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6-5 12pm Don Dubuc, LSU

Jun 5, 2015|

Don asks callers if LSU is Louisiana's team and talks to French Market Corporation Marketing Director Amy Kirk about the 29th Annual Creole Tomato Festival.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's Don good afternoon as the Friday edition of the think tank our number three thanks for being with a sweet appreciated that I got another great hour Arafat call in talk in sexton. Things you denial of the talk about. Boy gets started on this hour's main topic I didn't want to make mention of the passing of someone activists it'd my favorite all time listener and call in radio. And her name was Lynn Marino. And that may ring a bell with you land was paying them Pamela can mores mother. And if you remember Pam can animal was one of the those women that was abducted and killed by serial killer Derrick Todd Lee. And Lynn. Made it a emission. Two. A goal after this guy and follow him and hopefully bring about the his ex occasion which he was sentenced to. She was a driving force and she was always ready and an avenue at what time that whenever we go on the topic of capital punishment on crime. Would hear a voice she would be listening and you'd call in and she had such passion and you know voice you did you know there's such a thing in radio. That's a term called riveting radio. And when you hear it you know it's something that's going on on talk radio when you may be and you call in your on you waste someplace. And you don't get out the car you've got it just hold Jeanette really cheap to the radio. And that's the kind of voice and conviction that that Lynn Marino hand. And she was she went to FBI headquarters she became the speaker there she was a spokesperson for victims and citizens against crime. She got very active in injustice infected the phrase came out justice for Pam justice for all. Really. Just a staunch lady and supporter of of law enforcement in in just punishment and unfortunately she passed away a couple of weeks ago on religious found out about it we say good bye but certainly not forgotten Lynn Marino. I other things going on this weekend all we got a fishing rodeos going on in you know it's become very popular. Is our alumni association fishing rodeos tomorrow. I'm going to be at the twentieth annual on the net for all twenty of them serving his wing master for the Rommel alumni fishing rodeo and family festival. That wing fish in a fishing right now on day one in there will be winning fish at shell beach on this evening and then again tomorrow morning early. And the way station moves over to the campus on some learn as a family festival bring the kids that goes on from two to six. Three. Where fishing rods for the kids as stunned by CCA. This snow balls is alive and attainment music. Alligator petting zoo wildlife and fisheries comes up and sets up an aquarium. It's going to be over a very nice event again that's going to be tomorrow whether Israel good sufficient. Charge bishop Shaw. Also has their fission rodeo scheduled this week and that's going to be open defeated a legal fees on the marina. Is whether still handling bears it was unusual one year of the year following Katrina. Because the east side coming got wiped out there was no infrastructure. The Rommel rodeo actually moved in at the same time as the Shaw rodeo and handle competition going between the schools besides the athletics at low fishing competition and that was a lot of funds have been locked all those fission those two. Also I was down a solution on not taping the dubbed a guilty the fishing game report yesterday didn't see it walk out some. Beautiful red snapped at a big red snapper in trouble we went out there and done you can limit out on you red snapper and about two minutes. It's it's it's boring Lewis but anyway the point is the eighth annual Catholic high alumni rodeo is gone on the aired Moran marina that was set in the tents up. Is now believing in them that would really growing in popularity. And I think later on in the month. The 23 annual blue Jay efficient rodeo that got the oldest. Fishing rodeo among all those brother Morton has won two now and it's gotten very very popular do that Mel is a great way to get out efficient and competitive. Setting but also off folks that haven't seen each of long time these alumni associations. Get together I'm so that's all fishing orient and of course will run down some more and have some more coverage for you tomorrow we talks serious mission five of the 7 AM. On Saturday mornings and and from seven and nine of thirteen fifty assist the station. But which brings me to a Texan I'm. In this one comes in from Jamie into lawless and Jamie says. Of all the real serious issues that affect Louisiana. All choose to talk about the issues weighed ago. Huge slow clap. That's from Jamie. Jamie com for Kosovo. I don't know who says every issue we talk Obama has to be serious issues that affect the Louisiana in. But second of all if you don't think that I Louisiana to audible association. Is it is in the recreational fishing as of value to it in effects. Louisiana and in a serious way you'd mistaking you do some more research on that. I am in. The sides that is a bigger factor a bigger question that that whole situation brought up because we get conflicting laws. I mean if you get a ticket and you efficient seven miles around in. The Coast Guard a Fish and Wildlife Service right Chu a ticket. And you go before a judge and you produce state laws that say you're well within your rights to do that in and got a conflicting federal law and you asked the judge which launched a while bay. In giving and it's gonna throw that out and that's a bigger questions so Jamie. I don't know maybe on the B need to become a program director and if we'll get your own show NCs originals so much about it anyway. That being said that brings me to LA issue that's our main topic this now I was thinking about this because of the big game this weekend axes series the the super regional LSU taking on you know well. And wondering about it'll LSU. Regis does so big the so powerful in the NCAA in the SEC. They it. Wow it would be considered them the Louisiana team you know how they have always used to be Dallas and who it is now it's America's team may be doing the even have a specific America's team that does Louisiana have a state team when it comes to college athletics. I'm in a way asking your opinion poll is LA issue will we easy Anna's team. End of conversation simple. Yes and no we've got a lot of other schools with athletic programs. And now I'm kind of wondering Ellis you've gone is that the majority of statewide and support. Funding through many sources. Certainly get more media attention than any of the university. Do those universities and and I like to hear from may be some athletes of former athletes alumni from some of those schools. Is they're kind of a little bit of resentment or even jealousy. When it comes to L issue. A lot of you probably don't realize says relish use eminent great season and they can't be denied that isn't gonna chance they will become national champion this year. But did you realize that Delgado team right here from the wall is just came back from the junior college World Series in Colorado. And you know we hear so little about some of the of account nickel state athletics don't hear much about that into wall NG healed in about two lane. In some parts of the state you will lamb southeast and gets a little bit Southern University UN notice a lot of Mamas. My question is now we've really overly aligned with LSU sports because of the big dog in the Southeastern Conference and in any NCAA. And if so why is it isn't right that they should be and they Arnett. In his or are they deserving. And also I would like to get your opinion on a topic which we actually talked about the beginning to show when an. Took Calvin on asking what was he gonna do with those those tickets that he gets in case you haven't heard of the most people women now. Legislate tours in Louisiana. Have access that'll get a free. They get the bottom but they've got access first dibs. On tickets to little Ella fuel in the Lafayette NCAA. Super regionals to team we matching up it's become one of the most hotly contested tickets there is. Lafayette only get 600 total. And for their fan base most of whom are going to be given the scene season ticket holders from L issue and that's only if there. But 288. Tickets are set aside the state senators and representatives to each. The 67 dollars is what the face value is put. What is the value of those I have heard as high as 900 dollars a ticket they go on for on some of these web sites. Which is pretty incredible. Should legislators get the jump on them or should they have the gist of they want ago they stand in line. And cartel but asked him what he was doing he said he turned his down he refused to blind. I guess to be put into the you know whatever amount there is sold at the gate and up until the point game diamond. People will be stand in line and shooting get in there so that's some thoughts about LSU sports like to hear from in fact as some information came out this morning. It was a story about Ross diligently advocate about how strong LSU draw is on the digital platform. And SEC network Lawson I think some of those statistics on open for you. Pretty pretty staggering when you when you compare it to of the universities will be right back to listening to the Friday edition the think tank on WW I'd tiger nation WW your home for the LSU fighting tiger baseball tomorrow Ellis she takes on you know Lafayette in the NCAA super regional and Alec. And I criticized it is. Somebody texted me last week and said Don it's Alec with a seat box. But then Osce accounts of Alex box everywhere he of people saying Alex also assembled say Alec. I think it's probably one of those things that has become acceptable to the Wayne. I think AL EC was correctly in May be reached presidency. Think the man's name was Alec cannot Alex but so many people have said Alex it's actually become law proper to say and I think as a see it written print. As well as here on all economies. Alex it does one LSU sports dot net says Alex can't win them. They may be Alec has been used so many times in correctly that's become acceptable which devil we know the place for Thomas a baseball stadium. Then that is also homeless Gilbert feel I countdown has tigers vs occasion that begins at 3 o'clock that'll be the big chief Deke Bellavia. He'll have a sidekick was in Christian guarantee Bobby bare. Live from Baton Rouge then you can test pregame with Jim off on that will be starting Saturday night at 630 then at seven. And then it's game number one LSU vs ULL game two will be Sunday. Either add 5 or 6 o'clock regardless you can join Deke with Christian T Bob for the countdown show starting at 2 o'clock both of those gains by the way. Will be on both the big 870 AM and 105. Point three. FM and that will be L issue based Holloway ignore him and Jim Hawthorne to a baseball long he will be retired ethnic to that end of the basketball season. Gonna do football one more year do basketball and in. There will be a replacement who will be announced on no they haven't narrowed down last week we would talk in two. Brian as a parent he said they would down to about ten finalists for that position to become the new voice of the illness she tied. The voice of Louisiana's team maybe a stick on the poll question asking you. Is LSU really Louisiana's. Team's 77%. Saying yes. 23%. Saying no and if in fact that is the case is that there. To the other schools that we've got you know most of the other. Neighboring states and probably those throughout the nation there's at least two. That pretty much on a par as far as fan bases you know is always going to be one edge in the other bit Louisiana. As far as sought publicity. And money in prestige and you've got to say it's LA issue alone formula I and show oldest. Above any of the university mean Ole miss has got a farm in Mississippi State's right there. Alabama and Aubin those those to communicate and actually hatred there Florida Florida State it's several universities in Texas but. To a lot of people that really only one worth talking about in Louisiana that cell issue how do you feel about it I'd you can call us at Bible for. 2601870. Or you can text is an 87870. Please remember a couple of things about texting keep you message short to the point. And also text responsibly in laws say that. I mean don't text and drive it's illegal use a designated driver a few going to be texting. Looking up not to export a lot of times we get Eric Tex I know they that meant for honest so. This one's for Dylan in case bill and you didn't get the text this one was Hewitt says Dylan are you on yet. I was gonna pick you up at 3 PM give me call when you canceled Dylan please call whoever that is that is attempting detects. I'd here's one that just says Loyola Nomo with that is that is just simply one word oil. Another one's at tech remember these are not mine opinions necessarily this is from the people like you listen to the radio program. It says I didn't think people care about nickel state or pivotal it's nice to know that others at least know about us considering that a former saints players at training camp described does. As the inside of the Toyo. Estimates that who would if you text me back Collison you know what Malia do we attribute that quote to a formal play amateur about that. Here's one that that doesn't like the poll. Said Don the polls kind of silly of course the LSU fans will say yes. In the rest of us know. I don't wanna school like LSU that puts a laugh Atlantic's ahead of academics. Representing me. Does it infected that. Is approved. Oh. There's another one I heard he this is with regard to whether it's Alex box with a seat. Alex Wood and Xbox. Stadium. I heard his he liked his name to be announced now. That's why it's renounce differently then it's spelled. So it's Alex with a next that would have announced that Alec OK got Chico. His one is John Ferguson available don't thanks though. Boy John Ferguson for those who view. Don't go back three GM off on days he was the voice of the LSU tigers in the spent many a night and hunting camp's listening to him. Talk about the N and broadcast the only issue football games. Here we go of the names say at all Louisiana. State University we are those state university. But is it really Louisiana's. Team. When people think of college sports from this state is an automatically go to LA issue. Without any the only is a vote in for southern university and you know pilots and others to act. You wanna get in on that is simply 87871. Vote on the poll WW all dot com at 77%. Saying Allah issue. Is indeed Louisiana's team 23% saying no. And we also take your phone calls that Bible for. 260187. He will be back did you just sent right after the news this is the think tank Fridays now on the big 870 WW. I'm asking the question is LSU Louisiana's. Team I'll the way Dallas was once effectively referred to as America's team the saints. The year they won the Super Bowl that was some people saying that of the saints on America's team. On does America really have a team does Louisiana actually have 1871%. Of you say yes is no issue. 29%. Say no it's not to hear from you the way do you think community is it isn't fair. Should we concentrate on May be giving some of these of the universities. Are more attention. Let me get to the text here com this one says definitely L issue. Is Louisiana College team no other state pulls the audiences they do go tigers. If in fact they on Louisiana's team. And they aren't they deserve. Another says so Louisiana Tech is two NFL hall of fame personnel from Danny. And this one no statement on the argument about it and universities that puts athletics held ahead of academics. When you hear millions of cuts to university academic budgets vs millions of dollars and it is stadium. In football programs who represents who. Before you make that rash statement I would suggest you look up how much money. The athletic fund. Gives to the university. And whether that money their investing in the athletics is not worth that in order to help. Support the university district and a descent. There's another live tip for thirty years LSU is not my team roll died. Go save the nation is at Jordan eagle text in the now I want. Got a but he says age ideas once as a no one mentioned LSU national golf championship. Burnett to. I here's one in response to who was which saints and compare this to the inside of toilet I believe it was Kyle Lewis said that to a local paper some media outlet. I remember reading that is a quarter newspaper match from one of my text elements and that's when the he said that on nine maybe someone else or if he did. Let's go to the phone lines. Get Terry in Slidell Terry thanks for the call what do you think. Don't bark on the spot result are paying a lot of people in this state. But these are only one school in the state of Louisiana. Is Allah issue and I got checked about athletic program. LSU bill edit on state. No revenue is debatable we yeah it was all private donations. It was called number GA yeah so we are and what he's talking about. LSU that what program last year mate get the one million. Not know what those who stay out it's no money. We give no money from the apple stated it that's what. Okay LSU the only school in space you will not sell whatever Albany in whatever they used in this week that make them happy. You know how much as we get a no win situation. Because there are already instate school at all. There are holes and wraps around beaten LSU to beat when back east they were. Income. It's going to be apparently well. And you apparently is about as revenue from the state of higher education. And salute should. You are no doubt combine. Well well my bro you got I. Britain and USL. Call themselves they have the Mumbai Egypt where schools. And and and also its athletic program and other produce money it'll make money maker can't programs are no it. A lot of people. And it only one school statements tell you to. Right time got to Derek thanks for your call lied to 60187. The or you can text the city seventy eights and let's go to Jim in river ridge here what he's thinking about it not think tank today Jim what you get. Jim Zorn until. There will be other dairy and does a charge so they in Louisiana State University I wanna say it was each and took doll. Some ago I'm just curious to what it is and anybody else as an owner so old Beatles or. Anybody which coronary royals. What service do you have. Our service which or. Then it will it's a state challenge it probably would be on everybody's bill obvious on and it looked at mine on all checked you wanna get back but I'm I'm curious history. Yeah there's a lot of stuff they sneak in on that water bills electric bills and everything else. I'm the other problem I reach a certain dollar colonial issue which I don't. Come up we will look into trouble. Jim what about a question is LSU really Louisiana's team. Not really the state schools you got stuff. Soon go to an old school little blunder by the state Belichick might be would argue it just gets the majority our bodies money so. Jim thanks for the call and will investigate that cell phone charged colonial issue I don't know what that's all about. Are thank you have a good weekend. I was gonna get calls in all they jump and all again he knew it was gonna aggravate him he he he stirred up a hornet's nest we'll get to some calls about Terry and slide l.'s all. Right after this time not listening to the think tank on the big 870 WW. I'd it has been revealed that LA issue SEC games this year averaged nearly 20000. On line viewers. Gives you an idea on that was. That bill lowest viewership for a game on line. Was 111000 against Grambling and that was more than the highest viewed baseball game for any other SEC team. I think these statistics were a little bit deceiving when actually. A guy who is you know Internet challenge like me up figured on when bar roku is you know they'll issue again it would not come in on the SEC network to EB. They were common on via the Internet so I had to figure out how to hook it up and finally got to open up like a lot of other people did. Average of 20000 they drew 35843. People. Watching on the Internet on one of the games it was against Alabama believe on April 4. But I think it was a conspiracy ethnic SEC wanted to build that that that plus channel and Internet channel. So they intentionally kept number one LSU games off of the in the SEC network channel. Regular television. Ridiculous rate policies still cable. In and not Internet cable on satellite which have associate them to get to TV. And ought to build it up and take only thing complain about it was a close watch a lot of those gains in Iran one commercial. That Samuel Jackson what's in your wallet gets old time to watch every weather was the top of the into the body and that was the only commercial they ran. And you know who wish they get some more commercials which I think they will now when they see the response they've gotten I think they used Dell issued to do it just mop. Imus get effective tax board is one that says if by Louisiana team we mean the team. That is the biggest fan base that generates the highest revenue as a sells the most branded merchandise. Gone as the most media coverage in the answer is all of the above. LA issues UT's. Matalin says go green east Tulane all the way. And then I'm getting a lot of fire at that Terri from Slidell. This woman says guys like that is why I don't like gala this year you know he's being referred to in the name calling as a bonehead and he's a clown. And other people's and that's why they hate mail issue because of people like him. Another one says he's very close minded typical little issue. Mental and said just elaborate on what he calls though she was one of only three major colleges at the Atlantic program subsidizes the college. Not college subsidizing you know athletic very good point. His one much of that actors won't mention that. Another one says you better be careful insinuating that that other sports in Louisiana besides LSU is images picked up there and footballs and go home. Noble says so our recent polls saying I weary you will ship because I went there. US ideology shirt because you went to wal. Shenae I'm less get to see Jay in Slidell line threes up forest. Jane. They'd are very young do you think it is not. Yeah well. Dummy I got picked the trade are well all we are seeing people are out there can be. Leader if you were all colleges right. Well yeah now laws but if you'd really be honest with you at that gala shoes actually now without draw. Sinks in because it doesn't appeal many other parts of the state yet we keep that one week left in that and find out. They have done that you know would you you know more on him follow the saints oil issues ethnic issue is one problem. Well Laporte at our due respect for for a huge football program together extra or tradition. They wore during actual championships. All of in they do that while the actual well certainly Japanese garbage overly Nick Saban changed. I mean it totally in the laps. You know fifteen years that they can return you all. You know law significant national parliaments. All of thought I'd get Joseph a lot of the other sectors it. People like period that make me not like oh shoot much picture arbiter these people saying there. They're just their their true and they're fanatical about oil and pitched just well although. Well. But all of our member a couple of years ago result. While watching. Much you Alabama game in L rule local Turkish establishment. It got a little bit to direct as well people that was nurtured for a shoo in our member it was the fork down and that lock picker for the field goal. They're just kind of said now watch and shake your support ATA and aiding and those report she'll be just stricker is. I kind of predicted what EPA you know they acted like a cause it's spelled like dollar and just you know. And you'd it just it's there's so many out there like that. It and it took me it just made it takes away from. All you know being like it immediately shortly. You know full ball quicker victory their their disrespect. Oh you what you're saying is instead of good old passionate it's more over rudeness. It's it's you know somewhat flat out blew the Q. Sorry in. Can open a lot people don't know about you waiting. You have to have a war of the most prominent football. Programs in the tortured back in the thirties and forties it's like Notre Dame and yet they were yeah it it would be great to see you saying. Return chew. In your children national club at all. But our ports later academic standards are probably Q. And they got an out of state alumni base two that's not right vested in this area that's a problem they've had for quite a few years Jay thanks for the call appreciate and have a good weekend. I would come back after this some more non serious issues would talk about. Amy do was as gonna join us and talk about the upcoming tomato creole tomato that is. Festival at the French market back with that right now of Dennis. And at the risk of being criticized for talking about non serious issues is another loan for you if you think Bruce Jenner it is and panel on cutting edge in these transgender transsexual changing his sex from Brewster. Caitlin of the new in the official world I believe it's called androgynous in a several species of fish. That is a normal reproductive. Activity actually changes sex I guess we'll talk about that tomorrow on the patient. It's called androgynous. Anyway let's talk about something else that while depend on how you look at it could be serious and I answers would bring in Amy. And kids to do was. Now how to do I guess I got it right half marketing director of French market cooperation. Talk about wanting to 29 years annual creel to make of this movement going on fire and is set for next weekend tell us what we can expect the season. Well we're gonna estimated commit estimated the court that ban and now at their primary we're in talent to be back of course I'd generation and training here at they. They're gonna be year our primary ballot and then got three blocks it out are mean music stayed back on. Is deep and the right near the men there and there you know it we market is great crops in the market where. Mania the baby will be shut up and of course if they'd be going teacher crowd made it this year is that we have that break. And drain. And count the trap. And who are currently to create silent art call serving up to make additions and I think it took or that they need help one. Can dished. That could in time and in that capping wrapped today as we're at it eating contests on the same page on Sunday. Managing and that's Alley. We can broker thigh. Kind toward a much we got it. Wonderful area that's perfect setting up keep things like Patrick hall and crafted and paying and not far from Matt is actually wary confine our means cat about to stage the Obama should be. Cocktail that spectacle so that they knew that the meeting street your. It activities are back to and a T eight at the bear in the military edict ages. Twelve it is. And a culinary stage without the demonstration. It's at about five states a total. All right so let's sit next weekend June 13 and fourteenth at the French market and Amy don't forget memo warp element special recipe. That fishing creel to main attack already doing that. Now that is going to be a good source and supply of creole tomatoes are wanna let folks know they they welcome the get that recipe among web site. And Don the outdoors guy that common if you like the download it and pass some out to the folks there. I worked real hard number real proud that recipe. That's a great year the art. Very good while have a great rest of Lola nugget tucked into gaming on the irony. Amy do was the French market corporation's marketing director. Talking about Nick's weakens creel we have a festival for almost everything including creel to me it is. I that's gonna wrap it up for me Angeles coming up next with trending still have our staff in here. Little bit of news trending I'll be back tomorrow morning dark and only 5 AM for the outdoor show. In seven of nine will be on thirteen 53 WO going to be talking about some of those fishing rodeos coming up over the next few weeks we got a ton of them and other non serious issues for the weekend will see them.