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6-5 11am Don Dubuc, Offshore Energy Production

Jun 5, 2015|

Don talks to U.S. Congressman Dr. Bill Cassidy and Louisiana Charter Boat Association Executive Director Ben Weber about new legislation to expand offshore energy production and save tax dollars.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning it's down to view with the Friday edition of the thank thank thank you for tuning in. As we now change operating opinion poll to reflect this now was topic in asking you this question all you for. Or against expanding offshore energy production simple question go to our web page at WW dot com and cast that vote. If you wanna participate in the conversation this now calls that Bible for. 2601870. We have attacks board that comes directly into the station please remember. Text responsibly no texting and driving season designated driver or designated text to 87870. US senate to bill Cassidy is going to be conducting a briefing to war with regard to the actually use strategic petroleum reserve briefing and toward. Later on this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Hampton inn and suites at 5150 moans boulevard that's my ounces of ways Austin Bryant. Runoff Liu parkway easy to fine. If you interest in attending. The senate to joins us now to talk about that and also in other very important issue which could say US taxpayers a lot of money. Thanks for being let us a smallness of the Cassidy appreciated. Which of these two issues do you wanna talk about first. That's about it standing. Offshore drilling and about jobs that spot. Eric the national economy. Probably import. What would this mean for Louisiana if it is expanded to the east and Florida who is fighting about the way. And we'll give of that late about what would it mean to Louisiana. If slaughtered decides to let offshore production take place in its waters. But that. People don't know. The rabbit and then. It is here offshore or yeah she took about on their 42 billion that the anchors. Are available Kirk got emotional Lampard but Darche. Now what did I built. Is it opens up the eastern gulf. Of himself the mobile and it and then he miles offshore. Or Smart. And about which is recoverable. Well he's sales to occur. Now to produce about them there oil. Create 230000. New jobs. Picture over eighteen the ear to US and specific. But although our jobs are probably you know. The boat builders we you know the line on probably back through the we he had two armored. It would be our country great source. Well what this state needs right now is a a a stable funding source for the restoration of our coast in this just might be hit. The master plan is wonderful it's got a few little bumps on it that need to beyond out but the major flaw that I have always criticize or was it didn't come of the funding source and this certainly could be at the 'cause this would certainly increased in Monmouth. The goal mesa funds which is a big part of restoring the coast. Don't put that extra revenue. We increased the belt when he goes. They're typically make sure onto ballots are part choose which of the revenue our congress shall. Shared among the CoreStates. And so we were killed 500 million except under very accurately and obviously over in here addictive. Another two billion dollars Streep there Archos. Now you've also been talking about the importance of expanding oil exploration and production because it will. Cut back on the amount of form all that we are relying upon which is now from the mistaken somewhere around 20% 7% of the petroleum we consume. Comes from foreign country. AKA our enemies. It's that important vote for job related is our security. Out equipment that supports our national security strong. Vote. It can't afford it out that the cargo to the Q school joint. But also. If we're by ourselves. That further strengthen our top. And Venezuela. Some other country in the middle of it that on terror. That's another way of national security so there. They're just political support. Ya it really it appears to be America's best. Best source of increasing our economy. I don't know what else would create more jobs in more income for us with certainly we need a split national. Let. In the first quarter this year. American at the United States gross domestic product he creek. He tree now there happen to order a road called recession. They'll read vote sticky heat creek is because stalling or apply. Out cause should hold this shale plays and let that we'd be where it be shut down. Standard that activity in the outer continental shelf. So how energy. Wreck that accurate or higher are. Just met him one industry to now. Throw or wrote that he an editor bridged the first quarter this year that it is the trial thought he but he breakdown on the job. You know order rode out there because of the downturn in oil exploration. It would buy back up to a lot of that allowed him. We're talking with US senate to bill Cassidy now. Not everyone believes this is a good idea you're giving some opposition. If from one senator Bill Nelson of Florida what is Florida's argument of why they don't want this. At macondo reward they're featured Getty oil. I mean pharma. Now we point out that there this is. You all the coast so you walk out to your critics it standing on the featured in Naples water just beyond the economic curvature of the year. Accurately potato don't want to live out there on the other hand the industry is now able to check out. And to repair a blow out even when it through an altered deep level and so at some point. Yeah they're great side there and the engineers. And he can't just built on of like there are some that might. Yeah you know in. Given that they don't even wanna see the rigs in sight from the beaches I think I would feel safe in saying. That they wouldn't develop a serious infrastructure on shore and challenge Louisiana I would imagine any oil is extracted over Annette Easton golf. Would actually come through our ports. There are some art market go to mobile most of them come through it EM advocate out group fine. But let it Wear a lot of people worked offshore Coca-Cola for the country. And if you actually still working on our verdict. Artwork in and servers job and hotel on the tour in the street eager to make sure that streak aren't you more more moderate. So there are also important for those working every lark. October or. So it may see some that are built boats that are popular vote builders but he's hurt jobs for American families. And Floridians should be port chipped it much as we. Well perhaps some you know the senator from Florida may be some of his other constituents need to come over here and in Tora food show on Al was a yes today. Venturing out on the fishing trip in the conversation came up on the boat as will come out of the flotation canal. How well the energy industry and the fishing industry in the tourism industry all works so well then they really need deceit. What's gone on at food Sean because it is it's it's a classic case of law. And economic engine there and that debt does stay in harmony with the environment and yet this problem but you know needs to be done correctly. To alleviate any of those fears that the immune we gonna have another macondo blowout something like that. How well. Bring bring back your point we raised over two billion dollars over ten years or these are. And so want children increased revenue if you go back in the same like we've built in Louisiana coast. Apportioned as well what don't though and water conservation arm. A national program which postpartum and other than that and restoration of the other way. And so that's it's an additional source of revenue to populate essentially bar. While you have a very important position is being on that sent an MG in natural resources committee how does this legislation look in terms of getting past and getting support from your cohorts. Erica out he would these sort of collapsed into the chair the committee. And there's another bill submitted to open up the controversial ultimately those. And it hurt to do the same walk collapsed. Now actually. One in adult coast is probably one of the better position. The let opposition to all hours that more opposition to the Atlantic in New York. Shouldn't the work of art. It get a bill through should let it get to the Democrats because there are typically. Opposed to oil and get jobs so you're gonna get something to eat their vote or to try out. On the other hand we're putting billions toward the land water conservation on an toward restoring. We coastline. That's something environmental department. Very good senate to stay limit would come back after this break we'll talk about the other issue that you wanted to discuss about the saving the taxpayers about four billion dollars. A federal taxpayer of four billion with a B taxpayer dollars will be right back. It's the Friday edition of the think tank on WW. I welcome back into the Friday addition of the think tank a US senator bill capacities been kind enough to join us to enlighten us on a couple of issues. The second one we're gonna talk about a as the Government Accountability Office. Putting in some. Oversight and management policies of federal software licenses which you know would be estimated to save. A somewhere around a 181 million tax dollars per agency or a year. Or that would total more than four billion tock tax dollars a year. And senator Cassidy you've gotten involved in this in in trying to encourage them and actually. Donald bit of all work for them by developing some questions on how and why they might or might not be doing that. But to respect. Women and agency cited my work. And greet people can use like nick won here. It appear that by. Other potential use only to law. The federal government to shoot the ball applied over the that'll. It several. Day. For. Now. Now that made the war there and everybody that this program right now. Hey ENN several factors include have been. Oh to whine and important. Yeah and our trauma were by city. So and so ought to do there. Which saw. Our church. It just and so all it all that which you do their parts are where. Not much maybe or trouble we're fortunate that plan. Plan court. And so doing and our prayers. Could there be some hint of impropriety in that they know this is going on and not doing anything about it because of who is getting those contracts. I was sent that they are not that attached bill it because. You know it just. Someone of mud and so why bother to a little more. Award. Attention to. The problem with Washington in its Armani it is not the first and spend the money. Eight and so airport. The art work on to the law the by issues are critical part purse the money outs are part that you don't leave here with more money than. So where does the and correcting action gonna emanate from would have beef from OMB the Office of Management and Budget can make take care of this on their own here. So. Management and budget erratic they should have direct overs and her afternoon. Tea now. Pomp and so there's about 82 billion dollars. The federal government spend on software year and which is a lot of say they're. The Office of Management and Budget I want to response they'll. I'm so that's four billion dollars so take responsibility. Those step up to and that sort of challenge and do. If in fact they do not decide to to pick this up Enron with the then what's the next action the next step. Didn't do try to they'll try to get legislation and I think that would be by far I mean. You know there's no open. That we should be an import billion dollars on duplicate like. And so you are you get through congress debates we got beat by court and as a result I think we get people boat party on. Where could someone another direction come from to direct VO MB to do it without legislation because like you say. The end of the term takes an act that congress literally takes time and expense. That. Mean every minute you wait you losing money on an issue like this is this some other leadership in Washington that to direct and the do this without having to go to congress. That's what I was thinking that's where I was sent but as anyone brought this to his attention to you know. Maybe a girl attitude. To Shaun Donovan should have been CC to him. Where where play off like government accountability report. So that it known ETO. Leader just something that is just an echo look. It would be shop to get you to listen you work to meet do it. But yeah both are and so they don't need to respond or lateral bark much much. Got a some of the Cassidy you're going to be in nine parent in this afternoon give us some details of folks in my wanna come out in here which you have dissent. There's the strategic petroleum reserve to offer their error. And there's about a hundred million their own oil the government stored underground in the week Ian in check. If there's ever another oil embargo. And for whatever reason we cannot producer on oil. Unlike we now but still if it happens week in week it released devil. If there Middle East countries are starting to pull back supply and dried up ought. We get released those who wrote the stabilize that oil that as well by. So it off and earn your hand. It's important asset or national energy strategy of Goobuntu. Very good if you would and keep us informed on both of these issues as as things progress and let us know and certainly if anything at the the constituents can do to help get this along we certainly welcome that bad information too. And thank you very much senate the bill capacity again it's going to be at 3 o'clock. 2315. At the Hampton inn and suites 5150. Bones that's in Aaron. I when we come back after the bottom of the hour news then weapon Louisiana troubled association's executive directed joins us and we're gonna talk about a parallel between now being able to use marijuana. In compliance with the state law. As. Compared with catching red snapper. Is in compliance with the state law but not federal laws and a little confusion will try to straighten it out for you will be right back after the news this is the Friday edition of the think tank. You're listening to it on WW LAM. That's 870 and on the FM doll world while five point three will be right back. And welcome back into the Friday edition of the think tank and on a lot of view going to be out fishing this weekend. Three fishing weekend by the way tomorrow and Sunday the only two days of the year. Where anyone non non resident residents any age can go on in fish without a license but you must comply with all of the fishing regulations. And loss. But it's it's and it's one of those things political debate out and try to get to the strike and what you did they figure while we got hooked on to have a good fishing trip fishing has regularly been phenomenal. If you tune in tomorrow morning between them five and seven year on WWL and arrest of a network stations and in between seven and nine you'll you'll hear some excellent report. Went out yesterday out of pollution on from a WW LTV fish and game point if you didn't see it. The snapple will fly in over the side of the boat both red snapper which is supposed to be you know over harvested in the over feast in the gulf. And also some beautiful mangrove snapper fishing is very good and we have a topic to talk about for the rest of this now with Ben Weber Louisiana charter boat association's executive director of of those of you who have not heard the charter boat association which is a nonprofit organization representative of the people who do charter boat fishing here in Louisiana. They kind of got caught between different state and federal regulations the snap snap. We have different seasons Louisiana finally got fed up with federal mismanagement. And put in their own regulations in state waters and now again is another of the state says we have. House state jurisdiction of last season's for a snap of approximately ten miles the feds say no you don't you've only got to three miles. So if you venture past 3 AM before attending your recreational fisherman. This the feds could write she was citation but the state will not with that differing regulations in those waters differing season plants. We easy and is very generous with the state waters you can fish him. All year as of right now they keep monitoring the data and when they feel like the quote has been caught they can close and any time. Fed's much much tougher the recreational of handy all of ten days bestowed on us to catch snapple which is going on right now. At least the charter boat captains have been given a 45 day. Offshore seas. However the charter captains cannot participate. In this state fishing season. If they do and they are cited. By the feds they will lose a federal permit which is required to stay in business. They've got an appeal going to congressional representatives to approach the Department of Justice to apply the law similar. To the states who legalize marijuana in opposition to federal law. So this transcends just the fishing issue the bigger question becomes should stay laws trump. Federal laws and that is kind of the topic for opinion poll question if you care vote on and it's at WW all that now. Joining us now is Ben Weber who was a Louisiana to audible association's executive director and he's the guy that's. Palestinian on top of this and then we'll get into that proposed amendment that Garret graves went forward with that unfortunately failed which is. Another issue but again if you would that tell us where it stands as far as your request. Two draw parallel between states who allowed two consume marijuana in in opposition to federal law. With the same concept in in as a lot wrestle legal precedent beat Darren on here in Louisiana. Where charter boat operators can enjoy the this season in state waters that all the other citizens of Louisiana. And thank you absolutely. It seems to require ridiculous that we've been able navigate you know these sort policy and perceived role. You know loops promote the airline industry yet we can't figured out for countries you know management here that it's. It's gotten to be quite ridiculous and we have continue to try to bring more attention to our particular situation as a delegation of right now were trying to sort working with via small business committee and that is termed a cutter. His office. Their interest in the issue we've obviously. Others or tribal belt intentionally and then. In support of statement that a century and and that's great and you know all the all the issues line together that really. There's sort out the issue in this related to the charter industry and and it's that regulation. And it's just confusing nature what what will be enforced and where and now. What charter boat operator Korea that brought. I've been in your argument. Two to allow the charter boat operators to fish in the state waters and participate in the season that. All of us all the fishermen have the right to and the freedom to do. Have you been able quantify what the state would be losing I know it's not easy when you start figuring. Tourists come and Landon staying in motels and bonding money on food and everything else that goes along besides officially. Yet or a person that you know that our our leader is happy to you have received Puerto force days of pitching in the water. Obviously you know we. We don't CNET. As as in reason to be. Sort of divisive between you know the price of fish and and try our game we take people wish we take people into and so. Maybe that needs to do more or technical skills record an out of the country so all shall all. You know me personally seen and based group trying to murder is just ridiculous. I'll just throw their. Extend the outbreaks their little. And she conveys a private bankers but you know. It is it's saying that it is state of Louisiana is able to manage our featuring without doing more to it. That all sectors of traditionally should be enjoyed by law get in there now. While we do at oracle you have more days and operational. Anglers. We are essentially are participating in the state treasury whatsoever. You know we certainly have more confidence and states' ability of management. Flexibility that they it to shoot. Are on to record management. Scenarios you know make sure we would get close to our quote first court as we can't one over. But really it. If if the state management of the injuries were worse a damaging. Actual. Several children that age would come in and taken over the history or what happened banks and beat and so we are not that so clearly you can. You know statement that the chemistry that is not the and so on. You know irreparable harm to your entire central idea how to structure should be managed which I think we can become. On should department of State Department a lot of positions would be okay with a have you gotten any official word. He's the gulf management council or no law as to why did the charter captains cannot participate in the state season. At this time we've got no official word from them if you dig through the policy and that sort. The legislation and and sort of the whole world treated what are essentially tells you is. In Magnuson Stevens act what's your rotting you know sort of federal legislation ago century. Our our captain to possess struggle permits. Changed the water. They are barred from participating in state history that are not compliant with the federal. Again. The state that gonna comply. Based on what we believed to be better science and better management abilities. And capabilities. Yeah. You know the chart our leaders into law out that the current federal government has failed to record our ability. Of the state who gets a better job in this country really what we need to rebel delegation GQ on page about what year. Everyone and we can stand on the stretcher matter and and whether we get in on the issues where stretched straight opinion we are all believe in in port street management and want they all understand that are pushing that Washington. As you know congress passed due south and we've got to go straight man in the mean. We cannot allow the shorter lead which generates revenue coast community and to and as you know Brooke and all the small business owners who were troubling area. We can't continue to. Prepare temperament testing and Eritrea and and and getting out there trying to currently taking people Tricia and and pay taxes on. Import data in which continued at this great aerial force that we were waiting for statement at stake in the meantime there's got to be sold QWERTY chip and two. What are short for our league lead in a candy without risk losing the other their car got an essentially. Well bill we're gonna take a break here we come back I want you to tell us know what reaction you have got so far from a federal delegation. As far as I know what they're doing to pass this message along to the department of justice and get an answer on it and also. About what really everyone is hoping will ultimately happen and that is transfer of the management of a species that. For years the Fed's admittedly have mismanaged and give it to the state who was obviously don't know much better job we'll be right back to listening. The Friday edition of the think tank on WW. Now a talk with Louisiana charter boat association executive directive been wherever. The charter boat association economic caught in a quandary here it was feds say one thing all legal. I keeping a red snapper in federal waters in in the state says in now waters we going to. Allow the fishing to continual longer period of time 45 days given the total votes ten days only given to recreational. Band before we get into what the response has been from our elected officials that you contacted about draw on the parallel to. You know whether a federal law would trump they state law vice Versa and also about the possibility of I guess it'll take another session now that it's been defeated of transferring. The management of that species from the federal government to the state but I got some of the texted. And one boxes made a statement chart is already get 34 more days in the in the Rex in federal waters why should they deplete state waters I can answer them and I'm bill it eutectic. Bill first thing out. I didn't make the decision about ten days apart and anglers that just. In my opinion ridiculous. Cue ball girl ten days of the private church and then let them look you know I grew up. Doing a lot of partition on. I'd give it is it's it's not are we to understand the position of probably anglers. I'm here it's. We are happy to have 44 days and keep in mind your taking people tradition who maybe don't have the means get out and do it over don't have money to invest in their own boat. Our own insurance all the main street sort of thing. We are not the bat catcher in steadily we want the fishery sure. All citizens that we that come here to enjoy this one resource we've got. Sure I'm not going to be again that folder and chew trying to trying to try your order which say is. Estate is better suited to manage the country if they believe that this picture can support. The type of season in the tackle regulations are putting more and I would say why shouldn't. Lee be allowed to access that Fincher and participate in history I would I would challenge in England to explain me. Why I don't think there would be our you know. Situation where shall we can all compete private anglers and and take drastically. Disproportionate. Malcolm. Digital he's. Well the monitoring system that the state is doing now that that would not be easy to do because it would shut down sooner. But again people need to remember this is not just. I handful to audible operators given a budget that is the people that it taking their recreational fishermen and that it Anthony's fish on their boats. Ben before around that time what has been in the responsive and you've gotten from senate it is theater are. Perhaps graves of rich reached yard Fleming and isn't Cassidy we just had only just a few minutes ago. Oh. Right now we we have not. Seeing the supporter of the response that we would like and that's just artistry we need each you have more dialogue. Well we have got few conversations goal. A committee. That that are opposite obviously. Congressman raises. Is advocate force statement through history and it is working. You know orchard to try to make that a reality amendment to poll here recently but you know we're hopeful that they management. It is a new reality in the meantime. We are specifically. Seeking exit that Smart federal delegation will bring some clarity. And sort of let it be Andy. Excuse me do what we can't can be yours legal and we can't leak that's. All right thank you very much Dan appreciate the time at least you gotta post it on both of these issues as we get a little deeper into. Nine and whoever charitable association executive director. I would come back down mental take on some of these text at a cumin and also that it was coming up in the noon hour of the think tank right view in the big 870 WW. All right coming up next owl are gonna tell you about the passing we say goodbye to my all time favorite listener and called to this program. Also talk about is LSU Louisiana's team. And the upcoming creel commander festival and Jamie stay with a male wanna respond to your text.