would they tell them not to run and I think that's interest. I don't know. I think he's headed act. I think at this point he's he's committed. You know the gates opened the horse is out of the barn I think he's gonna go ahead and do in the regardless of what the polls show. I think he's gonna trying. To make a push. When you start to get those primaries I think. He his mind is made up regardless of what polling shows. Well very very interesting though that at the very people he targets the most are not seem to respond. So again we're going to be talking about most importantly. As we think about time this day were the mayor speaks about the state of the sitting. What areas do we need to improve quickly the most. And I also would love to hear from people even though lot excuses people don't talk about goodness I've won a disagree with them so please print scoot wrong. And give us a call about what you are most proud of or. When you when you drive down the street or you're walking around me thinking you know what this really is better. That it was before Katrina. Get this call about that I'd love to hear that. We're gonna take a very quick break. And back here with Tom Manassas is we talk a hot topics of the day and talking about. What's the biggest issues still facing New Orleans we wanna hear from you 260187. As we sort of review how far we've come since the storm. And where were still going. It's everything from blighted houses do you think crime. Flood protection gentrification that's our 3 o'clock shadow by the way homelessness and OPD prisons streets what do you think. Also we're talking about. Should they banned smoking from city park to actually come up at one under board meetings the president suggested putting committee together and Todd you say that that's. Not enough a unique idea 'cause it's happening more more cross country. Seven more more cross country obviously in Canada as well but it. But Atlanta has done and to some other major cities of them and their parks as well as thinks I think Central Park. Was planning on doing I don't know if they've passed it in the New York City. But I am I gonna double check on that. And also we instant experiential. An 87 Yates having someone says. Angela I came home for the weekend played tourist ate at the restaurant. Saw four new schools and then cried because I feel the spirit levee in New Orleans you know that's a beautiful thing. So some people are seeing some of the good around here another text talking about. City park in those smoking. It's is of course nonsmokers will love this but as a smoker I'll go somewhere else with my family to enjoy the day. Thank you picnic of smoke that lake front. Etc. but oh well kind. Someone else's. I think anyone with a BMI 5% over perfect should not be allowed in city park you laugh but it's a health issue to. On the interference city park walking to get healthy then obviously you're outdoors doing that though. Very enter send them again and have it takes to the sun tan causes cancer to yes we know that okay that's all been documented but their their measures you can take. To prevent. Exploding cancer explosions on that's a thing but secondhand smoke unless you're wearing. A protective suit with your own breathing apparatus you really can't. No I don't think with not much of the debate left in most people's minds about hazards of smoking and I say that is one who smoked for twenty years it to. Yeah and I'm just thrilled. Grateful that I got to give it up. We're also talking about Bobby Jindal and this is a recent study that came out saying here he has been targeting on his conservative Christian group. But so far in less this particular study he scored only 1%. Of the vote from evangelicals. So were again were asked the question. You know if he doesn't appeal to his target who is he going to appeal to Nigerian Slidell your wonderful to hold on your own WW. They're. All. Orchestrate a lot of money there's no way. He'll become pressure the urged it ever Bayern community kit when your state. It's aggregate by vice presidential candidate. Epic the basket you know or maybe get back in into the capital where cable. Pol. You know Charles would be good for sir not at all. Some people say that that may be Woody's doing just trying to give his name out there somewhere that he had he not only if the Republicans when you know. And you know it or not this time you know four years from now eight years from now twelve years from now again he John. Maybe get experience but a lot of people very critical of we need help in the state right now. If you believe you that out church where the poll so don't warn people its own state and number two the people that target recruit. That they're just not being. You've got to work higher. All disapproval ratings of any governor we had in in recent history and occupants. They're engaged. You know by and you can't name one good thing they're for the state basically. Just shake your money Bobby give our somebody's got to chip in and give them on your your war ships that would be the best thing you do with the money varies. Arnold there a lot to do you stop what are we gonna kick the casino it right. No I think he can get money to other candidates a big ethic you can make donations but I don't think you argument balls to someone right now tour of double checked the rules keep changing on all of that and as someone pointed out in the show we did a couple of weeks ago that we need to have the rules like it is another country like him you know another country like in England. They can only spend so much for election and for their entire election. It was less than what one candidate. Spend a year in America and not just spend but the amount of time that the campaign is six weeks exactly that's very realistic. And another thing is if you look at how much money spit out a lobbyist and watched it with that the political. Should. Whole country also were a money and it has very little do what the actual war. General population war richest auto blacks are. There's more than bridge either you're paying partner performed whole lobbying system needs to be there as well. Couldn't agree with you more. But I got to take 37 B 87 says the state of the city turn on the street lights fix the streets. Hire some cops do your job mr. mayor and takes him and we knew some of those would come and another Texas no ultra conservative candidate has a chance and a national election Bobby Jindal is ultra conservative. So we wouldn't have a chance. Someone else cigarette smoke outside is not enough parts per million are parts per billion cause any cancer. There's no scientific evidence that secondhand smoke causes cancer I'm a non smoker. So. Well again we're looking for what do you think about. The sitting on so glad that woman wrote and sang the she was moved blessing some of the changes you're insane I appreciated. Excuse me and coffee yeah. With us but scoop since he came back to town. And the fact that he's living downtown you know twenty years ago that would have been unheard of you know the warehouse district a little bit not to CBD were watching the birth of San. And there are some people that are you know on your talk about that next our little upset about some of the change that's going on and and when people move in and this is this is not something new to New Orleans. Other cities have had have gone through this same process. When you have an an area that his in. You know predominantly. The same. I don't wanna say ethnic make up but the same. Folks that have been there for generations and generations. And then you start having new people moving in. Some of them have no current residence the New Orleans. Feel like AM I'm getting pushed out. Because prices go real estate goes the camp for their. Those things happen it is happening in other cities do some have been able to survive it some have and so will see how the world and sandals as well. Talk to our next hour education gentrification. And you know you bring up something 19 yen. When Garland of the first married to saint like that we bought a house in the Irish channel was there. In nineteen tightening and it it's only 97 Gately died this precious house of art and then re done but it was a neighborhood in decline. And it was frankly young people like us moving Blanton and I remember great reporter Irish celts. And walking in front of the house had no clue we live there. Walking for the house interviewing John Singleton councilman. And so we run out high what do you Dillon well it's not gentrification. And it was like a dirty word you know and and I kept thinking we're keeping a neighborhood lock button. Not displacing you know biggest waste our neighbors were still people who had been there for generations. Is just. Anyway it's going to be an interesting discussion at 3 o'clock and I hope everyone joins us. Some of the the text coming in talking about the secondhand smoke outside. From what we can find there have been several studies. Two I try to pin down the health effects of outdoor smoke. Their bend may be fewer than doesn't actually they've tried to measure how much secondhand smoke can be found out doors. Some have found levels that rival what people may breathe indoors depending on which way the wind is blowing. Or whether there's an overhang are sheltered area that entrap the smoke. One study detected significant fumes as forest 44 feet away from the actual smoker well. So that surprises me again they're still trying to study had been as the studies keep coming out and you'll see more parks yet New York has it is expect has expanded their smoking ban department is as well. I. To park benches and benches so you can walk along just Clarkson as an office park tomorrow while about that's it anyway this show is George 260187. And we got a lot of things to talk about. And wanna hear from you stay with this we're gonna know the newsroom check out what's happening. But again 2601870. Give us come back here with top Manassas as we talk about hot topics of the day and we're talking about the mayor's speech he gave his state of the city address today. Saying you know what we are a stronger more resilient city. And any calls it a city for the ages he he's not off the mark on that and I think that other cities have certainly learned from us. We've learned from the whole experience but other cities to. That when you do rebuild you can do it better. And I think nobody would disagree that we have not that we don't have been giant fights with puddles and other issues we do. We do want don't have enough police we still have that crime. Social issues are much more difficult to address much more complex. Than. Infrastructure. What do what I mean you've seen that everywhere whenever there's change people don't like change people get uncomfortable whenever you make. The changer C a change. And changes. You know and I know you're you're this and change is not always good change is not always bad either for but the only you know change is not always good. Some people there are texting and saying we can't compare city to others because there is no other city like us. Someone else says it's hard for any uptown or to feel New Orleans is getting better when their half of the city has been paralyzed by street construction. For the last three years. Talking about banning smoking in city park someone says and in here you go when it whenever you start saying with band something. You get all these this the text about everything up let's stand driving cars in cities because of carbon monoxide. Someone else let's ban outdoor barbecuing while you're at it. To which actually California did bands are several years she can't use Terkel in California because of the carcinogens. In the Terkel did when you burn it that's what they claiming it's the food. So another Texas is leave the smokers alone the more we keep taking away people's rights for the greater good. The less free we've become let people settle that simple dispute at a park among themselves it's rude to blow smoke in someone's face as much as it's read to pass gas in their face. I hate most perfumes. Also sell their ego. I wouldn't tell you Angela not to Wear perfume mature right weather like the ninth very simple debate votes. You know and these are people's opinions and that's on the show is about and help others will we appreciate the text but the people call 2601870. When we talk about banning them smoking in a city park like a city park itself. Beautifully developing I mean so many wonderful things that happened post-Katrina it that far. More and more people using it. It's a big decision so people should have a lot of input into it. But also talking about Bobby Jindal has run for the president's same. And it has been going on for a while he is very clear and who he is addressing. And just find it very interesting that the study came out of this poll came out showing. That only 1% of evangelicals I'm. So I go Bobby go. Which would you would think would be his base but I think there's probably so many. That are appealing to the evangelicals right now that have thrown their hat in Mike Huckabee the it's one man you know that really appeals. That I don't think he can even get. That group because it is. I think they're they're divided right now with if they're following a Republican can. Well and I wish she would do it we always have a permanent open invitation to the governor any timing device to come tough we would love to have him. And I would I would like to sink in element we're looking at the same numbers you are. What's going through your mind. Anyway got it at the same time let me say I manner Maier anybody who wants to be present United States that's the American dream. Gotta take here's this change is inevitable another taxes how to people whine about how bad their streets are and then whine about when they're being fixed. Now that's a good point that's called being New Orleans united. There is an awful lot of work being done I was actually talking to a woman today who gave me her address socialism pulling unless of publisher heart. You have been through it but she said for years and years to come. I jokingly say that but the growing up down here my wife is not from here she says. You complain about everything like it's just the way it is I guess I'm just pleasure in the eyes instantly like not to complain about things let's go to Steven in New Orleans you're on WWL thanks for colon. I'm. Concerned and and my property taxes 600% to the also and luckily next year and sixty and they do that anymore. That's what I'm looking forward to but it's the white students in the city. Let you know at 200 street history to beat Korda case it's the blocks that were torn up from that should work toward. Ten million dollars. There off of Orleans. Part small segment of people. Well steer clear of Stephen about a a lot Stephen had Obama. A lot of that money in the stuff that you're seeing being built is federal money that was earmarked just for that they can't use it for anything else. Well but at anyway I mean there's you know Bartlett street but he tore up the wheelchair ramps and that put down two years ago concrete. And pound concrete and so you know we just sat in the streets and sidewalks and network throughout the city then. You don't need to be taking care the police department. If you decency police cars and at. One point four hours today and properly maintained. And worse and I think there are urged. You know I mean you know they. Deploy and street London over Koch where our problem. There and this is. Think they've got the jets but they've got there and it's. Paying me it made an eight. A million dollars a year for the city writing tickets. Are they a handicap zones which assists. Chick. But they'll. Take it directly across the street now wouldn't you hate 600 out they did. Our work forty cents. You know you are very observing things. You've probably seen that. Well yeah. Have a handicap certificate. Is that any but somebody sit back and eat. But I mean. Are understood to quietly part and he. Would come out. Right. Why didn't take it. There. This time there's street Tucson. So again right. And clean and well I mean are. Sponsoring. And on Friday night at church. Where. The most part treaty ministry. But apart and they're part. Way and at camp spot and be part that any spot. And the lady says or sense and out but she can only protect it from your complaint and you. It certainly made the say that. My hips. And actually can be. The parking near the City Council person. I'd say I'd take in a match. But wants. Jets don't want. It took fifteen regrets are arguably. And you certainly. Don't. And episcopal church. On esplanade and they cut. It to its of people. That puck in the corner. To do but they don't do it completes its. Explain what your time a statement. One of the meter lady can only give one ticket now what was that. Yet they can only get ticket. Like it that it. Can't make it only get out the pocket a good. It ticket. And I have to wait there and tell leader made that Smart draw support. Now it's obviously not likely to big tent put David. And the swoop there so it's obviously. It will. And it's just so that. Magazine street. And I realized we had a strong but most. Of them has put. Seats outside the supposed to thanks for that. Yup and that is being addressed I have to tell you is we've done programs that is something that is very real and something. That is happening steaming your great to call. Continue to listen always give us a call we have to take a break that's everybody stay with us 2601870. Will be right back and Angela with Todd under the anyway. Well Todd not have been asking you about ten. What you think the biggest issues still facing new Wallace's that is of course also operating jaguar opinion poll. Is it blighted housing is that city services are not business friendly enough. Is it crime is at flood protection is in gentrification. Homelessness. And OPD not enough cops. Prisons criminal justice system streets or infrastructure. Give us a vote and done WL dot com. Ruth I'm so happy that you called Lincoln talks a good thing to New Orleans. I. I I'm Condit has given an art and I mean you are in and out really. Our career are there and interest for art and or elk. Where are we stayed anxious and went Katrina came as. Being in the ordered Inky. The gallery in the quarter and I think it just. Pierre. And who can come back intact and not get out checked its strike in. Can make you. You have art to it. This weekend. It and add in and it's a hectic stretch track and I aren't they entitled. Italy the end. And had many tricked out my artwork just one dollar short sale and it's all about and a lecturer at bat at New Orleans. Let out a lot about cattle in. Jumping back capital that could change its shelf and the art community has come. Well I'm trying to become. And very ID act and to. Tell you read or hear about our act and and start achieving that state capital. Quite interest in reaching. And he has to be on the square in England. Much. But you know the the bottom line is. Things have come back and it is good that your gonna come back and have your art show this weekend that is terrific. But I think that's one of the greatest points of pride in our area. For all of the arts we have a symphony that survived are ballet is flourishing arc theaters are are are often running and doing great. Plus some beautiful art and co ops are back which is good. Much to be proud of we're gonna have to take another break we'll be right back stay with Angela with ta. And we are back Todd Manassas myself topping some hot topics. An update on the Lady Tigers and the softball World Series. The college World Series. It's the top of the fourth now the tigers' lead to five to nothing Lady Tigers lead five and up and over the Auburn. Lady type that is a beautiful thing and we are cheering them on we get asked the question operating jaguar poll what's the biggest issues still facing New Orleans. Blighted housing only 7% said city services not business friendly enough 20% said. Not a surprise crime 53%. And the smaller percentages on other issues. It's a work in progress and I think that's what the mayor was saying today and come along way we have await ago. Any got a text that says Savannah Georgia's downtown historic district looks a while ago French Quarter and surrounding areas when they do better than New Orleans in my opinion this is the texture. Is the streets are clean and don't smell parking next to meters is free after five in the police actually walk around throughout the city. And we have talked about a lot of cities Boston has won two that kept their historic district. Together downtown and Savannah as well. But in order to do that you indeed people who will move in and are willing. To preserve those areas and do the rebuilding which does cost a lot of money lost a lot of which is why is you're gonna talk about the next hour Nugent for patient you're getting. Some a flu in people as they say moving into these areas to try to revive. And so and that's would you need a concern is how do you keep a balance all right. Keeping the neighborhood as it was because of the wonderful culture in the history behind it but at the same time keep them alive. One thing I've learned watching television with my wife and watching HD channels and over and over here is that when you go and your going to rehab her flip one of these. Older homes it's over a hundred years old. You're talking a lot of money a lot of money of electricity everything's got to be re wired the plot everything's got to be redone up to current codes so that's an ethical minded. Well that is our next program Tehran government have not LaToya Cantrell councilwoman. Who led a panel yesterday. And now we're having another member of that panel the woman who runs the urban non urban development on gonna get that wrong and an embarrassment silk that you Leno. But not delightful talk and it's everything you need to know about. Gentrification. Really want is it I think a lot of people have misconceptions but. We certainly want your input into if you have concerns or if you think it's a good thing to be feared or embraced yes that is right. So stay with this just another hole fun hour right here. Thank you John and thank you Angela.