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6-8 7:10pm Bobby & Deke: on NFL QBs and LSU baseball

Jun 8, 2015|

Bobby & Deke take calls on whether the NFC South QBs are worth the money and talk LSU's chances in the College World Series.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Egg eating a lot of for the final out of sports talk open arms the entire hour to 60187. Of look at more to some of the topic we're talking about little football AFC south in the sights. We did that two week being the media OT eighties so practices organized team activities is the correct term over the abbreviation for what NFL teams do in the off season. And then now one week from around the saint will be on the eve of their annual mini camp that he's a Tuesday. The sixteenth to seventeenth and the eighteenth it take place next week it is open to the public obviously however is meeting with that will be next week in the in the Saints solo. Have a bit more time I'll finish up the week and in the a break before they go to the Greenbrier at the end of July. And before you know Saints will open up the pre season. With that game tickets are Baltimore in the pre season and now we are here with football so talk about that the residents outlets operate at war that you poll is online at WW dot com. They are the highest seed left the number to see the LSU fighting Tigers. Do you think LSU would at all at the college World Series this year photo want to take this city seventy. 870 right now and the opponent to be deterrent for the LSU tiger at the top of the first in the fourth super regional finale. He's TCU's zero Texas natives he wrote the winner faces L if you Sunday at 2 PM. In Omaha at the college World Series and topical for a winner take all super regional final. He had no Alou would feel if he's the Louisville cardinal from the ACC trailing the cal state Fullerton Titans one to zero. But it at the end of last now we're talking about the LSU Tigers another gym for the program the second overall pick in the 2015. Major League Baseball draft. Go to Houston Astros it is Alex Bregman. He go to the Astros and Bobby now talk about. While the other leagues don't have their drafts are what college seasons are wrapping up with football basketball and so forth. But baseball goes and we got a few people that on into Qaeda so let's go to JW. On Lyle wants been patiently waited TW thank you for calling their PW yeah. Okay Debbie how are you. Did every day today. He did it in all right JoAnne batteries go help us out doses Hedo Joseph thank you for calling them beat their view. I think. This trip it's our seniors and college eligible. Athletes that are eligible for the draft right. Yeah they're out to right that my understanding. Okay so you guys who's seen him now and just let me obviously baseball and ended grant and so. After. Their World Series. I who's seen it will be trying to. There are a joke that'll be too weak at Sony two weeks yet you haven't and you can have more festive atmosphere when he. Two weeks examined to him in my service and as soon as our school athletic count on the all yes it could be advantages. Mean. I don't know what I'm not the college World Series. Perhaps after the Super Bowl and it. If they always had time to the World Series besides schools seniors. They'll act if they wanted to that they went to college it would be helpful for what. Don't know we've got yet they acting Davey you may be visit the annual what we were saying you put it why doesn't interfere with college athletics. If fourth and not in a few college athletics it would only be could be held up Tubal weeks. Right at that they caught it and try to promote this and we're not really would not talk about basically baseball it would have been trying to put mold this. Or because we televise everything now you look at that the NFL draft what that's become look at the NBA draft I'm just and you have more people maybe in considered that you talked to go to Major League baseball channel. But I ours an audience. Where if you weighed I think you'd have more interest. And I haven't right now that it dollar could be Joseph. They dove high school players. That obviously got to know enough about you know the farm system. And led the playing rookie baseball lore here and guide aid doubly troubling and all that. And what the projected. Like you'd be interested could be you know was crazy job I think. Alex Bregman. He really will have the time I'll make you be national champs. And and row and Astros. It's bag and it does show up and it that you continue to play baseball. Ruin the thing and anyway Iraq is Ryan Burnett is when he's gonna go yet and earned it up or to talk about what you don't know you will we win any week out robbed him preface it a lot opposite closers who all of them. The college World Series bobbled that that was our point you know because it's only. Basically I think the champ if you if he stretches all the way out. The final series what's thought to Lorca. Two weeks on the day and you look at it the twenties he would be over it by about 47 the 28. So they waited to have to drain at the end in which you brought up with a low point it would get a feel we're a young man coming to the Knicks past school year all or start a college count the year. Because at that thought the. All with Annette that was the point and get it now one that deacon Joseph of this Cubs in the play that OK Alex Bregman does that add more pressure because you the second overall game and and in oh. And because all of a sudden you're on the biggest stage regular college groceries indeed but what if he would top pitcher. And all of a sudden you write in effort surrounding you get shellacked the. All of the sudden I didn't hear what about an Indian mound you mean it you know I don't know cause you know I'm beyond what I have no problem with them don't know what. You know as he does do you handed off being you and your family say okay you negotiate this contract while up while I'm here because. The point Bobby the Astros go did you mean as soon as he know what college so I would imagine now the ball as. The do we with a steal movement as far as the contract is concerned. Social he could go to media packet you focus on that and you know it's our immediate and be surprised if focus. All on net and not that he would put. In the back of my head I'm thinking like OK I wanna win tickets he would bring the seventy LSU but also as a huge huge safety bit on that trip he broke so because like. Now I'm number two pick in the trainer it's only a matter that they work well with some luck this about our. Yes and talk about the draft obviously the kid that was taken third extra high school. But I mean colleges drafted third overall they no way you go to college. Yeah yeah you've gone straight. It's a Major League Baseball as far as we get an opportunity get in that team's system and I think that's is so frustrating morning any other sport rather. In the coach urban area are and not Cushman a bit of coach miles of football and basketball and I coach Marion baseball. I'd against the Bulls typical job as you can have a great. Recruiting class not I don't know they were gonna tweak the rules or something that you can maybe have a kid committed to you. Began what he did Nunez to give you an answer in August or something. Right. It's what they go to their first class probably what they go to a classroom. And they lose they're on aircraft that I think what. It's three years taught what went wrong and. Did you have and what is that the I think it was a jewels and dig at top pitcher. Bought that ever won well LSU tiger fans who come on. And he's waiting waiting and that was that there was sacked. On Rothenberg a does that create a few years yes that he and he was for the Pirates eighty it was a it was a top eight but he wasn't you know it hasn't looked at it but the Pirates. They kind of knew how big he was gonna go to LSU date at the wanna say he gave him if you want to record with a close to a record bonus because. Of where he was drafted it was kind of a unique. I don't know Ryan and an odd ordinarily I at all in all of us thought coach did Jerry's body on him and not so yes yeah. You want to go to the par. Yeah I I tell you led it to its that's a difficult a situation for me if you. Now as a family. In always via the kid that has that ability. And and your first round draft pick out of high school to me. You can always go back to college. Of the tibia first round draft pick in Major League Baseball that you got to take the money you can always go back at the college that's that's what I think. Could I could you see guys entering college. And they might get draft well I'll wanna do better in college again drafted higher. You know that cat and mouse game as far as you know. You know potential career. But that has to be the heart is date the ego when you think about it in recruiting. Game Ellis should expect the best of the best but to be almost too good. That garnered Major League and never put an elegy tiger uniform. Yeah at. It's invoke those top programs that Bobby and it's it's a posted it to us that they do it again and you talk about it code is the most. A top tier players clicking it apart but that the death at the bit to beat a great high school player of in the most albeit a 66%. Of the scholarship that's the most thought they get them at that game via. And though Europe Europe coats and you've got to so all of that. And you may be ten key about it might be you know he might be the best player in the country. You might be like the third best player on UT right you you say okay what wanted to got 66 puts it in UK like forty something it. You'd think about it tuchman thank you both keep equipment and it is difficult well no doubt about it. If Korea and began you probably can look this up right critical mark can them give mark a little homework assignment but it B Anderson to see you know I'll the stars are aligned kind of like you look Allen's bring his career. 'cause I know he was a flat out stud coming out of New Mexico. And in his in his seat where he was drafted coming on a high school. And deciding to go to L issues and it stayed Ellis shoot he's probably been drafted is probably the third time he's probably been drafted. I'm just guessing. Are you considering his eligibility. And and you got to see it blow it the devil. Worked out he's in your contract yet they tracked them all the way the guys that I think it down the road dumping him being patient. And ankle in the college route will be in the second overall pick know that that's in the lottery. No doubt about it with tickets I'm out there will come back and it Drew Brees the new head and shoulders above everyone. From the quarterback position getting antsy so who not only with the leader in passing yards in the south in with the lead in the NFL Matt Bryant was at five. And that you have to go back now Annika would look at all the different and is it especially Canada. Just dynamic decor because the parents of a team that's built differently Talladega without an agent a week it's somewhat judge in this instance I don't know yet F as that is in truth though only one who won assembled. It was exactly no doubt about Carolina has paid. Atlanta has paid yet you don't expect that as Kubel added yes yes we'll go have a contract that's what they expect the Super Bowl victory. So we'll come back and talk about that this is sports talk ought WW it. And welcome back to sports talking is the case game Bobby ain't fair I'm beat Bolivia. 601870. Texas at 878 Sammy super regional action LSU takes care of business they defeat they always generating K it's two games to none they advance to the college World Series their first game is Sunday at 2 PM here. On tiger radio they'll be Serbia for the college World Series. And they will face either Texas Stadium or TCU those two teams or just unaware of the top of the second the Aggies in the horned frogs or scoreless. In the Louisville super regional the wanna move on also. They'll be on the side of the bracket where LSU it's it's Louisville and cal state Fullerton knotted up at one apiece. In the top of the thirtieth. Well as you've taken all vote on a lot of operating at or opinion poll at WW real. Dot com 3100 million dollar quarterbacks and number one pick in the 2015 NFL draft. Make up the starting signal callers in the NFC south when they rank in the south what do they ranked. In the NF fail we know Drew Brees got he's the deal a few the few seasons ago after the Saints want to be a Super Bowl. And then of course most recently a two seasons ago local that if you beat two seasons. Matt Ryan got a nice five year contract extension worth a 103. Point 75 million dollars and Bobby. Can't do this got he's deal. This a couple of weeks ago and you would think that the Europe destruction of the quarterback of the National Football League. That if he goes he's supposed to do it a few years. That a guy like James went it would be imposition of Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck is those dazzled and it Atlanta from that young prep let the few years ago. That are expected to be in the 100 million dollar category. Well they got it hurts them today which. I rooted Allen heard it. There is a wide stuck in my head lower. Talking among quarterbacks now Torre. Give an example. Like the nineteenth highest paid quarterback he's 32 starters. And grind it it was like that averages like twelve million. Peak I remember back in 89 miles Colvin now. That. I was the nineteenth highest paid it wasn't even a million. Or you don't Sixers have doubts about night whose. Bright. Ride those close to ground yet no fans aren't out at our annual auto yes the the Kuwait the waves them or did you counselor on Madson just shows you. All the revenues. And look at who put Lewis. Who who was it the hot highs for you gotta deal with Marino Montana who was not the guy you know I don't maravent argued today did stat what I do remember I would think it could be somebody in your client while I'll 'cause I was part of history and I could say maybe I was overpaid and but it's all about leverage. You night in 1985. When I came in the US have now the National Football League. Joseph Montana. As the largest signing bonus and in NFL history. Which at that time I've got to lead story it was like 700. 85 miles. It was I myself learned that re ignited singe moment Danny ready once the Ruble. When here I am leaving the rest of fell and as a free agent kind of like Warren Moon leading Canadian football is leaving United States football league. So that is the only two to 86 year yeah you know go to the 85 year. Okay go on a fact yeah this I've played back to back seasons when street from the spring summer to the fall like involved in 44 games in one year. But to put OK okay yeah of the people about that is. What you to about a month and he just give people ideas about how about a price structure is it. That we have Montana and it's this couple seconds to go right so it just shows you the market and how now is the TV revenue everything it's ridiculous but. Going back to there that's when the Seattle Seahawks were in the AFC west. With the Raiders that way and even. And NFC team at that time they were an AFC. And mine head coach Charlie's of their images of passed away while missing about a month ago. And he was Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator when they beat. The Redskins in the candidate in that ten movies Super Bowl. When he was my head coach while davis' body buddies out Dave's is always. I don't know practices. And so. Lo and behold. And the media that was speculating. And we lost in the championship that year that Baltimore stars I was in Oakland. I'll play it by by the ORACLE Arena in Oakland coliseum. We went to the champ ship but we lost. But you know the media was speculating though Bobby Hebert signed sealed and delivered. To to the Raiders. Because their relationship and Al Davis and Charlie's on the well lo and behold the Seahawks game a bit of pitchers and not so fast we wanna get involved so they got thought I was gonna go to Seattle. 08. Hole. A hole total is it a bit because it's that this is it I don't know Bobby people in his own department urges but I always try to answer different question I'll think of him and that's before. What was it with they create. With the all solid ground and if he well he brings you know if they oh OK I've got. They had Jim Zorn and in a transition from Jim Zorn today I had it and and they would away unnecessarily. I think he was the one Mike McCormick. Was the general manager and when necessarily sold. Well on Dave Craig and a date Greg and I believe a great career played NC 1718 seasons. But they weren't necessarily sold on them and so low and behold I went to Seattle and be just to put in perspective. They were gonna give me a 500000. Signing bonus and something shoot it and you know I'm going to Seattle how's everything paid now. And that's him is debatable of the Saints. And governor has got a problem the whole. Then you know you get to a Ortiz bargaining for you are eager income average. You know you have some say so. So all of a sudden agency it will though. You know don't silence out of it because the things wanna bring year. It's like element San Antonio to practices and one missed a bit since dealerships with his Brothers Larry Jerome will hanging out in. And so big lo and behold. We're talking knowledge of ever being a negotiation big at a game their 750000. Signing bonus and go oh this is awesome against the go back home. And as to attribute the isles are more in this Seahawks. Elvis son pay for it to pay for my house with a two feet so way to make ages says what would know that's not enough. And I am. What does he do like they give you like we are that in my opinion went is facility in never wanna see. See you sweat so what I did. A that is to not getting there rational thought left an als like pacing in the men's room. So they called me back in there half an hour later. Now my agent Greg Campbell are represented a Lyles you know how we long. Slowly he adds that skins on the wall and even was one among commonality easy. So EEE actually help market the rope would the jumper. Well what's that he's well yes so anyway. So they got comeback in that role. And Andy tell me. Besides he delivers something you know. He's in it and go back on the seventh at the Eagles go got a one point two million dollar signing bowl. And I like so I'll look at that check in the hand. And I remember well we actually any Campbell Louisiana Tech and Russ and so you've got to kick right there right right in my hand a one point two deep you know how crazy arcade you know was a full day and a pretty in my back pocket. Hit a theory that you did it with you it would ever tried to pitch to hit it. Yes I just put an outlet that oh they have this thing holiday and flew me back the rustling at the Saints in training camp Louisiana today. And I tell my daddy Al watched and use them talent. I just signed with the Saints and gotten its check him and and he was like no way is some talent a god is Jake image and Poland play to me. Well lo Lola bill had the record. And for the coliseum like five or six months. As the and you had Dan Marino. And Eric Dickerson the running back valuable is he got the USFL the Lola bill it all started. I directed by five or six once they got two million signing bonus so it did that down here that's when it's hard to TV contracts are negated out of control. But I did just gave them our minds who is silly because when I look at. What the ninety quarterback was getting paid bagged and and now they look look look look at the Dolphins just paid penny hill what what is global. Benny Hill I didn't Garrett and three million dollar deal and I'm like did they hope when he wins you know hooking right. You know day in and even like you said whip Witten Witten Matt Ryan to NFC south is always predicated is potential yeah yeah I'll predict it's all predicated on that date they have their thanking these guys that don't give him take it didn't promise last year. An alternative is not the pavement you become a team it's like these are the team pick in the top of the draft every of the year who put up back to back there who. I wanna say that was like that that 85 that was not at all after the Raiders want down the street so now not all at the pocket who who is Oakland's quarterback. Guy here you know what to say Mark Wilson from be by the BYU. OK okay is taught this skinny neck and got it yeah. And that I duty kind of got to settle for a while yeah I hit a bad guy hand Jason trader is never a candidate drysdale Prado while as a baseball player being assimilated it could throw the ball but it. Yeah out davis' that you know we even recruited me for the Raiders and island by. And he told hockey wears number three Jersey Darryl Monica. That there'll you know at the bombs away you know and throwing the cliff branch and all those line and had toys and other connection. Mile wide receiver coach with the N invaders were there when Anthony Carter and all was spread the elliptical. I mean and it may it was good we had out there is talk about a who's who coach their offense then. We had now Larry Ku Harry. Was office of corn you're not his brother. Bill called parity memos with the Saints. A strategy in the midst of things. Well Larry when he and the decibel. Full that he went to Canada with a Calgary stampede has been his dad. What was frank who Harry with and norte dame does a lot of his you are running back coaches MacArthur lane. That's old school running back play with the Packers. All of its of lying coach was Ed Flanagan. Was all pro with a sending a charge in all of our receiver coach whose bright blue in the call. Food department it was on I believe it to be around those guys. It is is because of that they ultimately we all say the proof of the putting so and now nobody knew it it would go go to has caused me the first. Firth who who both baucus go to it works it would with three at work that I ABC ABC CBS. But with everything that goes on now and it an eighth the TV technology they are powerful network that not. Considered among the the deep three so to speak with is he a powerful. Could do if the USF there had not went eagle whatever you write it could they have some battle Altera mediate didn't approve chilled they had the players. Yes they had that's what ESPN was just starting. You know he has there was little bit right you see it as Villa was just starting. A kind of all of the time frame and you look at the early eighties when CNN. You know went in CNN was just starting so right yet they had a TV contract the league we. We had a we play ESP and then night football that we had a game in a week on ABC said he had a Ted Simmons they had your TV contract. Sort afoot Dafoe was that going ESP edit that Apatow. I want to say now. Bobby talk about that but this is free. ESP over the reporting laws though. That the biggest college they had he had ivy league football so this is label for years Ryan. The payments so. I'm just thinking about how they grew and it's it's almost like that was that was the one time because the market is so order now you write you might hit two weeks or you talk about leverage Bobby. If you talk about a player is say a world where you go go watch go to OT the debacle took. Well that's why big that's why we haven't had a Heisman Trophy winners blowing all of the NFL I detail right now when you look back at this. That'd be able to stated in Donald trumps the one that screwed up you know he's always threatened to run for president. A Republican candidate. I mean I think right 'cause that the publicity. But Donald Trump. Try to two things. They expanded this year the stadiums at those of the stated twelve teams is that a job but to eighteen in 84 and 85 and I'd go head to head. Against NFL there were in markets that the NFL was not what we so we played them if they Schobel to know Liberty Bowl it was sold out Reggie White. That the greatest pass rush it was play but it meant that Schobel. You had you are started him like artists they don't go to training camp or the first one in Michigan with the Daytona Beach, Florida who went to Mesa, Arizona. So you go to training camp. And and end of January and then you start the season in a February. And so and the championship was always getting into my compete with the NFL you like a team at all and he had Jim Kelly the Buffalo Bills and wanna pay him. So you went to Houston gamblers. Ron Amadon. You know got drafted out of Tampa Bay Buccaneers instead of going there he went and allow fans express and ultimately he's a hall of fame with the 49ers. So don't you had. Yet NFL players and NBA this that this that this the approach they took Deke. They said okay. Got to get a Wallach and fidgety you're lucky if you have a decade career are a dozen years of professional football clinic of the approach. Well I gotta get the money Wallach and and that's where you just have fell with challenge in the NFL. And why why Jim Kelly Whitney used any date to go approached delicate if five good enough. I can go back and IN FL anytime one. But I gotta get a while cancel heavy keiki needed to so to speak you know and then it didn't help also we had a running back Cleo Miller. I'll play like twelve years of the Cleveland Browns he got a couple actions seasons a you know so that helped prolong. His career now the one thing you can have. The light can never compete with NFL you know when the New Orleans breakers here Buford jarred was on that team Marc is Dupree you don't have your depth. In how first drink I really think I'm being objective when we won the championship. When I was in Michigan and we beat coach Moore and Philadelphia stars that was Sam mills. Antonio Gibbs and chuck BC you know Penn State quarterback was there Kelvin Bryant. The running back in the corner Redskins at that you had great starters but Dan you didn't have the death. That that really that that's it was the major difference. Between the US on NFL that the UN deep like NFL teams or so if somebody got hurt. It was a big drop off and a player goes in there and a one. That's not gonna go win but I but I think being objectively and does all the players are playing with the end of going to the NFL in the SF fell. Pulled a that I think knotted at 28 teams. We probably would have been anywhere from them a hand. To normal fourteen on that saying like a playoff team race but we would have been. Like the Detroit Lions in Detroit Lions do we could have beat the Detroit lines and they had Billy Sims and from Oklahoma their quarterback was Eric have pull that you weird you need to Allstate and Gary dead opposite who does SEC football. You know I got here game if he was the Lions quarterback and and and I'll up there were all on how bad wagged his mere winning and allied to winning like 23 games a year so they wanted us to play but the linesmen had nothing to gain. You know you know playing husband. They got it all went over that tangent there but. Always an incidental without the aideed Nancy like who cause I knew at that point time with. Craig was at Seattle won't say that would be two years and I know he exit meaning himself in a yet they approach it should be applauded. According quarterback Garrett and bring an added delusional Raiders you have to dig it competing that I'll give a box we talk about Pedro like that they would be pretty you to him or compete do. Yeah Abbott but yeah I'll go without a doubt it validated expected me to be your guy. Or else like NFL is that a big that's why you look at these contracts reported quarterback actually even though snubbing and the projection. Like with Kenny hill. Could supply demand is 32 teams that is not 32 in franchise a great quarterbacks we talk about it all the time. That big on always and that doesn't teams that I look in. For a future starting quarterback goes settled with a one they have now. But he's still look at that next guy that's why we stated you know we still need a ride through these I'm telling you in doing that now Arsenal run anymore. Our rival comeback at Auburn all get us an update on the Major League Baseball draft LSU looking good at critical second overall. To the Houston Astros and what's called ordered super regional play we know LSU will play 2 o'clock Sunday but who would they play ball but how would a full sports update excellent WW. And welcome back a lot going on don't forget for the latest on the buy you bagel is going to the college World Series could get you to have you Leo. Dot com a lot head into the world of sports is we can't and it that they couldn't teams China round out the field at the college World Series. In BA finals NHL finals in so much more let's go to balk on all 48 top sports of people. Think sneak and of course the big story still going on is who's gonna qualify for the college World Series. In Omaha Nebraska we know who's six of the team they're going to be and we have something of a schedule already set up this dude has to win people are gonna play. Sixteen set in stone is going to be Virginia the Virginia Cavaliers taking on the Arkansas Razorbacks Saturday. At 2 PM both of those teams qualified over the weekend and then you also have. The number four overall seed the Florida Gators played the number five overall seed the Miami Hurricanes. At 7 o'clock Saturday night interestingly he got three national seeds who qualified. Three teams that are unseeded that have qualified but they don't received. The bracket when you get to the cultural series so you've got to unseeded teams in Virginia and Arkansas playing each other then you have four vs five in the first round. With Florida taken on Miami but that's just how it goes. So for a Miami will be 7 o'clock Saturday night with Virginia and Arkansas started things off at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. And the LSU Tigers and number two overall seed would be playing on Sunday in the early game. At 2 PM and you'll play the winner of today's game between number seven overall seed TCU. And Texas a and M does the Fort Worth super regional games three going on right now. And Vietnam has the lead. Won the nothing thanks to former LSU tiger transferred over to Texas a and M catcher Michael Barrett's hit a homer. A solo home run to put the Aggies on top one to nothing in the second inning and right now the Aggies are batting in the top of the third with two men on one out. And trying to get something going here. And we'll see if they can hang on if the Aggies do it on and beat TCU gotta be five SEC teams in the college World Series out of a possible. Eight slots that's pretty impressive. Then the other super regional going on right now in little oval the bottom of the sixth inning right now it's all tied up. With a little Cardinals taking on the cal state Fullerton Titans that's also gained three of that super regional. And of whoever wins that game will move on to the college World Series to take on the defending national champion. Vanderbilt commodore Vanderbilt qualified earlier today. With a game two win over number six overall seed Illinois now. They won game one on Saturday thirteen and nothing in game two yesterday had to be postponed because of whether it would have probably played a possible game three tonight that they needed it. But they did needed The Commodores get things dining game to. Winning. Excuse me winning over Illinois. Furyk too was the final there and The Commodores advanced to the palace groceries for the second year in a row and third time in school history they are. The defending national champions are on LSU side of the bracket and they'll play the winner. Of today's loop hole. Fortune game sack Sunday night in the final game of the first round. At 7 PM now as far as other baseball goings on the Major League draft taking place and LSU. A very highly respected player Alex Bregman going number two overall in the Major League Baseball draft. He goes to the Houston Astros one of three shortstop picked in the dirt in the first three picks of the draft. Dansby Swanson of Vanderbilt went first overall. And then a tip from high school. Goes goes number three overall the pre shortstop picked out Bergmann right in the middle of a number two overall going to the Houston astros' other sports news going on right now. The NBA finals pick back up again tomorrow night with game three between the Golden State Warriors. And the Cleveland Cavaliers both previous games have gone to overtime. With Golden State winning game one Cleveland winning game two on the strength of basically LeBron James all by his lonesome we'll see if king jam to keep it up. The rest of the series or if if Golden State proved to be too much but the series does go to Cleveland now. With the Cavaliers tying things up in game two it's one game apiece in game three is tomorrow night. NHL playoffs Stanley Cup being contested in the finals and game three is going on as we speak in Chicago. The Blackhawks have to of course took game one in Tampa the Tampa Bay Lightning winning game two is that series tied at one game apiece and this game is tied at one apiece Ryan Callahan got the first goal of the game Port Tampa. Scoring in the first period still the first period and it was. Brad Richards with a goal to even things up for Chicago so that game tied at 11 in the first period about four minutes to play there. In the first period so Tampa Bay and Chicago all tied up at one goal apiece in game three tied up one game apiece in the series. And the United States women's soccer team in the World Cup. They are now ahead 21. Over Australia in the 65 minute to play may humor Apatow got the United States on the board in the twelfth minute with an early goal. It was tied up by Lisa de Vanna of Australia. And then Christen press in the 61 minute just recently. In the US back ahead 21. In the first game fourth for the United States in the women's soccer World Cup and as your sports wrap up a mark minority here in the studio. And talking the talk in sports would Deke Bellavia and Bobby year. Our Motley they're brought a lot of people with no secret stuff what with you can follow me at mark Menard thirteen. All right mark thank you very much out of all of the program Bobby will gate. And I will take a look at the field at the college World Series with the breakdown LSU next opponent in TCU Texas a and you'll also point toward the final. Non OT eight at the media can't let him tomorrow cause there is they have video it's out kind of gone viral so to speak about saint defensive pass rushing specialist. Judy good lick. And talk about that if he hinted at not in these sixty million dollar contract. It's kind of golf our different sites will talk about that the ball on the field thanks of let's give it to him pop art. And appeasement north awful four to 8 PM here all attribute Dubya got the bill you'll hope the Saints and Tigers and the New Orleans pelicans. WWL radio that's always talk about that hate him candidate by the eight bay won the relay shelled goodnight people. It.