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6-9 3:10pm Bob Mitchell: on roadside survival

Jun 9, 2015|

Bob Mitchell fills in for Angela and talks with author Walt Brinker about what to do if you break down on the road and asks if a preacher should spend $65 million of his congregation's money on a top-of-the-line jet.

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Well today Bob Mitchell filling in for Angela today and what are the things that we have been talking about is have you ever stopped to help a stranded motorists have been helped by good samaritan. And you were broken down on the road boy you know kids are of a school. Summer vacation starting more and more more people in the road what can you do to prevent a breakdown. And what do you do it if we have while. Were going to help you with that today because we have a very special guest on the show. The author of roadside. Survival Walter burglar. Old Walter thank you so much for being part of the show. So then why did you may wait to get the idea to write a book about roadside survive. Well I didn't do this for a long time before I get the did I'd be added to do the book back about 1980 and I think that'll started. I David jumpstart to a lady who was so in dire straits. And that. Two things number one is how. Great she felt relieved she was afterwards and number two who has had an eight field shall begin looking from that point on. Four other colors in distress and began to realize quickly that. That of course became disabled for reasons besides just media jumped in so overtime my idea. And sending them to do more this and I enjoyed doing so much. But I was so so inexperienced so I begin to acquire tools and experience. To diagnose it as well has been supported payers and just. Built on itself and the open and so overall it was time an analyst. Policy expertise and experience certainly this year. What are the most common reasons for a breakdown. The most common reasonable and do players. Based on what I seen out there three quarters of people that died at assisted. Has had a tire issue that had a what terrible out on the greatest come off in the problems in store when they can't. Don't have the ability to recover in the bill themselves now. The other point 5% as a combination of running out of gas at the annual receipts. And the union just cuts also would not restart normally due to an electrical issue like a loose battery cable or a bit good battery. The war and the latest reason is being locked out of the vehicles. But by 475%. The people I've sent out there. Have had a tire issue. Right so what. Can you do as a driver to help prevent bright doesn't in the words but from the preventive maintenance point of view. The biggest. Thrust and give them my book which is remote site survival politics solutions to automobile breakdowns. Is. How to prevent breaking down. And should do is speaking if you got a your tires on the road that are rolling supporting your vehicle entry. And you take him in the race 5000 miles to be inspected by the guys this sort of deal and they do it did take off they check him out for any kind of damage. And they built some in the and he. Also. So it's been in the rotate them. On different wheels on the color that would extend the life of those tires as well as an usher in the post actually. I was speaking to Walt operator hears the author of the book called roadside survival. Oh does he author. You are author but your name is Walt the right night take its author Walt Brinker. That's what happens you drug into believing when when you're on the air good Butler in today's society. Aren't a lot of people afraid to. To help Samoan. I don't know I guess. I'm not afraid I I'm cautious and I don't think I'm reckless. I do have a very. Higher awareness of safety director. And so I don't know much of get caught short and effectively before it stopped. For anybody and I'm given I'm real close scoping out in and want to get out of the court walked back toward them on line is what do you lead the records figured out before we get to the but it by detecting kind of hostility toward me I just aboard the going to back in the car and drive off that's only happened one time analyst stops. I mean I would it applies solid sorry I'm a woman. Look in distress and war pulled over the side of the road and it was during the day. I would pull over to ask her if I could be of any help but there that some parts of the city or late at night on the expressway. I would not even I wouldn't do it. Well I would neither in template in some cases again it's a it's a judgment call. On the interstate. You're much safer I think seniority and so this university's someplace. But and it's. I'm only at one time like assailant had to abort after getting out and welcome back toward the car. I saw a bottle of liquor through the that would shield only on top of the council. The pickup truck on interstate ten in Texas. And a walker on the back episode booklet with what it's like going on in the backseat I just got back my car and drove off and called police. But it only time I've I've never spoken to somebody in the ask them what they need. So if let's say eight tire goes well and you pull over on the on the side of the road. Is the best thing to maybe try to call AAA if you have that or should you attempt to fix it yourself. Well on the commercial. Assistance companies. Are pretty good. Close to the big cities within officers were they have their own stance and the problems start to occur when they have to do that subcontract work out away from the city's. I mean countered that several times away from cities. Where they have. The democracy is to would have triple play in helped on the way into these these are shown up in there incompetent. Wednesday that showed up and just couldn't get the job done. In one case in Texas. A guy to a reduction in the resistant totally into a potentially affect CD decline miles earlier called in my house. I came back out for second sin and got him on the second trip out there. So. The commercial guys are putting it around down on the big cities in the countryside different story like. What are the most likely reason that you mentioned earlier than an engine Jewish of shutting Opel what is the most likely reason for that happening. Most likely be this is going up against. But there's also. A very close second that is something that we're serious analyst battery cable. That is where it went on to the battery post itself. The bottom line there is if if you can. You can wiggle battery post about battery clip on the post and boost the image that's probably the probably your problem right there. I gently and nicely thirty times as I encounter disk in his record nothing more than tightening equipment. Sometimes a play ample tightness or is titles and still though. If that's the case and what might remind you political paper clip trick like titles station paper puts my core. Like a piece of tape of about potential which is about the same height is supposed to on the battery. And they get to these little piece of equipment slight them between the Clinton in the post in an apartment down. That is just enough mobile world rebel and slightly indented the job done. What type of things could should chew. Keep the car like for instance I would not assume. It would be Smart to. Keep a spare gallon of gasoline in your car but what kind of things and you keep the car that we're if you engine overheat or you have minor problems that you should be able to fix them. Okay I'll start from the chemistry from the topic considering the chargers the most likely problem and then will went on the list and I'll try to be brief about it. The first off you ensure that the tools. That column which is that vehicle in music for changing tyres at correct. They're going to either king but the car we'll get the job done sometime that no recourse testing. Experimenting make sure they will in fact work on your core like to bet that natural and confusion by the public cycle by India but mentioned that. In the project works you have all the components to jacket you know all the tools to go in separate subject that's most fundamental thing the him. Changing tires one of the biggest. Problems to changing times is psychological. People don't get dirty I understand that I don't either. And so they get another most of typically connect so let them to news from expert not from Sumter regional war. So I have little big stone like war which is great for leaving them have to kneel down on hard. Real rocky shoulder to look Anderson was our door check out Olympics. I have I have found that when the tires of total of those electric ranchers trying to get the logs off of you you've got to. Tampa strength of Sampson. Well that definitely important to make it. Isn't that true that's true and therefore it is because it it's it's wise to actually run an experiment. On your car with you're too old to see if you can do that you allowed them suitably considerably in the don't think it destroyed America. But if you can't break it and I would solution at the so can be and screwed they need to go to play in the play him but he also involved. And essentially giving more leverage and I advocates we're getting nothing more complicated than say when a culture war it's a two foot long one inch diameter. Galvanized steel play a second spite. But you can slide over the in low here Le grange handle which is often not more than a foot long so it doesn't give you the very much leverage these slides that you over the handle. That cripples. The leverage on that on the bridge and don't get the job for adults that are very simple solution. Walter I've I've got to go to a break and I'll how can people get your book. They can do to placing it Amazon.com. It's there they can go to the orbit from Barnes & Noble. We're staples. Or they can go to my website which is Roche it's survival dot com and they are several ways that they can get it. And at Walter Brinker and it's called roadside survival correct. Right it was like all right thank you Walt so much. All right that'll. Get us to our next break and when we come back we have a Cuba pigs talk about Horry to Mora text messages that I did get a a text match rather lengthy one. Defending. The purchase. These six. Makes a very good points and I'll read that when we come back on WW oil. What are the things we've been talking about this afternoon is doesn't minister really need a 65 million dollar private jet to us spread the gospel. Of course we talking about corporal dollar ministries and they purchased. For their minister at gulfstream G 650 now the majority of the people who have phoned in and movies myself pulpit the money could be used. In a much better way a much bull or a brutal light. But I'd I'd do have. An opinion from someone else and everybody should have the right to. Have their own opinion and this is very support of the Nixon some very very good point solo retreat. If I were traveling. Two other countries brought in the gospel and feeding the hungry as doctor dollars to a with his family. Just the second I hate when this thing jumps. Me back it up a little bit okay. Then. And soon. Where are we here. I'll read it over I have Astaro I've followed doctor Donald ministry for over twenty years and you don't even know how to pronounce his name but you can judge of regarding the jet. A jet use for. Doing what he does. A jet used for preaching the gospel through the whole world. His travels scheduled lakes commercial flights in practical you obviously adult nobody goes to deport I didn't say he did feel deport. A dissident is money could probably use to feed more of the port. He offers ged classes rescues prostitutes. Promo items and much bull who are you to judge if you don't agree. Bill. I'm not trying to judge and to simply say and that if it were me I would think that the 65 billion dollars could be. You'd be used better. Then to buy a a personal. Jet to travel. We get edge oh are we ready for Jim hands so I think we are we're gonna break right now welcome back to your phone calls after the news it's. Now it's more WWL first news for chip and so. Well you may Bob Mitchell in for Angela today are big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question have you ever stopped to help. A stranded motorists. Have been helped by good samaritan. You can go online at WWL dot com and check off help. By stranded motorist was helped by good samaritan. And we're also talking about panhandlers. Do you give them money thing do you think most are legit and when you see a panhandler begging with an animal do you have bourse simply for the person. Or off for the animal I'll always have more sympathy for the animal sometimes looks like the eight. That is drag those animals around just just to try to a touch your heart. Here's a text message again panhandle to oranges one afternoon the next day I came back to the same intersection but a well. He will go on but the same to our injures remained on the railing where he was president. Let's go to let's go to Jared Jared how are you tonight coming this afternoon. I'm doing pretty good apology fell on doing okay. Scoop wanna become an old. Doubt about upcoming issue. On my purse that I don't have a real problem where it is especially if you numbered them mr. Jindal you probably ministry. A little contributing. Two and a little. There's certainly helping keep of the group were critically milieu without a doubt. How do you announces first. Blow. About Kraft flow OK a write it crippled. Oh home libel and how to pronounce of that oil and someone called me and so that was set flow of supplies. Don't you grow preferable about it. And in the this year to oh try to. Well decision OEU. Ramallah and speak. Does speak go into even them out elbit. The money would be could have been other good pulling a little early and so. About it by. His great day you treated me greed got in the. You know I guess are you bring up a very good point against of his numbers and the people that donate money to him. If they don't mind him spending the money on that than against the so okay it just seems like to me. That's 65 million dollars and then you'd take in things like having to pay for pilots and stuff like that that. Pop. Star is not an important. A situation the you have it all doom that were so. You know this is stepping he's been it's a great would be what you. Well. The ministry and it did you. At this is would be. Much. All right thank you let's go to jail in Slidell are you generate. Oh good are. Do in any. I just so awful lot of money for a player but. What cowboys it. It's a gulfstream G 650 it's the pits the top of the line. It's brand. Absolutely. Operate if you're really doing on their street in we can probably make you what the plane. Caught strong. You know kids that orchard road maybe maybe Mary now I mean I figured it for a I don't know. But it. But should go to the league last guy had had a very very good point of his church members don't mind him spending the money on this. Oh against who are we to say he shouldn't do it it just seems to me. That 65 million dollars if if you can afford to spend that much Leo plain old jet plane. That it just seems to me that you could use that on other things that's that's just my opinion but idol. You know bring it well. I hate to say it coming you know ligature about anybody's fault that were at fault or inner ball. I think it's from the people. All are very charismatic. There and ball. The other very dogmatic. In a lot of you know influence over their flock and a lot of people don't realize they're being controlled and manipulated. Bewitched on our record people die in it and shut but he. You know religions of Berry. I and take accord obvious put it is. Pretty much there opiate of the masters now a standard that you care and say not to be spear shall. But when you deep color and fanaticism. Yeah actually yeah that the crew shades and try that they creation and that's what we have at 9/11. But yell you you also have to wonder if you need a 65 million dollar private jet how much egos involved that. I would think show I would think so Bob. Here. Jay what about you you ever help anybody who's broken down on the side of the road. You know get a lot I'm sure that I picked somebody that was the order. Ego and actually a bit. But you know approach toward the other day that we're trying to look at their on their world. A little fun picked up his challenger one out. Eric Berry or. Right Jenny thank you voting and it all right. Here's a quick text message it was before cell phones are broke down on the interstate and Irish by you and your member Dan dime uninsured do. He stopped to help me he went to the closest pay phone. And called my dad are right that we will come back aboard your phone calls 50426. Year old Waleed seventy text me at age 7870. I'm Bob insulin Angela on WW oh. It. And I'm Bob Mitchell in for Angela here's another text message. The same may have been standing on a lesion feels exit from lows for the last six years. And I continually told that McDonald's Lilly but a quarter over a mile where it stands in his five in. But he tells me makes more money on the street for view of those students. Two Jonathan in Algiers a warrior Jonathan. I am I'm Bob are you there do an eight. OK I have on the Lori hi I'd put in the military and I. But coming from. Edit I. I have pain at the back that. I Italy into pocono brought our. Good worker at a it is this out of the other what we connected Biden. They're recharge the battery. But it is that you drink matter what chart while. It about its movie and you know we're in the net I liked it but while they're burial at all. Hot. Dep dot OK it looked like for example although below the hole I probably want. To buy it brought him. Why dale with the auto all of you ought to replicate what we came back at the front a couple of that the turnaround. It detonated the people. And as he put it out IS and op. All or doors and it's a lot but and getting out and he getting now I tell them out. Not to unlock the door. And I told him he hit a lot. And I. The lord told that the war in depth of my truck is running my belt on it well. Put the joke keep that thought about like oh my god but now. There. Are a wreck McCain I've been to Portland and it took me by. And you knew he'd be put out a little bit in the open. Well we looked like our why I got back at how people pry that door with it but that could angering air. And played a locked and no doubt a lot about Maria it was buried. Did he the ditty. A man in public get on his way. A lot about an hour halt completely different jobs. And then you politically you know we're only people believe it out by that that. We think that they needed to operate it you know they'd sports but what else do you go out there had to pit board. Eric you're good man Jonathan thank you for phoning in. Let's go to Steve in Gulfport power used leave. I am. Well Crumpler dollar. Right. I know for a dollar I don't follow ministry. Where some and pot. And their. Yeah four bit clean. Are somewhat accountable particularly. In. That amount of travel at its land. Not just go out on stage pocket world why you've been playing purchased. I mean it's 180. This is. Is one of the bear on it should see the extension and scrabble. With. So it. Problem there is a bit more patient an ancient coral world. So you're cute but contrary. Or. Stray rocket. Are playing it Smart you know that. Particularly want her to upgrade from a Toyota pro life. Fleeting. You think maybe we comet jumped the gun in judging an inch of spending 65 million dollars for the plane. What department. Were in there. Are however there. And in spirit and our picture it's like mine out for being cute. Or. I thought I had a tree. It farm yeah the resources board. I don't know outcome. So is. It war. It's seems more economical. For travel. I've I've actually heard the man speak and and read part of of one of his books and I confide in is fours and or preaching the gospel and that he does a great job. It it just hit me when I read the story initially. That's 65 million dollars for a jet that you wonder what you could've done with that money did you really. Need one that expensive but. I don't know I Ike I guess it all boils down collection among those text mate. He's like this CEO of a company and that his company is OK with him spending the money I get issue. Half two look at it and and trust their judgment. Yeah under. Yeah so many at the world that they're willing to bet that the match while I don't have a problem with that. All right Steve thank you for voting in all right. I'm Bob vigilant for Angelo on a WWL. But every June 01 war text message. Concerning though. The 65 billion dollar jet you don't need a 65 million dollar jet to travel is a far less expensive jumbled in the same thing. That's like using it rolled Roy is two to deliver. Food to the pork that's kind of overkill. Today on sports talk about BA Bayern big bill Avaya at 440 its former saints cornerback Jabari Greer. Discussing the team's new look in the secondary and the need to create more turnovers. The saints. Had just seven team takeaways last year what's the biggest key to improving that number. Plus game three of the NBA finals who has more pressure on them LeBron James or stuff curry. Huddle up the pros today port eight on the home of the saints Alicia in the pelicans. WW that's gonna do it for the Angela show wanna take a Alan Santini Angela's executive producer mark or mark Menard and AJ who helped produced a show this afternoon. And of course the news of Japan's so. The big chief. And Bobby Hebert the cajun cannon up next on WWL.