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May 29, 2015|

Kristian talks to NBA Baskeball Insider Steve Kyler.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're there for the top of the hour welcome and to sports talk. Men the SEC increasing the fines. For fans storm the field. Going up for 5000 dollar for the first offense to 50000. The SEC trying to prove that they're serious about and look Ellis shoe fits you relate they still feel last year. I got mixed feelings and so we feel for a program like LA issue. You shouldn't. The guys relishes possibly. Big games hosted so many big gains at Tiger Stadium at four like the Valdosta State's. They have a big win. Over top 25 program. Some like that no offense to Valdosta State be up point. But. The SEC trying to raise the price raise the penalties. For fans storming the field all the schools. 50000 dollars. About. The security now on the up the security look they they give warnings of these schools Goldstone QB getting arrested. But now because at the pay 50000 dollars for the SEC of fans storm the field. Assume much. More increased security. At and these to close these games. Cushing Garrett in four Deke Bellavia phone lines room for a 2601870. Can text an 8787 in organized team activities week one in the books for the new world Saints. Which Saints players in a make or break year. Tex are your thoughts at 8787 on the phone at 260187. And you heard Kenny the Carl. Seau last hour it. He played between fourteen season with a torn hamstring grade two torn hamstring and agreed to chair a squad said later on in the season. Saw his role diminish a little bit. He will make an excuse. As the injuries in terms of his dip in play he said afterwards look at you're out there competing. Yet to go out there an excuse well and look at the way approach does all these guys are banged up but he won't make these usually you. Form does that excuse his play. And is Rob Ryan that's operated jaguar people on line at W gold outcome is Rob Ryan and a make or break. Out. Prove and are losing year. Absolutely. You don't bring in Dennis Allen. Unless there's a possibility that if you. Falter again there's your replacement your defensive coordinator in waiting and they could say at all they want that that's not the case he's the senior defensive assistant. But that's of that move is it's chess. Checkers. They're they're trying to they're trying to. Get ahead of the game it's over doesn't work Rob Ryan this year they can move on seamlessly a player that. Our coach that a players. Has some familiar RD with having a year working with them. But Rob Ryan 31 an NFL defense last year top five in his first year. Make or break year which player Hakeem hicks tops the list for me. Defense the line now along with. Cameron Jordan like Bobby said fifth year option club option first round draft pick back in 2011 point fourth overall. Sack numbers dipped a little bit last year. From the previous year. I mean when he was thirteen and a half into when he thirteen Dallas seven and a half last year in there about six million dollars in a club option. This year. Got to have better production from cam Jordan and you know yesterday hats off to him. He was dealt with questions about the possibility of a contract extension. Have there been any talks. He citizen has it been any mind blowing offers its eye popping numbers he said. But nothing mind blowing but he he try to deflect that conversation quickly make it about his team. And that's a personality would see last year. And guys answer questions about things that they probably shouldn't be talking about the media. So the message cannot delivered. A look it's about the team not individuals. Also on our FaceBook page it WL dot com the sign that's the streets and it's right outside. Of the saints' locker room headed to the practice facility. On the practice field outdoors. North compete street. Sean Payton saying these trying to send a message to his football team about. Just point of emphasis that. All. But you know what you're looking for you know I've I think it's interest or someone said this this offseason we're talking about basketball and then. It was so many organized basketball leagues now you know whether it's. Your days use your school a year. Been. There's that one element that you can all remember or somewhere you -- can remember when you when you were just playing with it and it was winners days. And and so think about how you played when it was 1010 going go eleven winners days of what that are bigger guys scored. And because you knew if you lost or replace the rest of Davis by other teams wait and so there be an example of just that level of competition creating that sense of urgency. And you know that. That desire not to let your teammates down it will. Seems like the message coming across the players talked to yesterday. They lip and it might be trivial and that's not gonna win games a sign that says in that competes streak. But just reinforcing it when you see stuff like that the principles. The core values so to speak in an organization. Not just in football but it in any business when you see that daily. When there's a recurring messages theme throughout your workplace. They cut it sharpens the awareness iron sharpens iron creates a bit a sense of urgency what he's trying to do. Text from a 81 point five about the make or break year. Jahri Evans. Make or break year 81 point fives as yet speaking of Jahri Evans you'll hear from him we come back the sports talk on WB well I anathema daka. To pot to tool for a Rick you're on a WQ well how are you Rick. Aren't on a good. Oh yeah you know all that Michael Bush Cheney and which players are. Well. Watson fire suit and our little hole and everybody aboard street this year. But I ami. Yeah I don't go to court and as well. Ran offense that I would do it through security there America. You're you're pretty Jets back in. Talk about where you look at property. Last year it was I was borrower to carry. It out so. Our coaches include you know Al should be looked at Duke what is America Pirates series oppose. That they are out there and they're not client normal levels and Bubba. I am that year. Well I think they're trying to have that approach that sense of urgency Rick. But you know for the sake of conversation. It's football's a team sport where were breaking it down individually here. In other words which player. Has to have. A solid year grew a really good year. Aside from Drew Brees to make sure that the success of the team is ultimately where they wanted to be and who's come on notice who's that player that look at you don't produce when you're out. And yeah he can make that case that's you're in year out with the NFL it's a production business but more so which player is an absolute must. Half to have to improve and who who would you volunteer who would you say is that player. Well could you ask me a little bit better you are there. Ago. We're. Regional where there's also our own. It Mark Ingram just got a four year contract he got approved it last year he was one more consistent pieces to their team lashes got a four year contract I'll think he's in a make or break. Alright and let you know put it on offense or I don't count last year and you know ultimately you know that Moreland you know team. Yeah absolutely a team walks Gerris bird. A look your second year four games last year. Big contract nine million dollars this year. That injured couldn't help that that's some of that is luck I get that but the expectation surrounding Jaret for coming in. Got to live up to a expectations may not be fair that's a comes with a business speaking of the offensive line Jahri Evans meeting with the media today take a listen. That's your guy you have to another routier. If you hit ball and we appreciate them to be so good to be back out to the dugout to make some football moves everybody's excited as long. Again this way and missing just you know just just give legacy of lower place. The offensive line and a bit of a transition and Cinemax I wasn't here. Obviously an avenue left guard just talk about that that fiction play a maximum in the Pro Bowl comparable as a he's a Smart guy I think when a couple of guys this offseason. And you know as good as guard missed tackle on the right side. And that's leads them and we have to have a guy like Max Smart. And his replacement for wise and pro bowler and a isn't out of the left side aside this opens up some places the last couple years ago some ups and knows who he's. As for yourself he did things that he's definitely use him feeling physically right now I felt good and I had a wrist injury last year. You know so they played all sixteen games. There to agree to. And you know that tells him. You guys lose that our schedule on the line in agreement that they we've we've been an outstanding if you're going to be when we get that pretty much the mentality that you care. Yeah yeah just. Implement the things that we've done in the past alone guys most of them just a question of just need. You know just just just things that we noticed this that we have had success in the past process but some just two months ago. It's definitely new toy don't forget Villar has kind Williams both of these other I think we got a lot of you know additions in 2000 it is great that those stats Marlins themselves and colossal. Block. Cumulative this might be. And he's been. He decided to restructure toughness and that's not its a cut its effects and expect this. You know I haven't you know actually captured him in the same few dollars to bring some players. That's part again. How long did it mean today's approach early on and just take awhile you know some back before going on you know as it is you know. We were it was I don't know that so yeah. It's teams can always built the offensive line room that are now. Yeah Max longer now and then is going to be about it and our position Howard. So far so good you know it's not really. Think physical out there with us you know helmets and jerseys. Hopefully movement of ovals. He's Smart guy and I look forward to play and it was Harvard and definitely would mile and not in my mind. I don't know they wouldn't bring me back. Christian but. But they don't know is it just didn't. I feel like you want it I mean they played great these last nine years. Best thing. If nothing to prove some of the things. That we see the sign of complete treatment. Is also doesn't mean you know just got out there yesterday. You know was not there. The last couple days and and also we do that we always done we always talking you know that we always play hard. We always you know little ones and stuff like that so I mean that's just leaves about it and are competing united aggressive. There's only lost to double off last year and it just you know anyway I don't think we were forever lost on me themselves also Monroe's and they still. Core nucleus and there Regis you know last year we did some things that we didn't do it two years ago that's all we did some good things and it is about things. Was there isn't one of them that are drops and penalties and I was a good 1000 go. Go on its definitely room points of the it. And he's. I haven't seen him yet. Hopefully it's is a big guy. Very. You know see the line. Is it different than last year this. I don't know I can't really compare I mean guys are excited because of yeah. About him this and I would back problem. This. Written about it ruined them. And he just and treating him billions it doesn't work because I think. Yes. OK okay there I was a good team go against him and I think more so you know that the Texans twice this. The Patriots won it last year so the opportunity. Saints offensive lineman Jahri Evan journal call me out there I guess he thought maybe alassane and he would be back our shouldn't be back. With the Saints a at a big price tag so when the Saints were purged in the roster the way they work talent that. That numbered said it's feasible logical think Greg on the nor short on WB well. K that the ball right at received from ma. Needed there was. And it rained. He was Wisconsin who. Are borderline I took him out to eat eat the gory. I mean. I think show a and that they don't really Egypt. There on the mean not a football coach Byrd but. You know pretty. Made it hurt I saw on the back leaked the middle on that. You know the other one back actually. A lot to do it well. The wrong hole is exposed you know people. Look achieve that and run it wrong only the plate opposite. The social. So a lot of confusion that defense not just. At linebacker. You know secondary. And I think some of that had to do with. That's sort of talk about earlier would Dennis Allen that's where. I think he's gonna pay some dividends in terms of the just the overall organization structure of the defense particularly on game day. In the rush coming in in election. I found at the quarterback they're both quarterbacks were probably step up. And they would outlaw it out Russia off a lot and I'm Carolina come in and out that art it. You know the quarterback would step up and get a pocket. Contrary to white contrary to what. Drew Brees was able to do member of the middle rocket for him it was. But I not the picture or that army that stepped inside and outside in and did pretty. Pretty much movement they'd need you know maintain you know you know and I'm not like. Card but it just you know. Mean all that on in our awarding great. The the sun too long would agree arm back a lower rate actually would be went back and start where he can't. The quite sensibly change over. On that ball and really across the roster. Oh look like they followed Drew Brees action that they got to be saying. Went and into the sanctions Corey yeah people because. You know trade. Chara on somebody like that you know of that alum Matt that he. You know. Look. We will see what. Life after Drew Brees brings the Saints. I'm interested to see with that is. Speaking of 9633. Allen text line at 8787 game make or break year yep he says Drew Brees yeah he said it. He keeps throwing interceptions and pick sixes like it is last year. Or we missed the playoffs a game again and will be a time to move on more so next year though next year will be. The make or break for Drew Brees is because it'll be the final year of his contract I don't think even after this year they're gonna be ready to move on. From Drew Brees Al think he'll be ready to move on film in two years honestly. 260187. A text that 8787 after the news headlines Steve Tyler the latest on the appellate its head coaching search. Tom Thibodeau says he's not interest. Double that Japan's ovals and on the news headlines. Just let slip his role nicely done AJ barrel of master control Kristian garic in Ford the Wachovia. We welcome in now Steve Tyler cover in the NBA for basketball insiders dot com Steve good even thanks for the time. Eric. Now a lot man look I'm just curious are so. As we have this little lull here in the NBA. Before June 4 for the start of the NBA finals coaching searches continue for teams are looking for. And saw a report Tom Thibodeau not interest in coming to New Orleans and I says anti Davis might have beer can make sense that. What they are now commitment Brandon data yet you don't know what it and that's going to be in your post. You know on his exit in your little cryptic you know in Eric you know. Sometimes you make the Asian people know why. So you know he even let it or not sign a long term extension and then it's you know one don't know what direction and I owe him a clear. You know head coach yet another part to it financially. Make more sense to wait and as the cap at Kuwait and things continue to try to grow in the yeah you know they're going to. Continued her yeah and when you're needed which is going to command and he kind of available under the salary cap or no there's no certainty with it. You know make nobody's around. To collect here and that this. They want it. Let me point out there at the all clear in the rookie scale era that has ever on the way. The arm you know everybody's got two restricted free agent he didn't matter that match. Silly there are here to lose supplier. Were talking about there. So let me ask his name is is a dumb question so bear with me here's the or are right. So the priority is Anthony Davis. Locking him up but they can't do without it the right a coach so they're a tough spot right. And that's why it's not a sure thing it's not slammed down and. You know marketing he likes what is around and then you're more like what the ground and what channel. You know you like going on in and one call all of those but certain to call you don't know yet. Who the next guy's going to be and how quickly you can create a war relationship with the new guys so well you all played out and one thing I'll say sexy name on it though is. You know you read that certainly can watch the press conference. That prompted it. Superman not agreed to coach in in the world war. There may be better skating coach available to New Orleans and popular in prompted a that would make you play. He'd probably. Better or sterling though that aren't in that the key to championship. In order the other guys that were here and whether jet bingo on you whether it is an Alvin Gentry might be a long term. It's still many more things including the culture to tell them and that you are trying to build there. Okay so what. Qualities do you feel like they're looking for then you rattle off the lead you're saying. That Thibodeau might not be the right fit because he's I guess he's similar to maybe that is the situation I compared to is that of Jim Harbaugh when he was in San Cisco. And rubbing himself the wrong in a run in the hallway with the ownership. So you run that risk I guess with Tom Thibodeau he's seen it play out in Chicago so woke up personality at. Would be the right. Like junior and I mean it is Mark Jackson was in goal made his goodies Mike Malone was. You know when it read in your with the Sacramento king you'd. On off on him it. It works you've got to be much from the top organization the bottom agent and I think. It's important that go to war while Ellen it's. That can be someone who opened light years in the Arsenal that who's going to rule out or in collect. You know all things and critical when you look at some of the coaching changes that have taken place that means eat Kirk. Are involved in order that they put it example. Is that. You know you change the culture grounded. Out. The staff and how you interact with ball which you can you were saying well it means a doctor and I think that's where you war looking forward. To candidate. In not mean I'm being experienced coach at notre. The corporate winning record. But all the track for being collaborative it will be part of the crop. Steve Tyler basketball insiders dot com. Who do you like who's your front runner who's who he thinks the best. I really like Alvin Gentry in that situation. And the industry of why is out here on. That. You've really built up tempo when they probably played in Phoenix work well with star player are player Willie had him. He really understand in how he answered a lot of people a lot. You know I'm at Golden State and I think we talked to go eight players and the people around that age and you know he is co coach that team that at Indian day you're on really they're good working seamlessly. Yeah and I think extraordinary track they're. You know prospects in terms of his ability to command right away and really put a lot of things in place in what war with the post and Albert there. Steve Skyler I won a circle back from mini break up your crystal ball and you can tell future's so how do you think this is that going back with. Anthony Davis did do we wait until next summer before we have an answer as to whether he'll be here long term. Well I think he gets considered in in real significant way back in July 1 of everything we can submit. On the table off on our mean inning and then it's going to be there and I don't think. There were gonna he would evil not and reasoning that it's because they're a real important to beat you you know you wait and see how things played out and the same amount of money. On the Eaton situation were in injury earlier concern for him. Oh yeah like I said it probably be hundred in 44 million dollars it's he's in the abstract it that they only see something ginger. 144 million dollars that you for the rest of your life and you could pursue anything you want to eat our contract eighteen. You know Maxwell players in the game to be traded to object because he's on that. Looking ahead to the NBA finals Warriors and Cavaliers at first blush. No real like this when does ago that did the distance or. I didn't it's gonna go a lot further than maybe to apartment or. Your team it really sound like you're the votes he in practice. He battle on the Burke and outlook on eighteen to date you guys really playing very well around in the extended break. And given the chance direct currently need to attend an artist well in our net and down a little bit I think you'll feel more you know mobile phone carrier ring its gonna make it's a better series but. Two minutes from the wire to wire the Golden State Warriors and the if the word only walked only gained on the home war and they have home court advantage or they are you an edge in experience but I think it's going to be our our series and Ian blow out. I'm open for maybe over funding it. I don't have to cover those quite what you outplayed that you think it's going to be a better year something in eagle and. They were more for you for let your run here Steve Keller a basketball insiders dot com go back to LeBron first second. We're just a handful years ago this guy it was the biggest villain in Cleveland. And now he's got on the doorstep of a championship is is it inching a fascinating to watch. Just how different is the the narrative is now and what he did so he bring to that city. Absolutely and I think it's funny that people were trying to burn on or how are nowhere. But now that needed it it. It's interesting because you know I was 11 area early in the year. It you know he's not that guy being built could be you know he's not a leader nearly disappeared in the clutch he. Sometimes it is not very good teammate in all of those things are true like you when you look at what well on and now he's absolutely the focal point of what they want. It be at your team on both ends war eagle you're it is really block art and think about it. Scarce at which considered the biggest malcontent in basketball. Pertinent now in the player but really the one yard among jumper with baby on the way out of the network talk about and that at all the center died in LaMont got. You know would know what that guy until he made those around him so much better and I think what he's doing now about ballplayer is clearly been the best. He played in the consider he'd go on the right side at thirty. You know he's got a lot more due I think it's been like it's a bit of extra work you know upon reaching and I think what you'll really good performance out in the policies. Steve collar basketball insiders dot com a great job and I appreciate the time and yes indeed. John and dasher and you're on WB well. Patriots like. You can make a break. At that they can giving it your offense Padilla Backstreet. Last year at the line injuries. And you know are coming in on him. And I just think it this year were you hear the cheers make or break it. Honestly how we at right tackle at which in Backstreet be that third tackle for the game in. You know and how I got to the action tackled short yardage that are exactly go back to know that he kind of started. Exactly. You know I'll. I'll applaud the saint urge you not think this is their crap that you doubt it you know worse and Backstreet came out and you know the guy a couple of phone call don't you talk about the defense and what it I like to believe that the saint. If you look at not last year but the year before it was all want to play Iguchi can call our opinion you have harper yet much of players that. Played together and they matched I don't believe what you were greeted bird didn't hurt all of those better players on the team artists think that they kind of still part. And it into the pulled together a lot areas. That are better. But enough but also like colleges now. The caller wanted to major worry about thrown an interception. What you governor and his would ought to too long with Buehrle get hurt and Jack street been hurt in in the second straight coming in. Robberies rotunda thirty court grand. Of our pressure more being put before. So common to grow more but where are. They simply don't. Back just because. It's not all. Of talent at the plate. Lets you know where speaker John I mean I think across the board the entire team including Sean Payton. They need him perform. Or. And I agree. Normally there are certain things that coaches are going to say following losses things go players again it's a coach's legacy following bad seasons. But you know. I agree. Everybody did have there and now last year. If you look at differing schemes that might have been on this player that might have been on the coach that might have been on on Philip ill timed. Drew Brees interception so. He would admit that eat and live up to his standard. And you're right the offensive line. They had they had their issues protect them they also had their issues at times. Running the football on third downs in short else Belichick. Getting off the field on third down and issues with the sirens in the superdome it was just a colossal. It was a colossal. Bad year a year ago. From everybody. That was affiliated with a team. Yeah. Also like what they did it would appear to affect. This thought it would front office that to do with the coaching candidate over the scouting meeting with the players and it now everything from from the front to back. To see who performing and not. Yeah it looked at as a point you touch on. John because. It would be easy to just say I would get new players. And maybe your message gets lost but when you start holding everybody accountable within the organization. Then it's it's a different message Maurice in you to a 2601870. Text that 87870. This is sports talk on W did well. Maurice on a cell phone you're on WB well. I agree it's and I don't where I call the law. Want to talk about the strength and they'll air whatever bars. Are kind of agree with view. If it occurred a couple of years. You know we BK will what I will call predictable. Outcome. Be imminent though a ketchup your group Quaker epic golf and you shall create a bye week but blame. These because. It's almost like Q what they play with their favorite hole it. They've played with the thing wants. All are we got to be real predictable also before we get it out where I had an opportunity could be a couple of hours. Very good players that we. Stepped on and heir to Phillips and they're excited about being I think because we're in a you could do that would. Chomping at beacon whom would talk about a cup years ago. That they will go on fumes then you hand speed pol. Get big fast national and I think that's where we go and the issue. Sorted out to be able to keep it kind of clears peace with the plates because. And audit competed spit it out. All conference. Call out are like Apollo club but I'll. Golf over here where no because we beat each other all you all but. Lately backup first out there the AFC south was bat. They have beaten you know what nobody beat up on oh on anybody. Yeah there are here yeah last year it was a bad it was a bad division let's hear that is calling we see it Maurice. Yeah you mentioned that you write about that because you are we O and group retail. And whether they wanna trade so. So put that out but I think this year because we. And oh. Period of children. Because well we called back at all and they're beauties on the where we're at. Important political. And so yeah in a critical. I've heard that argument before Maurice with you know too much of a security blanket Jimmy Graham ended up being. For four quarterback Drew Brees and now forces in the spread the ball a little bit more and yet you go back. Look but they had Eric Johnson people get that at tight end at one point was still put up big numbers in this offense Billy Miller. Com 85 David Thomas and they before they. They did in pulling a Jeremy Shockey did a really have a a big time play making tight in the now's a luxury to get Jimmy Graham in the third round. Right next hour Vegas runner pro sports better Philly god father. Dot com also Ager in the rout at Morgan a competitive eater this'll be extinct this is sports talk on WL.